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  1. Peter Jurkin on Tom Crean

    If anyone changes the topic name you will face the wrath of my ban hammer.
  2. Romeo Langford Poll

    we should start our own prediction service like 247 has for their "experts" so we can all change our pick at the last minute, vbg.
  3. Nebraska Pregame Thread

    HSN even has fan groups for our users -- gotta love it.
  4. Please re-read our rules

    HSN members: Please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with our set of rules We've seen a slight increase in breaking of these standards over the past few weeks. We'd like to remind you of our rules and let you know that we're paying attention. We want to cultivate an environment where all posters -- even the stray UK fan -- feels welcome.
  5. So Very Sad....

    Couldn't we do both? It doesn't have to be either/or (guns/something else). Look at this as a comprehensive problem.. guns, mental health, the way life has changed.. Seems most agree this is a complex problem. It likely requires a complex, comprehensive solution as well.
  6. Worst National Anthem ever?

    Fergie was really, really bad. Draymond Green was struggling to keep himself together.
  7. What is the most useful thing you own for less than $100

    I've heard much, much better things about PS Vue fwiw.
  8. What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie ?

    If you're not saying thin mints I'm not sure I can agree. Far and away the winner.
  9. What is the most useful thing you own for less than $100

    It depends. I pay for NFL Sunday Ticket. For some things, I have a cable login that someone lets me use (so I'm cheating slightly). I use a strong HD antenna and that gets most of the sports I need, to be honest. Sling TV is a decent deal too.
  10. Iowa Post Game. ROJOOO

    This is the Green I had always hoped to see. I admit I thought I never would -- glad to be proven wrong. He's got talent that nobody else on our team has. If he is consistent like this, we're a different team.
  11. Iowa Game Thread

    The growth of this team. Unreal. We fold after 5 minutes if this game is played in November.
  12. Iowa Game Thread

    Had to turn it off, to be honest. Dakich + this team just isn't very fun to watch most games.
  13. What is the most useful thing you own for less than $100

    I'm having a bit of a hard time finding a better answer than my Roku: 50 bucks and it allowed me to get rid of cable and seamlessly watch just about anything I want.
  14. So Very Sad....

    All very sad. We'll give folks a little room to talk about their opinions but we'll be watching this one closely to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. We're all friends here.
  15. Slight forum shuffle

    You'll notice we moved The Animal House up to the front of the board. Old time HSN'ers will remember the AH as a prolific board with lots of fun chats on HSN.01 -- we want to encourage posting there and to try to build the same fun environment. So take a look around.