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    I absolutely love that we get to play Duke at their place and I think we have a good chance to win. Some reasons why I love the match up and location... 1. It is an away game against an elite opponent. If we lose, it does little to hurt our resume in March. 2. It is an away game against an elite opponent. If we win, it is absolutely huge for our resume in March (as long as Duke doesn't completely crap the bed this season). 3. Playing a fresh young Duke team that lost a core of starters from last season early in the year has W written all over it for us. I'm not saying it will be easy, but our experience should match up well against their lack thereof. 4. Our freshman get experience in one of the wildest environments in college basketball right out of the gate. If they can survive this game, most big ten away games will seem tame by comparison. This should help to put some ice in their veins and positively impact conference performances down the road.
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    FWIW, TJD liked this tweet associated with my story. Does it mean he agrees or is he just a nice guy that goes out of his way to like coverage of him. I suspect the latter, but take it for what it's worth. Also, shameless plug, please give me a follow on Twitter if you haven't already. Thanks for all of your support HSN!
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    He's not reclassifying. Not a single person that knows him or his family thinks he will re-class so I'm inclined to believe them.
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    You know that Crean always recruited out of state kids better than in state, right? 😁
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    I love getting Duke in the draw. High profile game and we'll start winning our share. I like a home & home with Duke more than caving to Cal and Hilljack U.
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    Hasn't Archie been to as many EE as Painter? Wait... lol... Painter hasn't been to an EE
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    This line at the end of the Rivals article made me chuckle: “Practically the entire Big Ten has already prioritized Jackson-Davis and with others including Memphis, UCLA, Purdue and Kansas remaining in the picture, it will be no easy task for him to reach a decision.” Even college basketball writers can’t remember what conference Purdue is in. As for TJD’s recruitment, I’m not getting anxious at all. Archie got Romeo, he can do no wrong.
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    I had a hell of a run and made it pretty close to the top but I never had the brains to make it to the highest level and that was always my foolish ambition. it eliminated any chance of happiness, ruined the enjoyment of the process and my success as it came, or any real shot at a lifetime of a comfortable living. I played for the wrong reasons but I don’t regret any of it. I chased my dream and lived it for almost a decade. 6 of it in Vegas (moved there at 21 in ‘05) and the rest of it online. I’m very happy that the government banned online poker shortly after I moved home because it was killing me and making me a miserable person. I had 0 work life balance. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars anymore and I’ve set myself back many years for my second career but I’m happier now than I’ve ever been and I’ve grown as a person. Its amazing just how many people want to talk to you about basketball when you’re wearing an IU hoodie talking to people from all over the world. They perk up and get happy to actually talk ball with an actual Hoosier.
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    Green Romeo McRoberts Smith Morgan To START the year.
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    That’s a good well thought out post but I have to disagree with it. I’m not saying you’re wrong or that your style is worse than what Archie is trying to do but I want the best here. I’d rather have the Trayce, Keions, romeos over the Troy’s, rojos, and Curtis jones of the world. I like the elite 5 star approach because if you keep getting them then some will trickle down and stay 3 years like the Theo Pinsons...the talent base is already higher from the 5 Stars so why settle and search out a lower talent base? edit: it’s not like we’re fighting for the 100% one and dones either....the Zion’s, wisemans, bagley, reddish etc. so it’s not the UK model
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    He pretty much states that he wants to visit IU this summer as well as Kansas, Kentucky, and Alabama. He plans to decide before November of this year where he is going. He referenced Coach schilling which we have seen to be a great asset in our recruiting. Lastly, his mom talks about wanting to hand him over to someone that will help mold him to be a strong man someone that will be a role model for him. That is the gist of it.
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    Cal is that stupid. I could spend a week telling you why, but HH and HF would ban me.
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    I’ll bet you he does hit the weight room. Not easy for these young athletes to put on weight.
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    Agreed. In fact, random accusations like that really piss me off. We had a lot of that with Romeo, now we're getting it with Watford. These are good kids from good families. But, even if we didn't already know that, every kid deserves the benefit of the doubt before we assign such a label to them.
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    I'm not a fan of these Watford and Garland comparisons. They seem unwarranted and unnecessary. The kid is taking his time, there isn't some conspiracy. Stay calm fellas.
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    This is what I don’t get in regard to preseason expectations. In what world was Maryland a top 15 team with Huerter coming back? They’ve been even more irrelevant than IU has since we met in the championship game, their coach isn’t even as good as Crean was, and we were better than them last year. What gives? But either way, without Huerter, they’ll be bad again this year. Wonder how much rope Turgeon has left. Edit - Also have to think that the way Trimble’s stock plummeted year after year affected Huerter’s decision. Turgeon is an awful developer of pro talent.
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    there it is. You’re the man 0708
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    Thanks to all the members here who have served this country. We are spoiled beyond what we deserve because of your many sacrifices.
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    Peegs says in the new Inside the Locker Room that they're hearing IU doesn't trail any programs for Brooks.
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    I saw a rusty Model-T once with a vanity plate that read: "1932 Helms Champions"....
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    Well, since you brought up Robert Parish let me tell you how good he'd be in today's NBA!!!!!
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    Don’t stress bud. You’re going about it very well. Just keep it honest and unbiased and you won’t go wrong. A little positivity looks good for us but it shouldn’t be forced or over the top. Overall consider me one of the ones who approves and appreciates your approach and writing.
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    I think it's pretty clear that Archie is in touch with his recruits constantly. In his own words, he wants these guys to feel "dominated" by Indiana University. Just not in a creepy Crean way.
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    Trust the process, until we have reason to believe Archie doesn't know what he's doing. We're pushing for Keion and will land him if IU is where he wants to be. Recruiting more than one talented player is not a bad thing, it's just reality Plus my post just pushed us to the 18th page, meaning our odds of landing Keion just bumped up. You're welcome 😏