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    FREDDIE MCSWAIN and JOSH NEWKIRK have the YOUNG HOOSIERS ROLLING against the UNDEFEATED EMU Eagles! The YOUNG Hoosiers sent three players to the NBA but are still competing HARD against one of only 84 undefeated TEAMS in the country!! Meanwhile, the TOILETMAKERS will lose their 3rd straight today against the #2 Arizona WILDCATS. The Hoosiers will be SEEKING their 6th Championship in no time under the direction of ARCHIE Miller!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tom Crean cleared the debris, and set the foundation. Now it is up to Archie Miller to build the skyscraper.
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    Romeo can go wherever he wants. Do I want him in Bloomington? Yes. But I won't lose any sleep over it if he doesn't come. Been an IU fan all my life and to be honest there have been a lot of "Romeos" we have missed out on. Kyle Macy, Scott Skiles, Rick Fox, and Eric Montross come to mind. Just relax.......it is what it is.
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    The ranges of emotion some of y'all go through would be enough to give this old man a coronary. It truly is nice to get to a stage in life where I can root for IU without IU basketball redefining who I am. In my 20's, an IU loss would render me unfit to be around for a week. I'm thankful that the years have worn away that level of sensitivity to IU basketball wins and losses. It's likely saved my life several times in the last decade.
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    Sorry Dan, that's what fans, of any sport, do. No participation trophies here.....
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    I'm a central Indiana HS coach...will say this...Phinisee is absolutely solid. My personal opinion, will contribute right away, both in practice and on the floor. Chris Reynolds type player, more scoring ability, even at 5'11. Can dunk it however you want...may not be superstar immediately, but will flourish with those already here and coming in.
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    To Belmont tonight at home. All 10 people in their fan base gave us a hard time losing to an inferior opponent on Friday - karma
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    I really believe the decision to suspend the three thieves came from higher up than Alford. Just think of what Ball's stat's at UCLA will look like in the record books...... 0 points, 0 rebounds, and ONE steal !
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    And the key part to that is that IU wasn't in the game because of some insane, unexpected shooting night, it was through grit, grind, preparation, scheme, and smart basketball.
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    His dad said Garland was actively recruiting Romeo to Vandy. Nothing groundbreaking and something we all knew already. Some are just deciding to read into it along with the fact that Romeo was quoted in saying he has watched Vandy and Kansas but not IU yet. There is no insider info here which is why the poster in question was being vague. He did this on the other site in an effort to convince everyone he has inside access to IU info. I suspect he was vouched for by mods because he broke sampsongate and it would bring a large amount of attention to the site and you saw the result of that with the Donovan fiasco which turned out to be completely made up. When people speak in vague absolutes it’s not inside info. It’s attention seaking babble. Take it for what it is, and with a grain of salt. I can assure you the tune will change mutiple times before it’s all said and done
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    Exactly. Duke is a lot better than us, nobody would argue that. But we have a puncher's chance, especially at home. In the famous words of AJ Moye: "It's not like they're the University of Jesus Christ and we're playing the twelve disciples. It's just Duke. Duke is just a name on a jersey."
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    You know, Hoosiertildeath and I were just having a similar conversation about how he has mellowed over the years and how we laugh about our rivals obsession with IU.
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    I might get blasted for this, but the amount of personal attacks on the players is over the top. We all want to see good play and enjoy success. Pathetic, cry-babies, clueless, worthless, etc.....We should also be mentally tougher and not resort to personal attacks and finger pointing.
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    If the NCAA determines he was driving to a fake class, he should be okay. But if, not there might be trouble.
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    I have been thinking about this thread for a day. This game means nothing to Archie except its just another game the team needs to improve in. Is he feeling pressure to win, no. He took over a crap team that had no idea how to play basketball. We all knew that coming in to the season. We watched it all of last season. The only tournament this team might get into is the NIT. To say any game this season does something for or against Archie in a meaningful way is just crazy talk frankly. IU basketball didn't become a dumpster fire over night and its not going to get fixed over night. Can you imagine watching Crean coach this team with no shooters? Hartman wouldn't be here. RoJo. CuJo, Green and Newkirk going 8 for 40 from 3 every night. Boy that would be fun to watch. Do I want us to win every game, you bet. Do I get pissed when we lose? Only when we give games away like UofL, or come out like we could care less. I hope we beat a good ND team saturday but if we don't, it means anything to Archie and his time here. For me this game is just another game closer to this senior class being gone.
