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  1. So much for pitching and defense wins games. Swing for the fences lol
  2. No worries, I'm the dumba$$ that read it 4 times in a row ......... hahahaha talking about asleep at the wheel 🤣
  3. I seriously just read brass cannons post 4 times in a row 😂
  4. I agree. Also, you win 106 games during the regular season, 2nd most in National League and you have to win a do or die 1 game playoff...... doesn't make sense. Was hoping the Cardinals would pull it out but just couldn't get the big hit.
  5. I'm with you. If the patient is vaccinated why should they worry about their Dr or nurse being vaccinated or not. Either one still spreads the virus, one may get sicker than the other and that is the chance the unvaccinated takes. Not sure why a patient, that is vaccinated, is going to take their "business" elsewhere if so and so in the hospital is not vaccinated.
  6. My daughter is a sophomore in all honors classes. She needs all the above you mentioned. She brings home this ridiculous math and I'm like you can't even balance a checkbook, sign your name in cursive or even make change but you can do this crap. Lol
  7. Bored at lunch today, I went back and read about the first 10 pages when this 1st broke. Crazy to think this is pushing 300 pages .
  8. But........... Cards win 700 games in a row, then lose 1 game playoff.... Does the 700 wins really matter then?
  9. Did cbs switch sides with the camera crew or is IU going the same way as 1st half?
  10. Man you're ballsy......... 🤣
  11. Also a Purdue fan/ wife IU fan. But I'm not the one to go blowing off about the Cardinals, lol, don't want to put a jinx on em. Purdue I like but I am not coming to a rival message board to talk about them either. I like to follow college sports and enjoy the friendliness on this board.
  12. Ok. I like the Cardinals.
  13. Scott, did you play baseball throughout your life or just heavily invested as a Reds fan?
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