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  1. FWIUFan

    Iowa Game Thread

    Payday, as always find your perspective interesting. Glass has already made the HC hire in CTA. I think the coaching staff has made some inroads on the recruiting front. I still think the program will not move forward until the OL and DL play improves and becomes consistent. We know CTA is a new HC. He is still learning on the job. However, he needs to understand he has moved from VP to the CEO role. I don't think he has yet established his vision of the offense that he wants IU to run but rather has delegated that entirely to DeBoard. We are now in year 2. It is time that he makes a decision and holds his OC accountable to produce/recruit or be replaced. Same thing holds for the Line coaches for O and D. On D, he has to decide if it is wise for him to continue to wear 2 hats as HC and DC or to hire someone to again institute his philosophy. We are still in learning and growing phase with both the coaching staff and the players/recruits. I don't think Hoosiernation is going to be patient beyond next year. CTA is going to determine his fate and I don't think he has more than 1-2yr to get it done. I still hold out hope he can do it but progress needs to be seen soon.
  2. FWIUFan

    Iowa Game Thread

    The season is unsalvageable in my opinion. I would rather have another year of eligibility with Penix if he is the future QB.
  3. FWIUFan

    Iowa Game Thread

    Disagree. Finish the year with PR and DeBoard. Unfortunately, I now do not see another win for the rest of the season. No chance of a Bowl bid either after today's total and complete humiliation. From the coaching to the execution simply one complete Cluster F@*k in every phase of the game. I believe Penix can play 2 more games without losing his redshirt. Hold him back and let him start the last 2 games Mich and Purdue. At end season, reassess ENTIRE program from top to bottom. Need to decide offensive philosophy and recruit OC to fit that philosophy. Needs to determine if CTA should be both HC and DC. Defense didn't impress today either. We definitely have improved our skill players. Wins begin in the trenches. Nothing gets better for any OC or DC until their respective line play is consistant. That has to be our priority going forward.
  4. FWIUFan

    Ohio St. pregame thread...

    Love the thoughtful articles you bring TDH. Agree with your analysis. The only thing I would add is that even if the OL does give Ramsey time, we have shown NO propensity to stretch the field vertically all year. In addition, there still remains the question that even if we do, does Ramsey have the arm strength to complete those passes if open. It's puzzling that even after 5 games we don't have some of these answers already. All I can say is it's going to be a blood bath today. A cat playing with a mouse.
  5. I think the point is CTA making sure he is communicating what he expects from his OC NOW and not later after potentially blowing another season without a Bowl bid. If Debord doesn't deliver then it's time to part ways.
  6. ^^^^Be still my heart. If only this is true!😊
  7. FWIUFan

    Ohio St. pregame thread...

    This Sat is going to be a blood bath. IU will not run the ball effectively. OC will not stretch the field vertically to play to our presumed strengths. IU simply has not proven to this point that they are capable of upsetting anyone. Sadly, I hate the fact that I have no expectations at all this week. Doesn't mean I won't be hoping for better though.
  8. FWIUFan

    Rutger Game Thread

    According to CTA they were going to run the ball. PR stated he saw the flag and audibled to the pass as he's been coached. Gutsy of CTA and smart of PR. We are still a work in progress and I don't see us losing out. Bowl still possible!
  9. FWIUFan

    Rutger Game Thread

    Always love the W. Just my observations: 1. OL still not perfom to level we need. Should have dominated Rutgers if our lineman are as good as advertised. 2. DL did not pressure QB enough. 3. PR is a smart, tough QB. Still unsure of his ability with long ball. Seems we threw a few more passes more than 20 yd today. Hope he's capable when called upon.
  10. FWIUFan

    Rutger Pregame Thread

    This is a game IU SHOULD win unlike the MSU game. We should make a Bowl if we handle the games we SHOULD win along with a few we CAN win. A loss to Rutgers should raise some eyebrows unlike the loss to MSU. We need to keep the season and current status of IUFB in perspective.
  11. ^^^^Really glad to here this from someone who should have some inside information.
  12. FWIUFan

    Indiana Loses First Big Test -- What we Learned

    Agree with TDH assessment. Not sure if bad offensive game plan or inability/refusal on OC to adjust after game started and obvious MSU was loading the box and daring IU to throw. I'm just unimpressed with Deboard thus far. Either way, I still see an improving IUFB team. Defense especially. My concern now is that the OL was so easily dominated. I thought they were our strength. I don't think we yet know if PR has the arm strength. Spread it out and then we may find out for sure.
  13. FWIUFan

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Their strength DL better than our strength OL. Time to go to bed. Early to church in am. Have to read the Obituary in the morning. Well, at least 3-0 start was nice while it lasted.
  14. FWIUFan

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Win or lose tonight. Bowl or no bowl this year. To my eye, CTA has this program on the right trajectory. We actually look the part at competing in the BIG. Long game looks good for the Hoosiers. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet tonight. Of course Jim Beam may be doing most of my thinking right now.