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    I took my boys to the Pacers game tonight. Before the game we saw the IU bus in a parking lot so I asked the driver where the team was staying. He told me and my 9 year old boys immediately started campaigning for me to take them there after the game to try and see a few players. I said we’d see but probably not since it would be late. The game ends at 9:30 and we’re heading home and I think, what the heck, you only live once, so I parked near the hotel and we walked in the lobby and the boys were pumped. We found the conference rooms and I could hear Archie on the other side of the doors talking with the team. The managers and Garl were in the hall waiting around. I figured they’d be in there a while so we started to leave and my boys begged me to stay just 10 more minutes. Of course, I caved, and 10 minutes turned into 30. Eventually Brunk and DeRon came out. Then the rest of the team trickled out a few at a time. One of my boys knows every player by name, including walk ons, and said good luck to each as he called them by name. Every one of them was very responsive and engaging. Especially Devonte, he jumped right in to take a picture and was very nice. It was cool to see how appreciative they all were that a couple of young Hoosier fans (and one older one) would hang around just to catch a glimpse. It also warmed my heart that my boys wanted so badly to do it. There have been times over the last 20 years when I’ve been genuinely concerned about the next generation of Hoosier fans and whether they’ll be as passionate about it as we are. But tonight I realized, as long as people like us on this board are passing the torch and teaching them well, we’ll be just fine. Just wanted to share.
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    Posts calling IU a loser program is driving me away from posting more on a forum, that I helped to create, and which I love more than anyone can come to understand. In case anyone has noticed this is my first post for days. IU IS NOT A LOSER PROGRAM ! We are still a winning program. 19 wins in fact. And many, many prognosticators have us dancing. There are many, many other programs out there.... for instance UNC at the moment.... who would give their eye teeth to be where IU stands at the moment.
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    A thread for Devonte and De’Ron, who earned the right to play in their first NCAA tourney. Thank you, for your years of play and your strong contributions to getting us into the NCAA tourney this year - you guys earned it - and our best wishes to you both for your futures, you are both great young men, and Hoosiers proud
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    I have followed this site through 3 URL changes and mostly enjoy just following and staying informed. It helps me to know people love IU basketball as much as I do. Decided this year would be the year I start posting. I had to bite my tongue at times this year with many things. But I just want to say I dont understand how so many of you are so quick to want to run Justin out of btown. He feels like a certain 12pt 6rb going into games. At times very good defense. The bad rap he gets around these parts is crazy imo. Of course he has bad moments (all college basketball players do) the fact that some of you want a senior JS gone when he is starting to really develop his low post game makes very little sense to me... just my opinion
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    Per my sources. IU is coming on strong.with Aminu.
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    Nothing personal here, but I would love to see some of these posters move on. Clearly some are educated, but to watch them continually shat on our program and players time and time again is painful. Of course, others are as dumb as a bag of hammers. Watching them be so negative during and after games, it's almost as if they enjoy when we lose. A win doesn't affect these posters at all. They don't enjoy a win, they want to lose so they can be "right" with their negativity. All that being said, I hope some stick around. variety is the spice of life. But the mentality is still the same, It's all about putting my opinion out there,and not really about adding anything to a discussion.
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    Penn State's seniors did it for three years prior to this one, so they should be used to it.
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    Way to take care of business! An odd, interesting night for sure. But, no matter happens I’m counting this as an NCAA Tournament team.
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    Anybody who blames this on Archie can go kick rocks. we just didn’t finish around the rim. Otherwise our defense and turnovers have improved drastically since the year started
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    I will take reclassify for 1,000, Alex.
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    I thought the actual offense ran was fine and got good shots but when you missed 15 shots within 5 feet of the basket you will not look good.
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    This hire is pure and simple not based on credentials or the best man for the job. If it were, the hire would not be Dolson. I’m not taking a personal shot at the man. I’m sure he loves IU and will try hard. I am sure he’s a good family man and a good person. But, I’m talking about the credentials of the candidate. This is a big tell of what the admin thinks of sports. You’re kidding yourself or living in an alternate reality if you think otherwise. Reynolds was a former player as opposed to a manager. Reynolds has a PhD and a JD, Dolson has a bachelors. Reynolds has big time experience at other schools and will have been exposed to other ideas. At the end of the day, Reynolds was at Bradley, a school with a limited national profile in terms of sports. It’s not at IU’s level. Getting Reynolds out of there should have been do-able. Pat Kraft also has better credentials across the board. He would have been aggressive. For example, for those of you who want Archie fired, it doesn’t do any good. This is the type of hire you will see. It’s not like, oh all of a sudden, let’s break the bank and get a stud coach. This is the level of hire you will get. We 100% need Archie to come through as he goes into year four. That’s easily our best solution. Furthermore, IU will not change overnight. This would be like turning around an aircraft carrier in tight waters. It would take a long time for the admin to “get it.” When Kansas, UNC, and Kentucky get their next coach, watch and take notes how they do it. They know what butters their bread and they will go for it. I know some coaches were involved. It’s kind of backwards. They may have hired their buddy, a guy who isn’t threatening and won’t push them. Who wouldn’t want that? And it fits for the keystone cops in the administration and Board. Having said all that, I will give Dolson a chance. But, he’s not nearly as qualified as other excellent candidates, and that makes him a dysfunctional and alarming hire.
