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    Even Tom Crean is embarrassed by how bad that defense was.
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    I have been preaching this in terms of Smith, for what seems like months now. As for the coaching replacement thread going on. I have been through my share of those. Over the years. Davis. Sampson. Crean. It has worn me out. I am staying out of it this time. Nothing mere fans like us can do about it. So why worry. I have seen members feeling the current replacement talk could harm recruiting. I can't see how that talk can help. I am going to continue to support IUBB in a positive way. The return of Coach Knight, was like putting a patch on a wound that kept festering for years. Some members have said they are turning away from IUBB, due to the current product on the court. Let it be known. That is something I will never do.
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    Where are all the regulars that rag on Archie all the time? Amazing how there are so many no-shows when we win.
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    I'm just dumbfounded at where IU is at as a program right now. I do believe a lot of this lies on the administration. At some point when you've had 5 different head coaches (counting Knight's last several years, Davis, Sampson, Crean & Archie) and the results are basically the same, you have to go higher than the coach. It's like a company that keeps trending down and fires their CEO every 2 years. At some point you have to look at the BOD, Chairman and the overall culture/support that the organization is giving to their CEO's. With all of that said, I'm just not sure what to make of Archie at this point. I'm just really confused about who he is or what is going on with him? He wasn't my first choice mid-way through Crean's last year when it was clear a change was coming, but then I did more research on him and began to get excited about him. I knew he was a hard-nosed, gritty player, but didn't realize he had been an assistant at all three of NC State, Arizona and Ohio State. You have to be able to recruit at those places, especially at Zona and OSU under Matta. Then knowing his Dayton success and track record in both the regular season, A-10 Tournament and NCAA tournament, I thought we were getting this gritty, no-nonsense, disciplined defensive coach that would have even more efficient offenses with better recruiting at IU, that had a chance to be a great, long-term coach. I knew he had taken a Dayton team that lost 3 starters and 4 seniors from the Elite 8 team and came back with nobody over 6'6" to 27 wins and won 2 NCAA Tournament games, which shows he can coach. Then he said all the right things at his intro press conference, he locked down the state, he said all the right things in post-game press conferences, etc., etc., but for whatever reason the Archie Miller of the last two seasons is not the same guy. He's not the guy I read about and have heard speak. He's not the guy that was given the "Archie" nickname because he was so no-nonsense, etc. I'm not giving up on Archie completely. I still think he can be a fantastic fit at IU, and I really want him to succeed. But, I'm just not seeing the same guy that I read about prior to his hiring. It's like he's a different person and I don't get it, or maybe I misread who I thought he was. I thought we'd have teams built in the mold of his personality. Teams that despite talent or lack thereof, would be pitbulls to play. Teams that opponents hated to play in Assembly Hall because it would be a war regardless of how good or bad IU actually was. I'm just really dumbfounded and surprised that in year 3 Archie can't get his team to play hard consistently and that his team seems completely opposite from his personality. I just don't get it.
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    Last thing before bed.... Franklin has officially turned the corner and I love it. Kid played great and seems likes he is getting better every game.
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    I spoke to his coach today and got an update on how his senior season is going for those interested. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-checking-in-on-2020-signee-jordan-geronimo/
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    ...I become the proud Papa of a baby boy.
