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    Keep in mind that his recruits are freshman and sophomores. Also, keep in mind that this is not Michigan or Ohio State. UK fans were wanting Mark Stoops fired not too long ago. Their reasoning. He's recruiting well, but ain't doing nothing with it. His record by season. 2-10 5-7 5-7 7-6 7-6 6-1 and ranked 12th in the country. This is IU. You have to give the coach some time. Mallory was 4-7 in his second year. Hep was 5-7. No one was demanding either of those coaches be fired.
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    One of the toughest non-conference contests will be taking place tomorrow behind closed doors. There's a lot to be learned competing against such an efficient team that also runs a variation of the packline. In lieu of a foreign tour where the team can gel across multiple games, I really do think this is about as good of a secret scrimmage that Archie and Bill Comar could have scheduled. Get to know Loyola Chicago and what the coaching staff will be watching for:
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    Tom Allen is football’s version of Tom Crean..
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    I’m gonna need another bottle of wine for this game.
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    Please just give it to Stevie. This passing game is painful.
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    All good points. Here is my concern. If they do not win another game we can forget recruiting. Unless you are willing to risk NCAA violations, good recruits do not look favorably on that type of a season. We have a tough road anyway and losing out late in the season is a death nail. Normally I would say you need three to four years to be fair but the way he was hired, without a real talent search, concerns me regarding the message it sends to recruits. That and you always want to see a program improving. Four years has to be balanced by seeing notable improvements. The line is better this year, we have a very good back but I recognize he is young so you discount that a bit, the receivers are good, and the schedule was very favorable because PSU, Mstate, and Michigan are a little down this year. I agree with mile one hundred percent, but i just don’t like the way he was hired, some of the backroom stuff, and because he was not a top tier coach with pedigree and experience coming in I’m not sure we can sit for four years and not see the program devastated. At the end of this year he will have been here three full years and two plus at head coach. If you have a top tier coach who just can’t seem to fix a program there is a good chance he is at least, like at the university of Texas, still bringing in talent and a new coach can step in and you are like UT and magically, and prematurely, in the top twenty. But if you have a dud and wait you run the risk of having the shelves empty and the turn around being a six year process if you can get a top tier coach at that point. I think that how this group finishes, and you will be able to see it on the player’s faces, will determine if they have lost faith in the coach and if a change is needed. But make no mistake about it, this is a very dangerous position for the program, not the season. I say that while sitting here watching USF and Houston on tv and fighting for rankings. Guys, those aren’t schools creating genius level people, maybe not even top tier Target managers, but they are competing at a higher level. We can do better, being mediocre is a state of mind.
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    BEER SALES. It’s an absolute joke that we of all programs haven’t done that to gin up attendance. Low hanging fruit if there ever was any. Mind boggling.
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    Along those lines, if I'm the AD and evaluating him as a HC, he needs to demonstrate NOW that he can be a HC. It's nearly a consensus that DeBord is incompetent. CTA needs to relieve him of his responsibility NOW. No need to wait till end of season to show that CTA is capable of making the tough decisions. It would also send a message to the remaining assistant coaches that they will be held accountable. He needs to build a culture of achievement amongst the coaches and the players. If CTA cannot do this then he will be gone.
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    My belief in not firing CTA stated in the MN game thread is predicated on his ability to transition from an assistant coach mindset to a head coach mind set. This means that his duty is to do what he deems best for the team and holding his assistants accountable. If CTA does not fire DeBord now then I think he (CTA) should be fired and a HC search began.
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    I cannot pretend to know what is going on in Coach Allen's mind. I just referenced what many of you fine Hoosier Sports Nation members had to say in terms of what coaching changes, if any, need to be made, for this program to move forward. I will say this. If I were Mr. Glass, the first thing I would do, once the season is over, is have a talk with Coach Allen. In order to pick his mind. And to tell him that improving the IU FB product is of high priority. And that Mr. Glass should support Coach Allen in any and all efforts to move this program forward. If that means getting a completely new supporting cast, so be it. Support your main man. For now, at least. Again, I think it is too early to make a move on Coach Allen. For one.... what quality coach would want to come to IU, if he felt he would not get the proper amount of time to mold this program to him ? I don't know about the rest of Hoosier Sports Nation, but for one, I am not prepared to start over again... just yet.
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    I’m saying that it should though. Theoretically, if Self is found to have approved paying players, Kansas should forfeit every game he’s coached. He should technically be deemed an ‘ineligible coach’.
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    Funny story, I watched the brawl in the Celtics locker room. We had a home game and I had just walked the last of the media out to close the locker room to them, and watched the brawl with some staff and players. The Celtics next game was at Indiana and we were all stunned watching it unfold. On Pierce’s way out of the locker room to head to the airport, he was celebrating and dancing because he wouldn’t have to be defended by Artest the next night.
