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    So my post about Crean and Buckley was wrong, was getting played. 😡 So far no mention to IU being involved and nobody on the inside is expecting a thing other than a commitment from someone from New Albany. Staff was already confident in getting him, now the other competition just eliminated itself
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    Hold on tight. I think Crean was above reproach in all of these things, so IU should be safe. We might disagree on him as a coach, but we were lucky to have a man of his caliber leading our program.
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    Get ready to run naked
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    Sounds like things are...Trendon up for IU. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
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    Thank you to the posters who several times got this topic back on track instead of allowing it to devolve in to some stupid political discussion. I don't care what channel you turn on for news. At all. Also, thank you to the posters who have brought forward credible info. This is a lot to sift through and it makes it easier when I see a handful of posters continuously posting factual info post after post. You know what's really funny in all of this? I can't remember one time in my damn life that I have bought a brand of shoe because of a professional player. This is about freaking shoe companies. Unbelievable. UNC is going to get away with academic fraud hands clean and UL is going down for a long time. I don't take any delight in seeing a fan base taken down with a coach. Happened to us and everyone piled on. Not a great spot to be in especially since as fans we don't make any decisions but get the brunt of something like this.
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    If they investigate the Johnson/Vonleh connection, we may have to vacate the 2014 8th place Big Ten finish.
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    Please Help CC, HF, Mile, HH, Blue and myself, in welcoming CauseThatsMyDj to Mod team. We are happy to have him!!
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    I will say this based on the above statement and tweet, Tom Crean and Rick Pitino could not be any more polar opposite than they are. You have a class act guy and the scum of the earth in these two.
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    Is Rick Pitino still allowed to do in-homes, or has the NCAA ruled that puts Moms and older sisters at risk?
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    lol. FBI to the NCAA: "please, let the professionals handle this."
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    "The panel is troubled by the university's shifting positions about whether academic fraud occurred on its campus and the credibility of the Cadwalader report, which it distanced itself from after initially supporting the findings. However, NCAA policy is clear. The NCAA defers to its member schools to determine whether academic fraud occurred and, ultimately, the panel is bound to making decisions within the rules set by the membership." That's an actual quote from the report. They defer to the member school to determine if academic fraud occurred? That is without a doubt the dumbest thing I've ever heard. NCAA: "Hey Calipari. None of your players went to class but they all got straight A's. Sounds like academic fraud to me. What do you think?" Calipari: "Ummmm, no?" NCAA: "Oh, okay. Sounds good to me! Have a great day."
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    And then you have this. Pretty unbelievable guy I would say.
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    Archie has addressed the issue: Personally, I am going to take him at his word and rest easy on this.
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    I hope he does not mind, my sharing as he has with the mod squad. Some of you are aware. And others, I am sure are not. That CC has been trying to find employment for the better part of two years. He has gone through many sacrifices in that time. Too many to share. However, he has always remained a huge presence at Hoosier Sports Nation. Despite all his travails. Ironically, it was his dedication to Hoosier Sports Nation and his listing HSN on his resume.... that helped lead him to securing a new and profitable position with a legitimate firm in Phoenix, this week. As the COO and others of that firm, are B1G fans, and checked out HSN during the hiring process. So... share with me, the joy I have for our founder ..... who over the months... nah I say years, now.... never gave up on his dreams. Oh, in case your are not aware.... one of our mods, HF, who lives in Phoenix is ready to welcome CC.... with a first drink that is on HF !
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    Just as with the Garland in home.... all of the IUBB coaches attended the Langford in home. And just as with the Garland in home.... the Langford family loved having the entire staff to meet, greet, get acquainted with, and ask questions of. Needless to say, another successful in home visit of a 5 star target.
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    The respective team pitches: Vandy - We're smarter than the other guys. Louisville - Let us strip things down for you. UCLA - Come here and start a shoe line, your dad can run it for you. UNC - Classes? What classes? IU - Yes, you can be an Indiana Legend, a hero in your home state for the rest of time, and be the focus of the Indiana basketball program, restored to greatness.
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    Vitale is the worst kind of hypocrite. Claims he loves the game, but condones and/or ignores a whole lot that diminishes the game itself.
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    Most 'experts' and talking heads do not think Louisville will receive the Death Penalty. The excuse I hear most is that it is just too punitive. Here's where I have a huge problem with that. Other than the Death Penalty, what would appear to be the major deterrents to cheating, One of the biggest, if not the biggest, would be vacate Championships. Well, in this case, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS after Louisville had a championship vacated, and WHILE THEY WERE APPEALING that ruling, they turned around and were offering 6 figure cash inducements to multiple recruits. I personally don't see where anything short of the Death Penalty is satisfactory. Louisville blatantly thumbed their nose at the NCAA, and apparently the banner thing wasn't enough pressure to stop. Is it punitive? Absolutely. SMU never fully recovered. But, that's what would scare a coach straight. I've heard discussions about the partial death penalty, like Baylor got in basketball a few years ago when they were not allowed to play non-conference games. Not a big enough deterrent. New coach comes in to 'fix' things and he's just as dirty as the one that was fired. Shut Louisville down, or this problem will not be fixed, no matter how many other schools are pulled into it.
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    Anyone else sick and tired of Jay Bilas and his pompous commentary?
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    If Teflon John escapes this one I give up.
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    They didnt want the FBI to get them all at once.
