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  1. I agree with the comments regarding certain players not being a good influence on the team/not having their head on straight. I’m not gonna name any names but the NW game is a good indication of who those guys may be. Phinisee being included in those tweets does surprise me though…
  2. I admittedly don’t watch much NBA or Celtics games… but the last few times I’ve seen Tatum he has been a turnover machine. Many of those have just been poor decisions and being loose with the ball.
  3. This seems to have fixed all the issues I faced. Plus the website seems to run much faster.
  4. I thought of him but I believe he is from Pennsylvania
  5. Does jimmy chitwood count? Trying to think outside the box
  6. It’s funny you say that because Gary Payton II broke his elbow last night on that exact type of play.
  7. Eh it also could just be his way of saying “I’ve narrowed it down, stop contacting me” to other schools. I have no idea.. just a thought.
  8. Wow.. that’s all I have to say. Did not see that coming at all
  9. If the TJD situation is true then I won’t complain about being wrong lol. It’s happened before and it will happen again. It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts us with DD and SM if he does indeed return.
  10. Since it’s in the “players declaring for the draft” thread I took it to mean TJD is leaving to go get paid… but that’s just my interpretation.
  11. Wasn’t sure where to post this but looks like the BTT may be in Indy loss often than it already was… https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33771960/minneapolis-added-host-site-big-ten-basketball-tournaments
  12. Figured.. I didn’t know enough about his game so I thought I’d ask. I do know he good athleticism and elite defense. Hypothetically, I wouldn’t be mad if he knocked Kopp to 6th man. I think MK would actually do better in that role.. nobody would expect him to do something he’s not capable of.
  13. If DD does commit, could he slide into the 3? I would be a little surprised if Kopp doesn’t start tbh, whether he deserves that spot or not. But at 6’5 I think DD would be capable of playing the 3. I admittedly haven’t seen him play so I’m not sure how he was used at WSU.
  14. I’m also in the camp that is not confident JHS will start on day 1. It would obviously be great if he were ready for that role right away, but I’m always cautious about banking on freshman.
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