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  1. FWIUFan

    Brandon Dawkins

    I just don't understand the need or desire to denigrate any of our former players. I believe we are fans to uphold those who represent our institution. What possible good can denegrating those who do come to IU accomplish. I appreciate all the young men who come to IU to play sports. I thank Mr. Lagow for coming to IU and his contributions to the IUFB team.. All off us would have desired a better outcome to the season. To seemingly lay all the problems on this one young man is foolish, petty, and childish. FB is a team sport just as is BB. There were plenty of reasons the FB team had it's problems--OL line, no running attack, injuries and even some of the play calling.to name a few. I believe Mf. Lagow represented IUFB to the best of his ability. He also is a class young man with the character I desire of those representing IU. I wish him only the best in his future and am proud to have had him on our FB team. Good luck and God bless Mr. Lagow.
  2. ^^^Mile, Amen to that! Daryl was one of my all time favorite Hoosiers.
  3. FWIUFan

    RIP Daryl Thomas

    Very sad to hear of Daryl Thomas passing. Prayers to his family. Never get tired of "the shot" Kieth Smart made to win the 1987 NCAAT. Once again a reminder to us all how short and fragile life is and the importance of living our lives with grace for the short time God grants us. RIP Daryl.
  4. Not lumping Romeo with Me First—speaking in generalities. Actually LOVE the character of this young man and his family. Of all the 5*s, missing him would other me most due to his demeanor and talent. Rare combo these days it seems.
  5. Posted this on the Romeo thread but thought better here. I agree with you Fundementals and IU Scott. I would love to get Romeo. However, I'm not as enamored with the 5* OAD Me first kids--Not necessarily saying Romeo is a Me first. Looking at the FF this year confirms my belief that we are much better in the long term with 3-4* 4yr players that CAM develops in the weight room and on the court if we want to consistently be in the hunt for another banner. Just can't agonize over the loss of the 5*.
  6. Would love to get Romeo. However, I'm not as enamored with the 5* OAD Me first kids. Looking at the FF this year confirms my belief that we are much better in the long term with 3-4* 4yr players that CAM develops in the weight room and on the court if we want to consistently be in the hunt for another banner. Just can't agonize over the loss of the 5*.
  7. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    As I've stated before, I have degrees from both IU and PU but lean more toward IU the PU due to my Dad. I hope I not hated. I have always enjoyed the rivalry with IU/PU especially during the Keady/Knight era. also have stated that I would like to see both IU and PU became perennial BB powers. I think it would help both teams. I would love the IU/PU game having the national attention of UNC/Duke. I enjoy Boilers posts. I was pulling for PU in the NCAAT since IU didn't make it this year. Perhaps that makes me an "Unperson." Unfortunately, I think CAM is the one who exposed their weakness when pressuring the perimeter players. An athletic team like TT took advantage of them which led to the L. We all enjoy BB even though we have our favorites and this we all know this is an IU forum. I love this forum specifically due to the civility and knowledge that ALL the posters bring including Boiler. My hat's off to Mile and the other mods for creating such a pleasant place to visit.
  8. FWIUFan

    After Knight passes.

    If CBK at some point before he passes finally reconciles with IU, then absolutely build a statue! If not, I would like to do the next best thing and make a statue of the 1976 National Champions minus the head coach. I would just add a plaque that states: Head Coach Bob Knight. The historic accomplishment of that time deservers such recognition.
  9. FWIUFan

    Romeo Langford

    Understand your point but respectfully disagree. The Langfords have not deviated from their position since stated last year. RL apparently was not even considering IU until CAM was appointed coach 1yr age. He absolutely should be taking his time specifically wrt IU. I don't know why CTC was unable to recruit him maybe someone could comment on that for me.. I see the Langfords as doing their due diligence to make the most important decision to this date for RL and his playing career. I don't get a sense of "entitlement" from anything reported to date nor from any of the comments made by RL or his family. He and his family have shown nothing but class and character to this point. As I have stated before, it simply is none of our business until he does commit to IU. I hope that he does. If so, I will cheer him on just as.I always have for the young men wearing the Candy Stripes. If he chooses elsewhere I will wish him well but won't be following his career any further. I believe CAM has shown his recruiting and coaching chops regardless. I don't like the waiting but it is what it is.
  10. FWIUFan

    Collin Hartman

    I would prefer to speak more respectful and appreciative of the young men who have played and are playing and representing IUBB. I would think a prospective recruit would take pause upon reading such comments from the fan base. Colin has shown great resolve, perseverance, and character during his time at IU. I wish him nothing but success as he moves on with his life and thank him and all who have worn the Candy Stripes!
  11. Speaking of passion. I wish I could copy the heart the young man Maura from UMBC plays with and give it to every one of our players! Just LOVED watching a 5-7 140# PG playing his heart out tonight and against UVA. His play embodies everything I enjoy about watching the NCAAT. Too bad his team did not advance. Also thought their coach showed a lot of class as well.
  12. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Really feel for Haas. Glad he gets a chance to possible come back and play next week. Now can MSU do us a favor and take out Syracuse.
  13. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I had UVA in my FF . 1 going down to 16. 21pt favorite. WHOA NELLE! as Kieth Jackson would say. MONUMENTAL EPIC LOSS!!!!!!!
  14. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Boiler, Absolutely hate when any player suffers an injury. Losing Haas is a significant one. I have PU in FF this year but don't believe that's possible without Haas. Next man up and hope for the best at this point. Personally, I hope they still make it! As I've stated before, I like both IU and PU and PU is the only one who made it to the NCAAT.
  15. FWIUFan

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Your last sentence gives me pause when we get so enamored with these 5* recruits. Yes we need talent but what is the relative value of a 5* Freshman vs a 4* Junior or Senior who is well versed and invested in the BB system his coach has instituted at the college level. I agree with your last point that although you evaluate the talent; character, drive, personality need to carry as much or more weight at the college level if you want to sustain success.