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    Feel free to move but I know that a lot of our members do not make it over to the Animal House which is a shame but I needed to share some things. Over the past 10 years HSN has allowed me to share our journey with Ayden and his health struggles and I wanted to share something amazing because so many of you have supported us in ways that you can't imagine. I found HSN when I needed it most and our founders and others have allowed me to post about Ayden and was a source of therapy that I needed so desperately, and at a time that I did not know where to turn. This place is a place that I do love and have many friends on here even without ever meeting. Way too many to begin naming for fear of forgetting some. Enough of all of that but I have come here many times asking for Prayers and every time you all have delivered. Thank you and GOD BLess Today I want to take a minute to share something amazing with you. Tonight at 7pm I will have the honor and privilege of watching Ayden live on stage at his elementary school as he will be playing Michael Banks in the school play version of Mary Poppins. May not sound like a big deal but when considering that we did not think he would be here it is a blessing that is beyond my wildest dreams. To go from him not living to see 3 to this, only GOD's grace. Once Ayden was 3 or 4 then they said he would never be able to go to school, would probably have learning disabilities, would struggle walking and the list goes on and on. Tonight we will get to see him on stage doing something that he is so great at. He has been rehearsing since Nov and has practice ever night from 3-7:30 and it has taken somewhat of a physical toll on him. I thank GOD for keeping him relatively healthy for this. Tonight I will be as proud a father as one can be. I have witnessed some many amazing things from my older 2 children both athletically and academically but I have never been more proud of what Ayden has been able to accomplish. We do not know what the future has in store for any of us but right now I am the happiest Dad in the world. I wanted to thank you all for everything that you have done and like I said HSN helped get me out of some pretty dark places. This is more than a message board to a certain degree it is family and I appreciate that so much. Here is a pic that I took of Ayden last night in costume just before his last rehearsal. Thank you all so much
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    Looks like Trendon will be taking a visit to IU. Evidently in a interview with Christian on Peegs. Christian could be there too.
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    Heck, he inherited a roster that performed poorly the previous season and then lost it's 3 best players. Add in being too late in the '17 recruiting class to bring in players he prefers and ending up with a 3 man class that was not highly regarded and has performed accordingly. His only recruiting class thus far included a kid that put up 16 or so points per game, a point guard who played well for a freshman (with definite potential to be really good), and a player who we believe could be good to great but missed the entire season. I think we're all disappointed, some even angry, but really the root of our disappointment is a nearly two decade span of poor hirings, poor decisions, and poor results. Restless is probably tbe best description, but Archie is not the main cause of it.
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    Some of you guys have ruined, currently ruining or will ruin this message board. The insider stuff used to be as abundant, if not more on this board than any of the pay sites. It's now fairly miniscule due to the high and mighty uninformed running off the people with real information. And I don't blame them for not sharing anymore. Why subject yourself to ridicule? Just enjoy the information brought to you...for free...or ignore it and go about your day.
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    Not sure why we have to put stupid names on our coach for transfers. There are 700 kids doing it. This one i'm not sad about. Jake is the only player I seen out at parties all season. A lot. He sure wasn't at Cook Hall working his butt off learning from Juwan.
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    I'm only going to chime in once so people can save themselves a lot of time and energy. Romeo's plan since the start of his senior year and HS was to be a 1-and-done. He, his Dad and his trainer told that to everyone and it was very well understood. Anyone who ever thought, at any point, he would be coming back to Bloomington was either lying to themselves or just hoping for something that wasn't there. He is going to the NBA, and was always going to the NBA and anyone who heard differently got bad, bad, bad intel. Just trying to help fellow IU fans out from wasting any time and energy. It's too valuable.
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    His dad gave an interview, said they realize he’s not going to get drafted this year and he just wants to go through the process. Also said that one of Devonte’s main goals is to help IU get back to the tournament next year, so they’re saying the right things at least.
