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  1. Why not review that? Definitely was a fumble.
  2. Idaho is going to win some games this year. That WSU loss looks really good right now.
  3. Can we fire Hiller yet? This line play is awful.
  4. What is the feeling about this game from the Illinois fanbase?
  5. I could be wrong, but I was thinking most high school athletic associations haven't approved NIL. If a kid in HS signs a deal they forfeit eligibility. I think that's why that QB from Texas enrolled early at OSU.
  6. The tractor industry is just like everything else, it has evolved and consolidated a lot lately. It's a New Holland, which now isn't any different than a Case IH. They are both owned by Fiat.
  7. I had the privilege of meeting Bill Lynch on Sunday. He was incredibly nice and easy to talk to. We chatted for 10 to 15 minutes and I was very impressed with how engaging he was. I am coaching my son's 3rd grade team in the ECI League, and we were playing at Delta. I was talking with a friend, with a kid on our team who is a fellow IU alumni and coach Lynch popped up. I definitely wished he had succeeded as Coach Hep's replacement because he is a high character guy.
  8. There was an article I saw today that listed UCF as an early favorite but the only two schools mentioned was IU and UCF.
  9. So is there any concern that Cooper will decommit if the meeting with the new OC doesn't go well?
  10. QB position in 2014 is worse, but not a ton.
  11. The play Penix got hurt was a blatant facemask. The very next play was a sack on Tuttle and was textbook targeting. Neither was called. Meanwhile a Rutgers player was ejected for targeting when he hit an OSU player in the chest.
  12. Another example, tonight in the Oregon game. Arizona WR after the catch dives forward, Oregon DB launches, crown of the helmet to the side of the WR helmet. Called targeting on the field, 100% the play that created the rule. Booth says no targeting. Absolutely no real justification for the call last week on McFadden if that isn't targeting tonight. It's an embarrassing for NCAA officials.
  13. I only cheer for ND vs PU, and that's a really close call.
  14. That play completely changed the game. There's no excuse to blow a call like that. Especially since it was initiated by the replay booth.
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