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  1. What has been lost in all this discussion is the fact that the HSN site hasn't crashed once today. 😜 Way to go guys. That last upgrade really did the trick
  2. My son game home from school in a panic over this post he saw. I calmly assured him it was fake. He asked "how do you know?!" And I told him "because HSN hasn't crashed once today"
  3. I was 14 watching the game with my folks. I remember it vividly. I was wearing a pair of jeans that had a hole in one knee. When that shot went down I ripped the leg of my jeans completely off. I turned around to look at my mom fully expecting to get a lecture about ruining my clothes but she was too busy grabbing a mop and doing her best Martha impression. Good times!!
  4. Any St. Peters players in the portal?
  5. We can call it the "Shep Turtle" portal!
  6. Missed the end of the Nova Michigan game. Did any of the Nova players console Howard after the game?
  7. And Dakich's business model relies on drama and contention within the fan base. Let's not kid ourselves here. Dan has done nothing to "unite" the fan base. Ultimately, the only thing that is going to do that is winning.
  8. Bingo! News breaks and the knee jerk reaction from so many was this has to be Woodson's fault for petty reasons because he's stubborn has a big ego like his old IU buds better feels threatened by Fife (this one made my literally laugh out loud in the middle of a conference call) If it was one of the other assistant coaches there would have been some chatter in the Offseason thread but certainly not 17 pages (and counting) of a dedicated thread. But because it was the one some fans perceived as the "wonder boy, heir apparent" to the throne, here we are. I loved the guy as a player and was super excited when he was hired as an assistant but the dude couldn't meet the expectations of his bosses and was let go. P.S. I also find it head scratching that for months people have been screaming that we need to overhaul the roster but as soon as this news comes out and the first transfer is announced we start to hear "IU is doomed because assistant coaches are leaving and we have roster turnover". And we consistently poke at the UK fans for overreacting?
  9. And one of the worst things a leader can do is hold on to someone you know isn't the right person for the job (anyone here think the IU administration has ever held on to head coaches for too long? 🙃) In my experience, that never turns out well. Fife's credentials are solid for sure but something didn't fit so a change was made.
  10. That's the answer I assumed as well. I can't think of recent college player moving the needle that much by returning beyond year 2. If it's legacy that keeps him here then I'm with you, would be shocked if he returns
  11. And the $1M question is would another year at IU change that range?
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