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  2. Rays strike out 24 batters, walk 0. That's a formula for winning. https://www.espn.com/mlb/recap?gameId=401076576
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  4. Getting OVs is meaningless without a commitment.
  5. Well after a late night with the girls in the Ville he probably needs a day to recover and UNC probably needs an extra day for paper work seeing as no one is smart enough to take a legit class there. All in all while it may be a long shot I think it’s safe to say that the death of Archie’s recruiting ability is much exaggerated...landing the best instate kids and getting top 100s and 5 stars on official visits. He can recruit. Now...can he coach...I think so.
  6. I talked to one of the coaches this evening for about 20 mins. I ask him about the QB's, though he has no say on that side of the ball. He thinks Ramsey will win out because of experience and the players love him, has the locker room. Said Penix is also well liked and has the better arm. I flat told him Talent better win out every time and if Penix is the better player he better be in there. His reply was, when was the last time one QB played the whole year. I ask him about the kid from Utah. He said he was a very good player but a different player than the other 2. A bad runner but not Richard Lagow bad.
  7. Great game for the Reds tonight and had some good pitching. Lorenzen had a great night with 2IP, 0H, 0R and 2-2 batting. Also I want to say the shift did help the Reds twice tonight.
  8. Are you a vocal leader, or a lead by example guy? What IU defensive back are you most looking forward to lining up against in practice. Any of them that you really want to be able to say you beat for a TD? What do you want to major in? If you did a scouting report on yourself, what would it say?
  9. But Michael and Carlos have such a special relationship
  10. Nah, Steve Swisher....
  11. Maybe we could get Michael Barrett to catch him
  12. Hi Rashawn, What are some of your individual goals, and other interests outside of playing football ? As a receiver, how important to you are some of the other responsibilities and details of the position such as good clean route running ,explosive blocking downfield in the running game, knowing when to initiate contact to get needed yards, and when to get down/out of bounds etc? Do you enjoy conditioning, and how much of a part do you plan to make that play in helping reach your stated goals of getting on the field early. Last but not least . How are you starting to balance out the post recruitment process of finishing your high school career and enjoying the experience of one last chance to compete for state , with preparing to play B1G Football at IU? Have a great Senior season and I appreciate your time. GO IU!!! @The Hoosier Sound @rbkl.Just some to pick from among ....or ask them all up to you.That's why they're there and thank you for giving us a chance to ask anything at all!
  13. On fire....damn, just unreal.
  14. Aristides Aquino. 'Nuff said. Seriously. The dude is must watch right now. I'm not 'watching' the game. But I've watched all 3 of his at bats.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Amazingly, I found this link with that very name. https://www.brennamenandwelshverifiedbypricewaterhousecooper.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  17. In tonight's game they were talking about how starters in baseball is averaging just over 5 innings per game. Also talking about how they will break the homerun record this year by around 300 homeruns this year and how that is hurting the game or more specifically pitching.
  18. Not a question. But rather a shout out, I would like to pass along. For picking IU over the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and most importantly, Purdue. Thanks Rashawn !
  19. So funny. We have a "Pizza King", close to my house. Not a chain. His name is Frank. Mentioned him in my first post in this thread. Where they don't look at you as if you are crazy, if you ask them to cut your pizza into squares. Frank is my "Pizza King". Frank "The Pizza King" Englewood, Colorado
  20. Chain, but they are regional. My Pizza King ain't the same as the one in "Boilerville."
  21. I couldn’t agree more. With people leaving for the pros or transferring so much idk why anyone gets caught up projecting out four years and trying to “balance” classes. It always ends up that it’s never that loaded in one class.
  22. Galloway will not. Leal, I suppose it’s possible given his educational desires and background. These beliefs ^^^ are solely my own and have nothing to do with using or not using scholarships. No one tracks or counts scholarships anymore. As they shouldn’t.
  23. From what I remember, Pizza King had a killer BBQ pizza. That's the only one I remember.
  24. Unless you can produce a recording verified by PriceWaterhouseCooper, I'm skeptical...
  25. I want my pizza to be deep dish with a lot of cheese and Pepperoni and sausage.
  26. The Cubs starting staff, beside the Hamels beat down the other day, has been stellar... Problem is, they're not generating any offense, and when they do, the bullpen says, "We can beat that!"
  27. Did any of you Reds fans watch the game last night and hear the conversation that Brenaman and Welsh have about pitching. Talk about how the bullpens being over used especially early because the starters are not ready early in the year to even go 100 pitches into a game. Maybe they read this board since we had a very similar discussion the other day.
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