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  1. Mile, I agree with you on this one. Smith was absolutely the most frustrating and enigmatic player on the team. All the preseason buzz has centered on Hunter who we have yet to see play a game. However, there is no doubting that Smith with just a respectable outside shot and some handles would be a nightmare for any opposing team we face. I truly wish him well this season since the hair I pulled out watching him last year has finally grown back!
  2. Far too young! May the Lord welcome her home with open arms and the peace of His grace be with her family.
  3. This will be rout as Rico said. Oh well, it was nice up until kickoff. Now the world reverts to what is normal. OSU>>>>>>>>>>IU. Nice day for golf so I'm heading that way.
  4. Nothing is as heart wrenching as a parent who must witness the loss of a child. Prayers to the Laufenberg's. May God's peace be with your family.
  5. Just signed up for info on tickets/travel packages.
  6. I'm not one to follow recruiting much. I'm perfectly content to leave that to CAM. I simply am not impressed with * ratings because they never seem to include the equally important aspects that make a great player such as coachability, character, desire, and mutual respect that is just as necessary when building a culture and playing a team sport. I personally am too old and have no interest in any social media but realize it is staple with these young mens generation. Reading about the Tweets from TJD and now TG to other recruits really pleases me on many levels. It shows they care about more than self. They truly seem happy to be here to bring IUBB back to it's rightful place of being an perennial BB power. CTA has taken some snide remarks about his LEO mantra. However, look at his results and the upward trajectory that IUFB seems to be on under his guidance. CAM may not call it LEO but to me he seems to be addressing the missing culture piece as well as the talent situation. All in all I am very hopeful about IU sports in general right now.
  7. I don't usually pay much attention to the recruiting scene. I'm fine leaving that to CAM. However, the talk regarding not wanting OAD players and their value is a bit disingenuous. We all want the best talent and usually that means the OAD players may be at least part of the answer. However, all the OAD's don't translate to be able to play D1 BB. On the flip side, lower rated players can fly under the radar or develop later. We all see this every year. In fact, this is much of the reason I enjoy collegiate BB so much. However, please don't try and convince me that the IUBB fans weren't chomping at the bit to get Romeo to IU once CTC left. That would be pure Horse Hockey! Of course we wanted him! By all accounts, he is a great young man and represented IU well on and off the court. I am glad he came to IU. I would take his clone to return every year. I think what we really mean to imply is that we want the best players for CAM's system and thus the success of IUBB. Young men with talent, character, and who will fit the style or system CAM wants to play. 1* or OAD is irrelevant. I only care if the kid can play and wants to be representing IUBB.
  8. I recommend staying at The Graduate downtown. My wife and I had a great time in January despite suffering thru the Mich game. Walked to Uptown Cafe just a block and a half away and had a great breakfast. Had a great lunch at Bub's Burger as well. When in Ft. Wayne, don't forget Coney Island! Have a great trip.
