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    I'm with KOB on this one. This is, in fact, an IU board. It's a natural place to make fun of Purdue, just as a Purdue board would be a natural place to make fun of IU. If, as a poster, someone would get offended when Purdue is laughed about, simply don't participate in that thread. It just isn't right to criticize someone for having a little fun at Purdue's expense on an IU board.
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    Our receivers are as advertised -- very good. Lagow is what he is -- a QB who will put up big numbers which will be largely negated by his putting the ball on the ground or in the arms of enemy DB's. We have no running attack. The offensive line needs work. The defense was generally good, but OSU found some holes in the pass defense which they exploited for two long TDs.
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    247Sports has the IU 2017 class ranked as 18th nationally, and Purdue's class is ranked 29th nationally. IU had 2 four stars & 2 3 stars while Purdue had 4 3stars and 1 4 star. Purdue's 4 star was around #67 in 247Sports rankings. Justin Smith of IU is #77 & Race Thompson #101. Purdue got a JC PF ranked #9 in JC ranks. Purdue also signed a 7"2" Center (Haarms) and a SG that were in the mid 300's.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/candid-coaches-which-power-conference-school-made-the-best-coaching-hire/amp/ Love that they say they can't imagine Coach Miller not be a success...
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    It's IU and UL, probably in that order. Archie is working his magic across the state and I for one am excited as could be about that. Have a good season this year and the borders will be closed for the foreseeable future!!!
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