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  1. KoB2011

    NBA Thread

    I agree with this completely, I just dont see that cutting into Vic's numbers.
  2. This is really shady from a business perspective. Basketball? Not so much.
  3. KoB2011

    NBA Thread

    I am pretty sure Evans will only come off the bench. Who do you think he will start over? Evans is an upgrade over Lance, but he isnt going to play a ton more minutes. Lance played nearly 23 MPG last year and I'd think whatever Evans plays over that isn't coming at our best players expense. It will be at the expense of Bogey, Joseph and Collison IMO. I can see times Evans closes the game but again, not at Vic's expense being the go to guy. It's already reasonable to think Vic will be more efficient and Evans will only help that.
  4. KoB2011

    NBA Thread

    I really dont understand when people say Vic will score less because of who we brought in. We brought in bench players to shore up our second unit, not to change the dynamic of our starters. If anything, Vic will get more usage as he improves more and Collison keeps aging which means a slight increase in efficiency can push him over 25 ppg. Edit: do Steph and Boogie not exist? Ignoring two players when there are only 30 teams skews the numbers a lot.
  5. KoB2011

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    I'm saying this as someone who thinks a really strong case can be made that Fitzner can/should start AND as a huge Archie fan that was probably on board with hiring him before almost anyone on this board; McRoberts should have been offered the last scholarship.
  6. KoB2011

    DeRon Davis update

    We dont have the same team as Purdue. We play a different offensive scheme and Juwan is not nearly as perimeter oriented as Edwards was. The criticism for Davis is as much about fit for our scheme as anything.
  7. KoB2011

    NBA Thread

    Well, he averaged 23 last year which was the first year he had really taken it seriously to be in great shape. His percentages on two and three pointers have both gone up each year in the league. By all accounts, he really put in the work to take another step, so I think it stands to reason he can increase two points per game.
  8. KoB2011

    NBA Thread

    Over. I think we will be north of 25.
  9. KoB2011

    Your Other Starting 5

    His last season at IU was one of the best individual seasons we have had.
  10. KoB2011

    Your Other Starting 5

    His last season at IU was one of the best individual seasons we have had.
  11. KoB2011

    Your Other Starting 5

    Sure, but Victor at his best is easily a top 7 player.
  12. KoB2011

    Your Other Starting 5

    It's all about how you're evaluating it. You seem to take career accomplishment into consideration in a large way which is fine, others are looking more at it from a talent/how good was this guy perspective.
  13. KoB2011

    Your Other Starting 5

    I'm not sure if the metrics for judging this is totality of their IU career, totality of their basketball career, peak IU or peak overall but I'm going their peak IU level. IT EJ Vic McGinnis Cody Calbert Alford
  14. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    Yeah, they should be scratching their heads after Monday. I think the final score has actually lessened the heat he should get; when he pulled Severino and went with Lynn he did the Sox a huge favor.
  15. KoB2011

    MLB discussion

    I think Severino will take a step and put together a full season next year, but I agree starting pitching is the area of weakness.