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    Hey everyone, as always I don't post a lot, but after reading all these Romeo posts for awhile, I thought I may interject a few thoughts: Let me say besides Donovan, Miller or Marshall was my first pick as coach for IU last April. Remember, how short of a time that is, just last April. 1) As referenced above, we were never even in the Romeo sweepstakes, since CTC never even tried. CAM in the short period of time not only put us in the race, he has given us a good chance to win. Maybe he goes to Vandy, I don't know, but the fact he could come from nowhere in basically no time when you look at recruiting bodes nothing but positives for the future. Don't forget what kind of class he put together in a little over just four months of being on the job. Now project going forward. 2) The reason I wanted Archie to coach here was his tremendous ability to improve teams from the start to finish, and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. He has showed us in so many ways how true this is this year, and once again the future is incredibly bright thinking about this. 3) The base we have going forward is strong. I don't know about Juwan if he will be leaving but think of the improvements made in the other players coming back, and how they will be able to teach the system to the next group coming in and this will now continue from year to year. We never had that this year. It took us a long time to truly learn what Archie wanted, buy into it, and hold each other player accountable. We now have that and it will follow through once again from class to class. This year was a learning period. 4) Finally, even if we don't get Romeo, we now have that base under us which has learned his system. Next the recruits coming in I think are going to be incredibly good, plus they will be her at least two years depending on deveopment. Phinese is going to be a stud, and I really like him more than Garland. I think he is going to be a great PG of the future, although Green has been pretty special lately and has learned what Archie wants. Those two going forward will make PG a position of strength. Hunter is going to be able to contribute right away I believe. He seems to be getting better game by game. Anderson is a stud who is going to give us the shooter we need from the outside. What is he making this year, I believe around 40% of this 3 pt. shots or higher? Forrester I am not sure of, but he is the perfect player I want to come in and learn, be a four year player who continues providing that essential base for us to never be a one year team. To me those type of players who will come in and develop, but are already good will be invaluable recruits. And lets not forget Race Thompson. He has had a whole year to get stronger, practice and learn what the college game is about. I think that experience and strength will be invaluable going forward and willl have an instant impact. Basically, regardless of what Romeo decides to do, I have not been more excited about this team in so long. We all longed for defense, we have it. We longed for in game adjustments, we now have it. We longed for toughness, we have it. We wanted a coach who took teams who were good and made them great from the beginning to the end, where each year the sum of all those parts would equal something very good to great. Cam recruits so he fills in each hole that needs to be filled for each year. Under CTC we never had all the things above. We do now, and frankly whether one person comes to IU is not going to make a huge difference. I would love it, and it would help in the upper echelon of recruiting, but in the long term, I think we are in the best hands we have been in for a long time!
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    At this point his picking Vandy over IU says a lot more about Langford than it does about IU. I've been to both gyms THIS year. Seen both teams play THIS year. It isn't even close. If he goes elsewhere, IU will be just fine. Great recruiting class coming next year, and if the progress I'm seeing this year continues I believe Romeo will be remembered as the last great one from Indiana that got away, not the next one in a continuing line. This isn't a "I never wanted him anyway" post. It just doesn't seem losing him will hurt as much as it seemed 6 months ago. Indiana basketball seems headed in the right direction with or without him.
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    DJ and others who have asked, Yes I have heard a number of good things on Langford. The fact the family isn't going back to Kansas, coupled with some other things I have heard, suggests Indiana is in as good a spot as they have ever been. Some of the finer points and finer stories I won't mention on a public forum. But, Indiana is in a great spot and we'll know soon (4 weeks) where he is going. If he wasn't visiting Vanderbilt, it would have been a bit of a surprise. But, Indiana has done a lot of good work, the vibe from the family is very high and I think you can read a bevy of comments from Tim Langford, Romeo and couple that with some certain tea leaves along the way... Go Hoosiers.
