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    What a great day for Anthony and the rest of the Leals! I couldn’t be more proud of how he has handled this process!
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    Eric Gordon is very loyal to our program. He is very vocal on Twitter about our Hoosiers. He reps IU almost more than any of our former players. It’s not his fault he was good enough to be a one and done...
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_RCqiFd9NnE Anthony is the primary videographer in this middle school media project. He’s wearing the #12 jersey. Enjoy & Go Hoosiers! 🔴⚪️
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    If all goes well with Hunter, I think we are really going to lament being deprived the chance to see a healthy Phinisee with Romeo and Hunter on the wings. We are talking about long, athletic wings and a top notch point guard. By the way, I can't imagine an IU fan criticizing Romeo. This is a kid who could have gone anywhere and chose IU. He's still engaged with IU even from Boston. He did everything he could for IU. He deserves our respect.
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    He’s expected/expecting to play right away. I’ve been told he will start 5 on 5 in September. He’s been playing in other places when coaches aren’t around....😊
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    He has been doing everything except 5 on 5. Including the sand pit.
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    A kid who pops for Indiana that has, arguably, two of the BIGGEST and BEST coaching staffs wanting him to delay his decision so he can visit their campuses... That's a kid I like
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    Didn't want to upset their family but was killing me to not divulge earlier. But, super happy for Mark and Dawn. And, Trey is going to college for free. So what a great night for them!
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    HSN you guys might like this one: Just a day after his commitment, Trey Galloway is already talking about recruiting for the Hoosiers
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    Anyone that rips the kid over a personal choice should be given a 'vacation' by the mods.
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    After checking. I found out that Jerome is making good progress. And has not had a set back from the condition that sidelined him last season.
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    Sounds like it could be this afternoon.
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    I’ll let Anthony and his family have their big day on Friday evening. Prefer not to say anything at this time.
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    You’ll probably be surprised then
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    Matt Cross has been IU’s #1 since April. He isn’t “ranked” (rankings... LOL) as high as others but the head coach wants him as bad or more than any other current player on IU’s board. He is the clear-cut priority. After his commitment (early September? Hopefully to IU) then things get interesting with some of the bigger name prospects and more highly rated types.
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    I'm not one to follow recruiting much. I'm perfectly content to leave that to CAM. I simply am not impressed with * ratings because they never seem to include the equally important aspects that make a great player such as coachability, character, desire, and mutual respect that is just as necessary when building a culture and playing a team sport. I personally am too old and have no interest in any social media but realize it is staple with these young mens generation. Reading about the Tweets from TJD and now TG to other recruits really pleases me on many levels. It shows they care about more than self. They truly seem happy to be here to bring IUBB back to it's rightful place of being an perennial BB power. CTA has taken some snide remarks about his LEO mantra. However, look at his results and the upward trajectory that IUFB seems to be on under his guidance. CAM may not call it LEO but to me he seems to be addressing the missing culture piece as well as the talent situation. All in all I am very hopeful about IU sports in general right now.
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    Anthony Leal is a Hoosier. He discusses. - growing up an IU fan - playing with Trey Galloway - what he can bring from day 1 - who is he recruiting next? all right here...and all free of course. Indiana kids committing to IU shouldn't be hidden behind paywalls. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/new-iu-basketball-commit-anthony-leal-aiming-for-his-highest-potential/
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    You know... I realize that some on here give you a lot of latitude. But I hope you understand how fortunate you are to be able to post on an IU board and be able to basically disrespect a kid and a program by claiming that one of your school’s recruits is a superior player over an IU commit. I would argue that if I went over to Gold and Black or any Purdue board and started spouting off, I’d be summarily dismissed and probably banned. All i’m saying is, hopefully your Purdue education taught you about the concept of tact. Maybe it did, and you forgot. More likely, it’s a foreign idea to you and you need to learn what it means and how to employ it.
