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  1. I expected this to be a self deprecating post when I saw who the OP was.
  2. Right, my point was more that we are only talking about this impacting like 4 NBA teams, not that we know who will have commitments. It will be a bummer for guys to have to miss out, especially on the Olympics, but it is what it is. I'd feel worse for some of the foreign countries missing out on NBA stars than I would the USA, as we simply have more to choose from.
  3. Yeah, but those teams won't be playing into August...
  4. Absolutely, not to mention July is typically a pretty brutal time for sports viewing and they could own that market. Having the height of your postseason in the dog days of baseball season and before football season kicks off would be ideal IMO. There is the obvious issue with international play, but if you think about it, most players would still be able to go play for their country. You're talking about maybe 4 teams total having guys impacted in that regard.
  5. They're very unlikely to care what someone who watches for two weeks at the beginning of the season and three weeks in April thinks.
  6. Just because you don't find it to be potent doesn't change what it is.
  7. So because it's happened before means it is okay now? Teargas is a chemical weapons, what else would you classify it as?
  8. Yes, I'm a very intelligent person. Are you seriously defending all of those actions?
  9. Military helicopter flying over peaceful protesters in our nation's capital.
  10. And then it happened again when he needed his photo op holding a Bible before he turned and didn't enter the church. The President can control that, he can be a strong leader and say let the peaceful protesters peacefully protest and even go as far as to meet with them and hear them out. Instead he chose to allow chemical weapons to be used against them.
  11. I've known them that long, too, and didn't leave the board and allow it to get trashed. But allowing race baiting posts to stay up and posts about shooting teenagers to stay up, but not a post that states a fact is problematic.
  12. Chemical Weapon used on peaceful protesters at direction of Trump
  13. How do you suggest we talk about protesting and not include the key fact that the President had chemical weapons used on the peaceful protesters? I'm sorry if it makes people uncomfortable but it's a pretty uncomfortable fact.
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