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  1. That's the part I have issue with. Adding extra games to division teams later does cause problems for starting pitchers and in some cases bullpens. We shouldn't be asked to keep making up games because of ineptness by Cardinals organization.
  2. 13-3 and Yu looked awesome again. Time will tell on this year's version of the Cubs but since they've never had a better start since the 60's I like what I'm seeing.
  3. Long way to go. The goal is to get in and get hot at end of September. With that said. Reds made plenty of moves. Right now this looks like same old Cincy.
  4. Yep. Have you heard if they are still going to still do all the same prerace,etc....Taps, Back Home Again,etc....or are they going just drivers start your engines and go?
  5. Part of the deal right now. I think I'm going to head out tomorrow and just take a look. Hopefully be able to catch some video between 1 and 2 near the tunnel....or maybe walk around pass BC hotel and see if I can find some action on backstretch. I agree it's tough but make lemonade I guess. Won't mean a week from Sunday there won't be some angst, frustration, etc... Turn on the grill. Pour the beer. Turn up the Indy Car radio guys and enjoy. That's all we can do right now!
  6. Another positive test for Cardinals staffer. At some point MLB is going to have to act on this right? They have 3 vs white sox and 3 vs Cubs this weekend into next. Are teams that are following protocols supposed to be punished because apparently one team can't handle things?
  7. Bryant with a smooth 26 and 9 today and Romeo got the start for Celtics and had 6/4/4 line and I believe was only net plus guy while on the court for Celtics who started.
  8. Interesting article that Bilas just shared from CBS. One of his options on bubble is for Indy to host (since we have F4 next spring) the entire tourney. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/march-madness-in-april-or-even-may-heres-a-plan-on-how-to-hold-the-ncaa-tournament-in-2021/
  9. Hope so. Brewers are coming in thinking they have to take 3 of 4. Who knows with Cardinals. MLB and Cards have messed this situation up so much I'm not concerned much about them at this point. Having to play as many as 10 doubleheaders at some point will undoubtedly take it's toll on them. Which leaves the White Sox. There on rebuild version 4 or 5 right now but beating the Cubs is their Super Bowl. Tough stretch coming to town for sure. Hopefully we continue getting outstanding starting pitching.
  10. I did....and realized that after I posted the original. Caldwell is as smooth and good as a coach as it gets and Nate with his extension today shows again why the state of Indiana leads the country in minority hiring at all levels. No one is even sniffing second place.
  11. Cubs 12-3. 5 game lead on a team that has played 5 games and 5.5 game lead on teams that were supposed to be better. So far so good for a team that is in reinventing mode. Shoot all the Cubs have to do from this point is play .500 and win the NL Central. Not a bad start for Ross at all. Awesome job.
  12. Seeking6


    Was driving me crazy. I think I found the answer but won't share. I was kind of right if it turns out being correct....forgot he was a switch hitter.
  13. Seeking6


    I'm trying to think of other Yankee switch hitters besides Mantle and Bernie. It's probably someone I don't remember being a switch hitter. I got nothing on this part of it.
  14. They work 50 weeks a year. That's all I'm saying.
  15. Just a quick point on this. High school players workout year round. So do college kids. It's a 50 week a year deal.
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