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  1. addictedtoIU

    IU vs Arkansas pre-game thread

    You can play hardball 'cause we're going to win!
  2. addictedtoIU

    Rob Phinesse

    What surprised me was Isiah had that many turnovers in 3 games and was not killed by Bob Knight.
  3. addictedtoIU

    Rob Phinesse

    I'm also on Rob Phinisee hype train. With that said, big 10 opponents will start studying films to find his weakness and try to exploit. Whether or not he can rise above the challenge remains to be seen, but what no one can deny is he exceeded expectations at this point. I think he'll struggle in some games, but he's fundamentally sound, has high basketball IQ, and has good enough athleticism to eventually overcome challenges.
  4. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I hope so. But after seeing Romeo slicing though defenders to get to the rim, I feel like there's no one like Romeo. It's top of the line smoothness. I thought I was watching Tracy McGrady.
  5. addictedtoIU

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Indiana basketball owes to senior citizen fans for their unwavering love and support through thick and thin. They deserve to see someone other than Bob Knight bring championship trophies to IU.
  6. addictedtoIU

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Armaan is a great get for our program. Seems like a level-headed and smart kid who would represent IU well on and off the court. He's got upside to be a solid 4-year player and be a backbone of our program for years to come. I like Archie's recruiting strategy. He brings in solid 3-4 year players with good basketball IQ and sprinkles 5-stars on top. That way we can compete against the best in the nation and also have stability year after year. Archie is the man on a mission. I have no doubt that he will hang banners in the near future.
  7. addictedtoIU

    Marquette Post game

    I expected we'd beat them by 20 in Assembly Hall. But what I didn't expect was how well we contained Markus Howard without Green in the lineup. This team is unselfish, and that starts with our captain Juwan Morgan. To me, he was the unsung hero. He played hard but never forced anything. He literally let the game come to him. Coach Miller really recruited talented and also SMART players, which many of us here lamented for years. I was screaming with joy like a little boy right in front of TV (my son told me, "Dad, you're scaring me!") when Romeo and Rob took it inside and finish. We all knew Romeo would be very good, but what Rob showed against a marquee opponent was WAY beyond his years. Rob's got a VERY matured game and his basketball IQ is off the chart! With Rob and Al playing well, we have great depth in all positions. When Green comes back, if he doesn't play up to his potential or pushes his 'fancy' style, Archie doesn't need to play him. Last year, he didn't have that option. I'm expecting from next week to end of this season, we'll be staying in top 25.
  8. addictedtoIU

    Marquette Pregame Thread

    IU wins by 20. Go Hoosiers!
  9. NCAA is in a sticky situation. They can't put the whole thing under the rug as too much information came out nor do they want to disrupt their business too much by hammering blue chip programs. My guess is they will try to find the best middle ground (for example, reduction of scholarships, post season ban, fines, head coach's resignation, etc.) and give the general public the impression NCAA is a legit, authoritative institution. In other words, they will try to fool the general public.
  10. addictedtoIU

    Did the NBA cost FCTC his job?

    That's gotta happen when players are not good enough to play at break neck pace. UGA kids played relatively slow offense and pretty tough defense under the previous coach. Crean, undoubtedly plays his style regardless of who he has.
  11. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Would Lavar Ball be at the game? If so, circus is coming to town!
  12. addictedtoIU

    Chicago State Pregame Thread

    Sorry to hear Jones. May your father rest in peace.
  13. addictedtoIU

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Great job, mods! Those comments certainly don't fit our 'culture' here. It's hard to establish a good culture especially in an online community, but breaking a good one doesn't take a long time.
  14. addictedtoIU

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Thanks Coach! It's comforting when you say this.
  15. addictedtoIU

    Where is Grant Gelon ????

    To me, the recruit and former player Grant Gelon had a symbolic meaning in Crean's downfall that eventually led to his termination. Towards the end of his tenure at IU, I'm sure he knew tons of IU fans and stakeholders criticized his lack of success in recruiting in-state players, and he must've been in lots of pressure for it. As he struck out on quality in-state players (or possibly he never even had a chance because he burnt so many bridges), all he could do was to sign Gelon and advertise him as a future 3-point specialist where in fact, Gelon had absolutely no business being in high major D1 let alone being at a blueblood school like IU.