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    This is just great. Reminded me of my grandfather taking me to my first game in 75
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    Long time lurker, but I figured this would be a worthy first post. My friend Braedon, who I graduated IU with in 2010, recently had a stroke at 31 years old and may need brain surgery. He's a huge IU bball fan- had season tickets with him for all 4 years at IU. Braedon was always the one getting us to games in the down years of the Crean era- he is truly a Hoosier through and through. It just really saddens me to see this happen to such an infinitely positive and passionate person. Long story short, his dad had some major health issues as well, and Braedon has had to take over the family farm in Columbus, IN. It's just Braedon and his dad- no siblings or anything to help out. Sounds like his insurance situation isn't great, and he's already been in the hospital for 2 weeks in Indy. Anything you could donate will help- thanks guys! Braedon's Go Fund Me
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    Great clip. I'm in my early 50s, sitting here sipping coffee from an IU mug, typing on an IU message board at 8 a.m. on a Saturday.... IU fan born and raised!
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    With a thread titled that, we got to have this....
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    Just checked this thread for the first time in a couple weeks to comment on Vic’s OT buzzer beater tonight, and this was the first post I saw, hahaha
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    Please put him back to 666 where he belongs. Thanks!
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    Suggestion to all. I see many questions asked and answers given. A response in that thread of thanks is often given. My feelings on the matter: Give a 'reaction' of thanks. I see many doing some research or work and post. Its nice to see the typed 'Thanks' response. Sure, its probably the insecure egotistical side of me speaking, but the reaction of 'thanks' carries greater weight and takes less time and room in the thread. As a test, I thanked Blue in the post above, it counted towards his rating taking him from 666 to 667.
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    That’s how the start of every game should be before the guys run out! Favorite memory.
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    Tom Izzo is a d!ck. Nick Ward fell and an Ohio State player fell on his head causing his head to hit the floor due to weight of player. They showed Ward a few times on the bench and his head was down staring at the floor as if in a daze. His impact was far more serious than Phinisee. I am proud our coaching staff puts the well-being of our players above winning at all costs the way Captain Ass does and has repeatedly shown at MSU. Nick Ward was back in the game in less than 5 minutes.
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    This Hoosier fan wants a BTT title.
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    Anyone else read the piece about Kyle Guy and his anxiety,etc....pretty well done. Maybe getting out of town was the best thing for him because if he thinks/thought the spotlight is big for Virginia hoops what would happen at IU? We discuss it here and there but to me it takes a very special, tough minded kid to sign up for IU. Yes...tons of perks that last a lifetime for IU players but it can get pretty intense when every single play of each game is getting criticized.
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    Effects from brain surgery, it will pass.
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    Reason enough to boycott Cracker Barrel.
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    Pat Chambers got suspended one game for his shove.
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    I've heard you can get what is called a "repulsive concussion" from being around Purdue fans too much.
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    Ready to go can mean different things to different people. Last night, in bed, I told the wife I was 'ready to go'. She got up, left the room for a few minutes, and came back with a suitcase and told me to leave.
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    Any more posts like this one and you will be banned.
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    I like how HTD used 'censure' and 'jackasses' back to back.
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    That might explain nine marriages.
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    The problem is we've saturated our culture with sports...high school, college, pro's. There's sports on 24/7...and season runs into season...and it's never-ending. People don't care that much. As my father used to say..."if you get a chocolate malt once every couple of months then it's special...drink one at every meal and you get tired of them really fast." 😁
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    As I stated way earlier in this thread, I am friends with a guy who works with KJB’s dad. Way back on p. 20 or whatever, I said that he wasn’t in any hurry to commit. Move ahead to present, and that dynamic hasn’t changed. He also said that the announcement down to 6 was a joke. He said that it is 3, and that one just lost their coach. Didn’t stipulate, but think it’s us and UNC.
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    There will be an opening regardless if he commits now and signs his NLI in the spring or waits until the spring period. When a 5 ⭐️ wants to play for a team, a spot will open somehow, someway.
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    Right, this is not a lawyer decision it is entirely a medical decision on regular evaluations.
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    I would not want that responsibility in my own hands. The reasons are many. The culture around injury and head injuries is slow to change, but it is changing. I am happy IU seems to be setting what might be a precedent. Youth and injury is a hard thing to begin with. Throw in the added pressure to perform from self and others, fans wanting wins above all else, it may seem a good idea at the time to say 'I'm fine' and play. When I was young, my articulation and expression of self, thoughts and feelings was greatly lacking (it's not much better as an adult). Sure, everyone is different, but I would like to say the best interests of an individual athlete rest on medical standards or protocol. I am glad that seems to be the case.
