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  1. You have. 6th year player 5th year player with 126 starts(already more than Alford had…..and more than Purdue had returning on entire team) 4th year 2 time AA who would be playing pro ball in any other era I love all the Purdue talk !!! As Purdue loads up on local scrubs and IU gets 5 star Mega HS semi pros….at what point do fans long for the days when IU was home grown talent?
  2. By adapt you mean screaming like a madman at refs….screwed your guys in 92 FF then funneled shoe money to players not a Knight fan but at least he never cheated….
  3. To quote Chick McGhee “you’ll need a backhoe”
  4. He’s still a kid who showed interest why not take a shot you never know what might happen maybe Maryland takes him for granted? Or isn’t a great fit academically?
  5. NIL is here because none of the schools wanted to share the money we could have had the old system with players getting $1,000a month but ncaa spent millions on lawyers & lobbying…..
  6. Can’t blame him for seeing what’s out there 💰💰💰 Surprised this didn’t happen earlier
  7. Never understand not wanting to compete. Freshman on the road in Big Ten 😳 Never remember a freshman playing well in AH
  8. Those rankings are a joke…. Colvin finally into top 100 at 94. Gunn is 188???? Banks is 88??
  9. Nailed it! once you said coin it became obvious
  10. My dirty mind….I saw 2 legs on a beech…..
  11. Coaches son so he has already redshirted ? He looks like the combo guards Purdue, Iowa or Wisconsin get. Highly skilled at everything but lacks top end athleticism. Not everyone can be a Newton or Banks athletically
  12. Just curious what the bottom photo is Portal back to Big Ten in a year or two
  13. Just waiting for another billionaire to buy a team ncaa can talk tough but doubt there is anything they can do they are just trying to hang onto March Madness….
  14. Not sure Sparty is less of a fish bowl Xavier is one and done if he plays descent or flashes JJJ level talent IU can get almost any transfers and recruiting is going great…..moving on PS. Any HS school coach not in it for the kids is an arse
  15. With a year to organize….will NIL/portal be even bigger next year?
  16. Better to hear it now so you can work on other recruits I really thought you guys had a great fit for him.
  17. You ever wonder if a university president ever says we are not a football minor league for the nfl ? Purdue & IU have billions of dollars in value to the state….and it ain’t college football PS. President would be run out of town on the Monon Rail…if he went D2 or deemphasized athletics
  18. Can Banks be a Murray twin type player for IU?
  19. Spokane is beautiful country…. plus he needs September to April 3 maximum IU has Malik in the low post with JG & Banks as stretch 4’s/3’s He wound really fit in at IU from what I’ve seen of Malik passing from the post… Purdue has a bunch of competition….if 5 star recruits worry about such things
  20. Nice things to say about IU, Sparty & Purdue.
  21. Phil Hartman doing Ed McMann YES!
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