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    Drove over to watch Louis Lesmond tonight. His HS plays in a very competitive conference and they have had a great season. 25-3 with three legit D1 prospects. Lesmond's high school, Niles Notre Dame, played at Benet Academy. Benet's coach was honored for getting win 300 or something. Dude is a great, great coach. Anyway... - Lesmond struggled. I'd go as far as saying "badly" but it wasn't without excuse. Benet was deliberate (read: held the ball excessively) and was smart to avoid getting into a running game against ND. Lesmond's first shot he swished a three from the top of the key after coming off of two screens. His release, his mechanics. He can TOTALLY sell me as a long-range bomber. He is definietly a specialist, I believe. - I have concerns over his lateral movement. He was wearing a knee brace so maybe he's nicked up? I haven't seen him before and don't wish to overthink one evaluation. I saw him play four quarters. I'm not an expert on him. And wouldn't even feel comfortable speaking too confidently until I'd seen him 3-4 times. Anyway, I'm not sure he's a high-level athlete laterally. But, there is some lift in his legs. So, he can jump a bit. He had a really nice and-one on an up-and-under when the game was back-and-forth in the 4th Q. Pretty crafty around the rim it seemed. But, again, only one evaluation. - I do think he's 6'5. In the 4th Q he got going a bit more. I was a little distracted because I'd moved seats and started chatting with a pair of coaches many of you know... - But, there is some tools to work with. He seems smart. Didn't force anything. Naturally operated off-ball and was looking to shoot first, drive second. Benet put a tiny PG on him to harrass him, flop around and try to frusrtate him. It worked. He wasn't comfortable. But, he made some plays. Ultimately, Lesmond is a kid to follow becaue he's a high-major specialist. He isn't a world-class basketball player. He can be a world-class long-range sniper. And, he's on a good trek (from what others have told me about many of his other games) to be just that: a three-point specialist. I'll see him later on and have some other thoughts down the line, perhaps. Pretty good player but a long way to go. Interested to see him play again though. Hard to deny the initial postivies (shooting, frame) and some negatives (lateral movement, physicality side of the sport). Two other asides... - His dad played at Purdue. Take FWIW. Not sure PU would ever be a fit for him for a few reasons though. - Someone in the crowd may have mentioned that he felt pretty good about a kid from Silver Creek... Go Hoosiers.
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    Really, really liked what I just heard from Archie post game. We have a guy who knows the deal.
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    Ahh the Debbie Downers have to take a night off. so much easier on us mods 😂😂😂😁
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    Kelvin Sampson? Are you friggin kidding me? Did any of you watch the halftime activities yesterday? Did you see Sage Steele, overcome by emotion, crying? And why? Because she was overjoyed at the sight of the old man who had essentially built the alter we all worship at coming home. And it wasn't just about the winning (although I will grant you, any coach that doesn't win has a short shelf-life)...it was the culture...kids progressing from one year to the next...kids graduating...good kids, who, for the most part, stayed out of trouble. Kelvin Sampson was the anti-Bob Knight in practically every way, shape, and form. Dan Dakich, as much as he's raked over the coals around here, knew it, and did something about it. Even Tom Crean knew it, and finished the purge. We may have suffered 3 of the worst seasons in IU basketball history, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And I watched every gsme I know at this point some will say, "except winning basketball games." And while that may be true, to me, winning without integrity is meaningless. It's what always set IU basketball apart. This season isn't over. I'm with this team, and I'm with this coach.
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    Just curious. How is he being hamstrung? Does Fred tell him “I don’t care if it is a blowout you must keep Green in rather than play walk-ons for a few minutes”. Or maybe Fred said “I know you need shooters but you cannot fill two of your scholarships” Or maybe Fred says “no matter what happens in the first half the same five guys need to start the second half”. Just asking because I have read about Archie being hamstrung but am interested in what that actually means.
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    The thing is that span is a tale of multiple coaching changes Bookended with the wholesale destruction of the basketball program courtesy of the combination of Sampson, the ncaa’s treatment of telephone infractions, and IU’s over the top response. and yet what do the fans on message board say? They say, hey let’s fire the coach! at some point the fans need to finally get that a program needs continuity, and support the program through it.
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    I don't care if every single player in the locker room hates each other. I don't care if they wouldn't piss on each other if they were on fire. And i don't care for the lip service that CAM is throwing out there post game after post game. He doesn't do anything. We start the same 5 guys. We play the exact same offensive and defensive schemes. We bring the same 5 who started the game out for the start of the second half. We don't adjust our offense or defense for the second half. Do something! Anything Different. Play man to man. Go full court press the whole game. Don't sub anyone out of the game. Start 5 completely different guys. Play a game where we shoot nothing but 3's. I don't care anymore. Stop talking. Stop apologizing. Stop being mediocre. Be bold. Be different. Be Courageous. Be anything different that what we are right now. It can't get any worst. If they fire you, fine, you walk about with 20 million dollars and will easily find another job. Remember we're the nut job fan base with the AD who won't let you do anything. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT PLEASE!
