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  2. 1990 Indiana High School Basketball Championship game, where most of the 41,000 people in attendance were there because of Damon Bailey. And, the young man lived up to the hype, putting his team on his back and scoring BNL's last 11 points to secure the victory.
  3. Oh. I forgot about this one. Not much more you can do with 2 people, a drum kit and a guitar.
  4. Lots of people want to dog on Fred Glass but he made a big, gutsy decision to fire Wilson when the news came out and he made the decision that he had a diamond in the rough - Tom Allen - that he was going to lose to a head coaching job at some point, so he might as well just do both at once. Still early but looks like a potential home run. I also think, like others, that we might have a lifer. If you find a good coach who loves IU and might not be swayed by other jobs if they come calling? Big time.
  5. To be fair, I tried to have that discussion but Sark refuses to state how he is measuring athleticism. I didn't want to make a lengthy post only for him to move the goalposts....
  6. https://www.bing.com/search?q=skyy+clark&form=ANNTH1&refig=21a353c4611a4490b7536cdb298f0679&sp=-1&pq=skyy+clark&sc=8-10&qs=n&sk=&cvid=21a353c4611a4490b7536cdb298f0679 Saw this and it made it sound like a decision could be looming and he will reclassify to 2021. In this article it did not even mentioned IU and looks like UK to me.
  7. Also attended the opening ceremonies in Indy for the Pan Am games
  8. For fave live clips, this is the correct answer.
  9. I think the NCAA will put some kind of limit on how much a person can make and it won't be just a bidding war.
  10. OK. Cubs not playing today, and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The Cubs v. Cards on this week-end in St. Louis. Can the Cubs put another nail in the coffin of a Cards team that is struggling and has several holes due to COVID-19? Or can the Cards put it together at home and bring the Cubs down to earth? As mentioned above the Cubs starters have been historically dominant. The Cubs starters were seen as questionable pre-season. Will they come back to earth? The hitting has been erratic. Bryant has sucked and is still below the Mendoza line. Rizzo, Schwarber, and Baez having their moments but not hitting at the level that they can. Cubs getting a lot from bottom of line-up. The BP is still pretty hopeless. It's only 12 games, but that's 20% of the regular season schedule. Brewers and Reds only middling teams so far. Cards are sinking fast. They have injuries and COVID victims to important players, and they will have to play a lot of games in a few days just to catch up schedule wise.
  11. I feel like even if he asked Painter to come back he’d be told thanks but no thanks. Bridge was already burned haha.
  12. That looks like a Purdue jersey to me. He's coming home!!
  13. I think it's brilliant. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the NIL deal, but if those are the rules, then let's do everything within them to win. Maybe I'm just so IU focused, but I don't remember seeing anything like this with another school. It's awesome if we're the first to announce something like this.
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  15. Smith for 90% of the game besides in wide open breakaways played like he had my vertical haha never in my life have I seen so many missed layups from a guy that could just about jump over the rim but played on the ground in traffic for most of the game? Weird.
  16. I really think Penn State at home is the one to mark on the schedule as the best opportunity for an upset. Last year IU had the national embarrassment (played over and over on sports channels) fake punt and who can forget the Whop non-touch on the kick; I still think Whop's immediate reaction (throwing his hands up) and the replay should have made it obvious he did not touch the ball. Despite those gifts IU gave Penn State, IU was still going toe-to-toe with them in State College. Correct those errors, improve upon last year, and Beat Penn State !!!
  17. Would love to see Moye on the staff one day
  18. Anybody have favorite live clips? I have 2 that will always stick out: 1) My Morning Jacket on Late Night back in 2003. They blew away Conan, his reaction was priceless. 2) The Rock N Roll HOF tribute to George Harrison. Prince just TEARS it up. Even Tom Petty was like "WTF is going on?" And then at the end Prince throws his guitar up in the air and it never comes down....I'll never figure that one out.
  19. I think we have a 4-4-2 scenario this year. The first 4 (UW, OSU, PSU, UM) are well above us. The last 2 (Rutgers and Maryland) are well below us. It’s the middle 4 where we need to excel (UI, Minnesota, MSU, PU). We could win all 4, lose all 4, or split them in some fashion. To me, this is where progress can be measured. 4-0 or 3-1 and I’ll feel good. Any less than that and it will feel like we slid backward a bit.
  20. Yeah that's a concern. I'm sure Justin Smith would've been just fine with Romeo making 7 figures while he gets peanuts.
  21. There's a grand canyon between the top 5 and bottom 5 on our schedule this year. I just want 1 of the top 5 this year.
  22. Put the upstairs windows in last year. Got to trimming the exterior out yesterday. I still have the interior to do...oh, and it looks like Tammy needs to clean the siding.
  23. Nice...tell him to keep his eyes off the girls and give him an elbow bump from me.
  24. Riddle me this. What D1 teams wants a guard that cant shoot, a pain in the butt parent and does not seem to be a very good teammate?
  25. All the best to Ayden...and to your wife and you for persevering through the challenges. 😊
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