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    Decision not far away now. Good time to be an Indiana fan.
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    Hope everyone lets Romeo have his moment. This could start coming out fast. He’s earned his time to commit without someone spoiling it for him.
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    Could it be some of the rumors we’ve been hearing are coming out. I’m starting to get really excited. Just heard this morning TJD wants to commit to IU but mom wants him to wait until after all his in homes so he can be 100% sure. It’s sounding as if the boarders may slowly be closing.
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    Not much longer now. I haven't gone through the responses on here. Lots to like for IU fans. Late last night I heard something said from one of IU's coaches. I think IU fans should remain confident. Of course, everyone will do whatever they please so this isn't any sort of plea from me. Do as you wish. I know how I feel about this recruitment. Glad it's almost over and excited for the future of IU basketball.
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    Well said mile. I heard (last night) some positive comments and quotes from some people very, very involved people in this recruitment. I maintain that the information largely hasn't changed much the last few months. It's been the fans and media trying to latch on to certain things and run with them. The proverbial "throw $h!* at the wall and see what sticks" approach. Indiana in a very good spot here.
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    HSN Members: Happy offseason! Thank you for another fantastic season. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we're waiting with bated breath to see how our Hoosiers look next season. Until then, we've got a lot of fantastic matters to discuss and lots of teenage twitter to obsess over. The offseason is also normally a time when the mod team can reassess our board, where it is at, and where it can be better. I am proud to announce the creation of a new position on our team: HSN Chancellor Emeritus. For the IU grads among us, the position will no doubt ring a familiar tone to the position held by the infamous Herman B Wells. A Hoosier through and through, the position of Chancellor was created to honor Wells' contribution to IU and to facilitate his continued involvement in the areas he was most passionate about. Wells was a noted entertainer and frequently had students over for dinner and discussion. At other times, Wells could be found around campus sitting and talking with students about any matter under the sun. Leadership at the University correctly realized that Wells' value to IU was not merely as an administrator or bureaucrat but as the true face of the University. Herman B Wells was Indiana University. The position of HSN Chancellor Emeritus was created to honor the commitment to our site and our community by a member of our team who has dedicated years to building the very culture of Hoosier Sports Nation. Whether by welcoming new members or discussing seemingly any matter with an existing member, HSN's Chancellor Emeritus embodies all that that Herman B Wells would wish for a position created in his image to. By now, I would hope there is no surprise -- but there is great honor for me -- to announce that Milehiiu will assume the role of HSN Chancellor Emeritus effectively immediately. You'll see Mile/Ken in our "courtyard" (The Animal House) and strolling about HSN, ready to make your visit and time here more enjoyable. HF
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    Don't kill the messenger.....me. And don't ask me who the messenger is.... because, I won't tell. Only substantiated by one source. Not double sourced, like I like to have. Yet can't get any closer than this. A Watford in home reveals how close IU feels they are to landing...... Romeo. Now... have I said... Romeo is an IU lock ? No. Does IU feel they have locked up Romeo ? No. However, what I am saying is, as of today....IU feels good about landing Romeo. Edit: And I forgot to add....the in home with the Watfords went very, very good today.