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    You know. I was going to start a thread about this earlier today. It does cost money to keep this site running. Not as much as before, thanks to Hoosier Faithful. Yet we have several guys who pay to keep HSN running. Though they never express any knowledge that they are the ones who keep it running. Nor do they ask for any help in keeping HSN running. I do want to express my thanks for them for doing that, and keeping this site free of charge. Thanks BDB for bringing this up.
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    Not directed at you, but if Knight did this we would all have an Orgasm. Archie is screwed if he is too nice, and screwed if he is Competitively outspoken.
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    I became a grandpa for the first time yesterday but I was not able to be at the hospital when she was born.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am CCGeneral's sister, Tammi (Overley) Peters. https://www.eddyfuneralhomes.com/obituary/Gary-OverleyJr
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    Highly doubt the NCAA tournament happens. Regardless, I’m really proud of this team and very happy with the direction that this program is heading in.
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    Thank you! I find that so incredibly disrespectful and arrogant. Especially when people are saying it about a guy as tough and successful as Archie. The people saying that couldn’t come anywhere close to accomplishing what Archie has an athlete.
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    You need to stop focusing on Oladipo as a comparison and let Geronimo become who he is. The day he steps foot on campus he's about the 3rd or 4th highest recruit on the roster, though that's probably an entire other issue. There isn't a player on the roster that doesn't have a bunch of stuff to work on, including TJD. Geronimo arrives on day one with next level length and athleticism. Will that develop the way of guys like Oladipo, Troy Williams and OG, or a guy like Hanner Perea? We don't know, but I'd lean to the former based on what we've heard about Geronimo's work ethic and dedication. But again, every guy on the team needs to improve and has holes in their game, so why single this one out?
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    On a positive note. Here is my newborn grandson Tyson.. My daughter and him are both home, and doing well.. I wont get to see him for another week or so due to quarantine.
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    Kaufman won Indiana's Gatorade Player of the Year. Only the fifth junior ever. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-silver-creeks-trey-kaufman-wins-gatorade-indiana-player-of-the-year/
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    Wasn't planning to weigh in but after wading through this growing thread I am disturbed by what I consider to be errant characterizations and attacks on Scott Dolson's credentials, capabilities, aspirations and character. He certainly doesn't need for me to defend him and I may well be pissing in the wind here but feel the need to go on record hoping to convince at least some to give Scott a chance before casting judgement on his performance as AD. I have known Scott for well over 20 years and essentially "grew up' with him from his early days as Dave Martin's Varsity Club Assistant Director. For many years we met for lunch at least twice per year to discuss IU basketball and football and to strategize to get my Varsity Club points up to improve my seats. I got to know Scott well over the years and value my friendship with him today. He is a good man, loves IU and is passionate about building IU football and returning the "swagger" to IU basketball. I do not for a moment believe that Scott is a "yes man" but rather is a man with strong convictions about what IU athletics can and should be and who will be true to those convictions. With over 30 years dedicated to IU Athletics Scott has formed his vision for the Department and, when the time is right, I expect he will share it with Hoosier Nation. I for one believe that IU got (kept) a good one - needless to say, I am a fan.
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    Hey everyone, first post since last week. Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital Saturday morning with severe stomach pain and had to have my gallbladder taken out Monday afternoon. Got home last night an am on the mend. Too bad it wasn’t next week so I could use it as an excuse to watch the Tournament all day Thurs/Fri 😀. I had to just follow Twitter Saturday from the hospital during the Wisconsin game. A disappointing finish for sure. But, I really think this program and Archie are really close. The 19-12 finish is disappointing but IU was so close to having 3-4 more quality wins. Archie adds even more talent next year and I think we’re headed in the right direction! As for the BTT, I’m hoping IU can make a little run here in Indianapolis. The draw is pretty good and I could use the distraction of looking forward to IU games as I heal and manage the pain! Big game tonight. I think a win puts a lock on a tournament bid.
