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  1. I believe that your best 5 should be what you start the game with and the best 5 from the first half should be what starts the second half. I'm not sure why we are hoping that we can get the best out of Kopp and Stewart so that we can put off as long as possible having our best group on the floor. Perhaps Rob and Galloway both prefer to come off the bench.
  2. I hope we can see more Geronimo and Race together. That money line-up of Rob, XJ, Galloway, Race and TJD.....Can we start that just once?
  3. With a minute to go I was sure that FT% was going to be what broke it off in us. I've been watching IU since 1982 and I can't recall a Turnover number that low.
  4. This has to be a deciding factor for him wouldn't you think?
  5. If we are in the final 3 for the young man then I have to like our chances. I'm always hesitant to get to excited about our chances with this caliber of a big man.
  6. If last nights environment didn't win this young man's recruitment for IU then I'm not sure what else we could do.
  7. I lived in Philadelphia for a year and I'm not sure why anyone would want to unless they were born there. If we win the environment all that is Bloomington and our fan base would be far more impressive one would think than the other two visits. I would think in a close competitive game it would have similar results as well.
  8. We have a long way to go yet and players this caliber in this era rarely commit early. I have to believe when it gets down to it, one of those three schools will be there with Duke, UNC and Kentucky. I wouldn't count Baylor either. I'm hoping the personal relationship his dad has with CMW keeps us in the hunt. I think this young man is legend at IU if he comes. He'll just be a great player at the other schools.
  9. I think I'd rotate Durr and Duncomb in on the big fella and make him earn his from the line. We certainly can't afford to have either Race or Trace in foul trouble. The rest of the positions on the floor,,,,at home,,,,I think we can be a handful for them to guard. More of an evolving Geronimo will be huge for us. I predict Rob will be big for us there. I feel good about this one.
  10. Agreed I have no issue with JG 1st off the bench, with this starting line-up but unless its garbage time I can't imagine why would want to be without both Race and Trace. At the 12 minute mark we JG with Trace, Galloway and Rob is solid. Give Bates a shot to get going but if not come back with Stewart.
  11. The best basketball I've seen out of us that has happened on multiple occasions would be: XJ, Rob, Galloway, Trace and Race. Kopp and Geronimo would be my short bench.
  12. I'll get this put there early. Kopp.....can't defend any position on the floor in the first unit. We look better with Galloway on the floor. I'm going to load that into my clipboard so I can just log on and hit paste.
  13. I assumed Herb Graham,,,but I think you're right it was Horace
  14. Point guard play, as good as it was last game, it was equally as bad tonight. This is where I normally pitch my argument for Galloway v. Kopp as a starter but I'll defer to the gentlemen being paid to make that decision and assume there's something about Kopps all around game and contribution to the 5 that he's a part of that makes him the more logical choice to START each half and not be a specialist off the bench where he could be plugged in against the other teams second unit which would probably have someone that he could f'n guard. It was a road game...and we're not good enough to win against a mediocre conference team on their floor.....that simple. We have the talent to be, but we're not there yet.
  15. I believe Fife is the lead recruiter on him. Fife will start reeling them in. Its just a matter of time.
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