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  1. Andy06

    Michigan pre-game thread....

    I am going to the game, hope there's not too much snow. I have 4 wheel drive, but want to make it there and back with easy driving weather.
  2. Andy06

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    Agree completely Rico. Maryland is probably the most hot/cold team in the country.
  3. Andy06

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    Anyone have a guess at what Vegas thinks about this game? Off the top of my head I am thinking we are 3 pts dogs. Hopeful but not optimistic that a switch will get flipped during the bye and we come away with a win.
  4. I imagine Glass is going to have a ton of empty $70 seats vs Maryland. If we go into the bucket game still with 4 wins it will be a Purdue heavy crowd.
  5. Andy06

    IU Beats Michigan 31 Years Ago Today

    I have been to almost every IU/Michigan game since 2006. I missed one in that time, the snow game in Ann Arbor two years ago (my wife and I had a baby right before that game). I have a buddy that is a Michigan fan that I go to every game with, and we have watched several close games over past decade. I will be at the game this year, and know I will see an IU win eventually. Law of averages...right? I took a class that Kit Klinglehoffer taught before he retired and had Don Fischer guest speak. He told us a hilarious story behind the scenes of the Anthony Carter "fumble." That was before my time but have watched the clip several times.
  6. Andy06

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Minnesota is 0-fer in conference play, hope we aren't their first win.
  7. Andy06

    Big Ten Football

    Every interview I have watched with Frost, he comes across incredibly arrogant. I am glad their season is tanking right now.
  8. Andy06

    Iowa Game Thread

    Well played Mile, we were back to the old "Iniana" days.
  9. Andy06

    Iowa Game Thread

    I don't think Ramsey is perfect, but he didn't lose the game today. Our defense was non -existant.
  10. Andy06

    David Bell

    Someone mentioned on the rivals board that Bell is visiting this weekend, anyone else hear that? Obviously is an unofficial since he is coming later this year for his official visit.
  11. Andy06

    Iowa Pregame Thread

    I think as a home game this is winnable, but need a great effort and clean performance. Guessing opening line we will be roughly a 7pt dog.
  12. Andy06

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Great opening drive killed by a "pass interference " penalty....pretty soft call
  13. Andy06

    Rutger Game Thread

    I don't think we lose out, definitely some winnable games, but have to be better than today. If we play like this next week it will be ugly.
  14. Andy06

    Rutger Game Thread

    Haven't been able to watch today, just listening to Fisch and Buck. Just feels like the whole second half has been "not to lose" instead of trying to put a bad team away.
  15. I forgot about that part of the argument, thanks beerbq for the reminder. You are 100% right.