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  1. Who gave up 4192 to Pete Rose? Tragic ending
  2. I hate hearing but look at what you have overcome to be the man you are. Draw on that inner strength that God has placed in you. I turn to the Bible in those times and God always puts the verse in front of me that need. It's not easy but we are created to be able to be strong when we can't imagine how but God has this and will lead your through it. Joshua 1: 19 says it better than I. PM me if you need anything.
  3. 21 straight all star games I agree very underrated
  4. At the time he was only Colonel Sanders. General title came later
  5. I was not around for most of the wars our country fought in nor there to see the writer the Declaration of Independence or our Constitution but I guarantee I can speak pretty accurately about those things.
  6. Going to go with Seeking 6 and Ken Stabler
  7. More and more of my childhood heroes passing. Another Hall of Famer to add to Field of Dreams from 2020/21
  8. The Onl;y way the Fighting Haarms can win is if some hair gel keeps falling on floor everytime he swipes his hair and the Zags players 1 by 1 slip in it and don;t return.
  9. That's correct. He was the 1st and only.
  10. Who was the 1st QB to win a Super Bowl with 2 different teams as the STARTER?
  11. I expect Gonzaga to be undefeated when they stroll into Indy
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