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  1. You can keep some of the people happy all the time, all the people happy some of the time, but you can never keep all the people happy all the time.
  2. Grandparents having a role in the grandchild’s development is 100% up to the parents and the development should be in the direction the parents determines is best. Some of y’all in this thread sound like awesome grandparents, which is great!
  3. @mrflynn03pulled off the amazing feat of going from high score to low score.
  4. 100%. There was a ton of bad officiating all weekend. The Auburn v Penn State game they made PSU punt on third down and called a targeting on Auburn that was probably worse than the one on McFadden.
  5. In my mind there were four blatant PIs that got missed, three of which where by Cincinnati and two of those led directly to points. The final shot to the end zone Cinci took in the first half, their WR ran into a stationary DB and knocked him down. A penalty would have resulted in a much more difficult field goal for their shaky kicker. The first drive of the second half when they grabbed Fryfogle’s arm on third down. Who knows what would have come of that drive or the game momentum. The TD pass where their TE shoved our DB in his back so he couldn’t contest a jump ball. we did mug them to get the ball back on a third down late.
  6. Thought you were talking about the interception and not the second down play for a sec... our WR have not helped Penix at all. Lots of drops and have done a really poor job of going to get the ball on some great throws downfield.
  7. It's not a break when they haven't called it all game on Cinci either, it's calling the game consistently.
  8. Sure, but if they are calling that then they have missed a few critical calls on Cincy.
  9. Yes you can if there is a clear and immediate recovery.
  10. At least they are consistent on not calling penalties in the secondary.
  11. Not as much off as pushed him down so he couldn't go up to contest the catch
  12. How do you call that roughing the passer then miss the OPI on the touchdown? A huge man shoving down a little man in the open field should not be missed.
  13. Interesting, thank you for sharing. I can't help but think that while we can maybe impact the weather, we aren't going to impact the overall climate with something like this.
  14. And we don’t know how much methane could be trapped in the glaciers, which is potentially going to create a hell of a feedback loop as they melt.
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