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    Just remember this one next time I’m wrong please.....😂🤣
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    Khristian Lander says “hi.”😂
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    Is getting due recognition in the post game thread but man, he deserves his own thread. In the words of Pat Chambers after the game, “I thought his job late on Lamar was fantastic” - it was. Lamar btw took 27 shots and 8 FT’s to get to 29. So Race finished with 8, 4 and a block — but that’s only a little reflective of his contributions. When he was brought back in the energy level changed, he plays really well with TJD, and we got the lead back. The toughness this kid brings, the energy and fight, is infectious too. Just look at the way Smith was fighting today — itself great to see — Race, who missed the game at PSU, I think is probably right up there in the most important player discussion right now. Way to go Race
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    you are welcome to leave the echo chamber anytime. keep pushing and you may have no choice. Rules or not, if we keep seeing you doing nothing but baiting, I doubt my fellow mods will be upset if we nip it in the bud.
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    Race deserves a lot of credit. But Justin did just as much of the dirty work today. He was tough, which was so good to see. They both played winning basketball today, without huge stats.
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    Even Tom Crean is embarrassed by how bad that defense was.
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    I have been preaching this in terms of Smith, for what seems like months now. As for the coaching replacement thread going on. I have been through my share of those. Over the years. Davis. Sampson. Crean. It has worn me out. I am staying out of it this time. Nothing mere fans like us can do about it. So why worry. I have seen members feeling the current replacement talk could harm recruiting. I can't see how that talk can help. I am going to continue to support IUBB in a positive way. The return of Coach Knight, was like putting a patch on a wound that kept festering for years. Some members have said they are turning away from IUBB, due to the current product on the court. Let it be known. That is something I will never do.
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    Wonder how many spots we will drop in the NET rankings after beating the number 9 team?
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    I'm just dumbfounded at where IU is at as a program right now. I do believe a lot of this lies on the administration. At some point when you've had 5 different head coaches (counting Knight's last several years, Davis, Sampson, Crean & Archie) and the results are basically the same, you have to go higher than the coach. It's like a company that keeps trending down and fires their CEO every 2 years. At some point you have to look at the BOD, Chairman and the overall culture/support that the organization is giving to their CEO's. With all of that said, I'm just not sure what to make of Archie at this point. I'm just really confused about who he is or what is going on with him? He wasn't my first choice mid-way through Crean's last year when it was clear a change was coming, but then I did more research on him and began to get excited about him. I knew he was a hard-nosed, gritty player, but didn't realize he had been an assistant at all three of NC State, Arizona and Ohio State. You have to be able to recruit at those places, especially at Zona and OSU under Matta. Then knowing his Dayton success and track record in both the regular season, A-10 Tournament and NCAA tournament, I thought we were getting this gritty, no-nonsense, disciplined defensive coach that would have even more efficient offenses with better recruiting at IU, that had a chance to be a great, long-term coach. I knew he had taken a Dayton team that lost 3 starters and 4 seniors from the Elite 8 team and came back with nobody over 6'6" to 27 wins and won 2 NCAA Tournament games, which shows he can coach. Then he said all the right things at his intro press conference, he locked down the state, he said all the right things in post-game press conferences, etc., etc., but for whatever reason the Archie Miller of the last two seasons is not the same guy. He's not the guy I read about and have heard speak. He's not the guy that was given the "Archie" nickname because he was so no-nonsense, etc. I'm not giving up on Archie completely. I still think he can be a fantastic fit at IU, and I really want him to succeed. But, I'm just not seeing the same guy that I read about prior to his hiring. It's like he's a different person and I don't get it, or maybe I misread who I thought he was. I thought we'd have teams built in the mold of his personality. Teams that despite talent or lack thereof, would be pitbulls to play. Teams that opponents hated to play in Assembly Hall because it would be a war regardless of how good or bad IU actually was. I'm just really dumbfounded and surprised that in year 3 Archie can't get his team to play hard consistently and that his team seems completely opposite from his personality. I just don't get it.
