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    Following up on my post earlier today. In terms of a commitment from Keion... one word given to me is...."Soon".
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    Keion's own answer 13 hours ago
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    “Michigan State is good because they barely lost to Louisville. Wisconsin is good because they barely lost to Marquette. IU is bad because they barely beat Louisville and smoked Marquette.”
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    Hey gang, happened to find this Youtube video of the 1987 Champions making a trip to the White House and thought I'd share it. Loved Pres. Reagans comment about the "Shy & Retiring" RMK
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    Nailed it. This is the defining stretch. 6 of last 9 at home after Feb 2 game vs Sparty. I’m an unashamed homer, but 6-2 in this stretch is doable. And I say that on this basis: talent is not the issue this season. Pre-conference work has been solid. Close game finishing experience. I’m anxious to see IU at Michigan. That is a great test, and if IU could find a way there, they could get on a nice roll. If IU loses at Purdue, IU will have given that away. I’ve watched them play more than usual this year, and they are not a good team. I am a KenPom fan, but the rankings there and other places for Purdue are way, way off this year. Butler beats Purdue by 12+ on a neutral floor.
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    These are not my ideas, but they were so good, I had to steal them and post for everyone to see. Some things that should be obvious, but apparently not: -Make WiFi available to all -Post Big Ten & top 25 scores regularly throughout the game. -Display accurate game stats during time outs or reviews -Fix the video board so that 30% of the space is not advertising -Broadcast the audio from Fish under the stands so people can hear it -Install 60” (or larger) TVs at concession stands and around the under stands areas. (I have a bigger TV in my kitchen than what is used in MS.) -Intellegent alcohol sales -Build and open full service Varsity Shop type stores on both East & West side. -Price tickets like a program that has 30,000 - 40,000 people at games and an inventory of 15,000 unsold tickets. -More help at security checks -Improve traffic plan, post signs and follow the same plan every game. -Post clear bag policy signs on roads approaching MS and in remote lots. -Improve traffic control / lane control out of parking lots -Establish standards for tailgaters that do not take up multiple spots or block traffic. -Get rid of much of the neon advertising in the stadium and sell tickets instead to earn that revenue. -For God’s sake, don’t run out of popcorn at halftime. (Or other concessions like cold bottled water on hot days).
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    I'll grant you the SEC is the better football league, but not THAT much better. The Toiletmakers just sucked today.
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    It really is a brutal stretch. I think we lose at UM, which I think is the best team in conference, that is one seriously good team. Lose at MSU. Think we win at MD. We barely eeked out our home game against NWU, wouldn’t look past that road game. PU, who knows, we’re clearly the better team by a good distance, but it’s of course a rivalry game they have circled and will be hard fought, and it’s away. I’ll be fine with 4-4, happy with 5-3, disappointed with less than 4-4.
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    Boiler stated that he wasn't going to post on basketball related topics till PU football season was over. I think that time has come with 6 minutes left in the first quarter.
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    Hearing, that unless something untoward happens in practice, that Rob P. will be good to go for the Illinois game. On the other hand McRobert's back is acting up on him again... and he may not be good to go against the Illini. Hunter and Race.... still no goes. Again, anything can change over time. But that should bring HSN up to the minute concerning injuries.
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    If you listen closely, you can hear the sigh of relief coming from Louisville.
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    Oh man,i work with 5 people from Bloomington who are Purdue fans that went to the game...i just txt one of them and said i think Dollywood is open, you still have time to ride a few rides..lol
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    It only took Auburn 1 minute 3 seconds to score a touchdown Boiler down...all day
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    Call me a homer if you want. I think IU is better than all but UM and MSU who are more equals. Those 2 are 50/50 as away games in my opinion. So I agree with Fundamentals that 6-2 is my expectation. Of course that is predicated on RP being healthy. It also requires our team functioning on all cylinders and keeping TO's < 10, FT >70%, 3pt Shooting ~35% for RL, and for finally having good starts to games and not beginning down 10 after 10min(Man I hope Santa was generous for this team this year!😊)
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    I haven't seen anything. Maybe you're thinking about Wommack being promoted to DC, and the drugs you're taking for being sick are getting to you!
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    ^^^ HSN's answer to Keion : "Can't come SOON, enough ! "
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    My father in law who is in his 70's is a lifetime UL fan. He said he did not see anything wrong with what was going on. We have argued so much on that topic. I decided to tell him that his grand son who is a college baseball player went to a party that his coach put on and there was alcohol and strippers and before I could finish the story he was ready to find that coach and RIP him a new one. After he cooled off I told him I was just joking but now you know how the parents of those UL recruits might have felt. His tune has changed a little
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    Went to my brother's on Saturday for our Christmas between his family and mine. He shared with me a story that illustrates what a great man Terry Hutchens was. One of my brother's friends from HS's son is a big IU basketball fan. He went to a Terry Hutchens' book signing a couple of years ago. While Terry was signing the book, Nolan (the son) asked Terry if he would write a book about him. Terry said something along the lines of "sure, kid I'll write a book about you." With most people, the response of writing a book about a kid they just met would likely just be made in a joking/kidding manner, not with Terry. He wrote "When I Grow Up I Want to Play for Indiana" for Nolan and used his name (and his sister's) in it. He even requested photos of the kids so they could be passed along to the publishers to make the cartoon kids in the book look like their real life counterparts. The book came out a few months ago and the Friday before the Crossroads Classic, Terry did a book signing in Columbus, IN close to where Nolan lives. Nolan attended and took a pic with Terry and his sister. I thought this was a really cool story that shows what so many have said about Terry. He communicated with the public in a personal way that most in his position did not and he followed through on his commitments/statements as much as anyone I've ever heard of. I considered just putting this in the RIP Terry Hutchens thread, but really wanted to make sure it wasn't lost there since people who have already posted their condolences might not return to it. Also, for any of those interested in the book, here is a link to it at his website: https://terryhutchenspublications.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fwhen-i-grow-up-i-want-to-play-for-indiana
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    The stretch that will decide our season. Six road games against KenPom #s 4, 6, 19, 32, 45, and 114. Two home games against #s 4 and 14. Just an absolutely brutal schedule. Personally, I would be happy if we came away from this with a 4-4 mark. Curious to get everyone's thoughts on this stretch of the season as we kill time before the Illinois game...
