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  1. That remains to be seen. 3-guard lineup is something I don't like to see unless our 3 guards can defend well and shoot 3s in high percentages. We play in slow pace mostly and not having good size doesn't seem to help us offensively.
  2. Phinisee and TJD are locks. Whether Davis starts or not will depend on his condition (injury, conditioning level, etc.) and how well he plays with TJD. I think there's a good chance Durham would start because of his size, long-range shooting, and defense. Hunter is a wild card; we haven't seen him on the court. I expect he'd have some growing pain. My wild guess is... Thompson TJD Smith (could be Hunter) Durham Phinisee
  3. Did you count Romeo to the mix? In case he leaves, we'll have 1 spot open, and my wild guess is we'd see at least 1 transfer.
  4. That sounds like an easy path, but Gafford-less Ark will be a shitty team and won't pass the first round.
  5. I mean we had a golden opportunity against OSU and headed into the game with 4 game winning streak. It was arguably the most important game of the season and played like sh!t for 30 minutes. I don't even know how that was possible. Sad thing is I cant even expect we'd do well in the NIT. NIT is usually for teams like Penn state, Rutgers, Nebraska world. They do well because they're so excited to extend their seasons. For them, NIT can be seen as success. But for this year's IU? Not at all. They'd probably come out flat again because they were defeted and disappointed. And the selection committee would think 'thank God we didn't include IU 'cause they're really not a good enough team.'
  6. It was NCAA tournament or bust. This season was a bust.
  7. Can we please lock this thread and let it go down the list?
  8. OK less than 5 hrs before the announcement but no intel. I kind of take it as a bad sign.
  9. Currently, Crystal ball heavily favors UK with whopping 71%, and IU landing him would be considered a major upset by people outside of IU fanbase.
  10. It's a bummer we didn't capitalize the opportunity of having Romeo. It must feel terrible to play in the NIT.
  11. No idea why our guys look like deers in the headlight. They need to wake up before game's out of reach.
  12. That's not right. First year shouldn't be considered. The rosters and talent levels of both schools were not comparable.
  13. Stop it. Your opinion is based on 1 1/2 games so far.
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