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    He wants to, and is in line to. As long as there are no set backs he will be a Hoosier next year.
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    We got this one right! Hope the others I’ve been hearing come aboard. It will be an all Indiana team if it happens.
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    His dad is the one who made him commit to UK to begin with so I wouldn’t give him a ton of credit.
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    Exactly. You can see Rob smiling when Justin said it, too. It's entirely possible that it's an inside joke between the players. Justin was the first person off the bench cheering TJD's big dunk, and they had nothing but positive interactions the rest of the game. Y'all are like a pack of hens sometimes.
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    I spoke to his coach today and got an update on how his senior season is going for those interested. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-checking-in-on-2020-signee-jordan-geronimo/
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    Kelvin Sampson? Are you friggin kidding me? Did any of you watch the halftime activities yesterday? Did you see Sage Steele, overcome by emotion, crying? And why? Because she was overjoyed at the sight of the old man who had essentially built the alter we all worship at coming home. And it wasn't just about the winning (although I will grant you, any coach that doesn't win has a short shelf-life)...it was the culture...kids progressing from one year to the next...kids graduating...good kids, who, for the most part, stayed out of trouble. Kelvin Sampson was the anti-Bob Knight in practically every way, shape, and form. Dan Dakich, as much as he's raked over the coals around here, knew it, and did something about it. Even Tom Crean knew it, and finished the purge. We may have suffered 3 of the worst seasons in IU basketball history, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And I watched every gsme I know at this point some will say, "except winning basketball games." And while that may be true, to me, winning without integrity is meaningless. It's what always set IU basketball apart. This season isn't over. I'm with this team, and I'm with this coach.
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    I’ll say it once, and it’s not set in stone, Kaufman, Duncomb, Goode all real close to committing or IU is in the lead. Furst going to MSU from what I’ve been told.
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    You know what would be a great story? A team steeped in history and tradition that had suffered a downturn in recent history, had a fairly new and young coach, had suffered through team dysfunction, lack of upper class leadership, and injuries, finally righting the ship and making a run in both the B10 and NCAA tournaments and starting down the road of reclaiming their rightful position in the college basketball world as a powerhouse. THAT would be a great story... A guy can dream...
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    🔴 ⚪️ looking good.
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    ...I become the proud Papa of a baby boy.
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    Really, really liked what I just heard from Archie post game. We have a guy who knows the deal.
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    Ahh the Debbie Downers have to take a night off. so much easier on us mods 😂😂😂😁
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    Just curious. How is he being hamstrung? Does Fred tell him “I don’t care if it is a blowout you must keep Green in rather than play walk-ons for a few minutes”. Or maybe Fred said “I know you need shooters but you cannot fill two of your scholarships” Or maybe Fred says “no matter what happens in the first half the same five guys need to start the second half”. Just asking because I have read about Archie being hamstrung but am interested in what that actually means.
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    A couple of thoughts on landing Lander... I think he will reclassify. There was really no need to commit this early if he wasn't. And I think it benefits both parties. Khristian gets a head start on getting his body college ready and beyond with a bonafide training program. He's gonna have to gain strength to compete with B10 guards, and I think Cliff Marshall will do wonders for him. Plus, he gets a head start on playing with kids like Anthony and Trey who he obviously likes and enjoys being around. They've talked. The picture of all the Indiana kids, both already there and incoming, tells me they've talked about being a special group and restoring IU to its place as a basketball powerhouse. We, as fans, get the obvious benefit of watching a skilled kid provide depth and play at a high level. Finally, I hope this lops off the "Archie has trouble recruiting" argument that's brought to the table as a side dish seemingly after every loss...He's a good recruiter. Kids see the intensity and the determination to win. And, apparently some good ones want to be a part of that... Damn, for a Wednesday, I'm stoked!
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    Well.. IUwins0708 and my info were good. I certainly rarely get info. But Brunk, Romeo, and Lander my source was spot on.
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    Keep laughing.I will shut you down just like I did Michael Jordan (and the Bowling Green basketball program).
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    Both. Really likes IU. Plus he’s a 3-4 year player.
