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  1. Recruit Twittering 101: Never use the word committed unless it's to signify an actual commitment
  2. We could just offer his dad the oline coach position lol
  3. so any idea what our chances are at landing the freshman at Carroll?
  4. Lets make some noise then....Clowney to IU... Now we can wait for crystal ball predictions to flood in...
  5. Sadly a common theme. IU football will win it all the year after I pass away. That's how my luck rolls.
  6. we've had the snap and crackle...now for the pop.
  7. Sadly if he goes to vt, he wouldn't be the first recruit to prefer iu but have a relative or coach sway him elsewhere.
  8. Who tooted in our direction? Maybe he is talking some VT players into transferring to IU lol
  9. I'm guessing his parents have a good sense of humor.
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