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  1. Collin Hartman

    I would prefer to speak more respectful and appreciative of the young men who have played and are playing and representing IUBB. I would think a prospective recruit would take pause upon reading such comments from the fan base. Colin has shown great resolve, perseverance, and character during his time at IU. I wish him nothing but success as he moves on with his life and thank him and all who have worn the Candy Stripes!
  2. Speaking of passion. I wish I could copy the heart the young man Maura from UMBC plays with and give it to every one of our players! Just LOVED watching a 5-7 140# PG playing his heart out tonight and against UVA. His play embodies everything I enjoy about watching the NCAAT. Too bad his team did not advance. Also thought their coach showed a lot of class as well.
  3. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Really feel for Haas. Glad he gets a chance to possible come back and play next week. Now can MSU do us a favor and take out Syracuse.
  4. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I had UVA in my FF . 1 going down to 16. 21pt favorite. WHOA NELLE! as Kieth Jackson would say. MONUMENTAL EPIC LOSS!!!!!!!
  5. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Boiler, Absolutely hate when any player suffers an injury. Losing Haas is a significant one. I have PU in FF this year but don't believe that's possible without Haas. Next man up and hope for the best at this point. Personally, I hope they still make it! As I've stated before, I like both IU and PU and PU is the only one who made it to the NCAAT.
  6. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Your last sentence gives me pause when we get so enamored with these 5* recruits. Yes we need talent but what is the relative value of a 5* Freshman vs a 4* Junior or Senior who is well versed and invested in the BB system his coach has instituted at the college level. I agree with your last point that although you evaluate the talent; character, drive, personality need to carry as much or more weight at the college level if you want to sustain success.
  7. Romeo Langford

    I don't know where RL will decide. He seems to be a fine young man from all accounts. I would love for him don the Candy Stripes. However, he has to make the decision that he deems best for him. If that does not involve IU, I wish him well. I will then lose all interest in him just like I did with Kris Wilkes and others who have left Indiana and turn my attention back to our team and the fine young men who represent and play for us. RL's decision will not make or break IUBB or my interest in supporting it. I find this discussion of "backlash" unsettling and quite immature. It is a game after all! His decision is none of our business unless he attends IU. Then I'll cheer him on because he has become one of us. Go IU!
  8. 18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    Hope Morgan is back. Otherwise Smith takes his place. DD will still be recovering next year and getting back into playing condition. Hope his lack of athleticism was related to his injury and becomes the player we need in the post Just not sure Green stays. Still not playing to level we need and end Soph year. Even Durham not consistent enough. Hence CAM looking JUCO Moore still seems like project and may transfer. All the new recruits will get plenty of playing time. In any event, looking forward to seeing a much improved team next year!
  9. Hey Mile, Richmond loss wasn't much better!
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    A good old UK loss would be just the cure to assuage my melancholia from the Rutger's loss.
  11. Brandon Newman

    MIle, I never doubted Donovan was a serious candidate, at least from Glass's standpoint. Any AD worth his salt would have had Donovan and any short list at that time. That was truly and epic thread! Those who had the intel and shared it received an undeserved amount of cynicism for sharing. As you stated and all should know, the info on this board is free but it's veracity is never assured. Donovan was my first choice and CAM was my second choice at the time. However, I couldn't agree more that I now think CAM has turned into the better choice. He has already proven he has the chops to improve this program and sustain it for a much longer time due to his relative youth.
  12. Quite frankly, it's none of our business whether Juan leaves or goes beyond knowing whether there will be a scholarship to fill. I would think as fan base we would thank any player for playing for IU. I just can't understand why anyone would want to be critical of his decision. If he leaves for the NBA, I will wish him nothing but success and hope he accomplishes his dreams. The selfish side of me still wishes we could watch him develop even further playing for us next year.
  13. Thanks to the seniors

    Roller coaster ride for sure this year. In the end, I enjoyed this team more than last. We had far less talent and yet managed to improve significantly at least on Defense over the year. This class managed to set the table for what CAM will eventually institute. I think as a fan base we tarnish our own image and possibly harm recruiting when we call out our players individually to the degree I've read here on occasion. I simply want to thank the Seniors for wearing the Candy Stripes and conducting themselves with character. As always, I'll look forward to next year and hope CAM can continue to bring in talented young men with character we can all continue to cheer for!
  14. Must admit I was very disappointed in the original report as stated by ESPN. However, in this day of "fake news" I prefer not to try Sean in the court of public opinion. Perhaps it's the homer in me since CAM took over as HC. I hope the cynic in me is wrong in thinking CSM/UA may actually have been complicit in playing in the fetid and festering sewer that BB Recruiting has become.
  15. HTD's favorite topic

    Mile, well stated. I have mentioned before that I am both a PU and IU alum. HTD probably couldn't stand me either. VBG. I'm a little more partial to IU due to my Dad. I have always felt the days of Knight vs Keady were the best years of the rivalry. I would like to see both IU and PU become perennial powers. Would be great for both schools, the state of Indiana, and elevate the rivalry to national status not unlike UNC/Duke. Would also help recruiting. Just hard to see any downside.