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    The thing is that span is a tale of multiple coaching changes Bookended with the wholesale destruction of the basketball program courtesy of the combination of Sampson, the ncaa’s treatment of telephone infractions, and IU’s over the top response. and yet what do the fans on message board say? They say, hey let’s fire the coach! at some point the fans need to finally get that a program needs continuity, and support the program through it.
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    DGAF what others think but Archie is delivering on his promise to lock down the State. Give him the time he needs.
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    I don't care if every single player in the locker room hates each other. I don't care if they wouldn't piss on each other if they were on fire. And i don't care for the lip service that CAM is throwing out there post game after post game. He doesn't do anything. We start the same 5 guys. We play the exact same offensive and defensive schemes. We bring the same 5 who started the game out for the start of the second half. We don't adjust our offense or defense for the second half. Do something! Anything Different. Play man to man. Go full court press the whole game. Don't sub anyone out of the game. Start 5 completely different guys. Play a game where we shoot nothing but 3's. I don't care anymore. Stop talking. Stop apologizing. Stop being mediocre. Be bold. Be different. Be Courageous. Be anything different that what we are right now. It can't get any worst. If they fire you, fine, you walk about with 20 million dollars and will easily find another job. Remember we're the nut job fan base with the AD who won't let you do anything. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT PLEASE!
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    I understand people are frustrated and losing faith, but Archie isn't going anywhere this year. So you can put together your wish list, but it's not going to happen. He'll get at least one more year, I would be surprised if he doesn't get 5 years total. He's going to get a chance to turn it around with guys that fit his coaching. Like it or not, I truly believe this and hope for the best. Let's root for him and this team, to finish the season strong.
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    Jarrod Odel tweeted that the team has a cancer. He said they had one in 2001 and after he left they got better. He made sure everyone knew it wasn’t Haston. He said he knows the team will be much better next season because the cancer will be gone.
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    I just cant see how a fan can watch this IU team and not be concerned about the future, both this year and beyond.
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    Why because for the most part we played a very good game but just made a couple of mistakes at the end. Anyone who is putting this on coaching just are idiots and trolls. Anyone who can't see the vast improvement from this team in the last month are just blind or don't want to see it.
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    Just my uninformed opinion, since I haven't seen these kids play and obviously don't know them, but in my opinion a reclass only makes sense for IU in this case if the plan ahead of time if for him to be here at minimum 2 years. If his plan is to try and be a one and done, then I'd rather add a grad transfer shooter/point guard for the one season that comes in with experience at the collegiate level. If the plan would be for him to come in for two years, then you absolutely want him to reclass if he's interested in that.
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    Come on guys! You know exactly what to expect from HTD. It puts a big smile on my face everytime he posts. The exclamation marks, the punctuation, the capitalizations...and of course the unbelievably fun name calling. He is a character and the world doesn't have enough of them. Enjoy him while he is still here.
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    I just wanted to share just how happy and proud I am today. My son who is a college baseball player was just accepted into the Doctorate program at Mount St Joseph University, which was his first choice. I have never been more proud of anything else. He has worked so hard and deserves the very best. I am blessed to have such an amazing young man call me Dad. He just informed Coach that we will not be playing his Senior year so that he can focus on Grad school. I knew the day would come when baseball would be over but with him he has played for 18 years and I will be sad to see it end but happy for the next chapter. This year has now become his Senior year of baseball and we hope to not miss a minute of it. God has blessed us in many ways but Oakley has worked hard to graduate in 3 years and be on the Deans list each semester and now getting into the Doctorate program. Just wanted to brag a little and share it with some of my closest friends. Thanks and have a blessed day.
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    It's official... @rico finished with a higher blood alcohol content than Minnesota's 3 point shooting percentage. Well done sir!