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    Friends, Region Rats, and IU fans, the world over. I come here not to bury Kansas, but to praise them. A long and proud basketball tradition. Second in overall wins. But then just as with UK... look at the conference they have been playing in for years. Like many, today, Chris Taylor, only looks at recent history. While jumping over the fact that KU lost their last meeting to IU in Hawaii, in overtime 103-99, as you so aptly point out IUCrazy2. Let's take a deeper look into the histories of these two proud basketball schools and traditions. And go back to the year.... 1940. It was IU and KU in the NCAAT National Championship game. IU comes away with the victory. 60-42. Jump to 1953. And low and behold. It's IU and KU again. Two proud proud programs, playing in the National Championship... AGAIN ! And IU comes away with the trophy... AGAIN ! 69-68. Close, but no cigar for KU. Talk about coming close. KU has been in 8 National Championship games. Yet has only brought the trophy home 3 times. While IU has been to just 6 National Championship games, IU has brought the trophy home 5 of those times. And one last thing, before dismissing IU.... take a look at the overall series record, between your Jayhawks and the Hoosiers. IU leads 7-6 (updated to 8-6, thanks to Houston_Hoosier, and no thanks to the Indy Stars antiquated, IU system) . So, Mr. Chris Taylor. Before you diss IU, in a feeble attempt to steer perhaps the best current prep Senior your way.... just know, historically there is every bit the reason, that Romeo should choose IU over KU. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditions run deep and long. IU's first Assembly Hall :
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    Romeo needs to invite the Vandy sportswriter up from Nashville and then announce that Vandy was a distant 3rd. #Rabjohnned
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    Romeo Langford signs autographs for hours after each road game. RL has not one single time retaliated when he has been roughed up on the court, not once. After Bell's game winner Saturday, WC fans rushed the court and one of them (almost guaranteed a HS kid) shoved RL in the back as he was walking away, Romeo didn't even acknowledge them.. he just kept walking. He signed autographs in Seymour AGAIN this past Saturday even after his team got beat. He stayed at NA when there were tons telling him to go Prep because he so badly wanted to play at NA and win another state title. He and his parents have said the whole that he would not commit until the spring, it's just now the 2nd day of spring. He doesn't run his mouth, he doesn't beat his chest... why does everyone forget, this IU staff has only recruited him for 10 months.. this hasn't been some long recruitment. I deal with teenagers/the youth everyday.. it's honestly refreshing Romeo has taken his time. Good for him. There is NOTHING about Romeo that is me first, if you think so... you haven't been paying attention. And to call him entitled is quite honestly BS.
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    I'll be staying off of the message boards for a while until all this blows over but for those interested in my final feelings on this... I think I said it well here. Not trying to be a huge loser who props himself up or self-absorbs. Someone posted this on Peegs and the response has been nice. So I thought I''d share here. Again, this isn't self-proclamation. Not my interests or intention.
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    I know I'm just some random dude, but I work with a young guy who i got to talking about romeo with who says his girlfriend works with romeo's mom. What his girlfriend heard is basically the reason why vanderbilt is on his list is because its not too far away and he has some family in the Nashville area. With IU he likes that its close to home and he really loves indiana people and IU fan base. No mention of Kansas. Its noy much butthought I would pass it along and do my part to get to 250 pages
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    Frankly, Romeo has been very wise to wait. In the interim, he's: Seen the coach at Louisville fired and the program severely scorched. (and it ain't over yet.) Seen how Roy Williams ran practice (and didn't like it.) Witnessed Calipari run out of ideas in the huddle. (that still cracks me up) Seen Vanderbilt finish almost last in the SEC and have a member of their prized incoming class go down with a serious injury. Played with a selfish point guard who took a contested three with the game on the line after not hitting the broad side of the barn the whole game. While Romeo was wide open. Watched an entire season of the new coach at IU and got to know him a lot better. ...and now sees Kansas in the crosshairs of an FBI probe that will undoubtedly leave a mark on a storied program. I'm sure when Romeo sits down to finalize his decision with his folks, he will be very thankful that he had the opportunity to learn all of these things before choosing a college. Can't say I blame him.
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    DBMHoosier...where ARE you...? Signed, the guy with an IQ of a banana
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    There will be more people at his announcement than there are at the average Vandy home game.
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    Keion and family enjoyed the visit, he said that IU is doing a great job recruiting him and that he feels comfortable talking to the staff about things rather than just basketball. Keion also stated once again that the thought of wearing Indiana across his chest and being a star for the Hoosiers is very intriguing and was quoted saying, "Why go somewhere else when I can do it at home."
