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    The IU staff is really confident. And that’s not a guess.
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    Bryan Moss, publisher of the Memphis Rivals page, changed his FutureCast pick of Memphis to Indiana today.
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    So, obviously it was bad intel w/ the early signing. However, this is another one that I would be shocked if we didn't land. Give me a class of Duncomb, Kaufman, and Wesley. Miller I could see popping also. I still don't have a clue what Aminu's deal is. Would I take him, yes. But...I've never liked guardians paving the way for a player. He's a great player and seems like a great kid, but give me Wesley 9 times out of 10.
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    I just pass along what I hear. No idea how accurate unless it's right then I want credit if not then it's a bad source 😀. A 2021 committment is coming soon according to 2 people that contact me the last few days. Not getting a name . I have been wrong before so if nothing happens soon no big deal but I just want to share and to see if anyone else getting any info as well
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    I think tweeting out offers is a sign of respect to the schools and coaches recruiting you, more than anything else.
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    You could tell these were new guys for no other reason than the 3's went in the basket.
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    You haven't made a point yet. Kids who have committed to IU also tweeted out offers from other schools, often schools that had no chance in the recruitment. Kids who have gone elsewhere have also tweeted out offers from other schools. Kids tweet offers. It's what they do. It's how they report news. I for the life of me can't see how you can discern what direction a recruitment is going from those tweets, considering they ALL do it.
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    I didnt know where else to post this. So with all that is going on right now, I felt the desire to do something nice. So yesterday the wife and I ordered pizza for the Jasper, IN State Police Precinct. Most police are good people and are going through alot right now. I get a phone call from the delivery guy, because he was confused because my name was on the order but I wasn't there. Explained my intentions and he said they really appreciated it. And I tipped him well.
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    Old HTD made it through another fathers day. I'm still in pain over NO live sport !!!!! Hoping and praying for a discovery of a Cvirus Vaccine !!!!! Stay well Hoosier Nation ! Btw , I'll turn 79 on July 28,2020 if the good Lord is willing to keep me going !!!!!!
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    Braden really, really likes Indiana. He is the perfect Archie PG. He can do it all. His 'ranking', or lack thereof, means nothing. The kid can play! He is the definition of a 'true' point guard. He should grow and bulk up over the next year. I'd expect an offer at some point.
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    Figured I’d finally chime in on this thread. If you read the Coronavirus thread you know I lost my job at the end of May. While I’m still looking for the next gig, some good news is I have a 3rd interview tomorrow with a company and a 2nd interview Monday with another. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I’m working on marketing consulting, and long term potentially turning it into an agency. My main thing is marketing strategy for direct-to-consumer/eCommerce small businesses and start-ups. Things like mapping out the overall strategy and executing email marketing automation, customer acquisition and retention,, campaign management, FB/IG advertising and web optimization. Below is a link to my website that I just launched if you’re interested in checking it out or know of anyone that could use my services. www.bmgdigitalco.com.
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    Dolson, Glass, Coach Allen and Coach Miller each donate 10% of their salaries back to the athletic Dept. to help cover expected 12 million dollar loss. No sports to be cut. I hope other coaches say thank you.
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    For those who choose not to click on the link, here are a couple of excerpts. Even before the NBA season kicked off this past year, Romeo spent a lot of his time over the summer in Bloomington, hanging out with his former teammates and sleeping on Rob Phinisee’s couch. His father said that whenever Romeo returns to his home state, he’ll go to IU first before visiting his parents. “For all those negative fans out there, they don’t know how much Romeo loves IU,” Tim Langford said. “He’s pretty crazy about IU. Even though with all the negativity and stuff like that, Romeo loves IU.” and It was revealed right around the NIT that Romeo had sustained a torn ligament in his right thumb, but that had been around for most of the season. It happened against Duke on Nov. 27, 2018. Romeo elected not to have surgery, and he didn’t tell his parents about it until March because he wanted to finish out the season. “When he got hurt, he could’ve done like any other kid and shut it down,” Lee said. “Look at all the high draft picks that year that got hurt and just shut it down. But he made a commitment to the university and the team.” “I would’ve told him to get that taken care of. Our goal wasn’t one-and-done, they label players like that. I only wanted him to get it taken care of so it didn’t get hurt anymore,” Tim Langford said. “Romeo’s tough, that’s my son, and he wanted to finish out the season.”