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    Sad to feel the need to attack young men. Shame on you! 😠
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    Want to say hello to all. After years of stopping by to read the posts I thought it was time to join. I appreciate that you actually talk about IU basketball and have some control over the content. I spent a lot of time posting on TOS but can no longer watch as it is taken over by anti-IU rants from those who delight in ruining every conversation. Hoping there is more oversight here. I am a long time IU fan. Bob Knight, through the good and bad, meant the world to me and still does to this day. I visited Steve Alford's house as a teen when I could finally drive just to see their backboard and was sad to hear not long ago the new owner took it down. I have a lot of family that loves IU and sadly some that follow uk because they grew up in the 'hollers'. I'm hopeful Archie can get it turned around but admittedly growing impatient at this point in my life. Hopefully I can contribute something to the board and if nothing else be encouraging toward IU basketball and its future prospects.
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    Just looked at Kenpom and realized we finished 26th in defensive efficiency. We are almost in championship territory with the required defensive component. IIRC only one champion in the last 20 years did not have a top 25 d. IU d eff last year 32. CAM's first year 65. End of year computer rankings Kenpom 34 sos 23 Bpi 35 SOS 17 we can stop the belly aching net 56 sagarin 34 rpi 60 masseys composite 39 Bring back a healthy Rob, stronger Armaan, very experienced Al, d stopper Justin Smith, stronger Jerome, strong Trayce, still hungry Brunk, toughness personified Race. Need some scoring punch but the defense is there. I think we are going to enjoy Indiana basketball in the near futures boys and girls.
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    He was here yesterday morning. So that's a good thing.
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    What a horrible, horrible look in terms of answers to those questions. I'm going to straddle the line between IUScott and guys like DBM. I agree with Scott that none of us knows how Dolson will actually do at this job. I've never met the guy, I've never even met anyone in the IU administration. I have no clue how these people are at their jobs day-to-day, or what it takes to be an effective AD at this level or really any level. So, might as well sit back and see what the guy can do and give him a real chance. WIth that said, I also agree with DBM and some others. This is about as uninspiring as a hire can get, especially after having read the comments from Bill Stephan. This was an opportunity to shake things up, take the department to a new level and bring in new, creative ideas, but it just comes off as boring, lazy and the path meant to not rock the boat. The quotes in those tweets really are not inspiring and come off as really, incredibly short sighted, which is not what you want people in leadership roles to be.
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    This sounds like a circus. Good grief!
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    IU had to hire in-house because of the virus, lmao
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    Armaan is gonna be a player.
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    Stop with the demeaning "little Archie". Criticism is fine, keep it above the belt.
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    Talked to someone that knows both Scott Dolson and the basketball program very well. He told me from day 1 it would be Scott's job and that he thinks he will do very well. I don't know Scott but I trust this person's opinion. He feels that he is far from a yes man and does not have the same approach that we saw from Glass. i know nothing of these situations but wanted to share info from someone that is in a position to have a pretty good pulse on the situation. Does it mean success, not guaranteed but I like a lot of things that i was told. FWIW
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    This thread needs bumped as there's a lot of chatter about Mohammed in another thread. Sounds like IU is really pushing hard for him and imagining him and Lander sharing a backcourt makes me drool...
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    I'd still hit it... Wait, is that allowed over here? If not, I wouldn't.
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    Well, our NET would drop because the teams we beat would now have a worse record against lower ranked teams. So while we are around a 10 seed now, winning the BTT would probably move us into a play-in game.
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    Locking this up. Don't see any good that can come from this thread.
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    Sorry but if this kind of classless thread is allowed I'm done with this site. These are players that maybe didn't live up to expectations but they don't deserve this crap. These aren't kids that got in trouble or embarrassed IU off the court. We are a better fanbase than this. Go Hoosiers!!!
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    Frustrating loss. I hate when fans act like the sky is falling after one game though.
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    ...slowly but surely. Are you okay with that? https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-the-progress-has-been-slow-but-steady-through-three-seasons-under-archie-miller/
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    Not sure how all the Coronavirus cancellations will alter things but I expect this Domino to fall soon and don't be surprised if another shortly there after. Ones that we should all enjoy unless you are 1 of the 2 resident Toiletmakers
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    In addition to posting on our fine forum, @jojo123iworks in the media and has recently been writing headlines for stories related to the coronavirus.
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    The recruits CAM is bringing in all bring a competitive fire to their games. All of them.
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    It is a guy with a resume very worthy of being in the tournament, taking up for his team.
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