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  1. Idk who but I have heard from a few sources that Eric Gordon helped fund the buyout. The logical person would be Zeke
  2. Not sure there are a few high level guys that he works with. I can't see Smith co.ing with him but IU will be considered by several players that might not have given IU any thought
  3. You KNOW for a fact they are clean because you are on staff or maybe they are better at hiding it. There are many many criminals walking the streets that have never even been accused of a crime does not make them any less a criminal. If Scott thinks it's clean it's clean and if he thinks it's dirty it's dirty and that's fine for you to feel that way. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it. Does not make it right or wrong. You would be surprised what happens behind closed doors with many of the teams you think are clean
  4. I never ever said it was the same. I was responding to Scott saying that cheating is like being pregnant you are or you aren't. My holding analogy proved that wrong. The rules state that holding is not allowed because it gives you an unfair competitive advantage over your opponent. That in my opinion is the very definition of cheating if you do it knowingly. If you get caught you get penalized just like cheating in recruiting you get, on second thought you just get great players. My point was not to compare just that it is not as black and white as some want to believe. As far
  5. How is that not cheating. The rules specifically say you can't do it but you do it anyway. The very definition of cheating.
  6. Quick question for you. Taking 3 steps to score a basket is cheating but if it's not called would you as the coach stop the game and tell the refs to take those points off because your team cheated to score them. Or you cheat by setting an illegal screen? I assume no to both so what level of cheating gets the Scott approval and which isn't. That's a little cheating right so it's not like being a little pregnant
  7. I apologize was having a bad day and took it out in the wrong arena. I am thankful for second chances because without 1 I have no idea where I would be. I sincerely do apologize for making a personal attack. A lot of times I am sarcastic this is not one!!
  8. I am not saying Romeo did anything wrong but most were fine with his Dad getting 200k to coach his Adidas AAU team. The kids that want money will get it from someone. I have said many times I have no issue playing in the gray area. I was around when the Administrative staff had people spying on every aspect in hopes of finding something to report to the NCAA. I see nothing wrong with this hire.
  9. I am thankful there are not that many perfect people out there like you that don't believe in second chances. Maybe he as an assistant trying to move up did what he was told. Does not make it right but might speak to loyalty which as a head coach I think loyalty is pretty high on the list of things you want with your assistant coaches.
  10. Maybe he is the only coach in America that would come to Indiana. The man has yet to even seal the deal and is being judged. They could hire me and I guarantee the team would not shoot any worse.
  11. The real question is though did the guy who created the set actually star in any movies, because you have to be great at it to be able to get others to be able to do it๐Ÿ˜€
  12. I might be wrong but all the great QB'S go out west to work with a guy that played baseball crazy stuff
  13. Don't use facts, no way that's not possible. Have to be an expert to teach others how to do something
  14. You have to be joking right just looking for some fun back and forth right?? We could list 1000's of examples. Coach Knight nor an all time great college player fared pretty well or if you don't know you could Google him. It's hard to believe that the people that figured out how to put a man on the moon never did it themselves, that can't be right by your definition.
  15. I know it's not the same but plenty of Olympic gold medalist have been Coached by some people that never made it that far. I taught the civil war, Vietnam and all other US conflicts without EVER stepping foot on the battlefield myself. Call me a savant!!
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