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  1. saying that about rob after all hes given to this program is a selfish comment. i wish we had rob for 4 more years. theres a reason newkirk was at pitt. not indiana brand of ball
  2. boys, talent wise no question were outmatched, but damn our boys are fighting like hell! archie had em ready in the first half, well see if the 2nd half follows suit.
  3. if someone would front him and have backside dive when the ball is lobbed to him, he wouldnt....need to make that defensive adjustment.
  4. no sir 27 year old trumplican. Grayson Allen hit some high degree of difficulty shots. this loss wasnt on RoJo lack of D, go back and watch the game tape. will serve you better when you come here to argue.
  5. just block him, its obviously nothing but negative energy flowing from that source.
  6. unreal the calls these refs are making....
  7. btown needs a timeout. rojo is playing his ass off
  8. their starting 5 are all 1st round picks, our guys are giving them a helluva fight
  9. you can really tell how prepared this team is for tonight. great job by the coaching staff for getting these guys ready and having a punching chance to win this.
  10. ive seen the term soft and weak with robs name attached on this forum too much. last 3 years hes been a name we mention when we partake in playing coach and whos going guard the opponents best scorer. I think hes adapting to a new system under a new coach. lets remember he isnt a incoming freshman, he was a 3 year guy for CTC. Hes hustling and playing hard or he wouldnt be in the lineup under CAM otherwise. lets build this young man up along with the rest of our beloved hoosiers
  11. need stops desperately. cant keep trading buckets.
  12. lets be honest we dont have a guy that can stop bagley inside. were small in the front court. stopping bagley and boxing out wendall carter is going to be a task. i think RoJo can become the defensive guy we know and hold Allen.
  13. it was beautiful to watch a competent coach prepare our boys on how to attack a 2-3 zone the correct way. not setting a high pick and roll against a 2-3 zone like someone else i know.
  14. even better reason to come out and watch indiana take on two teams at once
  15. CAM telling me tha AL Durham didnt earn the start for the second half?
  16. honestly idc if they were playing the indiana school for deaf and blind, this is unacceptable.
  17. and thats BS, The momos who gave crean an eternity, need to come out and support Archie. Thats BULLS***.
  18. in due time, i think. Hes a stud. nice find by Crean.
  19. and a one shot technical at that, i ref HS basketball and HS rules the guy gets 2 shots.
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