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  1. By all accounts Lovie is a good guy and easy to root for, but his seat has to be scalding. He is 9-27 so far. Kevin Wilson won 10 games his first 3 years for a frame of reference.
  2. Definitely not easy playing Iowa or Wisconsin. Problem for us is they have both been crossover games the last two years.
  3. Andy06

    Josh Fryar

    I feel like we have had a lot of skill talent at rb with Tevin Coleman, Jordan Howard, and now Stevie Scott and crew. Wide receiver has been pretty solid too with Cody Latimer, Shane Wynn, and Simmie Cobbs, etc. I think the biggest difference for IU and PU to compete with the big boys regularly, not a random win here or there, is offensive and defensive line. Our oline has been pretty solid, but there have been crucial times we needed to run to convert a first down and couldn't do it. Or stop the run to get off the field. I don't disagree Bell would have been a great addition to our roster, but we need as many big athletic linemen as we can get.
  4. Andy06

    Josh Fryar

    I know it's early after the visit, but has anyone heard an6 rumblings on his visit? I hate missing out on guys like David Bell, but linemen like Fryar will make a bigger difference on this program making the next step.
  5. Wow, that's quite a jump. Thanks for the info btownqb!
  6. I like reading some of the optimistic opinions on here, but right now I don't have high expectations for next year. I think we are much closer to a bubble team than a top 25 team. I am surprisingly more optimistic about the football season than the basketball season.
  7. I read an article that said there were only 3 LBs on the roster that had played in a game. The Holt transfer made 4. If that article was correct that would be a major depth concern. If that article is incorrect then I am wrong and withdraw that part of my comment.
  8. I understand the sad nature of this statement, but I am much more optimistic that the football team will be in a bowl game than the basketball team will make the NCAA tournament. I have predicted 5-7 the past 2 years and unfortunately I was right. I think 6-6 very doable, with 7-5 not out of the realm of possibility. We will be 3-0 in the nonconference and Rutger at home should be a win. OSU will be extremely talented, but with a first year head coach in week 3. At home. Not predicting a win, but not a 100% guarantee loss either. Maryland is also breaking in a first year coach. I think no matter how good a coach is, there is always a learning curve going from coordinator to HC for the first time. PU should be solid this year, very talented at WR. Big questions at LB, OL, and QB. Jones and Knox at RB weren't game breaking guys, but they ran really hard and kept their offense ahead of the chains. It's a big difference having 2nd and 10 or 12 instead of 2nd and 6 or 7.
  9. I see he has several teammates with legit D-1 interest, who else do we have a legitimate chance with from that school? There is a lot of talent that comes out of Detroit, would love to get a pipeline there like we have in Tampa.
  10. Quinones looks like a good player, but not worth cheating to get, especially for Michigan. They are rolling as a program right now and this kid isn't the difference between them being a NC title contender or not. Just like he isn't the difference maker to put us in the national spotlight.
  11. That's out of left field. Long way until December, some of these early committed players might still be looking around later in the year.
  12. Not apples to apples, but in my experience of coaching at the Jr. High level, there are times an attitude change occurs because of a parent. Mommy or Daddy think their kid is better than they really are. All of a sudden, a kid that is all in one year is a problem the next.
  13. Glad to be in his top 3, but this has the feel of someone who could potentially decommitt several times.
  14. Robin Miller was on JMV today on 1070. Apparently he knows the Brunk family pretty well. He said Joey wants to go to IU, it was just a matter of level of interest from IU. He also saif IU is on him pretty hard.
  15. Any team coached by Bruce Pearl or John Calipari are always at risk of having something vacated. That's just common sense.
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