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    I think Archie getting a technical here is no small thing. He is engaged with this team. I get a sense he likes this group and is showing them the in your face fight he expects from them, while having their back.
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    Im my mind we have only missed on one player, and is Brooks. Everyone else is just recruiting... we cant and wont get everyone. Archie and staff have done an excellent job of building his team.
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    I think someone posted this in another thread. The fact that Phinisee isn't mentioned is lunacy.
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    Garcia and Lander at Hoosier hysteria at the same time??? Leal, Galloway, and TJD you have ONE job!!!! 😂😂😂
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    One f****** time Hoosiers. One damn time. Show the hell up. Offense be flawless. Defense be nasty and relentless. Assignment, disciplined football. #LEO #GoHoosiers
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    Corey Evans said his decision is trending towards a selection between IU and Louisville.
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    Ha ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: Never get into a forum discussion with IUScott when facts and opinions are on the line. -Vizzini
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    That's what I love about you. Despite the slings and arrows thrown your way on HSN. You always come back in a civil way.
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    Could care less about Allen Iverson, or what any other player did in practice. To me, the most important message to come out of this announcement is that the highest rated recruit from last season is the one noted as working hardest. Lead by example. TJD not resting on the accolades or hype that comes from being a burger boy. I can only hope that his work ethic resonates with other kids and that they work to meet the elevated bar that a freshman has set.
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    Yes I stood next to him, I’m Batman
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    Would love to see Coach Knight have a prominent seat behind the bench for every IU home game. Come on coach. You know you want to do it !
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    Jerome still getting used to game speed. Conditioning now isn't what it will be in a few weeks. Trayce did very well defensively.
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    Now that he is at UK he definitely has friends in low places
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    No but she turns the flood light on him at 4:30 in the morning.
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    RP Green Hunter TJD Davis Al and Brunk both get big minutes off the bench (20+)
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    Stripping out all of the inaccuracies of the article, I think the writer has an overall point. I don't know if this team will surprise or not, but the potential is there. Obviously, replacing Morgan and Langford isn't easy, but I also think IU is well positioned to do some of that. I love Morgan, I really do, and I admire how hard he worked to improve himself, etc., but I also think he's a little overrated by fans even though his career numbers finished really high. Somebody had to produce on the last two teams and I'm not sure where Morgan fell in terms of his ability to lead. He was also an undersized big and while I admire his toughness to thrive at his height, I think IU will benefit from having more size this year. I'd say TJD is actually a much better fit given his size and athleticism. It just remains to be scene how much of Morgan's presence he can replace as a freshmen. The good news is he has Brunk and apparently a healthy and fit Davis by his side, something Morgan never really had. You also have Smith in there, but having TJD and hopefully a healthy Race allows you to not have to rely on Smith. If he makes a leap and develops an identity and consistency, then that would be awesome, if he doesn't, you play TJD and you still have Race and Brunk can play some 4 too. The point is, I hope Smith becomes the real deal this year, but IU isn't as reliant on it as they were last season. Replacing Langford is a little more tricky, but if Hunter is 100% that becomes much less of a concern, also it really helps if Phinisee can stay healthy and Green can be a consistent producer. To me, the keys to successful season where IU is one of the surprise teams is: - Can Phinisee stay healthy and make a leap to become one of the top echelon point guards in the conference? - Is TJD ready to perform like some of our past McDonald's AA's have? Bryant, Zeller, etc. Not that he has to be as good as those guys, but is he close? - Is Hunter 100% and can he be a consistent, go-to scorer? Not saying he has to average 16-17ppg like Langford, but is he a guy that can get some buckets when the offense is sputtering a bit and a guy that can hit those tough shots when the team needs it? - Can Green be a leader and perform consistently? - Will a bench shooter/scorer develop between Anderson and Franklin? There are a lot of 'if's' there, but if those things happen and the team stays relatively healthy, I don't see why they can't finish in the top 5 or so of the conference and be a tourney lock.
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    Saw Snoop down at the gate!
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    I'll just leave this here with the hope that anyone making an important decision about college will see it. According to 2019 FBI crime data, Milwaukee (home of Marquette) is the sixth most dangerous big city in the United States (Google "Milwaukee crime ranking" for source). Milwaukee also averages 45 inches of snow a year. Bloomington get 17, most of which quickly melts. Marquette's campus is next to a massive highway crossroads (pic below). For all those police cars and snowplows. I know Archie would never negative sell a recruit. Rightfully so. But as someone who lives in Wisconsin, I just had to show the whole picture. Even people in Milwaukee avoid Milwaukee.
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    I don't really understand the negativity (not necessarily just this site). Unless you're Ohio State, you're probably going to have weaknesses as a team. IU definitely has some. It was only half a decade ago that we were getting beat REGULARLY by teams like Ball State and UConn. Now, we are more or less manhandling them. The team still has a long way to go, but it's fun to be able to go to an IU game, expect them to blow out the other team, and ACTUALLY see it happen. Last week was bad, but I think Ohio State is the best team in the country at this point. The season is still wide open for IU, and Michigan is looking ripe for the picking this year.
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    Shades of Coach Knight. When IU made more FT's than the other guys shot. Just have got to up our FT percentage. And we will be there. Also.... think of why. Why IU was able to get to the FT line more. Got to make 'em. However getting to the line is a positive in my mind.
