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  1. If I'm the Colts I'm kicking every tire they can to secure an upgrade at that position. Best Oline in football, very, very solid run game....they are getting close to the proverbial window opening up. Regarding Bears. Should we? Yes. Will we? No. Pace is married to his guy. Much like the Cubs our hope somehow is relegated to the idea of him/players finding it on the field next year. Based only on what I've watched Mitch do in his first 3 seasons...I see 8 wins again. Max. Schedule is a little easier next year but not much.
  2. Honestly I'm just hot air. I know the moves I want to do (Merrifield, Castellanos) but right now today I don't see how any move is being made until this grievance is finalized. I know the answer is not just bringing everyone back. Might be wrong but we've tried that approach for 2 years.
  3. I still think he's going to be LA Chargers starting QB next year. Going to be a very fun couple of months here with all the potential QB moves.
  4. I brought this idea up 2 years ago. He's the leader of our team....but somehow the message isn't being received by players. Chili Davis almost laughed at the idea of coaching these guys the one year he was with them. He said if players don't want to listen....not much you can do. We are barely above .500 going on 2 seasons. We'll see what happens I guess.
  5. Understand...and in that same conversation Brady is one tuck rule game, one Adam V kick, one brain cramp by Pete Carroll and one ultimate choke job by Falcons from only have 2 titles instead of 6.
  6. And that's just on the field. New TV deal doesn't include Comcast, Rizzo said he wasn't going public about not getting a new deal but did say some negative comments....the money hasn't started flowing from that and it's already ticking people off, Ricketts has said cost projections for his Wrigleyville projects are off by about a billion and he says that has no impact on payroll but here we sit doing nothing.......whole lot of mess right now and if they think just bringing the same guys back is going to work? Welp...hello 85 wins max. This whole team needs a jolt. Mostly the players.
  7. No leadoff hitter, no 2nd baseman, no centerfielder....those have to be addressed by Theo. Of course if we trade for Merrifield it's 2 birds one stone. 2nd baseman and everyday lead off hitter. Figure a way to sign Nick...put him in right and move Heyward to CF.
  8. I say yes. People will point to his 117-117 record but 2 titles, MVP's....and honestly Giants front office gave him some very poor teams for several years. First ballot in my opinion.
  9. Just my 2 cents but status quo (given the talent) has caused us to be barely above average baseball team since end of 2018. Theo is a patient guy but this core has got fat and happy (quote coming from Cubs Convention). I'm not interested in bringing the same guys back and just hoping they find it. We did that in 18 and 19 and here we are. To me a change is needed and I don't think that's coming just from new perspective of Ross. One thing is certain after Cubs Con. Fans aren't in any mood at all right now with this core. If the team stumbles out of the gate the criticism is only going to intensify and could be a long summer on the North side. Talk radio, print, social media....I sense fans are ready to go tilt mode if changes aren't made.
  10. Until KB's grievance deal is done I think you'll hear plenty of names with Cubs. Just not sure why the grievance is taking so long to begin with. It's a rule that was voted for and approved by MLB Union. Teams can use that rule to their benefit. Simple contract law imo....but the longer this goes the more harm it causes Cubs. Won't be able to make any deals....if that was the plan to begin with.
  11. If he doesn't manage his weight....his career won't last long.
  12. Wish the kid good luck but something about this transfer doesn't sit right with me. Oh well. If the kid and his Dad think transferring to Iowa is in best interests so be it...
  13. I think it was the Coaches Poll in Week 5 this year that had Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio ST, North Carolina in the top 5 or 6. Wish we got our crack at Michigan before Livers comes back. So much about doing well sometimes is when you play a team and right now Michigan is just a bad team.
  14. I'm sure I'll be wrong but I'm thinking this one is like Gus and Rafferty on the call 1/26/02 vs the Illini.....I think we might light Sparty up tomorrow. Devonte will be white hot as will be Rob/Franklin. I'm thinking about just driving down for a single ticket.
  15. Plenty of reasons why Archie backed off when he did both short and long term. I'm with you....seems to be a heady kid but if he doesn't have an Edwards or Cline waiting to shoot what is he worth?
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