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  1. Now that's a name I haven't heard in decades. Haha. Nice one!
  2. By the end of the year to keep payroll in check I'm expecting the Cubs to bring back Carlos Zambrano, Mark Prior....shoot maybe see if Keith Moreland has any tread on the tire left. Although Moreland probably today could make better contact than 90% of our hitters.
  3. I already got my J&J at the track couple weeks ago....if I hadn't I'd be calling out there today and say I'll gladly take one of those! 6 out of 6.8M cases. SMH.
  4. Hopefully I'm reading this correctly. 6 people out of 6.8M cases requires a pause???
  5. Joey Brunk hitting the road. Sad to injuries consume so much of his time here but the playing style Woodson is implementing just doesn't mesh well for Joey. Wish him the best.
  6. His angle on 8 on Saturday was unreal. Never have seen footage from that angle before. He was left of left....and of course managed birdie.
  7. I can confirm this on Calbert. He lived in the back of the Villas would have been his senior year. He and Graham didn't buy cars until the barnstorming tour/draft positions were announced. Calbert bought a white Ford Explorer IIRC and Graham bought a gray SUV as well. Shoot Sherron hung out with us our senior year. He pulled up to campus in a Ford Tempo. I'm just adding this in because I don't think for a second Knight had anything illegal going at all. Now Mallory on the other hand? Vaughn Dunbar was my neighbor in the villas....sweet ride is all I'll say. I should say in acco
  8. Xander seemed to be in between on clubs a few times so I could see the hard pull if you go from an 8 to 9 on that whole. We all do it....that is getting into it just a tad more which could mean he pulled it.
  9. Plenty of breaks for several on that leaderboard....but Matsuyama played the best when it mattered. I'd love to know what he did during delay on Saturday because when he came back out he put his Superman cape on.
  10. That and almost everything I ate was perfect. Maybe it was the bread or whatever but they had turkey, chicken....even their blt's just tasted awesome. I'm going to have to tap out soon. I don't eat carbs during the week and this thread has me hungry for a giant sub and bag of chips.
  11. My addition to the thread. No clue why or how it ended so poorly....but for my $ back in the day Macri's Deli in Bloomington by the mall had some of the best subs/sandwiches going. Plus they never carded so we could have a couple being underage.
  12. Honestly that's the only one I really can remember on a Sunday. I'm sure there are others. Cool side story about 86. In Illinois our spring breaks were late back in those days...and they usually were just a day or two max. Week after Jack won The Masters we sat behind him in church the following Sunday down near West Palm Beach where my aunt lived. One of the few times as a kid I never wanted church to end.
  13. Understand. I'm talking official hire date. We interview people all the time in early November with hiring date set for early January for a variety of reasons. Mostly money but sometimes it's to wait out noncompete clauses or other specific reasons. I'm just saying waiting to make it official does have some benefits in this specific case.
  14. Exactly. As large as that water looms I just don't remember anyone on Sunday going in there....or maybe that's just the way it seems.
  15. Dead period ends June 1st. I hope we make hiring official on June 2nd. If that's the way this thing is going. Although that coach would be missing out on 45 days of compensation. He and his family might take issue with that.
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