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    “Only a matter of time.” FWIW...
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    I saw DeRon walking yesterday ( counldnt get photo ). Appears to have lost a lot of weight, including his Kilroy Sports gut he was carrying around. He looked really good. We need a big season from him. I hope we finally get one in his last.
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    Robert Phinesee scored 2 pts on 1-6 shooting when he was a Jr All Star. Maybe we should have let him go to another school too.
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    Update. I just talked with DeRon. Down 20 pounds. Dude looks skinny to last year DeRon. He said he is working hard to get it off and wants his last year to be a great one. The kid looked impressive. Best body I've seen him have here, in any year.
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    He’s on schedule to return. Actually he’s way ahead of schedule. Still a chance the doctors don’t clear him but he’s heading in the right direction. No reason to believe he won’t play at this point.
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    I mean this in the nicest way... - I spoke to a member of one of the two Division-1 staff's that have offered Luke. Right now, they would not take him. It is not a commit-able offer. - After seeing him play, I think he can play on the lower D1 end but it's going to be a stretch. A number of D2 programs in Indiana aren't currently interested in him at this time. - If you think there's a chance he is going to get a Big 10 offer... I think it says a lot about your basketball acumen. - I spoke to one of the best HS coaches in the state who said "I do think he'll slide down to D2 or NAIA." It was strictly his opinion. This, I promise, will be my last response. Luke is a nice boy. I wish him well. I don't wish those well who are driving this hype machine and putting the kid in a horrible, horrible spot. Mainly his parents and these losers from the area who think he is a great, great basketball player because he lights up a bunch of bad, bad, bad high school teams.
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    We have 4 scholarships available. We haven't made the tourney in the last three seasons. Ummmm....are we really questioning recruiting a top 100 player from Indiana...one we have a decent possibility of signing? Oh wait....I forgot...he didn't score a lot in an All-Star game.
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    I have following this board for a long time, but have never posted. Just have always enjoyed the info. I don't have any special insight into this, but I have followed Snow for a long time, and he really hates being wrong. He rarely makes a pick unless he has very good Intel, and his crystal ball percentage is always near the top because he doesn't make a pick until he is pretty sure. May mean nothing but it makes me optimistic.
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    My kids have a new favorite Hoosier! Talked about him from Bloomington until Fort Wayne.
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    He definitely won't be back if he cuts off his left leg. Time to work the grad transfer market.
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    Crean recruits - check reference to injuries last season - check get old, stay old - check Montana St - check OAD vs multi year guys - check I'm pretty sure I’ve got HSN bingo in this thread.
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    The fact that you didn’t use the term “walking boot” is the best part of this update.
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    We caught up with Galloway's father Mark last night to discuss the official visit. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-trey-galloway-really-enjoyed-his-official-visit/
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    It's crazy. I'm still pretty stunned that IU wasn't able to add anyone of significance in the Spring, though I'm equally as stunned that nobody of significance transferred out. Half of me looks at this roster and sees our most reliable shot-maker is an unreliable Devonte Green, we have no reliable shooters returning, our only true wing is a RS Freshmen coming off a season long condition that kept him out all year, and we have no bigs that have proven they can hit a shot outside of 5ft. While it's the most experienced position, we're thin in the backcourt, and we're thin on the wing. It could be another rough, rough year. The other half wonders if maybe this is the team to overachieve and set the course for the foreseeable future of success. What if Phinisee makes 'the leap', Green is finally consistent as a senior and Durham continues to steadily improve? What if Hunter is the real deal and Damezi is able to slow down, get comfortable and be the shooter he was recruited to be? Brunk could potentially be an excellent leader, emotional player (finally some emotion on the court!) and lockerroom guy, De'Ron Davis will have his first healthy offseason as a Hoosier, and TJD might be the most under-hyped McDonald's All-American that IU has had in over 20 years. What if Justin Smith is able to clear his head and whatever was going on with him last season and realize the potential everyone thought he had? I really wish the roster had more sure things on it and not so many question marks, but if the question marks finally go IU's way and the guys buy-in, there is a competitive team there that can be dangerous, dangerous being relative, we simply don't have Final Four talent, but maybe top 4 in the Big Ten and a tournament team, which would be great progress to get recruiting back on track. I have no clue what to expect. I'm just going to go into it with low expectations and hope to be surprised.
