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  1. Andy06

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    I really hope I am wrong, but i think it will be an embarrassment. 77-61 PU
  2. Andy06

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I agree, and hope you are correct. Slow starts haven't been an isolated incident. I think the team can focus on that and come out ready this game. But it needs to be a concerted effort all season. It can be very easy to slip back to status quo.
  3. Andy06

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I am guessing we will be slight underdogs tomorrow. Probably a pk on a neutral floor, so3.5 to 4 pt dogs. I have no doubt we will make a run in the second half. The only question is, do we show up to play early and that run gives us a cushion so we are playing with a lead? Or do we do our typical slow start and that is a mad rush to make it a game late?
  4. Andy06

    DaQuon Green

    New OC, Tuttle, and Green with the returning and incoming talent could change the offense really quick.
  5. Andy06

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    Agree completely mile. He is essentially a 6th starter for them, and it seems like watching Michigan a few times this year he is one of their 2 or 3 most important players. Even if he plays (which sounds doubtful) he won't be close to 100%.
  6. Andy06

    David Bell

    I agree with you when you just consider just the recruiting class. But I was adding the QB transfer into the mix, and the rumored potential of the WR transfer from Florida to the talent influx.
  7. Andy06

    David Bell

    I didn't think we had a great chance with Bell, but was hopeful we would be in the running. I say it's PU for Bell. He will make their skill position group very deep and talented. Hope the rumblings of that transfer from Florida are true. If we add him, and Tuttle, the influx of talent this year for IU and PU is at worst a push. It might lean toward IU depending on who we finish the class off with.
  8. Andy06

    Purdue whipping

    I think QB isn't necessarily a massive concern for PU next year, but at best an unknown. I would think oline would be the key. What do you lose and have coming back on the oline Boiler?
  9. Andy06

    Signing day

    I know there are guys we were on that didn't sign early, like David Bell, Danielson Ike, and Kristian Williams (even though he verbally committed to Minnesota). Has there been much noise out there on guys available we can fill those las slots with? I wouldn't be shocked to see a spot or two held open for JUCO or 5yr transfer.
  10. Andy06

    Signing day

    247 screwed up too, their commitment countdown clock was counting down to eastern time.
  11. Andy06

    Signing day

    Kristian Williams isn't signing with Minnesota, waiting until February. Might keep the door open for us there. Cam Williams announcement is in about 30 minutes according to 247.
  12. Andy06

    Signing day

    His recruitment has been strange for sure, so I wouldn't be surprised whatever happens. Whether he signs with IU, waits for the late period, or juco if he grades really are that much in question.
  13. Andy06

    Signing day

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Bedford. Ditto with Cam Williams and Juan Harris. Is there any other undecided prospect we are involved with that are signing in the early period?
  14. Andy06


    From everything I have heard he is an instant impact guy. He would ease the pain a bit if we miss on Bell.
  15. Andy06

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    You are correct, forgot about that. I watched some of that game and was thoroughly unimpressed with Maryland. Keep Cowan in front of you, don't let their big guy get deep post position before he gets the ball.