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  1. Is there genuine talk of him wanting to be where his dad is coaching or are we just being hopeful? Thrilled by the hire either way, Allen always seems to find a high quality fit every time there is an opening.
  2. Woltfong and Weaver both have a CB pick of IU, confidence level of 8.
  3. I agree. We aren't going to lose out, but at the same time, I don't have a single game circled with the expectation of a win.
  4. The second LOI signing period is quickly approaching, February 3rd if I remember correctly. Does anyone have any information or guesses as to who, if anyone we will add to the class? With some of the departures it looks like we will have a few extra spots available. I have no information, but am guessing the staff will be very selective or just bank an extra scholarship or 2 for next year. With the new DC in place there might be a new name or two pop up that we weren't in the running for.
  5. Defense has been really solid. Incredibly disappointing offense so far. This is one of the worst defensive teams in the country and we haven't done diddly poo.
  6. I hope it's on purpose. A big middle finger to the incompetent commish snd that idiot Barta.
  7. It was closer to the "Roger Dorn Ole" defense. They owe Lou Brown 50 pushups.
  8. Sadly, you aren't wrong. Players moving away from the ball isn't good these days. Neither is ball movement (especially IU attempting to score against Northwestern's zone)
  9. That to me is the key to offense issues. How many possessions each game do we waste dribbling and waiting around? It feels like most plays don't get started until 15 seconds left on the shot clock. There was a play against Illinois I watched several times, in complete disbelief. Rob walked up the court, dribbled while everyone looked at each other until about 6 seconds left in the shot clock. I coached Jr. High basketball and the girls I coached had a better sense of urgency on the offensive end.
  10. And those turds up north. For some reason they arbitrarily pick that out to justify why IU is a fluke in their mind.
  11. There are a lot of really good thoughts and responses in this thread. I am an oddity, an IU grad that is a full time farmer. I live a mile from Ohio, so when I am at a lot of ag related meetings I always wear IU gear while surrounded by Purdue and OSU fans. I did work in market research for a while, and was also a High School Athletic Director prior to the career change. Archie hasn't been terrible, but I just don't see the progress that should be made by year 4. He and the program have been very mediocre. Still hasn't won against PU. Probably would have been in the tour
  12. Thanks for starting this thread Leathernecks. Top 3 guys we seem to have a shot with that I would love to land are Strickland, Mullen, and Cooper. Obviously Curry would be a game changer, possibly from day 1. Does anyone know if there is even a slight chance here, or is IU out of consideration?
  13. It will be Bama. ND is going to get curbstompped.
  14. I think you are probably right. I still hope he is ruffling some feathers in that "good ole boys" network.
  15. Dolson played good little soldier when the conference bent over backwards to accommodate OSU. I sure hope behind closed doors he is ripping someone a new hole after we were leapfrogged by Northwestern.
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