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  1. Has to be something along those lines...but average sale time in my hood has been 4 days. Just seemed odd. So to keep in line with the thread I'll say people I can't stand are those listing properties 20% below comps in the area. haha
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this so I'll just put it here. For those in real estate, or own a home or rental properties or might be selling a home/condo. What would you do if a neighbor listed their place for sale 20% below comps in the area? Right now the area I live in has seen some nice property value increases over the past decade. Out of the blue a neighbor listed their place at a pretty significant % below what other properties in area have been selling for. Obviously my interests are selfish but just curious what would you do? Approach agent and ask why? Just sit there and take and realize nothing you can do?
  3. Have to be at the top of the list. Others certainly had major impact during respective decades but Beatles are on the top of my list.
  4. Speaking of still performing. Jagger. Fresh off heart surgery 11 weeks ago rocked it over the weekend at Solder Field. Another show tomorrow night. I think he turns 76 this summer.
  5. College-Purdue, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio St Pro-Packers, Cowboys, Cardinals, White Sox There are a few honorable mentions depending on time of year, whichever sport is in season but those I listed usually are year round.
  6. His brother was playing there too. Regardless you don't see most players going with head coach to watch games. I like everything I'm seeing about Joey.
  7. Looks like we have another member of the LB Express.
  8. Agree all day. I was surprised some people actually thought he was mid first material but like you said once you get to the 2nd round I don't see much risk. Speaking of Oden. Was watching him yesterday for Ice Cube's Big3 tourney here in Indy. Hard to believe he's only 31. Guy has been on the front page for what feels like 15 years....and still only 31. Shoot he's already lived 2-3 lives and has 2-3 more coming. Just nice to see him on the court. Hopefully he can make the best of these chances.
  9. He did't help. That was the funny part about that thread.
  10. No such thing as must wins in June but Baez shot to save us today was as close as it gets. Maybe shot in the arm we need to get some energy going again. 4 vs Atlanta and 3 vs Reds this week.
  11. Really liking this Michigan connection too. Assuming Coach Hart is working his magic?
  12. Sometimes. I know it sounds stupid....but only condiments I like are mustard, tabasco, salsa....not a ketchup fan.
  13. Agree all day. Somehow the NBA Owners and Manfred are going to have to get control of this. My fear is the problem is already so far gone they can't.
  14. I'll never forget when Theo took over. He made the comment he couldn't believe players contracts were actually printed out and in manila folders in a filing cabinet. Just sitting there in a random office. Ricketts have been a godsend.
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