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    I think my biggest issue right now is the level of effort and the culture. I could take the slow build of missing the tournament as Archie built this back up, if we at least saw a team playing hard and a culture developing. If I saw Archie's personality coming through in the team, a pitbull mentality, and some mental toughness, which is what I thought/hoped we were getting with Archie, then I'd still be in my full "patience mode", even with missing the tournament the first two years and being on the bubble this year. At least you could see what the future would look like once he had a full recruiting cycle and better talent. I just don't see any of that yet. I see a team for yet a third season that looks listless, lifeless and like they're they don't want to be there. I don't see the culture developing, which IMO is the most troubling thing. Forget substitutions, defensive schemes, bad shooting, etc., the development of culture is the huge thing missing for me. This doesn't mean I want Archie fired. I don't, at least not yet. I hope he turns this around and as I've said numerous time I think he could be a tremendous fit longterm at IU, I'm still just really confused as to why it's been so difficult for him to incorporate culture and toughness. My only explanation is that the admin has really just neutered any power he has.
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    I’ll say this, as I’ve preached patience, I’m starting to get impatient. I’m still just dumbfounded that Archie hasn’t been able to get this team, or really any team since he’s been here, to play hard and play with his personality. This is not what I thought we were getting. Unless he miraculously gets this team to turn it around these last 3 weeks or so, I expect some big changes to both his roster and his staff. If IU limps down the stretch it will be very difficult to get excited about next season without some major changes. Just being completely honest, I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer to where I was towards the end of Crean’s last season, where I was wanting the bottom to fall out so there would be a change. Again, I’m not there yet, I hope Archie somehow gets these guys to buy in down the stretch and I’ll be rooting like crazy for a win vs. Minny, but I’d be lying if I said the thought isn’t beginning to creep in. I hope we win games, but I have little faith going into them, especially road games, and that’s sad It’s just disappointing because I really like Archie. I think he could be a great fit at IU. I’m rooting for him. But right now it’s just not working. Something is missing.
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    Just found out today that my daughter just got accepted into grad school for social work at IUPUI. I am very proud of all the hard work she had done to get to this place into her life.
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    Thanks to @IUwins0708. When he talks listen. The info he shares is spot on at that moment. Things might change but at that moment he is very dialed in. I was not very close on this recruitment but got a few texts yesterday but vowed not to spread anything until I felt confident and I did not see this one coming this soon Kudos to the guys that brought us the intel. HUGE GET for our Hoosiers. Great job CAM and staff. Cant wait to see Lander on the court at Assembly Hall, he is a game changer. Thank you Romeo you paved the way for TJD, Lander and many others to come . Your impact on the floor was great but will be much more important off court. No truth at all about Lander and Kaufman not wanting to play together. I would be shocked if Kaufman does not pop for IU. The buzz is back on for guys to committ while spots are available. Great day to be a Hoosier, now kick some Purdue butt to cap off a great week.
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    I was told today that Lander is STRONGLY considering a reclass and if he does then it will be at IU. I don’t like it because I don’t think Lander is ready. We will see what happens. Stay tuned!
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    Dude, why are you here? You just generally suck as a fan and are a huge drag on any thread.
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    I asked for effort, toughness and culture earlier today and IU delivered tonight. It was just one game, but that type of effort, smart basketball and toughness can carry on. TJD was fantastic, Race was fantastic and what I thought was really important was that outside of a couple shots, Green largely played within himself. What I really like about this win is that while TJD had a monster night, it wasn’t just that, we played tough, played smart and played well.
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    Random note, was out to dinner tonight at Longhorn Steakhouse and who does my wife see hugging some people at a table by us, Coach Knight! I have been lucky enough to see him out in town a few times in the last few months and he has always been in good spirits and welcoming of fans. I love that he is back in town and seems to be enjoying life in Btown.
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    I want Race to start next game. Move Brunk to the bench. I love the heart Race plays with. He’s only going to get better.
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    I’m not that old, but I’ve never been so embarrassed after a loss. RMK comes back, all eyes nationally are on this game, and we get blown out by a mediocre Purdue team. I slept on it, and I feel even worse today about it.
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    I think most of us would have taken 1-1 in our last 2 games. Was this loss a heartbreaker? 100%. But you can see the strides this team is making. Onward.
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