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    (not directed at you, Scott...been writing this for awhile...) Again, I'll express my distaste at seeing IU fans wishing current players would transfer. I don't see anything positive that can come from such public proclamations. Archie doesn't care what you think about a particular player and ultimately, the decision for a player to leave is either mutual, player-driven or coach-driven. I can't think of a single example where a coach was influenced by a fan forum to get rid of a player, although I'm sure some players have left at least partially due to overly negative fanbases. (see "wish granted" - Devonte Green) Keep in mind, not long ago, a bunch of you were wishing Devonte Green would transfer...the same Devonte who scored a double double today and was critical in propelling IU past Arkansas. Not the first game he's been critical to an IU victory either. I'll remind you that Devonte is a junior and Justin Smith is a sophomore. Many of you are too young to remember him , but Knight was absolutely at his wits end with Landon Turner too. Then a switch flipped in Turner and he became a beast for IU before his unfortunate car accident. Verdell Jones and Christian Watford were complained about regularly until they both became important parts of very good teams. There's a reason that Archie wants to get older and stay older. If fans are going to give up on every young player who doesn't perform exactly as us fans feel they should, IU will never get older and stay older as Archie wants his team to do. It's fine to be disappointed with a player's performance. Odds are, the player and coach are at least as disappointed as you are. I just get so frustrated when I see our fanbase again and again publicly wish young players gone. It's damaging to the psyches of the current players under attack and it's a big turnoff to potential recruits reading how fans treat the players at the school he is considering. It doesn't matter if "every school has fans like that"...these recruits are seeing YOUR school badmouth players. They may or may not see that at other schools, or at least not nearly as much, particularly if competitor schools are doing relatively well at the moment. I'm rambling, so I'm going to stop with this word of advice...please stop and consider how damaging your words here can be...and stop telling yourself it doesn't hurt anyone. That's simply not true.
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    I know it's the NIT and this isn't the prettiest basketball in the world, but dammit do I love IU basketball!
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    We are REALLY close to landing Harris - announced within a week or so. I'd just like to hear it from more than one person's mouth. The visit will be on Friday.
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    Just text one of my best friends about Windham (assistant coach at Center Grove) and he's a former college basketball player as well. Started 4 years at the D3 level. He said: he can absolutely stroke it (everyone's game plan in the MIC was not to give him open looks), as good of 1 on 1 offensive player as he's seen, can get to the line (only missed one FT against them in 2 games this season)... also said he seems like a good kid and he and Trayce are VERY close.
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    I’ve heard that’s hunter is/will be full go next year.
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    What I didnt post yesterday was Elston picked Romeo up in golf cart yesterday and took him to AH to join the Joey Brunk visit....
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    If looking at former 5* recruits that are transferring with 3 years of eligibility left counts as begging for scraps, call me a dumpster diver all you want.
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    Winds starting to pick up in the direction of B-town ? It seems so.
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    Thanks for thinking of me Mile. So people know, I am not ill and I do have a great job...3 weeks ago my father in law passed away and last week my father died. Something that we all face but we weren't planning on both passing at the same time....started a new job in the middle week. I appreciate the thoughts and suggest everyone give their Dad a hug.
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    Scott, this is a fair post. If you stayed things in this manner, it would be good conversation. But you tone is coming off as condescending.and combative. If coach is willing to share some insight, right or wrong, he shouldnt be put on trial. Asking questions is fair. Interrogating and demanding is not. No rules broken. I am posting this as a member, like you. Not a mod enforcing any rule.
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    It's sad for me because I can tell you the only reason I became a Hoosier fan was RMK. I learned to love everything about the program and the University and decided that if I could not play D1 basketball I would go rather go to IU and not play anywhere else. For years I was blessed to be able to have many 1 on 1 conversations with Coach and very seldom did it involve basketball. I have been around very few people that were as sharp and could remember every single detail about anything. Basketball hunting fishing etc. To know that is erading does make me sad. I have never been in the camp that despises Knight for turning his back on the fans. I know how complex he is and I know it kills him to not make peace with the fans. He is too big a horses ass to admit his part and therefore lives in his own prison cell. I wish nothing but the best for a man I admired and hope somehow someone can appeal to him to make 1 last visit to the Hall that Bobby built
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    While 0708 and CoachSS have been bringing us intel for literally years now, I would also like to mention that others who want to step up to the plate and offer intel should not be dissed either. Over the years, some of my best intel has come from students, who just did not feel comfortable sharing on the board. So, I ask again, whenever we have ANYONE willing to share.... accept what they are offering, and decide for yourself as to the value of what they are bringing to us. 0708 is the very perfect example. We all first met 0708 one fateful Friday night on John Decker's Hoosier Nation on the old Scout platform. He brought us the goods of Kelvin Sampson. Only to have his post deleted by Mr. Decker. I talked to Mr. Decker about this. And thank goodness for him as well as the board, 0708 came back the following Friday night.... with all the specs about Kelvin Sampson. This time, Mr. Decker allowed the thread to stand. Keep in mind... no other IU site at that time was reporting what was going on with Kelvin Sampson, much less getting the details of the buyout correct, down to the dollar. I have told this story before.... but Mr. Decker got credit for breaking the story about Sampson, not 0708. So long as a member is willing to share, and IS NOT breaking the rules.... accept what they are offering. And decide for yourself about what they are wanting to share with us.... no matter how outrageous the news, at the time may seem to be. And the part above about only wanting to hear good news, rather than bad, is something that I have experienced myself in the past. No finer example as when I shared two weeks before it happened, that Gunner Keil would not be coming to IU, after he committed. I got skewered for that. More recent examples. Sometimes I get the intel wrong, or embellished. But we ALL should be allowed to share without having to worry about what we are sharing.... so long as we are not breaking the rules. Crazy is correct. This is a free board. Please don't drive posters away, regardless of how long they have been a member, simply because you may not agree with what they are attempting to bring to the board.