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    We aren’t “cooling down” by any means. Bill and Bryce if anything, “feel the heat” and are going to do all that they can in crunch time. Hey, did any of you really think that he wouldn’t see this all the way through and give his recruitment it’s due diligence? I think we’re in good position to land Romeo, and they(Vandy/KU) know it. So they’re going to throw everything they can at him. Let’s be honest, we all knew IU would struggle this season to an extent. But given the progress, Archie has put himself in a fantastic position to land Romeo. If not, it won’t be from a lack of effort.
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    There are tons of reasons for Langford to pick IU. There are a handful for him to pick Vandy or Kansas. But, I'm going to use a story to highlight why I'm confident. Before I share the story, keep two things in mind, 1) Langford routinely stays after games for hours to sign fan autographs (mostly IU fans) and he and his dad have spoken on how important that is too them, and 2) Tim Langford has routinely said this will be a business decision. Now to my story, which I've shared on other versions of HSN, but I don't think 3.0. When I was in 6th grade I was on the travel team in my town, and our coach was a pretty prominent Indiana basketball figure (former Mr. Basketball). It was also Damon Bailey's senior year in high school. Our high school team was playing BNL and the game was being held at Hinkle because of the large demand. So, my 6th grade coach arranged for our travel team to practice at Hinkle before the game, and he arranged for Damon to stop by and speak to the team and take a team picture. So, Damon shows up at practice and we're about to take a team pic when Damon says to our coach, "How about I take a pic with each kid individually. When you get the pics mail them to me and I'll personalize a note/autograph to each kid and mail them back to you". What a mature and class move for a high school senior. Long story, short, I still have that picture. I kept it all these years. It's not like it's displayed in my house or anything, but I still have it and remember that time so fondly when I come across it. So, what's the point and how does the story relate to Langford? Do you think I hold onto that picture for almost 25+ years and remember it so fondly if Damon Bailey goes to Wake Forest? What if Damon goes to TCU? Highly doubtful. I don't think kids thought this way in 1990, but by signing those individual autographs and yes by going to IU Damon was making a smart business decision. So unless there's something against the rules going on, then the best business decision for Langford is to go to IU. It's what is best for his brand and that seems to be of high importance.
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    I just spoke with my source about the possible Romeo visit. I asked him what his impression was on that. He said his information was that Romeo WAS going to take an additional IU visit, per Tim Langford. I asked him if her "might" be making the IU visit. He said no, he was told he "will" be making that visit. Quote Edit
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    This is a nugget of info that was shared my way recently. Take it for what you want. I liked what I heard. I am a long time reader, but fairly new to posting. I live in southern Indiana and have had this bit of info for a couple weeks. I realize that it could be on of hundreds of pro IU scenarios or even false, but I thought I would pass it along and see what you think. I was told that Romeos dad is friends with one of I.U.'s trustees (the name was not given) . This trustee was asked if he could come to the McDonald's All American game and be there with the Langfords. When I heard this, I thought, no way! But after thinking about it more I could not help wondering if there were any legs to it. It sounded logical, I just hope it is true.
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    I think we are going to find in the future that CAM is going to be a coach who mirrors what coaches like Wright and even Bo Ryan did. Getting players who fit his system and create a culture of winning, with each piece fitting the puzzle. You never hear about Villanova's recruiting classes being great, but he built that base and every year the players continue develop. Look what Bo Ryan did using this type of system, and he never had recruiting classes anyone would take notice of. The coach in college basketball means more than in any other sport I know of, and with CAM getting good 4 star players, the future will be very bright indeed. We got ourselves a good one! Just compare and contrast CTC vs. CAM and you see in one year what a difference it makes, and he is using pieces which do not fit together. Next year, the jigsaw puzzle will start to actually fit together. Romeo might be that one corner piece that is the hardest to find, but in the end, you can still see the clear picture even if that piece eludes you. I also don't think CAM will ever focus heavily on 5 star players unless they fit what he needs and is looking for in his system and culture. Romeo would be one of those rare players who is a 5 star and fits what he is looking to establish. Remember, a lot of 5 stars due to AAU basketball and what it has devolved into come in thinking much more about me first, making it very hard to build a foundation which carries over each year.
