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  1. I witnessed 2 assistant coaches drag a very intoxicated Hermon out of Damon's sports bar after the manager called 1 of the coaches. Man the guy sure could play just a lot of other things got in the way
  2. A player that was underrated as an athlete but could really play and has lots of ties to the state Greg Maddux
  3. I coach AAU ball with both Mike and Joe. I tried out for a manager position. And lost out to Schrage. Several years later I emailed a pic to him of he and Coach K at the final 4 and a pic of me coaching at a 1A school with no player over 6' tall and said just think this could have been you. RMK told some really good stories about Schrage's dad and coach k Great article as always.
  4. My top 3 are 1. Doc Holliday- Val Kilmer 2. Hannibal Lecter- Anthony Hopkins 3. The Dude- Jeff Bridges
  5. Barring those injuries I think Jr would have easily surpassed Aaron's HR total. I remember all the controversy surrounding Jr and his lack of respect for the game because he wore his hat backward.
  6. Do you guys remember the all sports star challenge on ABC. I remember seeing Mike Conley Sr. Win the dunk contest. I dont know if he ever played but a 6'10" lefty in the post Randy Johnson would have been fun to have
  7. The next time you see my Mom at the store tell her I said hi.
  8. Very interested but have not researched nor read as much as I should
  9. I only remember his Last 2 or 3 years. He was my Dads favorite so I watched games all my life but 1st game I attended that I can recall was 81 kid glove game. I became a Jr fan my freshman year in high school when we played Moeller and Jr was a Sr.😀
  10. Still have not. But I became a jr fan when I was 15
  11. Baseball like no other sport IMO tends to lend itself to more stories like ours. My whole life I have been to well over a 100 MLB games 0 balls. Ayden has been to about 10 and has 17 balls. My 3 favorite players when I was growing up were Bench, Eric Davis and JR. saw each play numerous times never did I see any hit a homerun live. Aydens 3 favorited are Aaron Judge, Kyle Schwarber and Votto he has see each hut a homerun and has gotten a ball from each. For him those are memories that will last forever. Side note I was in bathroom changing Aydens poopy diaper when JR hit a homerun I came out in time to see him rounding 3rd and heading home.
  12. I had heard about that incident but that was the first time seeing it. WOW!!! is all i got
  13. How about Dave Winfield. Correct me if I am mistaken but I believe he was drafted for MLB ,NFL NBA
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