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  1. If this version of Auburn beats UK...you might as well start handing out nitroglycerin at the local Waffle Houses across the Ohio. RR will implode.
  2. Haha. Yep. Can you say FedEx doing a deal with Falcons soon?
  3. Arthur Smith named Head Coach at Falcons. I only bring this up because 15 years ago he was a grad assistant at North Carolina and now head man of a NFL franchise. Pretty cool career path. PS....his name sounds like an owners name.
  4. I thought I remembered a comment from Underwood about building a statue for Ayo if he comes back. If I'm an Illini fan I'd ask my coach why Kofi goes 8-10 last game and 7-7 today....but doesn't get more looks. Seems to me Ayo needs to make sure he gets his 20+ on 20+ shots every game. Almost doing his best Carsen Edwards imitation.
  5. Looking forward to all 4 games today/tomorrow. I must be the only one but why is it that I think Ravens and Bucs both win? Seems like Ravens are clicking and I just don't like going against Brady with all weapons healthy and ready to deploy. For anyone in FanDuel/Draftking contests this weekend. Sneaky cheap plays are Gabriel Davis and Deonte Harris.
  6. My short answer is he has to make the tourney. If he does that I think most people would say ok...let's take a deep breath. If he doesn't make tourney AND TJD leaves early....things might go another direction real fast. You never want apathy in your program. I'm not there and probably never will be but I certainly can sense it settling in.
  7. Optics. Was easier to boot a kid from previous coach....bring in a top 100 kid in Race as an early entrant....besides poaching from the small school player wise. Even though the university had zero problem poaching for a coach. That...and there was something in the APR formula that I still haven't wrapped my brain around. One of these days I'll have to actually study the APR but when Crean left....IU was not in a good place. I think the Australian said the APR had to be above 925 iirc??
  8. Times like this is when I miss Mile. He could fill you and the board in. Just my little opinion....IU Admin and AD's office because of optics hamstrung our coach the first 1-2 years. Not giving him an out...just saying what happened.
  9. If IU's AD and Administration would have allowed Mckinley Wright to transfer with Coach Miller...things would be much much different.
  10. He blocked me in every way possible when I called him out on air and on twitter about how cozy he was with Sampson, Senderhoff and the whole crew....while he kept saying in public how much he despised them.
  11. Just my two cents but Painter offered or was told he had no chance at every single player 1-7 not named Race Thompson and Al Durham on our roster. He wanted TJD, Leal, Galloway, Rob and on and on.....Dakich is real good at coming around with I told you so mantra. Many are. Including what seems like the majority on this board recently. Dakich is not a guy I'd listen to on the subject. But since Dakich is who some think is the gospel....I ask again. When Painter went 4 straight years without a tourney win after being on the job for 7 years....what did Dakich say at that time? Just wish tha
  12. I think he will. Urban's really come around for me. I despised him at Florida because of the 30+ arrests and everyone just talked Tebow. He was very complimentary of IU during his time at Ohio St and recently....and honestly when he's talking football I learn something from him. He has an owner who is tired of being a laughingstock, tons of picks and cap space and the best pro ready qb to hit the NFL since Andrew Luck. I guess we should define successful but I think successful there would be making the playoffs in 2 years...and consistently from there. Unless Mahomes gets hurt I don't se
  13. Haha. Tell me about it. I've been wanting to change this damn thing since 2002. What's a couple of decades.
  14. No Stevie Scott next year. Declaring for NFL draft.
  15. Just like I said after the Texas game. I'll say the same thing now. When the season is done I'll evaluate things. Was having breakfast with my nearing 80 year old aunt this morning. She tends to keep things simple. 3-16 from 3 and 16-29 from FT line...not to mention how many front ends we missed. I know there are several ingredients in play here for the message board crowd...recruiting, types of recruits, coaching strategy....all the usual suspects, etc... At it's core we just can't shoot. At all. Made shots cover up plenty of coaching errors. Shoot Mike Davis wasn't some genius...b
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