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  2. Charles Barkley comes to mind. I think most of us on here remember when he first hit the league in Philly and how athletic he was. Later on Charles really developed that jumper....monster on boards, running break, and scoring....he is Charles...but in Karl Malone's body!! It just needs to hold up.
  3. Thanks Mile! I think that's why I missed it, because he didn't go directly to Penn State. I always thought he and Devonte were similar in that they could be really streaky.... either play really well or really frustrating to watch. I always wish former Hoosiers well.... unless they are playing us
  4. We need a big next couple years...is Shaq's kid any good?
  5. We never win when I predict we will on this board. So going with that logic.. IU- 4 Msu- 98 Go Hoosiers
  6. We dodged a bullet on that one...didn't we try to recruit him but as soon as he asked for money we backed off? De Sousa is single handedly bringing down the program....first with the money scandal and then with his fists. Self should be fired for his stupidity for not realizing De Sousa wasn't worth this to begin with.
  7. Not a direct route to Penn State. After IU, Curtis went to Oklahoma State. Then moved on to Penn State as a Grad Transfer. I watched the game the other night. Curtis played great. (Sigh)
  8. RIP Mr. P. Mr. Peanut is dead — long live Mr. Peanut Planters’ Mr. Peanut DiesWhile Saving Wesley Snipes And Matt Walsh’s Lives
  9. Cal preaches defense all the time at Kentucky...and I would say as the season goes on their defense really improves over the season. Cal I don't think is great at x's o's and knowing when to call a timeout etc but he is very hard on the kids about playing defense and egoless basketball. Works better on some of his classes then others but he get's them to win at a pretty elite level and those are almost all 5* kids. I don't think a majority of kids at that level want to focus on it but I think if a kid trusts a coach (for better or worse like they trust Cal) they will do just about anything he says. If Painter was putting kids into the NBA at that level..and they succeeding not just barely making a team or forever in the g league he could coach them however he wants and there would be some buying in...not all but some. The ones that don't buy in to playing defense etc...they end up at UCLA and Arizona and you see these one off situations like why would a 5* go to LSU or Oklahoma St. Those kids know it is roll the ball out and show off what they can do...and what goes for the rest of the team doesn't apply to them.
  10. I couldn't see Montana leaving Frisco, Favre leaving Green Bay, or Manning leaving Indy...it happens.
  11. I'm not sure if i'm remembering these instances correctly, but it seems that the first two shots attempted will ultimately affect the rest of Devonte's game. If they don't go in...it's going to be a long night.
  12. Can't see Brees leaving Now Orleans but if I am the Colts I would look at both of those
  13. Per John Hayman that the Reds had a multi year offer for Ozuna. Also said they still have interest in Costellanos.
  14. If I'm the Colts I'm kicking every tire they can to secure an upgrade at that position. Best Oline in football, very, very solid run game....they are getting close to the proverbial window opening up. Regarding Bears. Should we? Yes. Will we? No. Pace is married to his guy. Much like the Cubs our hope somehow is relegated to the idea of him/players finding it on the field next year. Based only on what I've watched Mitch do in his first 3 seasons...I see 8 wins again. Max. Schedule is a little easier next year but not much.
  15. Could have been. I think we were going through a 12-13 game losing streak and the whole team looked in a funk. I do remember us breaking out of that funk at the end of the year and in a large part because of the play of Justin down the stretch especially against MSU and some others....he was knocking down looks...rebounding...defending well. I just think last year more than anything it was a bad mix of players that didn't mesh. Not pointing fingers at anyone but I didn't see a "REAL" leader on the court...we know we had a OAD kid that was getting special attention etc and a bad mix of injuries that really had the whole team screwed up. Could have been listening to his dad...but the problems last year were much bigger than that..and he did play well for a large part of the year. I think this year the team still needs some leadership..but seems to have a good feel for each other. Seem to like playing together. I hope Justin steps up to be that vocal leader we need through this year and the next.
  16. If for some crazy reason Brees or Bridgewater are available would you make a move if you are the Colts or Bears. I would kick the tires and really consider either
  17. It was more than one play. IU shut them out in the game's final four minutes.
  18. Do you know how many times my dad or my friends dad made comments to our coach about how he was using us etc.....and guess what...it didn't change a single fact about how I listened to my coach...played my butt off and did what I was asked...as little or as much playing time as he determined and at the position he played me at despite what my dad felt was best for me and the team. My dad even threatened to send me to play for our coaches son at another school who was asking me to come over there because even he didn't agree with how his dad was using me. Point being...I've seen zero evidence that what Justin's dad has done in the public has effected how willing Justin has been to do ANYTHING Archie has asked him to do. He has had some inconsistencies...pouted after some bad play...just general effort stuff from time to time (much like everyone else on the team) but a majority of the time...the kid plays his butt off. Kinda does the dirty work on this team...guards bigger dudes..smaller dudes on the perimeter, isn't a focus of getting the ball to him or plays run for him. I think people don't like his dad...and they project their feelings on him. IMO Justin has been one of the kids that has done things the right way...in class and on the court. But that is just me I guess.
  19. Honestly I'm just hot air. I know the moves I want to do (Merrifield, Castellanos) but right now today I don't see how any move is being made until this grievance is finalized. I know the answer is not just bringing everyone back. Might be wrong but we've tried that approach for 2 years.
  20. Something I noticed with Devonte against Nebraska -- when something goes wrong he tries to make up for it -- and often compounds it. Of course things are going to go wrong at times against Winston. He just needs to stay composed. Austin Render posted these shooting stats on Twitter: Devonte Green at Assembly Hall: 21/49 (43%) from 3 Devonte Green away from home: 7/27 (26%) from 3
  21. If we get a win tonight. I think most of us will be super optimistic going forward. If we can steal one more road game. Then we will be sitting good.
  22. Today
  23. My Cub buddy says to cut Anthony loose...he said that just a few weeks ago.
  24. I still think he's going to be LA Chargers starting QB next year. Going to be a very fun couple of months here with all the potential QB moves.
  25. Everyone has to look out for themselves. I wish him luck, and let's move forward with who we have.
  26. I brought this idea up 2 years ago. He's the leader of our team....but somehow the message isn't being received by players. Chili Davis almost laughed at the idea of coaching these guys the one year he was with them. He said if players don't want to listen....not much you can do. We are barely above .500 going on 2 seasons. We'll see what happens I guess.
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