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  1. Pacers have apparently reached out to the Nets - can't imagine it was to try to acquire KD for us. I think KP is trying to play the third team angle.
  2. Sneakily - I think the Bucks signing of Joe Ingles, assuming they're healthy, could be the best move in the East. I really can't see Lopez/Portis, Giannis, Middleton, Ingles, Holiday getting beat by anyone in the East. That's pushing the ideal basketball (or at least with realistic team makeups) lineup in terms of spacing, defense, and playmaking IMO.
  3. Potentially best in B1G in all three.
  4. Love this. He was really good for us.
  5. White and Brogdon may be the best bench backcourt in the league. Can’t really think of anyone else you’d put in the conversation. Celts essentially have three combo guards in those two plus Smart that can do a lot of things well and should be able to all compliment each other. I like the move a lot for them.
  6. Do you have enough free time to do that? It would be a full time job.
  7. I would say he is somewhere around the fifth most likely guy to start at the 3 behind Kopp, Bates, Galloway, and Banks.
  8. I've heard the best solution for Cockburn is soaking
  9. Bit of an interesting draft, IMO. I think the Thunder, Pistons and of course Rockets have to be absolutely thrilled. The Magic... I don't get it. I was personally thrilled with the Pacers two picks thus far.
  10. 2 and take Mathurin and Griffin.
  11. Probably more overlooked than hidden gem; he was right around top 75. He’s an absolute stud and if Geronimo doesn’t make some big strides he may find minutes hard to come by between Reneau (4 & 5) and Banks (3 & 4).
  12. I’m talking about their rating, not their ranking. Someone may understand better than I do and can feel free to correct, but essentially their ranking has to do with where they stack up against their class (and some aren’t as good as others) where as their rating has to do with how their judged by scouts in the composite independent of their class. If you pull a list of the highest rated recruits in program history, JHS shows up higher than Blackmon or Yogi despite JBJ and Yogi having a higher ranking out of high school thank JHS.
  13. Well for him specifically I don't think he'll start because of Race, but if he did I'd expect him to be capable of what all the other 5 star bigs we've had in the past decade.
  14. Second on Smart could be big.
  15. Celts couldn’t have asked for a better start.
  16. I don't quite get this take. Sure, as a fan base we have overhyped guys before (who hasn't?) but generally guys ranked and high as Reneau and JHS come in and are impact players Day 1. And before anyone points out Bates or Lander, they weren’t rated as high as MR or JHS.
  17. Heard Game 6 Klay might show up tonight and bring friends with him. Celts are done tonight IMO.
  18. I think the key is exactly that - don’t turn the ball over and hit shots. If you look back at Game 5 and ignore any thoughts on the officiating, the Celtics lost a game they got a goose egg from three out of Steph and had double the free throw attempts and it happened because of those two areas. If I were to add a third area I’d say keep the Warriors out of the paint. They scored a ton inside in Game 5 - make them (someone besides Steph) hit jumpers to beat you in your home court.
  19. We don’t even need to be an elite shooting team to be an elite team. We need a 1-2 percent bump as a team to be right where we need to be in terms of percentage. I wouldn’t mind a higher volume of threes though.
  20. But UNC is one of the top public universities in the nation. I get the scandal that they had, but assuming Nance doesn’t enter a fake degree program he will be getting a quality and well respected education.
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