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  1. A friend of mine is a Bengals fan, and I asked him if it was true they were changing the who dey chant. New one is all dem, all dem teams gonna beat them Bengals.
  2. This feels like Frost lobbying for IU every year. Hope it bites them in the ass.
  3. With Baldwin and Bonds, are there at most 2 spots left? Would love to get Magnuson and either Brown or Robertson.
  4. So we need to go digging through the Mallory family home to dig up the Bourbon Barrel?
  5. I would take it with a grain of salt. He doesn't announce until the 20th I think. He is on his offical at Maryland this weekend. Not saying he won't end up there, but that place is a black hole right now. Locksley is a terrible HC and probably won't be there long.
  6. I would happy with him or Brown. Thrilled with both if we have space.
  7. It's the Jess Settles rule! 7 years to play 4 (only a slight exaggeration)
  8. This is a guy I would love to add. That would give us a few guys that are really quick and could be tought to defend in the slot, jet sweep, etc.
  9. With Gest transferring, and Walker struggling to get much going, we could use some quality depth. With Scott and James out we couldn't get much going Saturday.
  10. Looking for 2 tickets, and I refuse to pay the extra fees that the secondary market has. Most places are $25 to $30 per ticket. That's absolutely ridiculous.
  11. I was wondering about him. A friend of mine that is a PU fan thought Neal would try for the draft. Hard to boost your draft stock after missing a year.
  12. He was supposed to announce today, and Matt Weaver put in his crystal ball pick to IU. Haven't found anything yet on his decision.
  13. Not gonna lie, I watched the Illinois game and hoped the bucket game would be similar conditions. It definitely hurts the Purdue air attack.
  14. Glad Whop will be back, but I think we need Scott. Right now weather report is very windy and heavy rain. Going to be a run the ball/stop the run game. Should be in our favor, but never confident going into RossAde
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