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    It’s not a bad thing. Still not predicting with 100% certainty. But I know good conversations are happening all across the board. And I know it’s frustrating when people have sources, but can’t divulge a lot of details (have to honor their requests), but some convos are sort of happening behind the scenes that are very positive for IU. And not even just with TK and the staff. Again, hate being that vague, but trying to provide a sense of the vibe without dishonoring sources. To be clear, not predicting anything and nothing is set in stone, but IU is in a great spot and they are confident.
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    It was one of the more competitive AAU games that I have watched recently, especially for tipping at around 9 AM. Both teams were playing some defense and making hustle plays. Fun little IU related tidbit -- No. 22 on the Indiana Elite team is Stu Robinson's son. Talked to Stu and his son yesterday. Amir Robinson is just an incoming sophomore but he is built like a Big Ten linebacker. Stu and Mike Roberts were on Knight's staff together at Texas Tech, so that recruitment, if it evolves, will be handled between those two.
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    With the day coming out I would like to wish all the Dads on here a joyous Father's Day/week-end. And a shout out to my Dad as well. Love ya Pop!
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    Yeah. Don't commit to Illinois?
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    So, you're saying there is a reason behind all of the divorce attorneys appearing at the top of my follower list.
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    Some shots of the garden and flowers before the heat comes....
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    The first amendment is for everyone. The 2nd is too, and well all of them are. Maybe, if people could control their emotions, and react to things in a reasonable adult manner, alot of the crap we are dealing with could be mitigated. People need to quit being what I call "emotional pussies" Think and react rationally and logically, and quit letting emotions get in the way. Dry your tears.
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    All three. Galloway, Leal, and Geronimo are in B-town as of today. June 12.
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    I hardly said any of the things you're saying here. I've never said I've been underwhelmed by IU's assistants, and to be honest I think the people who do say that don't really know what they're talking about. I've said Ostom is really important. But, Ostrom is not irreplaceable. IU will always attract good assistant coaches. As said, I hope he's here for a long, long time, but this is Archie's program, not Tom Ostrom's. If IU is successful it will be because of Archie Miller and the players his program recruits. IU has always recruited well. IU recruited well with Bob Knight, Mike Davis, Kelvin Sampson, Tom Crean, and has recruited well with Archie Miller. Again, Ostrom is a great assistant coach. But he is going to leave. IU will be fine when he does leave. At Florida Billy Donovan won 2 National Titles, went to another 2 Final Fours (4 total), and another 3 Elite 8's (7 total) and none of those teams had Tom Ostrom on the bench as an assistant coach. He was an actual assistant coach there for 2 seasons. I'm sure Tom Ostrom played a role in recruiting Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, Taurean Green and Lee Humphrey, but I also highly doubt the 3rd assistant on the staff (first year ever as an assistant the year most of those guys were recruited), was the main recruiter or main reason all those guys went to Florida. One more time, I think Ostrom is great and I hope he stays at IU for a long time. But, this program is in Archie's hands, not Ostrom's. If Ostrom does leave, Archie will replace him with another strong assistant.
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    https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/MCwnjSlkX0uop_P8t04hbQ/most-visited-maxpreps-player-pages-during-the-2019-20-school-year.htm?ftag=MPM-04-10aaa1f even I was surprised by this ...Luke brown is the 23 most visited page on all of Max preps in ANY class from ANY sport. And...for the record ....I didn’t visit it more than 10-15 times so it’s not completely my fault 
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    Not sure if this was posted anywhere else. Kid. Can. Play.
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    You have worn out your welcome here.
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    Archie does not take guys out after a mistake. That’s some serious absurdity there. If anything, Archie is way too forgiving of letting guys play through mistakes. Linking IU to that would be a misconception if anyone truly believes that, which I seriously doubt if you watch IU beyond a casual glance.
