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    State is locked down folks! This class could get very interesting....looks almost definitely to be a 4 man class.
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    Don't see a lot of MAX viewership (all eligible coaches watching the same player at the same time) in-season. Given the conversation Trayce had with the staff after the UCD game coupled with the fact IU sent all 4 coaches and Franklin drove down from Fishers... I think it's ok to accept IU is really pushing here with a lot, lot, lot of confidence. And, rightfully so. At no point has MSU or UCLA led in this recruitment and, at some point, the recruitment will end... mercifully
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    I think this is a logical thread to be following over the course of the next (X amount) of days...
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    I think this should quiet those who questioned the credibility of some of our members who provided us with their inside info. Thank you to those members who pass that information along.
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    No it's really sad. It's because of the critics you guys are not getting as much "intel" as before, or as much as you deserve. I have never considered myself an insider, yet I continue to get "intel" from some of our best insiders. In fact, I heard just a day ago from one of our greatest insiders, who had some very nice words to share with me. Maybe, just maybe.... the critics are gone for good. And our real insiders, will be willing to share as before. ________________________________ Lastly. Thank you Archie. For living up to your promise to lock down the state of Indiana. Promises made. Promises kept.
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    One more thought: If you’re still one of those who hates on Deron Davis, it’s probably time to stop.
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    I am pretty sure I told my story on the last site. But I will tell it again. I lived in the small town of Warren. Middle of the summer and I had the day off of work. Got up at 4 AM and drove my happy arsz to Warsaw to do some fishing. On the water by 5:30. By 9 I had a nice mess and decided to head home. I looked at my gas gauge as I was about to get to I-69. Pulled into the gas station with my boat in tow. Fueled up and returned to my truck. I was just looking in my boat just to make sure I hadn't lost any rods. All of the sudden I hear the voice, "You catch anything?". I recognized the voice and spun around and it was Coach. We spent 20 minutes talking about fishing and techniques for doing it. He signed my t-shirt with a sharpie. I proudly display it. Funny, we never even talked basketball. I am saddened that things turned out like they did. Honestly, it shames me. A living legend falling from grace. Just sad. I still idolize him, but I have moved on. But I still remember that day talking fishing.
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    The game tonight was great! I didn’t see Rob and Romeo, but I did see Tom Ostrom there. I can share a few things, but I apologize in advance, I am better at watching basketball than analyzing it. I was also trying to keep a 4 and 7 year old out of trouble. 😉 Between Franklin and TJD they scored 7 of the first 10 points of the game. TJD had a pretty strong first half, Franklin was pretty quiet, but Cathedral was up a half. Second half Franklin started out really well and had a good half. TJD looked off to start the second half, missed a few easy shots and you could tell was frustrated with himself. CG was down 10 in the 4th, but the last few minutes of the game he picked it up, hit some shots and had some good boards and blocks. One block in particular when they were coming back he got really pumped up and showed a lot of emotion.... something that has been missing from the Hoosiers lately. Anyway ended up that his little bro hit the 3 to take the lead for good and CG ended up winning by 3. Franklin ended up with 15 and TJD with 20 I believe. Was a really good game and definitely fun to watch our future Hoosiers in action!
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    If that tip goes another 1/2 inch, we win and say "great job not ruining the flow of the game with a senseless timeout" We missed two shots at the rim. Hard to complain about that. I dont think tbis game is a reason to knee jerk into our coaching is bad. That is hopefully just an emotional response.
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    Oh and btw... it looks like he officially signed as well. That was an impressive secret to keep by all parties. https://twitter.com/IndianaMBB/status/1068610593412837377
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    Okay guys, you seemed to miss my request. Let's keep this about TJD here. It pushes my buttons when people skim over my request and completely ignore it. So please honor my 2nd polite request here.
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    I don't think that's true at all. I recognize what a flawed human being Bob Knight is, and there were times I was embarrassed by his actions. But I suffered through the IU basketball of the 60s. Sure, we had 2 National Championships under ours belts, but so did Cincinnati and Oklahoma A&M. We'd become just another school. Ohio State, Michigan, and (Oh God, help me) Purdue were better programs by the end of the decade. Bob Knight restored Indiana basketball to Big 10 and national prominence. Love him or hate him, he's a huge reason IU has the following we have today and are still considered a Blueblood. If you don't think so, yank down 3 of those banners hanging at the end of Assembly Hall, because without him, they're not there.
