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  1. It's just one of those things. Call it a hunch....or whatever. That eligibility thing isn't much to me or the NCAA anymore. You can cite a family circumstance and get immediate eligibility. Hope I'm wrong!
  2. That's where I'm at. I believe JHS is starting from Day 1 for a couple reasons. First...I just think he's our best option to change the dynamic of the team opposite of Xavier. Secondly...and I'm not saying CMW would do this but showing highly ranked recruits they play right away isn't a bad thing. He'll get his minutes right away whether he continues to get those starter minutes is up to him. I'm sure people will ask about Malik (ranking, starting,etc) and to me he's just a tad different. He's been used to waiting his turn his entire high school career....while knowing he's getting better by playing against better bigs. In our case that's TJD. Malik will get his minutes too....he's got a built in 17-18 mpg a game just in backing up both Race and Trayce....and that's before TJD gets called for 2 fouls in first 4 minutes in any given game. Team is deep, getting more and more talented....but I'll say what I said yesterday. I just have a hard time believing everyone will return after the summer. It's just not what college hoops is like anymore.
  3. Long standing Steak n Shake family here on many levels. We used to eat at the first one ever in Normal, Illinois off and on. Loved their food for so long but like many who struggle with their food identity they didn't know what they were. Sit down and charge a bit more.....or focus on quickness of turning tables over and eventually going kiosk because of Covid. The two we still visit occasionally just isn't the same. I order a meal and find myself getting another just to get full. Such a shame. Had a chance to get to meet/know E. W. Kelly in late 90's....and I can assure he's rolling over in his grave with what they've become. We still go from time to time (just like White Castle) but it's more out of tradition than knowing we'll have a good meal.
  4. You guys know me. I have zero insider information so this is just my two cents. 90 days between now and when school starts up again. I just have a hard time believing (in the world of college hoops) that with Race/TJD coming back....our entire roster will return. I'm not saying this to speculate who....just kids go home for summer sometimes and think things over. The same way I was shocked that Franklin left.....is the same way I won't be shocked if we have someone leave or not come to begin with.
  5. I hope our guys play well in 57 degrees and rain because that's the forecast all day in Omaha. Thursday much better. Things about tourney play is you just never know. Would love to get a couple and build some momentum into off season.
  6. Was looking at some speed charts for Veekay this morning. I know he went out early but his stuff has better than everyone all month. Pretty cool to see Jimmie Johnson in the top 6 too. Admittedly it was hard to see him stumble around 25th each week on road courses but ovals are ovals to him. After a few days of high heat/winds.....today is unseasonably cool in Indy. Highs max out at 70. You could see someone throw 235 ish out there later which is just scary.
  7. Because of pending rain they had to move the qualifications up an hour based on random draw. My guess is some drivers will be complaining quite a bit. Track temperature is 22 degrees difference between 11am and 1pm EST....the late guys getting the shaft. Oh well. Glad they will get everyone in I believe before rain arrives in the next hour.
  8. In two years the Vikings grabbed Culpepper and Randy Moss....we grabbed Curtis Enis and Cade McNown.
  9. Sounds about right! Somewhere there has to be a running chart on number of blown picks, number of picks we've traded to get a QB,etc....during my lifetime. All the while only basically having 2 good ones in McMahon and Cutler.
  10. Yep...but every QB that's been in Chicago for a couple seasons gets hurt. Better Oline in Indy, quicker release pass routes hopefully keeps him healthy. I actually really like Foles.
  11. I won't pretend to know what's in Phil's brain. If the $ is that important to him go get it....but impact on legacy? Google says he's earned $800M in his lifetime. If he needs more I guess get it but losing 20+ years of sponsorship $ state side should be considered too.
  12. As a Bears and Colts fan I've been asking for this move for the past 2 years. We (Bears) could have traded him multiple times for a pick and help us out with his cap number. What did we do? Paid a 3rd string QB I think $16M to make fun of Nagy during games. For the Colts I really, really like this move. Ryan is the starter but Foles is a Super Bowl winning QB, understands Reich's system....and if something happens to Ryan to miss a game or whatever the falloff to Foles isn't that far.
  13. Mother Nature is on the clock today in Indy. If the guys at track miss this first line of storms I think the proverbial window is open until 130-2pm range. After that I think they lose the track....unless they want to extend qualify until later this evening. Still plenty light out. Speeds up this morning. Jimmie Johnson with fastest lap of the month I believe at 233.9
  14. Under those conditions (winds, speed of greens) to make the cut is just remarkable. Now we'll just see if he has a Bubba round in him like he said yesterday after the round. Storms just past the area this morning and he goes off in an hour so....might be able to attack those pins even more so. Agree with you on Phil. Seems like he's battling something more than just his comments. Hopefully he returns soon because sometimes between those ropes is your best therapy.
  15. For those who keep score as well. Coach Fife has been active on Twitter and was really happy for TJD to come back. Glad to see he's in witness protection like Archie was for a year.
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