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  1. I will be beyond stunned if we make the NCAA tournament. Hope I am wrong, there might be a slight chance we get one of the play-in games. More than likely we are NIT (Not Invited, Not Interested, whatever acronym you want) bound. Really disappointing way for Morgan to finish out a really solid career. I feel more optimistic about the football team right now. I think there's a better chance we see IUFB playing in a bowl game than seeing IUBB playing in the NCAA tournament in the next year.
  2. If a team was smiling during a 12 loss in 13 game stretch, I would be questioning a lot about that team.
  3. Did Delta not play well or did Marion just come out and beat them?
  4. How many UK basketball players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None...it's a sophomore level class.
  5. I really don't want to see PU win the BIG, regardless of the situation I want to see then lose out. If we miss the dance it's entirely self inflicted. Failing the "I give a crap" test for a month tends to derail a season. Purdue fans were trying to discredit out most recent conference title because of the imbalance schedule we had one of the easiest schedules. I don't think they will be doing that to their own, despite only getting Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa once.
  6. Definitely not a bad thing getting him to campus.
  7. Part of that is on the athletic directors for selecting the sectional site (and the IHSAA if they can't reach a consensus). In our local sectional Union City and Randolph Southern played at Tri High. That's 45 minutes from Lynn and over an hour for Union City. On the flip side, if Seton Catholic and Blue River had won as expected, it wouldn't be that bad of a drive for either.
  8. Thanks for the responses, I can understand if a post play is exempt from that. My understanding was it didn't matter, if your feet were inside the arc it was an automatic charge. I definitely could be wrong.
  9. I did a quick scan of the game thread and didn't see a mention, so I am going to ask a question to the board. The charge called on Davis I didn't understand. I know he lowered his shoulder, but both of the defender's feet were inside of that idiotic arc in the lane. Isn't that an automatic block?
  10. IU deserved to win, it took several ridiculous shots from a great player for Iowa to win. Too many missed free throws, but I loved the effort.
  11. I am afraid this team used up the rest of the very little "I give a crap" they had vs PU. Iowa 68-52. Bohannon is 6-7 on uncontested 3's and scores 25+
  12. I am tired of the talent argument. This team has some flaws and is far from perfect. Every team has flaws. It's the coach's job to compensate for that. This team absolutely has enough talen to be a tournament team. If they would show up with legitimate effort each game, IU has a winning record in conference. There are 68 teams that make the big dance, there are not 68 teams that are more talented than IU.
  13. Cline has been playing much better in January and February than he did early in the year, and that 3 he hit going into halftime vs Maryland was equal parts amazing and ridiculous. But I don't think anyone in the conference can out shoot Bohannon from Iowa.
  14. I don't think Archie should be fired after year 2, but if we lose out his seat should be hot. If he misses the tournament next year he should be gone. He inherited a much better roster than Crean and to take the same amount of time to get to the dance is unacceptable. The last two years his teams have failed the "I give a "crap" test" too many times.
  15. Thanks DC, appreciate the info.
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