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  1. Seeking6

    If you've ever owned a pet.....

    Rescued a terrier pit on New Year's Eve last year. One of the best moves I've made. So much unconditional love and loyalty. He probably did more rescuing than we did. In terms of cats....just can't. Red eyes, can't breathe....very, very allergic. Get within 10 yards of one and it's over for me. But they are pets and all pets deserve a home. Not a fan of the cloning or breeders. So many sitting in shelters that would love a home even for a weekend.
  2. I'll add one more thing. To me the CC is really a no win situation. We win. People say it's a home game. Supposed to do it,etc....and if we lose heaven forbid. If we could replace that December weekend with a home and home vs Arizona or Kansas or even UCLA. Take that all day long. CC has run it's course.
  3. As others have said and I'll echo. Limited number of preseason games available....I'm not in favor of expanding. Honestly if it meant we could add a bigger national name opponent....I say we dump it all together and let Butler, Purdue and Notre Dame try to fill half the arena.
  4. Seeking6

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Same here. Started at 1-2x per week which transitioned into 3-4 which basically turned into almost every night. Started losing my focus a bit so in April I decided to do a week free of beer. Week turned into a month and now that month is almost 2 months. Feel really fresh and the weight loss helps too.
  5. Seeking6

    DJ Carton

    Regarding Carton. Bodes well for IU long term. Archie was in on him last January. Speaks well for his reach/staff and eye for talent. If the kid wants to speak to more schools or less schools...that's on him. You only get to do this recruiting trip once. Take advantage of it. My guess is that even the family couldn't anticipate this rise. Small town Illinois kid moves across the river to Bettendorf. Big 10 schools sure....but in a few short weeks. Duke, Carolina, Kansas come calling....you should listen.
  6. Seeking6

    Romeo Langford

    Seriously. Or the Charlotte Hoosiers/Michael Jordan like to draft Big 10 guys strategy.
  7. Seeking6

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Something OT that struck me as a little odd. Harbaugh called into a talk show to invite Chris Webber back to campus, attend game,etc...it will be Webber first campus appearance since he was essentially banned. What struck me as odd was the university didn't invite him and company man John Beilein didn't. Only Harbaugh invited Webber. Just seems weird to me that the basketball program wouldn't invite him back or the university.
  8. Seeking6

    DJ Carton

    Regarding DJ Carton. Article up today from Des Moines Register. Quote below from article... Of the new schools reaching out, Carton has had the most contact with Kansas — particularly with Self. Carton said Self has told him he likes his game and feels like it would fit in Lawrence. "So, I’ll just keep going throughout the process and see where (the Kansas interest) goes," Carton said. "(Self) gave me a lot of wisdom on and off the court. He helped me become a better point guard, smarter point guard, better leader. And he did this all by being hard on me. He had high expectations for me and that’s what makes a player great — having high expectations and trying to live up to them."
  9. Seeking6

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Doing pretty good. Surprised myself a bit today with number but I think it was 2-3 lbs of water weight so we'll see come Sunday. Keeping up with rolling 7 day average of 50 miles (combo of walk/run). My biggest thing is no drinking. Even if I ate poorly...the lbs will come off. Have another 10 days of this no beer BS. Friday and Saturday are always my biggest workout numbers. Tomorrow will be 1 hour on elliptical at 8am followed by 12 miles on bike on Monon. Few miles walking the dog later in the day. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Thanks for posting this. Now it's making sense. Was curious how or why we were getting kids from there. Nice to see Merritt putting in a good word for Bloomington still!
  11. Seeking6

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    Zero buzz. Shoot even Groce had the idiots convinced he was going to be ok. Barring the bagman makes an appearance...I don't see the Illini around for awhile. I always thought they should have hired Collins.
  12. Seeking6

    pe e yew adds 6'6" forward Kyle King

    Don't quote me on this. And there are certainly others with deeper ties to Illinois on here. But one friend who is as dialed into Illinois (where I get most of scoop) says the move that forced Taylon Horton-Tucker (THT) to go to Iowa St instead of Illinois because the AAU Team (Mac Irvin) was ticked THT left the year before to play for another AAU team isn't sitting well among many coaches in the state. Mac basically told Underwood you have THT on the team....no Ayo Dosunmu for you. Some coaches have said Underwood won't see a player from them, who runs the program, no trust, etc....plus now you have from the other side of the state (Mark Smith) who as Mr. Illinois bailed on that circus in 1 year and left for Missouri. Needless to say. Maybe BU can flip things. But in year 1 he's done more harm than good. He also used up all of his official visits I believe until August. Recruits have to pay their own way.
  13. Seeking6

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Gene Steratore is retiring from NFL officiating. I only pray this doesn't mean more Big 10 or IU games now.
  14. Seeking6

    NBA Draft

    And his Mom works in HR for 76ers...hahahaha.
  15. Seeking6

    NBA Draft

    Mikal Bridges finds out he's drafted by hometown 76ers. Is so happy. Does the presser and finds out at the end he's traded to Phoenix. Pretty cold blooded.