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    Jarrod Odel tweeted that the team has a cancer. He said they had one in 2001 and after he left they got better. He made sure everyone knew it wasn’t Haston. He said he knows the team will be much better next season because the cancer will be gone.
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    I just cant see how a fan can watch this IU team and not be concerned about the future, both this year and beyond.
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    Why because for the most part we played a very good game but just made a couple of mistakes at the end. Anyone who is putting this on coaching just are idiots and trolls. Anyone who can't see the vast improvement from this team in the last month are just blind or don't want to see it.
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    I understand people are frustrated and losing faith, but Archie isn't going anywhere this year. So you can put together your wish list, but it's not going to happen. He'll get at least one more year, I would be surprised if he doesn't get 5 years total. He's going to get a chance to turn it around with guys that fit his coaching. Like it or not, I truly believe this and hope for the best. Let's root for him and this team, to finish the season strong.
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    Just found out today that my daughter just got accepted into grad school for social work at IUPUI. I am very proud of all the hard work she had done to get to this place into her life.
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    Why do people like to tear down our kids? If Hunter was an upper classman ok...he hasn't lived up to expectations..but the kid is a freshman...and hasn't even played a lot of meaningful basketball yet. He is getting his feet wet. Kid has a good stroke and a good feel for the game. I don't expect him to blossom over night but to act like he doesn't have a future here is pretty darn bleak. His career is just getting started! I'm not writing this kid off...not at all!
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    I did not get to watch, but looking at the boxscore a few things stand out to me: 1) Generally none of the things we said needed to happen for us to win actually happened...Devonte did not go off, we didn't completely shut down Winston, We weren't better at the free throw line...maybe the only one that happened was the fast start 2) We were outshot from the three point line by a pretty wide margin and still won 3) Jerome did not have a new impact in the scoring column Meaning, as far as I can tell, we won on toughness and some IQ....that travels, and that lasts...more than a hot shooting night. I generally like Archie, I really think he is so much more real than our previous coach, I want him to succeed, and I think that his manner is the way to do it. Not as elitist blue bloods, but blue collar toughness that plays together from start to finish. That's actually how we got the Blue blood status in the first place...
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    Miller did a hell of a job tonight.....
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    I’ll say this, as I’ve preached patience, I’m starting to get impatient. I’m still just dumbfounded that Archie hasn’t been able to get this team, or really any team since he’s been here, to play hard and play with his personality. This is not what I thought we were getting. Unless he miraculously gets this team to turn it around these last 3 weeks or so, I expect some big changes to both his roster and his staff. If IU limps down the stretch it will be very difficult to get excited about next season without some major changes. Just being completely honest, I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer to where I was towards the end of Crean’s last season, where I was wanting the bottom to fall out so there would be a change. Again, I’m not there yet, I hope Archie somehow gets these guys to buy in down the stretch and I’ll be rooting like crazy for a win vs. Minny, but I’d be lying if I said the thought isn’t beginning to creep in. I hope we win games, but I have little faith going into them, especially road games, and that’s sad It’s just disappointing because I really like Archie. I think he could be a great fit at IU. I’m rooting for him. But right now it’s just not working. Something is missing.
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    I want Race to start next game. Move Brunk to the bench. I love the heart Race plays with. He’s only going to get better.
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    I’m not that old, but I’ve never been so embarrassed after a loss. RMK comes back, all eyes nationally are on this game, and we get blown out by a mediocre Purdue team. I slept on it, and I feel even worse today about it.
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    👏👏 well done. He’s got the team improving and I think he’s really improving as well. I may have been wrong, Archie may still be THAT guy. That’s something to worry about later, let’s beat Maryland with the same toughness and execution we had last night. Love the substitutions, love the effort, loved Archie’s passion on the sidelines, loved the shorter rotation in the second half, lots to love honestly. Is there still room for improvement? Always, but that can be said for any team!
