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    Nothing like a little recruiting drama to bring out the 'sky is falling' crowd. If only every class would be a game-changing group like The Movement from a few years ago, we could have about 9 banners by now. Yes, I'm being a smart ass, but seriously, that was the last time some people were excited about a recruiting class, and we all know how that turned out. Embrace who comes. Wish those who don't good luck unless they are playing us. And, move on.
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    He’s on his way, hoping/thinking to seal the deal
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    Just found out that my sister, who's part-time faculty at the dental school, has season tickets this year and is going to let dad & I use them for some games this year... How awesome is that?!!
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    Tennessee fan here. First of all, best of luck to you guys in the bowl game; hopefully it’s a great game and everyone stays healthy. In terms of the bowl selection, we Tennessee fans typically have a bias against the Music City Bowl. We have played in it many times in the past, as they like to choose us knowing we will bring a lot of fans to Nashville. We just view it as kind of a boring bowl to be in, seeing as how it’s only 2 and a half hours down the road from Knoxville and is typically pretty cold in Nashville in late December. We already play Vanderbilt in Nashville every other year, plus we usually play one of our early season non-conference games at the Titans stadium in Nashville once every few years. So Nashville just isn’t very exciting to us, at least not compared to a January bowl game in a much warmer Florida location. Our fans travel really well to bowl games, so the weather really does have a lot to do with it. Plus playing in Florida is seen as better for recruiting purposes. The Gator Bowl is just seen as more prestigious than the Music City Bowl, so you can’t really blame us for wanting it. One thing I can promise you, however, is that our fans do not consider Indiana to be an easier game than Louisville. It has been said many times on our forums that the one plus of going to the Music City Bowl and playing Louisville is that it would be an easier win for us. Kentucky is our only common opponent with Louisville...UK beat them 45-13, whereas we beat UK 17-13. You guys are 8-4, a game better than Louisville, and you also played a much harder schedule. Michigan State is the only somewhat “weak” loss on your schedule. So we know we will have a tough game ahead of us against you guys. I’m getting ready to go back and watch film on all your games...I already have the Ball State game queued up and ready to go!
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    Damezi certainly earned more minutes tonight, and Armaan earned his spurs against a tough, pressing team... And TJD is a special kid...
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    I was there today. Simply an amazing event all the way around. The guy at the door estimated 800 people. Seems high but the place was packed so maybe. I spoke with Sage, Evans, Moye, and Sherron for a bit. They couldn’t have been nicer. And Sage is such a great ambassador for IU. They were all interviewed on stage. So was Coverdale, Nover, Hornsby, Hartman, Elston, Laz, and Tyra Buss. Sherron was particularly moving, he said this was the final piece to his ultimate healing and was emotional about the fan base welcoming him back home. It’s absolutely amazing what this podcast is doing for the fan base and former players, it’s hard to describe but it was palpable. I had to leave after 3 hours so unfortunately I missed RMK but the video was priceless.
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    Archie and Ostrom are both on the plane, per another board. Get him signed!
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    That was just fun to watch. Plenty of things to work on too which is great! I should have known they would win. I have to get up early tomorrow and now I won’t be able to sleep.... but not complaining at all! So happy for Devonte
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    Tune in tomorrow on HSN for another exciting episode of "As the Basketball Deflates"....
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    Rabby has no credibilty in my book after the garland fiasco. How they can get people give pay then 10 bucks a month is truly remarkable in this day and age. They offer nothing you cannot get for free. It is a hustle no doubt.
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    Greetings from MSG. Got some nice 200 level half court seats. Lots of red teams fans here...and many for the Hoosiers!
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    It just proves that it wasn't about maximizing the deal, or ego or anything like that. CTA wants to be at IU and he just wanted a fair deal and I think he got it. It's a good smart deal for IU too.
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    Rob doesn’t just translate to the offensive end. He is by far our best perimeter defender. Remember what he did against Winston last year as a FRESHMEN? We become a ton better on defense when he is playing and locking down the other teams best perimeter player. It equals at least 10 points on that side of the ball. Rob is not only a ball handler on offense. He is very very capable shooter and scorer. Fully healthy I figured he would give us a solid 10-13 points a game. He completely changes the outlook for the IU team. When we have him we can be a very good team this year and we get a whole lot depper and it takes a lot of pressure off our other guards. i can not state enough how important he is to this team.
