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  1. Happy for Romeo. And he proudly wore the candy stripes. Hoping for a long, successful career in the NBA!
  2. I'm sure OG is rehabbing and training hard these days. Poor kid couldn't be on the biggest stage. As he saw Siakam and Vanvleet shined like diamonds, he would've been happy for them but at the same time thought that should've been him.
  3. All 3 of them are freaks of nature. You only see one of those once a decade at most. More likely once a generation. Romeo, while having great potential, is definitely not at that level. That's why teams look into all elements of his game. To me, it's simply to balance risk/reward.
  4. I thought for a split second he was OG Anunoby. That's determination and dedication.
  5. Really good leaders are born; they have the innate quality to lead people. Usually they show the quality at their younger ages. But we're talking about a college program here. A person like De'Ron who has a big heart and may have teammates' best interests at heart, can develop into a leader. Of course, he may have some growing pains and head scratching moments, but that's how most people develop themselves. Oh, one thing I like to add is the person must have desire to lead people when the moment is right.
  6. Looking at his highlights, I realize again I'm gonna miss him badly especially when we desperately need buckets to stay in the game or to keep the lead.
  7. I don't know whose team this is. I thought if De'Ron can play 25+ minutes and have strong on-court presence, this would be his team. He certainly has quality to look after younger kids and be a good big brother. I know it's different from being a good leader, but at least that can be a good start. In most cases, leaders are made, not born. Joey can be his good running mate. Joey needs at least one year to be fully acclimated to IU program. Personality wise, he may be a good candidate, but it's too much to ask for a transfer student.
  8. Looks like he had enough muscles for parties. He was a lucky kid; he came to IU at the right time for himself.
  9. Well deserved. I personally think except the handful kids that are considered the surefire top 3 - 5, Romeo has arguably the most upside at the pro level among the rest.
  10. I believe it. Romeo easily can be the best teammate if other kids don't get jealous of all the attentions he naturally gets. By all accounts, he seemed to be very grounded and humble. Sometimes in the last season, I thought Romeo could've played much better if other kids helped him on the court rather than threw him the ball and let him do his things.
  11. All I wish him to do as a sophomore is to defend and to make wide-open 3-point shots. That'll make him a pretty decent player.
  12. Sean Miller would probably take care of him financially. Or Richardson would cut a book deal a few years down the road. He's got nothing to lose.
  13. Milehi, the new teledoc at HSN
  14. NCAA can't pick a fight against big boys, so tries to find someone of its size. Disgusting.
  15. I thought Romeo's talent was undeniable when I watched IU games. He just needs to be more assertive in the next level. As he finishes his rehab, his shooting will get much better. Drafting him in mid to late first round would be a steal.
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