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  2. Correct. If a coach is intentionally running up the score to win by 60, 70, or 80, he's a tool and it should be dealt with. But, the rules of the game going in should be the rules of the game throughout.
  3. Good post. So under no score circumstances are you in favor of any running clock?
  4. In a word, yes... "Points Off Turnovers When a team commits a turnover, the scoring crew records the turnover. On the following opponent possession, if the opponent scores, the scoring system credits that opponent with a point off a turnover. Points off turnovers might be a misleading statistic if you don’t account for the tempo. Turnovers per possessions would sure be a better metric if you want to quantify the cost of turnover."
  5. I think we'll beat them pretty handily...Watched most of their game last night (and I had watched them against Creighton as well)... They don't have any answer for our inside game. Trayce didn't have a spectacular game in our only meeting with them in Lincoln last year (15 pts, 11 rebounds) when we won by 8. Hoiberg is no dummy...He'll double Trayce all night. He did last year and our guards came up big...Al had 17 and Rob had 18...which also says something about their perimeter D...And I'd like to think we have much more reliable perimeter scorers this year... They're very much an ebb and flow team...they can score in bunches, but can also go into droughts...Their only 2 reliable scorers are McGowans and Verge,,,McGowans is a freshman, and Verge's headlong rushes to the basket remind me a bit of Al Durham. Kobe Webster can score, but he's really streaky...if he gets on a roll though... If we play GOOD D, and keep the turnovers down, we should have no problem...
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/11/30/brian-kellys-notre-dame-departure-dusts-off-tale-of-free-labor-from-matt-lafleur-robert-saleh/
  7. I mean this as a serious question because I don't know. Does points off turnovers include every time they scored after getting a turnover? So, even if they get a strip under their own basket and walk it up and get into their offense and score, is it still considered points off a turnover?
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/notre-dame-hiring-marcus-freeman-as-coach-irish-listen-to-players-also-retain-tommy-rees-to-lead-offense/ Link to Freeman as new head coach. I think it's a really good hire.
  9. I don't want to play Pollard if Zeke gets his normal touches, but if he is limited I want Pollard
  10. So far Omicron looks to be very mild... could this be what covid is mutating to? The more contagious, less deadly version that we will have to live with? Not saying its a cold or flu, but following that path?
  11. If we are to challenge in the B1G, this is a must win.
  12. Notre Dame reportedly going to hire Freeman as their next Head Coach. This is a great move in my opinion to keep continuity in the program and to take the next step. Kelly has tried to poach Rees and other coaches from the staff and they are choosing to stay with the Irish. From the sounds of it most of the recruits from their top ten recruiting class are supporting Freeman as the head coach so there shouldn't be a mass exodus like OU is having with Riley leaving. 👍
  13. Well.. it is the best football conference in the country. Their divisions work a lot better than the B1Gs. They added two teams and made a seamless transition. But I wasn't commending them on how they set their divisions up.. I was merely giving information.
  14. I see you are still drinking that SEC kool-aid.
  15. Today
  16. Agree to an extent. It's not must win in the true meaning of the phrase. Obviously, IU can still recover with a loss. But, regardless of whether it's December, January or February, this is a home conference game against a team projected to finish in the bottom 3 of the conference. Again, time to recover, but these aren't games you lose if you're expecting to really compete to overachieve in the conference.
  17. I don't disagree with that. But, take an instance where a team up 22 goes on a quick run in the last 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter to get up 35. the 4th quarter would be a perfect time for both teams to play the end of their bench. High school rosters can be up to 13 players. So, a team with an 8 man rotation may have 5 guys that don't play that much. A running clock totally changes the experience for those players. Many, many, many, many years ago I was one of those end of the bench guys. In 8th grade, coach put me in the game with 1 second left. I kid you not. Basically, this mercy rule is saying that, not only am I not worthy of playing when the game matters, but you have to feel sorry for me and change the rules of the game. When I went into a game with that kind of deficit, I fully realized that we weren't going to win, but I had every intention of helping make the final score a 25 point deficit instead of a 35 point one. Those end of the bench guys don't bust their @ss in practice every day to be treated like second class.
  18. #LEO https://www.wane.com/high-school-sports/leo-cruises-to-3-0-behind-38-point-performance-by-bontrager/
  19. Apparently he has signed.
  20. I prefer(lol): East: Auburn, 'Bama, Vandy, UK, Florida, Geogia, South Carolina, Tennessee West: Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St., LSU, Mizzou
  21. Heart issues in women under 50 with the J&J jab. The warning used to be in big red letters, but that has disappeared on the cdc and my local drug store sites. Heart issues in young males with Moderna and Pfizer..... Both are said to be rare. But j&j is enough of an issue, they openly push women towards "better options" I personally don't know anyone who has had these heart issues from the shot. But my dads Dr and cardiologist both told him not to take the shot earlier this year. 2 months later they told him to go ahead and take, it was safe. What changed, why go from we don't recommend it, to meh, its safe?
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