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  1. If there's any person who can say "Jordan, get out of my seat!", it's definitely Kareem... even for the best NBA player of all time.
  2. Good point. I don't know why but for some odd reason, I believe Armaan and Jordan would mesh very well. They're smart but humble, and they will make sure to put in tons of work. And Armaan already showed his value as a true freshman.
  3. Brock Washington did it as an incoming freshman. He didn't even spend a semester there. Same thing for Keith Appling and Adreian Payne when they committed a rape. To me, it's obvious MSU has a culture that basketball players are above other students. Players can't be harmed and will be protected by all means necessary. Obviously coaching staff wouldn't promote wrongdoings, but it's the culture they have in the locker room. Even newbies in the program know they'd be protected and would get away with crimes.
  4. Impressive! He can be the next Oladipo for IU. Archie landed a gem. Most shocking thing was he edged Terrence Clarke for POY. Wow!
  5. That sounds like a bad decision, but at least, baseball is played in the open field, thus, much safer than indoor sports, but would any player want to sit in the dugout?
  6. Welcome aboard. For some odd reason, you handle sounds familiar. Must be a deja vu.
  7. Really like us in E8, but when I saw Rutgers in Sweet 16, I'm not sure this is a good enough simulation. Nonetheless, I feel great. Devonte and De'Ron have one more game to play.
  8. Guess we're one and done in the tourney. It's arguable but Seton Hall's resume seems to be a bit better than ours. We made the tournament and won 1 game. This team has met my expectation. Looking forward to the next season!
  9. We gotta have HTD back. The gentleman is the most unique character of us all. He's the one and only and simply cannot be replaced!
  10. Much appreciated! All I worried about about was that he might be too attached or inclined to the school administration so he might not be the best person to bridge the gap between the conservative school officials that live in the clouds and the coaching staff who has to deal with real life situations.
  11. Hmm...I really like this part. A decision has been made by the committee. I did my part of the rant. Now's the time to get on board and support him. This man deserves his chance for all his hard work over so many years and also being a diehard Hoosier for all his life. Go Hoosiers! "From my perspective as athletic director, I think I need to do everything I can, whether it's helping with scheduling, creating the fan experience we need, just being a sounding board for the coaches. I want to be there every step of the way where I'm needed but also not to get in the way. I want to let the coaches have the freedom to execute their plan."
  12. Will Wade is a fxxxxxx gangsta, huh? Can't believe stuff going on in NCAA. Did NCAA drop the case against Will Wade?
  13. While I don't like this hire very much, us having this thread to voice our opinions and concerns could turn out to be a good thing. If IU athletics ever checks out fan boards to gauge public opinion, Scott Dolson would know by now a lot of fans are concerned with his promotion. I wish he tackle his day to day tasks with a chip on his shoulder. I wish he'd be eager to prove a lot of doubters wrong.
  14. What about Robel? I googled and found that she's a law professor. Do you think she's McRobbie II or even worse for athletic programs?
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