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    To quote someone on the trip today...”Visit went very well!” That was said with a huge smile on their face also.
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    So, for the record, no meatloaf was served. — albeit, I make an amazing meatloaf! We did have cookies and refreshments. Again, for the record, coaches do not eat cookies. What a truly blessed and fantastic week.
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    What a great day for Anthony and the rest of the Leals! I couldn’t be more proud of how he has handled this process!
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    To lighten the mood, I became a first time father Wednesday evening to a baby boy. Another IU fan has come into the world.
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    I received a text yesterday from a number I did not recognized and asked if I wanted to talk Indiana basketball recruiting? Of course I said yes and expected it to be a member of HSN. I received a call a few minutes later and it was the guy that told me the Big Fish and lots of other info but it has always come through a mutual friend. He said I see that you post a lot of what I say so i am just going to come straight to you. Told us all to relax KB is still good. I posted what I was told about him in the KB thread. He said we have to go back to get full picture. Several months ago CAM reached out to a group of recruits and told them the time is now, or there may not be enough space for you. 1 week later AF was ours and Newman, Booknight and Ramsey were off looking for their school. KB and TJD were told that no matter when they wanted to commit, they had a spot. This was not given to Watford though. Throughout the whole process it has been a 4 man class and there was a time in which the staff felt positive the RL would return so that last spot needed to fill a need not a luxury. CAM and staff have been doing a great job on the recruiting trail and parents are pleased because he is being honest and not telling everyone that they are a starter from day 1. Things cooled between us and TW and a big reason is TW did not feel prioritized and wanted to be sure parents could see him play. At some point his parents and brother assured him that if he wanted to go to IU they would love it. They are not in any way pushing it on him, just not excluding it. AS chemistry issues have come along and imminent realization that RL is gone we may have plenty of spots and 1 may be a spot that TW could step into right away. In the mean time those other schools have made him a priority and promised things that they may or may not be able to deliver. Ed has taken a big role in this recruitment and has really won over the family and TW. In fact this guy believes that a month ago had we said TW has a starting spot next year he would have pulled the trigger. Recently he has been a big target for us and he have not closed the gap completely but we are for sure in the mix. The thought of KB, TJD and TW has been discussed and talked amongst them quite a bit. Distance is still a concern but will not be the determining factor. The recent LSU issue has raised even more concern. Memphis has a lot of tools that may help the NBA route but not sure if they offer anything else that will improve his game or put him in national spotlight. Making the McDonalds team was big, not just becasue KB did not but some feel there was some concern on why KB had a spot and not TW if he were to wait. Staff did a great job of handling that issue. Recently Lester Quiones has said that he wanted to play with TW, no way that this is a package deal but it does help us if we may be losing a couple of guards on our current roster. (speculation) We have ramped up that recruitment a lot. He summed everything up with this. CAM is the right guy and it killing it on the recruiting trail with parents, players AAU coaches high school coaches etc... if TW comes for an official he is ours. The only way that he will is if it is to commit. Could happen on the visit. Feels that it would be hard to turn down Indiana after getting another up close look and he already knows how our fans are and what we all meant to his brother and wants to make the decision on what is best for him not an emotional pick. If we get him here that would be huge. This is all from 1 person and I have not heard this from anyone else. I feel that he has been right on everything he has told me so I wanted to share it with you. Some of this may be common knowledge but I wanted to include as much of the convo as possible. Now we have to get him back to campus!!!!! CoachSS Iuwins MIle, anyone that has info that this jives with or does not please share. I don't care about being right or wrong just want info. Thanks.
