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  2. Romeo Langford

    I thought you had to throw a virgin woman into a valcano....but it meant low and slow texas bbq?! Talk about getting lost in translation. 🚂=🐄
  3. Food porn

    You guys are making me hungry!
  4. Today
  5. When?

    Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Mile. What a great host you are! It was a lil' birdie named i-Kev that helped me pack my bags and move in here! Can't wait for the start of the season, and to see if Archie lands the big fish for 2018, but what a summer the staff has had already!
  6. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    Was in Nashville today for a conference...total eclipse here. Pic is from my Galaxy S8 Plus after my pro photographer wife told me how to adjust the settings to get a shot. Very cool experience...
  7. Youtube Recruiting Video's

    I love this stuff for a couple of reasons. 1. I bet the guys like being a part of it 2. I imagine this is part of Cubans donation- good way to show we are using his investment 3. Idk if it helps by a large degree but I'm sure it doesn't hurt recruiting No real downside. I'm hoping these are students behind the filming and editing of the videos. Good experience for them
  8. When?

    Gotta send a shout out to Fundy. The OP who started this thread. And lives in Indiana. And spent a weekend this past spring at the mile hacienda in Colorado. Great guy. Treat him well, HSN.03 as we go forward. This is a guy who is on top of his game when it comes to all things IU. And no. I had nothing to do with Fundamentals making his way to HSN.03. Don't know exactly how he found us ( though I am glad he did). Just goes to show you, how good he is when it comes to all things IU. And lastly, sad that it is that LafHoosier is no longer able to visit the mile hacienda....know that the family members (you know who you are) , along with Fundy are always welcome, back again.
  9. 1960's Music

  10. Grant Gelon stirring the pot

    I would say it's Grant and his parents making it a story. But oh well, no one will even remember it happened by the time the season starts.
  11. New Uniforms Coming 8/24

    Anxious to see the new uni's. Never had a problem with the multiple head gear during the Wilson regime. Though, I have always been a fan of the simple block... I ...helmet worn by our one and only Rose Bowl team..... back when I was a student at IU. Tradition rocks, in my book.... just like Candy Stripes. My one any only hope.... is that IU never, ever goes to the abortion of a helmet that Cam Cameron ( bless his heart) gave us when he was IU's HC.
  12. When?

    I had 17 screen names on 247. This is the only one I'm going to use here.
  13. 1960's Music

    Hey. It's a song. It's from the 60's, and most of us can sing it.
  14. 1960's Music

    I've had this song play at each of my 9 weddings. From 1964.
  15. When?

    Someone get word to boiler!
  16. 1960's Music

    ^^^ L. Armstrong. Not just a wonderful world. Not just a wonderful song. But in the end...... just a wonderful person.
  17. 1960's Music

    I bet a lot of people think that this song pre-dates the 60's It is actually from 1967
  18. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    And bless you too as well. For honoring all of our fallen soldiers.... many of which were classmates and friends of mine.
  19. 1960's Music

    The best selling single in the U.S. during the 60's
  20. Visiting Bloomington and IU campus

    And even if Sugar and Spice is not open when you get there (they have limited hours)....a tour of the IMU is well worth the price of admission (free). Plus... ask them at the desk to show you one of the newly renovated rooms.
  21. Grant Gelon stirring the pot

    The media is making this a story. It isn't. I'm guessing it's the first time any of them have ever interviewed Grant. They sure didnt when he was at IU.
  22. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    Amen brother, Bless all the fallen soldiers.......
  23. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    I Cannot thank you enough for your words of appreciation towards me. Sadly, that was never the case when I was serving. With out going over details.... bridge over troubled water,now. I truly am in awe..... the appreciation that America is showering over our service members now. I am , as well sharing in that appreciation. Only wish it was there when I served. In the end.It does mean the world to me that you have honored the service that I, and my fellow classmates who fell during the Viet Nam conflict shared. They me be long gone... but never forgotten in my heart.
  24. Grant Gelon stirring the pot

    So good to see you as a part of our new community on HSN.03. Glad to have you found us here, and willing to continue to be a part of our family. You are right about "Creaning" these days. However I harken back to the days when Illinois fans and one in particular, who posted it that "Creaning" was a bad thing. He was Orange.... something on the old Scout Illinois board. Old timers here will recall who i am referring to. See. I may not post much about history. However,despite my age.... I never forget. GO HOOSIERS !
  25. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    I really appreciate your service, I really do. This country needs more men like you and other Vets of war. I have family members that have served. I'm in my 30's but have lost several friends and brothers at young age and you never know when the good Lord takes you home.
  26. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    I am fairly confident that will be the National Title game as it is a Monday and I can't recall the FInal Four starting in March in a very long time.
  27. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

    I am up in age.I Hope to make it with you as well. Agree. It is no longer in our hands. Though , the Lord above looked over me during the Viet Nam conflict ,in which I chose to serve my country, after graduating from the great Indiana University.
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