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  1. Seeking6

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Not sure of the history here but I'll say this as a Bears fan. Ballard is as good as they come. He was in the room when we had 7-8 of our most successful drafts. Not a coincidence. I think Ballard is top 5 in the business. His roster at KC right now is exhibit A, B, and C. Colts with good coaching, another draft and $127M in cap space? 11-13 wins season next year.
  2. Seeking6

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    My college roommate and still very good friend to this day is from Honolulu. I told him after seeing this to be on the lookout. IU's reach is deep!
  3. Seeking6

    Terry Hutchens

    Terry is a true journalist in every sense of the word. Always gracious. Replied when he didn't need to do so. When it came from him you new it was sourced and double checked correctly. Hopefully he'll recover.
  4. Seeking6

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Grew up with a dozen or so now alumni. Only 1 still cares. The others could care less. Some of their allegiances have flipped to Sconny or Northwestern.
  5. Seeking6

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I think it's covered in the article but he can like that all day long if he's winning. Growing up surrounded by Illini fans I can tell you they think he's a joke when he explodes. And in the world we live in now....it doesn't help recruiting one bit.
  6. Seeking6

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Maybe it was covered in earlier messages but do these voters realize we beat Marquette by 23? Trying to figure that one out. Or are pollsters saying their 2 wins over Wiscy and KState trump our dominating win over them?
  7. Seeking6


    On the subject of injuries, hippa rules,etc....my guess is each player and/or his family makes the decision to sign over what's called a durably power of attorney or a health care proxy so that information can be shared and university has the ability to treat right away. Give you an example. Family friends kid was in Florida a few years ago for Spring Break and got into an accident. Kid was 19 and when parents called to discuss with treating Dr in Florida about his condition/treatment....they couldn't talk about it. Parents thought because their kid was on their insurance still they have access. Quick answer. You as parents don't until these forms are completed. As it relates to IU. I have no clue how these things are handled with scholarships,etc....but ultimately someone has to grant permission to discuss and/or treat.
  8. Seeking6

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    We discussed it when it happened but when BU said yes to Ayo and no to THT he lost a ton of credibility. Not only is Simeon off limits for BU but tons of coaches aren't interested in BU or Illinois at all because of how they handled it. Problem I have is even a blind squirrel is eventually going to find a nut. I mean how many bad hires can a university and athletic department make and we can as opposing fans get away with? Keep BU exactly where he's at. Edit-Just like with any article out of a Chicago newspaper. You have to take with grain of salt. So many agendas...and the Sun Times isn't necessarily known for being fair or even nice with their coverage of U of I. With that said...not a good look at all.
  9. Seeking6

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    If Bama can survive with 2 future pros playing the same position for them so can we. I just think in this day and age you need to have 2.....and given the fact that Tuttle is highly rated and sought after....we as a program could never say no to elevating the talent level at that position. This is awesome news to take to the recruiting trail too!
  10. Seeking6

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Stockpiling a ton of firsts. He'll be fine. Grigson set the Colts back what 5 years? It's taken Ballard 2 seasons to undo things and that's just to get back to playoff talk. Gruden will win there but it might take a few years. At least that's my 2 cents.
  11. Seeking6

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    Holiday week games are just tough. Just get wins and send the kids home for a few days while our staff can take advantage of the break in schedule and recruit.
  12. Seeking6

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Few of us are Bears fans on here. One little thing I thought about yesterday is when Gruden traded Mack to Bears I'm guessing he thought those 1st round picks he got in return would be top 10 in upcoming drafts. Mid to late 20's is what those 1st round picks are worth now.
  13. Seeking6

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Something of note. No Sunday Night Football game last year because no games of importance to flex. Obviously next weekend has huge impact. Will be curious to see if NBC thinks Titans/Colts would be big enough draw.
  14. Seeking6

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    if they end up with same record the Pats would based on head to head. After that next tiebreaker is conference record.
  15. Seeking6

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    First off. Extremely happy for my Bears. First playoffs in 8 years. Secondly....almost equally happy for Colts. Both teams have same trajectories. Will meetup in a few years for it all.