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    For those supporting Justin Smith, did you guys watch any of the games last year? He can’t shoot, he can’t dribble, and he isn’t a good passer. I’m sorry, but if you can’t do those things, you’re just not a good basketball player. He was a decent on ball defender, but was a very poor off ball defender like @BGleas alluded to. Even with being a decent defender, there’s not one time last year where I thought he really locked a guy up, and I’d argue that RP is our best defender. Just because people don’t like JS’s game, doesn’t mean they’re bashing him as a person. They’re just being realistic with what they’re seeing and what he’s proven to be during his time here. Grading him as a person and a basketball player are not one in the same. After all, the kid came here to play basketball and should be graded on that. In terms of next years team, we will be fine. This will free up the offense imo and we should see an improvement on that front. You’re going to play Brunk and TJD together quite a bit, and we sorely need someone to be able to knock down outside shots when they demand double teams. JS just couldn’t do that and teams knew it, hence them not even closing out on him. I believe Hunter and other guys will fill that role this year. Hunter started to show that towards the end of the year last year, but you could tell he was still working his way back after being out for so long.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Smith had some things about him to like and, IMO, he also had some things to not like. What we lost yesterday with him was certainty. We knew what we had in Smith: a pretty good defender who could get on the boards and mix it up a bit, so a decent college 4, also a guy with poor handles, poor shooting from the perimeter, and not the best passer. He wanted to play a position he was ill suited to play. I believe that Justin could have an attitude at times, so what we probably lost yesterday was a guy being forced into playing a position he did not want to play and the bad attitude to go along with not getting his way. So what we gained yesterday was opportunity. Race and Jerome woke up this morning and probably thought, "holy crap, a big opportunity just made itself available to me". The incoming Freshman are probably thinking the same thing. Leal, Galloway, and Geronimo are all suited to play that wing position. Removing a guy who the staff has allowed to play the 3 for the past 2 to 3 years definitely opens things up for them. Durham and Franklin see the potential for more minutes. If Lander and Phinisee can both start together, you have 2 penetrating PGs, a spot up shooter like Durham can get time on the wing. So can Franklin if he works on his shot. On paper, we look to have gotten weaker, but sometimes the paper doesn't tell the tale. Let's see what some of these other guys do with the opportunity that Justin leaving gives them.
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    Bad trey shooter, below average FT shooter. Now he can be a miscast 3 or a solid college 4 somewhere else. I expect IU to play smaller with Durham at the 3 with two talented PG's in Phinisee & Lander. I'm sure if Miller had to choose between Smith and Lander, he would pick Lander. Thompson and Hunter should be solid reserve big men He was a miscast four in Indiana's offensive system and that's how he was told he'd be used again next season (assuming there actually is one). The vast majority of his shot attempts and points came in and around the paint area. He really only attempted ~80 three-pointers in ~100 games. And they certainly didn't want him dribbling and handling the ball out on the wing. IMO...The problem for Indiana is due to lack of true guard depth and talent, we essentially played with two 4-men along with a 5. All that did was clog the lane and everything around the goal. However, his NBA evaluation came back stressing that if he had any chance of getting into the league he needed to show he was a true wing player who could shoot it well and create off the dribble from the perimeter. That's simply not him to-date. At all. The kid wasn't going to be happy as a 4-man so it's best he move on and at least try to prove everyone wrong. He's obviously a super intelligent kid who originally was accepted into Stanford, Rice and Northwestern who just graduated from the Kelley School in three-years with a nearly perfect GPA. That's exceptional and his hardwork in the classroom should be commended. He's earned the right to try to live out his dream of making the NBA, I hope he makes it. Worst case, he'll earn himself a MBA while trying
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    We got worse yesterday. There’s just no other way to see it.
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    So... what Justin Smith is giving up -chance to be all defense big ten -chance at a conference championship -play on a team that will be in the NCAAT and have a chance at a Sw16 run -be the SR leader and captain -score 1000 points at IU ...none of that was A big deal to Justin, why should I feel like it's a big deal that he transferred? I don't.
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    Regardless of whether or not this is true - Justin Smith was always about Justin Smith - whether it was him turning his back on Archie, his lackadaisical trots up the floor or transferring because Archie would not sacrifice wins so he could highlight his inability to shoot 3s and dribble. We could all see it. That’s why people aren’t upset about losing him. I’ll roll with our 11 guys.
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    I’m working on the basis that Hunter will be better, Franklin will be better and Race will be better. I’m also working on the basis that Lander can play and Phinisee will be better. I’m also working on the basis that Hunter and Thompson were already taking minutes from Smith and Brunk towards the end of last season. Hunter’s condition and Thompson’s Injuries were both freak things, so no I don’t expect them to be out again or consider them injury prone. I prefer multi-skilled players that can play both ends and play hard consistently, so yes I think we’re fine.
