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  1. No clue. Somehow it ended up on my timeline this afternoon. No clue who posted or shared.
  2. No way to verify. Some have posted today there's a sign across from a middle school that is flashing something. Again....no way to know if true. Hope Trey picks IU. We need to keep up this 4.0 GPA and top talent brigade.
  3. Seeking6


    Has to be a quick flash in the pan character. Maybe a season max?
  4. Seeking6


    I've watched every episode multiple times. I honestly can't remember anyone besides Miss Landers so I'm guessing it's got to be a teacher I'm missing.
  5. Seeking6


    Wow. No clue but assuming it's not BB I'll take a stab and say either Lumpy's Mom or one of the teachers. Don't remember many other women on those shows having prominent roles.
  6. I was too. Nice for him to get that stink off his hall of fame arm.
  7. Especially for a team that has a $30M payroll. Never know when those chances are going to come around in that division. Feel bad for Rays and in a very, very strange way glad for the Dodger players. 8 straight years I believe of playoffs and no title?? Maybe it's because of the way I view IU but I like the bluebloods in sports to get one every once in awhile.
  8. I'll add that Cash is lucky Turner came onto the field to celebrate because all of the coronabros are going crazy this morning with him instead of discussing Cash move.
  9. Rico will have to make the decision on changing picks or not since it's his idea....but I mentioned earlier times like this is one of the reasons I was waiting to do my picks until Friday. So much day to day change.
  10. You ever hear Cal talk? Regarding Lander. Everything I've read and watched with my own eyes....he's our advanced Yogi at same age who is taller and honestly just a tad better at scoring. Not shooter but scorer. Given the fact he was calling out how he'd like to play with TJD and use a talent like that last winter I love the moxy. I think because he didn't have a huge recruitment he gets undersold a tad.....but he is the #1 PG in his class for a reason. Growing pains for sure but by late January/February (in normal years) this kid is special.
  11. Good luck here! I was trying to talk Colts but no one does.
  12. To me this weekend for Colts is almost must win. You have Ravens, Titans, Packers, Titans after that. You have to beat a team like the Lions. Schedule has some stretches of very hard and eases up a little....but games like this could be difference between 8 win season and 10+. Have to win.
  13. Assuming Lattimore on ARob this weekend...I'd figure out a way to maybe use the two TE sets he was discussing in April after they drafted Kmet and spent on Graham. Used correctly you would have an undersized DB on either. And for the love of all things holy can we can we send Mooney or Ginn on a 9 route at least 3-4x per game. On the defense. Saints right now are pass to Kamara and see if he can do something. I'd tell Roquan Smith your target is Kamara all game long. Wherever he goes...you go. Do those few things and we "might" have a chance at scoring 21+ points for only the 17th
  14. Funny you bring this subject up. If pre-Covid times I'd say once a month max. During Covid and now....I floss daily. Scary the fumes that are released from our gums plus the blood but feel like I'm getting better each month.
  15. This is the part that when Big 10 agreed to new schedule it was destine for failure. No wiggle room at all and 21 days? I'd say 50/50 at best Wisconsin/Nebraska happens.
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