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  1. I'm finally back to believing we continue to improve after falling off that wagon after the Wiscy game. CAM and the boys seem to finally be comfortable on what they want to accomplish on the court. The are finally playing and not thinking. I do think it's possible to beat MSU if we stay the current course and I will be happy with an L as long as we play well. With this roller coaster ride of a season, I can't get past the old Coach cliche--One game at a time!
  2. IU Beatdown of NW - and Game MVP

    Rojo. Played entire game. Suffocating D on their best player. Clutch 3's in 2nd half to key the run and ultimately the blowout. Feel great for him. He has taken a lot of criticism somewhat undeserved and just worked thru his problems and now producing as a senior should.
  3. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    MIle, Hope you right. Maybe we should start calling you Yoda instead
  4. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Seems team is finally starting to gel and on page with CAM. Kellogg confirmed such in discussion with CAM stating they are finally comfortable with one another. Needed to see this NW win for me to believe. MSU will be a struggle. LOVE THE D. Finally TOUGH, TENACIOUS, and UNRELENTING. The very D we all wished for last year and with CAM's arrival. I could not complain about the first half and only 4pt lead with Morgan out entire half. Even with our best player benched and POOR OFFENSE we still held a lead. Will need Offense to go with same D against MSU to have a chance. They may be vulnerable now due to their poor guard play. Who knows? I definitely like the trajectory we are on. Continue with this D and just some improvement on offense and we can be top 5 in conference. Would never have believed that after showing against Wiscy!
  5. A win today and I think we can finally say we've turned a corner.
  6. McRoberts

    I don't get caught up so much in the 5* hype. The * rating is as much a function of who is looking at a young man as much as their ability. Our most recent example would be Vic. Does anyone in their right mind regret him coming to IU? Another thing I think we learned from the CTC years, is that a great team needs chemistry. Look at the debacle of last year despite the 5* players. Talent is important. CAM seems to understand that you recruit the best talent you can but who will also fit into your system. Would love to have 5* Romeo but next years class looks great with/without him. College National Championship is single elimination tournament. You need some luck as well as talent. Having solid talented seniors who understand and can execute within a coach's system will always be a winning formula at the college level and maximize your odds of advancing.
  7. "Whoa Nelly!"

    Agree. Always enjoyed a Sat afternoon FB game with Keith Jackson and Bob Griese on the call. Loved me some Whoa Nelly!! Prayers to his family as I think he is in a better place.
  8. Like button not showing

    Appreciate your help and your posts!
  9. Like button not showing

    Makes sense after I thought about. What a brain F**T! Oh well at least UM did us a favor knocking off MSU at home. Still in 3rd place, who would have believed that 2wk ago?
  10. Like button not showing

    As you can see, in the R lower corner just below the light gray line on both of your posts, there is a light gray circle with a heart on both your posts. That button has disappeared on my posts. Like I said, I can still post. Just wondering what happened to that button for me. Just had an epiphany while I'm typing this. Is that button only visible to everyone else and not to me since would be weird to like one's own post?
  11. Like button not showing

    Hoosier, Here is the snapshot you requested. Note the + and Quote area are normal on the L Corner. However, the Like/Heart button to the R Corner is missing. It was there on my posts until past week. I don't recall changing any settings. Is this something I control? I can still post. Just Like/Heart button mysteriously missing.
  12. Like button not showing

    ^^^Note above same issue on my reply above ^^^No Like/Heart Button on R
  13. Like button not showing

    Using MacBook Pro 15in, Safari, and High Sierra running max resolution. I can see entire page and then some. Note on my post above + Sign Quote Edit on Left normal. No Like button to R. Was present in past then just disappeared.
  14. Just noticed on my last few posts that the like button is missing. Is this something I control and simply don't know? Please advise.
  15. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    Agree with you and BGleas. Lack of PG and outside shooting ARE the big problems this team has not overcome all year. Are we now turning a corner? Too early to tell. Still need to see W against NW to say that may be happening. Rojo, McB, Al just don't have the handle for PG. Looks like we sink or swim this year with following lineup: PG: Newark, Greene SG: Rojo, McBOB then Hartman 6th man 4/5: Smith/Morgan