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  1. Hello all: I saw a thread where someone asked for new reaction options (instead of heart/trophy/etc) and, what can I say, we are here to please. Please link to any .gif images you want to see added to either the emoji set or the reaction page (indicating which) and I'll routinely add them.
  2. HoosierFaithful

    Suggestion Thread

    Members may now delete their own posts (I think...) Mod team talked, chat box is gone.
  3. HoosierFaithful

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    I mean, sure, you can argue that the NCAA might overrule it, but IU's policy is exceedingly clear at this point and you have to have your head in the sand to say otherwise IMO.
  4. HoosierFaithful

    Hartman opens up about Archie

    Dakich is the ABSOLUTE. WORST. at this
  5. HoosierFaithful

    "Drastic changes"

    For example: a drastic change could be that we feed Morgan in the post on every single possession the entire first half. We'd notice that. Another drastic change could be that no player except Morgan is allowed to talk to a ref (who knows, maybe that's something that's wrong with us). We probably wouldn't notice that as easily.
  6. HoosierFaithful

    "Drastic changes"

    Drastic doesn't have to mean wildly public. Drastic can be relatively private and more or less unknown to us.
  7. HoosierFaithful

    Justin Smiths shot

    Juwan puts his feet sideways when shooting FT now. It’s all odd.
  8. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio St post game thread

    Ha, vbg -- start a new one if you dare.
  9. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio St post game thread

    We missed a huge takeaway -- those were SWEET.
  10. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio St post game thread

    Public warning for everyone to make sure you keep it clean in here! I've seen a few posts that come close to the line in this thread and other places. We'll start handing out warning points if necessary. Frustrating game -- I was in the game thread right there with you all -- but we're all Hoosiers here and we will be tomorrow, too.
  11. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio St post game thread

    That was a beautiful play call. Romeo had his guy well posted up -- just didn't execute.
  12. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio St post game thread

    very frustrating game. Glimpses of what this team can do. Our postseason hopes now rest on the BTT.
  13. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Green stops at the half court trap with 5 seconds left. I just can't handle this team. Off to the gym to work out this stress.
  14. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Oh man, that wasn't a foul on Romeo. Wow.
  15. HoosierFaithful

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Smith loses his man on defense aaaand boom.