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  1. Nix should get an Oscar for that lol
  2. As a fan it is so frustrating watching the impact and control the officiating has on a game anymore. 😖
  3. I rarely cheer on the SEC but tonight lets go Auburn.
  4. We will see, like i said nothing i see from them says bowl team to me.
  5. Whoever favored them in those games needs to put the bottle down. 😀
  6. Iowa i think is a better team then they have been, and to be honest i don't think Purdue is very good. In my opinion they will struggle to even get close to 6 wins, especially if Bell misses any time. We can go round and round on this but nothing will change LOL. I see Purdue battling with Illinois and Nebraska for last in place in the West.
  7. I already explained that in an earlier post, the teams that Purdue might actually have a chance at beating are all at home.
  8. You can deny it all you want but that is an easy schedule. The only reason a person could think that isn't an easy schedule is because Purdue isn't expected to be that good, and those teams look tough to compared to the Boilers. But if you get an above average team playing that schedule and they would love it.
  9. How is it not? Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern and MSU, Indiana all games that Purdue probably think they have a chance of winning all at home. OSU and Iowa the Boilers aren't beating no matter where, so that leaves Nebraska as your only other road game lol.
  10. It is an easy schedule but they will be underdogs in most of them, i would be shocked if they got to 6 wins.
  11. I didn't think they would make a bowl even before this game,. The only game i see Turdue being favorites in is the Illini game.
  12. It is almost like a game at Mackey or The Kohl Center. 😀
  13. Purdue finally plays a team with a pulse and they return to norm. I don't see them making a bowl game this year.
  14. yeah that looked rough good to see him set up
  15. Officiating is terrible in football anymore.
  16. Yeah same here. Toiletmakers are the Hoosiers most hated bitter rival so i could never root for them. IU has no rivalry with the Irish.
  17. Yeah forgot about him, he is another what could have been.
  18. i can never cheer on the Boilers, i would rather get attacked by fire ants then root for them lol.
  19. I am a big Penix fan but with the injuries and his play so far this season it might be time to go all in with Tuttle.
  20. To be honest the only team in the B1G i don't mind seeing win a game is the Cornhuskers or Rutgers, every other team i want to lose no matter who they are playing.
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