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  1. Romeo Langford

    Ridiculous article. Look at how being an IU product helped VO's value (e.g. Pacers coveting him, which was a real thing) because of the strong IU following he had. Hard to say a passionate fan base is ever a downside. Even UK.
  2. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    I too think he has a lot more talent than he showed here.
  3. Iowa Post Game Thread

    Indiana has too many good players for IU to get all of them.
  4. Is IU ready for Louisville ?

    I'll half agree. This team is more pre-disposed than most to let 8-0, 10-0, 12-0 runs happen. And that's just roster make-up, lacking a true number 1 scorer, and never playing defense before this year.
  5. Is IU ready for Louisville ?

    No game is ever going to be safe for IU this year. Offense is too streaky and defense is often a leaky sieve. A 15 point lead can vanish -- just as it did last night. When shots start falling (I sure hope this was Collin getting into form and Green getting hot) and the defense isn't bad, we jump out to big leads. This team is as simple as pie to diagnose. Pure momentum players.
  6. Chatbox moved

    Hi all: I've moved the chatbox to the top of the forum after discussing with the mod team. I don't normally view on mobile, but apparently the previous setup had the chatbox below all of the forums and hard to scroll to. Hopefully this setup will make the format a lot easier for our mobile friends, especially on game day. I've edited the height of the chatbox to be shorter and you can also manually edit (box at the bottom right corner) for those of you who want a different height. If there are strong feelings that we should revert back, we're open to that as well -- just trying to find the best format for all involved. HF
  7. The OFFICIAL IU versus Iowa game thread.

    Sure seems like it.
  8. The OFFICIAL IU versus Iowa game thread.

    Also, Green needs to be put in a position to score. We are deprived of offense and he is our best shooter and best creator.
  9. The OFFICIAL IU versus Iowa game thread.

    1) smith can't finish. Gotta work on that. 2) rob has to keep shooting. No other option. Have to hope he finds form. 3) same with Hartman. More confident in this. He is still getting his legs under himself. 4) I am somehow not mad at Newkirk so far. Give it time and I will be I bet.
  10. IU/Iowa pre-game discussion thread

    Students will show up. Win or lose, we still booze. Have faith in the student section when school is in session.
  11. IU/Iowa pre-game discussion thread

    If we can avoid taking long two's in transition, I think we'll automatically be better off.
  12. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    I think transfers can happen while both sides realize the fit is not right. Perhaps that's the case here. Wish CuJo the best. Didn't a beat writer predict this on twitter several weeks back? This isn't a shock.
  13. IU/Michigan game thread

    Vegas had IU +8.5. Give me the points and honestly, after the game against Duke.. give me the moneyline too. I think IU gets this one.
  14. Romeo Langford

    I'd say it's healthy to be skeptical of sources, all, but I know I appreciate any intel coming to this board so long as it isn't done in bad faith. If you're brother's second cousin twice removed knows the Langfords and you're not just here to rile people up, that's what message boards are for.
  15. IU/Duke Game thread

    Davis will never be great. Only good. He doesn't have the BBIQ to not get in foul trouble. Well, and he's slow footed.