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    That game was so bad, the B1G is now 2-4 in bowls.
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    So THAT is "Boilering Up". I figured it was something like that..
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    I'm so bored , I'm going to switch to Mash reruns ! VBG !!!!! Thank God we can all have our own opinions !!😄😃😅😀😊☺😁😇😆
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    This is the type of experience that can set a program back so far that they might just come out in the second half wearing leather helmets.
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    Auburn's win probability already over 99 percent
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    Just because a team becomes bowl eligible, does not mean it is deserving of a bowl bid.
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    Brohmermakers getting a beat down
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    The Music City Bowl. No further laughter necessary.
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    This is the best game ever.
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    And a delay of game after the kickoff. What a miserable game for PU and the PU staff.
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    If IU wants a top 4 seed in March, 5-3 in that stretch is required.
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    Well, yes it is.....but I just had to say it. That is the ornery coming out.
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    Tread carefully. One of the side notes to the new bit/block currency is that the development of applicable law is behind (laws generally lag behind technology). Laws that regulate notes/drafts (checks) and securities, electronic fund transfers, wire transfers and the like were drafted for those forms of transactions, which leaves uncertainty which further fosters speculation and questions on actual valuation not to mention lots and lots of risk. This is my area of law, I represent a number of those banks / financial institutions in negotiable instruments / electronic funds litigation and draft deposit and treasury management services agreements for the banks. The wild west analogy is being kind.
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    Don't have any specifics but there was so much bad going on at the program after Knight firing, retaining Davis,etc....maybe he just wanted out of town? From what I understand he's been doing a great job as Director of Ops for UNC. Certainly can't hurt having him on recruiting trail.
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    I don't let any of that stuff bother me. They are just talking heads. I think us "dumb asses" here have a pretty good grip on reality even with our crimson glasses on. The B1G is gonna be a blood bath this year. Not many easy games to be had. Gentlemen and ladies, let the war begin.
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    Go Lady Hoosiers ! Beat the Illini !
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    Muskies don't taste good.....walleye do. LOL
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    Now we just need to take care of that bigger problem.
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    Part 1 of my prediction has come true, but I was guessing Inge to LB coach. It says Wommack will still be LB coach, so it will be interesting to see if Inge stays with special teams or not. I really like that Allen did this. He and Wommack have a very similar idea of what they want in a defense, so Allen can still have a big hand in it. This will free up Allen to oversee other parts of the team that need help. I think it will calm him down on the sidelines too. As the DC, he'd get so fired up with big defensive plays, so hopefully without that responsibility he'll be a little calmer. I do like some of his emotion though, so hopefully he's not a stiff.
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    100% agreed on Sampson, outstanding coach, but a guy who couldn't care less for academics and thumbed his nose at the rules (albeit some stupid rules) despite that he had just escaped the NCAA bearing down on Okla. I also think Crean was a very good transition coach for IU. Not the long-term coaching solution but the guy who got IU fully back on track academically and back to a team winning B1G regular season championships after a 20-year hiatus, not to mention guys like Victor and Cody and Watford. I'm as impatient as the next guy, but at this point it looks like we're very much headed in the direction everyone here wants us to be.
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    There is a kid in Las Vegas, or actually in Henderson, who Archie should start looking at. He's a sophmore at Coronado HS this year, so I think that puts him in the 2021 class. Kid's name is Jalen Hardy. We just completed the Tarkanian tournament here, which matches many of the best high school teams from around the country. Hardy, who is a shooting guard around 6' 5", was the leading scorer on the team last year as a freshman. and scored 37 and 49 points in his last two games of this top tier tournament. He is already a 4 or 5 star kid and is only going to get better. I don't know if Archie ever looks this far out west, but he should really take a good look at this kid.
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    Yeah, that should be banned. I feel like vomiting.
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    I think it might be time to retire this thread. He clearly is not Indiana material much less maybe even Div. 1. But to continue to kinda make a joke out of this young kids expense I think is not appropriate.
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    There is only really a few OAD kids in the country. Typically have a special package of skills and athleticism. Trendon I don't quite think fits that mold. That 3 year and get a degree thing makes PERFECT sense. It would be the way I would want my kid to go as well! Guys like Trayce, Keion, and Hunter I think fit that category well. There are only a couple Romeo's every year...these 5* that are willing to stay a couple years are the guys I'm most interested in. That jump from freshman to sophomore year for them is what should help us move into that upper tier of basketball programs if we can get them to stay and develop.
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