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    Feel free to move but I know that a lot of our members do not make it over to the Animal House which is a shame but I needed to share some things. Over the past 10 years HSN has allowed me to share our journey with Ayden and his health struggles and I wanted to share something amazing because so many of you have supported us in ways that you can't imagine. I found HSN when I needed it most and our founders and others have allowed me to post about Ayden and was a source of therapy that I needed so desperately, and at a time that I did not know where to turn. This place is a place that I do love and have many friends on here even without ever meeting. Way too many to begin naming for fear of forgetting some. Enough of all of that but I have come here many times asking for Prayers and every time you all have delivered. Thank you and GOD BLess Today I want to take a minute to share something amazing with you. Tonight at 7pm I will have the honor and privilege of watching Ayden live on stage at his elementary school as he will be playing Michael Banks in the school play version of Mary Poppins. May not sound like a big deal but when considering that we did not think he would be here it is a blessing that is beyond my wildest dreams. To go from him not living to see 3 to this, only GOD's grace. Once Ayden was 3 or 4 then they said he would never be able to go to school, would probably have learning disabilities, would struggle walking and the list goes on and on. Tonight we will get to see him on stage doing something that he is so great at. He has been rehearsing since Nov and has practice ever night from 3-7:30 and it has taken somewhat of a physical toll on him. I thank GOD for keeping him relatively healthy for this. Tonight I will be as proud a father as one can be. I have witnessed some many amazing things from my older 2 children both athletically and academically but I have never been more proud of what Ayden has been able to accomplish. We do not know what the future has in store for any of us but right now I am the happiest Dad in the world. I wanted to thank you all for everything that you have done and like I said HSN helped get me out of some pretty dark places. This is more than a message board to a certain degree it is family and I appreciate that so much. Here is a pic that I took of Ayden last night in costume just before his last rehearsal. Thank you all so much
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    Wanted to apologize for my recent posts and actions especially toward a couple members. It was in appropriate and uncalled for and I’m truly sorry. Going through a bit of a rough patch in life (nothing serious just personal stuff) and I’m not handling it well. So again I do want to apologize to everyone I may have offended.
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    This is the weekend for Victor Oladipo's fantasy basketball experience at Assembly Hall. Archie posted this picture on Twitter this morning. It warms my heart to see these three in a picture together and I just had to share it.
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    State is locked down folks! This class could get very interesting....looks almost definitely to be a 4 man class.
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    Another one that is a lock from what I’m told. Probably early November announcement or sooner. State on total lockdown......
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    All I’m going to say is the IU coaches are very and I mean very optimistic.....
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    I’m hearing next week is a real possibility, and I mean real.
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    DISCLAIMER : The following is not to be construed to be a harbinger of things to come. Or, what I know, or don't know. It is for entertainment purposes only. _______________________________________________________________________________ I hear the drums echoing tonight. But he hears only whispers of some quiet conversations. He's coming in. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide him to I.U. I stopped an old man along the way. Hoping to find some long forgotten words about our ancient memories. He turned to me as if to say: "Hang in there boy, he's there waiting for you". "It's gonna take a lot to take Romeo away from you". "There's nothing that a Jayhawk or Commodore could ever do". I bless the rains down in New Albany. Gonna take some time to do the things I.U used to be. The Jayhawks cry out in the night. As they grow restless, longing for some Romeo Langford. Romeo knows what he must do. What is right. As sure as Assembly Hall rises like a Cathedral over Cook Hall. He seeks to cure what's deep inside. Wanting to put an end to what we've become. It's gonna take a lot to drag Romeo from I.U. There's nothing that a Jayhawk can do. I bless the rains down in New Albany. Gonna take some time to do the things we used to do. Hurry Hoosiers. He's waiting for you. I hear the drums echoing tonight.
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    Looks like Trendon will be taking a visit to IU. Evidently in a interview with Christian on Peegs. Christian could be there too.
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    Although I'm happy IU won, I feel badly for Jay Bilas. He just wanted MSU to win in the worst way. First post btw 😁
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    Hope everyone lets Romeo have his moment. This could start coming out fast. He’s earned his time to commit without someone spoiling it for him.
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    Just remember this one next time I’m wrong please.....😂🤣
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    CoachSS and 0708 are very valued members of Hoosier Sports Nation. And have been for years. Both of them have shared information with me via PM's, which I value very very much. And in every case what they have shared with me, has turned out to be spot on. And both have said, that at times. they have held back from posting on the board, for fear of push back. And requested for me not to share. That was a shame. As I know, you all would have appreciated what they have shared with me in private. The fact that either has gotten differing info.... does not make it untrue. Each has their own sources. And valid sources, I might add. So.... I ask. Hoosier Sports Nation. Please, please allow these two members to feel free to share with us what they know and are hearing. Decide for yourself, as to what they tell us. Rather than questioning them.... which could lead to them shutting down information on the open forum.... which has happened in the past. Again. Please allow them to share their information. And then decide in your own mind as to what they are offering us. What makes Hoosier Sports Nation, a fan board above others....is member's who feel comfortable posting here. Please don't lower ourselves to other fan sites Thank you.
