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  2. We have all done a good job of keeping it calm - thank you and please continue to do so. Escalating behavior will be dealt with more seriously than normal because everyone knows better than to act a fool in a thread like this.
  3. They aren't an organization and don't have requirements. Antifa literally means anti-fascists; it's about as opposite of being a bootlicker as you can get.
  4. Easy to forget about Eisenhower, but I agree. We need leaders who are principled and represent the majority, the middle, but also those on the fringes. The 50's would have been a helluva time to grow up in.
  5. Id say Eisenhower. A non politician but a true leader who sought to find a middle path between the parties and who was popular enough to actually succeed. But regardless we need real leaders to step up.
  6. We need another Martin Luther King Jr. and another JFK right about now.
  7. You realize how it’s different when it’s an agent of the government right? Molotov cocktails are now being thrown this is escalating fast. With modern technology that’s not a good thing I’m seeing stuff on Facebook about how to counter police tactics. Governor of Minny needs to be recalled. His trying to ignore the problem let it escalate. Then he goes on the news about being tough but then comes out with a totally weak response.
  8. Gotcha Gotcha. Obviously I understand they're scum, just had never looked into the requirements of any of that. Thanks for the info.
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifa_(United_States) Their main requirements are being communist jackbooted thugs. Predominantly, white, live in their parents basements, bootlickers. But anyone can join, regardless of color.
  10. I honestly didn't realize "white" was one of their great requirements. I dont mean that lightly, I didnt realize they were color oriented.
  11. Why is Antifa, a white terrorist organization, participating in destroying businesses in black neighborhoods. Just wondering? YouTube keeps deleting it so watch before its scrubbed.
  12. Thanks bob ...the feeling is mutual and I look forward to game threads next season. They have the means and the point you make bears closer watching with the transfer trend really hitting an uptick the last couple seasons. The point you make may be even more magnified as this practice becomes more the norm
  13. 1 confirmed shooting death on downtown Indianapolis
  14. There now have been multiple shootings in Indy during the protest.
  15. Anyone seen this? What those cops did is wrong no doubt. All 4 need to be put awayy But the riots and response is uncalled for. Let justice do it work. The wheels of government move slow. But no need to burn down city blocks. My question is why did they walk him across the street when there was a patrol car right there. Read him his rights?
  16. @IUFLA Made the pork steaks tonight. Very good. I over cooked them a little, first time braising, but we did enjoy them.
  17. At least they are wearing masks right
  18. What else were they suppose to do??? Stay home and not steal shoes!?!
  19. Showing riots in LA right now and they are showing people looting a shoe store. You are seeing people coming out with 3 or 4 shoe boxes.
  20. I have spent alot of time studying history, so for brevity, the 60's is my forte. This economic situation worries the shit out of me. I hope I'm wrong but I think it will be worse than the great depression.
  21. It looks like the riots in Indy successfully accomplished their mission by destroying a downtown CVS. They should be so proud to put those workers out of a job for the foreseeable future, they probably deserved that. Smh.
  22. Totally agree, but most people are to damn dumb to realize the are being used and manipulated. The internet and social media, and the abandoning of god has led to this.
  23. I'd say this is worse than 68. We have a global pandemic, the worst unemployment ever I believe, an economic crash that is being artificially postponed and now riots.
  24. But that 10 percent is ruining things for the 90 percent who is doing the right things. Don't get me wrong I am very upset we are still having these kind of things happening in today's day and age.
  25. But rioting doesn't work. This crap is pushed by billionaires, George Soros, and owned media. We are being spoon fed the extreme when 90% of us exist in the middle.
  26. Why don't we riot every time a cop is killed in the line of duty or gang related murders?
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