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  1. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    You tell em I coming and hells coming with me!!
  2. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Except Ike us a big Pu $$
  3. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Speaking of Lance I am watching tombstone and for some crazy reason Ike Clanton reminds me of Lance. I think our pressure and work ethic will win tomorrow. 104-99
  4. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Maybe i missed it and if so i am sorry. Saying a post is dumb is not name calling. My banana posts are dumb if someone says so my thick skin can take it. It a message board not life and death. Great place mostly civil and we have a great time. If someone has things to share and we need to step up and help we do. Dont know the riff raff the riff raff are family.
  5. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    All are welcome here and it is a great place and i don't ever think we have begged anyone to stay
  6. Romeo Langford

    This is a 3 horse race the jockey in cream and crimson way out in front the red in blue running hard but loosing ground and the other horse is back at the barn.
  7. Romeo Langford

  8. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    That's a good observation. I think it's just us here today.
  9. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    You mean someone who played at the highest level gives praise. I think I will take the opinion of message board guy instead😁
  10. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    That's why you have teammates the other team is trying to. They game plan to take Vic away so he does the superstar thing and gets his guys going. That's Lebrons problem his guys are no where near being clutch. Bogey took Lebron out and he had no Bogey to get 30. I hope we don't need 30 from him again it might be Myles or Collison or like game 1 Domas. Its a team game but make no doubt this us Vic's city
  11. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Has there been a Candystripe sighting tonight
  12. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Might be wrong but last time i checked the scoreboard reads Pacers vs Cavs not Victor vs Cavs. An off night with a W is much better than 40 with an L. Stage has nothing to do with it
  13. Romeo Langford

    Idk but didnt we just see Watford. Too much to keep straight for this banana.
  14. Romeo Langford

    Now that's the spirit
  15. Romeo Langford

    With those moves his IQ is equal to the whole bunch of bananas. I can't type it without singing a little Gwen Stefani