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    Tom Allen is football’s version of Tom Crean..
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    I’m gonna need another bottle of wine for this game.
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    Please just give it to Stevie. This passing game is painful.
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    Can’t complain about being in the East when you lose to this Minnesota team.
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    Which is an insult to Tom Crean. At least he earned the IU job with a reasonable resume. Allen ws gifted it because morons couldn’t stand the idea of losing him to another job for his epic reversal from being one of the worst defense in college football to middle of the road defense in the country.
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    Allen is a Indiana high school football specialist. Nothing more. His hire was a mistake and it’s showing
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    Another great throw in the endzone. Bring in Taylor at QB. Great 3rd down play too. Love seeing the dump offs on 3rd and long.
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    WIDE open touchdown and Ramsey isn’t even close.
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    Good to see Tom now loves the field Goal. A week to late.
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    I miss Penix's arm already. I about shot my tv watching some of those ducks flying across the screen.
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    At least it was only a 4 inch penalty. That's also what @5fouls 4th wife called intercourse.
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    Somebody needs to tell this announcer that this is a Big 10 game, not Big 12
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    Indiana's Archie Miller leads second year coach outlooks | SI.com
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    I live in Newburgh. He's not an IU caliber player. Never gonna happen and I graduated from Castle. I'll try to find out where he's headed.
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    I'm starting to see glimpses of Tom Crean in coach Allen....not good.
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    A lot of folks are a loss to Maryland away from a heaping helping of crow and mea culpas.
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    Time for IUScott to write another letter to Glass... about the football program
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    Hahahahaha at that reverse.
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    I used to like K. I’m not sure if he has changed or if I just didn’t understand the kind of coach, and person, he is. I think it’s the latter.
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    I am very jealous. I say that while wearing my IU/ND reversible jacket 😀