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  1. I guess some people may overvalue IU job, but I think you're clearly undervaluing it. Sure IU job has lost its lust comparing to coach Knight era or right after he was let go, but why do you think the national media talks about Archie being on a hot seat? If people are not interested, they don't talk about it. IU still is a brand name in college basketball, but it won't be so after 10 years. Or maybe we only have 5 years left to get back to relevance, otherwise, we'd be forgotten and would remain 2nd tier permanently. Archie hire was a very important one, but we know the result. Now this upcom
  2. If Stevens said no to us before, I wonder what was IU's attitude and demeanor when it reached out to Stevens. Were they just checking? or did they show enough sincerity and desperation for his services? At the minimum, if Dolson is going to reach out to him this time, he must approach this with great sense of urgency just like Ohio State did for Holtman. That's the minimum. If Stevens still says no, nothing we can do. But IU really needs to be honest about its efforts to win Stevens' heart because it is IU that needs him, not the other way around. IU must be willing to go above and beyond this
  3. So I guess Archie should be seen as an educator first, and a coach second. Then, IU doesn't need to pay him as much. Joking aside, other things than basketball are beautiful if and only if he is a winner. Coach Knight did his best to make sure his players graduate with degrees, too. Lots of fans thought it was a beautiful thing, but more importantly, he was a big time winner. So his dedication to education was an icing on the cake. A losing basketball coach's dedication to education...well, it's a good thing, but it's still not coach's main task.
  4. This is why Archie needs to go after BTT. https://www.hammerandrails.com/2021/3/6/22313851/fire-archie-miller-contract-extension-allies-inc
  5. Hiring a good coach especially at a place like IU is similar to a marriage. If it can't be 'love at first sight', one party must win the other party's heart. IU must drop its ego and show Stevens love, support, and most importantly desperation.
  6. Plus he seems to be pretty good at building 'culture' so the next coach could take off immediately. We see what's happening at Michigan.
  7. I never ever thought IU football coach gets paid more than the basketball coach. That alone just shows how much coach Allen has achieved. Archie should learn from him how to build a team culture. Did he ever talk to coach Allen to pick his brain?
  8. I think so too, but at least I want IU to pursue him relentlessly, like a college coach recruiting a prized recruit. Let Brad feel he's the absolute priority.
  9. I really hope Dolson does the same thing for coach Moren.
  10. Never really thought about this guy, but wow looking at his resume, this coach REALLY has some serious amount of experience in many different basketball leagues.
  11. Is IU men's basketball becoming a body building program?
  12. While players do have to make plays to win games, on the flip side, it's a valid question to ask if the players we have have been utilized to their strengths. Or Archie tried to fit players to his system no matter what their strengths and weaknesses are. We criticized Crean a lot for not being able to tweak his system to fit players better. I think we've seen the same problem with Archie. Also my other thoughts are if Archie's offensive scheme is simple and easy to prepare for, there's not much room for players to do. Their offensive sets and moves are easily anticipated by opponents. Wh
  13. Yeah right Archie. That's all you can say. When the product is as bad as yours, you're ultimately responsible. Why do you think you're getting paid 3+ million a year? For you to say shots are falling in for 4 straight years?
  14. I don't think his answer being disrespectful. He said he studied IU's plays a lot so he was familiar what IU ran in offense. Kudos to the kid. He didn't say IU's offense was too easy or he didn't even need to study. He stated simple facts, but obviously as IU fans, his comments can't be well taken without bias, which is natural.
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