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    My thoughts... I totally have coach-crush on Archie. He gives me basketball warm-fuzzies. I'm more confident in him that anyone since Knight and Archie doesn't bring the bad-Knight qualities into the equation. I like what I see on the court and as much what I hear off of the court. He doesn't sugar coat anything, does not accept moral victories even when we might, and is very precise and articulate in every comment he makes. He doesn't throw people under the bus but also is honest and tells it how it is. I think he has the personal will, resolve and talent to build a quality program we will be excited about. His coaching has put this team in a position to succeed and win in games that I really didn't think was possible a few short weeks ago. The players are getting open looks against quality teams. If they hit even a pedestrian 33% of the open looks they've gotten, a few of these near misses are literally a totally different ballgame. Even with mistakes and lack of execution at times...we are in these games (against superior teams) and I see the perimeter shooting as the main culprit for not being able to hang on when the opponent digs in and makes a run late (speaking mainly of Duke and UL). No one can say if Archie will hang a banner (or more), but if he can recruit (and already has without much to success to show), I have every confidence that we will be a national power year in and year out, and relatively soon. It won't be this year, and we will likely have growing pains next year, but the rocket ship is on the launching pad and the igniters are lit. A couple quality shooters with length and this season looks totally different.
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    Because a teams talent isn’t just an average of its recruiting rankings. At its core, basketball is a game of size, speed, length, athleticism, and skill, and this current team is currently very poorly constructed. We have no size and length, aren’t particularly athletic, fast or quick, etc. , and aren’t particularly skilled other than Morgan and maybe Davis. The recruits coming in begin the foundation of a new regime/style. I don’t think next years class all of the sudden makes IU considerably better out of the gate, but it begins an era where we’re adding size, length and athleticism at positions we haven’t had that. Instead of wings that are 6’2”, we’re going to have guys that are 6’6” and taller with length and athleticism. Instead of a bunch of combo guards trying to play point guard, we’ll have an actual point guard. Forrester brings length and athleticism at the 4, which we haven’t had. Its pretty clear Crean wasn’t building rosters, he was recruiting players. That’s why there were several years where the roster had glaring issues (no shooting, no interior players, etc.). It’s really early with Archie, but next years class not only brings in good players, but players that seem to address what we need. Anderson is a really good shooter, both Andre and Hunter bring size, length and athlticism on the wing, Phinissee finally brings a true point, and Forrester brings length and athleticism at the 4.
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    I've ran out of likes for the day, so I can't "like" anymore of your comments. But you all have no idea how much I appreciate your messages. Truly uplifting and are something I will remember for a very long time. I will always remember the great times I had with my friend, they are memories that will last a life time. Thank you all again.