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    I don't understand why so many people keep saying the athletes should be paid....It's not going to happen. Title XI would requires equal treatment/assets provided to all. So if you want to pay the high revenue players you have to pay ALL of them and most likely you'll have to pay them equally. I don't care how much revenue major schools get from basketball/football, its not enough to pay every athlete on campus. It also makes the students employees of the state and/or institution which opens up another can of worms. If players want to get paid outside their scholarship and stipend they can play in the D leagues/Minor Leagues and/or overseas...no one will miss those players and the college brand will thrive because the fans root for their schools not matter if they have "1 and done" talent.
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    Thank you! Excited to join the team!
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    Thinking out loud here. Hearing all these Head Coaches, Athletic Directors, and University Presidents saying they are shocked by what has happened at their schools, almost makes me want to vomit. How can every day fans, like us have known this has been going on for years now..... and they had no clue ? Thinking out loud some more: Wonder what Jeff Meyer has been thinking the past couple of days. You remember. The Jeff Meyer, Crean went off on, saying "You helped ruin a program". Many of us were taken aback at the time. But perhaps Crean knew more than he was letting onto. I don't know. Just thinking out loud.
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    My fantasy is that, as wide-ranging as the FBI investigation seems to be, maybe they'll uncover the bribes that Wisconsin gives the referees. A guy can hope, can't he?
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    that was longer than his meeting with the women at the restaurant.
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    Lol, did Albers mention where Billy Donovan was today?
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    i dont believe ANYBODIES sources after HSN 2.0 Billy D thread. I take any Hoosier news from our fellow posters with a grain of salt.
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    Time for IU to sign an apparel deal with WalMart.
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    That would have saved us a lot of problems if the Baylor coach would have succeeded.
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    It won't happen, but I wouldn't mind to bring him in as a guest for Midnight Madness just to thank him. For getting the program on the right track and handing over Archie a relatively stable basketball program. While I agreed that Crean needed to go, he has been nothing but classy since his exit....I think we throw some class back his way.
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    Congrats CC on bringing it back. Stopped in to say hello. Natty sent me a message elsewhere and said you guys started up the site again. Edit: To all involved getting it up and going it looks awesome. Been a long time on some.
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    I LOL'd at the UK fan who tweeted "who cares?" Buddy, you would if you thought your school had a snowball's chance of landing him...
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    "Perhaps the most revealing part of the past 48 hours came from numerous conversations with coaches and assistants throughout the sport. There’s a near-universal admission that they had no sense that the activities of coaches, agents and sneaker company reps were against the law. (The NCAA’s impotent enforcement department had been incapable of policing the grassroots underworld for decades.) The culture of the activities described in the federal court documents – buying players, steering players and brokering deals for kickbacks – has become such an engrained part of the sport’s culture that there was widespread shock that it was raised to federal government implications. The activities the feds are investigating, to many in college basketball, were considered business as usual." https://sports.yahoo.com/feds-decided-college-basketballs-corruption-worth-time-171833684.html This sentiment drives me absolutely crazy. Let me say this, at the outset, I do believe significant reform is in order, something along the lines of compensating players on some level moving forward. However, up until now, with the rules in place as we know and understand them, these guys either had their heads so far up one direction or so far down in the sand, it's baffling. Not thinking something's illegal is not a viable defense, ever, for anyone. Besides, these guys knew it was at least against the rules of their sanctioning body, but apparently they've long since given any thought to that. "We knew were breaking the NCAA rules, no worries, but if we'd known our actions constituted widespread, (illegal) fraud, we surely wouldn't have done it." Good, decent people, unfortunately, are also the victims here. The fallout isn't just limited to a handful of recruits, their schools, their families, and their sneaker companies. Fans and a majority of boosters, even students, dutifully bought tickets, merchandise, made contributions, sat through commercials of sponsors of the games they were interested in watching. They did all of these things with rightful hope and expectation that the sport was being conducted on the up-and-up, that the seedy underbelly that we have all suspected, was just that: the underside of the sport. Nobody wanted to believe or had any necessary reason to suspect basketball was this fraught with corruption. Does eighty years seem like a long time for one of these guys to spend in prison? Yeah. But, consider the full mathematical fallout in the situation. How many 100's of thousands of fans were bilked out of a cumulative tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of their hard-earned dollars? Money they spent because they had honest hope that the outcome of this game could go either way, more easily than it has. In short, to those in and around the periphery of the sport, that had knowledge of and were involved in ushering in this heinous activity: Eff you.
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    Peter Jurkin has a take: This should also make us feel better that IU is going to come out clean.
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    The bad thing about this is, now that there is blood in the water, my thirst for more is not allowing me to be patient. It's perfectly logical that, if Nike EYBL was just raided a couple of days ago, it's going to take quite a while to sift through all of the data and come up with charges. Me? I want to see that headline with John Calipari's name on it, and I want to see it now.
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    If it was the 80s/90s, you might get some flack. But I don't think there are many Dickie V supporters anymore. He's pretty much been a clown for 20 years now. He definitely had his time and has a legacy, but hasn't been relevant to serious fans for some time.
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    Rumors that Kansas has 'benefited' from their affiliation with Adidas are out there. There is ZERO chance that Romeo declares for any school until more about this scandal is known. That, in and of itself, makes Doyel's statement today ludicrous.
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    IU about out of the woods, I'll keep you posted when I get more info.😡
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    Man even though CLEVELAND STATE is not in the report.....They are gonna get the death penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Archie taking another in-home today to see Romeo.
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    I was always really impressed by Christian's parents when he was at IU. They are solid, classy people. I always admired how they would make that long drive for all of Christian's games. I will admit I'm biased toward this kid because of his family, but I really want him to be a Hoosier.