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  1. No info just received a text
  2. Billingsley99

    Damezi Anderson and Jake Forrester Issues

    On the road we are almost always red shirts😀
  3. Billingsley99

    Possible shooting at IU

    Exactly came across as breaking news
  4. Billingsley99

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    IU 72 PU 69 Phinesee the Phinisher puts it to the hometown school at the buzzer.
  5. Billingsley99

    Last Six Wins at Mackey

    Thanks. Great read. Hopefully the next one comes tomorrow
  6. Billingsley99

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I liked Scott's but love this
  7. Billingsley99

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    Unfortunately with our football program what you want and what you gets are not always the same
  8. Ask one of the Purdue nerds they have that kind of stuff memorized
  9. I dont know but assume that the guys on the end of the bench that never get in carry close to a 4.0 our guys were far less stellar.
  10. If I knew the answer to that I would give you the Powerball numbers while I'm at it. Any game in which you have the best player on the court you have a legitimate shot
  11. Billingsley99


    Good looking forward to it
  12. Hopefully you have something better to do than watch on saturday
  13. Billingsley99

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    Cant argue with that
  14. There is a reason they play the game.............................
  15. Billingsley99

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Me too
  16. Billingsley99


    Ayden loves to watch Man vs Food and they once featured Mug N Bun near speedway. Anyone been he wants to go soon.
  17. If you can get both teams there safely game on
  18. Billingsley99

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    After the make inbound to the 1 up ahead to the 2 hit the 5 on the block. Simple effective with our talent no reason not to transition after makes plus after a couple scores the offensive will slow down their offensive rebound to start getting back on D. I just want to see this team RUN RUN RUN
  19. Billingsley99


    Seems like an awfully big market to skip on. I am trying to get our company to start servicing that area. Untapped potential
  20. Billingsley99


    Some time when you are in Indy let me know we go get some
  21. Billingsley99

    2019 MLB Discussion

    I dont listen as much as I used to but none the less another sign of my youth passing. Growing up 30 miles from Cincy. Marty and the old left hander were everything to me
  22. Billingsley99


    As good or better fish than LJS. Less time spent in bathroom afterwards
  23. Good. Less of them I have to see on TV the better. Less to chant their immature claim to fame. The only down side is that's less hearts that will be broken in person when their beloved fall