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    It seems a certain poster on here thinks I'm a lunatic for thinking that Indiana has a chance here. Nothing in the past few weeks has changed this personal belief. We'll know a lot more in the coming days and weeks. Go Hoosiers.
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    I am convinced that if this team had played like this from November, we would easily be in the tourney. I know we haven't taken down the top teams, but we are a handful and play a brand of basketball that we frankly haven't seen at IU for a long, long time. I worry a lot less about recruiting now because I think this coach, his style, and the way we will play defense will translate into great success. For years I felt like we needed to have a top 5 player or two in order to win. Heck, we had more "stars" in terms of recruiting on last years team, but this years team would lay waste to what was here last year.
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    Gotta admit, I’ve been really optimistic about this recruitment, mainly because Vandy makes absolutely zero sense, like really none at all. But that all changed today. I was telling my kids about Langford today while we were waiting in the drive thru at Chick-fil-A. Telling them how he’s chasing the Indiana scoring record and how we really want him to go to IU. I turn around and look at the car in front of me and what do I see? A Vanderbilt license plate holder. No lie. That has to be a sign, right? We were in PA, so completely random to see that.
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    Good post. This stuff can consume you year round and it definitely got out of hand for me. Sometimes you just need a break away from it all and time to put things in perspective. I took most of this year off like I’ve mentioned but I’m back now and just enjoying the games again for the first time in a while. It’s just basketball at the end of the day and the amount of mental energy a lot of us put into the program is not healthy and can get out of control. A little off topic but can you remember a time that IU seemed to get noticeably better toward the end of the year?! How awesome is this.
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    Just in case this is still a Romeo thread. Good article up at Indy Star about Damon Bailey/Romeo....best quote Damon on Romeo: “I told him if he’s planning on moving back to Indiana when he’s done playing, he’d be crazy to go anywhere but #iubb.”
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    Great post! When Crean was coaching and we would win 90 to 83 it was like... meh..we won but also had 15 turnovers and gave up 20 layups..I knew there was no way we were going to be able to do that for 4 games (to reach final four) in a row let alone 6.. at some point you are going to have an off shooting night.. To win 6 in a row at some point the going is gonna get tough.. it's about having the toughness, grit, and the defensive mindset to get those stops and win those 50/50 plays to advance. It seems like In the tourney tons of games come down the stretch run (last 4/5 minutes) and are won in the half court by being tougher, smarter, more deciplined..not running around allowing straight line drives to the rim and chucking threes and throwing the ball around.. Just think we shot 3-16 from three and missed 7 free throws and it was a one possession game under a minute to go against a team that had won 16 and straight and is arguably Purdue's best team ever.. and we were severely undersized.. then we shoot 4-19 against Michigan state team that dang near might win it all and almost beat them..how... because we out worked them, we out toughed them, we played D, we took care of the ball, we boxed out, rebounded, and made it really really hard on them even though they were clearly more skilled. Listen to Izzo presser after game he even admits all this! Archie's style prepares us to win BIG and I fully believe we will! For the first time since Knight it's nice knowing that we have a coach that will pit our team in a position to win with his gameplans, matchups, adjustmeants made in game, and most importantly the toughness he brings that is needed to win those huge possessions. I know this year is tough with the lack of shooting and overall talent on the roster but enjoy the ride guys and gals because we are about to do a lot of winning!! p.s. Enjoy this year Purdue because you're going to get a full dose of L's from Archie Miller for a long time!
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    Just passing this along IU is in as good or better position with Romeo, than they have ever been. Not saying he is a lock. Far from it. However, word keeps coming to me that IU's star continues to get brighter and brighter in terms of Romeo.
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    Reminds me of the old joke : If Jack helped you off your horse. Would you : Help Jack off his horse ?
