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    Where are all the regulars that rag on Archie all the time? Amazing how there are so many no-shows when we win.
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    Yeah, we should have hired Holtmann
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    3 in a row Tom. Tough play. Many, many contributions....haven't looked at much yet but AL, Rob, Franklin......and of course TJD and Joey. Joey might be the most important player Archie has recruited so far. That kid.
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    His profile says he last visited an hour ago. Guess he can view the board, but must not be able to post. It's a strange condition that will self-correct next time IU loses.
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    That was a horrendous loss. That was a loss that can keep you out of the NCAA tournament. Yes, we’re 11-2, which isn’t bad and is probably where most would have predicted IU at this point and been happy, but as others have said it’s not the record it’s how we’ve arrived at it. We should beat Arkansas at home. IU shouldn’t allow a crappy Nebraska team take them to OT at home. I have very little confidence heading into Big Ten play Musselman absolutely outcoached Archie in the second half. He want to an NBA style offense and took advantage of our big lineup. He gave whoever TJD was defending the ball at the top and then had Joe set a ball screen which basically created mismatches on every possession. We needed to go smaller so TJD wouldn’t be out on the perimeter defensively Defensively, like everyone else they just packed the paint in the second half which rendered TJD and Brunk almost useless, especially since only Green on our team can shoot, and as a defense you’re ok with Green shooting. I know it was tough with Durham and Hunter out, but you have to go small to create some space for TJD operate. I don’t even know what to say about Green and Durham, those are your two captains? Some overall program thoughts: - I still believe in Archie as a coach. His upperclassmen are Durham, Smith, Green and Davis. That’s it? I think the offense would work fine if we had a couple guys that could shoot or make plays consistently - As far as adjustments, I’m not sure how you adjust when your guard play is terrible and nobody (guard or big) can shoot or make a play except for Green, yet you can’t trust Green at all. - I am starting to worry about Archie as a recruiter and a program builder. We have no guard play, no shooters and no playmakers, and I don’t see any on the horizon. I like Phinisee, I like Franklin, and the 2020 recruits seem like good, program building players, but I don’t think we can except them to step in and be much more than what Phinisee and Franklin are/we’re as freshmen. If Archie doesn’t bring in some guards, shooters and playmakers, I don’t see how this gets better? Green is a train wreck at times and wildly inconsistent and unreliable, but with that said who is going to make 3’s for us next year? Who is going to make shots when the clock is running out or the offense is bogged down? Archie desperately needs to add to this 2020 class. I just don’t know where this goes. I don’t see the Big Ten season going well. I see IU squarely on the bubble, and if it ends up on the wrong side, this could get ugly. What happens if we miss the tourney and then miss on Lander, Furst and Kaufman, or even just 2of the 3? Again, I really think Archie can coach if he has the horses, I’m just starting to wonder if he’ll have the horses.
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    If that's their attitude, I'd gladly take him off their hands. Hell, he didn't play that well today and I'd still take him in a heartbeat. He's the 2nd point we need behind Rob.
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    I’m frustrated as could be with Archie but I absolutely loved his post game presser. I think the fingers are being pointed directly at 2-3 players. Mentioned doing the same mistakes over and over....DG.....mentioned jogging back on Defense.....DG, JS, JH....and mentioned cutting the rotation down as well. He was fairly calm but could tell he just lit the guys up. Let’s see what happens Saturday.
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    I’m not really wavering on Archie’s ability to coach. I believe he is/can be a good coach. But, I’m questioning his ability to recruit, and also whether or not he can recover from missing the tournament 3 years in a row. It’s not that I don’t think he can coach, it’s that I don’t think he can recover from where this is at, and to me that is when a change needs to be made or at least considered.
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    I know this is not going to go over very well, but here it goes anyways. I find it funny how reading thru these forums that pretty much everybody has turned against one player. Now I'm seeing another player being thrown around that shouldnt be playing or should get limited minutes. I'm wondering since these players are not worthy of playing time or for that matter shouldnt be on the team, does anyone even know what our record would be with out those 2 or even just 1 of them on the team, and what they have contributed throughout the year. I know, I know "but somebody else would have stepped up and contributed" who though? I think its fine being critical of the team, coach and players, but to single out 1 or 2 and not criticize the others when they make bad choices on the court. There are only 3 players that take the heat on here no matter the outcome, win or lose. We all know why too, they are "Crean guys". I dont see anyone complaining about Robs 4 turnovers to 4 assists and 4 fouls, or Trayce getting beat on defense numerous times in the second half. Yes Jerome finally shot the ball decent and looked more comfortable but he kept getting beat on defense. I could go thru every player and find something they did wrong, but what good does that do? All I see on here win or lose is what 1 or 2 players did wrong or should being doing better but not much is said about anyone else. I encourage anybody on here to go thru all the games and remove any of those players stats and see the win, loss record. I already did and I didnt like the record nor do I think anybody on here would. For the fun of it I removed all the "Crean guys" from the games as well since those always seem to be the ones causing all the problems. That is all I'm done with my rant
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    I get that coaches have a philosophy on how they want to play and it leads to victory. But damn, if it ain't working you better try something different. Change it up.
