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  1. Just his intensity. He's one of those guys who tries so hard, studies so much....nothing bad but in baseball you need to chill every once in awhile because it's such a long season. He's full throttle all the time. Beats himself up mentally.
  2. Will need I think a 65 tomorrow to do it. No winds. Greens are soft. Guys are shooting 66 like it's no problem. He's going to need go pretty low. I'm ticked that I chose Justin Thomas in my pool last week and he went 1-22 from 12 feet....this week he's over a 50% clip from same distance.
  3. Head case and honestly after his leadoff HR last year to start the season he was just brutal. Spring training was bad.....and he was nowhere near Heyward, Schwarber...and honestly Almora before his recent meltdown. With addition of Castellanos and Bryant playing in left he wasn't needed. PS....his errors this past week led to a couple of losses so he's back in the can you go away category for me again.
  4. 5 stars visiting campus in the fall. Things could be worse. Can't imagine him using one of his officials to us if there wasn't at least some interest. Hopefully he can get out of town before Ohio St fans invade on Saturday morning.
  5. Same thoughts. I really like what I saw from Penix. When healthy he's the better of him vs Ramsey in my little opinion. Haven't watched Tuttle so have nothing on him.
  6. Something to file in the back of the brain. Carlos Zambrano hit 97 on the radar last night. He can't be any worse than what Cubs have in pen now.
  7. Cross looks like a very good player (and I'd be happy to get him) but something about more size and athleticism with Geronimo has me more interested in him. Thanks for follow up.
  8. Taking the Roy Hobbs path I guess.
  9. Just curious. We signed 2 in state guys who appear to be very similar in size,etc...but now because Matt Cross (if what you say is true) decides to possibly head elsewhere because the others committed before him....we now call him another one that will get away? Implication seems a tad critical to me. Maybe I'm reading you wrong. Apologies in advance if I was.
  10. Couple things. Betraying my Chicago roots on 2 fronts. First.....IF I eat any kind of pizza it has to be thin. I enjoy tasting the ingredients, meats,etc...besides just bread, sauce, cheese. Secondly though and this is the biggest. I'm not really a pizza guy.
  11. South Florida to the Keys, Northern California (Lake Tahoe and surrounding area), and most of Tennessee.
  12. Kintzler is now on the list too. Seriously.
  13. No big deal. Just waiting/hoping Marte doesn't go yard here.
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