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    I wonder if Brooks has seen this quote from ex-Kentucky player and Calipari recruit Wenyen Gabriel, who sent this to Kentucky target Jaden McDaniels: “I can’t say I wish I didn’t go there because it still all worked out for me, but that (stuff) was (freaking) hard bro and I made a lot of mistakes. (During) my first conversation with [Calipari] he said I was a 6’10 shooting guard… Don’t fall in love with his words let me tell you the real! You look like you could be the next (Kevin Durant). But if you (are) not ready to do it like right NOW. Like if you (are) not ready to be one of the (best players) and make all the plays… then (you’ll) end up being just a skinny big man there. And trust me, that (stuff) is HARD. First thing’s first, if your handle is shaky, he’s (going to) stop you from dribbling. (That [will mess you] up because [you’re going] to feel handicapped). Then he (is going to) tell you to just catch and shoot, or go set a slip screen and try to get open from there. But if there are no bigs, (you will) be guarding all bigs…” Basically, don't go there as a 5 star unless you are fully ready to produce and perform. Brooks is clearly not that player.
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    As a fan you should never view a game as a negative if your team wins. Also.. complaining about substitution patterns is lame and played out, we should have dumped that complaint when Crean left. Archie knows his guys and we don't really want to read the complaints on here.
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    Hold on a minute. We are currently #32 in Sagarin, Wisconsin is 48. We are currently 27 in KenPom, Wisconsin is 49. Why do you think they had 22 TOs? They just threw the ball away, or maybe we played D. Why did they shoot only 10 free throws? Maybe because we avoided bad fouls despite a defensive battle game. That's a good thing. Wisconsin beat us after losing road games, on its home floor, with motivation to win. It's always hard to win on the road in the B1G. But if you're going to throw out KenPom (still early) and Sagarin ratings, why ignore where we're 'ranked'? We won a hard fought late game on a neutral floor in MSG. We won despite not having a good offensive game, and still bringing Rob back in limited minutes. We had good defensive contribution from Hunter and Demez, who also aren't there yet. Seems more likely, assuming health, we'll get better.
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    This game is destined to go about 7 overtimes as the basketball gods laugh their ass off at us for watching.
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    My take: really bad game, disconnected defensively and uncertain offensively... But: Everything is either medicine or poison and the team decides which it will be...getting beaten that badly can be medicine in that the team can refocus and buy in more fully (kind of like Wisconsin must have after losing toe NC St.) or it can be poison if the team doesn't react well and blames others or doesn't receive the coaching well...This game CAN lead to better ball movement and better defense if they take it as medicine and respond... Side note: this is about our fourth straight year where our best player has been quiet and generally passive in terms of leadership. - This year --> Devonte and Justin Smith - Last year --> Romeo and Juwan - Year before --> Rob Johnson and Juwan Morgan - year before that --> O.G, Rob, JBJ(major exception, Thomas Bryant) The last great ON THE COURT leader was yogi...this team is missing that piece still. The teams over the past four years have generally been flat and unsure on the road...I think that the coaching staff has recruited in a way that reflects their understanding of that. As we get older in the next season or two and add in gritty personalities like Galloway, duds like this one will be fewer and farther between
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    I use to have a long bucket list of great things I wanted to do. Very selfish but as I got older I narrowed it down to 3. 1. Walk my daughter down the aisle 2. Help my oldest son see a game in every MLB stadium 3. See Ayden cured completely If I can do those 3 things i can close my eyes a happy man
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    IU did what they had to do and came up with win #6. Enjoy Thanksgiving!
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    IU basketball’s recruiting is absolutely measured by who they get in the end. Archie isn’t running the football program... IU basketball has always attracted elite recruits, no matter who was at the helm. Crean got a ton of elite recruits, and even Archie came in and landed two five stars in his first two recruiting classes. This isn’t some project where Archie has to build a no-name program from the ground up to get highly-ranked recruits. His recruiting has fallen off a bit since last year’s disaster, but he still managed to land a decent class for 2020. He’ll have to show he can win this year to start landing recruits like Brooks and Garcia again. Until then, there are no moral victories in recruiting for a program like IU.
