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    I'm sure "favorite atm" was a typo, but in the context of today, it's a funny one, vbg
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    I have no idea how the logic behind the idea that Kentucky "doesn't need to cheat anymore" works. If anything, they need to cheat MORE. If we accept as true (as it very much appears to be) that the majority of high-profile 5 star players are steered, bribed, and paid to go to X university by shoe companies, then how can it be that UK ends up with 5-6 man classes filled to the brim with these athletes every year without cheating? Because UK is so good it sells itself? Are all the players that go to Kentucky magically the ethical ones shunning life-changing sums and a sea of money because UK offers them exposure? No, UK (or Nike) pays the players to go there. Deep down UK fans know it, too. Edit: I'd also like to point out an analogous scenario to this one. For years, people surmised that Lance Armstrong doped, and he always boasted that he "never failed a blood test," and his fans were quick to point it out and defend him. Then he was investigated by the feds for defrauding the USPS (who were a main sponsor of his team), and it came out really quickly that he was, in fact, one of the biggest cheaters of all time in the sport of cycling. Furthermore, of the seven tours he won, all but THREE cyclists who made it to the podium have admitted to doping as well.
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    Thank you master...this grasshopper is hoping those dominos are blue.
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    Maybe he can go back to being President of the NABC Ethics Committee and really take control of this situation.
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    If anyone has a right to be mad, it's KS, imo.
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    Yes. $45 a month if you live in a market with local channels, $35 if not. Mainly these locals are in larger markets. Regardless, most states aren’t seeing a sales tax being charged for Vue service. Also, you aren’t paying equipment rental or add on service fees. Vue is far from buggy. It’s a generally clean experience. If you have a good, solid internet connection with low lag and good general speed coupled with a powerful enough device (Vue tends to perform best on a FireTV <not a Fire Stick>, AppleTV fourth generation or better, or a PlayStation). Another standard feature that enhances Vue’s value is the 28-day unlimited cloud-based DVR. It is, simply, the best, most comprehensive affordable alternative to cable television at current. Hands down.
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    IU basketball not contacted by FBI or U.S. Attorney General in NCAA scandal Archie Miller said in a meeting with the media last week, that he has "no reason to think that Indiana's involved in anything right now." indystar.com
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    https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/butch-jones-seat-is-so-hot-there-are-odds-on-who-will-replace-him-as-tennessee-coach/ Brohm and Petrino both listed at 4.5-1 to be next Vols coach!
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    I will go one further. I don't think we win 3 more games this season with Ramsey at QB.
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    I actually had heard that they were going to be forced to double the number of classes due to Title IX issues. They need more opportunities for their female athletes to attend them.
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    I was meaning, "favorite at the moment." Lol
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