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    I was in Coaches class 1 morning and a girl in the class said her dad had a question for coach. He wanted to know what Knight thought of Woodens pyramid of success and his attention to detail the fact that at the first practice he would teach guys how to put their socks on correctly. Knights says tell Dad the pyramid is wonderful and as for taking time to teach how to put on socks, he says what the hell else does Wooden need to do when he has the best players money can buy and tell Dad at Indiana we only recruit intelligent guys that already know how to put their bleeping socks on.
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    Can the mods please weed out the player development or lack thereof posts to a thread of it's own? It would be very much appreciated........
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    I have no idea why anyone is surprised by the result. They haven't lost a non conference game at CI in almost 20 years. They had the 3 best players on the court. They were coming off a loss. They have maybe the best coach of all time. They were playing in maybe the most hostile environment in college basketball which if Assembly Hall is any indication might be worth 15 points vs a neutral site. I mean how many times did Tom Crean blow out a good UNC team in this challenge only to get smacked when it really mattered in the tourney? Relax. We'll be fine.
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    Just got to the CG vs Franklin Central game. Archie, Tom, and Bruiser are all here, I know bc they held the door for me coming in.
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    All this talk about mobs going after Archie if we don't make a deep tournament run are ridiculous. Most on these fan boards like to tout guys like John Beilein and Jay Wright, and IMO the biggest thing those two coaches have in common is that their schools/programs had patience. They both have had struggles at their current schools, but their schools knew they had good coaches so were patient and it's paying off. It took Beilein 20 years as a D1 coach to reach a Final Four, 10 as a high major coach to do it. He missed the tournament 2 of his first 3 years at Michigan, and then in his 4th year was bounced in the 2nd round and in his 5th year won the Big Ten Title but was bounced in the first round. His first 5 seasons at Michigan he missed the tournament twice and never got past the second round. He was 60 before he ever made a Final Four. But Michigan knew they had a good coach, so they were patient. It took Jay Wright 15 years as a D1 coach to make a Final Four, 8 as a high major coach before he did it. It was his 4th season as Villanova's coach before he even made an NCAA Tournament appearance. He was 48 before he made a Final Four, and after making his first Final Four he went 6 years without making it past the second round. But, Villanova knew they had a good coach, so they were patient. I think Archie is a good coach. I really, really hope our fanbase is smart enough to be patient. The guy just turned 40. He made 4 straight NCAA Tournaments at Dayton, including an Elite Eight appearance. When Jay Wright was 40 he had been to 2 NCAA Tournaments in 7 seasons as a D1 coach, never getting out of the first round. When John Beilein was 40 he had been a D1 coach for half a season and his biggest accomplishment was a 3rd place D2 finish. If you think Archie is a good coach, which I think he clearly is, then just be patient, it will pay off.
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    MSU writer just put in a CB pick for IU. He put in a CB pick for Malik Hall to MSU...Hall committed the next day...
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    I love it. No one can say that IU's staff hasn't done a great job keeping the leaks plugged. Amazing that he's been signed for at least 10 days and it never got out. Now THAT is a tight ship!
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    Well, when the people that are out, primarily Green and McRoberts are key guys, Green being a ball-handler and McRoberts being one of the most steady/High IQ guys, it's going to impact turnovers. When you have a freshmen point guard (who I love) and a sophomore who's not a point guard (Durham) being your primary ball handlers the turnovers are going to go up. The offseason is kind of irrelevant. In the offseason you had a healthy McRoberts, Green, Hunter and Thompson. To act like missing those guys wouldn't/shouldn't impact the teams performance makes no sense at all.
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    I hate losing. But this one is not crushing. We fought hard. Had guys out injured, and if that tip from Davis goes another half inch, we win. We were not going undefeated. A road, no conference loss...against a power 5 team is just a building block. Plant to build on. Tough loss. But nothing I am getting worked up over.