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  1. I have no idea why you are so inhospitable on a timely, simple notification? In spite of numerous position coaching changes, the 'consensus' concern regarding IU's recruiting has, and continues to be, inadequate in-state OL D1 talent. As for 'chiming in',.....only when it seems relevant. Have a nice day 😫
  2. The Ferentz team at Iowa has managed, again, to pilfer top instate OL players. #5 rated in state for '23 4☆ Trevor Lauck and #7 Leighton Jones. By now, let's hope that Hiller is put on the clock. At this point, not only dragging down the program, but frankly, embarrassing.
  3. Sounds like a solid hire. Question is, will his extensive NFL coaching techniques and experience be complimentary to DH's OL? Let's hope so.
  4. Chad Wilt. Great performance history in turning D lines around. Great get for CTA who continues to hit 'homers' in the off season.
  5. Let me dampen your dobber. He and Hiller both coached, with Allen at Ark. State. NOBODY'S getting replaced. This is a disastrous hire. Allen has verified his unwillingness to leave his comfort zone. If Dolson allows this to happen, Allen will justifiably be fired sooner than most had expected.
  6. 'Hoosier Exotics'. As for Crean, he's 43 and 52 at Georgia.
  7. I think that was Sports Illustrated on Phil Dickens in the 50's.
  8. When Wilson was let go, and when Glass still ran the show, I mailed assistant Dolson suggesting they go after Fickel. Oh well. Too late. I'm afraid the Crean/Allen comparisons might be more accurate than we would like. Those criticizing Dolson apparently have forgotten he pulled the plug on Miller,..got Woodson and even managed to get the General back inside Assembly Hall.
  9. I see that 2 more defenders are in portal this morning. Allen's inability to pull the plug on certain coaches by now is creating a sense of unwillingness to face reality...It's like,.."man, this program isn't going anywhere, but down". Frankly, it would be surprising not to see a few more, plus a number of decommits. Unless some big changes are announced s-o o-n,...this likely will get uglier, and fast. Like Jim Morrison posed in the late 60's: "Don't you LOVE (him) as (he's) walkin' out the door?
  10. When any enterprise goes in the tank, they don't can the receptionist. While Sheridan is a complete putz,...Allen has week after week to go over what they're doing. I think Allen's unfettered optimism is appreciated,...BUT unless Dolson does some serious coaching upgrades IU can expect this to only get worse in '22, '23 etc. 10,000 fans in a stadium that seats 52,000 won't get it. It's so obviously bad it's hard to believe, even for IU.
  11. If there was any doubt about Sheridan's total incompetency, lack of imagination while putting McCulley in harm's way there's none now. Ultimately, it's Allen that gives the okay.
  12. I see that only 2 power 5 teams in the country have yet to beat another power 5 team this year (and likely will remain so) Vanderbilt and...I...yes U guessed it.🥺
  13. Okay, raise your ✋ hand if you've ever seen a more nervous looking, error prone, incompetent football team on special teams or on offense. How appropriate to have the commissioner in the booth bragging on the great 'coaching' in the league. Fryfogle has gone from a possible 1st round draft pick (last year) to someone that will be pursuing whatever his degree is...😥
  14. Because Sheridan and Hiller are over their heads.
  15. If nothing else, Tom Allen has proven that he is a pretty decent college defensive coordinator. That's about it. Rah, rah rah LEO.
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