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    Some news on Luke Goode (pronounced Goodey) -Is best friends with Caleb Furst -They want to play together -His father played football at IU -His uncle is Trent Green -He and his family want him to play at IU -He is "mad" that IU has not offered him yet -Family is concerned that because IU just landed Galloway and likely to land Leal - Archie may not want another 6'5 white shooting guard from Indiana -As a sophomore he played substantial minutes as varsity quarterback for Homestead. Very good QB that is "tough as nails". Going to catch a lot of his football and basketball games this year. Will keep everyone updated.
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    Pass. Same father as Keion and for me that's reason enough to steer clear.
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    Just saw that his brother had a stroke. He has been a great member of this forum and is an asset to the Hoosier community. Thoughts and prayers for your family.
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    Of course you do. But other than Purdue fans and his mom, no one else agrees with that.
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    "Only thing with them, they are going to try and get pieces around me and we will go from there.” - Love "I look forward to doing what I can to make an impact from day one.” - Galloway "Thank you to Coach Miller and his staff for investing in me and giving me the chance to live my childhood dream of being a Hoosier" - Leal I realize the circumstances are different but to quote Sesame Street, "one of these things is not like the others".
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    Our last 2 commits: Smart, well coached, born and raised with Indiana Basketball in their blood. Can't beat it.
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    Then why be on an IU message board?
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    I don't think the AD should publicly state who he thinks the coach should recruit. If you want to talk to him about it behind closed doors, okay. But, to say it publicly? What if Archie does not agree with that approach?
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    This is one topic where I'm with Cal/UK on this. I want IU to be innovators in the sport. As someone who hasn't lived in Indiana in almost 30 years, I sometimes view these things more nationally than locally. But IMO, around the country IU is viewed as old and out-dated in terms of the bball program, and I see other schools, and especially their AD's being really creative, etc. I believe playing on the navy ship was the idea of MSU's AD. Cal/UK, along with some others, have spearheaded this neutral-site/showcase in different cities thing that is popular now. Yet IU is the school worried about an extra home game and playing the local schools in the Crossroads Classic (where really only people in Indiana care that much). 99% of the board is going to HATE this, but if I'm Glass I'm perfectly willing to play UK at neutral sites, but we're not playing in Indy. This isn't a showcase UK game, this is a showcase IU & UK game. We're playing in NYC, Philly, DC, Chicago. We're going to play in Phoenix in a double-header that also features Arizona playing somebody like Nevada, New Mexico or Texas. Maybe each year it rotates cities and there's an "undercard" with two somewhat local schools. Maybe another country. I'm making this an event every December that other schools are jealous of. Be innovative. Make IU exciting again. I'm not by any means saying to drop tradition. The tradition and the fanbase are what make IU as relevant as it still is. But it's also time for creativity, innovation, and making IU 'cool' again.
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    ????? Followed by "How does it feel to piss off your future coach before you even made it to campus?"
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    No HTDs here. That's Isaac Haas.
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    Dudes Twitter pic is literally of him in his IU jersey, still. Thomas Bryant has IU stuff all over his twitter as well. This is honestly a REALLY silly argument. I'll bet plenty of people who post here weren't IU grads, and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with their fandom. It's a good thing: Gordon, Zeller, VO, TB, OG, and Romeo were able to leave early. Really good.
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    3 and a half months here. Now she is in med school.😃
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    I love when Indiana kids are on IU. Wanna know what I love more? Winning! Two of my all time favorite players aren’t from Indiana (Moye, Oladipo). Don’t think it matters where they come from if you are winning. As they say winning cures everything!
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    No clue who the person is. One of the joys (for some, not me) of Twitter is you can make a fake name and say whatever the hell you want.
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    These SI articles always make me laugh. “Junior forward Justin Smith will step into that space, but he’ll need help from both Jackson-Davis and Brunk under the basket to do so, especially with the graduation of 6’10” Evan Fitzner, who was a helpful presence in the paint last season.” Uhhhh... Sure he was, lol.
