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  1. Login

    Hm -- that's odd. Could you upload a phone screenshot? It's helpful for me to see to reverse engineer.
  2. Login

    I'm not sure what you mean -- there's a login on the top right, isn't there?
  3. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    If anyone has a right to be mad, it's KS, imo.
  4. #1 Hoosiers host Evansville Tuesday

    Thanks for your dedication in here! This forum doesn't always get a lot of traffic -- but I know I appreciate the IU soccer updates.
  5. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    This story seems to be slowing down... which usually means, in my completely unprofessional and unqualified opinion, that work is being done behind the scenes..
  6. Conservative VS fan

    Back on topic please or we'll have to lock this one up.
  7. Conservative VS fan

    I appreciate that, Payday. Please feel free to PM me or use the report function if you see offending content. We see a lot but also rely on members to help us out. We want to curate a forum where all members feel they can participate. All others -- let's redirect this back to the topic at hand. The digression re: tone and such has been dealt with.
  8. Conservative VS fan

    Payday -- please either take a moment to compose yourself before posting or take a day or two away from the board. We support and encourage different POV's here but we do not allow name-calling or personal attacks, such as calling someone inept. Debate their ideas, not their intelligence. It simply does not further the goals of the discussion.
  9. New Name?

    Adding now. In the future, feel free to PM me links -- I might miss posts. The emoticon process is fairly easy, so I don't mind adding any
  10. POLL: Please vote -- notification system

    Without a clear consensus either way (as of this posting), I'm going to leave this poll open and make no changes. If there is a sea change in opinion, we can revisit.
  11. All -- The notification system has gotten a few posts here/there about its usefulness, the sounds it creates, etc. Please vote as to your feelings on it.
  12. Most active day in HSN history

    Just before midnight EST, we're at 588 posts today alone -- making this HSN.03's most active since inception. Thanks to all of HSN's member base. Now hit up twitter, bring a friend, and let's continue to grow the web's best IU community! -- HF & staff
  13. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

  14. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    If someone can find it and send me a link via PM, I will add it.
  15. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    Yes please!