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  2. I wouldn't say that at all with Clowney and Shihfino sp? as good chances of commiting
  3. Staff spinning their wheels with this 22' class. Might as well shut it down, get 2 or 3 from the portal and focus on 23 and 24.
  4. Former UM commit https://247sports.com/player/davonte-miles-46098656/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/davonte-miles-259740
  5. https://247sports.com/player/lavon-johnson-46113721/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2022/lavon-johnson-272332
  6. Like Robinson, Butler was their own free agent so the cap doesn't come into play, though the luxury tax does. Tucker was signed with a piece of Miami's mid-level exception, which any team over the cap can do. The difference between the Heat and Pacers is that the Heat are trying to won a title and are willing to invest to do it, the Pacers aren't.
  7. I certainly hope we didn’t sign him if there are 62 better WRs in the “county” lol
  8. PJ Tucker at 2/15 and signed Butler to a max extension. I guess it is just frustrating as a Pacers fan this time of the year. When you know they won't go over the salary cap and see all of these other teams making huge signings is just frustrating
  9. Who else did the get? They'll do a S&T for Lowry and Duncan Robinson was their own players so the salary cap doesn't matter there.
  10. I guess I don't understand how the salary cap works. On the NBA network just now said the Heat had no salary room yet they were able to sign and trade for all of these players. I know on the trade the salaries has to match but they were still able to sign other players
  11. If the B12 were to remain in existence, your reasons would be valid. However, I look at it from the perspective of the B12’s collapse being inevitable. We’re not chasing after Kansas, but if they need a place to land, why not? Same goes for Iowa State. No, they aren’t major media markets, but they fit. The one that intrigues me is A&M. If they decide to tell the SEC to go pee up a rope over UT, I say we chase them. But, that also leaves us with an odd number, provided we admit Kansas and ISU.
  12. I don’t think the SEC has plans to go coast to coast…but I do see them going after Clemson and Florida St…maybe Miami. Even though to get out of the ACC contracts are almost too painful financially id say they are the next target once this merger goes through and if it proves successful.
  13. Pacers baffle me with their inaction and questionable signings. Pacers going to continue to do Pacer things
  14. Agreed. Feel like 3rd best. Not sure if Lowry is worth 30 million a year. I like the toughness and dog mentality if they are healthy come playoff time. They do still hold Tyler Herro as a trade asset if the right deal should come along to maybe put them on a competitive tier with those two…and PJ is no small loss for the Bucks. I suspect they will also be a destination team for a lot of buyout guys.
  15. It depends on which portion of the batch you get. If the employees just scrape up all the little half circles that are fried to hell and back, they’re horrible. The long, spiral pieces, yes, delicious.
  16. I'd be worried that in the rare years we play Kansas in football a victory wouldn't be worth anything (and a loss would be crushing). On the basketball side I'd be worried that joining the Big 10 would actually raise their already extremely high profile and it would become a match-up we might lose more often than win. While the Big 12 offers to easiest path for expansion, none of the remaining teams offer enough to move the dial. It would be a move that screams of desperation and wouldn't even come close to countering the SEC moves. I'm in the camp of either: (1) Do nothing (don't expand that is - there are some vindictive options that I think are justified) - Make sure the CFP doesn't expand from the current format of 4 teams. We aren't getting in unless we win the Big 10 anyway. If the remaining Power 5 conferences collectively keep the CFP limited, it will pour an Olympic sized swimming pool of cold water on both ESPN and the SEC. - To add maximum pain, convince the Big 12 to let OU and UT out of their Big 12 obligation immediately. I have a sense the extra TV games resulting from a 12 team field was a major element of ESPN's push for SEC expansion, as an important additional source of revenue to cover financial expectations of this coup. The Longhorn Network is owned by an ESPN subsidiary, it's a money pit, and parent network is on the hook until 2031. They currently owe Texas $160M in differed payments. I'm starting to believe a secondary element of ESPN's push to bring Texas to the SEC is the opportunity to buyout the Longhorn Network as part of renegotiating the 2025 CFP contract (assuming they can hold on to it). - No matter how good the SEC becomes, they aren't getting more than two teams in, and it's far from a given they can even get a second team in consistently. To get a second SEC team in, at least two Power 5 conferences have to be down enough that the conference champion is not worthy of a playoff spot AND there has to be a clearly deserving 1 loss team behind the SEC winner. This was a significant hurdle before adding a Top 10 and a Top 20 program to the schedule of their second place hopefuls. They've just made the road a lot harder for the old members. - Where will the money come from to help cover the conference shares for UT and OU? Watch the discontent blossom as the remaining 4 years on ESPN's exclusive CFP rights aren't enhanced 1 penny. Watch the SEC scramble to figure out where the revenue will come from to cover two more programs without reducing the pie of the other 14 programs. The only way the SEC wouldn't be negatively impacted is if ESPN takes on an even larger financial burden by making them whole, years ahead of the potential financial benefits. (2) Merge with the suitable programs in the PAC 12 for the start of next season. It's looking more like an inevitability that we're eventually moving towards a league structure that resembles the NFL. The Big 10 can get ahead of it and lock up a good chunk of the best remaining programs. Above all, block the SEC from an opportunity to be a coast-to-coast conference. My preference is for #1 with a premeditated attempt to make this situation as painful as possible for the instigators of this fiasco. Any form of deterrent to additional SEC moves would be a good thing.
  17. Vincennes is more or less home for me. Lived just across the river, but spent as much time in Vincennes. When I lived there, Monicals hadn’t made it across the river yet. They had locations in Mt Carmel, IL and Robinson, IL.
  18. I like what Miami has done too, though I still think it leaves them behind Brooklyn and Milwaukee, and potentially Philly if Simmons figures it out.
  19. Watching the gymnastics floor competition (USA! USA!!!) and I can't see how these young ladies aren't breaking ankles every time they stick the landing on a tumbling run. Congratulations, Jade Carey!
  20. That pretty much sums up how I feel about transfers and missed recruits
  21. So far I like what Miami has done in free agency. Tough, veteran winners to add to Butler and Bam. Still have Herro and Robinson.
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