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  1. Yep. I live with a personal motto....be real careful of people who pedal cynicism as wisdom.
  2. NFL has told all teams that players must remain at facilities during summer training camps. Schefter just tweeted out. Sounds like some of the cities or communities that usually host NFL teams a few weeks they'll be missing out on the $.
  3. For the potted plants guys. Have all my tomatoes and peppers on one side patio. Been in for 10+ days. Other than time and patience...do you add any fertilizer or break up any of the dirt? Or just let it be and water when needed?
  4. RIP Wes Unseld. Man 2020 you aren't being very kind to us so far.
  5. Got it. It was the tennis pro in a Seinfeld episode so my curiosity got the better of me.
  6. Been my fear for last 10 days....initially I thought they would get together and figure it out. In baseball world though I've never understood how far owners/players are apart until times like this. They literally despise each other.
  7. Yep. Having known a few prosecutors here in Indy over the years the conversations that are taking place in Minneapolis right now have to be 14-15 consequences of each and every action/decision deep. If we do this....what happens here. If we do that while doing this what happens,etc.....I don't envy that call one bit because to your point. This verdict will start this all up again if it goes against public demands.
  8. Quick question. Thanks for the link but is Milosh because of Seinfeld?
  9. There's the rub though. If a judge decides the (I forget the exact term) probative value outweighs the relevance or whatever she or he could exclude any mention of this officers history. If that evidence doesn't come in you essentially come down to a video and the video can show many, many things....i.e. Rodney King, OJ,etc....and good defense attorneys can cast enough doubt to turn a few jurors.
  10. I will defer to the actual attorneys on the board. I would normally ask my better half but anyone who has spent a fair amount of time with someone in the legal world knows that when you ask a question you get the customary it depends followed by 11 scenarios of why it would or wouldn't be applicable. Here's my lay person reply. The pressure the DA's office will be under is enormous. They have to weight the risk of 12 people sitting in a box determining guilty or not guilty....and everyone comes in with their own thoughts on obviously a very controversial topic. I think it was 8-9 pages back where we discussed. The public will want Murder 1 and guilty. Prosecutors understand the risks of going to trial....which in a strange way puts the onus or pressure back on the public to decide. Would you rather see this cop or cops go away for 15+ years....or walk because a white jury might see things differently. Big risk and enormous consequences. If I were the cop I'd want a jury all day long.
  11. Quick question. One of my pepper plants after only a week or so in it's pot has a little curling/just a tip of brown at end of leaf action going on. What causes and what level of concern? Not enough water? Bad soil?
  12. I'm learning today how many people actually knew him. Not just work or personal or philanthropy....and it's very, very rare in these days when everyone comes back with 100% glowing things to say about someone. Just a shame.
  13. I'll just say this. Met Chris multiple times with work and personal. He's genuinely one of the nicest guys you can meet. Genuine, driven, and always positive. Indy got weaker today when you lose citizens like this. I've traded texts and calls with dozens of people today. All just shocked at this passing. Still a little unclear on details but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he saw people getting into a fight, he tried to diffuse the situation....and ended up losing his life. Phenomenal person and spirit. Just a tough day for all those that knew him.
  14. Former IU football player Chris Beaty was one of the people killed over the weekend in Indy in association with protests. Knew of him via mutual friends/acquaintances. One of those really good guys....type that goes out his way to help others. I have no clue of details but this is the sort of collateral damage that comes with these protests that really irritate me.
  15. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see a thread to keep up with old IU football guys.
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