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    2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Its not the name on the back of the coaching shirt its the one on the front that matters.😁
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    The Renaissance

    Thats if you go to UL
  3. Yes that all is true but Lucks shoulder is not the main issue
  4. I think he will miss first few maybe more
  5. Thats 9 winnable not 14. So u would take the over
  6. I agree. Lot of factors but our biggest has not played a single down in more than 16 months
  7. Any insight or just gut feeling
  8. I realky think between 4 and 7
  9. Do you think Luck will play game 1
  10. If you were a betting man and the over under was 8.5 wins would you take it for a sizable amount. If so show me where those wins will come from
  11. Jets dolphins cincy giants is that it
  12. Nope. His issue is less about his shoulder and much much more above his shoulders.
  13. Show the cupcakes. We used yo have 6 in our own division
  14. They will have players back from injuries in which the question marks will notbe as big