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  1. addictedtoIU

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Thanks for a good video. I understand his competitiveness and passion, but what a knucklehead. Knight survived the fiasco because he did that in the 80's and was a championship coach. McCaffrey needs to look in the mirror and calm down.
  2. addictedtoIU

    Armaan Franklin

    Good move by the coach. I don't know why I feel this way, but every time I look at Armaan's picture, he looks so smart.
  3. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Exactly my sentiment if you read my post correctly. IU basketball has been irrelevant for a while, and IU fans can't be mad at Indiana kids looking elsewhere. Our new coaching staff just needs to win the state back, and it looks like we're heading to the right direction this time.
  4. addictedtoIU

    MSU is in trouble

    MSU's been harboring all kinds of two-faced sickos for too long...both knowingly and unknowingly. Will it ever pay the price rather than just handing checks out?
  5. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Personally, it doesn't make me feel good if a high-caliber Indiana kid considers UK as a viable destination. However, I understand that if a kid didn't grow up in a die-hard IU Hoosier family, he can consider UK if a UK offer comes his way. To those kids, IU is just another instate school that didn't have a lot of success recently in men's basketball. I don't see anything wrong about that. Some kids born to be Hoosiers, and other kids become Hoosiers along the way, which is my case. We need to be a bit more open-minded. In the end, I'm just very happy to finally have a coach who can go head to head against Cal in recruiting.
  6. addictedtoIU

    Rematch with Duke

    It would've been interesting. Pack line vs Pack line
  7. addictedtoIU

    Expectations for Next Year

    Indeed. There will be some guys who will surprise us. Smith and Durham could make a big jump (and they played decent minutes last season as freshmen), and we know what McRoberts brings to the table, and if he starts knocking down open 3s, he can be a starter over any other guy we have since he's such a force defensively. Undoubtedly, I think the biggest difference would be to have Romeo, and he will open the door for other guys for easier opportunities. And if Moore and Thompson turn out to be serviceable players, watch out!
  8. addictedtoIU

    Expectations for Next Year

    My expectation is top 3 in BIG and Elite 8 for now. This can be CAM's first big opportunity and also challenge. One thing I'm not comfortable about is our PG situation. We don't have a good PG in returning players, and our true PG is a true freshman. Obviously, Juwan and Romeo will have to live up to the hype, but to me, Devante Green is the biggest wild card.
  9. addictedtoIU

    Archie Miller and Huber Winery

    This is what an event of a blueblood school looks like!
  10. addictedtoIU

    Archie Miller and Huber Winery

    With landing Romeo and Juwan coming back, expectation is high and it'll be a great gathering.
  11. addictedtoIU

    MSU is in trouble

    Payne might've told other players if Izzo gets on board, there would be nothing they can't do. Everything's forgivable.
  12. addictedtoIU

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    You think he's more of a UK type player? Just curious.
  13. addictedtoIU

    Brandon Newman

    I have so much trust in our coaching staff. I'm sure they're still in contact with him in case we need to offer him. Obviously, we want to recruit like a blueblood, and our coaching staff didn't disappoint me.
  14. addictedtoIU

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I would think of it as a PR move to show that he's got Indiana ties, which is not the case. I don't think he's that delusional though. He may get mid to low 4 stars or 3 stars occasionally, but top flight Indiana high school recruits? Good luck with that.
  15. addictedtoIU

    Sampson to Magic?

    And only lasts for 10 secs.