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    I’ll jump in... I hate the Lakers, Gators and Boilermakers! Throw in Packers, Badgers and Alabamers! And for good measure the Pats, Yankee Bats, and Kentucky Wildcats! Strike a match and watch’m burn! If you won’t do it, give me a turn!!! 🔥😈🔥
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    He's a better coach than Alford...gets more from his available talent, but then a lot of D1 coaches do...
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    Here's the scouting report on Michigan. The number of possession may determine if Indiana has a chance. Instead of playing with Michigan up and down the court, Indiana should take a page from Northwestern and Penn State (who battled reasonably closely with Michigan) and slow down the pace. I've got full trust in Archie if we can keep it within 2-4 possessions until the last 2 minutes. Indiana has the opportunity to define their season on Sunday.
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    https://www.omaha.com/living/omaha-zoo-animals-make-gutsy-march-madness-picks/article_3d4d721c-ce41-11e4-a17e-8f1e2104a78d.html I preferred these picks . Probably just as enlightened
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    Old school math? LOL Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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    I have said it before and I will say it again....Purdue does not bother me in the slightest. Now UK does.
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    This cat wasn’t bad either
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    ^^ Hating ND over UK? You must have a personal reason! There are very few programs I actually hate. If I consider it honestly, Wisconsin is probably the only program I "hate." I CANNOT STAND that program or their idiot-fest fans. I enjoy the IU-PU rivalry, though it's not been much of one for a while -- they're still our in-state rivals. I am basically disgusted with UK and it's brain-dead, schizophrenic fans who tout Calipari while ignoring all that he left in his wake, and his fear of playing at IU, lol. I'm equally (or maybe more) disgusted with UNC for its DECADES of fake classes and its aww shucks coach who claims ignorance of same. Illinois to me is basically irrelevant at this point. Who really cares about Illinois basketball? Worst for me though is the NCAA itself, see UNC.
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    I am guessing it was probably about 1997? But IU rolled into Ann Arbor to face a dang fine Wolverine team that had Maceo Baston, Tractor Traylor, and a guy named Bullock. I am pretty sure that IU was down about 20 at the half. And the Wolves expanded on that to start the 2nd. 20+. Then pure magic happened, the Hoosiers caught fire and Michigan froze like an ice cube. The game went into OT, and we won. I might have the year wrong but I remember that happening. I started out sipping beer, then pounding beers because we were getting our butts kicked, and then pounding beers in excitement. Late Sunday afternoon game.....I called in sick the next morning!
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    Here's the thing... We are REALLY good on defense and we have two players who can get points almost whenever they want. That's why we are winning close games, it isn't a fluke and it isn't likely to stop. I know we all want to force it through Romeo and Juwan every possession, but it isn't going to happen and frankly isn't a good starategy. We need others to feel involved because it does lead to more engaged defense and we need others to continue to improve. We are utilizing Romeo and Juwan as little as possible and as much as necessary.
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    Here is the translation, as best I can determine. Ignas Brazdeikis and the Michigan Wolverines will be playing the Indiana Hoosiers on Sunday in Ann Arbor. Ignas and his teammates live in great fear of the Hoosiers, who are led by Romeo Langford and Juwan Morgan. A physical game should be expected. "We must give them concussions if we expect to win:, Ignas is quoted as saying.
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    Here is what the newspaper in Ignas' home town in Lithuania has to say about the game. Ignas Brazdeikis ir Mičigano Wolverines bus žaisti Indiana Hoosiers sekmadienį Ann Arbor. Ignas ir jo komandos gyvena labai baimės Hoosiers, kurie vadovavo Romeo Langford ir Juwan Morgan. Fizinis žaidimas turėtų būti tikimasi. "Turime suteikti jiems concussions jei mes tikimės laimėti :, Ignas yra cituojamas kaip sakydamas. Rodyti originalą
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    Hey Kentucky, what do you think of the new and improved SEC?
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    I watched Scott May go down with a broken arm in what was, at least, a questionable, if not dirty foul. I watched first, Todd Foster, then Chris Kramer stomp on the IU logo in AH and smiling/laughing smugly the entire time. I’ve listened to “IU sucks” chants regardless of who they are playing, which is actually pretty sad. I have heard so many “Boiler ups” that just thinking about that makes me want to throw up. Sure, there are some good people who are Purdue fans. The feeling is towards the institution, the players who represent it, and the morons rooting for them who don’t know any better. I would never want them to win anything as it would only add fuel to the fire
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    Darn. Alabama tried to give it away.
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    Dunno about the schools being back in session. But I expected a full house.
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    Can't wait to see Trump's picks!
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    The devil is in the details
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    Would love it if he was traded to OKC. That train wreck would be a pleasure to watch.
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    Since 1949-1950, we are 66-60 against Purdue. But, we're winless against Cleveland State and Lipscomb. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/indiana/head-to-head.html
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    I could take Paul George and any 4 random players and beat any all star team you could come up with.
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    Romeo Oh Romeo.... Where would the Hoosiers be without you?????
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