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  1. By Hey was my math teacher In HS. Great man! One of my favorite teachers. Loved to get him talking BB on Mondays after a game the prior Fri. Often would forget the assignment and teaching for that day so we never missed an opportunity to critique the games during BB season. He was a good Christian man as well. Sadly he passed away Dec 2019. RIP coach. Knowing him he wouldn't automatically ascribe issues with the older brother to Darrion. If CAM doesn't feel like there is a problem, I will trust his judgment on this one. That doesn't meant that the manner in which KBJ recruitment ended doesn't leave an putrid taste in my mouth.
  2. Agree. As I've said multiple times before, I could care less about * gazing. Mostly a reflection of who is looking at you at the time. Only a handful get the nomination. Many "Diamonds in the rough" or better stated simply unnoticed kids every year. VO an example we've had most recently. I'm much more interested in a kids character, tenacity, coachability, and team oriented mindset(Some athletic ability a given). I love the young men who choose IU and are expected to be here 3-4yr so we can watch them develop over time especially if they are also home grown hoosiers.. In the long run, I think they are the players that will lead us back to national prominence.. UK and Duke can have the OAD factories. I'm only interested in college players and National. Championships. This looks like the path CAM has us on and I'm really hoping it comes to fruition.
  3. This is my view as well. I personally have no interest nor do I watch any Pro sports other than Golf. However, I continue to love HS and College and following the development of the players over time. I personally would prefer those only interested in a Pro career move on. Continue to grant scholarships to the rest. If we turn into OAD factories, I simply will loose all interest.
  4. I'll go with hiring a young up and coming coach from Army to take the helm of the "Hurryin Hoosiers"😀
  5. Agree totally with this. It has taken time and patience but now we are seeing what RMK warned us about when CAM was first hired. What we see slowly coming to fruition is a well designed and executed plan to bring IUBB back to national prominence and exactly what those of us who didn't accept the early petulant "fire CAM" mantra were arguing. CAM is bringing in high quality players to fit his system and personality. He is showing no sign of being enormored simply with * ratings. He is demonstrating an ability to not only recognize talent but also how the pieces fit together for his system all the while having adequate class balance. I continue to believe CAM is demonstrating that he is the coach that RMK stated he would be. IUBB is in good hands in my opinion and CAM continues to demonstrate that each year.
  6. I agree with both of you. For me personally, I despise UK more than ANY TEAM. I understand PU is probably our most traditional rivalry, however. The way I look at it, IU/UK is a nationally recognized rivalry and IU/PU is mainly an intrastate and locally recognized rivalry. Reinstating the IU/UK game annually would be tremendous for both institutions. It would allow IU to regain the national recognition we have lost since the RMK days. It would garner as much attention as Duke/UNC. There simply is no downside to reinstating this game.. I really don't care what Cal thinks and will never miss him once his tenure is done. Cancelling the IU/UK game was wrong in my opinion.
  7. I would second this request. I see nothing of value in proceeding down this path. I may be frustrated with outcomes of games. I think it's fair to be critical of play. However, I never want to direct ad hominem attacks against any players. They never deserve such commentary. I prefer to appreciate the fact they chose to wear the candy stripes. I have no interest in reading further or posting in this type of thread. Shame on. those that will. I won't comment on this topic further
  8. Kudos to CAM! Hope he continues to forthrightly speak his mind. I look forward to nothing less!
  9. It's hard for me to be fair watching IUBB during the CAM era without comparing them to what we were during our glory years. Sadly they are LONG GONE in the rear view mirror. I hate Wiscy and hate this loss. However, I still see that this team is better now than 3mo ago. We simply have the opposite problem from the days of CTC. We hated that his teams couldn't defend a 1 legged man and now we simply can't throw the ball the ocean. Now that the season is over just have a few thoughts: 1. Still think we make the NCAAT if we win 1st game in BTT. Otherwise NIT again 2. CAM's D works but he still has players that make too many mistakes 3. CAM's O works but we simply have too few shooters. 4. The team remains a work in progress. The talent level just isn't yet where it needs to be. 5. I think the talent level is improving steadily and that CAM is SLOWLY making progress 6.. We are still on an upward trajectory year to year 7. IUBB fans including myself are non the less impatient and will remain that way 8. If we make either the NCAAT or the NIT doubtful we make an noise because ultimately it's about scoring points--something we are poorly constructed to do 9. I will continue to appreciate and cheer for those that choose to don the candy stripes 10.There's always next year. Hope we make the NCAAT. I will continue to watch no matter how harmful it is to my cardiovascular system. Go IU!
