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  1. Time to get the Rutgers puns ready. What a dominant performance.
  2. If he makes it to game Sunday he is ours. Only shot we have. I could see Bama as the default choice.
  3. The Plumlee boys dont count probably. The McRoberts brothers. Josh Speidel Vermont??
  4. Me too.i hear all his posts in DD voice gonna be odd now
  5. Eric went to coastal Carolina after I believe. We played high school ball together
  6. Bill Harmon - Louisville Danny Brown- Louisville John Stewart- UK Ryan Wolfe -Minnesota
  7. Bryant McIntosh- Northwestern Ryan. Welage- San Jose state/xavier Andrew Dakich - Michigan Austin Hatch Michigan
  8. Did you know a guy by the name of Eric Sherman that played at VU those years
  9. Ayden has the flu and we all know that it can be dangerous but with Aydens mitochondrial disease it adds several other risks. Please lift him up in prayer. Thanks always we truly appreciate it
  10. Been away for a few hours did I miss some announcement or something. Seems like lots of doom and gloom and I dont know why
  11. Just out of curiosity did you play for him or have a relationship with him?
  12. I sure do like that Peyton Manning statue and I dont think the Colts began or ended with him either.
  13. shared this one before on HSN. Did you know the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky? Had it been anywhere else it would have been the teethbrush
  14. One day in class I was trying to give examples of oxymoron and said Giant shrimp, awfully pretty etc.. a student suddenly became my all time favorite when he said how about UK higher education. From there it led to a couple Kentucky jokes and man what a glorious day it was
  15. 3 words that should never be seen together. Kentucky, honor and student
  16. Now that is an insult to the great Dr. Seuss
  17. If you win or share the regular season title how much does the BTT really mean. I would rather be fresh and healthy and have a early exit than to play on Sunday if I knew I had a top 3 seed locked up.
  18. It was nice treat for sure. Saw a few games from the Bankers Life Suite. Unlimited food and drink was nice. We would spend half game and game row 1 under the basket. Ayden was able to meet Lebron and rebound and shoot with him at half time. Being up there sure is the suite life.
  19. I might be moving to the Vatican. My money is on Barrett
  20. I agree. Would rather have PU but I would take MSU over Michigan.
  21. If he wins it I am in line to become the next Pope and I am not Catholic.
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