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  1. KoB2011

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    So you think on a team that struggled to shoot our coaches told a guy who could shoot to not take shots?
  2. KoB2011

    Romeo Langford

    You'd foul someone on purpose, repeatedly? How is that a winning strategy? I'd be pretty embarrassed if our guys ever did this.
  3. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    Fun fact: the Yankees were 58-0 when leading after 8 innings entering last nights game. Another fun fact: The Red Sox AL East lead is the largest division lead in baseball.
  4. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    I don't disagree that the Red Sox haven't had that bad of injuries, but it has been worse than the Yankees. The Red Sox are just a better and deeper team. Mookie Betts has missed more time on the DL to date than Judge. Better player, more missed time, still an 8.5 game lead.
  5. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    I totally agree the Yankees have injuries, but so do the Red Sox; Sale, Rodriguez, Pomeranz, Pedroia, Kinsler, and Devers all on the DL. Bogaerts missed games this series because of injury. The fact of the matter is the Red Sox have a ridiculous amount of depth and three of the best five or so players in the AL this year. Plus the best pitcher in the AL and a closer as good as any in baseball. I think the Yankees are really good, this Red Sox team may just go down as historically good.
  6. KoB2011

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Yes. But I do not know of anyone who knows much about Urban who thinks much of him. He's repeatedly demonstrated himself to be a piece of human waste.
  7. KoB2011

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I mean, I agree that I am fairly certain Urban knew. But you've got to have some evidence that he did or should have to fire him. I think we'll get it.
  8. KoB2011

    The Off-Topic Thread

    100%. My wife tells me about every conversation she has and I retain all of that information when I am in the middle of stress at work.
  9. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    Well that sure got ugly in Boston last night. Too bad the Yankees didn't have Aaron Judge, I'm sure he'd have made an 8 run difference. /s
  10. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    He is scheduled to start in 6 days. Unless you know something I don't it seems like 1 start.
  11. KoB2011

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Keep resting up. The team needs you healthy for basketball season!
  12. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    He is only going to miss one start. I'm sure it is minor and that he could pitch through it, but there's no point when the Yankees are SO FAR behind. Pretty amazing that the possible Cy Young winner and the possible MVP both are going to have DL stints and they are still pounding the Yankees so easily. Red Sox are the deepest team in baseball everywhere except the bullpen, and at least they have the best closer in baseball there. In the playoffs, I'd like to see the rotation be Sale, Porcello, E-Rod and Eovaldi with Price sliding into that multiple inning relief role a la Andrew Miller.
  13. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    Who cares? We are talking about last year when neither team even made it. The Red Sox are currently the better team and better organization. That's not even a knock on the Yankees; they're a great team and organization too.
  14. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    I think they both may end up historically good; Betts is probably, maybe, a little better this year. BUT, Trout is definitely the better player year in and year out. I just was giving my guy some love.
  15. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    I thought it was about Mike Trout, not Mookie Betts?