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  1. I actually really enjoy Virginia, and think a slow pace and great defense with efficient offense is the best recipe in CBB, but let's not ignore the fact that they won their last three games on an incredible play, a blown call and a blown call(s) that arguably cost TTech the game.
  2. Olynyk was nearly as good as Zeller in college; I love the Brunk pickup but I don't think that's a fair comparison at this point.
  3. The Pacers have two of the absolute best guys in the league as the face of the organization now. Vic and Brogdon are both wonderful human beings and great representatives of the organization.
  4. Baseball and basketball are really different in this regard.
  5. I would go as far as to say, assuming our top 4 perimeter players are all healthy, I actually feel really good about their shooting ability. Rob was shooting 45% from deep before his concussion; the kid can shoot he just never got back in a rhythm after the injury. My concern about our perimeter game is that I think we need a fifth guy to step up, and I'm not sure how much we can reasonably expect from Anderson or Franklin. Hopefully we can get 5-10 good minutes from one of them every night. As far as shooting goes, I'd like to see at least one of our bigs prove they can knock down jump shots. Race seems like the best bet there, but none of them really have much pedigree as shooters. In modern basketball, if you don't have any bigs that can stretch the defense it can be problematic on offense.
  6. Not sure how he could fit into the Spurs rotation, but he would be great as a mentor with Murray and White. I'm just not sure they can use a fourth PG/CG.
  7. The West is insane. The top half or so of the East is also very good. The league is the least watered-down right now it has ever been. Not trying to go there (okay, I am) but all of the traditional complaints folks have about the NBA are just crap right now. The league is absolutely as good or the best it has ever been. People that like basketball and boycott the NBA are missing out. The NBA is the best American team sport to follow right now and it isn't close IMO.
  8. I appreciate that. I'm actually really happy with how everything has turned out. I got severance and stock options from the old job, found a new job I like just as much (maybe more?) and get to move to Colorado which we've wanted to do for about five years. Short term stress, but long-term really happy about it all.
  9. Thanks. Not sure if I'm back full-time just yet. I've had an incredibly hectic few months; my company got acquired, then they closed our office a month later and now I'm in the process of relocating to Colorado. But I should be back to a full go sooner than later. I think the West is wide-open, but the Warriors still have 3 All-Stars. Two of them may be flawed, but one legit superstar and two "fringe" All-Stars is a still a lot to work with. Also, I think there will be more urgency in the regular season for the Warriors than the past few years; I expect them to be in the hunt.
  10. Yeah - they still have Steph and Dray (who showed he is better without Durant) and they'll either have Russell or whoever they trade him for. WCS was a good signing IMO. I think they're in the middle of the pack as far as playoffs go in the West next year.
  11. The Warriors are better than a 7-8 seed.
  12. It'll be really interesting to see where he ends up on an all-time list. I think you can make the case now that he is a top ten player ever. On a related note, I think Klay might be the second best shooter ever but he will likely never get quite that much credit.
  13. I'd argue there has never been a shooter like him.
  14. I think people forget just how good Steph is. Steph without Durant is in many ways the most dynamic offensive player in the league, and IMO, without question in that top 5 group of players that's really hard to separate at this point.
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