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    Why cant he just be compared to yr 2 Wilson on the opposite side of the ball. He just hasnt fired 2 coordinators to get his guy on the other side yet. Wilson had to fire a Mallory son. That was a tough call but he made it. Knorr came and went but Wilson knew IU needed better. Allen firing Debord would hurt few to no feelings in the IU tanbase so he will hopefully look past his own friendship with him. That is what will tell whether or not Allen is in over his head; Not losing 4 of 5 games they were in late and couldnt get 1 Or 2 more scores and/or stops regardless of the path to get there.Were talking about a handful of plays separating losses from potential wins here. Allen lost his side's core of experience yet this group still gives the offense a chance late for the most part week in week out. He"s no more in over his head than Wilson was after 2 seasons in charge.Theyre coming up sgort because they arent playing consistent. There is also a need for a shuffle, but to say this is as half cocked as any Lynch team all around, is absurd. Do some of you forget there was zero running game under Lynch . My point is Allen wanted to run the ball, and get enough Takeaways to keep the offense in position to win.That is exactly what we've saw despite the growing pains.It's this year's finishing mantra which isnt there as it was with breaking through.. We saw a different offense when Penix played and it makes it extra unfortunate he was injured last weekend.I get the frustration but come to your senses folks. I cuss as loud as anyone but hours (sometimes days)after lost games I separate my feelings from my thoughts and look at reality. This is nothing like a Lynch team and Much more like a Mallory team in a down year. Otherwise, I would probably be calling for all of their jobs too. Even the holdovers of Mallorys best teams got absolutely blasted out of several games. They fired Coach Mal when the fix was likely much simpler.How many regret that now..Has Allen had one season as bad as any of his predecessors.I think not.
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    It just infuriates me that De Sousa can’t play but Self can coach. Part of what is wrong with the system is the power these top coaches have. I sound like a broken record, but it’s just insane that Self is accused of arranging payments to get De Sousa to Kansas and the player is suspended pending the investigation but the coach isn’t.
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    Waking up this morning after watching, once promising IU loose again last night, is difficult. However, right now and at least for the next couple of years, coach Allen is going to be coaching at IU. Now, looking to the future, should he solely be THE head coach and hire a new offensive, defensive and special teams coordinators? Can he be a better coach if he is the head coach only? I don't know, but if I am coach Allen, I'm taking a long look in the mirror as to how I can right this ship. This whole Tom Allen thing reminds me of a captain on an old wooden ship in a storm. This ship is "listing" left and right and taking on water. She is off course, sails beginning to tear, lost some of hear crew.....he can still see a beacon of light from a distant harbor. This captain has to get his ship safely to shore before it sinks. IF, he can somehow get "her" to shore (win 2 more games), does he keep his existing crew or hire new? Guys, I love the whole coach Allen thing, his firey approach and Indiana connection. I think he can get this ship righted and safely to shore. However, before he heads back out to "sea", he needs to relieve his old crew of their duties and hire a new, stronger crew. Together, they have to repair and rebuild this ship so she's stronger than ever before!
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    No. Not ready to fire CTA yet. I like the way recruiting is going and still understand were are young. What I would like to see is this: 1. Show Mike DeBord the door today 2. Promote Mike Hart to OC for remainder of the year. I like what he has done with recruiting the backs. I hope he has enough coaching experience to implement an offensive scheme. 3. Commit to be a running offense for the remainder of the year with an option attack 4. Reece Taylor at QB Finish the season and reassess entire program.
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    And, of the 5 losses, 4 of them were not considered to victories going into the season anyway, and the 5th one was on the road. It's just way too premature for this talk. Sure, if Nick Saban decides he wants to spend his last few years in Bloomington, you make a change. But, if you make a change without having a difference maker lined up as a replacement, you run the risk of not only hiring someone that will have less success, but you will break the recruiting momentum that we have. Next year we can begin having a conversation if we don't go bowling.
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    Even so, if a 'proven' coach can't make it happen in a year and a half at indiana, why should we expect an unproven one to do so? I just think it's silly that even though we are generally happy with his recruiting, that we are expecting a certain level of results when his oldest recruits are only sophomores.
