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  1. So, if TJD and Bates return, and by the way players were utilized in exhb 1, it appears the 2nd unit could be: Reneau Bates Geronimo Galloway CJ Gunn If so, that will be a fun group to watch. Gunn looked ready and confident.
  2. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/recruiting-rumor-mill-visits-in-full-swing-across-the-country
  3. If we go 1 for 3 on visits from last week and Page commits, IU gets a forward, which is needed badly after this season, and with Newton and Cupps, IU can stay flexible in the spring, and the last two have brought 2 studs: Bates and Reneau.
  4. It is telling from visitors this week after busy AAU schedule. The 3 visitors this week are the focal point right now. TJ Powers and Booker are not likely anymore.
  5. He arrived last evening on campus.
  6. Jack Benter committed to Purdue today.
  7. Thank you. Hear you on Delaney. Was coaching in Indy when he was at Waldron. He is slippery.
  8. I need an update. Early on, the staff was not excited about Booker due to motor and inconsistency. Now, he blows up in spring AAU, vaults to #4 ranking. Does anyone know how this has affected IU’s interest? Saw where Walsh was going to watch him in person this weekend. What does Booker think about IU?
  9. Here is the corresponding list of names in same sequence of photo above:
  10. JHS’s Mother sent out a photo of Paul George in the gym with JHS recently as well
  11. Paul Biancardi (ESPN) named Jalen Hood-Schifino as the top defender in the 2022 class yesterday.
  12. One other note: Reneau and JHS are both savvy defenders, very advanced for HS seniors. That will help both of them get time early.
  13. Jalen Hood-Schifino, true, has not yet arrived on campus, but he was the primary ball-handler for the HS National Champion. He is coming in similarly ranked to Bates, but his build is already college-ready whereas Bates was “a little light in the butt” (Woodson). Hood-Schifino also has another advantage coming in as a frosh over some in the past: his game is steady, solid and others centered (is very content distributing, not needing to make the highlight play). The schedule and level of competition JHS played was against mostly D1 committed players, not typical HS players. And the elephant in the room: 5-star players want to play in year one. If there is to be a wait your turn, earn it approach, regardless of how ready a player is (Bates showed flashes but was not quite ready last season), it may be tougher to get a commitment from such players down the road.
  14. Miller Kopp will likely start, but, with the talent on the team, his minutes will probably be 18-20 per game max. Kopp, aside from his breakout game at Syracuse, was not impressive. He does seem favored by Woodson. Would love to see Kopp snipe coming off the bench. Maybe he’d relax a bit more and play more confidently. My starters: X JHS Tamar Race Trayce top subs: Galloway Reneau Geronimo Kopp
  15. You’re calling one of our tenured posters Francis? So much swag for no reason. Mods?
  16. Reneau and Hood-Schifino both played in Jordan classic. My guess is they visit together, or at very least sets up nicely for them to do so with both playing in Chicago last night.
  17. Touched by your story and RTZ’s response. All the best to you, and welcome to HSN!
  18. Committed to Penn State today. Nice get for Shrewsberry.
  19. Handshake line: “Where business gets done” -Juwan Howard probably
  20. Along these lines, did anyone notice the “you can come play for me hug” Howard gave Lander in handshake line at BTT? Would not surprise me that is one place in the hunt.
  21. Also, a post from Clif in recent days seemed like he was tweeting in support of Race Thompson’s time at Indiana as if he was leaving…I know we’ve been told senior speech participants were not necessarily leaving.
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