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  2. We can beat these turds in Hackey Arena, Yeah, I said it! 😎
  3. Down on this side of the state, Kentucky is the more hated rival by far. Their recent successes ( 20 years or more) which also coincide with our long painful slide to irrelevance and mediocrity, and mostly the fact that they refuse to play us, would rekindle the fires of passions long lost if the selection committee ever puts us in the same bracket again. To me, it doesn’t matter if they beat us 99 times in a row, I would be just as hyped up to watch that hundreth chance. Just. To. See. Them. Lose. I imagine that’s what HTD feels for Purdue. Shame that there is a generation of Hoosiers that don’t know what the RCA Dome or Freedom Hall lookes like with that red/blue split right down the middle...sigh. But for context, until this IU team can get over the mountain, seeing the Boilers lose, even the “Cayuts” is just kinda meh. After all, we could all be back in the throes of misery if we have an 0-2 week. No better shape than the Boilers. Im praying for 2-0, hoping for 1-1. Until then, like taking an end zone selfie after a pick 6 when you’re down 3 touchdowns with 4 minutes to go, it’s not time to celebrate. Yet. Let’s go IU!!!!
  4. I’ve commented on him a couple times, played against him twice. He’s good. Really good.
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  6. The last 100 years (Does that make a trend?) say otherwise.
  7. Over rating/hyping of cinderellas has really ruined the idea of rooting for the underdog. I used to love rooting for the small school to make a run, but it seems like those teams are always over seeded and endlessly hyped as great teams. Would love to face a team like this in the tournament. No chance they would be anywhere near the top in our conference.
  8. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2020/2/22/womens-swimming-and-diving-peplowski-earns-silver-no-23-indiana-finishes-third.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  9. two things give me joy. Hoosiers winning and Purdouche losing. i just don't understand how you can be an IU fan and not hate the Toiletmakers. it is always a good day when they lose.
  10. Man, everyone needs a Xanax or something. It’s a lighthearted post making fun of Purdue. Who cares that they’ve owned us lately or that our season hasn’t gone the way we wanted it to? It’s a rivalry and it’s supposed to be fun. Never a good reason not to celebrate a Purdue loss. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Well that’s where he should be playing based off his talent level.
  12. There goes the 1 seed. I would love to get the 7 seed in their bracket....best chance for a S16 run.
  13. I didn’t see any way they made it through the tournament without losing but I’m glad it’s a moot point now!
  14. UNLV about gave that game away and their offense the last 10 minutes was hard to watch.
  15. I love Painter. One of the most underrated coaches in America. But.... This has to be addressed behind the scenes. Kid is mad, ok....this one time. I would be very surprised if this doesn’t violate some rule about pressers with Purdue. That is not Purdue basketball. if a IU player did that.....good god there would be a 87 page thread here.
  16. Does the 76 team pop Champaign like the 72 Dolphins or do we have more class than that?
  17. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2020/02/iu-mens-tennis-secures-first-road-win-of-season-in-big-ten-opener-against-purdue Go Hoosiers!
  18. Hmm Michigan wears Jordan brand...Eybl is Nike circuit...🤷‍♂️
  19. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2020/02/iu-wrestling-ends-regular-season-with-disappointment Go Hoosiers!
  20. Mile, I will be 66 in April so I am not that far behind you. lol We are getting ready to head south so my young wife can do another stint on the Appalachian Trail. After helping her take off Tuesday morning I am heading to Knoxville to see my three grandson's and my son and his wife. Hopefully I will be able to watch the next couple Indiana games. If not I have the dvr set to record.
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