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    Not going to argue the last minute was bad! But what I keep thinking about, is the dozen or so bunnies that were missed.
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    I think at this point we can trust the coaching staff to get as much from the last couple months of Devonte's College career as will help the team. I think that at a certain point we have said our piece and now all we have left to do if cheer for the team. I think that we will see him hit a few more big shots, and I think that we may feel like the way things have unfolded will be one giant "what if"? with him....but I don't see any good coming out of crushing him any more than has already happened. Deron was getting shredded to pieces two weeks ago and has had a really solid two week stretch of play. We don't know everything that goes on and aren't omniscient narrators of the thought processes for Devonte. I think that we can observe that the coaching staff has a handle on it though and have rotations working that have gotten a good amount out of a fairly thin (in terms of numbers) guard corps...
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    I’m not going to watch the Izzo presser because I just don’t like looking at his whiny face, but based on comments here he sounds like a sore loser. MSU did not play a horrible game. In fact, I think they beat at least 75% of the teams in the Big Ten playing the way they played last night. They hit 43% from 3 on the road - 9 threes! I’m sure Izzo will take that any night of the year on the road. Izzo is sore because IU beat them at their own game again. They beat them on the boards, out hustled them and were tougher....AGAIN. Not to mention IU gifted them a 33% at the three and 55% from the FT line. Let me repeat that: 55% from the FT line! But apparently these ‘controllable factors’ are a fluke. He can go ahead and blame his loss on our best 3 point shooter making a shot or two. Too bad, so sad.
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    Hey, in case anybody was wondering. The word is Damezi's health.
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    I know we joke about former recruits but Carton looked like a kid (as a poster mentioned in game thread) who was just trying so hard. Not the first time a kid comes to Assembly Hall and looks bad. We do thank him for his 7 turnovers though.
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    Just gotta give Arch a chance. He can coach
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    Late word to me. Coach to Assembly Hall, is still a go.
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    What about as an offensive coordinator
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    I'm not sure I buy into the whole "it's a top-down/administration thing." This seems like too convenient of an excuse for losing. McRobbie and the BOT don't sign off on a contract that makes CAM the highest paid public employee in the state without considering things like winning and maintaining a lucrative brand. Sure, there might be an argument to be made that Archie's hands were somewhat tied when he took over (although from my perspective, this is just hearsay), but at some point, he has to own it. It's not like Pat Shoulders is some wizard pulling levers behind the curtain during games (though he looks like he could play the part). I'm not sure if this is still true, but IUMBB had the largest recruiting budget in the B1G (maybe tops in the NCAA?) when Crean was still here. IU has invested heavily in facilities and has a large, passionate fan base. All the ingredients are there. Maybe Archie just isn't a very good coach and it's that simple.
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    I think i have figured out why Fred Glass is retiring...he dont want to here backlash from another losing streak and decisions come spring
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    Why, because we respectfully point out, with specificity, the mistakes they made? Nothing is personal but specific to actual play on the court. I’m not here to compliment the players for blowing a game they never should have. And that’s how the real world works. You don’t get babied for lackluster performance. This should have never happened and that’s 100% the truth. If we have players that can’t live with that, then they aren’t the right guys to play Indiana basketball. Without the fans, there is no Indiana basketball. They’d be playing skins and shirts at the HPER. The fan base makes this whole thing go and that was a ridiculous loss.
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    Whoever wrote up Izzo's scouting report that said Al was shooting 12% from distance should be fired...not even close to true.
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    Dear Archie, Please put in Rob Please take out Green
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    "Where did you learn to shoot free throws?" "You, alright?! I learned it by watching you!" Parents who shoot bricks have children who shoot bricks.
  27. 6 points
    The next 2 are absolutely huge..... Most IU fans would take 14-4 (4-3) at this point last September
  28. 6 points
    This won’t be popular but I’m ready for Luke Brown . If I was the coach, 2021 would not start without a Ryan Kline, Kyle Guy type player. The product on the floor is not acceptable in Indiana. A state known for shooters!
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    Who the hell told Rick Bob Knight isn’t gonna be there? I want to know. They were from Indiana right? No. Weren’t from Indiana? And he didn’t get it from anybody at Indiana did he? There are only 2 people in the world who are gonna tell you Bob’s not gonna be there. One is our Sid and the other is Bob Knight. Now just sit there or leave. I don’t give a bleep which you do.
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    Respectfully, mile, to Green and Davis’ right, Damezi and Hunter are standing, and they are scholarship players who also haven’t gotten a ton of minutes, either. They are standing. Depending on what point of the game that is, it might well be a time when, objectively speaking, the team *had* to stand. I know you’re a Davis guy, I have been a big fan throughout his tenure, but, regardless of what the snapshot could mean to any one of us, it doesn’t appear to be a good look from those two young men.
