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  1. Does anyone actually bring TV markets anymore now that streaming is killing off cable?
  2. I'm sure other schools will follow suit shortly. UNC just gave them a nice template to follow. This nicest aspect about this is that they can use UNC's trademarks in their NIL deal. For the first time in my life we might actually see authentic jerseys sold with current players' names on them.
  3. PJ Tucker was on the wrong side of a poster that is gonna be replayed for years.
  4. I don't think there is a single fast food place that has good onions. So I agree with 5fouls here. There is a huge difference between onions prepared at home, compared to greasy slimy onions at a place like McDonald's.
  5. What I meant was Michael Jordan, the billionaire UNC donor whose ultra-competitive streak borders on psychotic obsession, will use his money and influence to make sure UNC doesn't fall off as long as he's alive. Roy Williams earned the right to name his successor, but that really only buys Hubert Davis about 3 years. If UNC isn't competing at the highest level 3 years from now, he'll get run off and the alums (led by MJ) will open up their checkbooks to buy the best coach they can. And if that guy doesn't work out, they'll do it again. MJ literally can not handle seeing UNC underperform. His competitive nature won't let him. He was willing to help run Matt Doherty out of town and they were college teammates and lifelong friends. MJ is freaking cutthroat when it comes to UNC's success. As for the NIL and UNC; think of all the things UNC has in it's favor to draw a spotlight onto recruits who wish to sell their NIL. Michael Jordan and his Jordan Brand/Air Jordans. The over-hyped "best rivalry in college basketball" that is played at least twice a season. Not having half of their games buried on a premium tv channel that most people don't have (Big 10 Network.) ESPN kissing their ass constantly. Kenny Smith shilling for UNC on the most popular NBA program on tv. Brendan Haywood shilling for UNC on NBAtv. Vince Carter shilling for UNC as a newly hired ESPN mouthpiece.
  6. I suspect UNC is going to reap a lot of benefits from the new NIL rules the NCAA has passed. I also doubt Michael Jordan will ever let that team fall off as long as he's alive. Side note, got confirmation that Sean May played a big role in landing Washington. He seems to be a big hit with recruits now that he's an assistant coach.
  7. The previous 3 times UNC managed to land an elite big from the Hoosier State, it resulted in championships: Montross, May, Zeller. On the plus side it really only seems to happen about once per decade. So you probably don't need to worry about UNC breaching the state borders until the 2030's.
  8. Walker Kessler made an impulsive commitment to UNC before Garcia had even set up his fall visits. That was the final big man scholarship for UNC in that recruiting class.
  9. Wonder how big of a role new assistant coach Sean May played in UNC's recruitment of Washington?
  10. There is a pinned thread on the UNC boards about an announcement.
  11. Any Hoosiers playing in the Finals?
  12. So what stops Michael Jordan from offering big deals from Jordan Brand to the top recruits as long as they play for UNC? Or Phil Knight from offering big Nike deals to top recruits as long as they play for Oregon?
  13. I always get a kick out of one-and-done players talking about what they want to major in. You know how many one-and-done players have actually returned to finish their degrees while still playing pro ball? One. Marvin Williams at UNC, and he spent 10 straight summers walking around with a backpack in the Carolina heat to earn his degree. Now if Washington wants to play a few years in college, then I could see him actually finishing his degree while playing professionally. But practically no one-and-done is willing to spend the immense amount of time it takes to complete 3 years worth of classes.
  14. Most of those guys have failed as head coaches at lesser schools. Snyder had the extra NCAA baggage on his way out of Mizzou. Capel got Oklahoma in NCAA hot water before he got fired, and he is 3 seasons into his Pitt tenure without a winning season. I think K clearly sees a lot of himself in Scheyer, both being from Chicago. Also this is the perfect scenario for K's ego. He gets a year of the press fawning all over him, while Scheyer does all the heavy lifting recruiting.
  15. For the record, InsideCarolina Premium sources reported that Hubert Davis had cooled on Taylor 2 weeks ago bc Taylor had been underwhelming and shooting poorly this summer (Taylor was a Roy offer, not a Hubert offer.) This was followed by Hubert Davis offering 2 forwards who have really exploded and played well lately in Cam Whitmore and Tyler Nickel. So when Taylor got onto social media to hype up his June 26th announcement, everyone on IC Premium was fully aware he would not be coming to UNC. So if you saw any UNC fans who thought they were getting Taylor, those were likely uninformed free boarders who were talking out their asses.
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