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    Didn't realize it until we were on the way, but that was dad's first game in Assembly Hall. He's the guy that got me interested watching them back in the mid '70's when Bobby's team hit perfection and I was hooked. It was nice to be able to take him to such a fun game and he really seemed to enjoy it.
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    15th win on 1/23. Didn't get that last year until 3/2 against MSU. Last year's 5th B1G win didn't happen until 2/26.
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    3 in a row Tom. Tough play. Many, many contributions....haven't looked at much yet but AL, Rob, Franklin......and of course TJD and Joey. Joey might be the most important player Archie has recruited so far. That kid.
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    I think most of us would have taken 1-1 in our last 2 games. Was this loss a heartbreaker? 100%. But you can see the strides this team is making. Onward.
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    There are a couple of them that were lurking towards the end of the game, just waiting for us to lose. Alas, after we pulled it out, they found somewhere else to be. Yes, @Mike and @bobtcat2, I am talking about you. If you can't post in the good times as well as the bad ones, well, it's obvious you have an agenda.
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    A few posters said Rob had a cramp. Sure hope that is the case.
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    Big, big win for these guys! And Izzo cant beat Archie...again.
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    Some good stuff from our friend:
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    These aren’t just “road losses” though. We’re getting destroyed on the road. Complete no-shows. That matters. Losing by 20 every road game isn’t the same as losing by 3. The margin of defeat and offensive/defensive efficiencies impact NET, RPI, Saragin, being ranked in general, etc.
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    So, who, if anyone, affiliated with IU, do you think 'cared' today. I did not see another player get in a teammate's face. I did not see the coaching staff light a fire or make lineup changes De'Ron, bless his heart, was an absolute beast, but even before he landed on his head, he was asking to come out of the game. If I'm having the kind of game he's having and I'm getting pissed at the coach for even considering taking me out, let alone asking to come out. At halftime of the Butler / Georgetown game yesterday, Patrick Ewing was asked about how he would handle it if his players got fatigued, and he responded "They can worry about how tired they are tomorrow." That's the type of commitment to the game I want from IU's coaches and players.
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    It’s not uncommon to lose road games. What is uncommon, and why Indiana doesn’t rate well in any of the rankings, is losing all of your road games by 15-20+. IU doesn’t even compete on the road. That’s the difference.
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    Huge, huge win! A few random thoughts... - Obviously, DG and Trayce were great, but it's so huge for this team when multiple guys (Phinisee, Hunter, Durham) hit at least 1 3. To have multiple guys make a 3, and two guys (DG & Phinisee) hit more than 1 was huge. - If IU can get the Race Thompson from tonight and the one that was coming on prior to the MSU game injury, that will be a huge help. He allows IU to still be somewhat big, but not lose athleticism. He also plays as hard as anyone. - I don't know if the minutes breakdown bears this out, but from the eye test it seemed like Phinisee and Green played together much more in this game than they have been. It reminded me of down the stretch last season when Phinisee finally got healthy and Green thrived playing off the ball. Especially in the second half, Green was basically a spot-up shooter off of others creating offense. That's huge for him because it allows him to shoot, but eliminates the stuff where he has to create and be a decision maker. I hope this was a purposeful thing and that it happens more. You could see Green moving the ball quickly if he didn't have a shot, as opposed to the constant dribbling he sometimes does, and also looking to get the ball to Phinisee if someone outletted to him. - I don't want to get too excited about the offensive explosion. Iowa is not a good defensive team and they're also just as bad as IU on the road. Sort of a 'perfect storm' type of scenario, especially when you add in that IU's backs were against the wall. - Loved the gameplan of playing Garza 1-on-1 and not doubling. Let him get his and just shut the others down. Worked to perfection. - Smith was fantastic defensively. IU is so much better when Smith focuses on being the defensive leader, plays hard, and just lets offense come to him if it's there.
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    1A on IU wish list as of today...
