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  1. FWIUFan


    We all have our bad days. Prayers to you that the bad times resolve. Always enjoy your input.
  2. Well stated B99. I appreciate your comments as you come from a coaching perspective. I am merely a 5 decade fan. Never had the ability to play the game. I still back CAM and will until he has had a chance to bring in players for his system over the next 2yrs. Having said that, I still have questions. 1. Is CAM just the polar opposite of CTC. All D and no O vs. All O and no D. If the former, I don't; thing that bodes well for the future. WE HAVE TO SCORE TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. 2. I grew up with CBK. I can't fathom him accepting such poor execution without consequence. Lack o ball movement, screening, effort, and determination would be EXPECTED. 3. My wife and I were at the Mich game. During the initial run by Mich she turned to me and said "this is boring to watch. Shouldn't they be doing something?" That simple question by a casual observer summarized the season for me. I still mostly blame the players but have some reservation about CAM currently. I have taken solace in the future for 2 reasons: 1. When CAM was hired CBK stated that IU had made a fine selection IF the fans would give him time. As a coach, I don't think anyone alive today has more BB knowledge than CBK. I don't think he was peddling sunshine. 2. Colin Hartman was on a Podcast recently and stated the CAM IS a great coach and that the players were at fault for lack of "heart." He knows more about CAM and the players than anyone. Again I'll trust his opinion. Unfortunately, only time will give us an answer and its the thing we have the toughest time giving at this point!
  3. FWIUFan

    Purdue post game

    The Good: Tough D. Played with intensity and determination The Bad: 1. We lost holding a team under 50. 2 We can't score above 50 3. Having to give Cudo's to players actually playing with intensity and determination. Maybe we hand out participation trophies. Execution and effort should be an expectation not the exception! 4. A coach that I thought would be tough, seemingly treating this group with kid gloves. These players need to grow a pair. Learn how to HATE losing especially at home. The Ugly: No DRASTIC CHANGE as stated by CAM after Minny game. NO OFFENSE. Poor movement. Poor screening. Too many TOs. Is screening even taught and valued by this staff. Legitimate Question: Is CAM just the polar opposite of CTC. All D no O vs All O and no D? We need balance. At the end of the day, BB is about making a ball go thru a hoop. Is CAM recruiting/developing SHOOTERS? I still won't judge CAM until he gets his players in place. It's simply very ugly to watch right now. I guess we won't know for 1-2yrs.
  4. FWIUFan

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    I'm perplexed by the apparent fecklessness that CAM has demonstrated thru this debacle since Jan. Perhaps he's still learning as a young coach. I still want him to succeed. I guess since I grew up with CBK, I can't help but wonder why he feels compelled to keep playing players that don't meet his expectations. Simply not play those that show no IQ and no passion for the game. It's the appearance that NO ONE including the coaching staff cares that is driving me crazy. We all remember how much support CTC's teams received even though they were losing because they at least played with grit and tenacity. CBK never had a problem sitting ANY player not meeting his expectations regardless who they were. If anything, he was even harder on his best players. So if there is a cancer or two in the current group why are they playing and why aren't they gone yesterday? Why must we wait until the end of the season to clean house? I would appreciate the removal now. It would show me that change is occurring and that there is a vision for the program going forward. I will gladly support the remaining players regardless of W's and L's so long as they show some heart and that they care. I will be gravely disappointed in CAM as a coach if the same players and plays remain in place Tue.
  5. FWIUFan

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Well first half was as pathetic as all the others we've witnessed since Jan. No energy. No IQ. I don't see much evidence of any coaching. WTF is our offense supposed to be. All I see is players standing around watching the weave. Meanwhile on D, Minny looking like an offensive juggernaut with 40+. CAM needs to bring in CBK and learn how to run an offense that utilizes motion off the ball and something referred to as a pick. Novel concepts to this team.
  6. FWIUFan