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    We want Lester Quinones of the world, but aren't overly interested in the Anthony Leals of the world. And some wonder why we haven't been relevant all that much the last 25 years. Geeesh. I question whether some people who post have ever been a part of a successful team or organization in their life. You cannot have a team full of 5 stars.
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    He said he was transferring to have a chance to win an NCAA title.
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    He's received an official IU offer while on campus for the Indiana team camp per Drew Davis.
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    I’m starting to see the side of some fans that some recruits talk about. Pretty sad really.
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    Matt Cross. IU has, at worst, a 33% chance. At best, they are the “leader” to land him.
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    Golf cart was out and we got to see several players and took a picture with Al Durham. Had a great tour of athletic facilities with Curt. Thanks to all that gave me Bloomington recommendations. Not sure who the recruit was, but he was as tall or taller than TJD. Furst maybe? Armaan and TJD looked like they were helping with recruiting, and Al's smile and charm were bigger than Lake Monroe. My kids saw coach Miller and shouted, "daddy, it's coach Archie!". He smiled and waved, which made their day.
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    TJD tweeting at Anthony Leal to make the move and choose IU
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    I've mentioned this at least once before but I watched Damezi warming up before the Arkansas NIT game and I think he hit like 12-13 3's in a row and looked great doing it. If he can translate 40% of that efficiency into a game, he'll be a weapon. Also, for everyone who says he looked lost on defense, I'll give you that...especially early in the season. After hearing that repeated again and again, I made a point of watching him the few times he got into games later in the season and while the form and footwork wasn't real polished, he always played with great energy on defense, so I'm very high on his potential. Don't know when the mental switch gets flipped, but look out when it does.
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    Classy and loyal move. He’s already “representing.” Vic, Cody, Yogi, Bryant have all been representing for IU, Romeo immediately. Think I remember OG giving IU some good pub as well. All great to see
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    IU is very open to the idea of both... and Cross. Definitely not one or the other at current writing. Things can always change in recruiting though, as everyone knows.
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    Archie didn't offer anyone in the 2020 class until 2018. He only offered 2021 five stars Clarke and Lander in the spring/summer of 2018. So this 2022 offer in 2019 is clearly a statement.
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    People keep complaining that the Butlers and Purdue’s keep beating us and then when we start offering the same team first winning basketball players and we all complain they don’t have enough stars by their name or play selfishly.
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    I’ve said this a few times, but TJD might be IU’s most underhyped McDonald’s All-American ever.
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    Basketball has become positionless, our threads have become topicless.
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    Trey's numbers this Spring: 20 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists per game. 65% from the field. 39% from three. Much more info, including Trey's important visit to IU this week, in a terrific article by our HSN member @The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-official-visit-primer-class-of-2020-trey-galloway/
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    Also listened to the Zach interview (I’ve had a lot of drive time lately). Many of the same things that were discussed in the Morgan interview. A few things: Grew up a Butler fan No Indiana schools were interested in him (always suprised that a school like Evansville does not go after these type of guys...ie a 6’6”-6’7” Indiana All State player) According to Zach, same as Morgan, there were no issues in the locker room. He stays away from Twitter etc as he does not need to see negative comments Hurt most of the year and acknowledged he was a step slow all year (and joked that it was obvious to all of us) Was thrilled to be on IU’s team and was blown away at the atmosphere of the UNC home game which was one of his first home games. His first year we beat Kansas and UNC then went on the slide. Like Morgan he mentioned the impact of losing OG and Blackmon and said it was a big blow to lose a first rounder and a professional. Said that Damezi came to him looking for suggestions on how to get better, he is a hard worker, etc. like Morgan he thinks Damezi has promise. Like Morgan he also called Damezi one of the funniest guys on the team. Is sure Hunter will play and called him aggressive on offense. Called Romeo a good guy. During the coaching search the players definitely did not want Greg Marshall to get hired. Same as Morgan he was baffled that Crean did not have a weekly practice schedule. Mentioned a time when it was 5:30 pm until it was confirmed they did not have practice that day. He speculated (kind of searching for a reason) that Crean did that so that players could not go out late the night before knowing they did not have practice the next morning (ie keep them on their toes/best behavior) but he was guessing if that was the reason. Called Crean a really nice guy and offensive minded. It adds a bit of credibility to a coach if they played high level basketball (ie Archie being a D1 guard). The “gold jersey” did not seem to mean much to the players...more of coaches thing. Called Archie more defensive minded. One thing a little disturbing is that after two years Zach did not seem to have a grasp or ability to explain Archie’s offensive philosophy . After Zach was off the interview the two moderators also expressed surprise (one of the moderators actually called it “terrifying”) that the offensive philosophy still does not seem clear even to the players. Asked directly if Archie would get us to the final four....”Time will tell”
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    Likely discussed elsewhere, but thought this deserved its own thread. Good news for JMo. He really liked the fit in Utah after a workout there. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/reports-juwan-morgan-signs-free-agent-deal-with-utah-jazz/
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    Galloway was present at the team camp even though his team was not playing in it. My guess is he was there for another unofficial. Gotta love having him there as many times as possible.
