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  1. I guess I am confused, I get that he is using the word selfish but what kid makes a college decision that they don’t think is selfishly what’s best for them? Has anyone here made an employment decision that they didn’t think was in their best interest? Would anyone actually look their kid in the eye and say, “I know we’ve determined option A is what’s best for you, but you should do option B because the option B folks need you more”?
  2. Okay I’ll bite, how is he selfish?
  3. While I hear you on that, Rob wasn't even in the suspended group and he didn't seem to love TJD doing that.
  4. Eh, I mean it's a little unfair for TJD to get a lengthy interview that paints people in a bad light and they don't get a chance to respond. I love the leadership TJD is showing, like REALLY love it, but he could have perhaps been a bit more broad and general.
  5. Apparently three of the four guys who transferred had cryptic tweets after TJDs interview....
  6. I think at this point for me it’s probably TJD and Juwan Morgan. We have had better players than both of them, but I’ll take either of them leading the team every year from now until forever. I gave pretty strong consideration to Jordy and Sheehey, too.
  7. Malik also is coming in having played against a lot of guys his size with as much or more athleticism, yet he has still had the success he has had. I think we’d be talking about him as the next in line of the stud freshman bigs we have had the past decade if he was going to start.
  8. I’d actually say three of the four final teams play pretty good team basketball. Dallas is somewhat unique among this group with the amount they play through one guy.
  9. This is part of why I think he can be the most important player we’ve had since Knight was coaching. The leadership and culture he is building has the potential to transcend his time at Indiana. He is a very special player and a great human being.
  10. I really, really like Banks. I don’t expect much this year but he seems to have all the tools to develop into a stud eventually.
  11. We are going to get a new team in the East and this will be a pretty different iteration of GSW, where as Phoenix was in the Finals last season….
  12. Agreed. He needs to develop his perimeter skills to be a good 4 as much as he does to be a 3, at least defensively. He could really differentiate himself and carve out a role on this team if he can be the guy who enables us to switch everything 1-4 on defense when he is in the game.
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