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  3. From what I’ve heard Steward isn’t a pg in any form. So he isn’t really a combo guard at all other than he is 6’3. I’d take any of them. I also don’t think Lander would be scared off by any of these players either.
  4. No worries. All terrific players..just wondering if people prefer a shooter or guy that drives etc. I definitely don’t want to upset any of the recruits. Thanks for looking out for our team.
  5. Spoken like a wise diplomat...or someone who has survived many years of marriage.😂
  6. What a joke. Ten years from now, I doubt the NCAA exists...drowning in a sea of corruption.
  7. It's not at all trivial if you like to watch in person.
  8. A program can be built with THE right one and done. I emphasized THE as I would not want a team of them. Reloading every year would be stressful for everyone and alienate fan bases every off year. Sure, I prefer a team of 3 and 4 year guys, but to place a 'Me first' label on OADs is not always appropriate. I am not saying you did that. My point would be that if a OAD came in with that being his desire, places winning above that desire, then everything will work out. I believe we have seen that at IU numerous times.
  9. I've had a theory that Archie spent most of his first two years teaching defense and as a result, has a relatively simple offense at this stage. I expect that to change now that he's had two years, but I'm guessing Archie will always be a defense first coach. Completely a guess on my part, but it fits what I've witnessed thus far.
  10. I had gone to every race since 1976 at that point, but my son (first child) was born on 5/2 and my wife had complications, so I had to miss that year. I was so encouraged to know that, had I gone to the race from Colorado that year I still wouldn’t have seen the race, I would have been back at work on Tuesday anyway. That was the first of only three races I have missed since I was 9, but my first race was in 1973. That year the race was finally held on Wednesday and my parents came and got my brother and I from elementary school to go see the race, the gates were wide open for anyone to go. About all I remember about that race was the piles of beer cans as tall as our house and that it was really loud.
  11. I don't like to name one player over another on a list like this. Many of them read this board. A compliment to one is a slight to another. They're all terrific, talented kids. My favorite is whoever signs first.
  12. Here is my question...I couldn’t figure out how to make a poll but who would everyone prefer to back up Rob next year (we will have no other primary ball handiler on the roster) Nijel Pack 6’0 traditional RJ Davis 6’0 shooter Hassan Diarra 6’2 slasher Mike Saunders Jr 6’1 slasher DJ Steward 6’3 Shooter/scorer combo guard No one (Wait for Khristian Lander in 2021) I’m leaving off Love because first off we would all be crazy not to want him but I think he is extremely long shot.
  13. So tell me what is your opinion based off of what I said?
  14. I said there are exceptions. Lol I just stated my preferences...but I really like the Davis kid. I prefer bigger pgs in having size to get to the rim and helping with defending. That said special kids are special lol. Also Yogi was pretty well put together too. Not exactly a “little”. He was strong enough to take the contact. Good point about Yogi though!
  15. Yeah that’s my biggest concern is his size...he and Pack are on the smaller side...I honestly prefer 6’1 at minimum but well there are room for exceptions.
  16. Honestly he is probably 5-11 too, so he is making those shots over guys much bigger than him.
  17. So you dont have an opinion you're just arguing to argue? You of all people probably shouldn't talk about "trivial things". Lol golden.
  18. Hope your right but I’m honestly not sure ( and realize I could be wildly wrong).
  19. Have a happy holliday. For you and yours.
  20. Glad that you were able to focus on the main point of my post 😒
  21. Haha, yeah I’m not saying the offense was great. Just saying there’s no way the players, especially one as smart as McRoberts, didn’t know what they were trying to do or what the plan was.
  22. OK, good. I feel much better about our offense
  23. I did listen to the podcast. He didn’t answer the question well at all. There’s just no way he didn’t understand what they were trying to do.
  24. Not saying that at all. You mentioned that CAM needs to focus on NW Indiana. I piggybacked on that by saying the entire northern part of the state has been neglected. Never said anything about not wanting players from NW. You mentioned Dawson, I ‘ll bring up Biggie, Deshaun Thomas and the Williams kid at Louisville, off the top of my head, as three from Ft Wayne who went elsewhere.
  25. I actually think it would take the FBI and an act of Congress to turn the NCAA around. Basically, shut the NCAA down. And start all over. It's us. The fans that need to act. By writing our Congressmen and women, about what we think.
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