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    Good listen from Drew Davis (works with Rabjohns at Peegs). Talked about how big-name schools weren't offering TJD because they felt IU was so far ahead that it was a waste of their time. Also mentioned the KBJ recruitment is just beginning but IU is in good shape.
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    As I said before, if Arizona had any evidence that he did anything wrong, He would be gone by now. I think ESPN and their hack job of reporting screwed the pooch on this and won't go back and correct the issue. Rather than admitting their mistake, they are letting Sean's reputation continue to suffer. That is why I said I hope he sues them, but I doubt Arizona will let him due to the revenue they receive from ESPN broadcasting all of their sports. Best possible outcome is Walton shows up stoned (likely) as commentator for one of their games and goes off on ESPN (less likely) for it and promptly gets fired.
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    Places that suck for $200 Alex.
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    Smith is going to be number 3 in my opinion, I feel like he is the perfect player to play off of Juwan and Romeo.
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    This is what I hate about football recruiting. You have to keep kissing a kids ass until they sign. Waste of time for all schools.
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    For Sean MIller's sake, this needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. His program will likely take a significant hit this year because of the damage members of the national media did to him. maybe deserved, maybe not, but letting him just twist in the wind with a cloud of uncertainty seems a little cruel to me. If they had something significant but weren't ready to move on him, leaking seems bush league to me. Either way, for me, just as big a cloud of suspicion hangs over the FBI these days...not quite the white knights I always viewed them as...
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    In my opinion, the best signings we've made all year have been Ballou and Rhea. They're pushing speed, speed, and more speed, and it looks like they've made great improvements already. I also saw in a video they posted that the average team speed has increased by 2.5 mph since they took over. Who knows how accurate all of that data is, but you can tell from watching them that these two guys know what they're doing. Speed is going way up, and stamina should go way up. I think we were one year early with #breakthrough
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    I tend to agree with KoB that the stage is set for Romeo to be a big time scorer and with Astros that Green should not be focusing on scoring. I think there will be a solid group after Romeo and Morgan providing plenty of depth and flexibility. Green, Smith, and Fitzner will probably get more minutes consistently so think that #3 will come from them. I can see games where Hunter gets his. Race too.
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    I hope everybody is enjoying their first couple days of the diet (or continuation for some of you). I'm 6 for 6 on semi decent meals. I'm going for more of a healthy view of losing weight than a diet view of losing weight. Some favorite recipes so far for me are: Roasted Garbanzo Beans Superhero muffins I strongly recommend the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook the Superhero muffins came from. The whole cookbook talks about the difference between eating to be skinny and eating to be healthy. It's better to eat good calories to give you energy and nourish your body than to just starve yourself to lose weight. Hope everybody is doing well!
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    May be in the enviable position of opponents being in a pick your poison situation. Morgan and Langford will get theirs. I could see that 3rd scorer on any given night scoring big. Justin Smith is in a good role to take advantage, and maybe 2-3 others depending on opponents and matchups.
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    Loved the podcast. It was great to hear your voice, TDH. And your insight to IU's FB program. Hope they invite you back, again. You are really building your site and your reputation as an IU analyst. And as we have talked before.... truly the future as far as you and I are concerned at to where the future is headed in terms of where media should be going . I am truly happy for you.
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    I always felt that Bracey was too selfish of a player. This article kind of hints as to why Williams, in terms of unselfishness was chosen ahead of Bracey. THE WAY THE BALL BOUNCES
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    I have always loved your user name. So, glad you have found HSN 3.0. Keep in touch.
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    Ah summer...today not so bad but days like yesterday make me glad I studied in college. I hate sweating.
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    Gracias! Long time member on a few of the other forums and figured Id add this one in too
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    They are only giving what the consumer is wanting and seeking with less resources than probably at any point in history. Local newspapers are working with minimal staff, yet being asked to create more and more content they can regurgitate over again and collect clicks. All this is happening while idiots constantly complaining in comments sections on why should they have to pay for information, yet criticizing typos because the media source can't afford a proper amount of editors to their staff. You get what you pay for and the consumer dictates often what is being offered.
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    Agree all around. I think in certain matchups Davis can give 20-25 minutes and score a lot too (he probably isn't playing much of he isn't scoring much). I think McRoberts will pop for 15-20 one game as well.
