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  1. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You've opened up quite the Pandora's Box my friend. People a lot smarter and more qualified than you to determine what a logical fallacy is DO consider it a logical fallacy. How can you, while remaining an honest man, make a case that the argument from authority isn't a logical fallacy while you disagree with authority? Further, you attempt to do this not by presenting evidence but by telling an anecdotal story. "More doctors smoke camels."
  2. KoB2011

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Huge win from the Colts! Nice to see us be the benefit of some odd play calls on fourth down from the other side. Dak is not a good quarterback.
  3. None of the rankings systems are perfect, but some are really good. That said, every year there is a team or two that for whatever reason remains ranked high despite struggling actually win basketball games. This season, Purdue may be that team.
  4. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I've been comparing him to Dray since his freshman year. Glad someone finally agrees.
  5. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Iowa stands out. Juwan was dominant scoring the ball but didn't rebound or play particularly good defense. It wouldn't be hard to make the case 22/7 with great defense is just as dominant.
  6. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Yogi definitely did his senior year. I actually think Yogi is the one Juwan can't catch for his career. I could make a strong case he has already had a better IU career than Cody and Vic.
  7. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Right - he had one of the best scoring games in the history of IU today when you consider how efficient he was. It was a joy to watch him.
  8. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I agree with your last point big time. Archie needs to run our first few possessions through JM and RL.
  9. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You know you're one of my top choices to grab a beer with from the board
  10. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Not sure he can catch Yogi, but he can catch everyone else for that.
  11. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Because he made a lot of little plays to help us win.
  12. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    He had 5 huge rebounds and is the reason Butler didn't immediately regain the lead after we tied it. Probably don't win without him.
  13. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Worth mentioned Green had 5 assists and his only turnover was that awful charge call early in the game.
  14. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Rob, De'Ron and Justin. Need them to find consistency.
  15. KoB2011

    Butler Postgame Thread

    After we tied it, McRoberts altered an easy put back that would've put Butler back up. It was one of the bigger plays in the game and largely will go unnoticed.