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  1. so much for this being like his 2nd home and always wanting to come here. Hopefully he changes his mind again but this one stings.
  2. Does he play other positions or thinking his skills is better used elsewhere on the field? Any reason to believe schools are schools are recruiting him something other than qb?
  3. PU probably offered when he was in elementary school
  4. probably could shoot iu dept the email [email protected] (sports marketing email) Kevin Van Rooy Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations/Director of the Varsity Club [email protected] (812) 856-1489 Mark Skirvin Senior Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing [email protected] (812) 856-1401 Kelley Bates Senior Director of Marketing [email protected] (812) 856-3189 Robert Williams Associate Director of Marketing [email protected] (812) 855-4488 Adam Day Assistant Director of Marketing [email protected] (812) 855-7602 Ashton Stewart Assistant Director of Marketing [email protected] (812) 855-7034 Mack Nesbit Intern [email protected] Tyler Young Intern [email protected]
  5. which one committed? The one in the helmet may be a bit short for the secondary
  6. That was setup to repair his image after being accused of sexual assault.
  7. I'm sure that happens but not nearly as much as travels/carries/palming that goes uncalled. It's just become the norm because it's something that players are allowed to get away with more so than they used to be able to.
  8. I think it's more along the line of players are traveling/palming so much that the refs would have to constantly be calling it if they actually tried to enforce it. Then fans would get pissed because the game would become a whistle/turnover fest.
  9. that's right up there with keion brooks transferring to IU. will have to see it to believe it.
  10. I wasn't talking about NIL. But i know it has been said that a school can't give someone an academic scholarship in place of an athletic scholarship.
  11. I highly doubt that is legal given the whole scholarship limit thing. That workaround would make the limit non-existent. Trust me, if that was possible, then OSU would have 200 players on their football team by now.
  12. Apparently we care about his younger brother. And unfortunately his younger brother probably does care about Ron
  13. "The Hoosier crowd was very disrespectful to me and many other Big Ten players this year as well… it’s a two way street my friend you respect me i respect you. But once you cross that line all is fair game" https://www.journalgazette.net/blog/eyeing-iu/20220425/rutgers-ron-harper-jr-calls-out-iu-fans "Of course, that statement did not change things. There were such chants directed at players and teams throughout the season this year. If Harper's tweet is to be believed, Assembly Hall is known pretty widely in the Big Ten as a nasty place to play. This is in contrast to the crowds at Mackey Arena, which is consistently characterized as among the toughest places in the conference to perform. The crowds there rarely lapse into profanity, but rather roar from start to finish, creating one of the loudest and most disorienting environments in the country." In contrast to Mackey Arena? the place that regularly chants "IU sucks" even when we are not playing them. Yup, they are the epitome of class LMAO. I remember Haarms getting the profane chant but I also recall him acting like a "Purdue" player (aka somewhat understanding why he got the ire of the fans). While I wouldn't have joined in the profane chant, he wasn't an innocent bystander in it. And he isn't the first PU player to come and act like an idiot though.
  14. Given his older brother's comments, wonder how much of a shot we really have with Dylan.
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