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  1. I guess I just never knew. Fun fact for the day. Today In 1973: Oakland A’s owner Charles O. Finley's experimental orange baseball is used in a spring training game for the first time! The idea is ultimately scrapped when batters complain that it's hard to see the seams of the ball.
  2. Love checking in on this thread. Information/data/opinions have been great. Keep it coming. I was listening to a couple guys on radio yesterday and they brought up something I guess I haven't really thought of. When the government or medical professionals or whomever you choose to get information from gives the all clear....are you just going to jump into attending sporting events (sport radio guys were hosting so all sports) as a fan? Or will you just be happy sports is on the tube again? Must admit 18 days ago I was so happy IU was playing Nebraska and didn't get all the concern. Since that time obviously the world has changed and my opinion has changed. Even when we get the all clear I think I'll be hesitant to attend large gatherings (obviously sports) for the first couple months out of caution.
  3. I'm still in the denial stage of tourney, Masters, Indy 500 cancel/postponements....don't have the ability to think about football implications yet.
  4. Been saying it for 25 months. Romeo will be paying off as long as Archie is here.
  5. Very, very tough because depending on type of therapist the patients still need to be treated and the facility ownership still wants them to treat because it's the biggest money maker. Really, really tough scenario going on nationally. Really tests the commitment to the job....and I get it if people are saying the hell with this.
  6. I'm on the peripheral but I work almost entirely in healthcare. Can't tell you the number of therapists, nurses,etc that I know and have spoken with these past couple of weeks....that go into nursing homes, ltc facilities, and of course hospitals constantly worrying about is this the day.
  7. Just an FYI for any small business owners or self employed or part of the gig economy. Mark Cuban on twitter has been a phenomenal resource of information on how to apply or use programs. Should be up and running by Wednesday it sounds like but contact your bank for payroll protection loan program. Also in case people haven't done already. Call mortgage, student loans,etc.....and ask about forbearance programs. I'm hearing anywhere between 90 and 180 days of suspended payments are given immediately. Might take you 20-30 minutes of hold time on phone but well worth it.
  8. That's the thing. Look at Kyle Guy, Caleb Swanigan....or guys like that who had incredible collegiate careers and were certain for NBA careers. Guy has played 5 minutes this year and in 3 seasons Swanigan has played 75 total games and usually it's about 5-7 minutes per game. Guess the idea of earning GLeague or overseas money is just so more appealing. No problem with that but wish some of these guys would stop with headed to NBA talk.
  9. This is one of those shows I'll get to eventually. Have heard some reaction/opinions and at some point I'll watch. I'm busy trying to clean up a few series that I just need to finish....need to get current with Better Call Saul (season 4 right now), watch Ozark 3 this weekend for idiot spoilers start leaking.....and I feel obligated to finish up Stranger Things. At this pace I should have those all done by Tuesday/Wednesday and will take a look at Tiger King. I've also been told to watch The Stranger and some Spenser show I think.
  10. I absolutely believe The Wire should be taught at high school or colleges across the country as a course. Teaching kids how things work early on (all levels of the show) can only benefit our cities and country later on. Can't tell you how many times when I read a press release or here about a crime that is being covered....or school problems (class size, safety, curriculum) I always go back to The Wire.
  11. Had a feeling earlier in the week when Cal started talking to the media we would see a transfer. He's predictable. I'll be surprised if it's his only one. Kidding aside from one of our former recruits...with the players they have coming in and returning....why would he think his minutes would go up?
  12. Herbstreit has always been one of my favorites because for the most part he's a straight shooter and knows the game. This however is so off it seems almost odd coming from him. The idea of talking about anything (especially in absolutes) five months from now just doesn't make any sense. Opinions will vary on peak virus time, recovery,etc....but I've heard no one (besides him) even mention something as extreme as this.
  13. Still amazed at the number of people and will continue to be amazed at the number of people who wanted Marshall and his total package in Bloomington.
  14. Someone is happy on social media tonight. My guess is Lander is ready to roll.
  15. All part of the game. Ask what do I need to work on so this time next year he's ready to go. Makes sense to me.
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