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    IU just hired a mid-major coach whose brother's program is smack in the middle of what may be the biggest scandal ever in cillege sports. Your point is....
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    Reading your posts is like watching the barber shop scene in Hoosiers Let’s say that our next ten years mirrored the last ten years of Villanova or Xavier or Wisconsin or Wichita State or Gonzaga or even Butler for that matter. The success of those programs is almost exclusively on the backs of players the level of Phinisee, Hunter, and Anderson etc...Good players, great culture, consistency rather than player turnover, good roster makeup, good teaching, and voila IU is winning at a high level. Guys like Romeo would create even more buzz for sure, and make a huge difference ala Jalen Brunson, but they are not a prerequisite for sustained success.
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    Can we make a pact not to freak out about positive comments Langford makes after his visit today? Recruits always say good things after a visit, always. He’s going to say good things, just like he said good things when visiting IU.
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    So this Romeo kid is pretty good, yeah?
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    This thread has gone to crap. It is unreadable the last few days.
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    By the way, IU is 3rd in the nation in adjusted defensive efficiency over the last 10 games. http://www.barttorvik.com/altrank.php?sort=AdjDE&r=hrank&year=2018&conlimit=All
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    This is all bunk, puppies and rainbows. CAM has clearly dropped the ball and is utterly failing to meet any expectations as IU's new coach in year 1. I mean just look at 1) our turnover percentage, 2) our ability to play against the zone; 3) institution of a half-court offense, and 4) a transition to moving the ball inside. Oh wait.
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    The fever pitched panicking may be a fun read in a few years. Someone ought to save this thread for future reference. It's not all that complicated. You switched schemes on both ends. Not a little, but a total overhaul. The defense and ball control have gotten progressively better. The roster is not Archie's and it is woefully deficient. Most importantly, there is a total lack of shooting. We throw out all these 3-16's from three and it's going to be tough to win. Schilling has a great resume in player development. I cannot guarantee that Archie will not bust, but I like the way he thinks and is setting things up in the different aspects. It's not just offensive and defensive schemes, but also recruiting and roster construction. He handles himself well too. I am backing him until he has time to prove himself. This team was never going to have a good season this year, so if that was your expectation, I can see why you're disappointed. It will take time. Most of the criticisms I have seen are amusing and silly, and fairly unrealistic. Now if in a couple of years, his schemes get beaten by a drum and he is recruiting the wrong guys, then we can blast away. I am in the camp that this will not happen and fire away at me if it does.
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    You’ve created quite the soap opera in your mind about a couple 18 year old kids you’ve never met.
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    Someone needs to make sure the Langford's see this. No NBA team is doing this for a player from Vandy, that's for sure... ...I hope nobody does a search and finds something like this for a former Vandy player
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    I felt from the nine minute mark left in the game time.... I was watching "Crean ball" once again on offense. Rushing the ball. Stupid turnovers. And very bad passing. It's like the guys panicked and reverted to "Crean ball".
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    We have a poster, who to the best of my knowledge is not a troll (props for playing the long game if you are DBM), that in all sincerity thinks Romeo to Vandy is a done deal, that Romeo hasn't announced yet just to avoid backlash from IU fans AND Romeo is signing those same fans he doesn't want backlash from with a 'Vandy'. I'm not sure if it's more mind-numbing someone can have that thought process or that others are letting it impact their thinking. Guys, regardless of where Romeo goes DMB is flat out wrong. Vandy could be the choice but it isn't for the reasons being presented.
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    I’d love to get Romeo, but I honestly am enjoying the improvement of this team from the beginning of the season. If Romeo can’t see that then that’s on him.
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    One things for sure. They don’t have to worry about running over any playmate fans of the other team.
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    I would settle for some Kansas and Vanderbilt dirt about now.
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    Love it. Yep no charge for rumors on HSN 3.0. By the way, the wind is starting to pick up in a north direction out of New Albany. And that's free as well !
