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  2. 3Ballin

    Trendon Watford

    I also like to imagine im 6'4", skinny and rich but only 2 of those are possible but the powerball just doesnt cooperate and......
  3. 3Ballin

    "Drastic changes"

    Dude.....have you seen his wife!?!?! There would be a LOT of hesitation. 😏 lol🤣
  4. Other than any team that ever plays us it seems like....how often do you see a player running thru a never ending line of picks like Reggie Miller used to do. Or better yet, teach kids how to set a pick, both guys, not just the screener. Harden, Westbrook and Curry are where and who they are for a reason; those players don't come around that often, stop trying to shoehorn the Newkirks of the world into their mold. And another thing!!! I dont know what jack wagon saw the Harlem Globetroters impressive winning streak and thought the 25 second weave and a chuck and duck was a good offense, but the man is a wizard!!! Black magic is the only way in the world he could have pulled off that sales job.
  5. http://iubase.com/inside-the-numbers-week-2/ Go Hoosiers!
  6. snowling

    Talking IU Baseball

    http://iubase.com/talking-hoosier-baseball-season-2-episode-1/ Go Hoosiers!
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  8. Inequality

    Has the chatbox been disabled for you ?

    I’m not seeing the chat box. It’s been MIA for me for a short while now.
  9. Inequality

    "Drastic changes"

    I honestly believe that when the current upperclassmen are gone we will see a total transformation of the product on the court. Some of these guys are the same guys that have been unable to get the job done for a while. Remember the losses to Ft. Wayne & Indiana St? Archie is a great coach. It’s been relayed to me that he basically lives at the practice facility and is all business all the time. Which, the amount of money he is making, I think anyone would move their bed right into Cook Hall without hesitation. Also, he is super organized and strategic compared to the last coaching staff. Just extra info here for comparison.... I was told that Crean was a big spur of the moment type in that he would just randomly text the team for practices and such. Some of the players, staff, maintenance crews etc would get frustrated and annoyed.

    "Drastic changes"

    Anyone who’s been on this board awhile knows how hardcore I’ve been supporting Archie... I’m going to be a lot quieter now...sorry I expected “drastic changes” to mean just that. Now unless there’s some radical new info that comes out at some point color me extremely unimpressed. 😡

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    How do you explain Kentucky? UCLA? Duke? Kansas? UNC? Syracuse? Villanova? Gonzaga? Arizona? I mean I stopped to thinknfor about 15 seconds and came up with those. sorry, a good salesmen sells a basketball first school as being a positive ABOVE a football first school, they don’t make it an excuse. flip side...Alabama? Texas? LSU? Texas A&M? Do I need to keep going because I can...
  12. iuthruandthru

    Offseason workouts

    Physics of sports was one of my favorite classes at IU
  13. iuthruandthru

    Here I go again!

    Update I got a pretzel at the men’s game to cure my craving. Will get a few more then hope they are at the spring game. I am going to keep talking about pretzels to help stop myself from getting my hopes up on the team 😁
  14. mrflynn03

    Swearing is breaking the rules

    I love goooollldd!!
  15. I swear I am gonna go all Red Forman on you......or is that George? Doesn't matter.
  16. rico

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Evidently you drunk beach!!!!! LOL
  17. Zlinedavid

    Swearing is breaking the rules

    I'm having flashbacks to HSNv1 and GovernmentCheese's drunken reigns of terror.
  18. rico


    We are your friends, sight unseen. I have done the very same thing on this site. No big deal as far as I am concerned. God Bless, hope all is well and it works out.
  19. Zlinedavid

    Offseason workouts

    Having once been an undersized linebacker myself, I've always followed guys like Dat Nguyen. It'd be interesting to qualify just how much faster they have to be to deliver the hits they did/do.
  20. snowling

    Baseball heads to Tennessee

    http://iubase.com/on-the-road-again-knoxville-tennessee/ Go Hoosiers!
  21. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2019/02/radcliffe-reunites-with-stanton-at-indiana/ Go Hoosiers!
  22. Leathernecks

    Offseason workouts

    I'm so used to using the metric system the lbs are making my brain hurt haha. I just emailed Dr. Rhea to see if he'd be willing to share any data with me that I could break down with my Physics classes. Hopefully he sends something back and we could get more in depth into it. I want to do that data too when I get the time. I'm interested to see what it would look like.

    Trendon Watford

    Imagine if we got watford and Keion in a late swing for the fences and added a shooter and dumped some cancers...
  24. 5fouls

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Is. Zion that importantt to Dukr?


    Bud I was in the same spot over a year ago. Left the board a long time because of my personal life. You apologizing and saying this makes my heart hurt for YOU. If you want to PM me and vent PLEASE DO IT. For a long time message boards were a place for me to escape and have fun and eventually the pain in my life got so great even this place became a place of pain and frustration. my heart goes out to you. Your apology is so accepted. Big time. I value you on this board and your history. You’ve proven that obviously you’re struggling because I know who YOU are on this board. Stay here. This is a little “home.” 👍🏻
  26. snowling

    #17 Women's S&D hosts B10 Championships

    https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2019/2/20/womens-swimming-and-diving-hoosiers-win-200-medley-relay-title-on-first-night-of-big-ten-championships.aspx?path=wswim Go Hoosiers!
  27. GRMIHoosier

    Purdue post game

    At least he got the two for it.
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