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  1. Romeo Langford

    We should take any news with a grain of salt until the official announcement, but as the decision date is nearing, more pro-IU hearsay comes out, which I think is not a bad thing.
  2. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Big East is not the same Big East any more, but both Xavier and Villanova got #1 seeds this time. If they do well in their league, they can still be highly seeded.
  3. Ryan Taylor

    He lost a person 7 years ago, but he's found another one.
  4. Grad Transfers?

    Plus he would want to go somewhere where he has a good chance to go the tournament.
  5. 2018 coaching vacancies

    There's a little bit of difference between Mack and all the coaches you mentioned. Mack is a Xavier alum and a former player. I certainly wouldn't say he's a Xavier lifer, but it'll take more to get him out of there.
  6. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Some things will never change. I watched his press conference and he said his bigs will shoot 3s and his guards will post up. He's a firm believer of his offense. The way I see it is his teams will have to play pretty good defense in order for his offense to work. Always wishing him the best of luck except when we play UGA.
  7. Romeo Langford

    Having Langford and/or Taylor will definitely help spacing our offense and give our big guys more room to operate, but I'm more curious how well Davis and Morgan play together next season since Davis is a space-eater type.
  8. Will Anyone Follow Crean to Georgia?

    Believe Ashton Hagens is Crean's first 5-star target (recently decommitted from UGA). Watford may be a long shot at best, but you know some coaches still chase 5 stars even though they know they don't have a chance but just to give fanbase impression that they're working hard.
  9. 2018 coaching vacancies

    If I were a decision maker at UL, I would keep the young coach for a few years to weather the storm (i.e. NCAA penalties) and to save money (there could be some legal battles with NCAA and/or Pitino). UL doesn't need to pay big bucks to Padgett now; if he turns out to be a diamond in the rough, UL can reward him later. If not, they can attract a better coach later. UL has resources to make things happen at the right moment, and I think UL is one of the top 10 destination jobs, if not top 5.
  10. 2018 coaching vacancies

    So the only solution is him recruiting like Cal or K, but you know what happened.
  11. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Crean is the ultimate PR/hype guy. When things are going well, he can be a rock star in campus because of his personality.
  12. Haas out for rest of tourny

    Feeling bad for him. He must've worked so hard to get to this point. Wish a full and speedy recovery.
  13. Romeo Langford

    That would've been a disaster. There are a lot of coaches out there dreaming for those 'destination' jobs, but those are not for everybody. Money, fame, power, and abundant resources all come with price.
  14. 2018 coaching vacancies

    https://www.dawgnation.com/mens-basketball/watch-tom-crean-arrives-athens-immediately-takes-pictures-georgia-fans-airport Coach Crean landed in Athens, GA and delivered his first short speech to the Dawg nation.
  15. Will Anyone Follow Crean to Georgia?

    Sounds plausible.