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  1. Unfortunately I will have to take credit for that. If you look at the direction our recruiting went after that was reporter I still believe the staff was told he would be a Hoosier
  2. ex·cuse verb /ikˈskyo͞oz/ 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify. Why does excuse have to be considered a negative. We had injuries that hurt our chances for victories. 100 percent accurate and here we are trying to justify why we are not in the tourney. That's is the very definition on an excuse. Excuse (n) ikˈskyo͞os/ 1. a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. "there can be no possible excuse for any further delay" synonyms:justification, defense, reason, explanation, mitigating circumstances, mitigation, extenuation, palliation, vindication;
  3. My soph year Woody and the Red Devils visited and not only beat us soundly rumor is Woody banged about half our cheerleaders. not sure how much is true but 2 of them for sure. There was a guy last name Cruise on that team that dunked all over us
  4. Chad Austin beat us in Regional championship last second shot and then did so 2 times to beat IU don't like him or Woody
  5. Boiler is all right in my book. I hate the toiletmakers but my best friend is a PU grad and I still want PU to lose every game and he feels the same about IU. I have had many players from PU that I despise but would have loved to have them on my team(BRIAN CARDINAL). Haarms is not 1 of them, you could not pay me to have to watch him 30 plus times a year no matter how much I love IU. I would switch allegiance if he were on our team. If he scored 20 and grabbed 10 boards maybe but man that is 1 kid I can't root for in any way shape or form.
  6. I am beyond mechanically uninclined. I do like to do DIY projects. YouTube is a savior in that regard but unfortunately I have several not quite finished projects according to the Mrs.
  7. Have a great time. Prayers for your little man. I am very confident that surgery will make a big difference in his overall health.
  8. Time to get the Rutgers puns ready. What a dominant performance.
  9. If he makes it to game Sunday he is ours. Only shot we have. I could see Bama as the default choice.
  10. The Plumlee boys dont count probably. The McRoberts brothers. Josh Speidel Vermont??
  11. Me too.i hear all his posts in DD voice gonna be odd now
  12. Eric went to coastal Carolina after I believe. We played high school ball together
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