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    I don't think that's true at all. I recognize what a flawed human being Bob Knight is, and there were times I was embarrassed by his actions. But I suffered through the IU basketball of the 60s. Sure, we had 2 National Championships under ours belts, but so did Cincinnati and Oklahoma A&M. We'd become just another school. Ohio State, Michigan, and (Oh God, help me) Purdue were better programs by the end of the decade. Bob Knight restored Indiana basketball to Big 10 and national prominence. Love him or hate him, he's a huge reason IU has the following we have today and are still considered a Blueblood. If you don't think so, yank down 3 of those banners hanging at the end of Assembly Hall, because without him, they're not there.
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    To me I dont understand that line of thinking. I can be the biggest IU fan and still be a Bob Knight supporter. I dont agree with how he has handled things but he has to live with that. In all honesty he is hurting himself more than the University or us fans. I grew up close to cincy and became a Colts fan when I moved to Bloomington. I fell in love with the Cokts because of #18. When Ayden was in the hospital all the time he was in the Peyton Manning children's hospital not the Indianapolis Colts hospital. It was PM that came to see him in the hospital that wrote to him that wore an Aydens Army tshirt. I am not one to judge anyone's fandom I would support PM anywhere he had gone except New England. The same with Knight. You can root cheer love hate both at the same time. I do find it ironic that Knight was applauded for his stubborn ways not giving in to certain things doing things his way and man we loved him for it. It's those same qualities that have now turned many against him. We are better for have had him as our coach it would be great for him to come back to this great University but I dont hold any ill will toward anyone that does not return to the place that fired them. I wouldn't. The university helped build the monster, support it then ultimately tore it down. Just my 2 cents
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    Coach Jones did it with Mike Davis' players.
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    Texas Southern (2-4) takes down #18 Oregon 89-84 in Eugene!
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    Yes he is stubborn...but you know what,he's been that way he's whole life...it's not like he became that way after the firing,love him or hate him that's how he is best known.
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    Check the box score. Morgan already has two fouls. Langford has one.
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    Don't speculate!!! I don't want Trayce to delay his announcement for another month!!!
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    One of my favorite IU vs. Duke moments is when A. J. Moye blocked Carlos Boozer in the NCAA tournament. IU went on to knock of then #1 Duke. Carlos Boozer was 6' 9" and 280 lb....s. I don't think any of us thought that we were going to win that game......but we did. Check out the article and video below. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdpDpH5_nC8 Moye's blocked shot of Carlos Boozer's dunk attempt at the pinnacle of a 17-point second half comeback in the 2002 tournament is one of my all-time favorite Hoosier moments in one of my all-time favorite Hoosier victories. Not only did Moye provide the everlasting poster-perfect blocked shot, but he even provided a classic Moye quote before the game even started: "It's not like they're the University of Jesus Christ and we're playing the Twelve Disciples. It's just Duke. Duke is just a name on a jersey." The quote, the block, and all the game highlights are captured brilliantly in the below 14-minute youtube video. I don't care how many times you have seen this, it is well-worth watching again and again. The make of the video (etecnifibre) includes the Hoosiers movie music during the second-half come-back and then includes the Don Fischer radio call for the end of the game. Literally gives me chills every time.
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    "Anyone who is a little worried about going down there probably shouldn't go." I like our coach...
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    Well if there is Jurken, there is always gonna be Hurt and Cockburn.
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    Dustin Dopirak just did a nice profile piece on Jackson-Davis for The Athletic. Touches on all the relevant recruiting stuff, including this quote from Ray Jackson, I thought Dustin did a real nice job describing the family situation with both Ray and Dale in the picture. Here's the link for any Athletic subscribers. https://theathletic.com/663811/2018/11/27/with-recruiting-tabled-until-spring-5-star-trayce-jackson-davis-focuses-on-basketball/
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    Already pointed out but we lost by 20. That's possible. We're not going to lose by 50, even depleted this team is 5-1 and really should be 6-0 but for a missed tip in at Ark. If we have Green and McBob I think we'll make a game of it. If we have just one of them I'd still bet on us being in the 10-point range or so. We've also had a little more time to prep for this game, there's plenty of game film for our guys to have gone over, and Morgan and Romeo will be fully pumped up for this game. It's Cameron -- where getting a fair game is like winning the lottery -- but if we're close to full strength I think we'll see a good game from our guys.
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    I don't see the problem with being a diehard IU fan and diehard Knight supporter. Maybe just me. His actions over the last few years haven't been my cup of tea but I'll always support him. In terms of defending him to others? I don't think anyone has to do that. Like someone or something for you. If others have a problem with it. That's on them.
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    Pretty big statement win for Nebraska going into Clemson and coming out with a win. 1-0 B1G. KenPom now predicts a 7-7 tie.
