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  1. It’s a setback and would have been nice to win. We still have four very winnable games coming up, and if we win 3-4 of them we will be in an incredible spot coming down the stretch. We are a solid tournament team at this point, which is a big step in Year 1. Anything else is gravy IMO.
  2. Agree - I kinda thought it was a no call.
  3. I think it should be a delay of game on Michigan for making us get a replay on this.
  4. When this last stretch, don't care if it's by 1 or by 10, and I'll feel good heading into the half.
  5. The difference right now is three point shooting; UM definitely deserves some credit there, but it's also going to level out some as the game goes on. We are still in this.
  6. Before we just pile on our players and coaches, can we at least recognize this team was top 5 preseason for a reason and is absolutely desperate for a win.
  7. Lots of game left, no need to panic.
  8. That's awful - you don't stop the game for the defense.
  9. That’s awesome man. Cheers to focusing on the good things in life.
  10. And he’s definitely never made his own breaks 🙄
  11. Yup, he’s gonna be in Blue next season.
  12. Shanahan has as good an offensive mind as there is, IMO. He is so creative in his ways of getting the balls in the hands of his studs and creative with his block schemes.
  13. PLAYOFF FOOTBALL!!!!!!! I love this!!
  14. They’d almost have to if they want taxpayer money. I cannot imagine a government chipping in for an outdoor stadium in a northern state.
  15. Right. I didn’t see any mal-intentions on those. Poor judgment by Ivey and Race on theirs sure, but they weren’t trying to hurt anyone.
  16. I don’t really think any of those were in what I would call the “bad” category.
  17. +1 to this. I want Ivey to have a good year and a good career, and think he will. He grew up around the game, his mom is a great coach, and he has some things you just can’t teach. He plays with an edge, just needs to make sure he channels it in the proper way which he will learn.
  18. You’re good dude. We are cool again until March
  19. Buckner only played 24 MPG on that team. Really stupid how much Knight would take out a guy like that.
  20. Hi - are you new here? Welcome to the board new guy!!!
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