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  1. Lots of people want to dog on Fred Glass but he made a big, gutsy decision to fire Wilson when the news came out and he made the decision that he had a diamond in the rough - Tom Allen - that he was going to lose to a head coaching job at some point, so he might as well just do both at once. Still early but looks like a potential home run. I also think, like others, that we might have a lifer. If you find a good coach who loves IU and might not be swayed by other jobs if they come calling? Big time.
  2. This thread seems like a lot of folks with existing views searching for sources to back up what they already believe. That's perfectly fine, and I sometimes have a tendency to do it too, but is it the most helpful way to drive a discussion?
  3. Contact your state representative or Congressperson. Trust me. Not trying to make a political statement - an elected representative of either party makes this stuff move more quickly.
  4. VBG, that was a good one Joe.
  5. makes sense. there's hard power and soft power - you outlined what soft power can do pretty well re: public pressure.
  6. Don't lawyers have pretty strict ethical guidelines on stuff like this? If they're found charging people flippantly to try and force deals, they risk some pretty serious punishments.
  7. That's quite the contradictory statement, tbh.
  8. https://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-procedure/how-does-a-grand-jury-work.html
  9. Hey - let's make sure nobody gets into personal attacks, folks. Thanks.
  10. I shouldn't have browsed this thread while hungry
  11. Booker's attorney can request away, but both Booker and the attorney have 0% to do with any criminal charges. The state (or federal) government will determine if charges are applicable.
  12. If a crime was committed, in the eyes of the law, it doesn't really matter a ton what the provocation was. Other lawyers can chime in, but I'm struggling to think of the words or phrases that would make what appeared in the video (if deemed a crime) permissible. If there were actions that provoked, perhaps that's a different story, but still - the point pretty much holds true. A crime is a crime.
  13. Thanks Ken! She's quite the fool.
  14. lucky girl, though, it gives her time to come to her senses.
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