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    I predict TV Ted will have called 7 fouls on Morgan before the half. Four of them will be called while he is on the bench.
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    IU needs to be healthy to beat good teams. The best attribute they have as a team is depth. So I hope they are healthier. Davis has played well but has been obviously out of shape. I hope they hang. There's nothing worse than a Duke or PU beatdown.
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    I got a hat and a signed mini basketball when he was at TT...and yes I was an RMK fan..that doesn't mean I always agreed with what he did ...and yes I am a IU basketball fan...there was a time when the two went hand in hand and it was the hottest ticket in the state,maybe the nation.
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    Yeah it's important that Green limit his TO's for sure. Goes hand in hand with his making better on-ball decisions. Here's to hoping --
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    His dad's name is Dick Hurt?!
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    The challenge kicks off tonight with two games, and concludes on Wednesday. KenPom predicts the ACC will win 8-6.
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    In this instance both offense and defense traveled. Lol
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    I hope Duke plays as hideously bad as that suit Jay Williams is wearing tonight
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    We beat Michigan State when they were 3-9, and Purdue was still coached by Hazell. Did Wilson also blow the bowl the previous year? What high school teams are we playing? The only teams we even PLAYED this year that aren't bowl bound are Maryland, Rutgers, and Ball State. Maryland almost made a bowl and were one bad pass away from beating OSU. FIU and VA are both solid teams. Our schedule is harder than it was when we went to both our bowls. It's a pretty objective fact.
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    I just listened to the post game presser. Allen all but said he’s going to put in a defensive coordinator. It will allow him to “coach the players and coach the coaches.” I applaud that. He’s said putting in the defensive game plan absorbs a lot of his time. This may be a big plus for a variety of reasons. One, his attention won’t be so one-sided and this will allow him to develop bigger picture issues much better. He has said many negative things about the offense. Hopefully he will do what he needs to do at the offensive coordinator position. Ideally, Debord can resign and we get smarter with play calls. Mike Hart was a great hire. Gotta give Allen credit there. I’m not sure if he’s ready but maybe move him to coordinator. We know the players are drawn to him. This guy may just be a future head coach. He’s wired that way. My only question is how much of the passing game he’s learned? I’d give him a raise too. Give Brohm credit with his play calling. We could use somebody who can keep defenses off balance while also exploiting weaknesses in the defenses, which changes week to week. We haven’t done either the past two years. I would honestly take a good luck at specials coordinator. With better specials we may have gone to bowls the last two years.
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    Seriously, what better quality wins did we have before Allen? We had ONE win you could argue is better quality, and that was against Missouri. I don't believe we went to a bowl that year, though. Wilson reinvigorated the program, but it has been better under Allen than it ever was under Wilson. We had a good offense, but we had absolutely no defense at all. Wilson left us in bad positions relative to the o-line and quarterback after he left, and he ran off a lot of talent all over the roster in his last couple years. It's no surprise that those are two areas IU has struggled in since. The doom and gloom is absolutely absurd. IU is consistently better now than it has been since Mallory in 1994. Go look it up if you don't believe me; I did. The team only looks to be better next year, and everyone is complaining about Allen being a "high school coach" or moaning about the coaching search because we've been on the cusp of making a bowl in both of Allen's first years but haven't gotten over that hump. Since those two years we went to a bowl, consequently Allen's first two, We are playing better teams in our non-conference, Michigan has gotten better, Michigan State has gotten better, Penn State has gotten better, and Purdue has improved immensely. Since Hazell left West Lafayette, the West is actually worse overall than it was before Brohm arrived. All people want to do is say look what Brohm did, but all the other circumstances are just totally ignored. Considering we barely made a bowl those two years under Wilson by beating a horrible Purdue team, I can safely say that all this talk is ridiculous. Why would everyone want to keep doing what IU has done for the last two decades when we have a chance to turn the corner with Allen and be consistently improved? You have to give him at least another year or two to establish his philosophy with his players. This was literally the first year he really had a chance to bring in players for his coaching philosophy. I'm also sick and tired of hearing the snarky "where is the strength and conditioning?" That will take more than one off-season to show up team-wide. 2-3 years minimum on that. Since Allen arrived, IU is more competitive day in and day out than at any other time since Mallory. We look to be better next year, and Allen has already hinted that he's looking at making changes to his coaching staff. He's bringing in better recruiting classes, recruiting positions of need, and bringing in a lot of talented kids from Florida. We've struggled in some spots this year, and, yeah, I honestly was hoping we could win 7 this year, but I'm not going to demonize Fred Glass and Tom Allen because my hopes turned out not to be realistic. In fact, I'm already excited about next year, and at least I can objectively see this team is headed in the right direction.