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  1. If he is too slimy for the Pat's that is saying a lot
  2. I just heard there is a new number 1 on the FBI Missing list and I just picked up a milk and there it was THE RIGHT LEG OF ADAM VINATIERI Missing since 1/12/19 last seen in Kansas City. IF FOUND PLEAEE RETURN IMMEDIATELY TO LUCAS OIL STADIUM. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If any new info call KIC-KIS-GOOD
  3. Darius Leonard ruled out for Sunday.
  4. Since Mito disease affects 3 or more body systems most patients see multiple specialists . Here is a list of the specialist Ayden sees on a regular basis. Pulmonologist Endocrinologist Gastro Intestinal 2 Neurologist Orthopedic surgeon Genetics Specialist Mito Dr Nutritionalist He also has to see an eye and hearing specialist every 3 months. He is one of the lucky ones. Many Mito patients have feeding tubes and require oxygen. Please help us raise awareness and find a cure. Thank you and GOD BLESS
  5. It's all fun and games until nature calls and you have 6 inches of flames shooting out your rear end
  6. Yes sir!! In my young days we woujd do the heat challenge on the sauces but too old for that now
  7. Maybe I misunderstood stood but I thought Sportscenter said this morning Anheuser Busch will match the total and it is up to 150K.
  8. Lifting all of you up in prayer
  9. If Con is the opposite of Pro then what is the opposite of Progress?? Why do you recite at a play and play at a recital ??
  10. One of the interesting facts about this terrible disease is that there are no FDA Approved treatments for patients. Which means that the medicines involved in the "mito cocktail " are labeled as nutritional supplements and therefore not covered by most insurances.
  11. Dont know if it is the same chain but there was 1 in Bloomington but it closed and there is still one in West Lafayette. It's my oldest son's favorite, that is his birthday go to.
  12. Very good advise. Correct me if I am wrong but the original version of the saying was "you cant eat your cake and have it too" somewhere in history it was changed and now I see that in Rico 3:16 a much better version. A quote from Mr Peabody and Sherman in reference to Marie Antoinette, " You cant have your cake and edict too"
  13. now you are talking my language. I don't drink but when I do its Guiness
  14. Well played. I need the hops because I can barley get up anymore.
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