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  2. Gut feeling. Cole Anthony committing to UNC is good for us
  3. Remember Quinones is scheduled to visit IU tomorrow. Maybe the quick announcement as a courtesy before he leaves.
  4. I am guessing you know something we dont? Want to share
  5. Agree. Sure seems like unc. Hope we’re wrong.
  6. I think to much blame is put on analytics in basketball. The rule changes that catered to guards. The players now are more multi skilled across positions. Centers shoot 3's. PF's run offenses. I'm a big fan of the spacing that is created in the game with all the 3 point shooters that teams can run out to the court. I agree with the sentiment that hurry up and chuck a 3 is not so fun to watch. The 2 best teams in basketball last year put on an unwatchable series except for the drama of it going 7 games and the fact that Houston may have knocked off the Warriors. If you like mid range basketball then watch the spurs. The spurs probably don't have the high end star talent to go to far in the playoffs but their 2 stars are not 3 point shooters. They could make the WCF or lose in Rd 1. Hopefully they last until they play GS. Baseball, maybe I can agree with analytics making it less fun to watch. Still, I have no problem watching games. Now it just seems to be more of a power game. Players are bigger, stronger. Pitchers are throwing harder and more players are swing for the fences. New ballparks are mostly designed to favor hitters. I don't mind the shifts if it helps drive down the high scoring games. Not sure that is the case. Seems to be to much offense. 11 to 7 games are fun when they happen once in a while but they happen to much for me. What impact did the lowering the mound in the late 60's/early 70's have? Did that lead to more arm injuries? I think it led to more runs.
  7. I would guess it will be UNC since he is on his visit to UNC
  8. His UNC official visit is ongoing, right? I wouldn't feel too good if he's still on campus or just left and is deciding.
  9. You might be 100 percent correct. If Leal is 12th or 13th we are gonna be a lot better than I expect
  10. That would be a great get this late in the game.
  11. Btw BSU is starting their Friday starter tonight. He threw 5 innings this past Friday.
  12. He is committing tonight at 6:30pm according to his twitter page. Def feels like it has to be either IU or UNC. I would have to think that with Cole committing to UNC today that it would sway Harris to choose IU but we shall see. GO IU!
  13. Sounds pretty politically charged and motivated for a basketball conversation. Adam Herbert was too busy arrogantly thumbing the eye of the racists already long embedded at IU .......to remember the old addage TWO WRONGS don't make a right. Herbert should have been more concerned with doing what was best for the program rather than settling scores even if it was a legitimate premise behind his personal motivation- of unfairly applying his influence over the basketball hiring process under his watch. Wrong is wrong where I come from. Herbert absolutely did discriminate and to discriminate against anything other than ethical and professional qualifications for the job is indefensible Period..... I strongly agree with you there , firstly ...In light of receiving my own info years ago, even then, I thought it was a very F-ed up thing to do from his position of authority instead of trying to begin the healing process..He mistook his own hire as a personal mandate to carry out his revenge. Herbert instead sought to "get even" with the same forces that opposed him getting his position , and like most "resentful chidren", he dropped the proverbial ball which to me only widened an already present rift well before he ever set foot in Bloomington. There were always dueling agendas at IU and part of the problem was already in place for decades before Davis,Herbert or anyone else you can name ever set foot in Bloomington for a job at IU.. The one sided nature of your comment - highlighted by your not so veiled political jab- undermines what truths you did manage to summarize accurately in your partial omission of that more complete context! My family was close to Herman Wells on both personal and professional levels and as a result, I feel a sense of moral responsibility to set this little caveat straight 100 percent of the time when it involves what appears to include any type of victim card being played from either end of IU's internal issues during the post Knight crapstorm! No hands are totally clean to warrant pointing fingers. I just ask that you refrain from allowing this to lead you towards making any sort of false assumptions about my personal views....even if the whole truth hurts. I'm merely being both objective and informed... I would have said the same thing to anyone else here since I KNOW- not just believe - exactly what I'm talkkng about. Say your piece as many times as you wish.... This is moot from here.... GO HOOSIERS!!
  14. He also has a long wingspan. He has a lot of upside to his game.
  15. Someone said he won't be our 12th or 13th player. As a freshman I would say in minutes played his freshman year he will be our 12th or 13th player. Now if there are injuries or some given games where we get in bad foul trouble at the guard spot he might play more than others...but on avg he will be one of the last guys off the bench his freshman year. That was the topic....again I think he can be a good player for us in a few years but given what we have at the guard spot and who we project to come in...he will likely not see much playing time...meaning he will be our 12th or 13th guy in our rotation. Not forever...as guys will graduate and he will get older and better than some freshman after him but I don't see how he plays ahead of any of our guards when he comes in. Again nothing against Leal but he isn't like Romeo or anything where he is going to jump right into the starting lineup..he just doesn't project into that type of player. Guys like Harris and Lester even don't project to start for us...but I see them having parts of their game that is advanced enough to get minutes right away. So that was all I was saying....yes...he will be our 12th or 13th guy (if we have that many)....at least for the first year or maybe longer. I don't see anyone projected to be on the roster that would be getting less minutes then him. Maybe some are thinking about Priller etc as our 13th man...God forbid that kind of situation happen again...I doubt that...so it shouldn't be that our 12-13th man should be the same guys year after year....but I do see incoming freshman that might fit that role right away...and later be contributors at least in a year or two or hopefully impactful players by the time they leave. You can go from end of the bench to an impactful player.
  16. Today
  17. Saw where Kyle Guy is staying in the draft and this one surprised me a lot.
  18. Then make me pay for it... because I will.
  19. IU and Ball State have better lawyers to copyright the reproduction of the games than HS Girls Softball Teams.
  20. So much for the rumor mills right???
  21. A lot of these kids get gifts once they have signed with an agent. Sometimes it's an advance while others it is a gift for signing with an agency. I am not saying that is what happened here but it could be. Several of our past players were also driving cars they couldnt even come close to having the money for before the draft but after their decision to leave school.
  22. While it wouldn't surprise me that Crean texted someone from Adidas (since they supply equipment for the team), it would surprise me if there was a text asking if Adidas could buy him some players. I'd assume at least most coaches with an Adidas contract would have some sort of communication with employees of the company. ...and the only Crean assistant I recall getting into trouble was Kenny Johnson and those activities appear to have happened at Louisville. There may be others, but that's all I can recall. You can dislike Crean's faults & quirks, but I don't recall him being associated with dirty recruiting at all. In fact there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that he refused to play that game (the Lyles kid comes to mind).
  23. Hauser bothers down to 4 schools? Wisconsin State Journal today (April 23): "It appears the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball program is one of the four leading candidates to land transfers Sam and Joey Hauser. The siblings made the shocking announcement last week that they were leaving Marquette. Joey Hauser told CBS Spots’ Jon Rothstein Tuesday that he and his brother will visit UW, Iowa, Virginia and Michigan State. Both players will have to sit out the 2019-20 season, per NCAA transfer rules. Sam Hauser will have one season of eligibility remaining, while his younger brother will have two."
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