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    You would think that either Verlander or Cole should be able to close it out. I will be totally stoked for a Nats/Astros series. Good old fashioned pitching.
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    The Redskins didn't have a 1st round pick from 1969 through 1979. They picked Art Monk in 80. George Allen is mainly to blame. He was their coach from 71-77. He would rather have veterans than draft picks.
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    One thing that gets overlooked when we talk about Anthony Leal and making 500 3s is the mental toughness something like that takes. I'm sure there are times he doesn't feel like doing that. But I think he knows that beyond what it means in refining his outside shot, that mental toughness will carry over too.
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    Good to see him on the floor, has been out with a groin pull
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    It doesn’t really matter who he’s defending, in a Davis, Smith, Hunter, Green, Phinisee lineup Smith is the forward (4), Hunter and Green are the wings, Phinisee is the guard and Davis is the 5. I’m sorry to hop into this debate all the time, but I’ve yet to hear from anyone what skills Smith has to play the wing? He’s a minus at shooting, ball handling, passing, distributing, etc.
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    Louisville: Dirty deeds...done dirt cheap UK: Dirty deeds...done with sheep
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    When I saw this last night I thought to myself you've got to be absolutely kidding me. This is worse than Carolina basically telling the NCAA you don't have the authority to punish us so go away. Kansas released apology this morning but wow. Pole dancing? People say we need to spice up our Hysteria....hopefully we never stoop to this level for recruits. If that's old fashioned. So be it.
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    You make it sound like a threat. Good to see where you stand. I think overall with the program it’s in a good state. A lot of positivity. Good recruits, people are proud we are recruiting the state hard again, not full of scandal or problem kids. It needs time to build. We have fallen a long way. Look at Nebraska football...this sort of rebuilding takes years. Those who aren’t willing to endure it are asking for too much.
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    I think Geronimo said he did not mind coming off the bench. Coming off the bench and playing 15 minutes a game is a lot different than never getting off the bench at all.
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    I understand why people think what they do. Make no mistake JH was the best player on the floor until his illness. Its was an illness not an injury I dont expect him to have lost anything at all. I still find it interesting that some still dont feel Romeo lived up to the hype. Only had 1 of the highest scoring averages for a freshman in school history playing on a team that could not play to his strengths. JH will be one of our fan favorites whether it's for 1 or more years. I am happy for him and wish him all the best.
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    Very possibly the best news this off-season!
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    Yeah, like UNC or Kentucky. Citadels of honesty and bastions of virtue, they are.
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    Stlboiler after missing out on that key big when Dickinson chooses elsewhere ...
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    Good game...the Irish are solid. Great day...Michigan gets hammered and Notre Dame covered the spread. There is a Michigan fan out there that owes me $100.
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    Yep. I cheer for Michigan 2x per year and next week will be one of them....although I found myself pulling for them last night. Just won't ever be able to cheer for Penn St or their school ever again. In any sport.
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    Missing out on Diarra is not a miss for the very reasons @BGleas stated. I will go so far to say that landing Diarra could have more negative impacts than not landing him if it were to result in Lander seeing two established PGs on the roster. All that said, if we don't land Lander then Archie is a bum.
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    pretty sure it is based on metrics in practice
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    Removed. Article was behind a paywall.
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    I can tell you this....do they follow Indiana HS athletics...hell no....but a lot more Joe Smoes in Kentucky following the UK boards and talk radio and UK recruiting web sites than people in Indiana. If Cal is on a kid they know his name and they know about him. I live down here...hopefully for not much longer but they follow those recruiting sites religiously. Now do they know anything REAL about the kids or their game...hell no...but once Trey gets on the radar on the websites and sports radio now...they will know. It kills me following a kid for several years and knowing everything about his game and then to hear them try to talk about some bullet point on a recruiting site and act like they know about the kid. But that's life in Kentucky....95% of their fans have never even dribbled a basketball yet they want to try to tell you something about it.
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    MMM......One of those things is not like the others.
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    I found Archie Miller's comments on Smith at Big Ten media day to be fascinating. In essence, I interpreted Miller as saying quit trying to be something you are not, and be great and what you do best. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-basketball-2019-20-player-previews-justin-smith/
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    Who of my age can forget the Cheryl Tiegs fishnet SI picture! Have to say though, my prayers are with you and Ayden, Billingsley!
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    yeah, that picture of Lander with Leal and Galloway in their candy stripes really looked like he was having a terrible time.
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    I'll say this, though; as I was watching games around the league, I realized that several teams on our upcoming schedule are offensively challenged. Rutgers, NW, Nebraska, and Purdue to name a few. I'm glad our offense is looking pretty solid right now. Going in to those games, if I was forced to pick between a good offense or defense, I'd have to choose offense. If the defense can improve a little, I'm optimistic about the rest of year.
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    Same, but I gotta think as tired as we are of it, the players are even more so. Maybe we could give a pep talk next game? 🙂
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    After watching Patrick Mahomes yesterday (and numerous times before that) I can't help, as a Bears' fan, having the sinking feeling that we gave up 4 draft picks to move up one spot to select Blake Bortles 2.0 over a guy that's headed for Canton... Holy Bob Avellini...
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