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  1. Nick Sheridan is to offense what clumps of hair are to a bathroom drain.
  2. 😏 Toldja'. No one wanted to listen, just personal vitriol. Sheridan/Hiller/Penix.
  3. Sorry Chris. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
  4. Sheridan [33 years old] should study offensive sets of Tampa Bay, the Rams and even the rebuilding Patriots. They realize first and foremost that even with normally good protection (which IU has shown is lacking) the ball needs to be released within 2.5 seconds. Plays need to designed so at least one receiver is open along with a safety outlet. You can't have a semi crippled QB running around in a busted pocket forcing the ball into double-triple coverage unless your IU with 7 INT's in 3 games ( which could have easily been 10 [Iowa]) and expect to win. I (and just about everyone) loved what the late Bill Mallory did for IU. In 95-96 he went 5-17. In doing so, he insisted on letting Chris Dittoe throw it all over the place. He had gotten away from a balanced attack. I said at the time he was going to ride 'Dittoe to Dorian' (the prime receiver) into retirement. That's what happened. I really don't think some of the personal swipes at moi are in good taste, justified nor accurate. Actually pretty rude and distasteful. I'm not a Johnny-come lately troll or a Purdue 'fan' ( although I hope they do well when not playing IU). Just a guy that's seen and done a lot and has a penchant for seeing things develop, good or bad, well in advance of the hordes. If you don't agree, fine. No need to personalize it when you have no clue to whom you're addressing. As far as 'done',..yes I am. I hope IU and Allen do well in the future. I also am aware that being a head coach means making tough, sometimes unpopular decisions. Just saw his B1G teleconference. At least in public, he doesn't seem to be addressing them at the level they need to be addressed. Until he does, little will change. I won't be posting on any new games or the program. Likewise, I won't stand idle while uninformed morons think it's cute to unjustifiably take obnoxious swipes at my intentions.
  5. No, not really! I began because the HSR ended. Just an observant realist. Being over 70 doesn't mean senility, but a better perspective. I can 'handle' lesser talent (which this roster is NOT a victim of),..occassional bad coaching or player decisions but not facing inherent problems over and over. Hiller and Sheridan should have been replaced in the off season. Penix should have been benched at Iowa. As for the polyannas on this page, 7-8 wins,...pleeease! As Jack Nicholson (over 70) uttered in the military court martial scene: "You can't handle the truth". If I irritated or ruffled your little red feathers, good. 🤣
  6. Been rooting for, hoping, wishing, expecting since 1955. Hiller and Sheridan should have been replaced before season. Penix is a bad QB with a big arm. I am officially finito. Suffered enough.
  7. As long as Sheridan is calling plays and a damaged Penix insists on playing,...too much to overcome against any decent opponent. The 'D' can't carry a team by itself.
  8. As Urban Meyer told Gerry D'Nardo in an interview 3 years ago: "Gerry, I had drawers full of applications. If a guy can't recruit, I can't use him." As for the offense v Iowa. Yes, MP was uncomfortable. With no one being open the entire game would make Tom Brady look uncomfortable. That's why Brady's pass plays are designed to get rid of the ball in 2.3 seconds. By the way, ..'up and coming' is for hugely successful coordinators in NAIA, D3, D2 or non power 5 conferences,..not learning the trade at this level making umpteen thousands of $'s. What successful record does NS have except landing a juicy gig? In spite of last years 6-2 record, IU's offense per play from scrimmage was 12th out of 14 teams. That speaks for itself. Finally, the only 'RANTING' is eminating from your myopic, in-denial viewpoint. If you want to make it personal, you might be messing with the wrong person.
  9. It won't be 'too soon' for in-demand verbal commits to jump if this continues. Do you think Caden Curry doesn't pay attention?
  10. Nope. I'm not getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it done, the same way you aren't. It doesn't take a 'coach' to see BAD. Since these 2 have been responsible for run blocking, pass protection, play calling, the offense has been embarrassing ineffective. Can't run,...and with the exception of the desperate last half effort vs OSU (while they were in a prevent defense) can't put up an effective pass attack. As a result, are unable to win time of possession, putting the owness on the exceptional defense. So far, Hiller has not been able to secure a 4* OL'man. That says volumes. That's only the 'tip of the iceberg'. I plan to have more after the Vandals invade Bloomington.
  11. It has become more than clear that Hiller nor Sheridan are effective at this level. Regardless of Allen's personal attachments, every day these 2 are in place in this program, which Allen has clawed and scratched to gain competitive credibility,..will not so gradually go backward. LEO should also encompass practical 'tough love'. If they aren't canned before season's end look for some verbals to jump while other top names lose interest.
  12. I'm glad coach addressed play calling. Without going into a dissertation, as long as Sheridan is scheming and Penix is pulling the trigger,..this season will see 4 wins tops. Actually, most of the other aspects of IU's effort weren't bad. Without the int's Iowa really only accounted for 13 points on offense. I see where Deboer is doing great at Fresno State. He was a big, big loss.
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