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  2. I know we shouldn’t rely on crystal ball picks because for the most part they are just guessing, and I like to listen to our insiders here versus the crystal ball pick. With that being said Peegs switching to a high confidence pick seems somewhat significant. I don’t know how long the crystal ball has been around, but out of the whole time Peegs has only done a pick 11 times. It appears he only picks when he knows he is going to be right. All that being said trey could easily pick Purdue. I hope he doesn’t but he could.
  3. Hits just keep coming. Chris Godwin fractured his index finger in game this weekend. Had surgery this morning. Out this week for easy matchup vs Giants. My Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin, Austin Ekeler draft is just going great.
  4. Ever heard of personal responsibility? My estimation is, the younger generation rigs the game against themselves... There's renting...In my area, there are affordable apartments for almost every wage category...I lived in a mobile home for the first 2 years I was married because that's what we could afford. And having 100K + student loan debt is ridiculous...All of my kids started at the community college level, and then went to their 4 year school...Their degrees read the same as everyone else who graduated from that school... I guess that's my problem...I loathe it when
  5. I will say this. According to my son, the speculation among students and staff at Silver Creek is all over the board.
  6. Knucklehead Central. It’s the name of the premium board on the Purdue rivals site.
  7. Well you're just wrong, lol. Where was Kawhi drafted? Etc etc etc. Come on, this trade idea isn't even in the realm of reasonable. It's boneheadedly bad.
  8. not sure exactly what KC means, not a member just browsing over there lol
  9. Wow, I actually remember CosmicKid from our old Scout site back in the 2000's, assuming it's the same guy.
  10. To me th 14th pick is not a huge thing to give up especially with how weak this draft is.
  11. No lol, no way, no way in Hell would the C's actually give up Hayward AND a 14th pick, not to mention Romeo, for those two. That's just hysterically bad. Comedically bad.
  12. For which side? To me this would seem to be a good trade for both sides. To me the 14th pick is nothing so great that the Celtics wouldn't want to give up. This draft looks very weak especially at the top of the draft.
  13. Holy crap, I remember him, kind of knew him when I was a kid. He used to shop at the same guitar store I did.
  14. Sorry, dumb question, but what is KC? Not sure I’m familiar. Trying to get context on what the push was from his Uncle Matt? Meaning, Matt is/was pushing for him to pick Purdue?
  15. No way lol. Amazing how unrealistic some of these guys are.
  16. Yes, Myles is a marginal starter. He may be an upgrade over Theis (not 100% convinced of that, but I digress), but it isn't much. He's a better weak side defender, but Theis is a better overall defender.
  17. This below is from CosmicKid at PU rivals non VIP chat recently. Peegs actually revised it during the chat last night, based on phone calls and events that happened throughout the day yesterday. Rabs did interview TK yesterday, and after a day of talking to people very close to the situation determined that the only people who knew the answer were Trey and his mom, and that was not where the pro-Purdue chatter was emanating from... Rabs put his odds at IU 50 and PU 40, with UVA 8 and UNC 2. He said that he's pretty sure Trey has known his decision for about a week and told no
  18. Saw something on YouTube from a Celtic guy and this was his trade Celtics get-Turner and Lamb Pacers get- Hayward, Romeo and the 14th pick
  19. This fake graph was posted months ago. Somebody cleaned it up a little to make it look like a 12 year old didn't create the graphic, but still fake. Nowhere is this data posted in the link supplied or on the CDC website. Where did you get this?
  20. Marginal starter? Myles would start on the Celtics over Theis or Williams. Myles is def an upgrade over anyone the Celtics have on their current roster or could bring in via FA given their cap space. He would improve both their offense and defense. Williams is up and coming but he's still very raw.
  21. I think it's far more likely Painter is being vague as opposed to misleading. Saying he "feels good about it" doesn't mean he thinks he's getting Kaufman. It could mean he and his staff feel they've made their pitch to the best of their abilities and will have no regrets if he doesn't choose them.
  22. Let's do our best to keep this on track. Not bashing or defending others. Please and thank you.
  23. Celts aren't giving us two first round picks for two role players and a marginal starter.
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