    OT: Prayers for Ayden

    B99, Every time you post, I think of your young man Ayden. My prayers are always with you. I have chronically ill daughter myself so I know of the constant anguish it creates. I know there is never a day we as fathers wouldn't trade places and carry their burden for them if we could. We survive by knowing God is in control. So glad you received good news on your young man!
  7. FWIUFan

    NCAA Tournament Chances

    Please pass the bong!
  8. FWIUFan

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Mile, I applaud you for how you always "stand by your man" Deron Davis! If you remember the days of the old HEE HAW show you get my Milehi SAL UTE!
  9. FWIUFan

    Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Mathematically, yes it's true that NCAAT is possible. However, the complete meltdown the last 9 games coupled with lack of ability to focus, show some real emotion, and execute against Iowa at home reemphasized the improbability and thus my apathy.
  10. FWIUFan

    Ohio State Pregame Thread

    I'm hopeful we win this game but my apathy has already taken over for the season. Yes, NCAAT is a pipe dream. Feel just like I felt CTC's last season. Talent that underachieved.
  11. FWIUFan

    What's up with our crowd?

    I'm in my 60's too! I fell asleep during the last 10min of the first half on my couch at home. However, I did sell my tickets to someone younger. Does that make me more acceptable? LOL
  12. FWIUFan

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Agree with you Fouls. The lack of meaningful development from DG and I would have to include JS from last year has disappointed me the most about this year. Both players possess great athleticism but their BB skills and IQ are sorely lacking. Comparing their development to what I see in Al, who I don't think is as athletic and it is puzzling. Al has been rumored to take on the responsibility simile to what we heard about VO to improve himself year over year and it absolutely shows on the court this year. Al, in my opinion, is the most improved player on the team. Makes one wonder if DG and JS were as willing to put in the work how good they can become. I just get the feeling that they continue to rely on that athletic ability at the detriment of practicing the fundamentals. Forgoing the adage to practice to your weaknesses and play to your strengths. I would love to see the same development for DG and JS going forward but just think it is fools gold at this point.
  13. FWIUFan

    Three Point Defense

    In all honesty, I have similar concerns. However, I also know that these are not CAM's recruits and overall we are very young. I don't think we get an answer to these questions until CAM has completed his 4-5 yr. His D seems to require quicker and longer athletes in order to close out on shooters on the perimeter. We just have to wait and see what CAM does as he recreates the roster to his system. I'm just as concerned with his seeming lack of valuing shooters to complement the scorers. But what do I know? I'm not a BB coach.
  14. FWIUFan

    Iowa Postgame Thread

    Third HOME loss! Seriously! Knowing how important this game was. Season most likely over. Doubt NCAA again this year. Glad I sold my remaining tickets after the Michigan debacle. Hard to watch this team as it goes thru the necessary reorganization and growth necessary to play in CAM's system. Still think we are 2 years away from the consistency we all yearn for. The youth and lack of depth has really been exposed during the BIG season. Simply unable to put together 40 min of BB together. Lack of culture and senior leadership killed this season. Current woes due to no talented 3-4 yr players in the system. DG: Never will be reliable. Fire and Ice JM: Foul trouble simply insurmountable JS: Inconsistent. Cannot maintain intensity on D and simply not a skilled offensive player DD: Add 15pt to loss if unavailable. JF: Good energy. Just too small and young Fitz: Simply not the player we thought RL: Too many lazy passes. Took too much time to get going RP: Good game Al: Hardest working. Most reliable. True hoosier. Love watching him improve. CAM: Don't get too enamored with Star Gazing. We need SHOOTERS not SCORERS.
  15. FWIUFan

    Crean Lands Anthony Edwards

    I too wish CTC nothing but the best. Always thought he was a class. individual even if a little strange. His coaching ceiling was just simply less than what IU demands. Since he has moved to the SEC, I now have a team I can watch in that conference. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see CTC the perennial burr under Cal's Kentucky A@@ than for CTC to have success. GO DOGS!