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    Guys you have got to stop doing this. 1) You can look up and see who CoachSS is and his connections in the Indiana sports community. He doesn't hide it. It is obvious that he has the opportunity to gain information that we can't. He has provided me and others with great information. I appreciate what he brings and that he is a member of our forum. The information he gives is the best from his circle at that particular time. I am a national sales director for a medical company and there have been times where I have been surprised by the decisions that come out of meetings that I have been part of...meaning, kids, parents change minds and there are things that happen we have no idea about. 2) You don't have to believe it. Coach and others aren't making you pay. It has now become a heroic act to put information on forums because if it is wrong you will be shamed off the forums. This is unacceptable. We have lost connected members because they have been shamed off for wrong information...but was good info when they gave it. HSN does not attack people who are long term members that offer what they know. Coachss isn't a new posting troll but a valued member even without any info. We have coach's, relatives, insiders here that add to our forum. If you don't want them to post, this is the best way of doing it. No one wants to be shit upon when they are just trying to do good for the forum...and yes I know there is no cussing. I'm pulling owner"s privilege *Edit- no disrespect toward by not mentioning IUwins0708, it seemed that Coachss was getting the major pushback.
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    Could it be some of the rumors we’ve been hearing are coming out. I’m starting to get really excited. Just heard this morning TJD wants to commit to IU but mom wants him to wait until after all his in homes so he can be 100% sure. It’s sounding as if the boarders may slowly be closing.
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    I GET TO GO TO THE GAME! A rich business man who knows I love IU gave me his four season tickets for the game! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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    Saw it somewhere else, but.. Dawson's mom congratulated Trey's mom on his signing with IU on Facebook. Somebody asked Trey's mom in the comments if her son thought that Dawson would pick Indiana. Trey's mom said, "Not sure. But I have a wonderful feeling he will be a part of the Hoosier family!!!!" ... Dawson's mom liked the comment. Thought I'd post that to get some positive vibes.. Come be a Hoosier, Dawson!!
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    Eric Gordon is very loyal to our program. He is very vocal on Twitter about our Hoosiers. He reps IU almost more than any of our former players. It’s not his fault he was good enough to be a one and done...
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    Expect a TJD type announcement. Under the radar and on Twitter. I was told last week it would be today, but if not no need to fret. He’s a Hoosier
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    Khristian Lander says “hi.”😂
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_RCqiFd9NnE Anthony is the primary videographer in this middle school media project. He’s wearing the #12 jersey. Enjoy & Go Hoosiers! 🔴⚪️
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    LOL...they must not teach math in Memphis...check out this Memphis fan's reply...
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    Heck, he inherited a roster that performed poorly the previous season and then lost it's 3 best players. Add in being too late in the '17 recruiting class to bring in players he prefers and ending up with a 3 man class that was not highly regarded and has performed accordingly. His only recruiting class thus far included a kid that put up 16 or so points per game, a point guard who played well for a freshman (with definite potential to be really good), and a player who we believe could be good to great but missed the entire season. I think we're all disappointed, some even angry, but really the root of our disappointment is a nearly two decade span of poor hirings, poor decisions, and poor results. Restless is probably tbe best description, but Archie is not the main cause of it.
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    Was told (by someone who I trust the most) that Indiana is in the clear. They were willing to do what it takes as in, immediate playing time, and a important part of the offense. (That’s the easiest and shortest way to put it.) After initially agreeing to those terms money was asked for by Silvios and that’s when IU backed off and went in a different direction. The stuff I posted yesterday was from another guy I know that is not as close to the program as the guy who told me the above.
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    Can't really share with you.... at this time.... as to where this is coming from. However.... things have taken a dramatic upturn in terms of Romeo. Not just this game. But this game really helped.
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    99.9% chance he’s a Hoosier. I didn’t say he was a lock though.....
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    Hey, BtownMom, don’t think I didn’t notice that if you zoom in on the cashew tray it says Indiana University. 🤪🤣😉
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    Leal got an offer. IU in great shape to get both.
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    Brooks will be next followed shortly by TJD.
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    I gave DeRon a ride today from Cook to his apartment. Had a chance to talk with him for a bit. Me: so DeRon, how many games is Golden State going to win this season. DeRon: All of them!! It was bad enough they had 4 All Stars, now they have 5. It pisses me off. Me: I saw your limp was gone. Are you running yet? DeRon: yes, I'm pain free. I'm running straight lines, up and backs but no cutting yet. Me: Will you be ready to go to start the season? DeRon: Yes I will be ready to go but will be on a minute restriction to start with. I had a few more questions for him but will keep that to myself for now. He pick up my phone and took this picture. Lol.
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    Garcia is on campus at Cook Hall and the entire staff is present. FULL COURT PRESS!
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    If all goes well with Hunter, I think we are really going to lament being deprived the chance to see a healthy Phinisee with Romeo and Hunter on the wings. We are talking about long, athletic wings and a top notch point guard. By the way, I can't imagine an IU fan criticizing Romeo. This is a kid who could have gone anywhere and chose IU. He's still engaged with IU even from Boston. He did everything he could for IU. He deserves our respect.
