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  1. Big 11 minutes for Mr. Miller's tenure coming up....
  2. Just to clear things up for everyone, Kyrie and KD are not on the Knicks. It was a bad trade made worse by the fact that they didn't even land their two targets.
  3. I can't tell you how he compares, but his numbers the past four games: 14.3 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 61% FG, 68% FT on 7 FTA, 1.5 BPG and 1.3 SPG. Perhaps a slight drop off, but still very impressive numbers.
  4. Kawhi and PG, as they are currently playing, could (as in at this point in their career) could compete with any duo ever. How will they rank up historically? That depends on what they accomplish and how long they do it for, but in a snapshot they can compete with anyone.
  5. It should. That would make us 11-1, including 4-1 against power conference opponents and 2-1 away from home.
  6. That's objectively false. You should read what @bluegrassIU posts.
  7. I agree - he also did that in the first half when we went on our run then.
  8. Yeah I agree - I certainly don't think Archie is above criticism but I don't think that is the game to criticize him for. He called a timeout to stop the early run, put Brunk on the bench and things turned around. He had faith to put him back in the game later and he played a critical role. He knew Rob was limited but picked his spots to use him really well. Our team shot terribly but did a good job of getting to the line and scoring around the basket. I just didn't see a lot to criticize from a coaching standpoint.
  9. I agree - we are a very big, very deep team. I don't think Vic is quite the high-end star of some other teams, but I think our depth is as good as anyone in the league and our pieces fit together really well.
  10. I see us going 12-8, could swing a game or two in either direction, and I think that is progress. Two huge x-factors are Rob getting healthy and progression from Hunter. He showed a couple flashes against UConn, I'd love to see him work his way into being able to play 20 minutes per game.
  11. Wait... was that really the consensus on Archie after the game Tuesday? We had a few really rough offensive stretches, but I liked how we defended, I thought his substitutions were pretty good - he sat Brunk after his rough start but then turned back to him and got some crucial minutes from him, and I think we saw the difference that Rob can make for everyone when he can get on the floor.
  12. Green was phenomenal, but I was probably just as excited about Smith tonight. Great stat line, but also did a lot of little things to help the team that didn't show up in the stat books. Many times he had great box outs and someone else got the rebound and he tipped out a couple offensive rebounds too.
  13. Smith, Green and TJD is a very solid threesome.
  14. Once Vic is back, are the Pacers the deepest team in the NBA? P's obviously lack a true superstar, but they are incredibly deep with quality talent and Vic is (assuming he regains prior form) an awesome closer. I think the P's can be a real force in the East but I don't see any team from the East having enough to beat LA (intentionally ambiguous) in the Finals.
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