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  2. Honestly, it's Brunk's fault. Like several other posters have noted, he overhedges, doesn't recover, and then a guard slides down to cover his man, but Brunk either doesn't or can't slide to the open man, and bam, open 3.
  3. If the goal is for everyone to air ball a three on the team we are off to a great start
  4. Holy hell. I will just look up the final score tomorrow.
  5. I’d rather see Race play more honestly.
  6. Easy to shoot a better percentage when you’re wide open.
  7. Every time Brunk hedges something bad happens.
  8. UConn is supposed to be a bad three point shooting team, right? Yet they’re lighting us up from outside. This gets old.
  9. Why is it that unknown players always have career nights against IU?😖
  10. Trace is the perfect small ball 5. This lineup with brunk is too slow.
  11. Still two possessions too late. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Means we have to go small bc Davis is no different.
  13. This team's flaws are starting to show. Brunk is not Big 10 material. No PG. Leaving 3 pt shooters too open.
  14. Man, UCONN is just getting so lucky with all these threes. Just like everyone else.
  15. We can’t frickin guard anyone.......ridiculous
  16. Rob is our best player. It's been 7 minutes let's get him in the game.
  17. Same! We’ll see how long I last. 🤦‍♀️
  18. Running offense through Joey Brunk and giving up countless wide open three's. So frustrating.
  19. Well.....might be able to get to bed at a reasonable time.
  20. Eventually Coach has to fricking realize Brunk has had a part in about 11 points for them. Tired of this crap.
  21. This team will be a lot better if/when Brunk starts to play a lot less.
  22. Well at least we only let the run be 9-0 instead of 15-0 before calling a timeout tonight.
  23. I think I have seen this movie before. Get that big guy into foul trouble with some pump fakes or something. jeesh.
  24. Brunk is ruining the defense. He over-hedges and never recovers in time.
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