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  1. Yeah that would be opening a whole can of worms that I don't imagine these guys paying for the NIL would want to deal with.
  2. To be honest I haven't really kept up on who they think the Pacers should get, so who is it saying they shouldn't draft him? I am kind of curious to see those articles that say they shouldn't, can you link them?
  3. Man another insult, I'm not wound up tight at all. But you keep being you ok.
  4. I missed it, what schools are his Top 5?
  5. Well when you come out swinging like an ass on a post you are going to get it back.
  6. Yeah I think you are right, I don't watch the NBA that much anymore either. But admit it Scott if the Pacers somehow get Chet you are going to watch every game lol. 😁 🤣
  7. Ok i never considered you a douche bag but this post changes my mind.
  8. And my point still stands, it isn't going anywhere so either quit whining or quit watching. The NCAA is done as we know it, you either accept or move on to something else.
  9. Actually I wouldn't at all, that is going to happen a lot. Is there a limit on how much money they can get since you say 800k isn't what NIL was meant to be? Purdue needs to get their arrogant heads out of their ass and join the party. I don't necessarily like the direction the NIL is going but it is here to stay and teams better step up to the plate or get left behind.
  10. Man whatever, it is how the sport is now and I have no control over it. Either accept it or move on.
  11. There is no reason for him to say F this and retire early. Purdue needs to get off their high horse and accept that NIL is the future of college sports and that if you want to retain players or bring high level recruits in NIL is going to have to be involved in some way.
  12. I'm late to the party. Bonfire and beer with family that I haven't seen in a while, but this news has me laughing my ass off and doing a little dance. I am 6ft 5in and around 210 pounds so you guys would be laughing your asses off watching me dance. It is going to be nice to see them on the bubble this season and the Hoosiers around a three or four seed.
  13. There is nothing really to decide, you either get with the NIL or fall way behind. If Purdue and other schools don't then shame on them for failing their team and fans.
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