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  1. Maybe this is a bad analogy. I feel because of our schedule in hoops last year Lander never got a chance get comfortable or even get minutes. Same goes for Penix right now. Because of our schedule (playing two top 10 teams already) he's not getting a chance to be game comfortable. There were 3-4 throws that only he can make and he didn't get much help. If Fryfogle makes that one catch....game changes. I also feel like maybe because of his injury history I'm wanting Penix to succeed so much it's impacting my objectivity as it relates to his play. With the exception of next (not a given) week the schedule doesn't get any easier as we all know so staff/Penix/WR's better figure out the throws he does well and put an emphasis on those. Of course if he's hurt when they announce on Monday it's all moot.
  2. Tough to say must win games in week 2....but my Bears and also the Colts need a W badly today.
  3. Good luck to everyone this week! Should be some games with mucho fantasy points. I think one of my fanduel entries has about 5 players in Chargers/Cowboys game alone. Usually I don't put that much weight in one game but I'm feeling a 42-31 type game.
  4. Thoughts on Opad? When I see 30-40% pushes either way in 72 hours I know it's junk in terms of a stock....but I actually like the company. Tough to see where to get in. Maybe if it goes down to the $10-$11 range again?
  5. It's actually funny. What started in mid January as a technical play has slowly (while earning 3-400%) turned into a fundamental play...
  6. You see what AMC announced today with NFL Sunday ticket? In their theatres tomorrow. Something to keep an eye on.
  7. I cheer for Purdue about once a decade. Today is the day.
  8. Cool. Can the Mods block him? This sort of reaction feels like Peegs....
  9. My man dropped what seemed like 3-4 and 2 of them meant 14. Tough day at the office. He'll be better next week.
  10. Maybe it's just me. This one is easy to get over. 4 turnovers. 3 trips inside 15 with zero points. Special teams mistakes. Can't do that vs a top 10 team....we had this one and that film room tomorrow is going to be angry. McFadden crap and Anderson injury didn't help. We have a good team and still tons of play in front of us. Everything that contributed to this loss was self inflicted....not a better team winning.
  11. Probably some rule where you can't review a booth initiated review....that wasn't called on the field. Haha.
  12. I won't even try to keep up with replies. Probably all saying the same. A booth initiated review that wasn't called on the field changed the entire game. 75% of Cincy yards came after MM ejection. Total crap. Have to find a way gang.
  13. Thank you D. Picking up our team for not getting points. I just want one shot deep this series. Just one.
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