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    I totally understand most people wouldn't travel long distances to visit Chicago during the winter. I also understand that IU has a large alumni base so no matter where they go, they'll have support. My theory is more fans would go to at a bowl game that's within driving distance of Bloomington, regardless of the weather. I would love to go to California (I lived there for 5 years) or Florida, or wherever for a bowl game, but the timing of these games makes it almost impossible for me and (I would assume) most folks who cannot plan a holiday vacation around the game. Obviously it's different for retirees and I know that traveling for the holidays is becoming more and more popular. That being said, it would be a total blast to be able to do so and I hope to sooner than later. Cheers to everything you do on the board. I don't post a lot, but do when I think I can contribute in some way. Go Hoosiers. More bowls=more fun no matter where the game is.
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    This isn't a conversation about the President (I never made it one), nor a partisan conversation, because it's a non-partisan, non-political, overall, worldly issue. Fact is, the court of public opinion is the strongest of courts these days. Opinion is created/influenced by the media. What's dangerous language, is false language, misinformed language, partial truth language, and partial stories from anyone...but especially the outlets that have an extremely strong influence on opinion...ie: mainstream media. This type of language is rampant with new "media" outlets popping up every day. The competition amongst media outlets becoming stiffer and stiffer as times change. This competition creates this "first to report" mindset. It creates click bait. Partial truth headlines, that if someone were to actually read an article, would find the headline to be idiotic. It creates "shares" on facebook, retweets on twitter. Everyone knows this stuff is real, so it's not really a debate. Maybe Sean Miller is as guilty as they come, but it went from ESPN dropping one of the biggest NCAA bombshells of my life, to definite loss of job, to UA not buckling to public pressure, to decommits, to now, utter silence and business as usual with a cloud hanging overhead.
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    Absolutely. And this can feed into more balanced scoring. We have outside shooting now, we have a guy in Fitzner who will help spread the floor, can pick and roll/pick and pop, is a size matchup issue, and brings experience. We have a guy in Smith who looks very much primed for a big time soph season -- he was really starting to show. We have Green's athleticism on the perimeter. McRoberts will bring his key role player game and will have games where he'll help with scoring and spreading the floor. We have talented frosh in addition to Romeo, Phinisee can score the ball. Moore appears to have grown his outside game. Race may be a dark horse player. Morgan and Langford are the guys who defenses will look to limit, that will open things up.
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    Yeah, I’m not too high on him. I get that it’s impressive what he did in the Euroleague at 19, and he probably has a pretty high floor, but he has bottom tier athleticism for the NBA. All the footage I’ve watched of him looks like it’s in slow motion.
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    https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2018/06/hoosiers-land-4th-commitment-tuesday-3-star-lb-from-florida/ Go Hoosiers!
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    I've gotten the call: "we're the IRS and we're gonna issue an arrest warrant for you," and similar stuff. I've reported them to the IRS. They called my house a few months ago when I wasn't here and left the same message on my answering machine. I've saved it for when the IRS wants my help in nailing these crooks. Waiting . . . . In the interim, they get some slightly more confounded elderly folks on the line and tell them about an arrest warrant, the elderlies will cough up a credit card number. Who wants to go to jail? I hate these scammers and I don't understand why the federal prosecutors aren't raining hell down on them.
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    If we stay at 23 I want either Brunson or Bates Diop. At that stage I want a guy with a lot of experience who can come in and be a contributor right away.
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    https://www.flohoops.com/articles/6213937-isaiah-stewart-spills-on-recruiting-sets-peach-jam-team-usa-goals He took unofficial visits to three of those schools before the USA Basketball training camp and broke down the three visits. Stewart expects many of the coaches recruiting him to be in Argentina, assuming he makes the final cut. He has no other visits planned at the moment. "I'll probably wait until after Peach Jam," he said.
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    What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean? I wouldn't pay $200 to have a garbanzo bean on my face.
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    Just curious but isn’t LeBron 6’9? If so Trendon looks to be taller than he is.
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    NBA teams have more control over their roster for a lot longer, but even if we pretend (and that is all it would be) that it is even the perks for the NBA still seem to greatly outweigh the perks for college.
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    Well he's coaching the most iconic basketball team on the planet at the highest level of basketball.... he's going nowhere.
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    I dunno, I sorta feel like the whole NBA coaches get summers completely off might be a bit of a misnomer. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure college coaches are far busier for more of a given year. Consider the workload on the season: NBA coach - 82 regular season games; potentially ~21 post season games NCAA coach - ~35 regular season games, potentially ~8 post season games While not recruiting during the off-season, the NBA coach’s season is far longer and there are plenty of things that need to be tended to in a professional basketball operation. I think, at the end of the day, overall balance of stress and responsibilities are probably pretty close to even. It likely comes down to which stress is preferable to the individual and, as has been alluded to, which kind of personalities the coach prefers to manage.
