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  1. Yep. Along with iirc 4-5 other words that were misspelled and phrases used time and time again by him. Fascinating stuff.
  2. No clue but I can tell you this. When I went from 235 with longer hair to 154 and shorter hair in one year I looked like two different people. Just a theory but if the criminal is as smart as he thinks he is....maybe weight loss, change of hair, appearance....is his way of thinking he's smarter. One big fear I have is that this person could be very, very close to the investigation. Not saying anyone involved in case but when someone gets away with it for this long it means they more times than not have a very good understanding of how cases work, mistakes not to make,etc....
  3. Yep. And if people are interested watch the Unabomber case on Netflix I believe. It dives into the forensics for language or writing styles. It's ultimately how they tracked him down because of words he used because the editor of the Chicago Tribune used them back in the 50's and 60's. Might be boring to some....but absolutely fascinating to me.
  4. Exactly. The strategy is perfect. Now it's up the person to make a mistake....because they always do. Usually it's arrogance on getting away with it for so long. They'll slip up and tactics like the presser yesterday are usually used to do just that.
  5. Yep. I've kind of given up on what makes sense.
  6. To me calling the person out is a tactic that usually works. If they suggest they might have spoken with them or someone close to them and all of a sudden someone disappears or leaves their normal pattern (or area) it's usually a tell and an easy for police to follow. If the person of interest all of sudden changes their normal routine after 2 years they can start narrowing things down. To me anything we can do to keep this case on peoples minds is a win. With the new sketch my guess is they've probably received 100's of it looks like this guy since Noon. Hopefully it works.
  7. Maybe Cliff is our new Marnonthemoon? She was lock central when she started following guys.
  8. Yep. He got Vaden, AJ from in state....but to not turn a title run into recruiting success wins with Zeller, McRoberts, Dominic James, Oden, Conley, or even Harangody all going elsewhere sealed his fate. That and 2 generations of fans who couldn't get over Knight dismissal.
  9. They just setup the presser. Photos of girls and one that is covered. I'd imagine the one that is covered has to be a photo of someone or person of interest.
  10. Yep. Hope so! Has to be something along those lines because if someone hasn't talked yet they aren't talking so forensics has to be the answer to solve this one.
  11. Not a cursed type of guy but I will say this. You have to try very, very, very hard to have the results we've had since 2000. 1 FF in 17 years. For all the reasons we all know so well. Cursed? Probably not. Absolute ineptness at the administration level....all day long.
  12. I've only watched a couple of OKC games but one thing worth noting with Westbrook. He seems to rely on his athleticism to create his shots. If I was an OKC fan I'd be concerned about not being able to create those shots as father time catches up. He better be working on a pure shot vs creating because earning $40M per year and slowing down a tad won't play well.
  13. Understand and agree to a certain extent. Just my 2 cents. IF and it's a big IF only for conversation he chooses LSU over IU....shadow or not it tells me we were never a true consideration to begin with. Choosing LSU over any of the schools let alone IU wouldn't feel right one bit. LSU has so much shade over their program right now. That's all I was saying.
  14. Not sure if it means anything or if it's a diversion tactic but Anthony Harris followed Romeo, TJD, Armaan, Rob P, and Lester Q over the weekend. Most of the people he has recently followed on Twitter are no one of interest. Something tells me we at the very least will have an answer this week. Between AH's visit, Lester Q visit, and Trendon decision coming soon I think by this time next week we'll have a much more clearer picture of where things stand.
  15. 26 months and no arrest and now it's time for a new direction. Just my two cents but when an investigation goes on that long it seems to me either they were looking at wrong suspect or suspects the entire time.....or that the best suspect has been safely tucked away in prison somewhere and people didn't know he was the suspect. For the sake of the families, friends, and community I hope they get closure soon.
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