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    We have 27 days and a wake up... I have no knowledge or inside information, but I think that he announces on Friday April 27th, at 3:30 PM. @ New Albany HS w/ the mayor’s assistance. He will tell everyone that he’s going to Bloomington and southern Indiana will celebrate the entire weekend. Fast forward to November. IU is 6-0 and rolling, ranked #9 in the country when out of the blue... Trayce Jackson Davis decides to commit after IU destroys Virginia in blowout fashion. Shortly after the Davis commitment, Brooks decided to end his recruitment, also deciding to don the candystripes. Fast forward to late March; our Indiana Hoosiers are 30-3 and playing our best basketball of the season, getting ready to tie and surpass our single season wins record in the Elite Eight. The Hoosiers will go on to shock the college basketball world and bring home banner #6. Finally, our program has returned to their rightful throne in college basketball prestige and status. Archie Miller and Co. have the program rolling. Our eyes are set directly on national championships and the sleeping basketball giant has awakened. To be continued....
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    I've been told that unless this visit is a catastrophic cluster of a failure, it's pretty much game over and he's IU bound.... McHoop
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    Again, he and Romeo are more acquaintances than friends. He and RP are A LOT closer than people think.
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    Story after story after story has been linked in this thread that discusses what a quality young man this is. Yet, some of you seem to want to go out of your way to find fault with him. So, you're criticizing him for not announcing and/or implying that he's stringing IU along. I'm sorry, but that does not speak to the character of the young man, rather it speaks to the character of those that would say or imply such things.
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    I normally try to stay out of these types of discussions, and I don't want the following post to be misconstrued as argumentative, defensive, or offensive, and I don't mean to single anyone out. I'm just trying clarify some things that were said about The Region and Chicago not just in this thread, but over the years reading these message boards. I'm proud to be from The Region. I've lived nearly my entire life there (save for my time in Bloomington), but three years ago for a host of reasons we moved to Westfield. Culturally, economically, politically, geographically, and even in a temporal sense, the Region is much more part of Chicago than it is Indiana, though you'd be hard pressed to find someone from the Region who wasn't proud to be a Hoosier, too. An extremely large percentage of the residents commute daily to Chicago. In a real sense it is an extended suburb of the city. That wasn't as true decades ago when Gary and East Chicago were pumping out steel and the industry, along with oil and gas, was the dominant economic base in The Region, but today most people rely on jobs in Chicago. It's really a unique place; it's as much Illinois as it is Indiana, and I experienced mild culture shock when we moved to Westfield. It's really like an entirely different State here. Chicago is not a terrible place, and anywhere you'd go to visit is just as safe as anywhere you'd go in downtown Indianapolis. Don't conflate one or two bad areas of the city with the entire place being "terrible." I love visiting Chicago, and having grown up in The Region, I view Chicago as very much a part of my hometown and my upbringing. Thus, a lot of us "Region Rats" just simply say we're from near Chicago or a suburb of Chicago because it's the best way to convey the many complexities of that part of the State in a terse manner. Also, Da Bears.
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    It’s good to be a Hoosier that’s for sure!
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    Hey, I'm about as far as an insider as can be. While I do follow college b-ball 365 days a year, I really only know what you guys know. I think on the KU side there is some cautious optimism/hope for Romeo to pick KU, but at at the end of the day I think he's going to end up in Bloomington. I've never gotten the Vandy thing, IU makes sense. In-state school with a rich tradition and a rabid fan base. KU with the same, but with a more recent track record of really great teams with another great team set up for next season. Distance, at least in my mind, is an issue for the Langford family. I just don't see him leaving Indiana. Again, no insider, just a feel from an old dude.
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    https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/things-are-heating-up-with-indianas-2019-recruiting-targets/ Things are heating up as we hit the critical stretch with the 2019 class. See the news and notes for the week.
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    From what I've heard Peter Jurkin causes Kofi Cockburn.