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    The times certainly changed. The 1987 championship team was the first IU basketball team that I followed all season. I remember my dad cussing a blue streak when we lost to Vanderbilt early on. The fall of 1986 was really when I started to learn to understand and follow sports in general. Watching games and gaining an understanding of what was going on. I watched every single game of the 1987 title run. Definitely was not old enough to appreciate it, at that age you just expect that is going to happen all the time. From there you had the 1989 team then the Cheaney years. I never felt more crushed as an IU basketball fan than when Kansas eliminated us and dealing with the fact Calbert and his teammates were not going to hang a banner. I had zero doubt it was happening (even with the Henderson injury) until the KU game as lost. I went out to the barn after that game and shot baskets with tears in my eyes. I arrived in Bloomington in the fall of 1994 as an incoming freshmen with a sense of wonder. I got to see our home court winning streak extend to 50 despite Shawn Respert single-handedly almost ruining it after the crowd taunted him with chants of Respert, Respert. I got to see Alan Henderson and Brian Evans play. I got to meet Andrae Patterson before classes started that fall and it as like the coolest thing ever, I called my dad and told him about that. I asked Andrae how it was going and he said his knees were sore, lol. I ended up spending 5 years at IU and I had student tickets every year. Saw 50+ games at Assembly Hall. Maybe the teams never lived up the normal RMK standards but I had a hell of a fun time being at the games and witnessed some great moments. I was there for 5 of Bobby's final 6 seasons. The day I walked through my graduation line in Memorial Stadium I would have never imagined we would be in this spot 20 years into the future. Across all the various coaches and situations. Actually the last time I saw a game at Assembly Hall was the first exhibition game under Davis. I was working in Indy and someone had free tickets. We beat whatever team it was on a Coverdale 3 pointer that bounced like 3 times on the rim. I really did believe we were back with the Cody/Oladipo teams. I bought the t-shirts. WE ARE BACK. We were back! Only temporarily, unfortunately. All of that just to say in the end...no matter who the coach has been, I want them to be successful. I want them to be 'the guy'. Having a never-ending revolving door of coaches is not a good feeling. To be in that situation perpetually says more about the people in charge than anything else. Still hoping Archie is the guy. Go IU!
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    On the HSN home page it says "A history of excellence" under the general basketball discussion. It wasn't the story I intended to write, but as I started to examine the history of the program in the context of today's standards and what is going on with this team -- it became apparent that this four year stretch is one of, if not the worst stretches ever for IU. Why are we so impatient as a fan base? Because we really haven't seen anything like this. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-the-programs-national-irrelevance-is-reaching-unparalleled-proportions/
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    So terribly disappointed in today. How is it possible for a team to play such an uninspired game on such a epic day in IUBB history. Words escape me. The game was Never in doubt from tip. There simply is no player I can say came to play today. I believe they have managed to play themselves out of the NCAAT at this point. The simply are no alpha males on this team. I am so disgusted for the team and and the state of IUBB today. I truly don''t think they deserve to put their uniforms back on after today. CAM needs to apologize for today. On the only positive note for today: Excited and happy to see CMK but he obviously is very ill. Needs our prayers for sure. I am so thankful that he finally came back! Welcome home coach!
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    Just talk to the Hoosier Hysteric guys on Campus...and I asked point blank if RMK was coming...they both responded by saying...”you don’t want to miss halftime “
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    15-6 is on pace to be far better than 19-16. I appreciate you starting a thread where we can talk about the team's improvement.
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    His profile says he last visited an hour ago. Guess he can view the board, but must not be able to post. It's a strange condition that will self-correct next time IU loses.
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    From the mind of 5fouls Would never had thought we would win this game with such a quiet night from Justin Free throws. Time to bring in a psychiatrist These kind of games take years off my life Joey Brunk. Very well could be our MVP (I know Rob, as PG, is critical, but Brunk makes more big plays) Can Rob and Race please catch an iinjury break. PLEASE! Could this be the game that gets this team over the hump? Best overall record in the toughest conference in the country. And, not ranked.
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    IU win = ice cream sundae PU loss = cherry on top Some of you people find something to bitch about no matter what
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    Loved that Archie left Green on the bench the last 10+ minutes. He doesn’t deserve minutes.
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    Can we please, please, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS?!!!!!!!!!
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