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  2. And horseradish mayo garlic sauce for me.
  3. I do like some onions and mushrooms with steak.
  4. Hey you guys just make me jealous, never been a grill chef and never smoked anything! I get so hungry looking at your pictures! That being said I’m only “Only One Guy” (sorry I digress, one of my favorite movie lines from the last Riddick movie) Anyway, it doesn’t make much sense for me to fire everything up for one Brat! Still this pan grilled Reuben Brat turned out pretty darned good!
  5. Those look tasty...I'll take some onions with it too!
  6. At least you just read an article. Vodka resulted in marriage #4 for me.
  7. Grill is lit Cook these, eat, and entertain/piss off my neighbors with my fireworks show.
  8. Have to admit, when I posted that article vodka had severely affected my reading comprehension. Just sayin. I did reread it though.
  9. Yesterday
  10. For those that dont know, and interesting coincidence. Thomas Jefferson and John Adam's both died on July 4th, 1826.
  11. I like it when July 4 falls on a Saturday so that “Saturday in the Park” fits even better. The images captured in that song are spectacular to me. When I was a teen, I liked more classic rock but the fallacy I had was making fun or not respecting “softer” music. We all grow up and I realize there are different genres and it’s not good or bad, just different and depends on taste. The scene in Tommy Boy where they sang The Carpenters captures that concept exactamundo. I have no idea how to narrow down my favorites. I will forget a ton. Here are some The Beatles Tom Petty Mellencamp The Eagles Elton John The Police Chicago REO Journey Matchbox 20 Green Day
  12. See? I was right...😁
  13. The writer is correct that the community approach is viable in Sweden as almost no one will drive by a broke down car as the weather could kill! Community is part of their culture! But did the writer really need to finish with global warming? Kind of lost credibility with that in my mind!
  14. I surmise you’re a pretty intelligent guy. 😁 We tend to have different beliefs on some topics. And that’s fine. Absolutely agree about not letting any one person have too much power- but don’t want to go down the road that leads to politics here. This is of course a national pandemic and health emergency. It’s not a matter of voting or state legislatures — or looking to elected officials who act according to their popular and party support, making independent decisions. Again, clearly, this is not in any way, shape, or form a constitutional issue. No one has a constitutional right not to wear a mask, no constitutional liberty is in any way implicated, there is simply no issue here of individual rights, and this absolutely should not be a political issue. It’s a national health emergency.
  15. Trout is considering it too...
  16. Hadn't heard much about Sweden lately. This article indicates the jury is still out on whether their approach has been a success or a failure. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/07/03/what-sweden-can-teach-us-about-coronavirus-348462
  17. You remind me of my friend at work driving his Beamer, had a tech guy in helping us install some new equipment. As we’re nearing the restaurant for lunch he comments on my friends driving! Let’s just say us being in the back seat without our seatbelts on the Tech ended up in my lap as we slid into the parking spot sideways! I told the tech not to challenge him again!
  18. My problem is not with the rules...I live by society's laws every day... My problem is how these rules are being implemented. We have a legislative branch that normally determines those rules, and an executive branch that signs them into law. Bypassing the legislative process isn't the way I like our government to function. I know you're going to say, "there wasn't enough time!" How long has this thing been going on? At least with the legislative process, I can hold my state representatives accountable. Letting one person call the shots gets too close to what I consider dangerous...Be it Abbott or Whitmer... And I don't look to argue with you. I do think you surmise things about people that just aren't true sometimes.
  19. Flipping through the channels and actually saw live basketball with the Basketball Tournament. I have no interest in watching it but was interested in seeing what it looks like in an empty arena. Looks like they put black curtains around most of the arena so couldn't see the empty seats. Also weird to not hear many cheers after a good play. Also saw players doing high fives which I thought they would not be allowed to do.
  20. Well I just got the results yesterday from my blood test and it came through my medical portal on my email. I could not talk to the doctor yesterday since they were closed for the 4th. The last few weeks has not been real good because I am having trouble breathing. I have done a stress test on my heart and after going to the cardiologist he does not think anything is wrong with my heart. I am supposed to get a CT scan on my lungs sometime so hopefully they can figure out what is wrong. I am just worried if my first test was wrong that I might have the virus now.
  21. Finished product. Tastes amazing.#meat
  22. You still are having symptoms?! Dang Scott, that sucks. is it possible the antibodies test was wrong? What did they say about that? hope you are feeling better ASAP.
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