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  1. I'm not counting him I'm that class from a rankings perspective, but if we are talking about Archie's recruiting for 2021 it's an incredibly important piece of context. My initial response was to the notion that his recruiting is 'slipping' when that is patently not true. It's no different than when people pretend we would have missed the tournament last season and say Archie has never made the tournament.
  2. You're correct on Duncomb being in that range, my bad. Lander is a top 60 recruit for that class. He was in that class when he committed p. We shouldn't hold it against Archie as a recruiting failure that a guy reclassified.
  3. It's not stupid, he was part of that class when he committed and reclassified. You're essentially punishing Archie for getting Lander and Stewart to campus early by not including them in that.
  4. You don't have to be strong all the time no one can be. I'm really sorry about what you've had to overcome and sorry to hear about your step dad's stroke. The fact that you can identify where you came from and be intentional about who you are says a lot about your character. Your good peeps, man. I'll keep you and your step dad in my thoughts. Just know you have a family here (possibly some shitholes here too lol) that you can always come to when you need us.
  5. Let's not overstate the recruiting misses in the upcoming class. For all intents and purposes our class next year is a 2-man class of two top 60 guys. Is that really what we are complaining about now? EDIT: Plus a transfer that averaged 19 PPG at his last stop.
  6. Yes, what he did falls into the very general "any kind of wrong doings" category. If you're going to take on a guy with some ugly warts, why take on an exceptionally average coach?
  7. No, his initial comments were a mistake. The fact that he continued with it and pressured the girl to drop charges using religion goes well beyond a mistake. That's purposeful and shows intent and not something I have any interest in having around Indiana.
  8. Wait.... you're 22 years old and want Alford? That's honestly shocking.... Remove the fact that he played for IU well before you were born, why do you want him?
  9. Yes, he has a mediocre resume. He's been a Power 5 coach for 14 seasons and has never won a regular season conference title and he's missed the tournament half of the time. Why pay Archie a big buyout to get that? There was nothing supposed about who he sided with. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean you do what he did; he used religion to try and pressure the girl to drop charges. What the hell does that have to do with innocent until proven guilty? He's a POS.
  10. It's honestly hard to take someone seriously that wants someone like Alford at IU. What's attractive about him? Is it the mediocre resume or the fact that he sides with rapists?
  11. I don't. I think we've played 2-3 stinkers and have been mostly the same team as year besides that
  12. It definitely was. Having a long layoff after a game like Purdue gives the team a chance to work on things and decide how they're going to respond; some teams fold after a long layoff coming off of a stinker, ours didn't.
  13. Freshman hitting a dagger to tie the game on the road at a top 5 team, when we looked dead in the water just moments earlier? Yeah, that shot took some massive stones.
  14. I think this was pretty clearly the best win of Archie's tenure and it was a pretty clear contrast to the Purdue game, but the question is which team is the real Indiana basketball team? When I look at how we played tonight, in Madison, in Tallahassee, and in Champaign I tend to think we have a really tough team that can beat anyone on any given night and the Purdue game (and probably NU) was an abberation. I said after Purdue that if we lost to Purdue again and missed the tournament I would be okay with moving on, and I meant it, but I also think when you dig into this team it's ye
  15. Interesting excerpts. Thinking through those quotes, I can certainly see why you'd get quotes like that dealing with Boston. I've got to jump to a meeting but I'll try to remember to come back to the full blog this afternoon.
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