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  1. I like big pgs. Adding Clowney and/or Reneau gives us a well rounded class. 2023 will be the year of Fife on the recruiting trail.
  2. Could be a sign Clowney is leaning elsewhere or just us trying to further our efforts with the Florida prep scene.
  3. Agreed. I really hope Kyle has a great career and I'll be the first to say I'm wrong if he doesn't turn out to be a soft 6'11" 3pt shooter.
  4. Boy guys, I'm seeing a young man that's still very prepubescent looking. We still have plenty of time but he kinda strikes me as a Northwestern kid.
  5. This is my kinda big man. Very Bam Adebayoesque.
  6. The kid I liked from the video was #22 Jordayn Surratt. He looked similar, maybe a little more active but hard to distinguish in the highlights from Clowney. Surratt is 6'6".' I like the bigs that stand out from the speed of the game with traditional big skills, and "If" they have some extended range that's fine. There will always be a place for a Tarris Reed big man. Unfornately having a love for the skillset is something that's soon to be extinct. I look forward to see how Few uses Holmgren this year. That will be the text book we'll want to follow if we continue to get excited by 7'0"ers that prefer to shoot from 22' Don't take it personal Noah, I just got out of the hospital i'm in a shitty mood.
  7. Bledsoe is a Looogootee name for sure. He's a 1A small school kid. Being a Bledsoe he's had the green light since he was a fetus. He could be Toby Madison, for those that know that part of the state.
  8. It definitely looks like. No one is after JHS as hard as we are.
  9. For the 50 and over group I think there's a lot of Marcus Liberty/ Sean Higgins to him. If you look back at their college stats, size, and game I feel he'll be that type of impact for us.
  10. I never thought I'd see the day that we'd be openly out -recruited by player earnings statements. We have two things. A building full of elite business minds, and the greatest "soft skills" street handler of all-time a phone call away. (WWW) Ultimately 10 years from now when we look back at this moment in IU history, if we're a national powerhouse with a couple of championships itll be because we were the best at getting kids paid. Smh
  11. For the older crowd he's a modern take on Ricky Calloway. Calloway was a McDonald's All-American but the same lanky athletic, 5 tool kinda guy.
  12. I agree, he'll get the bump that comes with a commit to a prestige school. Bates climbed 20 spots.
  13. Physically more prepared than Clowney it appears. Him and JHS together would certainly show signs of getting momentum with the florida basketball factories.
  14. How did we not even get a visit? He's a legit presence in the paint.
  15. Not sure, looking into it.
  16. I had it and it almost killed my mother, I dont wish it on anyone. I really hope he doesn't become severely symptomatic. Prayers going out for the young man.
  17. I just heard UNC figured out the NIL game. I'm not versed in the language of the deal but it's a group benefit.
  18. If he ends up being considered the best big in the state and he's in Indy, for the optics you have to sign him. Maybe he turns into Jerran Jackson Jr. I'm not sure you teach heart though, but CMW does have magical abilities in that area. I like Parks and Freeman. But that's just what you see on video.
  19. Loved Jim Thomas...He led the team in rebounds his junior year I believe. Also If I'm not mistaken made the All-Final Four team in 1981. He was a long, springy mini Bobby Wilkerson. He did all the little things. I never remember RMK blasting him directly. Anytime you can have a legitimate pg that's 6'5-6'6" and invested in defense, it's a different game out there. He'd look good next to Bates in the back court.
  20. I said it b4. I love big point guards. We are going to be physical.
  21. Rosemond's relationships with the SE region will carry us this year. Fife will catch his groove with the 23' class. Shifting gears from pitching MSU to IU on the kids he'd already been in with would've been hard I would think. Hunter, I hope can catch his stride soon but I think he was leading our portal efforts.
  22. I lost my confidence predicting when Washington stiffed Purdue, but I'm feeling good about Shifano and Banks.
  23. One would think this is a UK lock if they want him. He's certainly never seen a shot he didn't like. These are one of those moments where with all things equal what does Joey Hart look like running up and down the court against this guy? A matchup like that would say a lot about who I'd rather have.
  24. I keep going back top him blocking that shot by catching it out of the air. I think he's going to be a handful and he drove over immediately after talking to Fife. I think Dane can keep MSU off of him and if we can produce on the court this year, I like our chances.
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