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  1. Colts desperately need a playmaker. Speaking of which, is TY washed up or just lack of chemistry between he and Rivers, or are Defenses taking him away?
  2. JMV asked point blank where TK was going. He danced around it and JMV asked after your interview with TK what do you think. He said in a bunch of words he thinks IU wins out. More of how he reacted and like he thought it through before speaking. I doesn't answer your question, sorry
  3. Kind of like that moment before a big exam, you have done all you can do now its just time to see if it was good enough
  4. I think that Rabby and Peegs got a certain feeling when Trey talked about IU. I heard Rabby on JMV choose his words wisely and I think its more to allow TK to have his moment. I could be completely wrong but there could have been an inadvertent slip. Regardless IU has done enough and if Trey feels its best for him then Friday will be a great day for all of us. Not heard 1 thing that makes me think Trey to PU rumor has any legs. Still love where we stand
  5. Ayden and my wife both getting tested now. I think its sinus infection for both but to go back to work and school they have to be tested.
  6. I like the way you are thinking!!
  7. Rabby chose his words yesterday very carefully. I don't think anyone knows 100% other than Trey. I think that those close to each program feel pretty good about where they stand. The people that I talk to have connected a lot of dots of what they feel is valuable info and feel that its IU. Regardless of where this very talented young man ends up I am impressed with him as a player, student and person and would love to have him as a Hoosier. Also impressed he has been able to have no real leaks. Hope he gets his moment to share his decision and not get it ruined by someone looking to brea
  8. like someone else said @CoachSSsaid his belief and that carries a lot of weight
  9. Good things usually happen for me if I wake my wife up in the middle of the night
  10. I think the mood changed but not sure any info really changed. Maybe it did but not from what I am hearing. Once again nothing from those close to Trey
  11. They were not overly talented last year but Brady covered up a lot of that
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