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  1. Seeking6

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Awesome! KETO and other similar forms really do work. When I was back in my 230/40 range way back when I went total carb free (without exercising) and had great results. Congrats to you! Diet is and will always be king!
  2. Seeking6

    James Bouknight

    Maybe I've followed recruiting a bit long but to me this seems like a kid that is going to say yes instead of 2 locals that had the chance and I'm fine with that. Seems very smooth.
  3. Seeking6

    Romeo Langford

    Just kidding around. They can do whatever they want to Romeo..he's going to get his points and unlike last year we have more than 1 consistent weapon on offense with Morgan, Smith, Hunter, Green/Durham (if reports I'm hearing he's shooting much much better) to help Romeo out.
  4. Seeking6

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Not really sure what to think of Kravitz anymore. After his article about Romeo, Adidas,etc....he moved way down the list in my eyes. The article seemed more about clicks than substance and for him that seemed to be a change.
  5. Seeking6

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Just another day on twitter.
  6. Seeking6

    Romeo Langford

    Awesome. Only 80 percent expectations. He's simply the greatest recruit since Gordon or Bailey. Can we chill on expectations. I don't mean it in a bad way but maybe we as fans are our own worst enemies.
  7. I'll only say this. Fred Glass is smart and he knows the right way to play certain games. However...these reports (player treatment) didn't just pop up in the fall of 2016. They popped up more and more to the point where he realized the only way to save his skin (since he gave Wilson the new contract) was to find proof and not have IU on the hook for the $.
  8. Seeking6

    Kadin Shedrick

    Yep. The experts didn't think it was going to be good at all. 1 is getting serious NBA $, the other is doing pretty good by 21 year old standards and I have no doubt Juwan will be earning $ this time next year somewhere either in NBA or overseas.
  9. Usually always comes back to $. My guess is that Durkin's buyout would cost more than a settlement with players family and strength coach. They (Maryland) chose to look good by saying it's their fault but the underbelly is simple. They think Durkin can win games and that ultimately is worth more.
  10. Saw this morning that Depaul is now beating out Underwood and Illinois for recruits. 4 star kid out of Chicago Terrence Shannon chose the Blue Demons last night.
  11. When I asked them about his comments...they were just like why in the hell would you put your name in something like this. But there's a history of Urban, Florida, Will,etc...Jeremy Foley. They also laugh at what we as fans discuss on message boards because we usually have about 1% of the facts.
  12. That's the hard part. I hate Ohio St more than Kentucky. I want to say plenty....but Urban is the total CEO. He knows all parts of what's in play here. The 2 guys I get info from said yesterday.....I'm hiding in the sand on this one. They both said if they offered up any opinions....they would be crucified on social media. All very, very cautious because they know the power behind a fanbase. I asked one who is a former All American and NFL player and he goes....I'm not cutting off what feeds me.
  13. Not Urban....but since he's in charge they have to weigh pro/cons of releasing it to public. If they release it....it will look like he's trying to defend the situation. Which he knows they'll lose the PR battle every day.
  14. I rarely have information to pass along. Sometimes it's better to keep off boards. I hang out with a couple guys who are former Buckeyes who are all over the place on what's going to happen. One said he wouldn't be surprised to see Urban in week 1 and the other said maybe a token suspension. Both basically said yesterday that there is a ton more information to come out if in fact it's needed or necessary. Ohio St weighing the pro/cons of releasing information because it would look like they are defending Bruce's grandson. Fun times!!
  15. Seeking6

    Weight loss motivational thread

    That's awesome. Keep it going. I always think the 30 days leading up to football season is the most important for me at least. Once football hits my Saturday and Sunday intake gets a little sideways...haha.