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  1. Seeking6


    F that. Those are my words. What you bring to the table is awesome. Most of us are grateful.
  2. Seeking6


    All good brother. Appreciate what you bring to the board. Thanks and keep the info flowing.
  3. Seeking6

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Every decision moving forward all points to the same place. Final 4 in Indy 2021. Book it.
  4. Seeking6

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Mark me in the category of someone who cusses during sporting events. Sorry. It's not all the time and not something I do routinely. Something about IU Hoops that just gets the blood rolling. I remember Hightower staring me down vs Ohio St one year. Sometimes with IU and Bears football the mouth overtakes logic/sense.
  5. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Yep. There were a couple of crossover years where both teams were close. To me in hoops Duke/Carolina is the best but yes...I wish it wasn't jammed down my throat by the folks in Bristol. Oh well.
  6. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Least of our concerns in my opinion.
  7. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Since 2000 this series is tied up at 17-17 with runs of 4+ victories in a row by Purdue or IU happening 5 times. Amazing to think about that both schools haven't been good at the same time in what, almost 30 years?
  8. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    I'm trying to remember how Mike Davis was 10-2 vs Purdue.
  9. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Yep. Should have been and one 1 all day long. One of many blown by Bo and his crew.
  10. Seeking6

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Wasn't sure where to put this. Alan Henderson taking to twitter this morning talking about profanity chants. I'll admit during the game,etc....I cuss as much as anyone. My behavior for those 2 hours is borderline asinine. However with a fresh cup of coffee and reflection....did anyone attend game last night? Did Chuck or anyone else warn the crowd? Reason I ask is this seems like a Fred Glass issue....since he's in charge of our fine Athletic Department.
  11. Seeking6

    2019 MLB Discussion

    Yep...just a tad. Haha. Was speaking with a few buddies and think the opportunity to be the man in a 1 pro team sports town like San Diego was more appealing than being the man for White Sox who are the 4th option (barely ahead of Bulls because the Bulls are historically bad) in a 5 team pro sports town. I was born and raised there and will always love Chicago. But I always laugh when people who call Chicago home still are amazed that people don't want to live there. Quick reaction yesterday from Kaplan to others were surprised that someone chose San Diego over Chicago.
  12. Seeking6

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    So wrapped up in our deal looks like I missed a couple of close ones last night. Bohannon couldn't hit another hail mary and Maryland wins at Iowa and just down the road for some reason Iowa St can't win at home.
  13. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Is that rhetorical??
  14. Seeking6

    Sean McNeil (JuCo)

    I'm at the point where the heck with class balance. I need one person who can hit a 3. Just one. If we have 1 guy who can hit a 3 we win last night, home games with Iowa and Ohio St....and road games at Maryland and at Northwestern. Difference between 13-13 and 18-8 and a 6 seed in NCAA tourney. Just one shooter.
  15. Seeking6

    Purdue post game

    Didn't sleep much. Sick to my stomach about the ending, no call,etc....eventually Archie is going to either have to get a T or work these officials more. Bo Boroski might actually be one of the worst officials in Big 10 history for plenty of teams and yet Archie sits there no big deal. Eventually enough is enough. Regarding game. If Morgan hits one of the 85 3 footers he missed. We win. Edwards is who I thought he was. Not a very good shooter at all. Good luck to him in Slovakia.