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    Hasn't Archie been to as many EE as Painter? Wait... lol... Painter hasn't been to an EE
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    https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-the-nba-abandoned-roy-hibbert/ This article is not about De'Ron, it's about Roy, but it addresses a lot of the problems old school bigs have in modern basketball. The college game has not evolved at quite the same pace as the NBA game, which is why there are still times where Davis can be impactful but we also saw last year BEFORE he tore his achilles some of the problems Davis faced with modern basketball teams.
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    FWIW, TJD liked this tweet associated with my story. Does it mean he agrees or is he just a nice guy that goes out of his way to like coverage of him. I suspect the latter, but take it for what it's worth. Also, shameless plug, please give me a follow on Twitter if you haven't already. Thanks for all of your support HSN!
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    I think he wants us to give recruits 300 page mega-threads for each recruit he wants.
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    but he couldn't run the floor? or defend ball screens. Jake Forrester is going to look good 3 years from now. He's the "big man" of the future... the mold he is I mean.
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    I will agree that I think Brooks is the crown jewel of this class. He may not have had the storied career of Romeo, but I believe he could very well end up that type of talent.
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    Trust the process, until we have reason to believe Archie doesn't know what he's doing. We're pushing for Keion and will land him if IU is where he wants to be. Recruiting more than one talented player is not a bad thing, it's just reality Plus my post just pushed us to the 18th page, meaning our odds of landing Keion just bumped up. You're welcome 😏
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    If he leaves it’s going to be hilarious. They will be miserable and spend the year complaining about IU being cheaters to get Romeo.
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    You leave college so someone might pay you before those and other faults are known....or more exposed. Whether that's in the G League or Europe. If you stick around for the student body (no problem if that's a kids choice) you better hope you have a phenomenal season. Plenty more risk (for the $) in staying...if you think there might be a GM or team who you think will take you in 2nd round. Look at Yogi. Did him staying 1 more year elevate his draft status any? None whatsoever. His hard work made him his $. Plenty of parallels to Carsen.
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    Roy's defense is still great around the rim. The big man you just described doesn't describe old school bigs. The running the floor part is the issue.
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    KBJ - 17 TJD - 23 TW - 17 283/277 pages until commitments, better get going HSN 3.0!
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    More than fine with me! I need entertainment between sets! Especially on leg days 😒
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    His recruitment to this date has me mystified. I can’t put my finger on why HN & this Staff hasn’t recognized KBJ as THE most important piece for 2019. Offers from NC, MS, KY and KS vs AL for one and a handful of big ten teams for the other. Maybe CAM realizes KBJ will be a tough get and is not putting all eggs in his basket but I feel we can’t afford not to.
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    They’ll say they got screwed because Painter is just too good of a talent identifier/developer. There’s a great “rank the coaches in the Big Ten” thread on their board. Consensus seems to be that Porkchop only ranks behind Izzo and Beilein, and Archie barely cracks the top 10, lol
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    The more I see of Keion, the more I want him. He has #1 overall ranking potential.
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    Lebron was down 3-1 to Warriors in the Finals. All due respect he's faced more pressure.
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    Landing Brooks is about keeping a 5 star player in state and telling KY, NC, MS, Duke, KS or any other high profile school the borders are officially closed. The vision this IU Staff is seeking will turn cloudy if they let Brooks get away. It’s ok to chase outside talent as a backup plan but make these in state kids priority #1.
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    I was looking for a blushing emoji but had to settle for this. I really appreciate the feedback. I'll take constructive feedback or story ideas too. I have a long way to go here, although I think I already have Kravitz beat
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    Agree all day. If we went back and looked during the season at some comments on here (after his dust up with his head coach who is now gone) I think many have changed their tune. Few of us have been high on Keion since the beginning. With that said. Brooks, TJD, Watford or whoever all have the chance the be first. One of them will be the leaders of the pack.
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    Blue likes you better without them.
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    How do you know how hard the coaching staff is recruiting any player. Unless you are on the coaching staff or a member of the Brooks family you have no idea how hard we are going after him.
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    Do you know something we dont know about how the staff is recruiting him?
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    I agree 100 percent. I think kion is the best player out of Those 3 and he is from Indiana plus the northern part to. Need to keep establishing ourselves up there.
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    Our take on where TJD's recruitment stands after going through all of latest news, notes and interviews. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/is-trayce-jackson-davis-the-next-in-state-5-star-headed-to-iu-hoosier-fans-will-need-to-be-patient/
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    Agree. Kravitz did a very lazy and poor bit of journalism with that piece. Maybe he did it while drinking a bit much (known to happen) or perhaps he was past a deadline....either way his piece yesterday was crap.