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  2. FWIW, we have 7 offers out to '21 kids and 3 of those offers were made between July and October of 2018. This is nowhere close to what we would have had under Crean. Archie is far more focused and it just seems like Crean recruiting because of the 4 offers just this month. AAU season is in full swing and this is prime offering season.
  3. Lyndon Jones and Jay Edwards.....
  4. I will just say this. I think the kid can play division 1...maybe even high division 1. I played with a kid even smaller that did. The kid has his head on his shoulders and works his butt off he can out play kids with more size, speed, and strength. That said I just think Archie doesn’t see him as a fit for his system which is most definitely defensive predicated and the packline which values length and athleticism to help and recover and shut down passing and driving lanes. We’ve had kids that played bad defense before and made up for it but this defense would fall apart if you put someone out there that can’t keep him man out of the lane...it will all break down. Offensively Brown could hold his own but look at the weave we run...it too is predicated on getting a step and taking your man and opening up lanes for others and shots for others. This also isn’t a strength for the Luke. Could we use a good shooting point guard that can especially hit free throws at the end of games sure!!!! But this kids skills dont offset the weaknesses in terms of fit with the program. Even if he played here he wouldn’t be utilized to the best of his skills. It’s just a bad fit for that reason. Would I absolutely want a kid that can come in and help close games out from the free throw line and protect the ball sure..but Archie’s philosophy and style doesn’t work with Luke I don’t think. Could he go somewhere like say Wichita St or another high major and succeed sure! If he keeps at it but this is more of a style and skill set not matching than a talent match imo.
  5. I think most people hate certain teams more because of their obnoxious fans than the team itself.
  6. Remember the year 1974! We had co-Mr. Basketball's: Roy Taylor and Steve Collier. Could it happen again in 2020 with Galloway and Leal?
  7. I was just going by the time you posted it and thought it was going on right then.
  8. Maybe I'm way out in leftfield, but it sounds to me as if you believe that "ability to identify the solid and consistent 3-4 year program kids" is easy to do. Maybe you're correct, but you also have to sign them and then successfully coach them...right? It sounds like a bigger overall issue. And let's not forget that you're basically stating that since Knight was fired that IU's bb program has been lacking. Well, yeah...that's pretty much true. I may not be reading your statement correctly and if not...my apology.y
  9. You saw Recker on TV when he was in HS?
  10. Could it be possible there is a structural issue he just wants to get away from and is selling low and making it someone else problem?
  11. Yeah, it was all in the link....
  12. Well I saw Lewis in person two games his senior year at the HOF tournament in New Castle. I only have seen Recker and Galloway on TV but I don't see the comparison to Recker at this point.
  13. Yep. Trey has those same traits and the size as well. As far as Mr. Basketball...he is definitely at the top of discussion.
  14. Depends on who you could get for him. I love Jayson Tatum, but if he can get me Anthony Davis, then buh-bye. I loved Al Jefferson when the Celtics drafted him, he was developing really nice and he was a borderline all-star for several years in Minny/Utah, but when Kevin Garnett was available I had no problem with moving him. I realize you said "virtually untouchable", so you probably meant scenarios like that. I think if you're the Pacers you hold onto Sabonis and continue to develop him in the hopes that you can eventually flip him and some other assets for another star to pair with VO.
  15. That’s some high praise. Recker had the whole package. Athleticism, toughness, court awareness, could knock down shots. Mr. Basketball...so you think Galloway has those same traits? If so do you think he can win Mr Basketball this year? Thanks Rico!
  16. That’s fair ...especially since this staff hasn’t had enough time to evaluate how they handle recruiting so I don’t disagree with that stance ....but every regime after fife and Coverdale has lacked the ability to identify the solid and consistent 3-4 year program kids that were our cornerstone for years ...I shouldn’t allow that to effect my thoughts on this staff but it’s been a long time problem and is frustrating.
  17. Well, I have to trust the coaching staff and their overall ability to judge, assess, analyze high school talent. Most of us truly aren't qualified to do it to the degree that they do. You certainly have the right to question. But I'm going to let the staff do their job.
  18. Remember, we are talking what they did in high school. Not what they did when they got to college. In my book Galloway=Recker.
  19. I’ll admit I don’t follow iu football ...grew up in an Irish catholic household so it was Notre Dame football and iu basketball from birth I will try to navigate the others though thank you for pointing that part out as I thought this was recruiting driven
  20. I compare them because both are hard nose players who will do all the small things to win a game. Both seem to be excellent passers and both can drive to the basket. Lewis was never a knock down 3 point shooter which right now Galloway is not as well.
  21. Just look on the fornt page and forums and you will see forums for General basketball discussion as well a basketball recruiting forum. Also they have two for football as well.
  22. Nope...never compared Trey to Lewis. To me they aren't comparable. Two completely different games.
  23. Let's make it three Treys per game -
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