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  1. If for some crazy reason Brees or Bridgewater are available would you make a move if you are the Colts or Bears. I would kick the tires and really consider either
  2. Miracle catches or great throws. The one to Manningham was all Eli
  3. He is 1 of 5 to win Multiple SB MVP awards. Interesting info: Eli has made more money than any other NFL player, salary wise 251 million, second is Peyton 249 million
  4. Idk. I am really mixed on what I expect from him. Would not be shocked with any outcome what do know is he is NOT the next LBJ
  5. He Dodged whether or not he was offered but wanted people to know he does not need the limelight
  6. He said those comments right after Dan asked about Indiana offering him the job
  7. We met with the specialist that sees patients with Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome. I have always tried to be a my.cup runneth over type when looking at things and my wife well she is a Mom. Lots to take in but it boils down to that Ayden will have lots of struggles that most wont. Possible things he could face are. Liver disease, pancreas issues, bone marrow transplant, auto immune infections, Leukemia, bone abnormalities and other blood related diseases. Ayden was upset about the short stature that is associated with this disease. Being the smallest in his grade really bothers him. We tell him it's no big deal but to him it is. Positive take away this should not impact his life on a daily basis. Should not impact length of his life, maybe down the road quality of.life. the biggest take away for me is that my Angel, my hero my world is here today and I get to look at him every day for inspiration. God has surely blessed us with that amazing little boy. SDS like his mito disease is a spectrum disorder. There are no predictors or indicators what we can expect. With that said I expect God to continue working those Miracles in Aydens life. Thank you all for the prayers for Ayden we love and appreciate HSN
  8. I signed off the College Football championship when one analyst while comparing Lawrence and Burrow said that Lawrence will be the better pro because he is much bigger below the waist.
  9. Unfortunately just like the Pacers this year I think it will be just a blip on the radar. At some point people have to realize how good they are and what a great job Nate and staff and front office are doing
  10. TJD comes in at #6 top freshman in thehttps://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/freshman-rankings-the-top-10-freshmen-in-college-basketball-more-than-halfway-through-the-season/ country according to CBS
  11. I said it before the draft and I am sticking to it that I think Morant will be the much better of the 2. I also said Zion would be a flop, not so.sure he might be great if he stays healthy. He is easy to root for also. I just hate all the ESPN hype though.
  12. Giants holding press conference tomorrow to announce Eli's retirement.
  13. I find it pretty funny that UNC has not won a game since Ole Roy tied Dean Smith in career wins
  14. I agree and I am not saying he was. I am saying Purdue people kept saying Eastern doesn't have to be a shooter just like many are about Morton. Now with no shooters a lot of Purdue people coming down on Eastern because he cant shoot. We all knew he couldn't as a Freshman just like Morton. If their fans expect him to be a great shooter at any time I think they will he let down
  15. I agree but I remember so many saying that Eastern doesn't have to be a shooter it will come, we have plenty other shooters. At the time you did but his inability to hit a shot is part of what is hurting your team now
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