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  1. Still working on this, I might have to go in and manually edit the CSS which is... well, let's just say not my specialty.
  2. working on this -- those of you who see lots of things changing rapidly, don't mind the flickering of the proverbial lights.
  3. Helpful article from WaPo: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/07/08/are-us-womens-soccer-players-really-earning-less-than-men/ I think this is a great discussion if it stays as an intellectual exercise with meaningful, informed posts trying to have a discussion. When it becomes short, tit-for-tat posts is when we think it veers more political and less helpful. Thanks to Btownqb for starting the discussion.
  4. Second request to direct the conversation back to the game and away from the politics.
  5. I'm guilty of engaging but gonna say we have to redirect back to soccer or it gets locked.
  6. Oh, I was talking about the current spat, not the one in the past.
  7. Like, do we tell Trump to fight with Rapinoe... on "his own time" or something like that?
  8. It also strikes me as quite hilarious that a women's soccer player is supposed to be "above the fray" but we don't hold the President to the same standard that we're applying to her in the same sentence. Are we really holding a women's soccer player to a higher standard than the President of the United States?
  9. Some good points made about the political debates and the pay disparity but what shocks me is people getting on them about celebrating. Nobody would ever say that about a men's basketball player. LeBron flexes every time he dunks it seems like. Others tell the crowd to "shush" by putting a finger to their mouth. None of their celebrations were out of line. Even England players are saying so.
  10. too many stock photos, too little real photos. Come on fellas, make me hungry!
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