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    Jayhawk chiming in here. First off, I have great respect for the IU program. Trust me, I knew who Everett Dean and Branch McCracken were in my teens (I'm almost 60) and have followed Indiana basketball since the Knight years. As a high school Junior I saw the 74-75 Indiana beat KU in Allen Fieldhouse, and mostly through Sports Illustrated in the '70's and online now read a lot about your program. Having just typed all that, I think you are discounting the chances KU has to get Langford. In my mind it's going to come down to IU and KU. I certainly have no inside info., and realize that the lure of the in-state program might be too hard to overcome, but I would not be surprised to see him pick the Jayhawks. I know he really likes and gets along well with the three incoming McDonald's freshman for KU. I might be a homer and slightly delusional, but don't sleep on the Hawks. BTW, this is a great board. Lots of really great civil discussions. Very refreshing.
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    You are/were not alone. Due to legal concerns, we thought it would be in CC's best interest not to solicit members from 247 to HSN 3.0. That Scout/247 thing is about to come full circle soon. Peegs moved from Rivals to our old home on the Scout platform, about a year ago. Back in February of last year, CBS notified us that they would not be renewing their contract with us, effective the end of April 2017. It came as a surprise to us at the time, and their response to our inquiry at to why, was simple. They wanted to go in a different direction. Understandable, in that.... 247 had purchased Scout in February of 2017. Initially their thought expressed by the 247 CEO was to continue to operate both Scout and 247. However, a decision was made later, to eventually migrate all the Scout fan boards, into the 247 system. That process has been ongoing for most of 2017. Two of the last fan boards to be moved over to 247 are the Indiana site, and the North Carolina site. I expect both of those sites to migrate to 247 any day now. Seeing the writing on the wall, and never getting a response from CBS as to their long term plans.... we decided to leave 247 and start up HSN 3.0 last August. Rather than lose all our long term fans, such as yourself and oh so many others. Our vision was to have a place where fans could get together in a civil environment. And just talk about IU. We did not plan on being the biggest IU fan board. However, our growth has been a pleasant surprise, as members continue to find us on a daily basis. Just this month, we exceeded 400 members. It is not our intent to be the first with information. Despite the fact that we have many members who do bring us news.... all the time. One thing you can rest assured of. There will never be a membership fee to become a member here. Just to get information, that eventually spills out to the general public, any way. Nor will you ever see annoying drop down ads, or for that matter, any ads at all. No solicitations, In order to have a full staff that is making a living. I understand the need to generate revenue. That puts a ton of pressure on the admin/owner of a site. In fact, since you have been following us since the old Scout days, the pressure to generate revenue was too great for John Decker, Terry, and Justin, who followed John in trying to keep that old site alive. HSN 3.0 has no such pressure. Just a place where you and others can come, relax and enjoy. And rather than being a job, HSN 3.0 is a labor of love for the entire admin staff. And I think that reflects back onto our members. You are glad to be here. We are glad to have you here. And thank you for your kind words as well.
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    Trendon is Alabama's number one ranked BB player for his class. So... out of curiosity, I checked four Alabama fan boards. Lots of FB talk. Very little BB talk. And I kid you not... not one mention of Trendon Watford, that I could find ! TW's legacy belongs at IU.
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    I'm going to post this here, it's more to do with Oladipo, but some to do with Langford and recruiting though... Victor could be (will be) instrumental in our in-state recruiting going forward and it doesn't even have to be him talking to that recruit or this recruit. Archie says "look at how big Victor is in our state, it's no coincidence he went to IU".. when talking to recruits and it's over. VO has a chance to be bigger than Reggie in this state, I can't believe I'm typing that having grown up in the 90s and early 2000s. The bottom line is the goal for these kids is the NBA, as it should be.. and they'll be seeing Victor 82 games a year for their hometown team. (I realize not every kid is a Pacers fan, FS Sports IN is on nearly every cable provider we have, especially in Indy where IU needs more of a presence. His character and personality are second to none. If you're a parent and you see a guy like Victor came from IU.. wouldn't you want your son to follow his example? I believe the state will soon be enamoured by him and all those kids 5-14 years old currently will soon fall in love with him as we, as IU fans, have for these past 8 years. As a Pacer fan and an IU fan, I realize there are better players then him.. but there is no one I'd trade him for.. and I mean that.
