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  1. I think we played hard. The effort was there. I think the refs let too much go underneath and not enough outside. The only thing that is going to get the offense going is hitting outside shots so they can’t pack the middle or getting a ton of FTs. We beat OSU because they had to guard the 3 because how hot we started at the start. That opened up driving and passing lanes. One thing I am so tired of is one handed shots. What ever happened to the two handed jumper?
  2. To be fair, I was a diehard UK fan up until about 14 years old. Melvin Turpin was my favorite player and I remember crying as a kid when UK got beat by UofL in the original dream game in ‘83. Then, my Mom married a Hoosier fan and I started going to Bobby Knight’s basketball camp. Mostly let by Dan Dakich. We got to tour all the facilities and I was hooked. That was when Jay Edwards was playing. He was my favorite at the time. My all time favorite is still Calbert. I do think this guy is a troll, but it is possible to change. I have always lived in KY and never in IN. It is nice living rig
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