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  1. Moon shadow. Moon shadow

  2. Welcome to HSN 3.0

    Our contract was not renewed at 247.
  3. Got tech talent? Speak up.

    Hi friends -- We've always been just a collection of guys who like to talk about IU basketball. I moonlight as our tech guy, but in reality, I'm just conversant in server administration. If anyone here is a Network Admin/Engineer/etc in real life, we'd appreciate your help in fine tuning our server and making sure we're all ready to go. Stipend includes a free handshake! HF
  4. Bryant Fitzgerald has been ruled ineligible

    Fred Glass is irate over this. As he should be. A paperwork issue, not on the fault of the player, causes him to be ineligible?
  5. Best live streaming services?

    @KoB2011 -- I use Sling. Can you assess ups/downs of Sling vs Vue? Not wild about Sling, but I have it.
  6. Site uptime problems

    All -- Thank you for your continued patience. We had problems launching the site that several experts couldn't fix. Eventually, we found that the IP address we are issued by our host was previously used in a malicious way. This was before our host had issued it to us, so it's unrelated to HSN. Either way, several Internet Service Providers (U-Verse, Comcast, Century Link, etc) blocked this particular IP address because of the malicious uses it was previously associated with. That's the nexus of some people being able to get on and some not: not all ISP's blocked it. For those who didn't, you were free and clear. For those who did, no luck. It was terribly frustrating and resulted in numerous hours on the phone. Eventually, we found the problem. It should be clear now and cycle through in the next 24 hours for all involved. Back to your regularly scheduled programming! HF
  7. Google search replacement

    Bing is helpful when searching for.. ahem.. certain content.
  8. HSN Rules

    The same as they've ever been.
  9. Welcome to HSN 3.0

    All -- Welcome to HSN 3.0. We've developed this site to continue to allow our community to discuss IU basketball, Billy Donovan's flight plans, and our other shared interests. We have always worked to make a community that emphasizes civility, respect and inclusivity. We think we've found a small corner of the internet that deserves to continue to exist. For that reason, we've made this new site. We're confident it will be the best version yet. We had to do a few reinstalls of the software, so you might have registered and need to re-register. Apologies. Please excuse the ongoing construction as we build the site. If you're a server admin and want to help, inquire within! HF