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  2. You hit the nail on the head. It’s a cash grab. I’m sure they are IU fans but this isn’t some philanthropic quest to attract and reward IU athletes. It’s annoying at best, and exploitative at its core.
  3. You got to be kidding it is obvious the front office doesn't care about winning
  4. Didn't say I liked the DH but it would have helped the Reds
  5. Wow, won't even ask how you managed to stumble across The Cesspool board. 🤣 The polar opposite to the Illinois Loyalty board where everything is sunshine and rainbows.
  6. At the rate my team is going in one of my leagues, my DST position will have a 'Q' designation on it by the end of the week.
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  8. Any fantasy platform that's not ESPN or Yahoo should be abolished. I quit a big money league because I was paying $10 a year to use this site.. https://www.rtsports.com/ It's like going to the store to pay extra to buy off brand Pop Tarts.
  9. Welp..... Here's what it comes down to for the Yankees. Their last 9 games are all against teams they need to beat to get in, they control their own destiNY. See what I did there? Ha Ha. Since the guys in pinstripes have a losing record against bottom-dwelling Baltimore, am I optimistic??? Nope
  10. How many tickets did we get for the allotment, just curious
  11. LOL, never mind the 'joke', but yeah that is what I gleaned from the article myself. Just another diva head case.
  12. Best QB on paper since McMahon. I don't trust Nagy in his development though. We have to lead the league in East West yards in passing game.
  13. Also managed the Yankees to a World Series title in 1978...
  14. Robert Granville Lemon (September 22, 1920 – January 11, 2000), pitched from 1942-1942 & 1946-1958 with Cleveland. He missed three seasons due to WWII. Lemon was a 207 game winner, seven time all star, and led the AL in wins three times. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1976.
  15. The Justin Fields Era starts in Chicago The next Sid Luckman, or the next Bobby Douglass?
  16. Not sure on an exact rotation but really excited to see Tamar Bates play. Seems like he has a great shot at Freshman of the year in the B1G.
  17. mmmaybeee? I'm sure I missed the joke there. What I took he left his old school to get a starting job. Played like poo and got benched...pouted and quit the team. Utah is beautiful...and I'm sure there is a mormon setting there I suppose being in Salt Lake but it's a public school...not like BYU.
  18. Oh I agree I want innovation high but innovate against what??? You have to have a realized threat to know what your innovating towards. Do you think Big Pharma is going to put that money into drugs and vaccines with no realized need? Imaginary threats? Especially when the govt does most of the funding for studying such things?? Drug companies are only going to produce products with a means at producing a profit. When the govt is willing to bank roll you and provide you all the data and research on the disease and buy up your drugs up front even if it doesn't work...why would you create drugs with no use? You don't even know what your creating for? Or are you saying putting those funds back into Govt agencies like the CDC and HHS etc to be better prepared and study emerging threats? I just don't see drug companies putting money into something that might not earn them a buck. They will be right back at square 1 when the next super virus comes along. Maybe I'm just not reading you correctly.
  19. Maybe he didn't like that Mormon setting?????
  20. Doh! After the big meltdown, I guess no surprise.
  21. LOL, I wanted to see someone else myself.
  22. I'm guessing his parents have a good sense of humor.
  23. Also pay for themselves to travel places and bring family. They are losers and need to be stopped. It’s embarrassing with the way they act and the crap they pull.
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