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  1. addictedtoIU

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    I think some guys that have been passing wide open shots need to shoot with confidence and make them. That will open up driving lane and give Morgan more space to operate inside. What Nebraska did was nothing special; they just did the film study well. They knew some guys wouldn't have guts to take open shots.
  2. addictedtoIU

    Romeo Langford

    Gosh where would we be if we didn't have Romeo?
  3. addictedtoIU

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Best post of the day!
  4. addictedtoIU

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Yeah Romeo had some stretch of game where he wasn't as assertive as he needed to be, but it was because of Romeo we only lost the game by 3 points. It could've been a blowout. I mean a loss is a loss no matter what the margin is but we certainly didn't want a 15 point blowout loss after leading by 14 in the first half. One thing I gotta say is Romeo needs to realize he should be more selfish in offense. Look what Green did last night. He didn't hesitate taking shots. I'm not sure he was actively looking for his shots but I felt that he took some shots he shouldn't have taken and some of his plays and shots kinda killed the momentum.
  5. addictedtoIU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Our wins against Marquette and Louisville age pretty well. I think all of us are pretty disappointed by last night's loss, but to think of it, we didn't have a terrible loss this season. The loss to Arkansas was not good but still not terrible. But we still desperately need a signature road win.
  6. addictedtoIU

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    You meant Louisville right? Carolina can't beat Carolina.
  7. addictedtoIU

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Watching last night's game, I thought we had a dilemma. Reality is we don't have a deep bench. I feel like we only have a certain time window that our starters put the maximum efforts to shut the other team down. It was obvious coach wanted to start the game well, so we did. But we didn't or couldn't have the usual second half surge like we always had. Bench players really need to step up in practice OR Archie simply needs to trust them more and give them more chances. I can see our team is working hard and fixing problems; our 3 pointers and free throws were excellent last night. If those didn't fall, it would've been a blowout loss after leading as many as 14 points in the first half. I think it's time to give Clifton Moore some playing time.
  8. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Ok Keion we've done our part, so stop playing and say you're going to wear cream and crimson this fall.
  9. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yay we're on 99th page. I think we definitely finish the 100th page before the end of this weekend.
  10. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Who knows? Keion's really waiting for the 100-page mark. We got 6 more pages to go!
  11. addictedtoIU

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    If we survive the first 10 minutes, we can beat them.
  12. addictedtoIU

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    Plus, I'm dead serious Juwan would not be the Captain Morgan as we know now.
  13. addictedtoIU

    Justin Smith’s dad last night

    Smith didn't take shots behind 3-point line when he was open just like McBob. He doesn't have good enough ball handling skills to blow by defenders and get to the rim either. Maybe he can try 15-feet mid-range jump shots in the future, but as this point I don't think he has enough confidence to do so.
  14. addictedtoIU

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    I think the key is to endure the first 10-12 minutes of the game. Our team has shown tendency to take time to activate good defense. Maybe guys need to get a little 'feel' how the other team throws different types of offense and also get familiarized with the surroundings. If we maintain the game within a striking distance in the first half, we got a chance. If we get blown out in the first half (15+ points or more), forget about it.
  15. addictedtoIU

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Good thing is we're 3-0. Bad thing is tougher games are ahead. Once again, last night's game proved that defense is our bread and butter. We're still offensively challenged, and hopefully guys will feel more comfortable playing with one another soon enough. I liked that freethrows improved, and Justin played really hard and seemed to slowly find his niche.