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  1. That's a bummer. It'll be nice to see how he develops. Wonder where we're at with Parks?...... This could also mean that we've gotten further entrenched with Montverde and IMG.
  2. Dude that was the exact combo I was hoping to hear. I'd take Craft at point anytime. Add a reliable jumper.....I'm sold.
  3. I'm eager to track Danes percentage on guys he gets in on early here. He was a top 10 recruiter at msu almost immediately. He got Freeman over 24hrs after 1st contact. 2023 will be the year of Fife.
  4. I remember J Thomas was on the All Final 4 team and the next year lead the team in rebounding. Could you imagine Kitchel in today's game......he was better than Evans and look what he did with all that time with the 3. Of course Alford would've scored 2500 points with that rational.
  5. TJD needs to mimic Julius Randall and Geronimo needs to be an elite defender and Phinese as Chris Reynolds and we could be very dangerous. Very
  6. I wonder if RMK would've tried to play Blab with him or moved Landon back in at the 5. He really evolved at the 4 next to Tolbert. It would've allowed Randy to stay at the 2. I think PG J. Thomas, 2G Witman, SF Kitchel, PF Turner, C Bouchie,,,,would've been their best shot at repeating. The bench would've been lean though. Guys like Risley and Isenberger with Jim Thomas was a heck of a bench.
  7. Does he defend the position well against scoring points guards? That was always the knock on Hulls.
  8. I've only seen a couple of Hooks videos but I was sold. However rarely is there a lot of posted video where a guy looks like sh7t. I've never seen a Booker clip that I didn't thank he looked disinterested.
  9. I'd love to hear the back story here.
  10. I'm a pass on this one. Can't teach effort.
  11. I think the 23 class will have a couple quality bigs in it.
  12. Sam Perkins is who he reminds me of now. But is he still growing? 15 years old
  13. I think the family ties to the university and his relationship with TJD keep us in it. There could always be info we don't though.
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