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    I for one am interested to know if there is something unique about the protocols set in place by IU. Is it based on science and produced by physicians/practitioners/researchers utilizing best practice principles for concussion treatment or is it more driven by lawyers and an attitude of CYA? I don't want any young man placed at risk for sake of a basketball game. I also don't want a young player denied returning to play simply because a lawyer has determined it's better for IU. The speculation appears driven by the void of information from those responsible for caring for RP and Race as to what milestones they have failed to accomplish in their recovery. The lack of information is also fueling a lack of trust in those responsible. I do not profess to know enough to be critical, but I and many others view the IU player situation as unique and statistically improbable based on the paucity BB teams around the country experiencing the same dilemma. Is IU just snakebit or is this situation fueled by overreaction and conservatism to the extreme? This is an interesting topic and individuals on both sides deserve to voice opinions without denigrating one another. One does not have to be a physician or in the medical field to have a concern in this matter. I happen to be a physician and deal with "legal medicine" every day. Medical science changes and I don't practice the same way now as I was taught 30yrs ago during my residency. Juries composed of non-medical individuals make decisions in malpractice cases every day. It is perfectly appropriate for anyone to question the "seemingly unique" situation IUBB is experiencing.
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    Don’t listen to this mad man KBJ
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    Just speaking honestly, I'm a little embarrassed how entitled some of us fans sound.
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    This has got to be the most asinine conversation that has ever evolved on any of the iterations of HSN. A bunch of people who have nothing to lose other than the possibility of puffing their collective chests out if good ol’ IU wins a game are: -demanding that the program explain their rationale for protecting a player - demanding that private health information be divulged because they don’t believe or accept that the player could be injured as seriously as he may be - holding themselves out as medical experts because they have a science background, or because they themselves have had a concussion, and by gosh, every situation is exactly the same. Instead, how about: - The University doesn’t have to divulge anything about their protocols, procedures or standards. Regardless of how much modern society bitches or otherwise demands via social media the information, they really aren’t entitled to any of this, no matter how loud they are - Maybe look at the big picture instead of what’s right in front of your nose. So what if we lose a game or two if that extra time off allows Rob to come back full strength by doing so. Who is to say that him coming back tomorrow night makes us more likely to win. If he is not cleared to play, it may be safe to say that his practice time is limited as well. If he hasn’t practiced full-go for 3 weeks, how much of an impact is he going to have on this game? - Not making this into a bigger issue than it is. For every worry that this will negatively affect recruiting, I can turn that around to say, “coach cares about my long term future, and wants me to have a clean bill of health when the pro scouts start digging into my background.” Spin doctoring can go any way you want to position it. The bottom line is that Rob is not going to play until he is fully cleared and no matter how much hand wringing, social media bashing, radio complaining happens, it really is wasted effort. Won’t speed up the process and really looks, like I said in my first sentence, asinine.
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    Rob's family doctor is in Lafayette and is a Purdue fan.
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    When my current wife at the time (#3) caught me with my former wife (#2), I tried to blame it on lingering effects from a previous concussion. Unfortunately, my excuse did not stop her from giving me a new one. But, despite those blows to the head, as you all know, I've turned out to be perfectly normal.
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    Does anyone know if Rob has had a prevous concussion? That would cause the doctors to hold him back.
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    I happened to look at a thread over there that I thought was amusing. It was from last January but was brought back for some reason. Opinions there have changed a lot in a year. They thought Painter was on track to be the next great B10 coach after Izzo. Now there's a lot of talk about replacing him. Someone mentioned Ill and OSU as the B10 teams in the best position as far as coaching and recruiting.
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    This thread is kind of disturbing. I'm assuming most of us on this board are adults who, for the most part, are way past our prime for competing in any sport. Complaining about not having a kid ready to play for "your team" because of an injury that could potentially be career altering is oddly self-serving and a bit creepy. Let the kids heal, whatever the protocol is, and enjoy the team we put on the floor, win or lose. Love the game. Love the team. Whatever hurdles are put in front of them.
