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  1. I knew when I wrote that I should’ve explained. I had it years ago and hated it because it was glitchy.
  2. I would say so. They have 2 years to do it and I’m guessing this deal will include some active streaming services already like Amazon etc. Amazon is attractive because it’s already an easy platform to use. ESPN was awful when I had it.
  3. Actually 37% is good for a 3/4. Means you must guard him. If a team shoots 37% from 3 overall is good for top 10.
  4. With NIL money. Won’t be close either.
  5. Rumors since he committed. He’s probably not going to PU at this point. He’s looking at NIL schools most assuredly. UK has been sniffing around.
  6. He did. Plus tweeted this…ouch https://twitter.com/DravynGibbs/status/1554886935507660800?s=20&t=OaC4GQjzB6K8inVx-pHMfg
  7. That guy is confused. Fife creeped out Booker and his camp. Fife messed up with both guys he was recruiting.
  8. I believe so. Scott “slimer” Drew was so freaking mad!
  9. I think it was scott Drew that pushed it. He was mad about losing Hanner. I believe IU/Crean self reported it. Probably should’ve fought it. The NCAA was a paper tiger even back then.
  10. Woody and staff disagree with you. I get it. He’s athletic but woody wants better wing shooters at this point.
  11. Already have those type players. Shooting is a higher priority.
  12. It’s true. He can’t shoot at all. Really bad shooter.
  13. Always felt like a 5 man class. They stopped recruiting Carr weeks ago.
  14. Might get all three. Looks like the visit with Kaiser went very well.
  15. Arizona crystal balls are coming in. Does IU still get a visit?
  16. They are totally different players. Flory is more of a paint area type but is quick enough to play out on the floor just doesn’t have any range. Booker seems to be the better fit in todays game. I doubt either would be guarding each other in college. Ultimately Booker drew him out of the paint all day. That’s the nightmare guarding Booker.
  17. Who is runningunnin.454? Looks like he has some standing.
  18. Supposedly talked down to them about NIL and went on a political tangent. Totally turned them off.
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