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  1. If we get little, then wouldn't that be little cupps? not quite as comfy.
  2. Hopefully Booker doesn't go to 3 different colleges though
  3. Why are people not allowed to post their thoughts one way or another? I think this thread can handle thoughts from both sides
  4. How old does one have to be for greg oden to look 15 in hs?
  5. An offense that our D would hate is one that snaps the ball before they are done looking at the sideline
  6. I would imagine we will be going hard for some transfers to get some immediate help.
  7. I would think it would be difficult for someone 7'2 to look UP to anyone but there are always the yao ming's of the world.
  8. well he is only 15....gotta give him time.
  9. IU bound...book it come on lucky 7s....
  10. kyhoosier is a good for nothing turd burger.... closed yet?
  11. Clowney will get some experience at alabama and then transfer to iu as a junior.... they are a feeder program to us lol
  12. I think Woodson might be expecting some players won't end up fitting what he wants to run and will end up being asked to move on. Although this thread is officially derailed.
  13. In the past, what has been the percentage of players that are done with school but decide to come back vs those that decide to hang it up despite having more eligibility? The NIL is only going to make the percentage of players that stay go higher unless they can go pro.
  14. I'm good with 5 guards that are 6'10, can get up and down the floor and are great passers and rebounders.
  15. Recruit Twittering 101: Never use the word committed unless it's to signify an actual commitment
  16. We could just offer his dad the oline coach position lol
  17. so any idea what our chances are at landing the freshman at Carroll?
  18. Lets make some noise then....Clowney to IU... Now we can wait for crystal ball predictions to flood in...
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