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  1. We have all done a good job of keeping it calm - thank you and please continue to do so. Escalating behavior will be dealt with more seriously than normal because everyone knows better than to act a fool in a thread like this.
  2. Instead of instinctually telling POC how we think they should feel, challenge yourself to listen to how they are feeling and ask why that is.
  3. I don't agree with many of the things posted here. I'm appreciative of all of you for posting them, though, because it helps me see other people's viewpoints. At the end, that's what this is all about - POC are trying to make it known that they live very, very different lives from a lot of us. When their opinion clashes with your personal view of how you think society works, I'd urge you to try to listen and empathize with communities who are clearly in deep, deep pain. You don't have to change your mind - I haven't changed mine while reading this thread - but I feel better for understanding the thoughts of others whom I disagree with.
  4. Hi all: A few folks had requested that we add a Baseball forum. We figured "why not" - and, thus, a Baseball forum was born. Btownqb is going to be the leader and drive activity and content - and we'll see how it goes.
  5. Project Veritas is not a news organization. They have "targeted" my employer in my professional work several times before and it's never been fair, honest, balanced, etc. Not saying what they are reporting is true or false - I haven't done enough research. Just adding some first-world insight as to the organization in that link.
  6. I love Chris Ballard an uncomfortable amount. What a treat after the Grigson years.
  7. Watch out, we might trade down and pick up some more picks anyway. Ballard's delayed gratification strategy (and his overall philosophy, IMO) is perfect. The draft is a crap shoot by and large. To be successful, you need more bites at the apple.
  8. Let's keep the temperature at manageable levels here, folks. Passion is fine and well but please remember our rules when posting and feel free to report - rather than respond to - violating conduct.
  9. I never thought I'd be talking about various short lengths the day before March Madness, but here we are.
  10. or kind of, anyway. Read more here.
  11. HSN members: Are you craving a little basketball fix? Do you find yourself watching re-runs of old games or watching marble racing with the same vigor you cheer on our Hoosiers? We understand. We feel the same way. Thankfully, a member stepped up with a wonderful idea to help us pass the time. We can thank cybergates, our new resident HSN Tournament Commissioner, for creating our own version of March Madness: That's right - our Hoosiers are facing off against our Hoosiers. We can't lose! Every day, cybergates will post the entire slate of all of the day's "games" on a single thread with multiple poll questions. Members are encouraged to discuss, debate, and vote the various matchups! In the interest of fairness, teams were seeded sequentially by year. In all honesty, random seeding isn't too different than what the Selection Committee does some years, so we felt it was appropriate. Keep your eyes peeled for posts beginning at 12pm EST tomorrow and prepare to defend your favorite IUBB team all the way to the Final Four! HF + the team
  12. Howdy folks - I'd encourage everyone to go read my post in the announcements section regarding this topic. The shorter version? Don't dive into deeply into politics and don't call each other names.
  13. Hi all: COVID-19 (the "coronavirus") is obviously impacting just about every life on the planet right now in very impactful ways. It would be foolish of us to try to limit discussion of it, particularly as it impacts the NCAA tournament, the NBA season, and so many other issues we discuss here daily. Instead, we'll reiterate two important points: 1) We don't discuss politics That isn't to say we're banning discussion of public policy or governmental actions - posting, for example, that the school near where you live shut down is a benign and apolitical statement! If you take it a step further, though, and say it's the rat bastard Democratic/Republican/etc Governor who has a plot to brainwash students - you're inherently making a political statement. You all - wait - most of you are smart enough to know the difference. If you aren't, we'll gently nudge you back to within the rules. 2) No personal attacks On an issue where folks may have very different views of the severity of the virus or the quality of the public health response to it, it is vitally important to discuss your differences amicably. Bluntly put: we're not here to tolerate any BS and we'll hand out temporary or permanent bans to folks violating this rule. I'm not sure what the hell we're going to talk about, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.
  14. You might be correct but it’s just a pointless thing to say with that much time left. To each their own.
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