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  1. Hate to hear that. The old man sure could coach.
  2. Thats 1. The other was a Yankee
  3. No sir. In a million years I would not have known this
  4. 0 for 2 but great guesses. I never would have known had I not heard it
  5. part 2 of the question. Who are the 2 guys to have the most games with a HR from both sides of the plate? They each did it 14 times
  6. Why yes he did!!
  7. Nice win for the Pacers, no Sabonis, Warren or Brogdon and to beat a playoff team is a good win for sure.
  8. It never hurts having dome east coast guys on staff. Especially from markets will big IU alum bases. Would he leave Syracuse for IU?
  9. Not sure. He played at Syracuse and I believe works with post. He is from east coast African American but I still feel the hire is someone not expected. I might be way off
  10. Its safe to say Mrs Jax does not lurk on our board
  11. Great guess he is 1 of 2 guys with 1 playoff game achieving feat
  12. Who is the only MLB player to have multiple playoff games with HR'S from both sides of the plate?
  13. With that being said, do you have any names?? I have none but some interesting pieces to try and put together.
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