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  2. Around the B1G/NCAA

    He was very impressive tonight, any fear in boiler land he may leave early?
  3. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Have you changed your tune about Carsen if you watched the game tonight?
  4. Alonzo Trier ineligible?

  5. Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but when Sampson was let go, the kids saw the writing on the wall and gave up on school. When he was actively coaching, the team did fine with grades. I’m not gonna delve much deeper into this but Sampson would’ve hung a banner. With that said - I’m very happy with our current coach
  6. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Hope that they can win for the outgoing kids. Is Hartman going to give another Senior speech? Already gave one last year. Interested to hear what Priller has to say as well.
  7. T&F head to B10 Championships

    http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/2/22/track-and-field-hoosiers-track-field-ready-for-big-ten-championships.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  8. http://www.idsnews.com/article/2018/02/spiutfwpreview022118 Go Hoosiers!
  9. So Very Sad....

    When I grew up I honored my Mother and Father(and still do to this day), I respected my elders, taught to say "yes ma'am" and "no sir", always opened the door for a woman, and valued a human life. That is for starters.
  10. Romeo Langford

    Yes he was, coached against him a time or two.
  11. Romeo Langford

    Bozich on ITH is saying that Romeo and his camp havnt made any decision yet. I'd say the telling sign will be if he visits IU again before the announcement.
  12. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    So crean was going to leave iu with the kind of talent that team had? No way. What job was available that would have given him that talent and that big of pay day if he succeeded. I doubt anybody
  13. So Very Sad....

    Morals are certainly worth looking at. I would question how we look at morals, though. What is your view of good and bad morals?
  14. Romeo Langford Poll

    I feel iu wins out on this one.
  15. Romeo Langford

    Birdman and jcbasketball were both great providers of insight back in the day. IIRC, birdman was a local coach?
  16. Romeo Langford

    One other question, if you don't mind. Is Romeo considering not being a OAD? I know someone mentioned Tim Langford talking about enjoying the convo he had with an IU academic advisor. It also sounds like it was a selling point for them, in regards to Vandy's recruitment. Was interested in seeing if you were hearing anything about him maybe staying a second year or not. Thanks!
  17. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Lots of love on here for Crean. Here's what I remember: - A style of play that required uber skilled offensive players to overcome poor defensive play, high turnover rates, and overall low basketball IQ. - A recruiting strategy(?) that placed no value on what it means to be offered a scholarship by a historical program. Instead, quantity over quality. - A good man whose positive qualities were often overshadowed by his hyperness and quirks. - A hit and miss ability to develop players. For every Vic or Watford there was Holloway, Perea or JBJ. Mixed bag, if you ask me. Last visuals of a team he coached was of a team that turned the ball over at an extraordinarily high rate and who guarded at an extraordinarily low rate. I think he should stay behind a microphone.
  18. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Lighten up Francis! I say let the kid start, he WONT lose us the game in the first couple minutes.
  19. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Tim Priller isn't going to lose you the game in the first two minutes. Look at the hole IU started in at Iowa. I think it's a nice gesture and I don't believe for a minute it would be the deciding factor between winning and losing. It's a moot point as it doesn't appear that Archie historically starts the seniors and I'm not going to second guess the coach, but if I were making the decisions, it wouldn't bother me at all to do it.
  20. Romeo Langford

    Speaking of good follows,what ever happened to birdman 33 ...I think that was his name or jcbasketball,I remember him from the Harris recruitment
  21. Men's S&D ready for B10 meet

    Results within: http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/2/22/mens-swimming-and-diving-hoosiers-qualify-19-for-thursday-night-finals-at-big-ten-championships.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  22. http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/2/22/womens-water-polo-water-polo-announces-road-schedule-changes.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  23. Romeo Langford

    All I was told was that Romeo IS making one more visit and that he has not made his decision yet. I also took it that this bodes well for I.U.'s chances.
  24. So Very Sad....

    Agree. I’d even go more on the pharma side too. Admittedly I don’t the accuracy of this so probably shouldn’t even share it, but I saw a video that claimed every kid that had conducted a mass school shooting in the last X (can’t remember exactly the time frame) Year’s was either on at least one type of anti-depressant pharmaceutical or within the withdrawal timeframe of having been on at least one. The video had family members of the kids saying their kids definitely suffered from some level of depression but that once they went on meds they began having suicidal/violent tendencies. Once that would happen docs would put them on more drugs to try and counteract the original drugs and so on and so fourth. Weve got a major mental health problem and major pharmaceutical problem. Companies are making billions off of pharma drugs, and peddling these things to doctors.
  25. Today
  26. http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/2/22/womens-basketball-tyra-buss-and-amanda-cahill-named-cosida-academic-all-district.aspx Go Hoosiers!
  27. So Very Sad....

    Not sure if you read my entire post, but that’s what I was alluding to in the part about our kids being exposed to violence and sex in music, movies, online and in video game earlier and earlier. The things kids are exposed to at a younger and younger age these days is sometimes appalling. I also believe my generation (I have elementary age kids) are the worst parents. Our kids lives have been completely over-engineered to the point that kids these days don’t even know how to play. I have pretty well adjusted, normal kids, but even my kids have no idea how to just go outside and ride their bikes in search of kids to play with. They need to be entertained almost all the time. Everything is an arranged “play date”. Imagine growing up in a world where you don’t know what “it’s not on right now”even means. Kids growing up today have always had on-demand. They can watch any show at any time. Imagine what that does to you? Nearly everything you want is always available whenever you want it. I call my kids the “on-demand”generation. This is why I get frustrated that gun laws (which I think are necessary) takes up so much of this conversation. The cause of all these shootings go so, so much deeper.
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