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    I'm not sure that "scientifically" that is long enough. 👨‍🔬
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    Take the he-man contest to the PMs. Thanks.
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    1) Social justice warriors 2) Angry Twitter mobs 3) Lawsuits Probably countless other things.
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    What Seeking6 said. You’re also not going to convince me to disbelieve what I saw with my own eyes. I went back and rewound it after it happened, Phinisee barely got touched. Rumor on Peegs is that Race got knocked unconscious with a kick to the head in practice. If that’s the case, taking weeks to months to recover makes more sense to me. I’m highly skeptical that the hit Phinisee took to the head was serious enough to merit him missing an entire month. Considering the IU athletic department’s track record, I’m not buying it.
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    I don't think IU deserves to have two players on the list. If we did, we are grossly underachieving. But, our candidate should be Juwan, not Romeo.
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    Great. 300+ teams. So we have 3 examples and 2 are on one team. 4511 players this year. 2 on the same team is a chance of .0004433 Any other math you want to debate? The numbers don't add up.
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    I push out something warm and springy every morning after I have my coffee
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    Missing the point...see CapNRons post above. I think that's where you'll find the reasonable majority camped out at currently. Hence the 8 likes
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    Good one! Every other medical staff in college basketball is clearing players with concussions after a week or two, but I’m sure there’s something IU’s medical staff knows about concussions that they don’t, especially with that absolutely BRUTAL hit Phinisee took to the head. And it’s not like the IU athletic department has a history of making a mountain out of a molehill and shooting itself in the foot, so I’m sure the only intelligent response is to take their vague explanations as gospel. You are truly enlightened, I really can’t thank you enough for showing me the error of my ways.
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    The solution to silencing people skeptical of our concussion protocol is to simply be forthcoming with what the protocol actually is. What tests are we doing post-concussion and what markers need to be hit for our medical staff to okay a player back into rotation? What measurements and exercises are we doing that indicate whether or not we pass or fail a player evaluation? If the protocol is sound, skeptics like me should have no questions or leg to stand on. If we're being overly cautious because we are afraid of a lawsuit or the optics to the situation, that should stand out as obvious as well. The problem is leaving fans in the dark as to how this process actually plays out because then its easy for others to accuse skeptics that they don't care about player health or that they don't understand concussions/think they are a doctor. If Rob is hurt, I don't want him to play. Full stop. But I saw his injury and it didn't look that severe. I am 100% willing to admit I don't know the details of his concussion or his medical information so it could have been worse than it appeared. But I have NEVER seen someone sit this long for a concussion, and so if Rob's concussion was indeed that bad it would quiet the criticism to let us know exactly what we do to gauge concussion recovery and if we are using measurable data to determine eligibility or just the personal opinion of a doctor. If its only opinions, then I am going to remain skeptical of what we're doing.
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    Dang.. how'd we get so many doctors on one forum?
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    Nobody is saying concussions aren't serious. They are making the basic "logical" assumption that maybe our school is handling these things in a excessively overly cautious manner, when there have been many many examples where athletes are back within 2 to 3 weeks. The fact that some people turn this conversation into an opportunity to be condescending, and insinuate that the people with these concerns, are lacking empathy for these kids comes across to me as the method of using "fake outrage" to be right/condescending in a conversation. Which shows a lack of integrity.
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    And we see how that turned out...
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    Juwan is probably more deserving than Romeo.
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    Dad came over yesterday morning. Spent an hour talking about his Boilers. Gave me a headache. The gist of what he said was.....Edwards sucks, Eastern sucks, Haarms sucks, Eifert sucks, the Williams kid looks pretty good, Cline is streaky, and that the Haarms kid double sucks. Been awhile since I had seen Pop's face so red! I cleaned it up for you guys, but let me tell you the f-bombs were flying out of his mouth. Not a happy Boiler fan at all. I had to give him a beer to calm him down.
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    Time to move off this one....