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    I Agree, I have no desire to bash CTC. We did have some success during his tenure. But he was found to have a ceiling lower than than that which IUBB fans would accept and thus he had to go. I wish him nothing but the best. I think he is a class individual and has earned our respect. Having said that, I'm more optimistic than you on the chapters being written in the new CAM Novel. Certainly more than 50/50. 1. The intro reveals a fired coach perceived as having underachieving talent and inexplicable losses ESPECIALLY in his last season. Alienating the fan base not just in W's and L's but also in style of play. Mentally weak and unengaged, no grit, no discipline, inexplicable substitution patterns, poor defense, and declining ability to recruit from within the state. 2. Chap 1. Enter CAM to save the day. First, able to retain all but 1 of the remaining players, retains all of CTC's commits, and puts together a very good recruiting class in just 6mo including the possibility of retaining one of the most sought after IN home grown recruits in years. Someone unavailable to the prior coach. 3. Chap 2. Now the resurrection of the remaining team and the new additions begin. But it entails essentially rebuilding from scratch with a completely new defense and offense. Not one of the players with any experience in the new environment. The change requires literally months and years to establish. Unrealistic expectations of an easy and quick solution to the fans woes. Then the tragic opening against ISU and now the sky is falling again. Off with their heads--especially those lingering underachieving seniors they cried. Glass got us another lemon in CAM! He's nowhere near the coach we thought we hired! 4. Chap 3. But wait! We actually begin to show life an improvement on both sides of the ball. As fans we can actually recognize defense being played by those who couldn't before. A coach actually appears to discipline player with pine time when not playing to expectations. We begin to see intensity, grit, and mental toughness. The dreaded Turnovers decrease. We actually witness a decent half of basketball agains a very good Seton Hall team. Good play against Zone defenses rarely seen in the last decade. 5. Chap 4. Redemption! In only the 7th game since beginning with the ISU loss, IU battles the best team and best athletes in the country to a draw in 37 of the 40 min of the Duke game. Halleluja! Ghosts of Christmas past come to mind: IU/UNLV, IU/KY, IU/Duke, IU/Syracuse. Unbelievable achievement by any standard. No way we have athletes of their prowess not to mention this newby coach compared to the great Coach K. BUT IT HAPPENED! Not by accident but thru hard work by the players and coaching staff. The game plan was excellent. The players played within themselves and the system being taught. They played with great intensity, grit, and intelligence. The game plan was inarguably superb. The X's and O's were there to be seen. Alas, the final 3 min was not to the fan bases liking. But what a ride we've had in just 7 games! There's already talk of Coach of the year. 6. Chap 5. Still to be written. I don't know about you, but this is a book I can't put down. I can't wait to see the remaining chapters! I think it's going to by one helluva read!
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    I readed too books. I am coming along nicely.
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    Right now, I will take good D and bad shooting for ROJO. He’s been playing damn good D on Allen!
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    I have had a ton of people talk to me saying how badly the coach did this or did that. Look, he is a first year head coach, mistakes are made under the best of circumstances. I have not been happy at times, but that is typical of a fan. Should we have beaten Maryland, MS, and Michigan? Probably. But here is the deal. This is the time of year where dents and dings are healing and your team should be healthier. We have had two weeks where we did not have major injuries. We are playing Purdue. If we are worthy of going to a bowl then we should have to beat Purdue. You win the games you are supposed to win and hope you steal one or two. This is still a game we are supposed to win. The past misses or mistakes are in the past. This team has to win because it is a game they should win. After saturday I believe we will be headed to a bowl and we have another chance to break the bowl game loss string and like it or not we can call that a breakthrough. There is a lot to be said for having everything on the line, losing is not an option.
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    Love that quote, but I'd disagree based on my limited knowledge of the disciples. There's no evidence they had any significant height and while they were good Jewish boys, I don't recall reading that any of them were lock-down defenders, had a sweet shooting stroke or could dribble the ball effectively under pressure. Meanwhile, there's plenty of evidence they were cowards who scattered like roaches during crunch time. Now if you gave Peter a sword, he could be a very effective defender and I will give Judas credit for being ahead of the game when it came to pay for play.