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    I don't have an answer for this, but I always think you can't look at things in a vacuum. The Big 10 East is NASTY we all know this. I think it's going to be hard for Indiana to beat Michigan, Michigan St., Ohio St., and Penn State. If you assume those 4 are losses each year then Indiana has to at least go 6-2 in the other 8 to get bowl eligible. It makes me sick to say it, but if Brohm stays at Purdue, we aren't beating them. That means IU has 5 losses on the schedule needing to go 6-1 in their other 7. It helps that the next few years the non-conference games are against Ball St., Connecticut, Western Kentucky & Eastern Illinois, but eventually Cincinnati & Louisville show up on those OOC schedules as well. I've had trouble with IU's administration for a VERY LONG time, but I think Indiana HAS to look for moves that Baylor, Purdue & Iowa State made. Matt Rhule went from Temple to Baylor. Matt Campbell went from Toledo to Iowa State. Jeff Brohm went from Western Kentucky to Purdue. Those schools aren't any more of a destination spot than Indiana is in today's landscape of college football. There is some "right place right time" aspect there, but Indiana needs to seize those kinds of opportunities regardless of when they come about. I like Allen, but I don't think he's as good a coach as either Rhule, Brohm or Campbell. Maybe it's long term, but IU needs to take advantage of a Rhule/Campbell/Brohm type situation, but the key here is that when they do, an Indiana kid comes up under Rhule/Campbell/Broh, plays at Indiana and is as sharp as a tack. That guy eventually comes back to Indiana and the Hoosiers have a great coach. It's long term thinking, but we've waited this long. What's another decade or so??!!
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    DeBord is a joke. Our defense didn't play good, but that's 100% on him. They never should have gotten the ball back. You're an idiot DeBord and cost this team the game.
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    Go the hell away DeBord. 3rd and 1 and we run a read with a QB who never keeps it. You're a moron and might cost us this game.
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    Only 4 glasses. You are showing great restraint.
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    Can’t complain about being in the East when you lose to this Minnesota team.
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    Which is an insult to Tom Crean. At least he earned the IU job with a reasonable resume. Allen ws gifted it because morons couldn’t stand the idea of losing him to another job for his epic reversal from being one of the worst defense in college football to middle of the road defense in the country.
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    Allen is a Indiana high school football specialist. Nothing more. His hire was a mistake and it’s showing
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    Another great throw in the endzone. Bring in Taylor at QB. Great 3rd down play too. Love seeing the dump offs on 3rd and long.
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    WIDE open touchdown and Ramsey isn’t even close.
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    Good to see Tom now loves the field Goal. A week to late.
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    I miss Penix's arm already. I about shot my tv watching some of those ducks flying across the screen.
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    At least it was only a 4 inch penalty. That's also what @5fouls 4th wife called intercourse.
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    Somebody needs to tell this announcer that this is a Big 10 game, not Big 12
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    Indiana's Archie Miller leads second year coach outlooks | SI.com
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    I live in Newburgh. He's not an IU caliber player. Never gonna happen and I graduated from Castle. I'll try to find out where he's headed.
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    I made it to the 16th then my kid woke up. I went to lay with her, intending to watch on my phone but I lasted probably 30 seconds that way. Kinsler should've held the ball when his foot caught the turf.
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    I imagine Glass is going to have a ton of empty $70 seats vs Maryland. If we go into the bucket game still with 4 wins it will be a Purdue heavy crowd.
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    Finally someone else who gets it. You just can’t command a top tier program and run it like a high school program. At some point the high end boosters are going to have to demand excellence and force the program into a Big Ten program mentality.
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    Alex Cora plays 4D chess
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    IU football+my liver = ☠
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    You, , my friend hit the nail right on the head. Another dismal year and with who we have on staff the future is not so bright. In my opinion it is time to go out and hire the right person for the job no matter what it cost. Allen needs to go back to high school and coach the freshman or j.v. teams. He is out of his league. Glas needs to be held accountable for his bonehead hire.
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    Great minds think alike. So I'm really not sure why we're thinking alike...
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    Ridiculous play call in that situation
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    Don't know about Ricky being in the conversation, but I do remember that Ricky loved talking about Ricky in the 3rd person😄
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    The thing is, the prosecution prosecuted the case essentially on the basis that the schools and coaches are victims. The underlying theory being that, through the conduct of the Adidas personnel and the middle men, the high school players / student athletes would eventually be ineligible, thereby hurting the schools. This, of course, is at best stretching the reality of the various schools/coaching staffs' involvement, and I'm wondering how it squares with the prosecution of the coaches in the separate matters. The theory will shift. Basically, it's worth keeping in mind that the prosecution had a goal, getting convictions, which were focused on the shoe company / middle man side. This wasn't about the schools and coaching staffs' involvement. That's for another day.
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    http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25071066/five-star-recruits-offer-mixed-reaction-g-league-alternative-college Interesting read about what some of the top prospects think of the new G-League rule
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    Being in early on a kid like this really helps when the Dukes and UK'S come in late with their offers to fend them off These in state kids i believe are feeling that its cool again to go to IU
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