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  1. I think that list seems about right, but I hope we get another player or two that fits into that top 5-7 group or else I think our ceiling won't be as high as we would like.
  2. Thanks for posting this, helpful to see it in one place. A couple takeaways... Stewart is easily the best shooting looking at career numbers. He has the highest percentage at the highest volume by far. My hunch is his percentage dropped some at UT Martin because he was forced to create his own 3s more, where as I think at IU we will be able to alleviate some of that pressure with Johnson. XJ is easily the best overall offensive player of this group. It's honestly not even close; I cannot wait to see him running PnR with TJD with Hunter sitting in the corner and Stewart on the
  3. I am confident our backcourt will be significantly better than last season. Do we not remember how many games between Franklin having injuries and Rob and Al being no shows we got next to nothing from our backcourt? It seemed like a constant theme in our loses. We had one of the best front court players in the country and managed to finish under .500; that's a pretty big indictment on our backcourt IMO. That said, yes, I think having Franklin would be better than not having him. I'm not sure who is better between Stewart and Franklin; I know Stewart's freshman year in a P5 conference was
  4. Are we really having a debate if our guards were better last year than they will be this year? 34 and 10 for the new guys vs 23 and 5 for the outgoing guys. Even if you say that is just from differences in system, don't we think our system will be more progressive and offensively friendly to where we should expect that? I simply cannot imagine not having a significantly more productive backcourt than we had this past season.
  5. They got incredibly lucky with that title run, more so than an average title run, but yes, they did win the title. With a series of improbable finishes and terrible calls all breaking their way.
  6. I think the same about Stewart. That leaves you with someone at the 4; is this Race? Is this Hunter or Geronimo? Does someone like Brooks transfer in? And then one more wing or guard; this could also be any of the guys mentioned above, sans Race. Could also be Leal, Galloway, or even RP or Lander. I think we are looking at some really healthy competition for the last two spots and that is a very good thing, IMO.
  7. They would have been very good complimentary players, but I think he was just saying Johnson is better at creating his own shot. Which at least appears to be true based on highlights.
  8. I don't see where "cleansing the BS" is coming from. Armaan did everything we asked of him in his time here. I'm not saying anyone has to root for him, he just did nothing wrong.
  9. It's embarrassing that anyone has anything bad to say about Armaan but welcome X with open arms. Xavier Johnson didn't even finish his season.
  10. Sorry man you're better than this post. Armaan didn't do anything wrong, there is no BS with him to cleanse. He evaluated his options and made a decision within what, 10 days of a new coach? There is a absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  11. Nothing is certain, but intuitively he is far and away the best candidate to start at the 2 or 3 depending on what Armaan does.
  12. It's not just about their three point shooting. Brooks can take people off the dribble from the perimeter and will cut baseline a lot off of drives, that isn't how Race plays at all. If Brooks were to come, I'm not sure how you can look at him as anything other than a stretch 4, while Race hasn't shown any "stretch" to his game.
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