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    Here's the latest on the 12 targets that IU is pursuing the most in the class as crunch time in recruiting continues. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/where-indiana-stands-with-the-class-of-2019-as-we-head-down-the-stretch-run/
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    What are you basing this on, Brass? The 10/22 line he posted across ten games reported from IMG last season? EYBL season this year, Newman was a better scorer. He's not got a flashy game, and so his highlight vids aren't fun like Ramsey. But he's probably more effective. FWIW, I watched them both in April. Ramsey plays an active, frenetic game. Newman and offball perimeter assassin. Let's look at the EYBL stats, since that's against the same competition. Ramsey played 20 games, averaging 15.6 pts, and going 31/93 from 3, for 33.3%. Newman, in 21 games, scored 17.4 ppg, going 66/168 from 3 for 39.3%. Worth mentioning he went 43% in IHSAA from 3 last year. Newman also had 4.7 rpg, and Ramsey had 3.3. Assists, Ramsey 2.9, Newman 1.1. Turnovers, Ramsey 2.4, Newman 1.8. Steals, Ramsey 1.5, Newman 1.4. Either would be great. In my mind Brandon would be better for us.
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    Speaking on behalf of the entire Hoosier Sports Nation, we really appreciate this update, TDH. In terms of Newman.... great to hear confirmation, that I was hearing, separate from you, in terms of an upcoming OV from Newman. I was told it was in the works. And could happen as early as this weekend.
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    A little aggressive response, he wasn't claiming much with certainty
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    Ramsey also hit 60 % of his 2s. Kid is a threat from everywhere plus a killer defender.
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    And double overtime two years before that. I would love for IU to upset Michigan this year and send their fans into a panic.
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    Graham article https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/8/28/football-graham-notebook-used-to-managing.aspx https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2018/08/football-manager-a-lesson-in-hard-work-positivity/ Go Hoosiers!
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    If he has an incredible year it won’t matter. Now if he has a disappointing season I would agree
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    Knowing some folks in New Albany, this is the general consensus. If he's slated to go high in the draft, he's going. If for whatever reason he falls, he won't. He's in a good position. His family and such won't push/require him to go to the NBA early, regardless of draft stock. He's in a position to go when he feels he's maximized his stock.
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    Yes. And that is exactly why I mentioned him. We always talk about potential career ending injuries as to why a player should jump from college to the NBA, the same applies to H.S. to NBA decisions.
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    Nothing to do with play...but based on week 1 of social media comments....having their name on the jersey represents an accomplishment for so many players to see in person, tv viewership, pride from the family members. I'll stop hammering on this. Just like uniforms/helmets matter on one side of recruiting....little things like names on the jersey matter as well.
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    Will 2 or 3 be riding? Been hearing 3 together or in very close proximity of each other just after HH!
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    They are both fine player for sure. Newman does one thing especially well which is shoot. And right now it’s looking like Damezi will be our sharpshooter off the bench.
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    Bender didn't live up to the hype only because of his serious knee issues. He was phenomenal and would've been outstanding, but for his knees. Here's an article on how he's turned himself into a successful businessman. http://www.sbnonline.com/article/how-jonathan-benders-bad-knees-killed-and-created-his-careers/
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    ^^GREAT statistics to back up your perspective! Thanks for providing. I’d say both options would be fantastic for Hoosier nation. I’d prefer Newman over Ramsey slightly. You can’t have enough knockdown shooters on a team!
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    Except maybe in US Olympic men’s hockey, 1980 style.
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    Thought i’d update. Going to prep school for a year. Had at least one D1 offer that i know of in Southeast Missouri State. http://www.newsandtribune.com/sports/high-school-notebook-east-heading-to-prep-school/article_b2979662-a587-11e8-a27c-13aa967a79a5.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
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    Hoosiers helping Hoosiers --- let's help Matt out!!!
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    Should be a good early-season litmus test. Their program is in a very similar spot after getting to 6-6 last year and trying to build on positive momentum from a new coaching regime, but trying to replace 3 defensive players and QB lost to the NFL. Replaced pro-style QB with dual-threat Juco transfer (Bryce Perkins) more well-suited to the offense they want to run. Perkins is a dynamic playmaker, but inexperienced and unproven as a passer. Return a lot of talent at offensive skill positions and linebacker/secondary, but thin up-front on both sides of the ball. Pass protection was a key weakness for them last year and the only expected improvement this year is having a QB who can use his legs to make something out of broken plays. Stopping the run will be key - they struggled running the ball last year, but look to be improved after rushing for over 300 yards in the opener, led by senior RB Jordan Ellis, who had 146 on 20 carries, and 108 from Perkins, including two 20+ yard TD runs. In the passing game, don't expect Perkins to be much of a threat to throw downfield, but they have a trio of speedy receivers (veterans Zaccheaus and Reed, and a freshman Kelly) who can break big plays on short routes. Field goal kicking game is a huge weakness for them, so red zone defense will be key. On offense, should be able to run against their thin front, and Ramsey should have time to throw, but will need to make good decisions as they have some talented ballhawks on the back-end.
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    Yes, only now we will be winning against the said competition unlike before.
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    Ramsey is ours to lose as well. Add him to TJD and Brooks. Being a from Indiana and being a Hoosier is what the norm will be again.
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    I'll trust mile, but I'd feel better if she was from Ft Wayne originally, stayed in La Porte, then stopped in Center Grove on the way to Bloomington. 🤔
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    Is your GF a surfer ? Can't talk about the winds, just yet. I agree with you. I swear there is a wave coming to Bloomington. More than one will be riding that wave.
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    When I read a story like this one , I feel ashamed at ever feeling sorry for my own life situation !! Hoosiernation :: include this young man in your prayers !! May he overcome his own health problems !! P.S. Remember the name Matt Stauder ! He is an example of hard work and willpower ! I hope his attitude rubs off on the Hoosier Football SQUAD !!
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    Gillis apparently hurt his knee and might not play the whole year.