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    Did I say it was happening? NO! Said to keep an eye out. It probably isn’t going to happen but people are talking and sometimes when there is smoke there is fire. Wonder why people don’t post stuff they hear? Right here is your answer. I’m going to continue to do it anyway. Right or wrong, because most people appreciate it.
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    Some of you guys have ruined, currently ruining or will ruin this message board. The insider stuff used to be as abundant, if not more on this board than any of the pay sites. It's now fairly miniscule due to the high and mighty uninformed running off the people with real information. And I don't blame them for not sharing anymore. Why subject yourself to ridicule? Just enjoy the information brought to you...for free...or ignore it and go about your day.
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    Hey everyone, as always I don't post a lot, but after reading all these Romeo posts for awhile, I thought I may interject a few thoughts: Let me say besides Donovan, Miller or Marshall was my first pick as coach for IU last April. Remember, how short of a time that is, just last April. 1) As referenced above, we were never even in the Romeo sweepstakes, since CTC never even tried. CAM in the short period of time not only put us in the race, he has given us a good chance to win. Maybe he goes to Vandy, I don't know, but the fact he could come from nowhere in basically no time when you look at recruiting bodes nothing but positives for the future. Don't forget what kind of class he put together in a little over just four months of being on the job. Now project going forward. 2) The reason I wanted Archie to coach here was his tremendous ability to improve teams from the start to finish, and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. He has showed us in so many ways how true this is this year, and once again the future is incredibly bright thinking about this. 3) The base we have going forward is strong. I don't know about Juwan if he will be leaving but think of the improvements made in the other players coming back, and how they will be able to teach the system to the next group coming in and this will now continue from year to year. We never had that this year. It took us a long time to truly learn what Archie wanted, buy into it, and hold each other player accountable. We now have that and it will follow through once again from class to class. This year was a learning period. 4) Finally, even if we don't get Romeo, we now have that base under us which has learned his system. Next the recruits coming in I think are going to be incredibly good, plus they will be her at least two years depending on deveopment. Phinese is going to be a stud, and I really like him more than Garland. I think he is going to be a great PG of the future, although Green has been pretty special lately and has learned what Archie wants. Those two going forward will make PG a position of strength. Hunter is going to be able to contribute right away I believe. He seems to be getting better game by game. Anderson is a stud who is going to give us the shooter we need from the outside. What is he making this year, I believe around 40% of this 3 pt. shots or higher? Forrester I am not sure of, but he is the perfect player I want to come in and learn, be a four year player who continues providing that essential base for us to never be a one year team. To me those type of players who will come in and develop, but are already good will be invaluable recruits. And lets not forget Race Thompson. He has had a whole year to get stronger, practice and learn what the college game is about. I think that experience and strength will be invaluable going forward and willl have an instant impact. Basically, regardless of what Romeo decides to do, I have not been more excited about this team in so long. We all longed for defense, we have it. We longed for in game adjustments, we now have it. We longed for toughness, we have it. We wanted a coach who took teams who were good and made them great from the beginning to the end, where each year the sum of all those parts would equal something very good to great. Cam recruits so he fills in each hole that needs to be filled for each year. Under CTC we never had all the things above. We do now, and frankly whether one person comes to IU is not going to make a huge difference. I would love it, and it would help in the upper echelon of recruiting, but in the long term, I think we are in the best hands we have been in for a long time!
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    Is getting due recognition in the post game thread but man, he deserves his own thread. In the words of Pat Chambers after the game, “I thought his job late on Lamar was fantastic” - it was. Lamar btw took 27 shots and 8 FT’s to get to 29. So Race finished with 8, 4 and a block — but that’s only a little reflective of his contributions. When he was brought back in the energy level changed, he plays really well with TJD, and we got the lead back. The toughness this kid brings, the energy and fight, is infectious too. Just look at the way Smith was fighting today — itself great to see — Race, who missed the game at PSU, I think is probably right up there in the most important player discussion right now. Way to go Race
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    Winners, Game, 1: 55-40. Adidas Gauntlet, Dallas, TX.
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    Still hearing the same as before. As the Philly fans say....trust the process. Very pro-IU vibe and it’s increasing around the state and country. Watch Jerry meyers crystal ball, I’d bet it changes in the next week or so.
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    I enjoyed this... Per Rabjohns... Vandy coach Bryce Drew and his staff were put up on the third level, corner spot. Last Saturday, Archie Miller and his staff sat center court behind the scorer's table.
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