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  1. And according to them Zeller wasn’t a five star and the NC offer was just token. Good grief they are terrible spin doctors.
  2. Food is getting better. Pizza is still crap. Everyone told me to go to turonies. That crap is in violation. Only about 3 decent pizza places. The rest is saltine crackers with ketchup and plastic cheese cut into squares.
  3. I apologize, it’s not like I didn’t get the same treatment at times. Didn’t know I had to earn a spot or ask permission or not post on something I have an interest in. It also seems to be clickish site. It’s unfortunate I guess from both sides. Again I’m sorry and won’t be back. Good day all. Go Hoosiers.
  4. Wow. Nice. Completely goes against what I was told about you guys. Peace. I’m out.
  5. Why? Because you disagree? They both have 4 years. With the transfer rules the way they are who tf knows. So🤦🏻 Yourself. Its too damn convenient. It’s not like these things never happen. And notice I said “at some point”. You guys are so sensitive and dismissive.
  6. It’s way to early. If they are they won’t say anything until everything is ready. I’m expecting at least one will end up with dad at some point. If people think these sweet tweets are set in stone are delusional. They have to say something. 🤦🏻
  7. So far everyone has a valid point wether you agree or not. It could be any combination of things.
  8. He trusted him enough to make him associate head coach over Hiller?
  9. Very true. I hope so but the past as IU football is concerned is still awful. Give us old pessimist some slack. 🤣
  10. That person has become Allen. It’s his ship. We and everyone else have taken a look at Hiller. We don’t like what we see.
  11. Don’t down play this. He’s the associate head coach too. Second in charge. That’s nothing to just dismiss. Kind of comical people would.
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