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  1. HoosierFaithful

    Expectations for Next Year

    So much in CBB depends on the physical and mental development of young men year over year. I agree -- the predictions are futile. By the time they're in the NBA, the progression levels out and/or becomes more predictable.
  2. HoosierFaithful

    Baseball, 5 years ago

    I'm with you Mile -- Snowling is the man! You bring so much to HSN. Thanks for being a member here.
  3. HoosierFaithful

    Rising Suicide Rates

    Sometimes yes. I want to eat a burger in peace.
  4. HoosierFaithful

    Rising Suicide Rates

    The way we eat is doing untold things to our bodies. Girlfriend is a nutritionist. It scares me.
  5. Would be tough to fire a man for his wife doing this...
  6. HoosierFaithful

    So Very Sad....

    Each side will have hard limits -- and that's okay. What we need is to be more agreeable to compromise in the middle. Accept the other side's hard limits, work to find the areas of common agreement in the middle, and find SOLUTIONS.
  7. HoosierFaithful

    So Very Sad....

    I think both sides of this debate need to accept that anything is better than nothing.
  8. HoosierFaithful

    So Very Sad....

    I'm not sure any person has a solution -- but we have to admit there is a problem. I think we also have to be willing to TRY some solutions, accept they don't work, and try other ones. The only failure is trying nothing. Sickening.
  9. HoosierFaithful

    HSN site

    I was just thinking about doing that, Rico! Great minds think alike.
  10. HoosierFaithful

    HSN site

    We just upped some of our backend defenses against this type of spam. I'll give you a shout if that doesn't solve it, Rico. One way or another we will be able to put a stop to it -- lots of tools out there these days to fight these kinds of problems.
  11. HoosierFaithful

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Is the implication here that you don’t think we are recruiting him hard enough?
  12. HoosierFaithful

    The Off-Topic Thread

    that... is something I can definitely say I have grown out of.
  13. HoosierFaithful

    What do you hear ?

    it's something to do with the sound waves and their relative frequencies.
  14. HoosierFaithful

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Gotta agree here. He looked very good.
  15. HoosierFaithful

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Patience is a virtue. I've got no inside information but I'm perfectly happy with how long Romeo took to decide. If TJD and others take just as long, it won't be any skin off my back if it remains the same result!