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  2. One thing he has to watch is that there were rumblings out there that he may have not been putting in that extra effort is 3 years here so far either. If you are going to call out teammates in public, you have to make sure that your entire house is in order as well. His may be and it could just be a few players kind of sounding off about being called out, but what a risk. Do that behind closed doors.
  3. Considering the drop off in their recruiting the past few years, this has been noticed. They still get highly ranked recruits but not as highly ranked as when Cal first arrived. Now those top 5 and top 10 players are going to Duke and other places.
  4. I did the porn star thing even though I knew having it being on my resume would hurt future employment opportunities.
  5. That was just a piece I found quickly. His whole press conference is where he talked about the quickest way to NBA millions among other things. I get considering what is best for you but the emphasis he put (more than once) on being selfish and using UK as a springboard to quickly get to the NBA millions just didn't sound very appealing to a fan who wanted to see their team win. Everyone has a some self interest, but he seemed to have a little more than usual based on his stated decision factors. ...and I get that his father probably had a lot of influence there and should really own his share of what turned out to be a poor decision. I contrast that to Trayce who, when asked about NIL and $$$ in the interview posted yesterday, said all the right things...that it was nice but not his primary motivation and he preferred teammates who wanted to win over players who wanted to get paid. I don't doubt he likes the green as most everyone does, but he at least says the right things and seems to prioritize success on the court. Hindsight being what it is, Keion probably did IU a favor. I just keep thinking what a poor decision UK ended up being for him and wondering if he'd have developed better somewhere else (not necessarily IU). Surely at some point, recruits start noticing that most UK recruits really don't develop beyond expectations and a lot of them don't even end up meeting expectations.
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  7. Almost every decision we made is in some way selfish and what is best for us and for our family, especially when it comes to employment, education, and sports
  8. I don't think Mason Gillis even remotely belongs in the same sentence as EJ Liddell...
  9. Is JG the IU Aaron Wheeler….you can see it but he never quite gets there he has the talent and size of Liddell or Gillis. How many guys in the Big Ten have his level of athleticism & size?
  10. Goldy hits a walk off grand slam to give the Cards a win over Toronto. Was at the game and it was freaking awesome!
  11. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm having issues on my phone and on my laptop accessing things. I can't change pages at all anymore.
  12. I guess I am confused, I get that he is using the word selfish but what kid makes a college decision that they don’t think is selfishly what’s best for them? Has anyone here made an employment decision that they didn’t think was in their best interest? Would anyone actually look their kid in the eye and say, “I know we’ve determined option A is what’s best for you, but you should do option B because the option B folks need you more”?
  13. I liked that TJD put that out there. It is leadership and putting people on notice. He even critiqued/criticized things about Woodson specifically what they did and didn't practice. He's not here to mess around, now you may be, but he's not. He had to sit around with sub .500 record in this league. He will not let people put him in that position again. Or they will pay for it like you wouldn't believe
  14. CMW or MP can scream & yell all day but unless players buy in and specifically upper class men you have nothing.
  15. All I see is TJD is saying what happened last year won't happen again and if it does then those players should be gone. I like our best player coming out and taking ownership of the team.
  16. Generally I agree with you, but we all know what X did, or at least the rough outline of what he did, so I heard TJD's statements as supportive. Specifics about Chicago would be a bit more out of line, but this was already out there. His statements were probably more off the cuff than this, but another interpretation would be, "I'm pissed at X and I have no problem calling him out a bit in public."
  17. I dont have a problem with what TJD said. He came back for a reason. He didnt come back to horse around and have fun. He doesnt want to deal with what seems to be more issues than just the NW game. He didnt call anyone out. If certain players took offense to what he said, and went on twitter, they just outed themselves. Get rid of the riff raff. move on. all business.
  18. Agree. Especially since Woodson has repeatedly mentioned to the press that he keeps matters in house. TJD's intentions are noble, but as you've said, his proclamations leave little room for error or misjudgment. And let's be honest here, college (and more broadly this age group) learn a lot about themselves and the world by making mistakes and (hopefully) course-correcting.
  19. Gorski did end up getting promoted, as well.
  20. I get all that. But, if he is straight enough to tweet about... pretty well opens the flood gates.
  21. Yeah, I don't disagree. I just think it's a message much better send behind the closed doors of the locker room. At least some of the specifics. Should have kept the message much more high level.
  22. I think curfew was confirmed at least for a couple of players.
  23. I think all this is much to do about nothing. I take it that the comments are more about fans making more about it and speculating what happened then what actually happened. If they have a problem with Davis saying we are taking over leadership on the team and moving the team in the right direction then we should be glad they are gone.
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