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  1. Thought it might be an interesting thread. TV Shows that people still seek out or watch reruns. Shows don't have to be good or whatever....just shows you sit down and watch mindless TV. Everyone is different ages/backgrounds. Name a few you still watch or even some you just started watching. I know people will often say the classics. In no particular order I watch Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith, and Law/Order (Original) on the daily. Recently started Lone Ranger and Petticoat Junction on Cozi TV. Lone Ranger is fascinating to me. Of course I'm always down for Brady Bunch.
  2. Hard one because eventually Ertz will get his so you almost have to ride him out. Irv Smith is a name you should be familiar with. Fells if already not on a team. I'll see if I can add some more.
  3. I've always been very conflicted with Dakich. Will forever be grateful for his playing days and part of his coaching days. Otherwise the only time I tune in is if a national guy or special guest will join. If he sticks just to hoops I enjoy him calling a game. When he strays is when he loses me.
  4. Didn't want to start a new thread but IU just announced start time for home game vs Northwestern is 7pm! FS1 will carry.
  5. This is purely a guess. Probably because they didn't want to show a direct link between his comments and being suspended immediately...makes the station look weak...but if my little conspiracy theory is true it makes them all look weak and shows that IU still calls the shots. This is all based on if in fact he was suspended for his comments about Archie and Romeo last year.
  6. Wasn't even sure if this was noteworthy or where to put....but Dakich was suspended for the week. He's being suspended this week for actions last year. Maybe his chicken blank comments about Romeo and Archie caught up with him. Anyway...thought I would share.
  7. Weather Gods have been treating us nicely. Looks like Sunny and near 70 Saturday. Not bad for last weekend in October.
  8. I have a strategy on draft nights depending which way the draft goes. I load up most of the time on receivers and Kelce if I can. Snatch a RB here and there and starting in round 8 or so I start loading up on handcuffs to make up for not drafting elite RB's. Latavius Murray, Chase Edmonds, Jonathan Williams.....have Mattison from Minny too...took advantage of Ekeler earlier. Requires a little bit more attention but has served me well. I know the thought of Dolphins offense scares people.....but keep an eye on Mark Walton. They are trending him to their 20 touches back. Bisi Johnson is another name only if in a bind. He'll be the Thielen replacement if he can't go on short rest this Thursday vs Redskins. Only problem there is I could see on short rest the Vikings just running all day long. Good luck!
  9. Haha...in a heartbeat. Nothing against Montgomery but until the Bears offense picks up (if that happens) only player I would touch is Allen Robinson from their team. Here's a fun stat from yesterday. Tarik Cohen had 9 receptions yesterday.....for 19 yards. 19 yards. Mitch can only go horizontal right now because he's so jacked in the brain.
  10. Just a quick note. I doubt he would be available in most leagues in the event he still is. Go get Chase Edmonds now. Cardinals working out Ajayi and Spencer Ware tomorrow. Tells me David Johnson will be shut down.
  11. Those are the most rewarding sometimes. Bye weeks, injuries,etc....just win baby. Never know with Patriots. I typically avoid their whole operation (except for D). Brady could go off...or I could see him having a solid 23-29 game for 275 yards and 1 rushing TD which isn't great in fantasy. Just never know. I'd expect a heavy amount of run game so good luck!
  12. I'll say Dantonio. Seems to be a healthy respect between he and Allen and if IU ends up near or in top 25 it makes their nail biter win at home over us look better.
  13. Agree with all of this. Bears had 80 or so total yards toward end of 3rd quarter. Garbage time yards never count except for fantasy of course. Haha.
  14. Certainly can happen. It's funny how when you miss out you actually might be better. Ballard wanted Nagy more than anyone. Time will tell if those are dodged bullets but short terms.....Frank Reich looks every bit of a seasoned coach and this is only 24-25 games in?
  15. Girardi is the favorite I believe. Falls in line with what I was saying the other day. If Cubs hire Girardi it's because they want to win in the current window immediately. If they want a blend of win now and future it would be Espada. If Philly is ramping up on Girardi it tells me their ownership wants to win right away. All 3 of those managers have win short term written all over them. Not a bad move as I like all 3.
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