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  1. Boiler's a smelly purdue fan, but he's our smelly purdue fan.
  2. Defense just looks so much more solid. You can tell the added time in Archie's system is making a difference. The squeaks on the floor from the short, choppy closeouts are very audible -- especially at the beginning of the game (it lagged towards the end, and so did our defense at times -- correlation). Also, as the announcers noted a few times, the compressing of the driving lanes was wildly impressive. FSU seems to be a poor 3pt shooting team per the announcers referencing some of their prior woes, so this seemed like a game tailor made for the pack line to perform well. I'm still not totally sold on it as a defense, especially one to go far in March when 3pt shooting reins supreme, but last night was impressive to say the least.
  3. Some very nice things to say. Thought it deserved its own thread.
  4. Sooner or later someone will figure out our strategy on a QB sneak. Clearly that day is not today
  5. It would be poetic justice if they just iced their own kicker
  6. From your lips to the devil’s ears, apparently.
  7. What’s up with Hale? I missed that news. Out for the season? The graphic on the screen said surgery, but didn’t identify what kind.
  8. Two comments to add to the thread: 1) The more small towns that find a way to get high quality (ideally fiber) internet, the better. The best economic plan for small towns is remote work. 2) Property taxes funding schools is an asinine formula.
  9. Looks like UM has made some adjustments. Let’s see how we react.
  10. Crowd looks on the smaller size but has some decent noise at times. could be worse
  11. When a betting line moves it doesn't reflect reality, it reflects that Vegas wants more money on one side or the other
  12. On the bright side, this MU writer clearly googled "Indiana Basketball Forum" and saw that HSN was number 2 on the list, so we've got that going for us. Each time I open this thread, it's 10-20 pages longer, but nothing new has changed!
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