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  1. I would like to take this time to give a great big thank you to CC, MIle and all of those that have made this place amazing. I have been apart of this forum for around 10 years or so and have made the move each time. This is the most knowledgeable forum on many things not just Indiana Basketball. This is a place that over the years has been very near and dear to my heart. Mile and company have always allowed me to discuss what is going on with Ayden and many of you have prayed for him for years. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate that more than you will ever know. Its the things not directly related to Indiana Basketball that makes this place special. It is a place to talk about our favorite team but also so much more. I spend a great deal of time here on a daily basis because for the most part I like the discussion and the people that hang out here. I have lived the majority of my life trying to make people happy and bring enjoyment to those around me and I have always said that when that is not the case then it is time to move on. Apparently some of my messages and antics on getting topics "plunged" to page 2 does not set well with some. I have never been a conformist in any way I do things the way that I see fit and most of the time that has worked out. In order to not offend anyone or make people suffer through my garbage in order to get to the real content and the real reason why people come to HSN I am graciously riding off into the sunset. There are many posters that I call friend. Craighoops was the very first to track me down and give me a call and we stayed in touch up until a month or so of his passing. I don't want to list all of you because I will for sure leave some off and I do want to do that. Thank you HSN for many years of enjoyment I will lurk on occasion and if anyone want to know how to reach out to see how Ayden is doing or anything you can always get a hold of me. Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!
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