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    So who’s next? My money is on TJD..
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    The signs have been out there for awhile. I'm not joking when I say IU should have been considered the favorite the minute Archie was named coach. Anyone that understands what makes Romeo tick could immediately see that Romeo, Archie, and IU were a triad made in heaven.
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    Thank you. He is my hero for a reason!!. Yesterday he had 9 tubes of blood drawn and before he went in to give it he saw a little girl 4 or 5 crying not wanting to do it. He sat with her and told her it would be ok. I hold him while they take the blood and he said Daddy I can't cry because I don't want that little girl to think it's bad. He then asked the nurse if he could get 1 sticker for him and 1 for that girl and she told him to take as many as he wanted. He teaches me valuable lessons every day.
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    I honestly dont care if we were his 50th choice as long as he’s in those candy stripes. It’s not just about getting Romeo, it’s the perception of the program that needs changed and he will help!
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    If the f'ing glove fits, you must commit
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    Coach Crean spent the majority of his speech at a recent Birmingham Tip-off club event speaking very highly of Trendon and the Watford family. They were all there, and it was described to me as speakly almost directly to them. No doubt he's making an effort to be involved, just don't know how receptive they'll be. On another note, I hope my dog rests up today. He doesn't know it yet, but I'll be walking him around the neighborhood tomorrow while wearing my candystripe pants most of tomorrow when they visit Trendon. He has an Indiana Hoosiers leash, so we are ready to roll!
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    There's several things he doesn't know. For example.... - Who on Kansas is going pro - Where Sean East is going to college There is something WE have known all along. And, that is he was going to wait until the spring signing period. So, why are we putting the blame on him for not announcing yet. Maybe we should blame our own selfishness for needing to know now.
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    I don't think you have a coach fly 500 miles just to tell him no thanks. In that situation, a phone call would be more respectful IMO.
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    They absolutely do. I was watching a coed youth league game with kindergarten and first graders this weekend. The refs let travelling violation, after travelling violation, after double dribble, after illegal screen go uncalled. I let the refs have it big time. And, what happens, I"m the one that gets escorted from the gym. It should have been the refs.
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    The in-home visit went good. According to the Rabjohns article, the staff talked to him about how they know he wants to get to the next level and how they have the experience to get him there. He sounds impressed with Schilling. Sounds like he believes IU is a place he could take his game to the next level. Interested to see where it goes from here.
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    Ugh can’t believe I read the last 3 pages of this
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    I know you all are trying to get this to 250 but would it be possible to get this thread back to Romeo please?
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    And not just Romeo, if Romeo comes, he will have got the Top 3 kids out of Indiana, one of the best out of Ohio, and another of the top kids out of Minnesota in Race. Add to that the fact that we are in on TJD, Brooks, and Watford for the following class and you have to like what he is doing on the recruiting front. I think his style is more sustainable than Crean's was as well and I think his demeanor instills more confidence. This could be the ground floor on some really good things to come.
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    ICYMI, KBJ had a pretty interesting quote over the weekend that at worst tells you that he holds IU in high regard. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/did-keion-brooks-jr-give-away-his-college-choice-with-this-quote/
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    Mile Ole Buddy I hope all is well and you are just taking a break for some good reasons. Either way you’ll be in my prayers. Thanks for all you do on here and what you did on the past sites. Much love brother! 🙏
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    Thank you sir. Very true about being shocked if Kansas is Romeo's pick. Especially after intel coming my way.... just today. No... I can't call it for IU. Wish I could. But I am willing to say.... today.... this thing is still up in the air. And I doubt KU is a player. Despite, a minor change in the Crystal Ball. I will have you note IU is still in the lead. And there is a reason why. Coaches.... coaches.... coaches.
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    They're saying over on Btown that Morgan, Deron, and Green all just signed a lease together for next year so I doubt Morgan has any plans to leave.