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    this is where i always like to chime in that i really hope we aren't playing walk ons in close games any more.
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    Fouls needs to tell Romeo that if he doesn't commit to the Hoosiers in the morning, he's going to extinguish the sun in the afternoon!
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    Thats not true HTD thought so too,,,,
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    Couple things. 1) Grant was never good enough, period. 2) Yeah at the first meeting Archie said "You are all my guys". What else was he supposed to say. "You guys are all my guys, besides Grant". Not sure why his mom is all upset. He was never good enough to play at IU and Archie told Grant that straight up. Why put the blame on Archie when Crean was the one who recruited the kid. This is one of the top D1 programs in the country Mrs. Gelon, not High School.
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    glad to have now been a part of all 3!
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    Bing is helpful when searching for.. ahem.. certain content.
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    Was in Nashville today for a conference...total eclipse here. Pic is from my Galaxy S8 Plus after my pro photographer wife told me how to adjust the settings to get a shot. Very cool experience...
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    I Cannot thank you enough for your words of appreciation towards me. Sadly, that was never the case when I was serving. With out going over details.... bridge over troubled water,now. I truly am in awe..... the appreciation that America is showering over our service members now. I am , as well sharing in that appreciation. Only wish it was there when I served. In the end.It does mean the world to me that you have honored the service that I, and my fellow classmates who fell during the Viet Nam conflict shared. They me be long gone... but never forgotten in my heart.
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    i think we have a glitch on the new site. KoB and i are agreeing on something. mods?
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    There is still some people over there.....should I send "hoosier til death" a passenger pigeon and let him know no one is there?
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    I believe CAM and IU athletics have done what was needed to be done and done the right way. What Grant and his parents should know is that it was Crean's mistake in the first place and even if Crean were still here, there would've been a high chance Grant would've gotten booted out at the end of sophomore season or even at this point any way. If Grant or his parents did their homework about Crean before Grant signing the LOI, it would've been quite obvious Crean would fill up all 13 spots every season no matter what, and when his recruiting picks up later on he would clean up the worse part of the bench.
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    It's gonna be a dark day for UNC. And not just because of the eclipse!
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    I think Priller does bring some things to the table, albeit things that probably will never manifest in a game. He is also a senior who probably would have to give up basketball in order to not mess up his graduation plans. I don't think Archie evaluating the totality of a situation is a sign of weak leadership, I find it to be a strength.
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    Wasn't that long ago this whole thread would have been about Eric Gordon.
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    And I am SOOOOO glad sombody posted a link to this place on 2.0!! That place was quickly turning into a ghost town!!
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    I've heard if you sacrifice a virgin that the sun will come back. Anyone know a Purdue grad?
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    I am here. Had trouble getting in at first. HF was able to fix that, last Friday. Just been hiding in the bushes. Thanks for joining HSN.03 ! Carry on men.... and women.
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    Hey guys it is your favorite girl Jackie just under a different username.
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    This entire situation is on possibly the 4th, CTC. Gelon should have never even been offered.
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    After the million post march I was upset at not landing Billy.....but as I look back now.....if that saga never took place I would have been extremely happy with Archie....and now I am. I just hope we have patience with this man because he seems special.
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    How much of a role do you believe the fact that Archie and Bruiser were both college PGs played in Roberts decision? I think that's a big selling point. Just like Georgetown has /had a reputation for developing bigs, I wouldn't mind if IU got a reputation for developing PGs. With Archie, Bruiser and the knowledgeable coaches and players in the state of IN, seems like a no brainer.
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    https://purdue.forums.rivals.com/threads/will-robert-phinisee-be-the-next-to-commit-to-iu.123728/page-5 The announcement is on that page and the whining spills onto page 6 so far...LOL... My favorite: So, I assume Cline, Mathias, Thompson, Wheeler, Haarms, Stefanovic, and Taylor are "not good enough" for you, as none of these guys were top 122. 210 paco68, Yesterday at 9:39 PM
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    I'm cautiously optimistic and feel that we're gonna show that we were underrated!
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    Fouls you struck a CORD with CC....
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    Archie is starting to get commitments from players he has personally picked just within a few months on the job. If he can teach his system to these players just as fast as he can entice them with it, we could very well have long term recruiting success for many years to come.
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    @KoB2011 Any time you want. You buy I'll cook!
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    Leathernecks. I love the irony of the Stuffed Burger with Eggs & Fries with Light Butter in the background
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    I am expecting Juwan to step up this year. Like the article says, I like the 62% 3 point percentage. http://www.indianasportscoverage.com/juwan-morgan-impressive-adidas-nations/
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    Agree with blue-boy. Maryland is too high. IU needs to be top 4 or I will be disappointed.
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    I think we will defend better than we have in many years and our experience level is also great. I think we have a much higher ceiling than anything the media is talking about. By the way, why is @bluegrassIU your profile picture?
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    https://clutchpoints.com/pacers-news-victor-oladipo-every-day-i-try-to-be-the-greatest-basketball-player-ever/ Victor is going to be a great addition to the Pacers.
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    Dort, Romeo, Jones and Green could be a GREAT backcourt.