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    Conversation between coaching candidate and Athletic Director: Candidate: "And, why did you fire your previous coach?" Athletic Director: "We were 11-3." Yep. That has a lot of potential.
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    This is why I’m far more concerned with recruiting than anything game or X and O’s related. The reality is that we have one guy on the entire roster that is at an elite level. TJD is the only player on this team that I could see starting for truly top-tier college team. I was holding out hope that Archie was going to recruit at a higher, or more consistent level, but now I don’t see it happening. After TJD and Langford, and maybe Hunter, we’re basically recruiting kids ranked 100/120+, and now if we miss the tournament again I don’t see the recruiting recovering from that. Once the team is consistently losing and it’s coupled with lost recruiting momentum, then I think it’s extremely difficult to recover from that as a coach.
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    This! IU basketbalk is broken at the administrative level. This is bigger than Archie. I think Archie can be great at a school that actually supports and wants its basketball program to be the premier aspect of its university. IU isn’t that school anymore. The coach has to fight to get things, doesn’t have the support, etc. I’m not sure how or who can fix this?
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    Because that works out like 1% of the time. I will take the 99% odds that a 3 year dog is a dog. Right now it looks like we made the worst hire of like situated competition. UL and OSU are top 10 in year 3 and we have people still talking about needing time.... We went your patience route with Davis and Crean. Look where it got us.
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    15-4 and now we are looking good
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    Exactly, he is a true freshman by playing experience, and unlike the freshman, he did not play any basketball at all for 8-10 months. I saw him in high school and he was very good against good competition. He will be a double digit scorer for us in the future.
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    Saw Rob walking through the handshake line at the end of the game
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    The improvement as far as effort is immense. A complete 40 minutes of sustained focus/intensity. Now, please, please, please a little better on FTs?
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    I know we swept Sparty last year.....but if there is one whiny ass coach and team (minus Winston who is a baller) I want to beat it's MSU. Bring it crowd. Thursday night late.
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    I hope he would be able to kill me since I am 49 years old and have had knee surgery plus 30 pounds to much. Plus I am only 5'8
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    Not that it makes it any better for us today, but there really is a lot of bad basketball out there right now. 'Good' teams that just look like crap at times. As if there's a total lack of IQ and fundamentals these days. I've tuned in to many games that are just terrible to watch for stretches. (No, not only our games)
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    I think we played hard. The effort was there. I think the refs let too much go underneath and not enough outside. The only thing that is going to get the offense going is hitting outside shots so they can’t pack the middle or getting a ton of FTs. We beat OSU because they had to guard the 3 because how hot we started at the start. That opened up driving and passing lanes. One thing I am so tired of is one handed shots. What ever happened to the two handed jumper?
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    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who doesn’t “like” Archie has only proven they’ve lost all capacity for reason and are completely over the top. That guy is a class act and has done nothing but show that. Give me a break. 😡
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    College basketball players should not get a free pass on criticism when there are legitimate issues with effort, attitude, or being a good teammate. If you don't want criticism, stand up and cheer on your teammates when everyone else on the team is. If you don't want criticism, play within the structure of your team's offense and don't go all Globetrotter and take idiotic shots that have no chance of going in If you don't want criticism, pay attention when your coach is talking to the team in the huddle. If you don't want criticism, don't talk back to your coach when you get taken out of the game. None of those bullet points are speculation, none of those are rumors, and more importantly, none of those are things a player like Victor Oladipo would ever do. Those are things we saw with our own eyes. Stop defending the action. Stop making excuses. Expect change. Doesn't mean Archie has to kick kids off, but it does mean he has the right to expect those actions to cease. And, yes, IU fans have the right to expect those actions to cease as well.
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    They’ve been removed from Crean for 3 years. It’s on Archie. But either way IU sucks and that sucks!
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    Sure it is. I get it. Eventually though fans have to understand each team/year/unit is different. Last year we sucked for 12 games in a row at one point. So far during this two game skid we played a horrible 7 minutes vs Arkansas and just a bad game vs Maryland during the final 30 or so. Eventually emotional intelligence has to hit the fans (I'm guilty of the other side) and realize each team/year is different. Why not give this group a chance to show how it's different? I get the angst about program I truly do but that should be a thread by itself. This thread was about Durham and now it's turned into state of the program talk....and I've added to it. Just my two cents. Maybe someone should start a overall program evaluation thread and those who want to debate that there will....
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    I’m there with you. Archie wasn’t my guy when they hired him. But I’ve been supportive of him. I’ve reached the end of my rope though. Barring a turnaround this season, the new AD needs to make a statement and make IU great again.
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    Here is the problem Parakeet. You can call a timeout, set up play after play. But Arkansas crammed the middle, and extended pressure on our guards. Everyone screams its the coach. Im not sticking up for Archie, but until our guards can force teams out of that sort of D, we will struggle heavily.
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    I have been on this board for years and I have never read where Mile has attacked anyone personally or used poor grammar. On the other hand you are like a spoiled brat. I don't care for your posts and I hope the mods ban you from here. Also, please put me on ignore.
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