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    Last years team and this years team are two different teams. Last years team had a huge deficiency on the wing. Hunter wasn’t ready and had just missed a full year, Franklin wasn’t ready and the team in general couldn’t really go small because we lacked depth and had injuries in the backcourt. Smith almost had to play a lot. But as @KoB2011 said, down the stretch as Hunter got more comfortable and Race got healthy, the best lineup in the front court was Hunter, Race and TJD and that group got more and more minutes. Next year, IU doesn’t have those issues. The depth at the guard/wing is much deeper so Smith’s minutes would have gone down or at least been moved to the 4. It’s a net gain because Smith is a one-way, limited player. Archie is brining up multi-dimensional players that play both ways. Stop trying to spin people’s thoughts on Smith into some backdoor commentary on Archie.
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    Al is going to start, Not sure why people believe differently.
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    Jalen Rose on ESPN spoke very, very highly of Coach Sloan...His toughness as a player and how his teams played with that same discipline and toughness...And that Sloan should be recognized as a great coach...And how authentic Coach Sloan was in all aspects.
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    What pinstripes and Kelly school is he talking about? 3 years and he doesnt know? Smh...
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    Smith isn’t an NBA anything.
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    Have been wanting this review for years; much more fair for the Northern teams. GBR! https://d1baseball.com/columns/premier-power-five-coaches-unveil-new-college-baseball-model/?utm_source=D1+Baseball+Members&utm_campaign=74ebf27eb4-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_03_11_07_26_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_98c95d11a2-74ebf27eb4-536751477&goal=0_98c95d11a2-74ebf27eb4-536751477&mc_cid=74ebf27eb4&mc_eid=7c4211e006 Go Hoosiers!
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    Jumbalaya, gumbo, cajun/creole food is one of my favorites. Andouille is the x factor for gumbo but hard to get good stuff outside cajun country. Gumbo is all about the roux. Have to stir constantly for 30-45 minutes but once everything is in the pot just let it stew and wait. And if you add okra, I always do, wait until the last 10-15 minutes or it will disintegrate. When I started making gumbo I watched alot of Emeril Legassi. Spent a summer while in college working in South Louisiana, Acadia and loved it.
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    Love me some jambalaya. I have 2 recipients that are completely different that are even better with really good andouille. Would like to venture into making some gumbo. I have yet to find a gumbo I didn’t like and haven’t even been to New Orleans! My favorite gumbo is at Heaven on Seven in Chicago.
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    @IUFLA You can tell those butchers to send me all the andouille and boudin and they will have space for brats. Those onions look great! Love pickled onions.
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    Just decided on a plan today. I’m doing a chuck roast, bbq pork chops, turkey sausage, collard greens, and corn on the cob.
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    I think one of our best lineups was Trayce and Justin at the 4/5 with 3 guards. It will be up to Race to step up his game now. Big year for him and Hunter. Also with Jordan’s athleticism he should be able to get on the court and play some defense.
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    Saw that, and he’s the coach at Georgetown — we’re not out of the woods on this yet by any means, kind of surprising people are trying to think otherwise. I’m for a gradual phase back into more normal life but people should be wearing masks and practicing social distancing, amazes me how stupid people are generally. Going out in groups to dinner again etc no masks. Just stupid.
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    I was doing yardwork all afternoon yesterday so just did some burgers and brats on grill. Today I am thinking grilled chicken and homemade potato salad. Hope everyone has good weekend!
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    No disagreement here. Losing a senior starter is just tough. Super excited to see the young guns get more PT though!
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    Smith averaged 30.4 minutes a game last year. In the last 5 he averaged 29.8. He wasn’t losing minutes to Hunter and Thompson and for all of our discussions about his attitude, Archie wanting to get rid of him, his dad, etc etc he seemingly always started the first and second (no matter what) half. It will be fun/interesting to see what Race and Hunter do. I expected Race to be tough on the boards but some of his offensive play/footwork etc positively surprised me. Hunter looked like he “belongs”, and his three point shot came around, but he had 5+ minute passive stretches where he was invisible (I say that in the context of knowing he was out for a year and that could dramatically change next year).
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    If he doesn't want to be at IU then it's best for the team that he leaves. No hard feelings. I hate to see him go, but I wish him the best of luck.
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    Best of luck. Life moves on.
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    Amen! Great post and agree 100%
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    I guess I'm coming a this from a different perspective... What's done is done. Smith's made the decision to transfer. We aren't going to change that (not that any of us are trying to) but the diversity of opinions as to why he's transferring makes up the majority of this thread. Frankly, the "why" is irrelevant at this point IMO. He's gone. Good luck to him, and congrats on a BS degree in 3 years. So what's next ? Very little talk of Armaan in this thread. Yes, he's a guard, but he lead the team in charges, mostly under the basket. That tells me, that he played a lot of "3" defensively when it mattered. The guys is built like a brick outhouse, and has proven he can shoot at least as good as anybody else on the team, other than Al, from 3 pt land. I think he makes a huge jump this coming year. Same with Hunter, IF...he stays healthy, and doesn't have physical restrictions. Race will take up right where he left off at the end of the year, and get better as the year goes on. And then there's TJD...we all know the upside for him. The other person essentially ignored here is Galloway. Yes, he's a Freshman, but supposedly is committed to defense like Geronimo. He could be a ringer as a freshman. Wasn't he a leading candidate for Mr Basketball, along with Leal? With Archie's philosophy that guards his first priority, I could easily see 3, and sometimes a 4 guard line up at times. We certainly have the depth at that position now. I also think the offense gets more diversified.
