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  1. A friend of mine that lives just west of Grand Rapids sent these links to me. I thought it was pretty funny. IU makes an appearance in the second video. They are both really short but funny.
  2. The summer between my sophomore and junior year at IU I interned for the Richmond Roosters in the Frontier league. Oxford, OH isn't far from Richmond, so they always sponsored a night at the ballpark. Coach Hep came and did an interview with our radio guy, Scott Leo. I was incredibly impressed with him, and the next year his name popped up to replace Dinardo and I wa 100% on board. It was certainly an emotional night when that kick went through.
  3. Saw this thread on the rivals freeboard, gives some good info on the rest of the new S&C staff. I hadn't heard much either Leathernecks and was wondering the same thing you were. https://indiana.forums.rivals.com/threads/coach-wellmans-staff.198401/
  4. I anticipate several bucket games being that competitive over the next few years.
  5. I was at that game, what a wild swing between IU leading big and PU coming back. I was stuck in a section with mostly PU fans. They were pretty mouthy before kickoff, and during their comeback. Starr shut then up with that kick.
  6. That's a good article. Like all coaches, Allen has strengths and weaknesses, but a major strength is his ability to identify quality coaches and build a strong support staff.
  7. Good write up, thanks for your contribution to IU coverage! Obviously this guy can pick anywhere he wants to play, and there is a lot of time for him to decide. Does anyone know if we are a legitimate option or is he just giving polite consideration to in-state schools?
  8. I think over the next few years, the home team will probably be a slight favorite.
  9. I saw our OU and was pleasantly surprised it was that high, I love it. Going by memory here, but two that surprised me was Sparty at 4.5 and PU at 5. Brohm is always good for a "WTF" ooc loss. I think they have some holes to address, but they could be very scary good on offense. I would be surprised if PU isn't bowling this year.
  10. There is a ton of BIG level talent in the state this year. IU and PU will have to work hard to pull some of those guys in. I am tired of seeing UM, OSU, and ND cherry pick the top few guys every year. Add in the guys that MSU and Iowa have grabbed recently would have help IU and PU too.
  11. Coach Allen is on a roll! There's a lot of in-state talent this year. Good to see the start IU has on it.
  12. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/kirk-herbstreit-nfl-college-football-coronavirus-concerns/1sxqrvbw4mw1y1r23atjsyckw0 I hope he is wrong. It's bad enough to lose the big dance, potentially an entire baseball season. If this is still bad enough in the fall that we can't have a football season, then we have bigger problems as a country than missing more sports. The economy would be completely shot.
  13. Scott is a nice guy and great as a fundraiser. At the end of the day he is a politician, and I would have preferred an administrator. Kraft or Reynolds would have been a better choice. 100% hope I am proven wrong. If it doesn't work out it will just be another reason why McRobbie was a terrible president.
  14. Agree completely. Shut everything down for a couple of weeks and then reaccess the situation. Instead of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure, it's an ounce of panic.
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