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  2. Ruffled Feathers might be it. Pete Dye course built in early 90's I think. We got lucky on weather. 80 and Sunny, zero humidity.....very unlike July/August around there...usually it is 100+ heat index plus it's a demanding walk. Could tire anyone.
  3. I remember being so hot there one year. On sunday we were in 3rd on the 15th tee box, my pro was about to pass out. I was about to pass out. I looked at him and said i dont give a shit if you bogey in lets just get the hell off this golf course. lol. He said i'm right there with you. Made 2 birdies and finished 2nd. I think it was there maybe 3 more years. A really good course right down the road we caddies used to play. Cant remember the name.
  4. Get that shite out of here. I'm too old for the snow.
  5. I don't mind snow but where I am we end up with more ice/wintry mix than anything. So hopefully below average of that.
  6. Top 5 in Indiana (BD, WC, Carmel, CG, Cathedral) can play with anyone. That matchup tonight is bigger than big. 2 of the Top 10 programs in the Midwest.
  7. The top courses in Wisconsin and Michigan are less crowded in the winter than they are during the summer months.
  8. Trinity at Carmel locally tonight. Finally some high school football to watch! To everyone heading out enjoy the season starting up!
  9. Wisconsin was going to be Whistling Straits and Blackwolf were center pieces...good friends went to UW and another lives up there so they were going to be in charge of planning. Michigan was Arcadia Bluffs and a couple others. Early planning stages but we wanted to have golf and water activities involved next summer....not just golf only.
  10. Snowier than normal winter for IN?
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  12. It comes as no surprise that analytical was my top strength. All of them fell in the category of strategic thinking.
  13. I know it’s a bit early, but I’m sure I’m not the only one looking at this game. Illinois starts their season 8/27 at home against Wyoming. What’s on the tailgate menu for everyone?
  14. I’m really hoping we go back to playing more Zone as well. Best way to get takeaways is to get eyes on QB and ball.. just like Iowas D that lead the nation in INT’s last year… our D last year was way to much man to man with our backs turnt to QB
  15. I’ve only hear the official program stance of nod decision has been made and if one had we wouldn’t say anyway.
  16. We got tickets for the FanFest, as well. It should be a good time.
  17. Anyone heard anything regarding who we expect at QB?
  18. My go to heat level at Joella's is their Ghost Pepper. The "Fire-In Da-Hole" is borderline inedible. Amazing the jump in heat level between the two.
  19. Thought this was pretty cool
  20. It could also potentially help lure Bryce, Bronny's younger brother, who, at 15 years old, is 6'6". He could be a much more intriguing prospect.
  21. Hackers !!!! If you have IPhones, IPads or Macs you need to update your operating system NOW!
  22. As a sports fan, I find it annoying and pandering. I also understand it's a business, and this would be good for business.
  23. That's fine. That's one opinion and you're certainly welcome to it, and I don't totally disagree agree it. But, that doesn't mean it isn't happening and that for the right franchise it wouldn't be a good or the right move.
  24. I was watching at the end of the game plus he did an interview on MLB tonight afterwards. He just think it is time for him to move on because he doesn't feel he relates to the younger fans and players. He definitely not andan of using analytics during the game.
  25. Not sure if it was me but that's my strategy. Just have to remember to cancel them.
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