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  1. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Pure speculation on my part. If Chris Mack leaves Xavier...you think we would look at Scruggs again? IF and big IF...he decided to leave under the immediate transfer rule that will apply later this spring if his coach leaves he can leave without having to sit out a year?
  2. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Just a reminder. Mack's wife is a Louisville native and local sports star. He still has family in the area too. Just food for thought.
  3. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I know this comment is convenient but this is why Dr's and Adults should make the smart choice for the kids when they rush themselves back from injury.
  4. Collin Hartman

    When I first started as broker back in 95 it was before email and obvious easier forms of communication. Used to make roughly 1000 cold calls per week to get my necessary number of appointments. Whenever my/our floor got tired of calling. We played this on the loudspeakers.
  5. Collin Hartman

    This is where my line comes from. We need to get back to that passion. Not the tradition, not the banners, not the long lines on social media outside AH,etc....get back to that one passion of winning like Coach had. Or in his case he hated losing more than winning so whatever works. Haha.
  6. Romeo Langford

    When we hired Archie a year ago I thought it would be a miracle to be considered for Romeo at this stage. Why I can't I remind myself of that each day? Maybe it's because we're so close?
  7. Collin Hartman

    I don't necessarily agree with the delivery but I don't mind your point. Not as it relates to Hartman...but just in general. As a fan I'm tired of all the feel good stuff that we focus on. I'm sick and tired of losing to bad teams. I'm tired of being asked to be patient for the 4th time in 20 years. I'm tired of me watching Hoosiers on 2nd weekend of tourney to feel good about hoops. I'm a blind loyalty guy when it comes to the coach at IU but darn....I get it when people say things. It's a feeling of angst/anger that we have had for years.
  8. Early entrants

    I'm waiting for Kris Wilkes announcement. I mean he was so certain of his early entry he chose LA because of his branding opportunities. After year 1 his brand is someone who shows up late at the most important time of the year, gets benched and loses. Speaking of Young. I said back in December or January could we slow the roll on this kid yet. I said this on twitter and I get like 3-4 random messages telling me I don't know hoops. Would it be petty of me to go back and ask them their thoughts after finishing the year 2-11 or so? Also I don't think everyone from UK leaves. 2-3 have played their way into first round for sure but some should stay.
  9. Romeo Langford

    Very true and the biggest reason is this. Duke, Kentucky, Kansas get 2-3 Romeo's ( 5 star types not top overall) every class. We are begging for 1. Shows how much ground we still have to make up but I think getting Romeo can start that momentum for future classes.
  10. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Only problem there is as we all know the lifeblood of success is recruiting. If you delay the hire just to save $ and weather the storm...the new coach (Mack maybe) won't be able to start that process until that few years is over. Ultimately causing a return to elite even longer possibly a few years plus at least another 2 or so. In that scenario (because I don't think Padgett is getting anyone to go there) Ville is looking at 2023 or 2024 before returning. They won't accept that. Get the guy now. Aim towards 2020/21 recruiting classes is their best bet in my opinion.
  11. 2018 coaching vacancies

    $ cures all but not sure. Wife is from there I believe. Homecoming might trump bad situation. I mean if handled properly they could be and running by 2021 I would think. Hire a guy now and basically fill the next 2 years rosters with current players, grad transfers and juco...but recruit the heck out of the 2020/2021 classes with instant playing time, fresh start,etc....and it could work.
  12. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Will be curious to see how quickly Louisville moves on Chris Mack. Or tries.
  13. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Full transparency. I hated the reaction Crean got with early tourney losses that I've been quick to point out many other coaches failures. Pretty silly I know but I guess that's what message boards are about. Just seems like for the first time in years I'm hearing many national folks come to the rescue of coaches with early exits. I don't remember that when Crean or others bowed out 5 years ago. I will say this. I'm still Izzo isn't in Sweet 16 for 3rd straight year. That one is tough to fathom.
  14. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Agree with all the above. Just was hearing so many after this weekend talk about maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss a coach. I agree on why Crean was fired. Edit-Sorry was posting from another terminal and it wasn't showing it went through. Feel free to delete others.
  15. Haas out for rest of tourny

    Maybe it's my view of Purdue...but they haven't really accomplished much yet in my opinion. Sweet 16 was an absolute minimum even with Haas injury. If they beat Tech on Saturday morning (when game ends) that will be a successful run this year but this was a veteran team, ranked top 3 in country for most of conference play and a 2 seed beating a 10 seed. Maybe I'm mistaken but that's not a big accomplishment yet.