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  1. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Hence, why I'm not totally enamored with 5* OAD type players. I realize you need talent and some of the players that are talented may go to the NBA and good for them. Obviously, I love RL. But a college coach needs to be selective and make sure recruits have character as well as ability. RL is one who fits that mold. When a recruit has "one eye on college and the other in the NBA" it isn't healthy for team chemistry nor for his development. I'll take a 4* for 4yr over that type of recruit any day. At the college level you can have success with these types of players more so than the OAD mills like UK. I personally have no interest in the NBA and never watch it.. I love college BB and watching these young men develop over time with great coaching and determination. Love to see young men like Victor who enter unheralded and become outstanding players and men. Love to see the recruits who "overachieve." BB is a team sport. I always believed that the reason I became an IU Fan back in the early 70's is that RMK rarely had the best 5 athletes on the floor but he usually had the best team.
  2. FWIUFan

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    Far too young. RIP
  3. FWIUFan

    UofL post game

    Agree with your sentiments for the most part. The only part of rankings that may have some benefit is how it may sway a potential recruits and help in recruiting battles. As I was watching the game unfold Sat, I think we are beginning to see the fruits of CAM's coaching philosophy. His ID for this team is DEFENSE first and foremost and OFFENSIVE EFFICIENCY secondarily. So far since being hired, he has obviously concentrated most of the practice time to DEFENSE. Something all of us have been clamoring for since RMK. Injuries and time have not allowed him to institute as much of the offense as he would have liked by now. However, the teams health issues are now improved such that the OFFENSE will now be developed. J Smith is a good example. So is DD. Yesterday the offense created many good looks, the players simply missed the shots. That will happen some nights. The team is slowly taking on CAM's personality. It has taken a while. They are showing in these last 3 games they can be Tough, Fundamentally sound, determined, and gritty. Everything we as fans since the RMK days have been clamoring for. I for one am ecstatic to see it! We'll have our growing pains going forward but no one can deny the upward trajectory CAM has put the program on at this point in time. Go Hoosiers!
  4. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Guess I'm the minority but glad PU beat MD. With IU win Sat should assure we are in the top 25!
  5. FWIUFan

    Penn St. Post game

    Pluses as I see them: 1. Ugly Win. No style points in BB. Couldn't do that last year. 2. Freshmen improving--Romeo, RP are studs 3. Moore--Great debut. Should have been rewarded with 2nd half start even if only a few minutes. 4. FREE THROWS!!!!!!!!!!! Minus: 1. Green still eratic. Hopefully rusty. 1st half great, 2nd half ugh! 2. McBob still offensive liability. Need to have him score more. 3. Smith is an enigma. Plays too soft. Confidence? Confusion? His development is CRUCIAL to this teams post season ambitions. 4. Fitz also too soft and needs to increase his hustle. Take the W and move on to Louisville.
  6. FWIUFan

    Penn State Game Thread

    REALLY HAPPY for Moore's coming out party. Davis played well as well. Smith continues in his funk and needs to sit. Green and McBob seem to be coming around. Romeo is continuing to develop into the Superstar he will become--taking team on his back. D was lock down after first time out. Not understanding some of the disgruntled attitudes of some tonight. Go Hoosiers! Get our first road win.
  7. FWIUFan

    ATH DaShaun Brown to IU

    Curious, we haven't heard anything re: CTA evaluation of his staff. If CTA keeps himself chained to DeBord for the upcoming year, I think they both go down with the ship next year!
  8. FWIUFan

    ATH DaShaun Brown to IU

    DeBoring Football has to go!
  9. FWIUFan

    Duke Game Thread

    Thoroughly disgusting and disappointing no show again. Hard to understand how we could look so promising against Marquette and sooooo bad last 3 games. No longer buying the everyone is hurt excuse. The only player showing any real effort is MacBob. Smith is absolutely worthless and should be benched. Morgan has to understand not to get into foul trouble. RP outmatched and looks intimidated. Fitz can shoot some but that's all. Davis not athletic enough. But 3 things most disturbing to me again tonight. 1. TO's. The very thing I most hated about CTC. No better under CAM 2. No hint of toughness or grit. 3. Fundamentals look poor. For the first time I'm having to wonder about CAM. Time to be RMK and bench everyone who is not playing well if it is the entire starting five. Playing time has to be earned. I don't care if we lose if we play with overachievers! Give me 5 McBOBs Going to bed. This game is not worth staying up for.
  10. The quote, the block, and all the game highlights are captured brilliantly in the below 14-minute youtube video. I don't care how many times you have seen this, it is well-worth watching again and again. The make of the video (etecnifibre) includes the Hoosiers movie music during the second-half come-back and then includes the Don Fischer radio call for the end of the game. Literally gives me chills every time. AJ is one of my all time favorite IUBB players. Always loved the A J More chants of the crowds. Pound for Pound one of the toughest and grittiest players we've ever had. I think we have a chanced against Duke if Justin Smith would play with just half Moye's attitude. Smith IS the X factor in this game. If he would either finish strong or get fouled while going to the rim we actually could match up with Duke. Smith's soft, timid, almost feckless play is more of a difference to this team than Green and McBob's injuries in my opinion. IF Smith finishes strong to the rim we are a totally different team.
  11. FWIUFan

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    Agree to large extent here. Glass did put the program in this position by the way CTA was hired. We have to recognize that CTA is a HC who is having to learn on the job.. My only caveat in keeping him requires that he make the move to being the CEO now.. He needs to set his vision for the type of offense and defense that he wants to run. He has to reevaluate his assistant coaches and hold them accountable. OC, special teams, OL coach. Fire those underperforming. If he shows no willingness to make changes then CTA has to go now not later.
  12. FWIUFan

    IUFB Post Mortem

    I simply don't believe Glass is going to fire CTA. Therefore, waste of time worrying about which HC's might come to IU although Candle at Toledo looks like a possible hire. Only way I see CTA being fired is if he doesn't fire DeBord yesterday! If CTA does not fire DeBord he simply has to go. Now it's time for CTA to become a real HC, put his big boy pants on and fire DeBord. No more time for friendships to make decisions. The only other coach I think surely should remain is Hart. Promote him to OC if he has the potential in CTA's mind. Everyone else gets reevaluated and fired if they don't meet CTA's expectations. I would reach out to Matt Canada as an alternative at OC as well--who knows if he even has any interest. Hire a DC who CTA trusts. NO MORE TIME FOR CTA UNLESS HE BEGINS DOWN A NEW PATH. OTHERWISE CLEAN HOUSE NOW AND NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY!
  13. FWIUFan

    Post Game Autographs

    Stories like this are what IUBB is all about to me. Only concentrating on the W's/L's misses the human factor that is so dear to me. Wonderful and heartwarming encounters like described about Romeo and his brother. We have fine young men representing us and these stories are what galvanizes my relationship with IUBB!
  14. FWIUFan

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    As I've stated before, I'm schizophrenic and an alum of both IU and PU. I like Brohm and would like to see him stay at PU. I'm not concerned about the money, PU has it if they want to spend it. I would love for him to upgrade the PU program just as I still think CTA will upgrade IU if given the chance. Would love for the Bucket game to have some national recognition as well as local. Would be good for both programs going forward.