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  1. I think CMW returns use to CBK days, starting five: ? X 5 As CBK said, "I don't determine who starts, the player do."
  2. I am honored to be able to contribute to the only forum I read and post to HSN.😊👍🏻
  3. After watching the tournament, I think we've gone from the BIG to the LIL Conferece. I agree with Dolson. The next coach needs to bring a more modern version of. BB to IU and the conference. The BIG is simply embarrassing!
  4. Sorry Turtle I don't see it as pragmatic but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I think many of. us simply could not tolerate as iniquitous a culture as you. For many of us the ends do not justify such means.
  5. IMO, Dolson commits AD malpractice if he doesn't consider and/or interview Drew. His teams performance checks all the boxes Dolson gave in his interview. You don't spend 10M to get rid of CAM and not consider ALL the best candidates. The possible Indy AAU problem hasn't affected Drew's abillity to recruit to Baylor and if we are expecting the new coach to have a more national reach, this potential problem should not be an impediment. Future W's would solve that problem in either case.
  6. Those certainly were the good ol' days. Compared to the last 20yr, I really miss them.😔
  7. Could be wrong, but the Masshole/Patriot comment is what makes me think we were all played in this fiasco. In any event, I could care less about the NBA or the NFL for that matter. I. only care about IU. So to hell with Stevens. Let's see if Dolson can sign Beard.
  8. Bob, I watched the TT game today specifically to see if I could tell the type of coach Beard has become. I saw a very tough minded, smart, gritty style of BB. No more mass substitution like we've seen under our past 2 coaches. When his team was down his best scorer had to sit for Fouls. The team responded with a run and took the lead. He continued with the players thru a TO to let them complete the run. I sas a lot of motion and VERY LITTLE standing on O. Good solid screens and the drivers used them the screens appropriately. D was Man-Man and a lot of pressure on the ball and interrupting passing lanes. Very tenacious and intense. Overall, very enjoyable BB to watch and very reminiscent of the good ol' days under CBK. Only real difference was compared to old days was MUCH MORE up tempo. The TT player constantly sprinted on O and D. Many fastbreak opportunities as a result. I think Beard has become my next target if I'm Dolson. I REALLY enjoyed watching them play today.
  9. Agree! As I read your comments, they really sum up why CAM needs to go. These points are too obvious even for the most casual of BB fans and yet have NEVER BEEN SEEN since CAM's hiring. CAM simply was not what were thought we were getting despite the comments of RMK. So sad for all of us, CAM, the players, and fans.
  10. Send CAM on a year long fishing trip and let Moren coach this team!
  11. I think Glass' contract with CAM's poor record has painted the Admin into corner and they have no clue how to exit the box in which they find themselves. CAM is now a dead man walking and could yet have 3 more nails to place in the coffin if IU loses to PU, 1st game BTT, and possible NIT if bid was received. The optics for them are terrible and completely unacceptable.. They've had some cover due to Covid and no fans being in the stands. Otherwise we could have witnessed CAM and the team suffering unimaginable outrage live and on TV due to the home losses we have had this year. Dolson's comments are telling in not mentioning winning as the top priority for the program. BGleas mentioned this above and noted the other aspects are a a given. The Admin has been willing to limp along for 20 years with poor Coaches. They've done just enough to keep fans at bay. As others have mentioned, they just want to be able to win enough to calm the masses and preserve their $ flowing in from TV, IU apparel and other items, and of coarse donations to to the Varsity Club and Season Tickets. They are still stuck in the "we're never having another RMK at IU again" mode. I have been a season ticket holder for both FB and BB for more than 25 years. I am now at a point of not renewing BB tickets because I think the Admin is just using me at this point. I may keep my FB Season tickets because I do finally believe in CTA. I think the Admin simply stumbled into CTA and Moren for that matter. I don't think either are willful and thoughtful candidates sought by a committed Admin in their respective sports. This Admin is going to have to prove to me that they are committed by their actions. I'm no longer interested in their words. They need to negotiate their way out of this mess and CAM needs to resign this year. They cannot bring him back next year given fans will be returning this year with the Covid Pandemic winding down and they will be merciless on national TV if the same product is on the floor. They need to hire a good coach as a replacement and give their reasons why he is their man and show they are going to work with him and state that compliance will be more mercurial going forward. They need to give him the keys and let him drive the car. They just need to supply the fuel.
