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  1. I still think he will be a Hoosier. I have not heard anything to change my mind. Our staff, fans, campus etc blew them all away. As others have said our staff have done everything to land this recruit. I like our position but we will know pretty soon.
  2. Learn something new everyday. Tony Dungy hit a shot to send the game in 3OT, the last time that Minnesota played in Hinkle. Love Dungy
  3. Little surprised that Verlander beat out Superman to win Cy Young Award
  4. Just got home procedure went well. Ayden is eating sushi and playing Xbox. Pretty much pain free. Praise God thanks for all your prayers and the amazing staff at Riley Oncology Center. Results middle of next week. I will keep you all posted. I cant thank you enough for taking the time to care about my little boy!!
  5. I follow them because Ayden became a fan when he was 3 or 4. Loved their Jerseys. They are fun to watch and look like they are having fun.
  6. Maybe the most unappreciated player in the league. Was never a Pete Carroll fan but he is a guy I would love to play for and he seems to genuinely enjoy his team and his guys.
  7. My best friend (Purdue grad IU fan) served 3 tours in Iraq. Could not be more proud. Captain of the Army engineer Corp
  8. Bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for this Wednesday at 9am. Please keep my little boy covered in prayer and for good news. Thank you all
  9. Aurora, IN Bloomington, IN Linton, In Westport, IN
  10. Based on past experience we also don't get ranked very often, so....
  11. Injuries and the fact that extra points are no longer a given
  12. I always thought TH smelled like dog food but Ayden said definitely dog poop
  13. I am sure there is a lot more to this story
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