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  1. Andy06

    Mason Gillis

    I don't know that he will, but I from what I have read the is one of the top 5 baseball prospects in the state.
  2. Andy06

    Mason Gillis

    I think if he is drafted high enough in the MLB draft next June that is the route he will go. Just my guess, nothing concrete.
  3. Andy06

    Mason Gillis

    Gillis is also an excellent baseball player and has indicated in the past that he might go that route instead of basketball. I am friends with the AD at New Castle and he hasn't really guessed which sport Gillis is leaning toward.
  4. Andy06

    Haas out for rest of tourny

    I love to see Purdue lose, but absolutely hate to see this. Haas seems like a great kid and teammate. He doesn't deserve to have his career end like this.
  5. Andy06

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think it was common knowledge across the state for Swanigan. Non-Nike schools need not apply.
  6. Andy06

    Indiana MSU pre-game talk

    I thought they would have been ready to destroy someone after the O$U blow out, but it took OT to beat Rutger at home. I just hope they don't get it figured out until after Friday...
  7. Andy06

    Randy Charlton

    247sports has him signed with UCF now... very strange situation.
  8. Andy06

    QB Next Year

    I got some really good seats for free for the Rutgers game. We were about 18 rows behind the IU bench. When the QBs would throw during warmups and timeouts, they were right in front of us. I watched just to see what Tronti looked like. I realize he wasn't doing game throws, but he seemed to have a hitch in his delivery. It reminded me of Olidipo shooting a jump shot his freshman year.
  9. Andy06

    Michael Penix

    He would be a great way to cap off the early signing period. Looks like we have 18 LOIs in so far. If I can count correctly (no guarantee) we are only missing Cam Jones, Shamar Jones, and James Head. I feel like that is an excellent start.
  10. Andy06

    Signing day

    It will be interesting to see how it is handled across all of college football. This is the first time, I just curious to see what percentage of committed players sign. Not just at IU but all over the country. Most college basketball players sign in the early period, and there's no guarantee that the coach they want to play for will be at the school. With the timing of the football signing day, the coaching carousel has pretty much stopped.
  11. Andy06

    IU/Michigan game thread

    And they act like Purdue fans and boo.
  12. Andy06

    It's Officially Bucket Week

    I am not sure I completely agree Wat. Hypothetical schedule here...5-6 playing Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota as a core conference schedule is not the same as being 5-6 while playing Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Penn State.
  13. Andy06

    It's Officially Bucket Week

    Our total for the Rutger game was 46. Purdue is better offensively than Rutger, so 54 might not be far off. I will say 50. I desperately need a win this week. My wife and I went to IU, but her brother went to PU. Makes for a fun family rivalry, but a loss after getting swept in hoops last year won't be good. Plus her sister and my sister went to Indiana State, so I have already taken a lot of grief this month.
  14. Andy06

    It's Officially Bucket Week

    Purdue absolutely deserved to win yesterday, very surprised by the result. Brohm has done an incredible job, but definitely benefitted from playing in the West. If you give Purdue our schedule there is no way they have 5 wins right now. Substitute Iowa and Minnesota for Penn State and Ohio State is a huge difference. Vegas will come out with a betting line later today. I am guessing a PK or PU -1, what does everyone else think?
  15. Andy06

    FCS Charleston Southern Replaces FIU

    Not sure who else you want Glass to schedule. There is a finite number of teams available, plus it would be insane to schedule South Florida or Georgia Tech. That game is sandwiched by Penn State and Michigan if I remember correctly. We need three non-conference wins with the conference schedule we play. Getting to 6 wins has to be the priority over a challenging non-conference schedule.