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    How can we ignore that Race and Hunter were two of our best players down the stretch last year when we talk about their ability to replace Smith? I think the conversation should be if Brunk can fill in for Smith, because he was losing minutes like crazy at the end of last year.
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    Well be really didn't have much choice. If Jerome had been 100% and Race wasn't constantly injured I doubt Justin gets nearly as many minutes.
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    Saw Brendan Bailey from Marquette is leaving school to focus on pro career. He averaged 7.1 points a game last year so once again I just don't understand today's players mind set.
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    Lander Franklin Hunter TJD Race By mid year
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    So Archie loves him, his minutes weren't going to decrease at all, and he's the most valuable player on the team? Sounds extremely odd to leave a situation like that...
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    I think everyone is sleeping on Armaan Franklin. The kid showed flashes as a freshman and is a prototypical 2/wing in college. If he can develop some consistency with his shooting, he could be a real weapon. He plays hard, isn't afraid to push the ball in transition, can attack the basket, is athletic, etc. He just need confidence, experience and to gain consistency with his shot. I could see a scenario where he's one of the surprise players next year and even works his way into the starting lineup.
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    With everything we’ve seen over the last three years, are we really still this concerned about the defense? Improving the offense has to be the number one goal, and Smith transferring does that.
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    I really hate to say this, but I'm actually kind of excited about this news. It sounds awful, and again I really don't want to come off as bashing Smith, but I'm excited by the prospects of more time for guys like Race Thompson, Jerome Hunter and Geronimo. I realize they don't all play the same position, but there will be a trickle down effect of minutes and times where IU plays a little smaller with Hunter, etc. Again, you hate to lose an experienced senior, but I'm excited by the prospects of some of these guys playing more. I think there's more grit, more focus and more upside with these other guys.
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    From reading this thread no wonder our fan base gets a bad rap for ripping our own players.
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    This is where I'm at. You always hate to lose a senior with so much experience, but the reality is that he was always a square peg in a round hole. He didn't want to play the 4 and didn't have the skill to play the wing, he didn't always plays hard and often times lost focus. I really hate to come off as bashing Smith, he seems like a really great kid, an excellent student and I did see growth in his game and leadership last season, but with that I think other than big man depth this doesn't hurt too much. I even think his defensive capabilities are getting overblown. He's a great on ball defender when he's challenged to shut someone down, no debate there, but he's a pretty weak off the ball defender, often relaxing and losing track of his man. There's a bunch of "if's", but I don't think the ceiling changes if Phinisee, Hunter, Thompson and Franklin make a leap.
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    Addition by subtraction
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    There is no doubt he was a great student and very intelligent, but I have always felt like he was a cancer. He didn’t seem very coachable and I never felt like he played hard. He was always forcing shots and the ball “stuck” when it got in his hands. Best of luck to him but I feel like this opens up a spot for a true 3 to step in.
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    Use to be you could not get a scholarship if you transferred to another conference team. I am pretty sure Lawrence Funderburk had to pay his own way at OSU.
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    Yeah you're probably right. He said Billy Donovan was definitely in Bloomington and also said Lander was a Louisville lock.
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    Truth be told, Archie had to have told Smith he’ll be playing more at the 4 next year, right?! Down the stretch I liked Hunter at the 3.... he played both ways really well. While some of you say that Jerome isn’t as good as Smith was defensively, those adjusted numbers don’t speak that narrative. Hunter played terrific down the stretch, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that Arch told him that he’d be playing from the post. I could definitely see Al getting some time at the 3 now, but look for him to play a lot. I think Al plays more than anyone not named TJD. He can rake 1-3, and can see us playing quite a bit of 3 guard lineups now.... unless of course, Geronimo comes in and plays beyond expectations. Although I still think Hunter has a year for us..
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    Got to love a guy who watches Bosch. Quality cop show.
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    My take... I’m excited about what hunter can do in replace of Smith. I like our offense a lot better without Smith clogging lane up. I think Hunter can be solid defensively, he has good length and is a smart player with a full offseason of training.
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    Perhaps so. However, over the years there was much termoil behind the scenes. Listen. Despite all of that. I have always been in Justin's corner. Even when others were not. And can only wish him the best going forward.
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    As they say in baseball, Justin is a "4A" player.
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    Right, except the "getting the degree first" part.
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    Announcing a top 10? Oh the days we live in.
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