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  2. What exactly did Illinois do to deserve getting a vote?
  3. Are we getting all of these walk on guards so we can practice because our scholorship players are being handled with kid gloves wanting to dodge a big injury??? This is a legit question. We got down to one guard that could play durring our double secret squirrel scrimmage. We have expierence and depth in the back court, but they seem to be more "Glass Joe" than "Super Macho Man".
  4. Lol let’s just say Sam is a good dude with good ties and that he’s shared a lot of good info over the years.
  5. Absolutely no reason we should be. Lets get going and see what’s in the stars!
  6. Glad we aren’t ranked we haven’t earned a thing
  7. Prayers out to you both. From my experience, you can only take care of yourself unless and until she is ready to work on things. Go to counseling and focus on your needs. Find close friends to help you. Do your best to be your best during this trial. This is a season of your life and you will persevere. Surround yourself with people who love you, but also people who won’t take sides or denigrate your wife. God willing, this too shall pass
  8. If you’re questioning CoachSS, you’re either A.) new to the board and not very savvy and need to learn to watch posts for a while before sticking your foot in your mouth OR B.) you’re completely ignorant I’m gonna pray you’re A...might sound bad but own that one, it’s the lesser of two evils.
  9. Survived. Brady did not do enough. 6-1 on the year. WooHoo
  10. That woman cost ESPN millions in PR destruction.
  11. Today
  12. It took $5million for ESPN to get rid of Jemele Hill. I doubt it would take anywhere that much to dump the Dak.
  13. Nothing really new, except Dakich is a "Dackich". And that is not a complimemt.
  14. So sorry to read this Dr. J. Will be praying for you and the situation!
  15. "Not adhering to journalistic principles" I admit, I had know idea ESPN had "journalistic principles"! I wonder what they could be?
  16. Just more Bulletin Board Material for the Hoosiers! Go IU!
  17. Is anyone over 6'3 in this tournament lol! Honestly he is too good to be out there playing in that. Hope he had fun! I do think he has been working on his 3pt shot. I expect that to continue to get better. If he just get's stronger and takes on more of a defensive mindset the sky is the limit for the kid.
  18. Three point favorite to a 1 point underdog! Sounds like a toss up !
  19. Just a fundamentally solid kid. Could contribute right away. Physically ready to play. Lot to like about this kid. Thanks for the update!
  20. UNC has a OAD pg this year. Love and Davis should play well off each other at the guard spots in 2020. Roy isn't a bad coach....and he seems like he would be a good guy to play for. UNC is a great school all cheating aside. It's a desirable landing spot. But yes this recruitment was trending this way for a long time.
  21. Been to the Anchorage in Somers Point, NJ, and while it's good, Charlie's Bar and Restaurant is nearby with some of the best buffalo wings ever...And I'll pick wings over seafood every time. And 30 years ago, Pennsylvania would have been Old Bookbinders, hands down. Sadly, it went bankrupt after the original owner died and his kids tried to renovate it and ran it into the ground.
  22. Yes. This is why I also think Jordan will contribute right away for us too. Both take their defense very seriously and if you are willing to put in the work at that you can carve out time. My big concern is will Armaan surpass Damezi on the depth chart. I'm still waiting for Damezi to break out...I've seen him play...I know he has it in him. Would hate to see his shooting come together after he transfers or something. Not that he will but it could be concerning. That said I too agree there is more of a chance to see Rob, Green, and Al/Armaan then say Smith at the 3 once the season gets going past the first few games. People always do this on the internet. Tell me your sources..who are you! The thing is coachss has always been open and clear about who he is and how closely he follows the program. Perhaps if you have concerns with someone you privately reach out to them instead of trying to put them on blast. Otherwise you will very quickly wear out your welcome and be put on ignore. We have had issues in the past with people harassing those with sources with the program and EVERYONE loses when those people are run off or choose to stay silent because of people giving them grief. Heck sometimes their sources are even wrong or thought a recruit would say yes and it doesn't happen but that doesn't mean the information isn't valuable to the rest of us. There is a reason people come to this site for IU info...and there is a reason why the other sites quote people on THIS site....let's be appreciative of that and keep it that way. Thanks!!
  23. Man I'm sorry to hear this. I'm grateful for this community so you can hit some guys up with some experience on their hands unfortunately. Other than that man you'll be in my prayers
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