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  1. I simply cannot understand all the angst over recruiting. Alll the hand wringing on not getting an OAD or kids from outside the state actually choosing not to go to IU. Seriously, how imprudent can they be. Seem some have forgotten how we got here. CTC had to go because he couldn't recruit the state any longer, had poor roster management, inability to attack the zone defense, incoherent in game substitutions, and no defensive mind set. So we fire CTC and get CAM who had the reputation of a great up and coming coach. After hiring CAM, there are reports that he was not allowed to initially make adjustments to the roster due to administration meddling in his jurisdiction as head BB coach. Many perceived the talent level as suboptimal. Despite the shortcomings, CAM has a subpar season but a very good 1st recruiting class including a very prized Indiana Mr. Basketball and McDAA. 2nd season begins well. Fans are reintroduced to the concept of defense for which they had been yearning. Sadly, during the 2nd half of the season, the witnessed progress was interrupted by a long losing streak seemingly related to many injuries and presumed team disunion. Toward the end, the train seemed to get back on the tracks but unfortunately we missed an NCAAT invite by 1 game. We did have a post season but ended before reaching the finals of the NIT. Recruiting still has been good with the addition of a 2nd Indiana Mr. Basketball and McDAA recruit as the most heralded member. 2 Indiana Mr. Basketballs in successive years. A feat that even the great CBK rarely accomplished. Some fans just can't be made happy it would seem. Now many fans are once again anxious. The whining, criticizing , negativity, hand-wringing, and gnashing of teeth because "several" non-Indiana recruits have chosen to go elsewhere. Chicken Little would be proud. The sky is truly falling on IUBB and CAM because every scholly that was tendered wasn't accepted on immediately. Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be an IUBB fan. Critique of the teams or coaches performance is one thing. However, the negativity over the product CAM is currently in the process of rebuilding is simply inane. CAM is very early in the rebuilding that we as fans were demanding. He still needs several years to complete the process. I look back on his tenure thus far and I believe there has been progress to address the issues that resulted in CTC's dismissal. Progress appears to be too slow for many fans who apparently thought he wave a magic wand and and have us in the finals of the NCAAT in year 2 or 3. I am please with CAM to this point. I love the return to playing tough defense. The offense that he has implemented has resulted in good shots being available. The biggest problem is that the teams shooting abilities have lagged. Time and coaching will remedy the faults I've seen to this point. I would prefer we not judge the quality of the recruits by their star rating coming out of HS. Rather, I hope CAM is recruiting with and eye to recruits that fit his system and coaching style. I fully entrust that responsibility to him and his staff. Only when we're finally "old" will we know CAM's ability and be able to make informed decisions on his abilities as coach of IUBB. CBK whom I admire as the best BB coach of my lifetime stated that CAM was a great coach. CBK could never be accused of pumping sunshine. I will take his critique of CAM for now. CBK also warned that fans would only appreciate CAM if given enough time to implement his changes--something CBK was hesitant to believe fans would do. How perspicacious CBK now appears. This is just a long winded way to get to my thoughts: 1. CAM appears to be the right coach at the current time and needs a patient and encouraging fanbase to remake IUBB 2. The constant drumbeat of negativity because an 18yr old player actually chose a school other than IU is inane. 3. We should all want players who want to be representing IU first and foremost, wo fit CAM's system and who will listen and execute. 4. Players ability will ultimately be revealed by their play on the floor not by their star ratings 5. In CAM I trust! At least for the next 3yrs.
  2. ^^^^This!!! I cannot watch this without thinking of my young daughter. Anytime Martha was on, no matter where in the house or whatever she was doing, she would run into the room and clap and dance to Martha and the IU fight song. When finished she would always turn to me and tell me she was going to grow up and be the IU cleaning lady. I truly truly cherish those memories.
