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    No way the Boilers finish 9th. I can see them finishing either 8th or 10th, but 9th is absurd.
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    Hey everyone from Bloomington. It has been a long hot summer and everybody is ready for classes to start and football to resume. Basketball is the talk of the town though with Romeo and Juwan coming back and the foundation being laid. I just wanted to interject that in my classes many times when I am lecturing about a certain topic, I will ask for the students input, which getting students these days to raise their hands and comment is very hard to do. So when it happens, I am always happy to listen. Many times I find though they will interject something about a subject that starts off in a different direction. I find when this happens that we may stray from the topic at hand, but we find interesting knowledge that is tied to the "whole" subject at hand, or what my class is based on or at least the lecture at that time. I find these sidebars to be some of the most interesting topics, since it reveals what my students are thinking, and what is important to them. In our case, I think it reveals what can be important to each of us fans, what we value, and how each player fits into our perceived vision of the future, and matching it with CAM's. I think there is something to be said for this, since we are still sussing out what CAM is all about. This is going to be HIS second recruiting class, so it is incredibly important, and continues to identify the attributes he identifies as important to him and how he will form our base. We will need 3-4 classes to see the total plan in action. I for one find these discussions as long as they don't take over threads to be invaluable, because you find bits of knowledge that are related, but you never really considered before. Hope everyone is having a good summer and excited for football and especially bball to start.
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    I'll bet Juwan is thinking, "Man, every time I come over here to work out, that dude is here...creepy..."
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    Dain Ervin just lodged a crystal ball pick for IU, for anyone worrying that things were trending elsewhere.
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    Archie is in the Fort today
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    I’m torn between being intrigued to search for the latest news, and being turned off by modern realities. For now, I think it may be best for me to realize Archie will do what is best for IU, his own career, and that of his assistants. The new wait until spring trend...nah, too many other things to do to be held captive by teenagers.
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    If he doesn’t end up a Hoosier, something went really strange had to of happened.
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    My wife does not read this forum.
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    Hey guys, Not sure if you saw on twitter or listened to Dakich but Purdue’s play by play man Larry Clisby was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung/brain cancer. Hoping you guys can keep him in your thoughts and prayers if that isn’t too much to ask. If this needs to be moved to the off topic thread I understand.
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    Pretty easy answer to me. Stay with my dudes and compete for something.
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    Lololololol I'm awesome. Tendonitis and tonsillitis.... does reading comprehension even matter? Haha that's good s***. If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?
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    Here's hoping that Juwan wins Big Ten Player of the year for 2018+2019 !! I absolutely enjoyed watching him play last season ! I hope that he remains healthy all season long !
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    Just saying KB needs to take notice. Archie will wait as long as he can unless another good recruit is ready to jump in. I know KB isnt a guard BTW...Lol
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    Yawn. This was me out in the yard earlier.
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    They had a much more complete roster than us. And the transition from Matta to Holtmanns system is extremely small compared to that of Crean and Archie.
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    And the griping about Carton's recruitment being dirty that has started to permeate the board is just sour grapes.
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    Juxtapose that with TJD and KBJ coming to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria and their officials and hanging out with quality guys that they know well like Romeo, Damezi and Phinisee. It can be uncomfortable to see these guys go through the process, but most would do the same if given the chance. We continue to be in good shape here.
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    With D.J. Carton off the board, we walk through the remaining 2019 guard options -- and where IU stands with each. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/with-carton-off-the-board-where-indiana-turns-its-focus-for-2019-guards/
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    I’m an Indiana high school boys coach. Means the world to me and our community, as I’m sure it does across the state. We have 1,700 fans minimum at every home game in a 2,000 seat gym. If he feels that is the best fit for him, then have at it. Love to have him at IU, but just for what it’s worth, he’s the 7-9th guy next year...IMO this years class is gonna be a stud class we talk about for years to come. Also, barring some injury or out of nowhere, we’ll be getting 2 Mr Basketballs in a row (TJD) so long as that recruitment continues like it has been! Much love y’all!
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    Surely there is an easier way to get Patrick Ewing’s autograph.
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    Complete randomness but my son Ayden is a big Lebron fan and when Mike Miller hit that 3 with 1 shoe on in tge finals Ayden was in the driveway shooting with 1 shoe on for the next few days. I asked him what he was doing and he said you never know what might happen in a game. We still laugh about that
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    Dropped 33 in his first game back from a torn meniscus. So there's that. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-offers-class-of-2019-guard-james-bouknight/
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    To be clear, if you’re referring to me, I don’t think the sky is falling at all. Carton would have been a nice get, but we didn’t need him and were never in the lead for him. Losing out on him should hurt a lot more for Michigan, especially coming off a national championship game. I think we’re in great hands with Archie in every aspect of building and running the program. Landing Romeo was a huge coup, and I can’t wait to see Archie coach the squad up next season. I’m not at all saying I wish we had Holtmann instead of Archie. But to say that Holtmann has nothing on Archie is a stretch. They have the same number of tournament wins and appearances in their careers. In their first year in the big leagues, Holtmann far exceeded expectations, and Archie didn’t. Archie probably did have more work to do installing a new system, but it’s just false to say Archie had “far less” talent. Juwan had a BTPOY-caliber season, we had 6 upperclassmen, talented underclassmen like Smith, etc., etc. And now Holtmann has landed two top 30 recruits in the class of 2019 before Archie has landed anyone. I still like our outlook for the 2019 class with TJD/Brooks/Newman/Franklin, but Holtmann has outperformed Archie up to this point. Will be interesting to see who comes out on top between the two in the long run... I don’t think either fanbase would trade their guy for the other.
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    Key takeaways: he doesn't talk to Mike Davis, he talks to Archie weekly. Thinks Archie may be the best coach he's ever known at Indiana.