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    Why does it seem like people are taking the "Completely guilty until proven completely innocent" outlook to the whole team chemistry issue? Does it make you feel better about last season being able to attribute losses to some unforeseen strife? Do you have something personal against one of the players commonly mentioned in such situations? Do you just like the idea of drama? There's one objective fact that keeps getting completely glossed over in favor of the mysterious "team chemistry" issue: injuries. Like it or not, we had a metric assload of injuries last year. I can see the typical responses: "Next player needs to step up". Only so many holes you can plug at once, and some that can't be plugged. We basically opened the season missing DeRon and Jerome. Race was out for a big chunk of the season. Rob missed the start of the heart of conference play. DeRon came back, but was maybe 75% of what he could be. Romeo was at maybe 85% most of the year. He didn't lose any time, but there were at least two times I can remember Morgan leaving games due to pain in his repaired shoulder; yes, he came back, but what did that do to his effectiveness? Even if it only reduced his effectiveness on one particular move, we played a lot of very close games; one move by one player could have been the difference. Also, there were players recruited to play immediately: Romeo, Rob, Jerome. There were players recruited that may have the ability, but weren't ready to contribute regularly: Damezi. If a player needs a year or two to develop, they need a year or two to develop. As much of an instant-gratification world as we live in nowadays, some things still take time. "Well, injuries didn't stop Michigan State or 'Insert Program X here'" Tom Izzo has had more than two offseasons to build roster depth. "You can't use injuries or the fact that Archie has only been here two years as an excuse." And you can use team chemistry as an excuse? Why? Because it gives you the illusion that there was something controllable that occurred, which allows you to place the blame on specific individuals for either causing it or not preventing it? Running around thinking "It's this person's fault! They're responsible!" sounds like making an excuse to me. Look, everyone can believe whatever they choose to believe is true. I don't care one bit. It just grates on me that it appears that some people are looking for controllable, identifiable reasons that were the the sole (or at least primary) cause of last season, when there might not be any. Could there have been some chemistry issues? Sure, but I don't think we had any more than any other program. And if we did, that's only one tile in the mosaic of reasons that contributed to last season. End soapbox.
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    I put a little more stock into the coaches who are trying to get him on campus as opposed to the top-100, 200, etc... I loathe rankings and the people who push the narrative that they are important. A kids offer list and his actual impact on winning against legit competition is a lot more noteworthy. The coaching staffs trying to get Trey on campus to get a foot in the door says a lot more about his ability/ upside than does a ranking. He should be, and is, one of Indiana's top, top, targets.