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    I have a have a hard time seeing one of the new comers displacing McRoberts. He's only going to get better next season with more scorers around him; he's shown he is a great defender and can be an opportunistic scorer which will be easier with more scorers next season.
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    I know I need to stay off this board. I'm almost 66 years old and I actually had a dream last night where I met Romeo at a ball game and asked him which way he was leaning, he just looked at me like I was some crazy old man! After telling my wife about it, she said yep, you definitely are obsessed....
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    This coming from another site, just thought i'd share the quote. "When Romeo was signing autographs after the Jennings County game, one of the kids gave him a paper folded in half to sign. After Romeo signed it, the kid opened it up and had printed out "Letter of Intent to Indiana University." Romeo cracked up and was about the only time he smiled the whole night after scoring 63 points." Smart kid. Lol
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    I would rather be abducted by Aliens.
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    Can we retire Dakich's microphone to the rafters?
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    Not sure how anyone can say our defense hasn't improved throughout the season. Kenpom might show us at 105 for the season, but we're 5th in conference only defense, above Michigan which sports the 25th ranked defensive efficiency for the season. We started the year quite poorly on D, but have improved remarkably as CAMs philosophy has taken hold.
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    Any blame Archie holds is simply for not blowing up this roster when he got here. This roster is not good. We have some good players, but I’ve been saying since the offseason, this is a bad mix of players. We have very little size and length across the board (perimeter and inside), no point guard, no shooter, and no shot blocker, very little leadership, etc. It’s just a poorly constructed roster that doesn’t fit. We’ve been able to eek out some games because of Assembly Hall, good coaching, and sometimes individual talent taking over, but the roster generally doesn’t fit well. Thats largely on Crean, and any blame on Archie is just not forcing some guys out and trying to add to the 2017 class on the fly.
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    Good lord people. You really think Romeo is going to ruin his own announcement by giving it away while signing autographs?
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    I do really like the idea of refs having to answer questions. Osterman - "why'd you let the push off go but then call the reach that followed it?" Valentine - "push off seemed minimal but the reach affected the shot" Osterman - "do you think he would have had a better chance to play clean defense if he hadn't been pushed off his spot?" Valentine - *turns his back to the room*
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    Done. As soon as we offer someone from the 2020 class, I will create a thread for it.
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    First time anyone has ever referred to Blue that way.
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    I really think we are starting to see a culture being developed and a grit that I hope every indiana team has under Archie. Future is bright. I hope we get some post season play regardless of where that comes from
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    This game shows exactly why Archie is the coach for us. Archie flat out put us in a position to win. The execution lost the game. The missed free throws and simple mistakes (out of coach's control) lost the game. MSU was FAR superior in talent, and we lost by 3. And we didn't play well ourselves. When Archie gets his guys, I truly believe he's going to wreak havoc in the B10.
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    I vote Freddie as the MVP tonight.
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    I believe I told boiler that Haas wouldn't like going against stronger players for the first time all year and it's showing. He is complaining every time he doesn't get his way. Haas is the perfect embodiment of a Boiler. Big, ugly, whiny and just a bit slow.
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    I dont even know where to begin with all of this. It hits awfully close to home. I wanted to blow up the MSU post game thread with the direction that one was headed, however, it was not the place and it was rightfully locked. How many were sacrificed to keep the prestige or reputation of the university in tact? Sexual abuse victims already have a very difficult time coming forward in our culture (studies have pointed to our culture being one of rape or at the very least - gross abuse ). Still, victims rise above it, come forward and survive. Anyone that comes forward that was truly abused, is an incredible person. I say this hits close to home not because it was my wife who was sexually abused, but me. I blamed myself, lived with the guilt, repressed memories, it was destroying me and my marriage before I finally sought help. The perpetrator was family. He did not see any repercussion as the statute of limitations ran out in the state of Indiana. I tell you all of this as I only ask you to think avout what you say or think before siding with the accused of sexual crime. Is your position enabling rape culture?