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    My dad passed away last fall so this will be my first Father's Day without him. Given the lack of live sports in recent months, I have been watching a lot of replays of old Cubs games. Always reminds me of him and watching the games together.
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    Since I'm out of work and have time on my hands and want to do something that makes an impact, I'm going to be running a black-owned direct-to-consumer businesses Facebook/Instagram ads for free for 60 days (they'll just have to pay for the ad spend, not my services). Hoping to start up with them in the next week or two. I'm doing it in partnership with a marketing agency that I'm "friends" with, so they're starting the first company they selected this week and I'm going to partner with them on their second selection later this month. Just a way to do a little bit more than just post to social media. This is by no means a commentary on anything, just trying to do my part to help with diversity in the marketing/eCommerce space.
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    So all of these kids are getting paid and coaches at Kansas, Arizona, LSU and Louisville know about it, but Coach K and Cal who pull the cream or the crop are clueless?!?!
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    Wait.....what???? Did someone hack into your profile and is posting this, claiming to be you? You—- the guy who, for as long as I can remember, has lamented that kids don’t stay committed to their program. Who advocates for the teams comprised of 4-5 year players. Who yearns for the good ol days when we could get to know the players as people because they stuck around. Who is this person, posing as Scott, suggesting that this kid should use a school for a couple of years only to improve so he can move onto bigger and better things?
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    It isn't clear how involved IU is here. I talked to a Chicago area scout today that is very familiar with Lieb. He said he is not ready for the Big Ten now, but MAYBE if he spends a year in a strength program he could get where he needs to be......but mid-major is the more likely path right now.
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    And in the case of Blue So much food, only one tooth.
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    Looks like someone is about to be Musseled out.
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    Having talked with a highly recruited guy about a year ago that put out his list of top 8 I can see their point in some things. For some of the guys its just the world we live in all about social media and followers etc.. for this young man he told me that on any given week he would be contacted by over 100 coaches. Through calls text Instagram many of which have no chance but are swinging for the fences. He said he was not sure where he wanted to go but knew he wanted to eliminate a lot of clutter. That way those schools in the running could give their best pitch and those out could use their resources elsewhere. It did not stop all the contact from those not in top 8 but it reduce it significantly. We get annoyed by the kids doing this but the coaches have full access to these kids 24/7. He did say he was blessed to be sought after but it was overwhelming.
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    Read on twitter where a Razorback fan is expecting Ark to play small with Smith at the 5 bahaha haha I can’t even type this without choking up
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    Tammy and I made it back to the lake bright and early. Bad news was my buddy's pontoon was blocking the boat ramp. Good news is I used it. Blue bird skies but chilly at 54 degrees with a slight wind out of the East. Brought home 14 crappie and gills. I did catch a bass as well. Was home well before noon. Here are some pics:
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    Pornstar...Lawyer...what's the difference? They both screw people for money 😁 Sorry, man...It was just too tempting...
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    To my surprise I couldn't find a thread for Gibbs-Lawhorn. Feel free to merge if I missed it. In my opinion the No. 1 PG in-state in 2023, probably by a wide margin. Talked to him yesterday: https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-2023-guard-dra-gibbs-lawhorn-talks-freshman-season-and-recruiting/ More background here. Same high school as Rob Phinisee, teammates with his brother Joe Phinisee. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2023-names-to-know-in-state-guard-dravyn-gibbs-lawhorn/
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    No clue whether we get Aminu or not. What we all know as avid fans is this. You keep stacking classes on top of each other like this and eventually the Big 10 titles, F4's and stuff is going to happen. Many always said Archie just needed a platform....and I'm hoping for our sakes we are seeing that develop right before our eyes. Kind of feel like we are building a 2002 team. 5-6 very good players peppered with 1-2 elite.
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    i t will happen before Romeo plays at Vandy, I guarantee
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    Good news!! https://indianapublicmedia.org/news/iu-athletics-no-covid-19-cases-among-athletes,-coaches,-staff-so-far.php
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    Here you go. Get more excited.
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    Some pics of the project. It turned out looking pretty good.
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    I think the Trey Kaufman thread is closing in on a record for number of off-topic tangents.
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