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    247’s rankings updated today. Here are some to note. No doubt Archie and staff have an eye for up and comers. They identified ones early in past classes such as Isaiah Stewart, Cole Swider, Lou Dort. Showing it with this class in Steward, Cross, RJ Davis. Just need to pull a couple. Side Note: In one of the Leal highlight videos playing AAU, I actually was more focused on Galloway. He looked bouncy and a lot more athletic than I would have thought. Really like him. 23 Dawson Garcia (-2) 26 Caleb Love (+7) 31 DJ Steward (+28) 73 Zach Loveday (-22) 89 Matt Cross (+71) 102 RJ Davis (+10) 115 Anthony Leal (-25) 123 Trey Galloway (+4) 153 Dre Davis (+32) 164 Mike Saunders (+44) 181 Nijel Pack (+32) And.... 121 Ethan Morton (-60) https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Basketball/RecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=HighSchool
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    I want to thank Mike from the TDH for posting this election. I hope we can do this each time there is an election. For the members and lurkers out there, I hope anyone reading this gives very strong consideration to Mr Davidson and not Ms. Bishop. I am a long time poster here and have no pre-conceived bias or dog in this fight. As mentioned above, TDH spoon feeds you on how to vote and it only takes about a minute. If you look at the bios, to me the decision is obvious. Her bio is very telling. Without realizing it, she demonstrates how lost and out of touch she is. She thinks like establishment, or an elitist. But, her resume is exceptionally mediocre for such a big job. The board as a whole needs disruptors who can think more strategically to give IU an edge. Right now, getting on the board is some combination of political connections and work on donations. That is not what the focus of the BOT should be and attributes of what we are looking for. We need strategic thinkers, e.g., people who can think outside the box and come up with real solutions to give IU a competitive edge. It's not just Bishop. There needs to be considerable turnover in the BOT, from Pat Shoulders on down. They ought to implement term limits. We have guys that just camp out in the position and just go with the flow. We literally have mold in our dorm rooms. That's not just a little embarrassing. People get sick. If I am a tuition paying parent - whether it be from Tipton, or Chicago, or Manhattan -- why on earth would I send my kid to a school that ineptly allowed this to happen? I have actually served on a Board and been a corporate secretary where I work, where I am a partner. I know what a Board should be doing. Her pitch exemplifies what a board should not be doing. As I said, we need disruption, tactical thinking, strategic planning. Not, "here are some tasks and needs and some fund raising goals." Blah blah blah with all that. That's pedestrian and a poor board. Regarding McRobbie, he brought up informatics and some building churning. But he is incapable of multi-tasking or walking and chewing gum at the same time. He has gotten mired in useless re-structures of admin people, again without focusing on strategic planning for a behemoth like IU with its $3 MM budget. I am happy to hear there is some remodeling of dorms, but it's too late and a dollar short. We should be focused on the student experience first and foremost. Mold in the dorms is a fireable offense. Wasting time on reorganizing what department some admin people report to is not the best use of his or his staff's time. They are afraid of a coach with elite stature yet hypocritically run scared and get intimidated by professors who talk loudly and carry a big stick. That's poor leadership. Rankings are not doing great. The law school --ranked 24 recently-- has plummeted to 34. That's a significant drop. Instead of re-arranging admin, and causing quality people to leave or be re-assigned en masse, more energy needs to go to improving the student experience, disrupting the educational curricula, and reducing needless admin or bureaucratic expense such that tuitions can stabilize. The Board of Directors where I served would go ballistic over his administrative wheel spinning, loss of good people, or running scared from excessively loud professors (which is quite ironic given their position on coaches), etc. The emphasis would be on much more strategic planning. Read their minutes. They just go through an overly simplistic agenda of things they need to address without the proper emphasis on how to improve vis a vis our competition. Regarding the lack of support for the athletic programs, it's naive and overly simplistic to make the simple declaration that athletic money (B1G network) money should be siphoned off for McRobbie's vanity cap ex projects. I was at IU in the 1980s. My dorm floor was full of out of state people - often from well to do families from NYC, Chicago, and California. IU has good departments from business to SPEA to music to liberal arts to science. So does our competition. Yet, at that time, we were in our heyday as a basketball power, and many out of state kids can take a closer look at IU if the school comes to their attention via basketball as I know first hand from my classmates. I was told that kids from, e.g., New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, at that time weren't excited about the large state schools in the area, so they spilled into North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, etc. It's essentially advertising. IU gets on your mind, you look at the department, and you're excited about the