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  1. And props to the players too — CAM can inspire the effort but they’re the ones who have to battle. That 2H was an IUBB half.
  2. Everyone please play nice with one another. I’m laying on the couch with my dog and she’s asleep. I’m on my phone, and to ban people I’d have to get up and go to my computer, so you would wake my dog up. And that just isn’t cool.
  3. I’ll say this folks: sports should exist to relieve us from the stress of life, not to cause the stress of life. This stinks. They’re not playing well. Go toss a ball with your kids, look at unsavory websites, or do something that makes you happy. This stuff can ruin your day only if you let it.
  4. Lost this one when we let momentum go away early in the half.
  5. This team is the same as last year. Rinse and repeat.
  6. It's funny that folks think IUBB won't be a driving factor in the new AD, whether or not there is a "person" on the search committee representing it.
  7. We can guess all we want but, at the end of the day, this is in trusting your HC and AD to make the right move. We've got the money to pay competitively now -- which we didn't for a LONG time, an underrated aspect of Glass's tenure as AD -- so we can get good talent, internally or externally.
  8. It is tough for me to label Dakich an expert, vbg.
  9. To make this a political issue is beyond comical.
  10. What is it you'd like Glass to do, though? Fire Archie? You'd be in a small minority in your thinking on that, to be sure. At the end of the day, any manager will tell you that when trying to change the trajectory of an organization, you make a change, give it time to see if it works, and then readjust. He made the change (hiring Archie/firing Crean) -- now he has to wait. Anything else is flippant and reactionary. I'm not sure what other tools in the arsenal people are seeing for Glass to impact the program. He's done the small stuff (renovations/fundraising for renovations/etc) exceedingly well, by all accounts. The jury is out on if he made the right hire, but I don't think you can say he hasn't used the tools in his toolbox.
  11. Also, for the folks thinking about Glass's compensation/financial well-being, Glass was a prominent lawyer at the most powerful firm in the state and before that, a Chief of Staff to a Governor. He was fine before he took this job, folks.
  12. Doesn't seem odd at all to me. The two flagship programs have clear leadership for, at the very minimum, the next few years. The ancillary programs (WBB, soccer, etc) are in very strong position, and the department as a whole is in strong financial position and has accomplished major infrastructure improvements in recent years.
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