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    Coach seeing TJD today.
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    Thinking this is going to happen in the next two weeks. October 11 or October 12 still seems likely to me. He won't be committing at HH I've been told by a number of people.
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    I thought it would be fun for people to post a picture of what they think different posters look like. I feel like I have an image in my head of what people look like based on how they post, which I'm sure is way off of reality. No offense intended to anybody, all in good fun. I'll start it off. @milehiiu @5fouls @btownqb @KoB2011 @hoosiertildeath @Stlboiler23
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    Yep, I think that was a situation of overestimating where you really stand in the pecking order. You wait for guys like TJD and Romeo Langford. When you have more of a toss up like Franklin and Newman, it is first to commit. Newman and Painter will have at least one thing to bond over, they would have both preferred to be at IU before they had to settle for Purdue.
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    Here is my Buzz Williams story. In January of 2010 my son Ayden was diagnosed with DNA Depletion Syndrome a form of Mito Disease and we were told he would not live to see his 3rd birthday. I was coaching high school basketball at Jennings County and a group of students started a prayer, support group for Ayden called Ayden's Army. Word got out to Kelly Combs who was head of the Kentucky High School Boys basketball Assoc. We have never met but he asked to become a member of Ayden's Army and asked permission to share with the members of his assoc. Within days we received many calls, text, emails letters of support from coaches and their families that we had never met. The coaching fraternity like many others is amazing. I was in class one day and the Principal came to my room and told me to go to his office that I was expecting a phone call, and he would take over my class to stay as long as I needed. Having no idea what to expect i was shocked when I received a call from Head Coach at Marquette Mr Buzz Williams. 1 week before the beginning of the Big East tourney he is taking the time to call a nobody in little town Indiana to talk about his sick little boy. I was more than blown away. We talked for an hour and a half and never mentioned basketball or coaching. We talked life, family, GOD etc.. I was really overwhelmed that someone could truly care about people that they had never met. Coach said that the team wanted to become official members of Aydens Army and they wanted to purchase 40 T shirts and 40 bracelets in support of Ayden. We shipped them out and Coach had the entire team and staff take a photo in their Camo Aydens Army shirts. Talk about going way above and beyond for no particular reason but to help out a little boy and a father that was more than struggling. To know that my little boy was bringing attention to this terrible disease and his story was touching people made me so proud. A few weeks later I went to the mailbox to find a card sent to Ayden from Coach Williams. We wrote some inspiration thoughts and wished us all well and said he was praying for Ayden. He also said that when Ayden becomes and Indiana All Star and Marquette recruits him he would deny that this card was ever sent. On his own dime Coach made a very sizable cash donation to Aydens Army. The way that our God works is the amount of the donation was $20 more than what we needed to get Ayden to Atlanta to begin some treatments with the #1 Mito Dr in the world. At that point we were not sure how we were going to accomplish it just that we were no matter what. One of the things that most don't know about this terrible disease that most of the meds and treatments are not covered by traditional insurance. I will for ever be indebted to Coach Buzz Williams. What a great man.
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    I love how recruits are like "I'm going to take my time. It will probably be a spring decision." ...until they see their spot taken and realize they're going to have to go with their 2nd or 3rd choice. 😂😂😂
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    Fitzner can flat out shoot the ball
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    Let’s be careful judging others on past proclamations...
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    I was going to post something on here along those lines, but an article from you would be much better. Just playing around on basketball-reference due to NBA 2k19 and here's what I had in mind: Bam Adebayo - HS Rank 8th - NBA Draft 14th De'Aaron Fox - 6th - 5th Malik Monk - 9th - 11th Skal Labissiere - 2nd - 28th Jamal Murray - 10th - 7th Tyler Ullis - 18th = 34th Devin Booker 23rd - 13th Willie Cauley-Stein 38th - 6th Andrew Harrison - 5th - 44th Aaron Harrison - 6th - Undrafted Alex Poythress - 8th - Undrafted Dakari Johnson - 9th - 48th Trey Lyles - 12th - 12th Karl-Anthony Towns - 5th - 1st Julius Randle - 2nd - 7th James Young - 9th -17th Archie Goodwin 10th - 29th Nerlens Noel - 1st - 6th Anthony Davis - 1st - 1st Terrence Jones 11th - 18th Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 3rd - 2nd Doron Lamb - 26th - 42nd Darius Miller 35th - 46th Marquis Teague 7th - 29th Brandon Knight - 4th - 8th DeAndre Liggins - 34th - 53rd Eric Bledsoe - 52nd - 18th DeMarcus Cousins - 3rd - 5th Daniel Orton 19th - 29th Patrick Patterson - 10th - 14th John Wall 2nd- 1st Three big things that stand out to me: (1) - Several players dropped considerably. In his defense, he only gets highly rated players so not much of a chance to improve their stock most of the time. The thing that stands out the most to me is how many players are either out of the league or in a non-contributing role after being such high rated HS recruits. (2) - Only 4 players have become All-Stars: Wall, Cousins, KAT, and AD. All were rated top 5 recruits. Has many more top 10 recruits who have not become All-Stars. (3) - No NBA champions amongst any of them. Rondo is the only current fUK NBA player with a ring and he predates Cal.
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    The second week of October is quickly approaching...
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    247 gave a recap of the visit and it made me feel like we were the leader. He talked about how Ethan hung out with the guys a lot and got to play in an open gym with them and loved it. He went to the football game and tailgated with the players and coaches. They loved Archie from what they said and loved the program. The quotes that he used just made me truly feel like we are the leader as it stands. That is my opinion on the information and not any inside information.
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    At some point I'm going to have to pull together a story on recruits that went to UK and it didn't work out. This whole idea that they send guys to the NBA is just lazy. They were going to the NBA irrespective of where they went to school. I'd argue that there is a higher risk of getting lost on the bench because so many kids buy in to the BS and go there. Charles Matthews is just one example.
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    Captain Morgan!
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    Good luck to him, hope he doesn’t win a lot.
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    My prediction 1. Arman Franklin 2. TJD 3. KB 4. Isaiah Stewart Take it to the bank
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    Today i wanted to start off by sharing some of the things Ayden goes through on a daily basis. I am so blessed and thankful for him. I know that others endure far worse but when it's your own child it is just unexplainable. Some of the symptoms Ayden faces. Fatigue,muscle pain and cramps,low muscle tone, respiratory issues,small stature,no appetite,chronic sickness,weak immune system, prone to pneumonia and the common cold has him down for days. He runs high fevers when he is sick. Most days we carry him out of bed because his legs hurt so bad and are stiff. We massage them while he does breathing treatments. We force him to eat because he does not feel hunger. He takes Carnatine and COQ 10 medicinal supplements. A full day of school wears him out but he never lets it stop him. He currently plays baseball and is beginning karate. We recently decided to give up basketball due to the difficulty with recovery. He is picking up golf instead. He is a straight A student Treasurer of student council and my hero. I love him more than anything in this world and thank you for allowing me to tell you about MY MITO WARRIOR!!
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    Please allow this thread to discuss TJD and avoid bickering about Alford and Purdue. Thank you!