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    Not what I’m saying at all. Just letting the kid have his moment.
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    Departure time for that flight keeps getting pushed back. I know I said I'd stop, but I'm addicted to recruiting and flight tracker apps.
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    Zeller was put at the foul line in that game, but he had zero confidence in his jump shot and refused to shoot it. Remember, he got at least two charges and probably 3-5 shots blocked when he passes up the wide open foul line jumper for barreling into Cuse’s big men who were sagging off him.
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    And a coach that would know how to be a zone......🤷🏼‍♂️
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    This thread is like those stupid work emails...everyone has to get their poke in.
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    All I hear come tourney time is survive and move on. That's what the Hoosiers did tonight.
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    La Tech played like they read this forum and saw that an IU fan called them a "Solid Cupcake"...
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    Welp, I was busy with work this week and wasn’t able to watch the FSU game live... Unfortunately I had some free time to watch the game yesterday, lol. It was wrong to get too high over the FSU win, and it’s wrong to get too low over this loss (although getting shellacked by Wisconsin makes my blood absolutely boil). Through 9 games, this team is just about what we all expected before the season started - a bubble team looking at around 20 wins and a .500 or so conference record. We should have the talent to win most of our games at home, but we’ll struggle on the road if Green isn’t shooting well and we can’t get TJD and Smith established inside. The complete defensive meltdown yesterday was concerning, but Archie’s been saying all season this team’s not where it needs to be on the defensive end. Not sure why that’s the case, but hopefully they get it turned around in short order... As a silver lining, I’ve been thinking that Archie was going to stick with this starting lineup until we lost, so hopefully this was the wake up call he needed. When Rob gets back, I think the starting lineup needs to be Phinisee, Green, Durham, Smith, and TJD. If Archie wants to insist on going with a big lineup, it needs to be Phinisee, Green, Smith, TJD, and Thompson. There’s a reason Butler fans weren’t upset Brunk transferred, and Davis is just unplayable at this point.
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    Get a grip people. I can agree with the frustration. I don’t agree with the weak preseason either. But stay behind this team. Your team. This game is far from over.
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    Agree, though I'll add that as much as it's about the individual players brought in, it's also about the overall culture of the program and what things are being emphasized, and that's where there is a big difference IMO. Take Durham for example, he's Crean recruit technically, but he's coming up in a program that values defense, toughness, taking care of the ball, getting good shots, etc. The same player with Crean would be coming up in a program that values playing fast, scoring, getting up a lot of shots, etc. The first one is predicated on consistency regardless of the arena or opponent, the second one is IMO a win big, lose big scenario, much more susceptible to peaks and valleys. I'll tell you one thing, I would have loved to have seen CAM coaching in a team in his first season with a returning OG and Thomas Bryant. I don't blame them one second for leaving, but wow imagine where IU would have been with a starting lineup that included RoJo, OG, Morgan (PF more natural for him) and Bryant. Fill in the other guys, but that team in Archie's system has a much better first year. Not to get off course here, but that's why I get frustrated with the Holtman comparison. Holtman had Matt's team coming back, along with a couple guys that were studs coming back from injury. It's not a fair comparison.
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    We started the season 12-2 last year. At one point we had a 3-4 game stretch where we won each game by a basket (Louisville, NW, Butler, Penn State). Those wins just felt lucky and unsustainable. This team "feels" different so far. I don't think anything will feel lucky. The offense is so much more stable. The defense is rock solid. Can't wait to watch the season unfold. I hope we dont only get TJD for one year because that kid is a program changer for us right now.
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    A lot to love about different individuals tonight. But we just handled a team (without our point guard) that has beaten Purdue. Teennessee and Florida. Coach Hamilton post game: 'This is the best TEAM we have played all year".
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    If there are 5 better freshman in the country than TJD I'd like to see them.
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    It has changed so much for the fans as well because like I said before I did not find out who was in our 1989 class until I read it in the paper the day after signing day. today you have so much assess to recruiting sites and message boards and sometimes to me that is a bad thing. Today you know who your team is after and who they are recruiting hard so when someone chooses elsewhere you think of it as a big miss. 25-30 years ago when Garcia announced for Marquette you would not think anything of it because you probably did not know we were recruiting him. The first time I remember knowing about a recruiting miss was when Eric Montross committed to UNC. It was on the local news so that is how I found out about it but today we would have been on message boards for months following his recruitment.
