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  1. Preface: I have consistently supported CAM and stated that he should be given more time. I also love the kids he has recruited. However, Iowa has thrived on the 3. IU has died by the 3 since CAM's arrival. What on God's earth gives anyone the reasoning that IU will do well tonight?
  2. It's about time he got the recognition he deserves. Where are the doubting Thomas's who thought his hiring was suboptimal now?
  3. Hate the L but really enjoyed watching this team play last night. Loved the grit and perseverance. CAM is slowly working the Frosh in and they seem to be acclimating to D! play slowly. AF injury is simply going to hasten that development by getting them more PT. Jerome is the player currently that really seems to be benefitting and hope he continues in that vain. Looks more involved and honestly more athletic than prior. Love the confidence and attitude he's bringing to the team now. I don't care which yr of CAM's contract we are in. He continues to rebuild IUBB. I love
  4. For those complaining about being slighted. Shut up and next year don't bitch about your opponent. Let you play on the field speak for itself.
  5. Disappointed in loss for sure. However as others have stated doesn't take away from all that has been accomplished this year and the foundation CTA is laying for IUFB going forward. Kudos to Tuttle. Truly amazing he finished that game suffering from a separated shoulder. Kid is obviously tough as nails. We are going to need him next year since Penix seems to be much more brittle. Seems to have enough tools to perform well with the right offensive scheme. Hope he learns from today, heals, and gets back in the saddle for next season. I wasn't impressed with either the OC or the DC
  6. Physician--Retiring end of year Grew up on CBK BB. Loved those years. I have no idea if we will ever get back to those days with CAM. CAM has many of the qualities of CBK that I loved. However, he seems to be much too lenient on the more experienced players when they make the same mistakes over over. I like the character of the kids he is recruiting and culture he is creating. No desire for a replay of the Sampson era. However, as others have stated, I think his resistance to change could be his undoing. He seems to value seniority and performance on D to a fault. The O has su
  7. No I did not. Too many TO's The Defense was really poor especially in the first half when we allowed them to get the double digit lead. Also looked like we had no clue what to do when NW threw the Zone D against us. Granted we did reverse things at the beginning of the second half but then allowed Audige to go crazy at the end of the game after we had taken the lead.
  8. Expected an L and we wouldn't compete ala NW game. Pleased I was wrong and we actually had a chance to win just didn't execute. Glad to see CAM finally set his stubborn attitude aside and changed the lineup. O flowed much better with RP on the bench. Happy to see the FR get some PT. Agree with Hoopster this should have been done since the start of the season. Maybe we are only a middle tier team but at least with the changes today we were competitive, fun to watch, and actually had a chance for the W. I'll take our improved odds going forward so long as we at least hav
  9. UI (-20). I'm becoming apathetic yet again early in the season. Unfortunately I've seen no evidence that this team can compete with UI this year. Front court is disadvantaged without Brunk. Cockburn and Ayo are going to have monster games. Poor FT shooting, Turnovers, lack of O from Al, RP, and Hunter will continue. CAM will not play the FR other than Gallloway. No new sets or line ups. No answers or changes from CAM. Same Shit Different Day. Man I hate being such a Debbie Downer but @UI is not the place where I see any turnaround. (And yes I remember it was only a 1 pt game last
  10. Merry Christmas to all at HSN. Enjoy this holiday time with your loved ones as if it might be your last. I will also offer a special prayer to CC and Mile's families this year as well. It must be really hard for them especially this season.
  11. Never started a topic before so don't be too hard on me if no one likes it. I have no special experience--just a long time IU BB Fan. After sleeping on last nights debacle of a game just wanted to see what others thought. I am a votary of CBK and followed IUBB ever since he was named coach of IUBB. Therefore, I'm used to a coach who is demanding and a disciplinarian. When we hired CAM, CBK said we had hired a good coach if we as a fanbase would be patient. That was good enough for me at the time. No one would accuse CBK of being a sunshine pumper. CAM's offensive and defensive scheme
  12. There isn't enough lipstick for this pig. Almost as demoralizing as the egg the team laid the night CBK returned. Simply no Offense and even Defense is inconsistent. Effective immediately my new starting lineup for the remainder of the season. Trial by fire preparing for future if there is ever going to be one. G-Lander G-Franklin G-Gallaway F-Geronimo F-TJD Bench Al, RP, Hunter, and even Thompson are simply not showing sufficient progress. Subs only.
  13. No doubt but doesn't change what has to happen for him. As I taught my children growing up, there comes a time when you are responsible for your behavior and life choices and you and only you will reap the rewards or the consequences. As an adult it's all on you.
  14. It is truly sad to see this young man squander the opportunities that he has been given. Life is the sum total of the choices we make. Hopefully, he can learn to choose wisely and not be drawn to a life of crime. What a waste that would be.
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