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  1. Killingsworth was not a 7 footer. He was barely 6’7”. He was more Barkley like. Durr can’t elevate. He’s an under the rim type. He’s just going to be a serviceable body. I’m not sold that he will play a ton.
  2. I’m inclined to want energy at the 6th and 7th spot. I think Bates from all reports is that guy. Number 7? Not sure who that is. I want hungry guys coming off the bench. We didn’t have any scoring depth last year. That’s what is different with this group. We have a few.
  3. He’s quicker and more explosive. He’s also ahead of him in skill at that age. I believe he’s young for his class too.
  4. All of B town McD sucketh. The elletsville one is just nasty. NASTY!!!
  5. IU has been waiting for a president like her for 2 decades. She will be very visible at sporting events. She loves football especially from what I hear.
  6. Graphics that show what current starters where ranked. I’ll throw in Iowa’s too. https://iowa.rivals.com/news/throwback-thursday-looking-back-at-iowa-s-starters-as-recruits-17 https://iowa.rivals.com/news/throwback-thursday-looking-back-at-indiana-s-starters-as-recruits
  7. I think we forced the run at times last year. I think we will hold their D line in place for as long as possible. Play with pace. We might let Penix audible more without the card. He’s a very smart QB. I think Iowa thinks they are good enough to play straight up(no twists) to their own fault. I’m hoping Penix is accurate early and I think he will be.
  8. That’s really all we had except the colts safeties where pretty good but undersized. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?
  9. Ryder Anderson looks pretty good. He can get into the backfield. We can blitz from just about every spot. I look for us to win some match ups this year.
  10. That’s not why we lost our starter plus our O line wasn’t bad at pass blocking. Run blocking is a different story. Watch this video. We had to be kind of vanilla as we had no fall camp or coaching contact. I look for our offens to be much better and more dynamic. We had spring and full fall camp. I look for Penix to be a passing juggernaut. He’s got weapons all over the field. We will probably use our passing to score very quickly and let that defense eat!
  11. Iowa fans are also nervous about what those 70,000 fans do to Petras. He’s a bit shaky and has never played in front of that many people. I think our run game improves enough and we aren’t a running team anyway. I bet we test their secondary early and often. We need a big arm day. IU 33 Iowa 17. Go Hoosiers.
  12. Well 5 years is a big difference in that age group. I get what you are saying but trouble is still trouble wether anything is done about it or not. Mike White is no Billy Donovan. Auburn isn’t UK and UK isn’t winning another ‘chip as long as Cal is still there. The SEC is still yet to prove its poised. Top to bottom the ACC and B1G is still tougher. Inmho
  13. Florida hasn’t been lighting it up. Mike white has gotten worse every year.(15-10 and 19-12)Rick Barnes is 67. Arkansas and Alabama have 2 good seasons combined. That’s not sustained success. LSU hasn’t done much either. One sweet 16? Will wade is always in trouble too. That leaves Auburn and I think they have hit the ceiling. I just don’t see the SEC as on the rise. Sure Texas will help but that’s still a couple of years down the road.
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