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    This. Years past, we would beat FCS/Mid-major teams, and if we weren't the bad B10 team, we'd usually beat them as well. This year, we beat that collective group CONVINCINGLY. We weren't going to hang with OSU and that's nothing to be ashamed of this year. We won the two 50/50-60/40 games that we would have lost in years past (Nebraska, Maryland). We hung with two solid if not great teams on the road (MSU, PSU) and arguably should have won one of those two. With Purdue, toss everything else out. That's a blood game. The only game I was really disappointed in was Michigan. There is still progress to be made. Lots of it. Namely, can we win 8 or 9 again next year. One good year is fun. Doing it consistently is success. That said, I'm going to enjoy the fact we have a shot at a mid tier bowl and a 9 win season.
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    I was at the game. On the subject of Jerome, even though he was not scoring, it seemed that Archie was really pleased with his play until the very end of the game. He left him in for one really long stretch, and when he took him out, he game him a huge atta-boy slap on the rear. He even put him in at the end in what appeared to be an effort to get him in the scoring column. It was fairly obvious the plays were being ran for him. Unfortunately, in the closing stretch,, it appeared that he was pressing a bit, and as a result, did not play as effectively as he did earlier in the game. Other observations: Trayce is a beast Devonte looked great when he first came in, ,but we had more bad Devonte than good today Trayce is a beast Justing forced things at times, but overall I thought he played well.His material level is just night and day from last season. Trayce is a beast I'm excited about what Damezi is showing on the offensive end, but man, he could not guard my dead grandmother today. Without Trayce, Justin, and Race protecting the rim, I don't know ho many points Damezi would have given up. JBJ was an all-conference defender compared to Damezi, Oh, and one more thing. Trayce is a beast.
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    Well it takes time to adjust to the playing speed of high major D1 basketball. Especially after taking a year off because of injury. He will be inconsistent throughout the year. It's to be expected. He has never been overly fast he is skilled and long. Not to mention it's not like he is playing every minute of every game so he will take even longer to get up to speed with his limited minutes.
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    They didn't lose that other game, they finished 2nd.
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    Hopefully something will happen to change his mind. The team we have put together now can be very, very good later this year and next year. Dawson would only make next years version better. If he thinks Marquette is a better option for him to get to wherever he wants to go.....so be it. I can't imagine what one of those reasons might be but whatever. We watch kids make poor choices all the time. If Garcia does choose Marquette....I'd say hold onto that last ship for either 2021 class or every single year there's a kid who chooses to reclassify in the spring....or even a grad transfer.
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    For every Eric Montross there is a Damon Bailey. Recruits come and go, what lasts are the memories of those who wear the candy stripes with pride and honor. Way to much good is happening to worry about one recruit. The team is finally defensive first and showing improvement with offense. Not to mention we haven't really had our two top guards healthy and ready to go. With all that being said, not sure anyone really knows the outcome. How does it going from feeling good after a trip on Sunday to no thank you? Regardless, kids make choices for many reasons. Best of luck with any decision.
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    First, I’d love to have Garcia commit to IU. However, if he does in fact pick Marquette and it seems to be trending in that direction, I won’t be bitter. I’d be open to a grad transfer to fill that last scholarship. Then we’d have 4 spots for the coveted 2021 class.
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    I'll believe he's choosing Marquette over IU when I hear him say it. See y'all Wednesday.
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    Will we see any back door cuts?
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    IU - North Alabama Film Room.
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    Crean and Sampson were both extroverts. Blind guess, but K strikes me as more of an introvert vs an extrovert. Either way, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? You can be an introvert and flip the switch to be engaging when needed. Doesn't mean every introvert can, but most can. Why? Because it's a job. Plenty of salespeople do it every day. Can be engaging as hell in front of a client, but when "off stage", isn't one to start very many conversations. Same as an athlete that gets intense and focused on the court, maybe barking a few words here and there, but is as nice as you could imagine off the court. Archie does strike me as introverted, but the guy is smart as hell, and also strikes me as the type that can flip that switch. I think he has very little patience and tolerance for the media.
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