  12. I've had to change my photo to a Baghead fan. Reminds of the times when the New Orleans Aints were playing. I think this article sums up the IUBB situation fairly succinctly. There is nothing about the IU admin that gives me ANY hope that Miller will not be returning as HC next year. Covid. did give CAM and the players some cover this year since no fans at AH. Now with the pandemic seemingly winding down this year, there is a good chance some or all of the fans may be able to return to watch the games live at AH. How do we safely get CAM and Dolson into and out of the building when the S*!t show that is now men's IUBB returns for a repeat performance. They will be booed out of the building and an epic embarrassment to be affiliated with this dumpster fire next year! Sad times indeed with no near term end in site. The only way I see out of the current mess is if CAM reigns for the good of the program and himself. With his stubbornness, I don't see that as a viable option either. Seems we'll be in stalemate for the foreseeable future.
  13. I just can't take any more Archie Ball I'm crying UNCLE! I've thrown in the towel. Officially off the CAM train. Thrown out the rest of my Miller Beer. Will never drink that brand again. Will now be the "unknown" FWIUFan until he's replaced!
  14. Man you must have some good stuff in there! Pass that bong!
  15. Does't matter to me. I'm finishing the season just watching the Lady Hoosiers. Much better BB in my opinion and they've earned that support!
  16. Go BIG or go home! If IU can't be part of the NCAAT then I all for those that will.
  17. It's simple. If RP and Al start at G-chaulk up an L. It means nothing has changed. See any thing else, probably and L but at least you might have to watch a few minutes of the game to find out. Man these are sad times indeed for a once proud program!
  18. Perhaps that's because they've seen the product which is IUBB?
  19. No way to put lipstick on this pig. IU sucked today. The players and CAM own it. The putrid nature of the loss is only magnified by having piggybacked onto the OSU debacle. Nothing about the season makes me believe we will now make the NCAAT. I simply can't believe we can get this type of play from upperclassmen with so much on the line. I hate calling out players. I really like RP and AL, however we simply can't continue to play 3 vs 5. The good, the bad, and the ugly come down to the upperrclassmen simply unable to execute at the level of play demanded by the BIG. This is a broken team. RMK could not win with these players either. RP and AL unfortunately need to be replaced. Won't happen this year. Needs to happen in off season and only hope is for transfers and Lander having SUBSTANTIAL development. If RP is still starting next year, we have no chance. CAM has a lot of work to do.
  20. It just wouldn't be IUBB if it wasn't taxing the battery on my Pacemaker!
  21. Put Jockitch on mute and synched Fish up to my big screen Popcorn on IU leading MSU and playing well Truly the way gameday should be
  22. This pretty much sums up the entire CAM era to this point!
  23. Completely agree with you. Our O problems are no more complicated than this. I don't want to single out a player but it's simply the truth that this team will go no further than RP's play develops or until he is replaced probably by Lander. I am truly pulling for RP but at this point I just don't see him developing into a starting BIG PG.
  24. I am not going to frame my comments from a W/L perspective. I simply continue to like the trajectory the program is now on. It is obviously too slow for many fans and I accept I may have a minority view, but I continue to like what I am seeing. I have found all of the discussions of fire CAM quite off putting. The inconsistency is in my opinion due to youth and it starts with CAM himself. It never seems to be mentioned that he is also young and I think still growing in his role and adapting to his chosen profession as a P5 HC. I love our FR class and am looking forward to seeing them grow as well but they are still FR. We all know what Wooden stated about FR in his era.I REALLY appreciate the character of the young men CAM has recruited to this point. I think they are represent IU well. I also love when they mention how much they want to be at IU. That means the world to me as a fan and supporter. I cannot support a return to the Sampson days no matter the calber of the recruit. I see this team improving slowly thru the year. Our main concern Offense and scoring are improving. FT %, 3pt % are increasing as the season progresses. Defense continues to improve. I don't want to return to the Crean days on this matter. We criticize the team for lack of effort when in reality it is being confused with lack of execution. The O CAM has the team playing is generating open shots. The players simply been slow in capitalizing on that fact. The D can be an absolute beauty to watch when executed correctly as they did the 2nd half of the Iowa game. Again, the inconsistency we've seen is a result of youth from the FR and lack of confidence in our senior guards. I simply want the team to continue to improve. I want RP to regain his confidence find his Alpha male mindset. I want AL to continue to play like a senior. I want AF to heal his ankle and continue his improvement. I want TJD to develop an 15ft outside shot and go to the bucket with authority EVERY SHOT. I want RT to be more aggressive offensively and develop a 3pt shot. I want the FR to learn from the players in front of them. Continued improvement is all I need to see to call the program successful. The W's and L's will take care of themselves and as fans we will be excited for our team.
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