school. It also energizes alumni who can donate more. It amazes me that upper management is so lost on this. In contradistinction, Davidson says he gets it. Michigan, Ohio State, and a host of others can walk and chew gum at the same time. While McRobbie --a native of Tasmania-- is content to ignore sports and just hope they don't embarrass the school, UM and OSU can enhance academics and athletics at the same time. McRobbie could use mentoring from my Dad. When I was 20, I would complain about having so many balls in the air. My dad would have none of it. Walk and chew gum. Grow up. Mitch Daniels is such a superior figure that it's not even worth discussing. Hopefully McRobbie will make it easier and elect to not come back. I'd like to see Pat Shoulders and other lifers on the Board make way for strategic thinkers. The job has proven to be too big for McRobbie and the BOT. Mr. Davidson, with his entrepreneurial spirit, would be a massive upgrade in terms of the profile we need. As I stated earlier, I do not know him personally or otherwise in any way or shape (I've never communicated with him or anyone associated with him) or have no stake in him getting elected. I am a long time poster (which everyone who posts here knows) who is not showing up here like a flash out of the blue to promote my buddy. Sorry this is so long, but I hope the alumni out there vote (it's embarrassingly easy) and that we get much of our existing BOT, as well as the President, out. "Mold in the dorms." Seriously.
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    Pure gold. Brad Calipari has entered the transfer portal.
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    I was using 2 vs 3 in the conceptualization of their game. Leal looks for a shot more. Even when he dribbles, a lot of the time he is dribbling to get space so he can get his shot off. He has really improved in that sense that he can create space with his dribble and take it to the rim or shoot, but more often than not he is shooting a jumpshot with it. Galloway, when he dribbles, its a little more in a wing/3 sense. He wants to get to the hoop. Its not a perfect explanation and its really splitting hairs, despite having similar games their "meta-games" have some important differences. Which is great because it allows them to play together at the same time very well.
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    Not sure if anyone saw the kids tweet last night. Basically said no he isn't watching the draft. He's at the gym trying to make the draft one day.
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    I’d be ecstatic! Maybe not our top target in this class but something tells me he might be the most important...a glue guy that will make the team better. Not flashy...just a gym rat that will improve from day 1 to graduation.
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    Final note on this: - If he is a commodity, why is no one recruiting him heavily? - What belief is there from his past coaches he is good enough for high-major basketball? - Turning “Pro” in France and make $70,000-$80,000 isn’t that impressive. I am NOT knocking the kid but his name has come up so few times in private circles. There hasn’t been a lot of belief he is that good from what some have said who have seen him or spoken with those who have seen/ coached him along the way. Anyone that says IU “needs” him is grasping at nothing, IMO. Strictly my own opinion.
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    Amen. So far, the combination of Archie Miller, Tom Izzo, Matt Painter, Mike Brey and several others have said "Come play for me" to Trey Galloway. What further endorsement do you need?
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    Whether you think he is an IU level recruit or not, he is a conversation piece because he could make a run at Bailey. Let people post their personal thoughts. Believe them or not. Participate in the thread or not. But, as long as no rules are broken, let's not censor content on the site.
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    The opportunity is there next season for Damezi to really shine. I think this is up there at 1 or 2 along with J Hunter on what could really be a pleasant surprise. Obviously Morgan had great things to say about Damezi and I know the coaching staff was still high on him over last season. But I would holding back if I didn't pass a long additional info I've been passed. it’s going to take some time with him. This year at media day before the season started, Damezi said he was really struggling to adjust because he’s “never had to pass that much before.” That blew my mind but it made sense because his offense in high school was just GET DAMEZI THE BALL. I never really forgot that and paid attention to it all year. His offense struggled because of confidence issues stemming from his struggle to adjust to team basketball. He’s got the skills, but he really needs time to adjust to everything The potential rise of Damezi over the next 4 or so months is going to be interesting and extremely important to this team.
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    Matt Cross is taking an official visit this weekend. As discussed elsewhere on this board, Anthony Leal and Zach Loveday are on unofficials today. This from our HSN member @The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/
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    This thread needs more numbers and less trying to talk people into believing he is a 4 star. What are his summer stats?
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