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  1. You guys enjoy your board. I will enjoy the CC Corner. Peace!!
  2. All knowing always. We can only pray to be as gifted. Thank you for setting me straight.
  3. POT MEET KETTLE. Go back and look at your exchange with Scott. Nothing personal about that. The shoe obviously fits and I apparently not the only one that sees it that way. No one is butthurt we have people speak in absolute that have no clue on the situation
  4. Wow. I just know that I am not correct ALL the time. Call it insecure or maturity , you will get there I promise
  5. I can imagine. I had one in my armpit once and I kept squeezing it and qhwn it popped what came out made my wife literally throw up. It hurt so bad
  6. Yes he hit the crown of his head on something and it got infected and had no where to go. Gravity forced it down his face. Formed a ball of blood and puss. Vision is good eye is functioning but man he looks so bad and so sad
  7. I can assume that you have spoken to Matta, Lewis and Izzo correct? Otherwise I am not sure how you can say that they had no interest in Fife. The may or may not. The fact he was not hired does not indicate or prove there was no interest. Does not mean there was interest either. A guy that spent 10 years in Michigan that moves his family to Bloomington just might want to wait and be sure the next move is the right move. His wife may or may not want to go back to Michigan St or to have her husband coach at Ball st or Butler. Maybe he was so bad no team in the country wants to take a look at him. Who knows but I think it's shallow thinking to just assume he is not wanted by those teams because he is not currently on staff. What do I know. I just passive aggressive and not one of the 2 all knowing😀
  8. Unfortunately the days of a running back winning are gone for now. He is one to change that but if Henry doesn't win it the previous year not sure any back can unless the QBs are bad for a given year
  9. On Sunday we noticed a bump above the eye of our outdoor dog Socks. On Monday when I got home it was terrible. On Tuesday he had surgery to remove a half baseball sized abscess. Pics from Sun to After surgery Tuesday. Shocking to say the least
  10. I have always felt that Booker to IU would be a given but now MSU has me worried. They have prioritized him and I think that is winning over some close to him. I don't see him popping on the spot at MSU but i wold not be shocked if he did. He was Indiana's to lose and they just might. Some talk of a silent verbal blah blah blah to MSU not buying it but those close like I said are very pro MSU
  11. Not see it yet but heard on radio. Annoying but sometimes pretty funny
  12. Not so sure they would. Heard Hubert Davis say that once they agreed upon the right 7 or 8 players things really turned around. Trying to play too many guys hurt the chemistry in his opinion.
  13. Blasphemy. There is no way that you can win that way. That's not modern basketball.
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