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  1. Seeking6

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I'll just say this regarding sources, information, and message boards. I've been on IU message boards since 90's. Followed message board recruiting for 20+ years. Never once have I found a site where there is more credible information. If I remember correctly someone said CG was on break last week. Maybe they want to do an announcement like in front of his high school classmates? Let the kid have his fun.
  2. In a city that has it's hand out for every transaction...I'll file this under the who gives a rats a$$ category. $2,500. Wow. Stop the presses.
  3. Seeking6

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Bigger things in play that potentially have an unknown amount of $ involved. Right now the world is focused on football, football, and maybe the midterms. When practice finally gets up and running and attention is shifted to hoops....that's when I would announce. Especially if a kid has a chance for next level. Stinks that we have to wait but I can understand the delay. Get as much attention as possible. That's the way I would suggest it in today's world.
  4. Seeking6

    Big Ten Football

    That's the hard part. As Rico pointed out earlier...back ended contract. Plus from what I remember...Lovie would have to pay like $5M if he left early.
  5. Seeking6

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    I tried not to reply because I think we discussed it enough last Spring. My opinion hasn't changed. Zach accepted the terms. No need to change.
  6. Seeking6

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    My guess and speculation is that when Zach's playing days are over....he will certainly have a place at IU on our staff or in some capacity involved with IU. He'll get his pay later. They all do!
  7. Seeking6

    Big Ten Football

    Yep. And I'm not saying 3 years is remotely close enough time to take over a dumpster fire like he inherited...but last time I checked Brohm took over one too. To allow 40+ unanswered points like that at home?
  8. Seeking6

    Big Ten Football

    Judging by friends and social media/articles....I'd definitely say Lovie Smith is starting to get second looks from within. People are asking was this just a gimmick hire on name only or what? He's in year 3. So I ask is it a given that universities give 5 years minimum to judge a program? I mean I look at teams like Iowa St, Arizona St....shoot even Fresno that have accomplished plenty in short order with new coaches.
  9. Seeking6

    Iowa Game Thread

    Sure glad we'll have a Penn St team coming in after a loss.
  10. Seeking6

    Weight loss motivational thread

    171.8 this morning. Although it could be weighing the case of beer, pizza, and wings I pounded all day yesterday. Football season is always a killer for me. Need to work extra hard this time of year before holidays kick in.
  11. Seeking6

    Iowa Game Thread

    Being a Canes fan that game was brutal to watch after watching our Hoosiers lay down during the early game. Bad QB play, horrible play calling, excess number of penalties.....sound familiar? That was Miami in a nutshell last night.
  12. Seeking6

    Iowa Game Thread

    Correct. Luckily this isn't the only game we've played this year.
  13. Seeking6

    Iowa Game Thread

    Beat Maryland and Purdue we go bowling. I guess I'm ticked (which is progress) at the type of bowl.
  14. Seeking6

    Iowa Game Thread

    Michigan St and Iowa are better programs but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a win these types of programs once every couple of years. The $ has been invested. Facilities as strong as they've ever been. It's on the coaches and players. Frustrating to see an empty stadium halfway through the 3rd quarter. The problem is when IU loses in football I'm ticked for 5 minutes. We lose in hoops it's for 5 days.
  15. Seeking6

    Until we meet again TV Ted

    IU Final 4 game vs Duke and of course the Illinois game. While my anger subsided over the years it's like pavlov dog for me. I can tell you exactly where I was for those two games every time I see TV Teddy on TV. Dunnhill Apartments for IU/Duke and Champps at Keystone for Illinois game. Now if we can just get rid of Broad Ripple Bo and a couple of others the Big 10 might actually have something going for it.