  10. You stated our current dilemma well. This group has had more ups and downs than the Dow Jones. I keep saying it' because of our youth But what on earth should give this fanbase solace? Last year they folded like a cheap suit knowing everything was on the line for the NCAAT against OSU. This year they choked in the final minutes to Arkansas and Maryland. The icing on the cake for me was the absolutely abysmal performance against PU on the most epic day in IUBB history when RMK finally returned. I will go to my grave still trying to remove the putrid taste in my mouth that game emblazoned on my tongue! Continuing with the stock market metaphor, I'm still not ready to short their stock yet. They really seem to have turned a corner since the UM game. They finally seem to be demonstrating the tenacity and IQ we have all been clamoring for since CAM arrived. We are at home. All the stars are aligning such that I now believe it is at least possible for this team to win their last 2 games and even advance within the BTT. Call me a sucker and perhaps they will prove me wrong yet again but I'm finally seeing us in the NCAAT again. God certainly will not keep me in this IUBB purgatory any longer! Go IU! Crush Minn and Wiscy!
  11. After being thoroughly disgusted following the loss at home to PU, I now believe the team has learned from that loss and we are finally seeing CONSISTENT EFFORT. I can live with L's so long as we show some tenacity and heart when we play. No doubt this was a tough loss and Refs ultimately decided the outcome. There is no doubt in my mind that if the team continues with the effort we are seeing currently that we are absolutely due to win out the last 2 home games. I really wish we could stop with denigrating our players personally. I don't mind criticism of play but the personal ad hominem attacks on these young men is unwarranted and unhelpful any manner. We need every one of them to remain engaged and healthy and have no idea who will be the major contributor in any given game. I appreciate all the young men that have chosen to represent IUBB. Go IU. Make the NCAAT and then make some noise! We have proven these last few games that we have the capability.
  12. I will truly miss this young manI will support him wherever he ends up and happily cheer for him. He deserves our continued support. His attitude is exactly what I look for and enjoy in college athletics. He was team first, tenacious, and an intelligent player. Even though not the most gifted athlete, I would take a team of young men like him and go to battle with anyone. I have no doubt he will be successful in anything he chooses for his future.
  13. RMK deserved better today. The past players present deserved better today. The state of Indiana deserved better today. All IU fandom deserved better today. CAM and the team wrote this epitaph with their uninspired effort on such an Epic day and we didn't even get an apology from either! What a sad commentary on a previously storied program relegated to now to the science of Archeology!
  14. So terribly disappointed in today. How is it possible for a team to play such an uninspired game on such a epic day in IUBB history. Words escape me. The game was Never in doubt from tip. There simply is no player I can say came to play today. I believe they have managed to play themselves out of the NCAAT at this point. The simply are no alpha males on this team. I am so disgusted for the team and and the state of IUBB today. I truly don''t think they deserve to put their uniforms back on after today. CAM needs to apologize for today. On the only positive note for today: Excited and happy to see CMK but he obviously is very ill. Needs our prayers for sure. I am so thankful that he finally came back! Welcome home coach!
  15. I'm not a coach just a fan. Thanks for the analysis. Color me confused. Just a few questions: 1. If you see this Coach Adragna, then shouldn't we expect a D1 Power 5 coach to also be aware of what you have pointed out? 2. If that is true, then is this a player issue simply not executing the plays correctly? 3. Is this total incompetence by the current coaching staff or simply a difference of Offensive philosophy that competent coaches can disagree on? 4. Since you are coach, what is your assessment of CAM and his assistants? He was given commendations as a good coach by RMK. Not trying to stir up a hornets nest or put you in an uncomfortable situation since I still like CAM. Your analysis seems to imply some type of problem at a very basic level.
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