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    Here’s mine: Romeo — 18.1 ppg Juwan — 14.5 ppg Justin — 10.1 ppg Devonte — 8.8 ppg Davis could get there if/when healthy, but who knows what we’re gonna get from him. I want to be very clear about this, I don’t want Devonte above 10ppg. Maybe his senior year, but not this year. My hope for Devonte is that he averages over 4.5 assists per game and less than 1.7 turnovers per game. PPG for him are irrelevant to me this year. I want Devonte to become a pass first guy who has a good shot to compliment his game, not the other way around. Also because I want to see a healthy amount of Phinisee and Al on the floor. If they are seeing good time and Green is averaging 10+ then DG is likely forcing his shot like he did last year. I hope he lets his game and his shot come to him in time. That’s how he’s going to become a good player for us.
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    Brad could not be reached for comment...as he's currently on a beach with his family enjoying the summer
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    Bad media coverage does not equate to conspiracy...so I'm not sure where that comes from. Being "right more often than not" is not some miraculous achievement. When they're wrong because they feel the need to be the first to tell the story...it can ruin lives, families and careers. You're speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You have "complaints", their need to "get it out the quickest"...these are a few things that make the media garbage. And if you think that "fake news" started with Donald Trump, or that any of this has to do with the President's media coverage, then you're a bit behind on the times.
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    I have an uncle who is paralyzed. Going to the store one day a local prominent business owner pulled into the only open handicap spot right before my uncle did. My uncle asked him to move and was told to f off. My uncle created a satire website for the sole purpose of making fun of this guy for anything and everything. My uncle got sued for slander, represented himself in court, and won. People who are capable but use handicap spots anyway should sit on a cactus.
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    Especially now with (what seems to me) the top recruits wanting to take the process on for as long as they can.
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    At this stage, I wouldn't have a clue who to offer and who to pass on. I guess that's why Archie is paid millions, but I'm glad that's his circus to run and not mine. Makes it easy to understand why coaches jump to the NBA to have summers off and be able to DRAFT instead of RECRUIT.
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    Cody didn't play the same position or on a similar team, though. Archie approaches the game of basketball much more similar to Sampson than he does Cream, and Romeo is much more comparable to EJ than he is Cody. The truth is, for as deep as we may look on paper our only proven returning scorer is Morgan. There is a huge vacuum for Romeo to come in and score a ton of points. To say he won't is just putting a lot of expectations and pressure on someone else to do it, and no matter who that person is they deserve that treatment less than Romeo does. We need to score quite a bit more than last year to get even a decent seed in the tournament, so Romeo has to come in and be a significant upgrade to Rob Johnson.
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    In a better Big Ten, with a team at least as deep as this, Eric Gordon averaged over 20 with a bad wrist. To say Romeo only gets 15 is indicative of not thinking he is as good as advertised.
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    I think we should be able to land a high quality guard in this class. Romeo is almost certainly one and done so that guy will be splitting minutes with only Phinesee and Green. He may not be guaranteed a starting spot but he's probably getting 20 mins as a freshman. Then Green will graduate. There's plenty of PT to be had for whomever wants to commit. I'm really hoping for Carton.
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    New video interview on Peegs with Carton. Although mostly IU questions, Carton didn't sound like a Michigan lean to me. Mentioned he has gotten a chance over time to speak to some of the younger guys at IU including Romeo, and Victor Oladipo on his last visit. He also referred to Oladipo as one of his favorite players. Carton also was asked what the impact is of having a coach who played his same position in Archie Miller recruiting him, he noted that he felt it was pretty important and it definitely helps having a coach that knows where you're coming from that also understands what it's like in your shoes. When DJ spoke about Michigan in the interview he mentioned that the staff was on him pretty hard and that he was looking forward to getting back up there to see the campus as the first time around he went for a football game and didn't get a chance to see the rest of the place. Carton will take official visits to Michigan and Indiana late this month and has no more visits scheduled as of right now beyond that. As far as a decision, Carton said that because his schedule will be so busy soon, to get all the visits he wanted in he would probably have to decide a little later than maybe first thought and is shooting for October.
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    I agree with the sentiment, and I could be wrong since I don’t know that I’ve read every post in the thread, but I don’t think anything like that happened here. There was an incident; people asked what happened, etc. I don’t believe anyone saw the Kentucky interest and then started talking about his character. As I recall, the incident was discussed when IU was perceived to be right there in the recruitment. I didn’t see that linkage in any way, shape or form. Maybe somebody did that. If they did, I’d consider it an outlier.
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    LOL...teed that one up for you Doc...
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