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  2. There are so many. Jordan was never close to being the greatest in college. Many were named above. Kareem, Pistol Pete, Wilt, Lucas, Magic, and Bird were probably the top tier. Walton, Pinckney, Thompson, Alford, etc. Not Russell, Ewing, or any of the other IU greats, although they were also up there. Funny, but all of these are older guys. Nobody today plays in college long enough to get mentioned.
  3. I spent all last year putting my aunt's yard back together after big storms hit Indy in May. She lost 3 huge trees and tons of damage. Anyway on the debate of rock vs mulch. She has both....rock as paths around her house but her back yard has several beds, areas,etc...with mulch that I put back in. If it were up to me...mulch all day. Rocks just become annoying. Only thing I would suggest is a heavy dose of weed killer before putting down.
  4. rico


    Yesterday I saw a Louisiana plate go by my house here in rural Warsaw.
  5. Went to the grocery store for the first time in about 3 weeks. This place has an on site butcher. And the meat section was cleaned out of pretty much everything. I'm noticing people dont like seafood or pork chops. So am glad I had the wife fill up the freezer before this kicked off. My concern has always been a disruption in the supply chain. Maybe we will rethink the just in time production method after this.
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  7. I agree. But it seems many don’t. Lots of examples all around us these days.
  8. BEKA


    I can't believe air travel is still a thing. I plan my essentials trips (which are already rare) like I'm going on a top secret mission into enemy territory. I can't imaging going through a TSA line and then sitting in a flying canister breathing recycled air for however long. This thing is going to drag out until everyone gets serious and stays the hell home.
  9. If we are going to lock everything down I agree with a national lockdown. This piecemeal approach is going to exacerbate things. Totally down with a domestic travel ban. Saw your article about the suburban from texas not being welcome in kosciusko county. I have seen several cars with texas plates the last couple weeks. What the hell are they doing up here?
  10. In a sense, it would be good to have a cool wet spring to discourage people from being outside and congregating with others. But that wouldn't be good for the farmers. Catch-22.
  11. We have a rowing machine I use nearly everyday for 30-60 minutes...usually about 40. I got lazy last fall/through the holiday and packed on some pounds and have been working since January on getting back into better shape. I would love to add an elliptical/treadmill to mix it up more at some point.
  12. rico


    We need a national lock down for at least 2 weeks. Domestic travel ban etc.
  13. Morals should trump $ in this instance. EVERYTIME
  14. The state of New York will likely have more cases than either Spain or Italy by the end of next week. Honestly, unless the weather helps knock this thing down, I'm not sure what will.
  15. Hope you people, especially you dog owners will appreciate this : I will survive
  16. The stuff we do just to be able to eat pizza and drink beer...
  17. Yeah I’m big on plank. My usual routine 90 second plank, 50 slow mo pushups (hold 1 second on each down), 30 sit-ups, 20 reps 40 lb dumb bells. Bike on and off in neighborhood but off road - we have some good grass hills I trek up and down on my old Marin trail bike. Summer coming, then can get back to swimming in my pool — cardio and all body work is great, swimming is where it’s at if you can. Actually swam this weak but it was seriously cold water lol
  18. Chicago is broke. They have lost convention business, sporting events, etc. And they are waiving fees for various things- "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that debt collection in the city will be suspended until April 30 for a variety of fines, and utility bill payments will also be delayed. Also during this time, Chicago will suspend all booting and towing, and only issue parking tickets for public safety reasons." I can see taxes going up more and even more people leaving as a result.
  19. Well it’s a catch 22. ESPN isn’t a news organization no matter how they portray themselves, they’re a sports entertainment company. If they expose the frauds and the criminals in sports, they’re hurting the appeal of the people, teams and organizations that provide their content. I haven’t watched much ESPN outside of games or an occasional 30/30 in years.
  20. That stinks about you not being able to see your grandkids...hopefully we get through this sooner than later and you can visit them in person in near future!
  21. Last week I was bored, so I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Kankakee IL with my parents. We decided we'd eat in the Walmart parking lot to do some people watching, and it looked just like any other day. The parking lot was packed and people were in and out nonstop. Just saw yesterday that their rate of getting infected is the 3rd highest in the state. Not surprised at all.
  22. That bus sounds like a prison!
  23. I put a bed in my back yard last year. Didn't dig down, Just created a raised bed by adding dirt. If the is level where you want it, you can just dig an extra wide hole for everything you plant and add some garden soil. You can see how I just dug out the border. We were still adding plants when I took this pic so mulch wasn't added yet. Back bed has stone border from previous owner.
  24. We're a big farming area, so we have pretty good soil most places around here. My parents live about 3 miles away from me by a creek, and they have terrible clay, so I know how you feel! When we were kids, we would play in our parent's lake and try to make pottery with the clay. Let it harden and it would hold water the next day.
  25. I did that for a couple months early last year. It did kick my butt. Was doing with 20-30 yr olds. Got me in the best shape I've been in for the last 10+ years. New gym I go to doesn't have those classes.
  26. That must be nice, I’m typical Missouri red clay with little nutrients lol. Plus, the builder in our subdivision backfilled with what seems like 3/4 rock......
  27. I think you may be right. In my neighborhood, many are walking their digs, running, walking, and bike riding. And they are not practicing safe distancing! My wife and I only see our grandkids via facetime on the phone, so I guess that beats nothing.....
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