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    To my surprise I couldn't find a thread for Gibbs-Lawhorn. Feel free to merge if I missed it. In my opinion the No. 1 PG in-state in 2023, probably by a wide margin. Talked to him yesterday: https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-2023-guard-dra-gibbs-lawhorn-talks-freshman-season-and-recruiting/ More background here. Same high school as Rob Phinisee, teammates with his brother Joe Phinisee. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2023-names-to-know-in-state-guard-dravyn-gibbs-lawhorn/
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    It was one of the more competitive AAU games that I have watched recently, especially for tipping at around 9 AM. Both teams were playing some defense and making hustle plays. Fun little IU related tidbit -- No. 22 on the Indiana Elite team is Stu Robinson's son. Talked to Stu and his son yesterday. Amir Robinson is just an incoming sophomore but he is built like a Big Ten linebacker. Stu and Mike Roberts were on Knight's staff together at Texas Tech, so that recruitment, if it evolves, will be handled between those two.
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    No clue whether we get Aminu or not. What we all know as avid fans is this. You keep stacking classes on top of each other like this and eventually the Big 10 titles, F4's and stuff is going to happen. Many always said Archie just needed a platform....and I'm hoping for our sakes we are seeing that develop right before our eyes. Kind of feel like we are building a 2002 team. 5-6 very good players peppered with 1-2 elite.
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    You left off Pat Boone and his basketball savant daughter Debbie....
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    Smoke billowing out of his roof area and ceiling hot to the touch. Sark: "Yeah, there is all of that but you do not have a fire until you technically see the flames. Let's not go inspect and let's not call the fire department just yet. If I see some flames, then we'll know." Also Sark: "Yes the filaments are red and it feels warm when I put my hand near, but how can I know that the stove is hot unless I touch it." If this is one of the Rivals trolls, I would suggest eliminating him before he has 15 different screen names annoying your good faith posters.
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    No list of Boone's would be complete without Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill
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    To whom much is given, much is expected. If you’re blessed enough to be a B1G college football player, you should have a certain amount of responsibility to carry yourself with honor and represent the university in a dignified way. And you should have the humility to understand this.
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    Did you just write something political?
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    We have a football team of 110 players. A couple made a mistake, I coach these young men. Begging you, I am begging you. They made a mistake... run them, and I dont mean F**** around. Run their balls off. But.... teach them. Show them how awful this was. Show them why this is how disrespectful this is. I love our Hoosiers. I love them. I love every kid that made a mistake on that lake.
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    I will be very surprised if Kaufman drags this into the high school season. I think he will want to be 100% focused on winning a state championship.
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    Dolson, Glass, Coach Allen and Coach Miller each donate 10% of their salaries back to the athletic Dept. to help cover expected 12 million dollar loss. No sports to be cut. I hope other coaches say thank you.
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    We haven't rally had any storms lately, so I've been watering my tomatoes daily. Tomatoes in containers need more water than those in the ground. Have been hoping for some rainy days - though not plant damaging ones like you guys are seeing! I did notice a few days ago that some of our cherry tomatoes are starting to turn colors. Behold the color red for the first time this season!
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    From my perspective, the Kansas St players are giving the fool exactly what he wants, attention. If they didn't boycott we wouldn't know anything about this. Whatever happened to simply ignoring other people. I do it everyday.
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    Debbie, definitely...Pat is too wrapped up in his walk-in tub...
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    I think it's "playa" but I'm impressed by you hipness! 😁
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    Braden Smith gives me that “tough Indiana kid” vibe embodied in a guy like Tom Coverdale. Ranking is irrelevant. We win with those guys.
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    Was a good video. Wish they guarded each other more. Lawhorn has pretty elite speed. Has more Lander then Phinisee to his game. That said it was pretty disappointing to not see them force him to his left. Clearly he can get to the rim that way but usually a cross over and then back to his right. Smith looked the part of a pg. nice ability on pick n roll to find his roller and definitely strong with both hands. Elite shooter that kid. We could use that. I see he has grown but still think he could use more size to help him with his athleticism. They definitely have room to improve. Be interesting to watch over the next couple years.
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    Gotta love a kid who, says.... "I've been working on my defense" To add to what TDH posted for us. During this pandemic.... Lawhorn had been working out with Rob P.
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    I concur, a can of worms is this one.
