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  1. Curious what you guys think of NBA potential of incoming freshman?
  2. Lee Corso promised a Rose Bowl Caliber team in Bloomington 😳🫤😅
  3. True badgers win last year without shooting great from 3…
  4. breakfast of champions No pain 🍺 no gain 🍺🍺🍺
  5. Can you imagine being on the Tennis team at USC…..no private jets getting to Illinois or Happy Valley brutal
  6. More than one way to win a game defense, rebounding & turnovers are more important IU should be really good in all 3
  7. You hope they give a 🦉 about academics 😂 and billions in research grants
  8. I wonder what the Indy market watches more: ND? IU? O$U or Michigan? SEC?
  9. Can you believe we watched that in HS! Today it would cause a fire storm
  10. Can we boot Rutgers & Maryland?
  11. It’s either this or Super Football conferences with IU & Purdue joining Iowa state & Kansas & Vandy in the Super Mac or Little 10😳
  12. In my own sick fantasy every IU recruit is from Montverde and the old guard gets angry….
  13. At least with BTN 💰 Purdue was forced into spending money purdue athletics overall is a joke….3 NC 🏆
  14. The fact he makes KD look like HULK doesn’t help
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