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    Places that suck for $200 Alex.
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    May be in the enviable position of opponents being in a pick your poison situation. Morgan and Langford will get theirs. I could see that 3rd scorer on any given night scoring big. Justin Smith is in a good role to take advantage, and maybe 2-3 others depending on opponents and matchups.
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    What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean? I wouldn't pay $200 to have a garbanzo bean on my face.
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    Just curious but isn’t LeBron 6’9? If so Trendon looks to be taller than he is.
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    NBA teams have more control over their roster for a lot longer, but even if we pretend (and that is all it would be) that it is even the perks for the NBA still seem to greatly outweigh the perks for college.
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    Well he's coaching the most iconic basketball team on the planet at the highest level of basketball.... he's going nowhere.
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    I dunno, I sorta feel like the whole NBA coaches get summers completely off might be a bit of a misnomer. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure college coaches are far busier for more of a given year. Consider the workload on the season: NBA coach - 82 regular season games; potentially ~21 post season games NCAA coach - ~35 regular season games, potentially ~8 post season games While not recruiting during the off-season, the NBA coach’s season is far longer and there are plenty of things that need to be tended to in a professional basketball operation. I think, at the end of the day, overall balance of stress and responsibilities are probably pretty close to even. It likely comes down to which stress is preferable to the individual and, as has been alluded to, which kind of personalities the coach prefers to manage.
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    Romeo 20.2 , Morgan 17.5 , Deron Davis 16.3 !!
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    Brad could not be reached for comment...as he's currently on a beach with his family enjoying the summer
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    Bad media coverage does not equate to conspiracy...so I'm not sure where that comes from. Being "right more often than not" is not some miraculous achievement. When they're wrong because they feel the need to be the first to tell the story...it can ruin lives, families and careers. You're speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You have "complaints", their need to "get it out the quickest"...these are a few things that make the media garbage. And if you think that "fake news" started with Donald Trump, or that any of this has to do with the President's media coverage, then you're a bit behind on the times.
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    I have an uncle who is paralyzed. Going to the store one day a local prominent business owner pulled into the only open handicap spot right before my uncle did. My uncle asked him to move and was told to f off. My uncle created a satire website for the sole purpose of making fun of this guy for anything and everything. My uncle got sued for slander, represented himself in court, and won. People who are capable but use handicap spots anyway should sit on a cactus.
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    At this stage, I wouldn't have a clue who to offer and who to pass on. I guess that's why Archie is paid millions, but I'm glad that's his circus to run and not mine. Makes it easy to understand why coaches jump to the NBA to have summers off and be able to DRAFT instead of RECRUIT.
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    Cody didn't play the same position or on a similar team, though. Archie approaches the game of basketball much more similar to Sampson than he does Cream, and Romeo is much more comparable to EJ than he is Cody. The truth is, for as deep as we may look on paper our only proven returning scorer is Morgan. There is a huge vacuum for Romeo to come in and score a ton of points. To say he won't is just putting a lot of expectations and pressure on someone else to do it, and no matter who that person is they deserve that treatment less than Romeo does. We need to score quite a bit more than last year to get even a decent seed in the tournament, so Romeo has to come in and be a significant upgrade to Rob Johnson.
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    Agreed. Knox, Carter, and Jackson were forwards who weren’t handling the ball all that much. Romeo is probably the best scorer in his class, and he’s a guard who’s going to have the ball in his hands constantly. Romeo will be a way better scorer than RoJo was from day one, and RoJo averaged 14 ppg last year. If Romeo doesn’t average at least 18-20 ppg next year, I’ll be pretty surprised.
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    In a better Big Ten, with a team at least as deep as this, Eric Gordon averaged over 20 with a bad wrist. To say Romeo only gets 15 is indicative of not thinking he is as good as advertised.
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    Been saying for months DJ is the real deal! Easily best guard we are targeting. Want this kid bad!
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    I think we should be able to land a high quality guard in this class. Romeo is almost certainly one and done so that guy will be splitting minutes with only Phinesee and Green. He may not be guaranteed a starting spot but he's probably getting 20 mins as a freshman. Then Green will graduate. There's plenty of PT to be had for whomever wants to commit. I'm really hoping for Carton.
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    Carton, Ramsey, Keion, and Trayce would give us a 68.30 score on the class calculator which would likely rank us somewhere between 3-5. Obviously this is just for fun and we haven’t even landed a single one of them yet but it’s juicy to think about and not really all that far fetched.
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    I agree with the sentiment, and I could be wrong since I don’t know that I’ve read every post in the thread, but I don’t think anything like that happened here. There was an incident; people asked what happened, etc. I don’t believe anyone saw the Kentucky interest and then started talking about his character. As I recall, the incident was discussed when IU was perceived to be right there in the recruitment. I didn’t see that linkage in any way, shape or form. Maybe somebody did that. If they did, I’d consider it an outlier.
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    LOL...teed that one up for you Doc...