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    Here are highlights from the Smith / Gibbs-Lawhorn matchup yesterday at Westfield too. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/video-watch-braden-smith-2022-and-dra-gibbs-lawhorn-2023-go-head-to-head/
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    Somehow I got cut on the shin...LOL. BTW, I did commercial metal siding and roofing for 15 years...got the scars to prove it.
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    I said I would never roof again...front porch repair.
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    Ranking people named Boone in basketball knowledge 1. Ron Boone (old ABA/NBA player) 2. Aaron Boone (Yankee Skipper) 3. Bob Boone (His Dad) 4. Ray Boone (HIS Dad) 5. Bret Boone.(Bob's other son} 6 Daniel Boone (well, you know) 7. Boone on "Animal House" (again) 8. Any other person named Boone 9. Kyle Boone The guy's an idiot...
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    A rational voice from within the ranks... https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/06/25/report-trevor-bauer-feels-marginalized-by-mlbpa/
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    I agree. Just don't see the sense in it. What more could happen to truly influence his opinion? Wayyyyy different than Romeo.
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    Big time late addition. Top 300 recruit (don't know details) Tank Espalin orginally committed to USC. This is a game changer. Man we're raking them in. Mercer and staff seem ultra opportunistic, as well.
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    Maybe so, but Brad Underwood is the next big time college coach. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/dribble-handoff-who-will-be-college-basketballs-next-big-time-coach/
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    Tank Espalin from Orange County. For those who cheer for IU baseball.....this is really, really big. Elite, elite level player.
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    Huge pickup tonight for Hoosiers
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    Yes - CC really likes getting multiple PM’s, preferably late at night, talking about all kinds of problems, especially if it includes those special kinds of relations with family — he’s used to hearing from Blue about those, just figured it was a Kentucky thing....
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    If we have 5 openings I would see us having a 4 man class because it doesn't appear that Archie wants 13 scholarship players. Duncomb, Kaufman, Miller would be a very good class and add Wesley or Muhammad we would have a great class.
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    If TJD leaves I think we would have 5 open scholarships.
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    Pete Rose is the door man....
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    I have problems. May or may not have to do with this thread. Can I pm you about problems in general?
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    ND Kendrick had some very positive things to say about Lander today on twitter. Mentioned slightly tweaked ankle but looks stronger/thicker. He implied absolutely instant impact Big 10 player. Good to hear!
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    You can’t spell Aminu without iu
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    If it does show up on the news, hopefully they show the lady saying back to the players "black lives matter my ass." By far the most despicable thing said on camera that day. I don't trust anything that is said from anyone on that boat after a comment like that. Our players deserve to be punished for their extremely poor behavior, but this is an "apologize, run in practice, and move on with things" type of violation. This is blowing up way bigger than it should be.
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    You can rent those boats for around 100 doallars for 3 or 4 hours.
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    "Reverse" discrimination is what could be construed.
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    I have the same drill. Straighten out that flag!
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    First I’ve heard of this kid. He is really well spoken in the interview for a 15 year old kid. Regarding his answer on who he grew up rooting for IU or Purdue - really smart answer. He was in a tough spot - if he says one or the other that team’s fanbase would pencil him into the scholarship grid and the other team’s fanbase would cross him off the list.
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    Under Armour terminates contract with UCLA. Cites 'lack of benefits'. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/under-armour-terminates-15-year-280-million-apparel-deal-with-ucla-over-lack-of-marketing-benefits/
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    I posted the above a little earlier in the thread.
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    .... possible IU recruit. IU basketball recruiting: 2023 forward Gus Yalden has a unique connection to Indiana – The Daily Hoosier
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    I take it this is different than the incident with Fitzgerald which I thought was also on the lake.
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    I think you’re going to hear that there was more to all of it than just the video, and that part won’t be a good look for the players involved.
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    I've heard similar and your question is right on target. In addition to what you describe, on top of the in-school days, there will be students/families who elect to keep children homes (underlying conditions, for example). So teachers will have to have on-line prepared essentially every day unless there is some special mechanism in place to keep that off their plate. Just seems like - while having "normal" classes/school is what everyone would prefer - under the circumstances it's so complicated it will just end up being counter productive.
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    Growing up in Indiana, we had a saying : "knee high by the Fourth of July." However, with the advances in modern agriculture, I understand that saying is no longer applicable.
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    Honestly, I used saved seeds from a grocery store tomato in my hydroponic system and it was phenomenal. all the defects were breed out of it, just as a skilled farmer from 100 yrs ago would do.
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