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  2. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Vic got it going late. Myles Turner is flat out garbage on the boards, giving OKC an extra shot on way too many possessions
  3. At What Point......

    It also hasn’t helped that every major conference ditched UConn. The AAC is sort of like the old Conference USA, not exactly mid-major, but not the big boys either.
  4. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Now Vic goes cold. Not looking good for the Pacers.
  5. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Maybe PG will hit a game winner to bail out his pathetic night.
  6. A very reliable source just told me he saw Billy Donovan in Indianapolis!!
  7. Today
  8. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Why aren’t PG and Melo taking it to the rim? Indy isn’t that big inside and they’re settling for a bunch of terrible jumpers.
  9. We need to guard the perimeter. Let Colson have his share, shut the rest down.
  10. A much better matchup for us than UL. Also at a neutral site. Still ESPN gives us a 19% chance and I don't disagree. We have a chance if RJ comes out of his funk but just a small one.
  11. Hoosiers In the NBA

    PG wilting back in Banker’s Life. Vic looks like the better player right now, although he’s not having a crazy game so far either. Sabonas also looks good. Active on the glass and just had a nice post-up score.
  12. Signing day

    Knock on wood, we don't need to worry about them.
  13. Markese Stepp Decommits

    USC has picked up the last 5 predictions in the CB for Markese Stepp. Currently sitting at: 55% IU 45% USC
  14. S Devon Matthews to IU

    I wasn't sure what to expect out of Juan Harris, but he was getting a little time as a freshman before he got hurt. He'd really help clog the middle of the line and allow quick linebackers room in space. A lot like what the Bears did with Tractor Traylor and Ted Washington in the early 2000s. They ate up blockers and let Urlacher have space to make plays. We need to shore up the DL a little more so they can stop the inside run, and have linebackers with speed who can close and help make plays on the outside. More speed also allows better ability to spy the QB, match up in pass coverage, and get to the QB on a blitz.
  15. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Good start for the Pacers against Snowflake 13. Love this team. They've got 8 quality guys in the rotation the just repeatedly make the right play, and maybe 9 when G-Rob gets back.
  16. So you're saying there is a chance????
  17. Signing day

    Here's an article I found that talks about what some coaches have said. Summing up the article, here were some of the headlines of what the writer gathered from talking to coaches who spoke in anonymity. Coaches expect every verbal to sign early Some commits might be asked to wait a day or two in case plan A or B falls through If you verbally commit and don't sign, you're not committed I think there will be a handful of "player X didn't sign with team Y, and team Y is no longer pursuing player X." Obviously teams can't talk about recruits, but I'm sure there will be plenty of players around the country who on December 23rd will no longer be interested in the school they verballed to. It will probably be a combination of recruits being told to wait til February and backing out, and recruits not wanting to sign early and the teams backing out.
  18. Notre Dame vs. Indiana - Five Things To Know
  19. Yesterday
  20. Signing day

    Walker and Taylor are the two I really can't wait to sign so they don't get poached. I think they're going to be special. I'd love them both to get it out of the way in the early period so we don't have to worry about it.
  21. OT... Evansville Aces

    I grew up near Lawrenceburg. Thought u might have been from that area.
  22. 2017 MLB discussion

    Now that is crazy!!!!!!
  23. At What Point......

    Calhoun's health is the word.
  24. OT... Evansville Aces

    University of Evansville Aces plane crash, the 40th anniversary
  25. OT... Evansville Aces

    Clark County. So, technically not 'Eastern' in the sense of being just outside Cincinnati. But, technically, if you go due east of Clark County, you do end up in Kentucky, so we have always considered ourselves Southeast.
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