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  2. You and I have a better chance of getting run over by a car today. Mind boggling. I get people's opinions on vaccine or not. I'm not debating that part of it. I'm upset that they paused it with a .000001% chance of happening.....and only 1.8% have a chance of death if they contract Covid to begin with.
  3. Well we've heard it from the National media, coaching staffs and now our new staff. I can see Dane getting pretty pissy about it quick
  4. Harry had him in Cooperstown after that opening day!
  5. But you admit it is senseless and lame the way some act on Twitter? Correct? Those aren't real fans.
  6. I don't have an answer to your points but simply put I'll say yes. To me the damage done (fear, delay,etc..) by pausing J&J is far greater than the pause for 6 cases out of 6.8 M. Knew 3 people who were on the fence about vaccine but finally decided to get one at track. Not doing it now. That's real damage. Just unreal the level of stupidity they caused today by this pause.
  7. Internet tough guys have been around as long as the internet itself...Shoot, I've seen fans from other IU boards challenge each other to fights... Anyone else remember the infamous Stellhorn Photo incident?
  8. I just hate the "what have you done for me lately" BS. Different discussion, different time.
  9. Dangit, it's more fun when we argue and call eachother idiots! 😁
  10. I agree! It's on everyone to come together, that was the point. From fans, to media, stop the negativity, as its cancerous
  11. In an uptempo style, we need depth. Lander and Johnson are clearly more naturally gifted. But Rob will still be an important piece. We need more than a transfer and an 18 year old kid with little experience. I never understood the thought process of hoping a kid transfers, unless he us a trouble maker. Rob plays good defense and seems to be of high character. I do not see why anybody would hope he leaves. Just my opinion.
  12. This 100% 👍 If someone thinks there's not they just need to google E.J Liddell after the Ohio State loss in the tournament, or the Masshole whenever the Celtics go on a losing streak.
  13. I think the overall tone was IU fans get basketball and are passionate yet he will stick up for this team. Personally I think he was more pointing at the media and how negative articles rile the fans up. Also noted players need to stop tweeting and start staying after games to sign autographs. It’s on everyone, fans, media, coaches, players to be more human and know each other maybe almost like family. If anything I think he was more implying we have gotten into this mode where we are all disconnected and we need to reconnect in real life as IU fans. We are all to blame and all part of th
  14. Or how about Tuffy Rhodes? 13 career HRs...3 of them on Opening Day 1994 against cokehead Doc Gooden and the hated Mets...
  15. The power of the #iubb fanbase is truly unrivaled. Last season, we altered the trajectory of every free throw and destroyed Phinisee’s jump shot through internet posts alone... Scientists need to start studying this phenomenon, it could have huge military and national security implications.
  16. IMO at this stage of his career, Rob should have shown more floor leadership. Also, IMO his decision making is too slow. Johnson and Lander are much quicker than him.
  17. There is a sector of awful fans of Twitter in every fan base. Twitter is like the wild west. Lol
  18. Not happening. Dane Fife clearly likes him and says he is the best defender in the conference when focused. Why would we not want him here!?
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