  3. Just color me hopeful. It's nearly impossible to have a repeat of the level of injuries we had last season. No doubt that contributed to our failures last season. I see a gradual infusion of talent. I also think CAM has only partially instituted his brand of BB thus far. I see us making the NCAAT next year. I also doubt we see a losing streak like we saw last season repeated. Also, CAM now has the luxury of using the bench for motivation when he needs it this coming season. All in all, I still see us on an upward trajectory. However, I don't see any significant movement of the "needle" for 2 more years. That's when CAM will have the program established with his players, system, and culture.
  4. Prayers to you and your family CC. Lost my father 31 yrs ago my mother 12 yrs ago and I still find myself occasionally thinking I should pick up the phone and talk to them to this day. They never leave us. Our solace lie in knowing their in a better place and still watching over us.
  5. Congrats TT. I can only hope our players are watching. No OAD. No 5*. Play TEAM ball with tenacity and great things happen. The very reason I enjoy college BB.
  6. Have to be impressed with the way PU disabused Villanova. Hold the pitchforks! I'm an alum of both IU and PU so I'm rooting for PU. If PU falls, then any BiG team. If we can't make the NCAAT, then I want our conference to win it. I am so sick of the ACC or the SEC getting all the love from the ESPN crowd. I want the IU and the BIG to be THE DESTINATION for Bball.
  7. Agree with this. I want nothing more than for each of these young men to grow and succeed. For all the vitriol directed at JS, I still think he can come around similar to what we're seeing with Green. I'll gladly take my chances as coach to transform young men like Justin and Devonte over those with the attitudes like "what's his name" that chose to go to pUKe recently.
  8. Martha's attending should be reason enough to go to the game! I consider her a hoosier legend. Just a little anecdote. When Martha was doing the IU intros in the 80's, my young daughter would stop whatever she was doing anywhere in the houses and run to the TV and clap and dance while she sang. When done my daughter would tell me she wanted to grow up and be the IU cleaning lady! One of my all time fondest memories is tied to Martha. I cannot hear her sing and not think of those days. Truly love that lady. God Bless Her. GO IU!
  9. I share these sentiments. I've always referred to the NIT as the Nobody's Interested Tournament. However, this team made it's bed and now must sleep in it. They now have a second chance at redemption. Even I have to concede that a win in the NIT could catapult us into the next season on a positive note. Lord knows it would sure look a lot better to have Morgan and Langford have that as a going away present and be remembered in even a more positive light. They have truly been fine young men representing IU a manner I appreciate. So I too will be watching and cheering on my Hoosiers just as I always do. But if they revert to what we saw in Jan/Feb and against OSU CAM has some serious decisions to make in my opinion. Go IU and win the NIT! Let's feel good about ourselves again.
  10. I'm right there with ya BDB. Sorry, but I just can't get interested in the Nobody's Interested Tournament.
  11. Doesn't this simply encapsulate the frustration with this team for this season. They enter the OSU game knowing it's a play in game for the NCAAT. They seemed to have the wind finally at their backs. Everyone was back and healthy except for Hunter. The injuries and turmoil surrounding the losing stretch were behind them. They were finally looking forward with the season's outcome totally in their control. Then they come out uninspired, lackadaisical, and unfocused until the last 5 min of the game. As a fan, it was truly unimaginable that would happen. The emotional roller coaster of the season returned. I can only lay the results on the players at that point. Truly sad ending for Morgan and Langford as they end their careers at IU. I can only hope this is a result of their youth. I can only hope everyone of these young men return turn next year with improved skills and attitudes.
  12. This recruitment was strange. KBJ seemed to be all about the money. No one I would really want especially when building a program as CAM is.Reminds me of how Wilkes played us. And with Dad's bazaar comments begins to have vibes of Lavall Ball. As I stated earlier, would like to have him but missing is not that big a deal. This team DESPARATELY needs shooters NOW. KBJ did not help in that regard. Glad to have a scholly available to fit that need. And no I am not wishing him well. HE CHOSE pUKe. He is anathema to me.
  13. I think KBJ picks IU and sincerely hope he does. I only care for those who play in the candy stripes. So if he chooses pUKe, he's anathema to me.
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