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    Indiana offered tonight. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-2021-names-to-know-ohio-center-logan-duncomb/
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    Depends what you consider locking up the state. We can't get every single good Indiana player. Not enough scholarships, and just not realistic. However, we landed Romeo and TJD, each of which were Indiana Mr. Basketball and All Americans. We also got Galloway, Phinisee, Armaan, and Damezi. Also in great shape with Leal and Lander. I think he is doing just fine. We missed out on Keion, so what.
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    Scott, you are a valued poster but I think what people are saying is that the issue is that you seem to take shots at certain posters. You personalize it. With some of your views, other posters could take that approach with you, but instead they largely discuss with you on the merits. I'm obviously not a moderator here but, personally, I like diverse points of view. DBM and Long Duk Dong don't take themselves that seriously and have been contributing to our group through various incarnations of the board for many years. Our fan base is hardly monolithic. The way I look at it, every poster here represents the mindset of countless other fans not posting. I think those views can be heard. It's not like we are talking about anything that serious. It's like when you start talking about how you like the way basketball used to be and don't like some things about the modern game. There are posters who think you take it to an extreme and debate with you. Personally, just like DBM and LDD, I like hearing what you have to say because you have a point of view, which, while not popular, does represent a certain segment of fans out there. That segment can have a voice IMO. I think a great thing about the board is people bring different perspectives. We don't have to be on the same page, and that's ok. If we all agreed on everything, this board would essentially devolve into the Chris Farley character "Remember when we had Cheaney and Henderson? That was awesome."
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    I wish we would just hire someone and get it over with. I've been answering calls from numbers I don't recognize in hopes it's Archie calling to offer me the job. No such luck, but my carpets are now clean and I found out about a wonderful new charity in Nigeria.
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    Have you guys watched him at all? He's really not a 4, although he would likely play some 4. He's much more comfortable as a ball-handler than any 4 would be. He's pretty rangy out there, and honestly doesn't fit well into a traditional role. A coach would be an idiot to park him under the basket or anywhere, really. Watch this, and tell me he doesn't play like a big guard: I know the fear here is that he'd be out there guarding an opposing team's 4, at 6'9" or something. Maybe, but that means we'd have our own help there from our 5. Matt is really more of an offensive threat, meaning the other coach is going to have to put a good, rangy, fast defender on him, which likely means some 6'5" wing. Matt's not a guy you use as a placeholder because you don't have someone better. He's a guy that you fit onto the floor because he makes you better. He's a body out there, too. He plays physical and is happy to mix it up in the lane. And if he gets a rebound he's likely to be flying down the court with it looking to make a play. As far as I can tell, Archie really wants to attack the basket. Matt is that kind of player. Matt averaged 23 pts and 9.5 rebounds at EYBL this year. THAT IS ELITE. He hustles. Says he's into "old school" basketball. Let's not talk ourselves out of this one. He's not hard to define because he doesn't excel at one position. He's hard to define because he excels at many. View him as a big guard if that helps.
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    Justin Smith was ranked higher than Victor Oladipo. Your point?
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    Firing either Allen or Miller so soon is premature at this point, imo. In regards to Allen. He is improving the talent level and bringing in/ being considered by a higher level of recruits than we have ever had. I believe he just needs more time to build the depth of the roster to survive the gauntlet that is the BG East. CAM has restored a respect for IU basketball from the high school and AAU coaches in state that has been missing for some time. We all want instant gratification for the program but it is going to take time for this to bear fruit. We are in on a ton of in state kids that frankly we would not have even sniffed at in prior coaching regimes. Also, Archie has the blessing of RMK which has to have some impact on the big dollar donors. I don’t discount the fact that Coach Knight, regardless of his state of mind, has moved back to Bloomington. His endorsement of CAM, imo, buys a fair amount of time with those in position to make changes
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    Of course not but if Smart had hit that game winning shot to win the NCAAT against UK he would have been elected Governor of Indiana and maybe the now Simon Sjodt Assembly Hall would have been called the Keith Smart whooping UK's ass Arena
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    After the Brooks debacle, I'm not counting on anything, just sayin'......
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