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    Ok, we love you. But come on. NOBODY on HSN speaks more in absolutes than you do. Lol
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    I think the entire problem stems from speaking in absolutes. As a lawyer I can tell you that's almost always a bad idea. Instead of saying "lock" or "done deal" just say "looks good" or "I like our chances". I doubt there would ever be any criticism if so. I personally love hearing inside info even if it later turns out to be false.
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    If it does or doesnt make a difference, why and the hell do adults feel the need to tweet at recruits or players. Its the adults that need thicker skin and get over crap not the players.
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    NBA draft scout Annette
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    Text I got is that he's visiting Indiana.
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    I would rather have “insiders” post and be even 15-20% right than to have them decide to stay away and only read opinions by guys like myself who talk a good game but really don’t know what’s going on within the program
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    This was planned https://twitter.com/MikeMillerHT/status/1114696594337738752
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    1995 IU Coaching Offices Knight - "Hey Danny. Go get me a cup of coffee. Don't look at me like that, you piss-ant. When you're the head coach, you can have some schmuck get you coffee." Dan (thinking to himself) - "Wow! Coach Knight just said I would be head coach some day."
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    Just finished winning 3 straight state titles in the largest class. In the semifinal, Alex Washington got hot at the end and saved Mountain Brook. Trendon didn't force things or try to "get his" with college coaches courtside. Could've averaged 35-40 pts/game if he was selfish. Being a team player is a STRENGTH of his. Just wants to win.
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    Since the cat is out of the bag..... Note that with one exception, these are all considered good, great or "elite" coaches. Krystowiak is on the list because he (somehow) makes about the same salary as Archie. In their first 3 years at a major program: - Only 6 out of 10 made the NCAA tournament at all inside their first three years. - Only one made the NCAA tournament in their first year. Not coincidentally, that is the only program to have made the tournament the year prior. - Only two made the NCAA tournament their second year, and both of them were back out of the tournament the following season. - Only one has made the NCAA tournament more than once in their first three years......and he's the guy currently on the hot seat (Smart). - Only one out of the six that made the tournament at all made it to the 2nd weekend.....and was back in the NIT the year after. Now, here's one last comparison to look at: Strikingly similar, I'd say. - The whole "But Archie didn't inherit a Crean-level rebuild. The cupboard wasn't bare." excuse doesn't wash. None of the above coaches did either. And these are the "great" coaches that everyone thinks we should have hired. Only one out of 10 inherited an NCAA tournament team, and not coincidentally, that was the only coach to make the NCAAs in his first year. In fact, every coach listed above mirrored their team's output from the prior year. The NCAA tournament team made the NCAA tournament. The NIT team made the NIT again. And teams that didn't go to the postseason, still didn't go to the postseason. Below are some claims that I've read over the last few days: Everyone that is so down on Archie needs a reality check. If you think that Gregg Marshall, Jay Wright, Tony Bennett or Rick Barnes would have miraculously had us in the Final Four this year, the above shows that odds are....you're wrong. Why? Because they, and 5 other pretty good to "elite" coaches didn't come anywhere close. Making the tournament in a coach's second season (provided they didn't inherit a tournament team) is a pretty good accomplishment, given the fact that only 2 out of the above 8 did it (I'm excluding Krystowiak, and Smart inherited a tournament team). Virginia Tech and Tennessee are overnight sensations? Nope. Took their coaches 3 seasons to become an overnight sensation. These aren't examples that I'm just pulling because they statistically support my argument. These are the EXACT coaches that everyone is saying we should have hired. It has absolutely nothing to do with being too cheap. Those same coaches that we were too "cheap" to hire produced nearly identical results to Archie. In fact, look at Utah. We could be paying more and getting worse results. And I can already hear the arguments against this: "Indiana has better facilities, tradition, etc etc etc". Valid point. Michigan, Arizona and Texas aren't exactly small-time programs though. Arizona and Michigan have won a national championship more recently than Indiana, and Texas' athletic department's budget rivals the GDP of some small countries. And it still took Beilein and Miller 2 years to make the tournament, and neither made it the following season. The fact that Miller went to the Elite 8 is by far the exception out of any of these situations. The point I'm trying to make is that the only thing that will give you what you want is time. None of the realistic alternatives to Archie would have produced miraculously better results. And Archie's results are on par with what those same alternatives have done in the same situation they'd be in here. So relax. We're only on the threshhold of when any coach would start to have a program turned around.