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    3AM and still not sleeping so........ The most important issues for the team going forward: QB position needs supporting bringing in graduate transfer or juco to give starter backup. There could be some surprises coming and they need to protect against them. offensive playbook has to go. No reverses, no misdirection, no delayed draws, qb is always in shotgun, it is just too vanilla. Deborg or not, this playbook has to go. I have seen some high schools with more creativity. After yesterday I’m not sure how they spent all that practice time on offense. RB has to beef up. Ellison and Gest can be real, but they needed another year in the weight room and Redding leaving caught them off guard. DC has to be hired. Allen is a good coach but you can’t be a head coach and DC. Put the DC upstairs where he can see from above and the HC can take a more overseeing approach. He gets too emotional as the DC and it hurts the team. That is not his role anymore. Wilson shot himself in the foot the same way by having an OC but refusing to let him do anything. Before the bowl game last year I asked the then OC how many games he had actually called and was told he had not called any plays, much less games. I am optimistic that they got enough young defensive players some experience this year and the losses will have less impact. Offense is going to have to be more running qb style because we lose Luke, Ian, and Simmie along with a few other receivers. But Mack, Waterboy the TE(who is a good kid and player) and some of the other youngsters look good and will be very good by mid season. other than that, we just need to use the big ten association to keep recruiting taller and faster players we can bring in the program and beef up. Right now we aren’t going to always out recruit Ohio, Wisconsin, MS, UM, and a couple of others so act like real coaches and develope players by recruiting frames you can develope and put muscle on them. Go for the taller frames with good athletic ability. A five star player is only a five star till the end of his sophomore year. At that point those leaner two and three star players have been at the table and weight room beefing up. Stars don’t mean a thing after the sophomore year if the coaches are doing their jobs. On the season, first year coaches make mistakes. Self interest or not, I think if you stay with Richard you beat Virginia anyway(you have to remember there were four dropped passes in the first quarter before he was benched and I believe they would have woken up by halftime), have a shot at beating MS for the second time in a row, Michigan is not out of the question, and you easily beat Maryland. Even if you don’t win either of the MS/UM you beat Maryland and are bowling. First year coaches micro manage, they panicked when they should stay the course. It is just a natural process. PU flip flopped at qb till Blough got hurt. It is just a side effect of being a First or second year coach. I told Richard after the Ohio game that this was coming, who else do you explain running a replacement qb onto the field against Ohio while we had the momentum of having scored, and told him he would be back. I thought it would be before the Maryland game, but it was fairly close to accurate. But that growing year is behind the program now and make no mistake about it, THE IU FOOTBALL PROGRAM IS THE BEST JOB IN THE BIG TEN TO MAKE A NAME AND HAS THE EASIEST AND MOST ATTRACTIVE OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE UP DRASTICALLY! The bizarre issue with Wilson set things back a little, but even with everything that happened this year if we could have stopped the run yesterday, or slowed it down, this team was headed to a bowl. Yes we gave up a TD on an unexplainable int, but they gave it right back on a fumble so we are dead even at that point. We had two TD throws called back and those drives died with no points. I have seen very few teams over the years give up 280 yards in rushing and still win. It eats up too much of the clock. So, new coach, qb changes, heartbreaking losses to MS, UM, Maryland, and we still had a group of kids fight to the end. You think the offense issues and coaching concerns impact the fans, you should think about what it does to a bunch of players busting their asses. And they refused to quit.......a lot of teams would have and we see it all the time. Richard may be moving on but this program is part of one of the most beautiful college campuses in America, it is a perfect size town where you would feel comfortable sending your kids, the school is great, there are just too many positives and the program has all the ingredients to flourish. But in order to grow we have to do it the old fashioned way of developing players and quit worrying about stars and other noise.
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    A lot to like tonight... Excellent outside shooting low turnovers senior leadership The psychological lift of Colin Hartman on the floor nailing his first 3. CAM holding players accountable The very solid play of two freshmen. IU tearing up a 2-3 zone McSwain showing he can contribute at a high level The obvious buy-in from the players steady, solid improvement from the team I'll stay with my prediction of 20 wins, but if they fall short playing like they did tonight, I'm fine with that. The future is bright.
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    I would like to Welcome the Seniors to the 17-18 season.
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    Refs sure seemed to take the game away from us in the 2H. Some bright spots, some dark spots (those damn turnovers) but I left more optimistic than I came. This is a fringe tournament team.
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    I may be (am) sick in the head, but I love watching seasons like this one unfold. Maybe it's the whole "change is in the air" phenomenon, but I am ultimately optimistic about getting back to some fundamentals and solid in-state recruiting. I'm an older fan, so my expectations are more realistic than the "win now" crowd. I guess I just like watching a story unfold, and this season is just Chapter One in what I believe will be a really good book that you can't put down. Ultimately, that's why I fell in love with IU BBall and want that love affair to continue. It's fun. It's a game. And I am a Hoosier to the bone. I don't think we win this one, but I will be watching like a hawk for improvements and player development, no matter how small those advances may be. Can't wait!
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    Guys, let's not devolve into calling people homers and losers, etc. We can all feel strongly about our team or our opinions without resorting to name calling, or trivializing a person. Thanks.
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    If IU reaches the MSU level of success mentioned in this thread, with guys like K, Williams, Boeheim and Izzo retiring, he would probably have what will be considered a top 5 coach. If you have a top 5 coach, with our resources, you'll win titles.
