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  1. QB position in 2014 is worse, but not a ton.
  2. The play Penix got hurt was a blatant facemask. The very next play was a sack on Tuttle and was textbook targeting. Neither was called. Meanwhile a Rutgers player was ejected for targeting when he hit an OSU player in the chest.
  3. Another example, tonight in the Oregon game. Arizona WR after the catch dives forward, Oregon DB launches, crown of the helmet to the side of the WR helmet. Called targeting on the field, 100% the play that created the rule. Booth says no targeting. Absolutely no real justification for the call last week on McFadden if that isn't targeting tonight. It's an embarrassing for NCAA officials.
  4. Definitely a roof collapse game.
  5. I only cheer for ND vs PU, and that's a really close call.
  6. That play completely changed the game. There's no excuse to blow a call like that. Especially since it was initiated by the replay booth.
  7. 7 posts and joined Sept 4. Smells like a troll.
  8. I agree. I am not a fan of putting blame on the officials overall, but the targeting and roughing the passer were huge calls and both completely wrong. Plus on a big 3rd down there was absolutely a PI on the db guarding Fryfogle. That simply can't happen in a game like this.
  9. The officials have blown about 3 huge calls, all against IU.
  10. That targeting call completely changed the game. Absolutely terrible call.
  11. Thanks for posting. I can't remember a time IUFB has had so much praise from BTN guys in the preseason. On the BTN Live at IU Dave Revsin was very positive too.
  12. I agree completely. The line about beating a team with a winning record it idiotic. It was conference only schedule last year, therefore the entire conference was going to finish exactly. 500. With IU and OSU combining for 1 loss, the rest of the conference, and especially the East would be a corresponding number of games below. 500. If you add the normal easy non conference wins most teams have, PSU, UM, Maryland, Wisconsin all would have likely had winning records. Part of being a good team is winning games you should win. I don't think PU will be terrible this year, but there is no way they win 7 or 8. Rivaly games are always crazy, but when the bucket game comes along I think IU is likely at least a 7pt favorite.
  13. Here's another https://www.hammerandrails.com/2021/8/11/22620103/purdue-indiana-old-oaken-bucket-summer-preview
  14. I am sure ND is in the driver's seat. He goes to a Catholic school in "the region." But the CB picks have zero credibility right now. It seems most of the early CB picks are from traditional power schools simply to drive clicks. Mercer and Allen are intelligent guys and successful coaches. I guarantee they are working together to put the full court press on Bowen. Baseball and Football at IU have top of the line facilities. Probably a long shot but I will give the benefit of the doubt to our coaching staffs.
  15. Holy crap. That's two massive recruits in-state that is giving IU a legitimate look. I was happy to see IU make his top 12. Getting this far with Bowen and Curry is fantastic. This staff does a terrific job once guys get on campus. A 9 plus win season would be huge on so many levels.
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