  9. I simply cannot understand all the angst over recruiting. Alll the hand wringing on not getting an OAD or kids from outside the state actually choosing not to go to IU. Seriously, how imprudent can they be. Seem some have forgotten how we got here. CTC had to go because he couldn't recruit the state any longer, had poor roster management, inability to attack the zone defense, incoherent in game substitutions, and no defensive mind set. So we fire CTC and get CAM who had the reputation of a great up and coming coach. After hiring CAM, there are reports that he was not allowed to initially make adjustments to the roster due to administration meddling in his jurisdiction as head BB coach. Many perceived the talent level as suboptimal. Despite the shortcomings, CAM has a subpar season but a very good 1st recruiting class including a very prized Indiana Mr. Basketball and McDAA. 2nd season begins well. Fans are reintroduced to the concept of defense for which they had been yearning. Sadly, during the 2nd half of the season, the witnessed progress was interrupted by a long losing streak seemingly related to many injuries and presumed team disunion. Toward the end, the train seemed to get back on the tracks but unfortunately we missed an NCAAT invite by 1 game. We did have a post season but ended before reaching the finals of the NIT. Recruiting still has been good with the addition of a 2nd Indiana Mr. Basketball and McDAA recruit as the most heralded member. 2 Indiana Mr. Basketballs in successive years. A feat that even the great CBK rarely accomplished. Some fans just can't be made happy it would seem. Now many fans are once again anxious. The whining, criticizing , negativity, hand-wringing, and gnashing of teeth because "several" non-Indiana recruits have chosen to go elsewhere. Chicken Little would be proud. The sky is truly falling on IUBB and CAM because every scholly that was tendered wasn't accepted on immediately. Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be an IUBB fan. Critique of the teams or coaches performance is one thing. However, the negativity over the product CAM is currently in the process of rebuilding is simply inane. CAM is very early in the rebuilding that we as fans were demanding. He still needs several years to complete the process. I look back on his tenure thus far and I believe there has been progress to address the issues that resulted in CTC's dismissal. Progress appears to be too slow for many fans who apparently thought he wave a magic wand and and have us in the finals of the NCAAT in year 2 or 3. I am please with CAM to this point. I love the return to playing tough defense. The offense that he has implemented has resulted in good shots being available. The biggest problem is that the teams shooting abilities have lagged. Time and coaching will remedy the faults I've seen to this point. I would prefer we not judge the quality of the recruits by their star rating coming out of HS. Rather, I hope CAM is recruiting with and eye to recruits that fit his system and coaching style. I fully entrust that responsibility to him and his staff. Only when we're finally "old" will we know CAM's ability and be able to make informed decisions on his abilities as coach of IUBB. CBK whom I admire as the best BB coach of my lifetime stated that CAM was a great coach. CBK could never be accused of pumping sunshine. I will take his critique of CAM for now. CBK also warned that fans would only appreciate CAM if given enough time to implement his changes--something CBK was hesitant to believe fans would do. How perspicacious CBK now appears. This is just a long winded way to get to my thoughts: 1. CAM appears to be the right coach at the current time and needs a patient and encouraging fanbase to remake IUBB 2. The constant drumbeat of negativity because an 18yr old player actually chose a school other than IU is inane. 3. We should all want players who want to be representing IU first and foremost, wo fit CAM's system and who will listen and execute. 4. Players ability will ultimately be revealed by their play on the floor not by their star ratings 5. In CAM I trust! At least for the next 3yrs.
  10. ^^^^This!!! I cannot watch this without thinking of my young daughter. Anytime Martha was on, no matter where in the house or whatever she was doing, she would run into the room and clap and dance to Martha and the IU fight song. When finished she would always turn to me and tell me she was going to grow up and be the IU cleaning lady. I truly truly cherish those memories.
  11. Just color me hopeful. It's nearly impossible to have a repeat of the level of injuries we had last season. No doubt that contributed to our failures last season. I see a gradual infusion of talent. I also think CAM has only partially instituted his brand of BB thus far. I see us making the NCAAT next year. I also doubt we see a losing streak like we saw last season repeated. Also, CAM now has the luxury of using the bench for motivation when he needs it this coming season. All in all, I still see us on an upward trajectory. However, I don't see any significant movement of the "needle" for 2 more years. That's when CAM will have the program established with his players, system, and culture.
  12. Prayers to you and your family CC. Lost my father 31 yrs ago my mother 12 yrs ago and I still find myself occasionally thinking I should pick up the phone and talk to them to this day. They never leave us. Our solace lie in knowing their in a better place and still watching over us.
  13. Congrats TT. I can only hope our players are watching. No OAD. No 5*. Play TEAM ball with tenacity and great things happen. The very reason I enjoy college BB.
  14. Have to be impressed with the way PU disabused Villanova. Hold the pitchforks! I'm an alum of both IU and PU so I'm rooting for PU. If PU falls, then any BiG team. If we can't make the NCAAT, then I want our conference to win it. I am so sick of the ACC or the SEC getting all the love from the ESPN crowd. I want the IU and the BIG to be THE DESTINATION for Bball.
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