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  2. Its possible. I want so much for Archie to succeed. But if we are are going to mediocre it would be nice to have a looker on the sidelines to take the pain away.
  3. Can she coach? That would be great and I would never complain. If not, when Stevens says no, Oates or Whitman kind of intrigue me, with either Lewis or fife or even tonegal the next calls. Only if we don’t make the Indiana bubble tourney this year of course!
  4. I really don't listen to country but like Faith Hills version better
  5. Things were going well until I asked her at dinner one night where she was when the WatShot went through the hoop. She didn't know what I was talking about. What else could I do? I gave her the check, asked her to give the waiter 25%, and left. If a lady doesn't know what she was doing when the WatShot happened, she isn't all that special.
  6. Whatever happened to the discount double check guy?
  7. Well when Carrie Underwood sings on Sunday night football I think she is singing to me.
  8. Not sure if you are into country music but Sara Evans says yes to me the same way.
  9. Some of those guys in commercials make good money especially ones that is reoccurring
  10. Would hope not close... But then again, I am comparing a commercial actor to two supposedly elite athletes. I guess you are too...
  11. Oh it went well beyond that. Not only was he very publicly vocal about Pierce’s innocence before he had the facts, he had his friends at Athletes in Action try to pressure the victim to drop the charges
  12. But you don't have Michigan No-Fault insurance. I have 3 vehicles, house, boat and a camper. I pay almost 5 grand per year for everything
  13. Holman threw something at Crean. Bassett has been arrested a few times after college
  14. I have 3 cars and life insurance through them
  15. State Farm got to be too expensive. I had to drop them after 30 plus years.
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