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  1. Purdue isn’t going to shoot 80 percent from 3 all game.
  2. Just to run through basic, initial tech support steps: have you cleared cookies and cache? If not, try that first and report back. If this persists too long, we can connect via text or some easier communication method to more rapidly try some other steps.
  3. Interesting. Update installed 5-7 days ago. Do you remember when the last time you were able to definitively do either of those things?
  4. I'm not ready to call him a prophet or anything but Archie has shown me he has the ability to man-manage pretty well. He called out Al and Rob and both have (IMO) responded by increasing their play, at times rather dramatically. He has the ability to push the right buttons to get these guys to be better.
  5. Smooth side facing in/numbers facing out. Please, for my sanity, tell me your co-worker is the one who is wrong here...
  6. I swear that I could have written some of the posts in this thread, and ascribed them all to the particular poster who made it, before this game even tipped off. I love you guys but man, some of you seem to be more interested in reinforcing your own opinions about what you think the team is rather than watching them and then thinking.
  7. Once we get some information from Eric’s family, we will send a mass email to all members with information for both Eric and Ken’s memorial funds. Posting here so others can remind me in case I forget.
  8. Not sure what made Lander a 5 star recruit.
  9. This PAC 10 game ended graciously slowly. Could have taken ages, took only a few minutes.
  10. Nobody wants to ban anybody - we try to find every reason to not punish members. You're speaking of unfairness, and that may be true. In truth: we're just some dudes. We're about 30-60 years old, we have very different viewpoints, and we're all at different points in our lives. By nature of being fundamentally different people, we may approach situations differently. The small action of attaching "moderator" to our profile doesn't make us any smarter, more wise, or less prone to making mistakes than any one of you here. By the same token, we try not to act like enlightened pricks
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