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  1. Glad to hear all is well. He inspires me everyday to be a better person. Looking forward to that day for sure. Thank you for the kind words. I am in need of 2 new knees but insurance sucks and now they stopped covering the injections that reallyhelp. I am moving like an 80 year old right now. Glad that you are getting some relief. .
  2. Kane Brown has become one of my favorites
  3. That would be awesome. That little boy never ceases to amaze me. Hope you are recovering well from surgery
  4. More so lately because a lot of this stuff here is so deep and opinionated and this place is therapy for me 😀
  5. Hijacking is my specialty. I am in the office all day and have Eminem in my head phones all day!!!
  6. In all honesty he would be at or near the top of my list of artists. Ayden has rapped a couple times at school talent show under the name Slim Ady. Clean versions for him of course. Metallica and Eminem were my go to as a player and coach pre game
  7. Ayden did not get our garden in this year. One of our fun hobbies
  8. Mile i think you will like this one
  9. I was not a big Eric Church fan but he has grown on me. Another song I love to hear is God is Great beer is good and people are crazy. Keep looking for that old man but cant seem to find him
  10. One of my former students Dustin Huff was roommates with Luke in Nashville when they were both writing songs. Beautiful Crazy and 1 number away hit me in the soft spots. Refreshing topic under the circumstances. Thanks for starting it
  11. Really like his music. Wife and i went to his concert earlier this year. Great time. I ain't going nowhere is 1 of 2 songs that I remember exact moment I heard it for the first time. Brings tears to my eyes because I lost my father when I was a senior in high school and it also makes me think about life without my kids or their lives without me. Luke Combs, Garth Brooks, mellencamp, eminem and a few others I stop the dial if any of their songs are on
  12. Lots of people here do. That's why this is family.
  13. Lifting you and those close to u up in prayer. We someTimes forget what others are going through because we focus so much on the mountain in front of us and dont see all the great things we have. I too often forget that many people are facing far worse situations that I am. Prayers my friend.
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