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    Why? Tell me what this collection of players does well? Who is a great shooter on this team? Who is a great scorer? Who is a great defender? Who’s really good at penetrating and finishing? This team doesn’t shoot well, doesn’t really have anyone that can get to the rim from the perimeter, has no length, isn’t overaly athletic. Its a team of role players. There nobody that’s paticularly great at any one thing. It’s just not a strong, well constructed roster.
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    5* kids get playing time almost anywhere they go. It’s literally almost always about the coach, or who paid the most.
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    A three-point field goal (also called a three-pointer) is a field goal in a basketball game made from beyond the three-point line, a designated arc surrounding the basket. A successful attempt is worth three points, in contrast to the two points awarded for field goals made within the three-point line and the one point for each made free throw.
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    I haven't been able to post much recently since we've moved to the new site.. I've just been incredibly busy. The reason I am posting is because I want everyone to remember how much I appreciate every one of you. I hope you all have a great end to your year. We never really know what's going on in other's lives, so maybe tomorrow or whenever greet someone with a smile or ask them how they're doing. Let someone know you appreciate their friendship. Anything at all, you never know if that might make a huge impact in someone's life. Sunday evening one of my best friends growing up took his own life. He was absolutely one of the best friends I could have ever asked for... his smile and humor could light up a room. His mom committed suicide as well 5 years ago.. and I assume that played a part in his decision, but I'll never know. I'll never know if there was something more I could have done to prevent it. I'm hurting right now, bad.. but maybe this post could effect someone, that could help someone else because we simply don't know the baggage each and every person we meet carries with them. We can all make a difference. Please keep my friend's family in your prayers. Thank you for your friendship, -Btownqb
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    I just got done watching the game on my DVR. Morgan was in Freddiie's face when the team was lining up for the handshake. I wonder if that's related to your observation. Speaking of Morgan. A lot of people dogged him earlier in the year. He's turning into the heart and soul of this team.
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    To me, there is only one reason for Romeo to wait. He already knows Garland and Shittu will be at Vandy. If that was the most important thing to him, he would've already committed. Bill Self has been at Kansas for years, we all know what to expect from that program. I don't think in waiting, he will learn anything more about Vandy or Kansas. By waiting, he will have a much better chance to see how Archie Miller is going to do things in Bloomington. I agree with what Fouls said weeks ago, how this season unfolds for IU, is going to play a part in his decision.
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    Ben Simmons got enough exposure at LSU. It's time to stop being the scorned lover and move on from Darius.
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    damn proud of our hoosiers!
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    ive seen the term soft and weak with robs name attached on this forum too much. last 3 years hes been a name we mention when we partake in playing coach and whos going guard the opponents best scorer. I think hes adapting to a new system under a new coach. lets remember he isnt a incoming freshman, he was a 3 year guy for CTC. Hes hustling and playing hard or he wouldnt be in the lineup under CAM otherwise. lets build this young man up along with the rest of our beloved hoosiers
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    Then , why are you even responding to a loyal IU women's Basketball team supporter's posts about on of their ( IU Lady Hoosiers) opponents ??
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    We aren’t very talented, but Archie can coach and we are going to get better as the year goes on.
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    Am I the only adolescent that finds this recruit's name amusing? Can you imagine the announcers dealing with it next year...? "Shittu is just all over the court." He's got Shittu all over him." "Shittu is on the ball." Vitale: "Shittu is a real diaper dandy!"
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    Morgan with another good showing tonight. I’m going to keep doubting him
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    I'd really like to see the team get out to an early and strong start. I know the sample size is small but we haven't been hot out of the gates yet. Would be nice to have a double digit lead by the 12 minute mark for once.
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    I'm not ready to give our players a pass on that game yet. Lightening in a bottle gets you beat by 4-6 points. Lazy defense and turnovers get you beat by 21.
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    Watch it, not that bad over all. One big stretch in the second half the freshman got tired and the seniors were the same old seniors. I still think we will do some damage before the season is over. Archie is on the right track with them.
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    Here are breakdowns between upperclassmen and Fresh/Soph Fresh/Soph 40 points 9 rebs 6 turnovers 4 assists Juniors/Seniors 28 points 14 rebs 12 turnovers 7 assists