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  1. Personally, Race’s turnovers stick out more in my head than Trayce’s do. Actually I thought Race would’ve had several more turnovers strictly based off what I remember watching. Regardless, both of them have to do a better job of just holding onto the ball. There were probably 4-5 times where they literally just let the ball slip through their hands. Can’t have that
  2. Lander is my MVP if we win…
  3. This is what I meant when I thought race could have a big game.. we should’ve figured this out earlier though
  4. We’ve figured out that we have to play better D and make open shots
  5. I like X driving on the zone.. seems to be pretty easy for him. Look for that to hopefully open things up.
  6. I’m predicting a big game by Race. If he gets in the right spots in the zone and looks to the basket, he can make them pay.
  7. That is just the scoring difference for that player’s team vs the opposing team while that player is on the floor. If the opposing team scores more in the time the player is on the court, then the number is negative. It is meant to give an idea of how effective/impactful that player is while on the floor.
  8. Agree on a few points… but to be fair I don’t think Archie ever had 6 players as good as that on one team. But that’s in the past and there’s really no need for us to discuss that. I agree that our bench needs to shorten up in games like this. I thought Woody did a good job managing the game and getting the right players in the game in the 2nd half.
  9. If anyone argues that trayce isn’t the most important player every single game then they need to watch this first half. Him just being in the floor makes a night and day difference. I don’t see anyone saying that but it’s becoming quite evident tonight.
  10. TJD showing why he’s an all American tonight
  11. Watching the VCU Syracuse game early and I think Race can feast in that game in the middle of the zone. VCU has a guy there and he hasn’t even looked at the basket once with the ball. I think I like our chances in that game if we continue to shoot well (Stewart & Kopp)
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