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  2. So if DA, or anyone for that matter, doesnt transfer do we have room for Lander to reclassify?
  3. Damn, i was thinking it was the guy that played The Winter Soldier in all the Marvel movies. 🤔
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  5. I think his ranking will come up. I’m not sure if he’s been under the radar or what. But if you look at his clips he’s got a nice frame for his age and he moves pretty well. Looks like a good drive blocker and has an edge. I could be wrong but I expect him to be a 3 star soon.
  6. Maybe he wants to spend some time somewhere glitzy for a year before going and playing pro ball wherever.
  7. Your Honor, I wasn’t completely naked. I was only equally naked, properly covering said knee with an appropriately concealing bandaid. There bring no evidence to the contrary, there is, therefore, no genuine dispute of material fact that my admittedly poor judgment, in following Blue’s lead, did not amount to sanctionable nakedness.
  8. Son of Larry Scott, PAC 12 commissioner? Curious how he ended up at IU. Maybe just a b-ball junkie. Appears family moved to CA from FL 9 or so years ago.
  9. Agree. 6'4 290 a year and a half before he's on campus is a nice starting spot though. Also.. Louisville actually offered a day before we did.
  10. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2020/04/australian-paige-price-commits-to-iu-women/ Go Hoosiers!
  11. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2020/04/australian-paige-price-commits-to-iu-women/ Go Hoosiers!
  12. New preferred walk-on for IU next year. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-class-of-2020-guard-sebastien-scott-to-be-preferred-walk-on-for-hoosiers/
  13. Sorry. That sounds like a quitters attitude to me. If you don't want to come off the bench. Then do something about it. Just out work the other guy.
  14. Oh. I loved building model cars as a youngster. I was blessed as one of the many items my father sold in his variety store was model car kits. And I was allowed, within reason of picking and choosing the newest without having to pay.
  15. https://www.thehoosiernetwork.com/2020/04/06/with-jorie-allens-transfer-indianas-depth-just-took-another-hit/ Go Hoosiers!
  16. I think I may get all of the things I need to build model car and show my wife the nerd stuff I grew up on.
  17. https://www.thehoosiernetwork.com/2020/04/06/with-jorie-allens-transfer-indianas-depth-just-took-another-hit/ Go Hoosiers!
  18. Awesome. Looks like you guys have everything all figured out. Please tell us the success that eludes all college hoops when they see a proto typical Purdue guy say I'm out. PS....can't wait to see Caleb, Hammons, and Haas on the tube when NBA resumes.
  19. A friend of mine is doing puzzles with his family. Look for the biggest, hardest one.
  20. Yeah Caleb didn’t develop that much in his two years at Purdue... You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Hammons and Haas improved. Haarms was a dude ranked in the mid 300’s so he clearly developed. Williams is just better.
  21. So essentially that says by year 3 you won't get minutes because we haven't developed you enough. Hmmm...sounds familiar up there. I caught some trouble on another site years ago when I said the same about AJ.....followed by Caleb followed by Haas now followed by Haarms. We can all agree Painter is a good guy. His developing pros is Bruce Weber company. Haarms leaving after year 3 would be like us losing Rob next year. Not a good look at all.
  22. Don’t think that’s remotely close to accurate. It’s probably he wants to not come off the bench behind Williams.
  23. I think he's leaving because he just wants to be part of a big time program. Not sure he's that type of player, but I don't blame him for trying to see what he can offer a better program.
  24. With all due respect to those who think IU should reach out to him, I'm gonna play the other side of the record. Haarms was a starter and got major minutes for a lot of games over multiple seasons. He lost that spot to Williams. Why? Williams played harder, probably worked harder, and continues to get better. Haarms rested on his laurels. I think it shows signs of laziness. I think for him to be part of the team for 3(?) years and then becoming upset because he thinks he "deserves" to be the man is very selfish, and certainly smacks of not being a team player IMO. If he only got 2-5 minutes a game for all of the time he was there, then I'd be more apt to support his decision. But I don't like the timing, I don't like the arrogance, and I certainly don't like the optics that he isn't a team guy, by failing to work harder himself to become a better player for the team. But that just me and my 2¢.
  25. I was thinking about DA also. Has he officially entered the Transfer Portal? I haven’t see anywhere that he is transferring!
  26. Oh, I agree we need a big that can shoot. I’ve said a few times that the best development for IU would be Race working on a consistent top of the key 3 and TJD developing a consistent 15ft jumper. That changes the entire offense. But, if you put yourself in the shoes of a transfer, IU returns almost everyone, including both starting bigs, the top big off the bench (Race), and a hybrid 3/4 in Smith that will be a 3 year starter. There’s room for a Beilfeldt type guy that didn’t play much at his previous school, but I highly doubt IU would be attractive for someone that averaged double digits and is looking to be guaranteed a lot of minutes.
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