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    Well, we just clinched our fourth highest Big Ten finish over the past decade. Sixth isn’t too far off the top 5 finish we were all aiming for before the season started.
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    ^^ Agree, not bad at all. I'd like to see the national pundits that picked IU to finish higher than MD and Wisconsin, or for that matter, Minn. CAM has done, I think, an impressive job of largely turning this team around from about the mid-way point of the season. As KoB has posted above, our D has turned into one of the best in the B1G, and even nationally, during the B1G season. That gives reason for optimism going into next season. Get some outside shooting and improved play at the point, and our guys will start to win a lot of games. (Oh, and I am selfishly, and unabashedly, hoping that Morgan does in fact return for a monster senior season. I think he will -- but hoping for sure.)
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    I don't know, but you mentioning their "bench mob" makes me wish we could play them again. I can't wait until Archie has his guys in here and we mop the floor with Nebraska every year.
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    Class move by Jordan Bohannon of Iowa last night. Had chance to break Chris Street's school record of consecutive made free throws. Missed on purpose. In a sport that is filled with all negative right now I thought it showed class and awareness.
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    You know we aren't the ones getting him, right? Our coaches are giving him as much attention as they can.
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    Ot. My son just pitched his first 2 innings of college baseball. Struck out 4 gave up 1 hit and no runs.
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    It’s kind of weird that he had the combined loss total of IU, UK and Louisville tee’d up and ready to go.
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    When you’re pissed off an AAC coach is taking shots at your program for no reason but then you realize someone at least thinks you’re still relevant
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    Its easy to quote the constitution but one needs to take a deeper look at what the founding fathers idea of seperation of church and State. Its ok to have prayer in congress in the Supreme court and oval office byt heaven forbid in our public schools. People beed to revisit their US History and Government to learn more about the men who founded this great country and gave us the right to argue about these ideals.
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    Rob Johnson. Who pretty well shut him down last time. It was in the Hall though but Rob is a man on D. He has ate up a lot of guards this year.
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    None of those teams play defense as good as IU does right now. Season numbers are great, but current numbers are better. Right now IU's defense is only behind MSU in the conference. And not to be that guy, but you played Michigan twice before you played us. You know, before Archie showed the world how easy it is to outcoach Matt Painter? So you're only true reputable is you shot 40% (which is below your average) against OSU. Big freakin deal.
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    I am hoping for a Minnesota vs Rutgers matchup for the right to play us.
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    Hookers must be approved for and paid in advance by the NCAA. This way no school offers a benefit that others do not. Fake classes should only be allowed for players averaging more than 10ppg. this would create some very interesting drama among teammates.
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    It will come. Especially if TJD holds out as long as Romeo. He will get his very own vigil. RL is the current shiny recruit. TJD will be next year's.
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    Iowa wins. We will play Minnesota or Rutgers on Thursday at 9pm ET.
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    That was Uthoff’s last year I think. Woodbury poked a lot of eyes that year.
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    Yup and no. 13 defense nationally the past 10 games. It was as high as third but then the Iowa game happened.
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    Am I the only person who thinks we can give Purdue trouble? If Green can get it going in our first game and come in with momentum, I actually really like how we match up to Purdue. I think Green/Rojo can give Thompson as big of a challenge as he has had all year and the emergence of Smith recently could be a big difference maker.
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    Definitely. I think we walk over either of those teams. I think Iowa could challenge us.
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    I was very impressed with all the young men who spoke. Although some of them did not have the best year they are quality young men. I was critical of Johnson and Newkirk for their play throughout the year and for that I apologize. I would rather have these young men playing for Indiana than some of the other so called stars who are on the take. Coach Crean should be given credit for bringing in high character young men. Best of luck to all of the seniors and thank you for your dedication and commitment to Indiana basketball.
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    Don't care who it is. Just win the first game and keep on winning.
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    True, but it’s not exactly encouraging when he say’s Grimes is like a brother and Grimes is committed to a school in his final 3. I’m still saying Vandy but I wouldn’t be shocked if he went with Kansas. Either way, I think IU is last in this race. I’d love to see him at IU but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.
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    Trying to avoid this going political, but there's just no reason, in my opinion, to feel that anyone has a right to carry an assault rifle. It's a killing machine, not a hunting gun. The whole right to bear arms comes out of the need for an urban militia in the early redcoat days. We don't need urban militias now. We don't need to have easy access to assault rifles. There's nothing wrong -- in my opinion -- with feeling strongly that gun ownership rights should be protected, whether for hunting or self defense. But that doesn't require assault rifles, etc. At the end of the day, something has to change. How many school shooting, kid deaths, does it take?