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  3. http://www.idsnews.com/article/2017/10/many-hoosiers-honored-with-top-drawers-midseason-awards Go Hoosiers!
  4. Romeo Langford

  5. Tom Crean has a new job

    I wouldn't put it past ESPN to eventually assign both to the same IU game since they do love to manufacture their story lines. If they would assign Bob Knight to an IU game, one would be inclined to think they would put Dakich and Crean together for one.Anything to get eyes and ears on a game they cover, and that would do it for sure.
  6. IU Contacted B1G Over Controversial Calls

    Apparently Allen never learned that you don’t put the game in the hands of the refs. If you are relying on the refs to win a game, something is wrong in the machinery. And you never allow your issues with the refs to become public and appear to be whining. He just called out guys who are likely friends with guys who will be calling games in the future. Very low return on effort.
  7. I think we will definitely see the one and done rule going away at some point soon, and I think direct from high school to the NBA will come back. Why straight from high school and not moving towards a 2 year after high school requirement? Because of the G-League. I posted this tons of times, but while many think the 1 and done rule was largely about keeping GM’s out of high school gyms and young players not developing quickly enough, and those were factors, the big reason and one people often don’t talk about is that the team’s couldn’t sell high school kids to sponsors and season ticket holders. They had no market value. So the last 10 years the NBA used the NCAA for free marketing of these players. I saw it firsthand. When I was with the Celtics we drafted Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson and Gerald Green right out of high school. It was very tough for the marketing and sales teams to sell those guys. There wasn’t Facebook and Instagram for these kids to market themselves. There weren’t hundreds of hours of highlight reels to sell, etc, and what bad teams had to sell was their first round pick. But, social media and now the fact that the Developmental League has financial backing with a sponsor changes the game. It legitimizes the G-League and probably gives it more TV exposure. Just the fact that the G-League has grown over the last 10 years changes everything. But with social and much more exposure for the G-League teams can. Now draft these kids and showcase their potential in the G-League.
  8. If you don't believe your school is involved, what is the advantage of an internal review? Personally, I'm absolutely fine with the administration doing exactly what they did...conduct discussions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and aware of the expectations of following the rules. Let's say IU undertook an internal review and discovered that 5-6 years ago Kenny Johnson gave a player $500 cash for whatever reason? Let's say our internal review found that Kenny felt sorry for a broke college student and did this on his own with no one else on the coaching staff knowing about it. What advantage would discovering such knowledge give IU? Kenny is gone...the head coach ran a clean program (or at least tried). IU as a program really didn't benefit in this example so what is the positive that comes from discovering and self-reporting a violation like that? I don't see it. Unless you feel there are problems in your program that need to be stopped, I don't see the advantage of digging around to try and find dirt in your own program when there's no reason to feel it exists. It just seems like a waste of time and resources to me.
  9. I don’t see what the compliance department being on top of things has to do with doing an internal review? An internal review is just due diligence. It could be as simple as the Presidents office or some legal team the university uses just going over all those great notes/files the compliance department has. The compliance department being great just makes the internal review quicker/easier, which is a good thing.
  10. Tom Crean has a new job

    Him and Dakich should work well!!!!
  11. I always liked playing the Irish. As far as the expanding the schedule to 20 games...meh. It will still be unbalanced. We just got to get used to it.
  12. IU / UM game

    Honestly, some of the "injuries" I've seen this year rival soccer "injuries." I can't remember who the opponent was, but I remember IU being on a roll and an opposing player going down to the turf. When they showed the replay to find out what happened to him, he was just standing there, probably kind of tired, and just went to the ground - laughable. It's a dirty, unsportsmanlike like tactic against high-tempo offenses, but it works...and not everyone is ethical.
  13. IU Contacted B1G Over Controversial Calls

    If IU is going to beat one of the better teams in its division, its going to have to be somewhat decisive. Teams like OSU, PSU, and UM are going to get the benefit of the doubt on those close calls. It may not be out and out collusion to call the games in their favor, but I think those teams that have a chance to get to the playoff get "protected" by the officiating somewhat in close games with "lesser" teams. It's not just IU; it's every other team in the Big Ten that is middle of the pack or bottom of the pack that suffers. The Cobbs kickoff recovery was seemingly obvious that he had possession while in bounds, and it should have been called that way initially. I just went back and watched it again. It really wasn't even that close; he clearly had possession. Why did the other out of position ref even feel the need to come in and correct the better positioned ref? This bothers me every time I see it in any sport. You're out of position; how on Earth do you believe you can come in and overrule someone who saw it better? But I digress... Fant's interception/pass interference was egregiously terrible officiating. Honestly, outside of a few calls, the refs weren't bad, but it just so happens that the few that they called against IU (especially the on-side kick) were game-changers. Call me cynical, call me a conspiracy theorist, and call me crazy, but the fact that the other ref comes in and overrules the call, then the replay shows clear possession with a foot down, and the refs still give it to Michigan is strong evidence in favor of the "playoff capable" teams getting protected to a certain degree. IU had Michigan truly on its heels for the first time in the game, had just driven for a touchdown, and recovered the on-side kick. If IU rightfully is given possession there, we would have won. I'm sure people will come in and say there's no way, there's no proof, the refs wouldn't do that, but then again, most people didn't think college recruiting was as corrupt as it actually is. There's a lot of money involved for the big ten by getting teams into the college playoff and major bowls..... Don't get me wrong, IU could have and should have won this game despite those calls, but we just have to expect that the refs are going to be friendlier to a highly ranked team in crunch time.
  14. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2017/10/notes-iu-contacts-big-ten-about-officiating-injury-report-depth-chart/ Go Hoosiers!
  15. Posted in chat. Here as well. Tom Crean hired by ESPN
  16. Probably all cheaters. I myself would rather return to the Notre Dame home-and-home than to the Kentucky one, but that might just be the difference between an Indianapolis person like me and a Southern Indiana person. I always thought it was kind of demeaning to have Kentucky as a "rival", even as a secondary one after Purdue.
  17. Thanks for the contribution. Not surprised at all. I know a lot of recruits don't keep up on stuff like this.
  18. NFL Talk

    Yes it was. The Pats get all the breaks.
  19. You raise a good point. Not going to discredit it. However, I can say that I, personally have dealt with IU's compliance department on a few occasions. And can attest to the fact that when I did, they have been on top of things. Won't mention all of the times. With the exception of one time.... when Yogi's mom was breaking an NCAA rule. By the time I got in touch with compliance, they had told me they had already talked to her. Based on my experiences, I have no doubt that IU's compliance department has been on top of things.
  20. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    I would say Brooks just because it would mean Archie beat out Izzo for the highest-profile recruit in the state, in a region of the state we have not recruited very well recently (outside of Blackmon). But I have no idea if Brooks is actually a better player than Jackson-Davis.
  21. Romeo Langford

    Academic advisors to Romeo: "You're gonna LOVE our Afro American studies program!" Heck, a basketball school with sham classes and laid back practices. What's not to love? Sounds like all you have to do is show up on game day.
  22. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    JD or Brooks? Assuming we could only take 1 who would you rather have?
  23. Yeah it’d be cool if the crossroads classic could find another weekend. I’d love to participate in some of the cooler holiday tourneys.
  24. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    I was kind of thinking the same.
  25. One and Done rule on the way OUT

    You’re right, I should have read more than just the headline before I posted. The college hockey/NHL system is interesting, I was unaware of that.
  26. IU Contacted B1G Over Controversial Calls

    One of three calls that did not go IU's way. Had they gone IU's way.... IU posts a W .
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