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    A thread for Devonte and De’Ron, who earned the right to play in their first NCAA tourney. Thank you, for your years of play and your strong contributions to getting us into the NCAA tourney this year - you guys earned it - and our best wishes to you both for your futures, you are both great young men, and Hoosiers proud
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    I have followed this site through 3 URL changes and mostly enjoy just following and staying informed. It helps me to know people love IU basketball as much as I do. Decided this year would be the year I start posting. I had to bite my tongue at times this year with many things. But I just want to say I dont understand how so many of you are so quick to want to run Justin out of btown. He feels like a certain 12pt 6rb going into games. At times very good defense. The bad rap he gets around these parts is crazy imo. Of course he has bad moments (all college basketball players do) the fact that some of you want a senior JS gone when he is starting to really develop his low post game makes very little sense to me... just my opinion
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    I don't want Smith going anywhere.
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    I am stocked up on ammo...
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    Of course not, but in the grand scheme of life, both are events beyond the player's control. Why on earth would you say bring these seniors back and not the senior with the torn ACL? How is that fair? Count me as an emphatic no. Things happen...injuries happen...9/11 happened and Corona virus happened. If you've played the entire regular season, then no, you don't get an extra season. I can't even believe this is being considered...it would open up a giant can of worms. Do you let affected schools have extra scholarships? (unfair to their competitors) Do you make them pull a scholarship from another player? (unfair to that player) Life isn't fair...sucks for IU's seniors, but that's life. Just no...terrible idea.
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    I would put Race in for Smith. For some reason I have had the feeling since summer that this will be Smith's last season at IU.
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    Can’t see them doing it, but man I want them to still do selection Sunday. If for nothing else then to see us picked and Purdue not.
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    I may be in the minority, but no thanks.....
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    Lander Phinisee Jerome Smith Trayce That's the lineup I'd like to see.
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    Archie Miller Discusses Cancellation of Season on Good-N-Plenty Podcast https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/listen-archie-miller-discusses-cancellation-of-season-on-good-n-plenty-podcast/
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    You know. I think that would mean a lot to schools that don't make it that often and/or seniors where this was their last or only chance.
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    Not lineup or even IU related but in terms of next year just saw little Ricky is staying at Minnesota next year (SIAP). I consider that good for us!
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    But realistically won't. I don't see any of them, but Lander getting significant mins on a consistent basis. I've seen Leal play a lot.. I love him. He isn't playing significant mins, as a FR, on a 25-8 team.
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    Thank you, De'Ron & Devonte... Of all the players on this team, you two dealt with more turmoil than anyone. You stayed with it and saw it to the end and I both admire and appreciate that. You listened to criticism...some fair...some very unfair, and continued to push forward and improve yourselves. You never quit and you talked others out of quitting. Despite some of the foolish passion you dealt with on the receiving end from some of our...er...more passionate fans, you stayed true to IU and finished what you started. I wish you both much success and happiness in your journey forward. You're always a part of Hoosier Nation and Hoosier Nation will always have your back when others unfairly criticize you. Godspeed, bon voyage, au revoir, sayonara, adios, auf weidersen and goodbye. It's been a great journey.
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    But they generally don’t get a fifth year if they play the entire season and only miss the tournament. It just opens so many cans of worms. Who all is eligible? Seniors of teams who weren’t even going to be eligible? Or just tournament teams? Can seniors transfer for their final season? Etc. Again, I get the sentiment, and I want to agree with it, I just don’t think it’s really plausible.
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    My heart thinks seniors being given a chance to come back is great, but my head says no way, it creates way too many problems. Not to mention I think there are a lot of seniors who would want to move on to get a start on life/making money playing basketball. It also can create some really awkward situations for coaches, which doesn’t matter really, but still.
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    That's completely ridiculous. If a senior tears his ACL near the end of the season and has to miss the tournament is he given another year? If not what's the difference?
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    My favorite time of year ruined by something not visible to the naked eye. I get it, but damn if this isn't a huge bummer. Stay safe everyone.
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    My sense is it changed when Goebert got it and spread it to Mitchell. Healthy young guys. In other words, player to player transmission changed the calculation and the analysis. It’s not like it’s a hypothetical, academic scenario. There’s concrete precedent. The olympics are probably next to go down.
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    I blame the fans because if it were not for them we would have better recruits coming in
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    i'm still not sure this puts us in the tourney. if not, CAM better make it in next year or he's probably gone.
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    Its Durham not Dur-HAM! Geez these announcers suck.
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    I am @BGleas, I am gonna DVR this bad boy. I will watch tonight with my cigar and cognac. Breakdown the game for ya in the morning.
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    Al driving to the basket out of control landing on the floor with a TO. SIT AL DOWN FOR THE YEAR
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    Phil Bova needs to retire!
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    If it was Ben this would be a Kentucky thread.....
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    Easy...it's not even halftime yet and he has three fouls.
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    Crester, are you in the sauce?
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    first time poster. I have been looking forward to the tournament for 3 years now. I am more of a pessimist as a sports fan, but every bracket i looked at i could make a case for a sweet 16 run or deeper. Even more to that point, this was seemingly the most open tournament for anyone to win it all. woulda been a fun tournament to watch.
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    If you're drafted top 20... and top 10 particularly, you go every time. You develop more in the NBA than you do not in the NBA.
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    Ohio health official estimates that over 100,000 infected in Ohio alone. https://www.wdrb.com/news/ohio-s-top-health-official-estimates-people-in-ohio-infected/article_a1169122-64da-11ea-866b-b3ed4b637ee4.html Negative take: That's a very big number and will only get bigger. Extrapolated over the entire U.S. and it's incomprehensible. Positive take: If that many people are truly infected, then the mortality rate is well below the 3.5% that's being tossed out on all of the comparisons against the flu. Too early to tell what the real percentage is, but since I don't think Ohio has had any deaths so far it could really be much lower than what is being quoted.
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    Every senior should absolutely be given the option to come back for a fifth year if they want to. Players get five years of eligibility for all types of reasons, why not this? Just a freak situation.
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    Kansas has only won 3 championships since 1952. Talk about dusty banners, those douchebags haven't won one since '08.
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    I hope the media is happy... you watch the news and they make you think if you come in contact with it you are dead... flu kills 60,000+ people last year yet we didn’t have to cancel anything.. this is just ridiculous
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    Why would anyone judge a season on whether or not the B10 Season Recap shows IU highlights or lowlights?
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    Putting public health aside for a moment. Kansas was the clear #1 and favorite to win the title. After all the issues with their program over the last year with absolutely 0 consequence, part of me is laughing with irony. If they would have won it all I would have been even more furious with the NCAA. I see this as a sort of sweet karma, at least from this perspective.
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    How would that work? If one team has 6 seniors and has 6 new recruits, does every team get 6 more scholarships?
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    No thanks. I'm ready for the youngsters to show what they've got!
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    I guess I could look it up, but did we win the last college basketball game of the season? If so, are you all thinking what I am thinking? Seeking6 needs to change his handle. It's banner time.
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    I think they've been advised that the situation will be much worse in two weeks time. We are still in an early phase.
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    With no money coming in from the tournament, the real question is: will Kansas' and UK's players still get paid? My thoughts and prayers are with them during this hard time.
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