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  1. While it’s disappointing to see the pause, perhaps this is useful evidence to show to those who are hesitant - even at astronomically low rates of side effects, they are being taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. this isn’t a “rushed process” - this is careful oversight IMO.
  2. He went to IU, played hard, and decided he didn’t want to stay through a coaching change. Anyone who wishes him anything other than good luck needs to look in the mirror a bit IMO.
  3. I don’t follow CFB recruiting as much - so many names - but following these threads is wonderful. Thanks to the few of you who so diligently keep us updated. Here’s to more winning years and more excitement.
  4. Incredible performance by Baylor. Wow.
  5. Baylor can’t miss to start. As that cools off (it will), can the Zags make a run??
  6. That’s literally what contact tracing is..?
  7. Make sure to move your arm (a LOT) in the 1-4 hours after getting the shot. Helps a lot. It helps the cells/whatever the heck a vaccine actually is move around your entire body, not just cluster in your arm.
  8. Please use the report feature for offending posts. Don't quote it (further spreading the offending content), don't curse at them in response (which is also breaking rules), etc. Lots of threads are moving but a report (or a PM) draws our attention to the post most quickly.
  9. It is striking. I was in the camp who wanted to love CAM but to hear all the negative feedback on him... it’s illuminating. Also impressive that it was mostly kept under wraps. when some team (UI?) said they knew the sets we were going to run before we did it, that was the really clear light for me.
  10. Massive. CMW passes a first major test.
  11. We'd like to build a bit of a reserve - once we feel like we have, we'll shut it off. Sincere appreciation to all thus far.
  12. You all are incredible. So appreciative to everyone to has chipped in.
  13. Woodson gets to prove his mettle so quickly with recruiting. It’s unlike any coaching change ever. Have to think it factored into Dolson’s two big decisions (to make a change/who to hire) and if he’s right, we will know... right now.
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