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    The fans just packed Assembly Hall for a bunch of meaningless NIT games like it was the Final Four. So sick of the fans getting blamed for the pathetic state of the program. The fanbase is literally the only elite aspect of the program left.
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    I think I would say I am past the point of owing you an explanation of what is going on. I don’t know you and your tone suggests I shouldn’t be taken seriously. So why should I put the time in with you?
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    Not sure where this goes and over the past week been kicking around whether to post or not. Here is the text I got about a week ago once again from my cryptic friend that has been right more than wrong but..... The stars are all in alignment for a GREAT offseason for Indiana Basketball. Sit back and enjoy!! There it is.
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    Why? What has the kid done? He can’t control his dad. Justin is a really bright kid. Pretty sure he made academic all conference. He may or may not become the player that his athleticism suggests he could be, but I bet he figures it out. CAM has the opportunity to stick by a kid and help him grow, or he can throw him out with the bath water. Unless Justin is doing the same as his dad, I think it would send a horrible message for the coaches to give up on him
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    You are banned, lifetime. Good riddance.
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    I think the fan thing has been over blown in that recruitment. I think more of it had to do with him wanting to be a OAD more than anything.
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    But Archie has nothing to do with the past so he deserves time to build his roster and culture.
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    I know someone who is very, very, very connected to the IUBB scene. He shared something that was going on (at the time) last year. Something changed. People mocked him for it. He doesn’t post here anymore. It isn’t because he doesn’t have thick skin. There just isn’t anything in it for him. This is why people who know what is going on leave or become super quiet over time. Because people who hide behind fake names and firewalls tell them they are wrong or don’t know what they are talking about. It’s especially rich when the guy I am referring too has flown privately with members of the coaching staff. Just passing along.
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    Morton coming to IU for a visit May 13.. Archie going to see him next week.
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    It feels misplaced to be upset with Justin. It's his dad making noise. There's no reason for Justin to suffer the consequences (including message board scorn) of someone else's actions. Especially when that someone else is family, and has some degree of power over him. Justin has to be true to himself, loyal to his teammates, loyal to his school and coach, and love his father. All while in the public eye. That has to be difficult.
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    Harris is taking an OV to IU starting tomorrow as reported by Rivals. (Edit - Rivals original reporting was wrong. The visit starts this weekend)
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    Just a sidebar here. CoachSS with the goods, yet once again. And there are others. Which I won't name right now, including students willing to share. PLEASE, when they bring us the goods..... DO NOT DISS THEM. We want them to continue to share. Not drive them away.
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    I'm kind of at the point where let's let Archie do Archie and then see where the chips fall. No sense in getting all upset about recruiting, Archie is going to build the team, and who he's able to recruit and how he's able to develop them and build the culture/team is going to dictate how successful the program is. As we've seen this season there are multiple ways to achieve what we hope for. I personally believe in him and think he can do it. It's also hard for me to wish we had landed that kid at Belmont and a couple other Indiana kids that were unheralded and then complain about this one. I've never seen him play but going by what other posters are saying and his stats it seems like a really good culture fit. I think culture is so critical in building a program and if you look at guys like Phinisee, TJD, Franklin, Windham potentially, Brunk and hopefully Hunter, those are some great culture guys to help establish and solidify the program. With all that being said, my concern is do we have have enough high-end talent? I don't want to make it all about rankings because we saw this weekend and this season how that can backfire, but of the guys I listed 4 are ranked outside the top 100, and I really do think we need an upgrade at the guard spot. I just hope we have enough guys who can put the ball in the basket.
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    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Purdue, that was edge of your seat stuff last night. Great, great, college basketball game.
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    I was just told Brunk to IU is "set in stone".
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    One of the sad parts of any fanbase is transfer speculation. Those who publicly name players they think or wish will be gone... disgraceful.
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    Come.on, has he ever NOT argued a point here?
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