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  1. This kid needs a scholarship offer right now. He is going to being blowing up all summer.
  2. Anybody know whats up with THE DAILY HOOSIER?? Can't open that site all morning.
  3. Absolutely agree will be a solid class: Cupps, Newton, one of the 2 California kids(Stojakovic or Dunlap) both great shooters, and a big(Arrinten Page or someone from the portal).
  4. So has anyone heard anything about the Dexter Dennis visit. Have heard absolutely nothing on any of the IU message boards.
  5. How about a 2023 class of Gabe Cupps, Jakai Newton, Brady Dunlap, and Arrinten Page??
  6. According to Paul Biancardi he is in Bloomington today and tomorrow along with JHS and the Montverde coach. Also visiting Maryland and Virginia. Obviously would be a huge addition.
  7. Fantastic news, great kid, great family, and the kid is a baller. I like the list of Newton, Cupps and Booker for 2023 class the question is who else to round out the class. Maybe one from Kwame Evans, Jeremy Fears, Miro Little and JQ Roberts??
  8. i'm not seeing it either. He cannot keep his man in front of him, terrible defensively.
  9. Yes, he is a raw athlete but he is working on his shooting and handle. You cannot teach that kind of athleticism. Can you imagine the defensive possibilities with this kid? Still has 2 years of high school to add to his game. Coach Woodson could mold him into an asset for the program. And with those dunks he could ignite Assembly Hall.
  10. I'M with you on all those guys but don't recognize the last name. Should that be Casey as in AJ Casey? Or is there a new name I am missing? Any four of those guys and we are very ,very good.
  11. how about a class of CJ Gunn, Jalen Washington, Noah Clowny, and Kaleb Banks
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